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Review written by: Jeff (
Review posted on: 10/11/01 23:36:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

Maynard, thank you for sharing.

Review written by: Chris Chamberland ( Review posted on: 10/11/01 23:56:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This show was the best I've ever seen. Maynard and the rest of the band kicked some serious ass, and so did the people from the schism video. Pretty damn cool. Good job TOOL and keep it up! (ps) Don't those guys get headaches from hanging upside down for so long?

Review written by: Alphonoso Ramos ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 00:00:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Oh my god madness. The Grudge Ions Sober Undertow Parabol/Parabola Eulogy Schism Disposition Reflection Triad Opiate Lateralus There we go im not sure if thats the exact list but it gotta be close. The visuals, the music, the titties right next to me. All great. The Melivns ehh aight. Tool well ya know. Madness. Ummmmm crazy moshing. But without visuals the show is only half complete ...... madness. Ummmm it annoyed me when people left during Disposition like it was an break or something. And the people with slipknot or limp bizkit shirts. But the titties next to me were nice. Well i guess thats it. Oh yeah i've been trying to start a Tool cover band for a while but no one is up for it. Im 16, if you live in the Orlando area and would like to, e-mail me at KEEP GOING

Review written by: Jayzun ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 00:12:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Ohhhh yeahhhh motherfucker! Great show, great CROWD, great vibe. Yeah, I wrote about a lot of the guys in Tampa being dicks, well, total reverse situation in Orlando! Nothing but cool people and respect. Even the pits were well maintained and there was a clear sense of people that wanted to mosh and people who didn't want to -- AND THE MOSHERS RESPECTED THIS. Can't get any better than that. And TOOL. OMFG TOOL! Fucking played UNDERTOW, fucking played OPIATE. I about lost my nuts this time around. God damn it. Okay. So I'm Mr. Eloquence. The show was amazing. Tool is the best live band I have ever seen, period. In terms of artistry, in terms of ability, in terms of energy. I took a friend with me who had never seen Tool live before and had only heard bits and pieces -- he was so blown away, he's asking me which albums to buy first. Haha :) Great show. Wish I could follow them longer on the tour. Thanks guys!

Review written by: Steven Hitchcock ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 00:20:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 14th Tool show

Wow.. That had to be one of the best concerts i've ever been to. Tool played alot of songs ranging from Opiate to Undertow,Aenima and Lateralus. They mixed an matched from all of their albums and the visuals were breathtaking. Maynard said a few words running along the line with "Remember the feelings your getting tonight.. .. and in 2 weeks.. do something good with the feelings. He said something along the lines of that.. and the show was... extraordinary.

Review written by: brett ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 00:34:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

holy shit. that's all I have to say the grudge {-} ions sober! undertow! parabol/a eulogy(with extended outro, drum solo) schism (maynard on guitar, and osseus labyrint, really cool) intermisson type thing, sounded like merkaba disposition(maynard on guitar) reflection(with maynard again, and long outro with adam playing same riff over and over) then osseus labryint was suspened on wires and dancing all around in the air they broke into triad, with the drummer of The Melvins, fucking amazing (also with maynard on guitar) Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Maynard says "thanks for coming tonight, come again" Opiate (says thanks for coming again) the band gathers around each other and maynard tells up to "travel safely and to take this feeling you have now, and in the weeks to come, make something positive out of it" Lateralus brand embraces overall fucking amazing, i feel enlightened to have had the privilage of sharing tonight with the band, and so many other fans...

Review written by: symf ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 00:34:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

set (in order): The Grudge (-) ions Sober Undertow Parabol/a Eulogy Schism Merkaba jam type thing Disposition Reflection Triad Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Opiate Lateralus awesome show, great energy in the set tonight. In my opinion, tonight was better than the last two nights in FL. TD Waterhouse had great sound for an arena. nothing out of the ordinary other than the set...maynard did get in speedo though. After Dale Crover left the Triad jam, Maynard said "Dave Crover, former governor of Arkanas". tool yay.

Review written by: Danny B. ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 00:45:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was by far the best show i've ever been to in my life. i've been constantly reading the setlists for previous shows to see what would be played, but Tool totally surprised me by playing Sober and Undertow, this was the first time so far this tour they played anything off of that album. I was really confused by what The Melvins were trying to do, but i respect them. Its gotta be hard to open for Tool. Only thing that dissapointed me about tonight was that Tool only played one song off AEnima: Eulogy. Great song, but I would've rather heard Pushit or Third Eye. Hearing them play The Patient and seeing all those crazy visuals and lights at the same time completely brought the show together for me. After that I was totally satisfied. Osseus Labyrint was a really cool addition to the show, but when they were hanging from the ceiling they did a little too much just hanging there and not actually moving or anything. And I'm sure Maynard had some reason for not having any light on him and just preforming as a shdow throughout the show, but it would've been cool if you could've seen his face for at least a minute. Yeah, there's always songs a band didn't play that i would've wanted them to, but it was altogether a show definitely worth spending twice the cost of the ticket to see again.

Review written by: Jason P. ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 00:53:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hello Everyone, I just got home from the TD Waterhouse Center (the venue for the Orlando show) and all I can say is WOW!!! The show was amazing!! The Melvins opened the show this time. This was my first time seeing/hearing The Melvins. The were kind of interesting but also repetitive at the same time. The crowd didn't really have any sort of reaction to them until Adam came on and played a looooooong song with them (a paw-muted piece with lots of feedback breaks). The Melvins left; 20 minutes passed then TOOL hit the stage... First I will tell you what they played (I think this is in order) - The Grudge - Sober - Undertow - Parabol - Parabola - Eulogy - Schism ( w/ Maynard on Guitar!) - Disposition ( w/ Maynard on Guitar!) - Reflection( w/ Maynard on Guitar!) INTERMISSION W/ the schism performers suspended UPSIDE DOWN above the stage... - Triad ( w/ Maynard on Guitar and the drummer for the Melvins on auxiliary drums in addition to those Schism performers!) - The Patient - Opiate - Lateralus Next, here are some key elements of the show: Overall the show was great. I was surprised when Maynard added guitar to some songs. I was listening to what he was playing and it seemed like he was duplicating the Adams parts. As for those freaky Schism people - They stayed suspended upside down swinging to the music for almost 10 minutes! How in the world?... The band was tight as usual and Maynard's voice seemed smooth as ever. The visuals were stunning. They added some different video backdrops since I saw them this year in Atlanta for the tour opener. Danny was right on time and he pulled off some great fills. Maynard did not say much during the show. The only thing he said was the "do something positive" speech he gave the night before. (see previous reviews) The sound was for the most part clear. However at times Justin's bass seemed a little muddy. As stated before the show was great. They closed with a powerful version of Lateralus and the place went wild. So ends another TOOL show... (if you spot any spelling or grammar errors, I'm sorry. It is late and I am tired. Goodnight.)

Review written by: halo ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 00:56:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

thank you maynard, adam, danny, and justin. im still shaking. ill never forget this night.

Review written by: Mike Sager ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 00:58:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Definitely a good show tonight. I was very impressed with the diverse setlist of tonight (though I was hoping for the Salival version of Pushit, Four Degrees, or You Lied since King Buzzo was present). As someone who works professionally in live production, let's just say I was dumbfounded. Whoever is the lighting designer for this tour - I would very much like to be your apprentice. The barco projectors over the stage was a nice touch, giving those of us who's seat a little higher up an extra treat when we looked at the floor. Getting to hear Undertow live was quite the treat, as was the extended version of Disposition-Reflection-Triad. I wasn't expecting to hear Opiate, so that just made a wonderful night even better. All the elements seem to come together very well tonight, and I still have a huge grin upon my face as I sit here. See you all real soon.

Review written by: Curtis Van Horn ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 01:09:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The Setlist: (in no specific order) The Grudge Sober Eulogy Parabol Parabola Opiate Dispostition Reflection Traid Schism The Patient Undertow Lateralus Ok, I get there, the opening band, The Melvins were ok, I mean, you really couldn't hear a work they were saying but nonetheless, they have a great guitarist and Adam from Tool came out and played with them on the last song of their set. Waited for about a half-hour and than the lights darkened and Tool made the magic happen. Honestly, I expected more of the show, I mean, I really wish they had done the other setlist with 46&2, Pushit, AEnema, ect., that would have cordnated more with the music from Lateralus, with it being slower and everything. The visuals were great for Lateralus song but when they more aggressive songs came, i got tired of seeing naked people on the screen over and over again. Also, I think the visuals took away from the songs in some ways and the size of the venue made the vibe just not where you could truly feel the music and I hope next tiem I see them, it's at a club or some form of a smaller venue. Nonetheless, everything was great, even though Maynard's voice was an octive higher than on the albums and the guitar solo at the end of Disposition could have been shorter. The oncert was still enjoyable, thanks Tool for a great show!

Review written by: Joseph D. B. ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 01:20:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

ok....what can I say...tool kicks fucking ass...seeing danny and the drummer from the melvins drum together alone on stage fucking kicks ass....seeing adam jam out with the melvins at the beginning of the show kicks ass....beautiful everything about their show....tool was on the top of their game...but ,and this is a big but..the crowd on the floor at this show sucked, with exceptions of course. But as far as I could see there was this abundance of asshole behavior. I knew there would be singing and I have the ability to focus on maynard's voice and filter most singing out. The asshole next to me wasnt singing, he was screaming at the top of his lungs. When he didnt know words his just screamed noises where he felt words should have been...interesting to note, he only knew the words to stinkfist,schism,eulogy, and parabola...he really liked parabola. Now I have no problem with these songs, but if your love for tool only goes that far, you dont deserve to be on the floor up against the baricades with me and the real fans. Now I'll admit that maybe I was asking for trouble getting there up against the baricades but I had to do it once. I expected some roudyness up there but I expected it to be slightfully respectful roudyness. It was basically a bunch of drunken frat boy types (nothing against frat guys but I'm painting a picture here)screaming "show us your tits",...."play hooker with a penis" ........."I can see your cunt" (to the osseus labyrint lady)...that kind of crap.. so thats my first complaint...second complaint is that the crowd had absolutely no respect for the i dont claim to be this big melvins fan but I loved their show... they put on a hell of a show...all through out the quiet sections of their songs some kid behind mewouldsream."get off the stage"..."get tool out here"..."you guys fucking suck". Now, I have to say again that there were cool people out there, everyone I met outside was cool and I met a few cool people inside but it felt like they were the if you're one of these people that I'm talking about FUCK YOU...thank you for tainting the show that I've been waiting for for 5 years. I'll be seeing them in New Orleans at Voodoo Music Fest, so hopefully that will make up for this.

Review written by: joseph d.b. ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 01:27:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

yes, I know I just posted, but I just wanted to say that if you replace sober with stinkfist on that setlist everyone is posting it'll become a bit more accurate

Review written by: TooLChickY ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 01:32:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

KICK ASS show tonight... the setlist has already been done about 22 times.. but let me emphasize TOOL PLAYED EULOGY... holy shit.. that was NOT supposed to be on any setlist on this tour... so a big fucking hell yeah to that.. Maynard carried out the note at the end FOREVER and a DAY.. and it sounded sooooo good.. I wish they had skpped over SOBER and played prison sex.. but maybe i'll hear that tomrrow ngiht.. Tonight was an extremely different show than the previous two nights in FL... Finally tonight they played songs from other albums than LAteralus and Aenima... UNDERTOW was BAD ASS... the people who knew that song.. DEFINITELY appreciated hearing it... OPIATE also got the crowd going crazy as well..... The concert was overall amazing... and for other peeps writing in reviews, wishing maynard would turn around and face the crowd... he just doesnt do that.. he's private in a sense that way.. and thats why you never get a light on him... notice how he speaks into the microphone facing completely opposite the crowd when he speaks in between songs? thats' just the way he does it.. since i've seen him live now for the past 5 years or so... Not many people seemed to recognize one my fave songs off Lateralus, THE PATIENT.,.. for all of you who dont really know that song, go to your cd player RIGHT NOW.. put on track 3.. hit repeat.. and LISTEN... not just with your ears.. really listen to it... its comprable to H in the way its sung with emotion... but thats just my opinion... AND BY THE WAY... if you all want to get fucked up and go to a concert and have fun.. GOOD FOR YOU.. but dont fucking annoy the rest of us in the crowd around you with your dumb ass drunken antics... its fucking PATHETIC... get high.. trip balls... get trashed.. WHATEVER.. but dont fucking howl some Indian chant and try to start fights with everyone around you.. its not "Concert Etiquette".... ..........TooLChickY..........

Review written by: TooLChickY ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 01:34:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

BY THE WAY....TOOL DID NOT play stinkfist tonight... AND they did play sober right after Ions.

Review written by: NeonGod ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 01:41:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Daaaamn...what a show. Got inside a bit late and only caught the last song of The Melvins set but they weren't as bad as I anticipated. Most of the details have already been said, so my contribution is for Triad with the Melvins' drummer. That song friggin ROCKS live. I'd always felt it was incomplete until tonight. This was my first Tool show and I can say that all of my expectations were exceeded. These guys are on another level. Everything you read about them live is true.

Review written by: Nathan ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 02:00:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. All week long I said three things, I want Eulogy.....I want The Patient and I want to see those gold drums!! Well, all three came true and I was pleased. TOOL did however throw a curve with the setlist.......1 track from aenema. Killer show! You just CAN NOT sit close enough to Danny. He could have played the end of the grudge 15 times and I still would have wanted to see it one more time. SICK.

Review written by: Gleyner Garden ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 02:14:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

What can I say other than they top themselves every single tour. The sounds, the visuals, it was all breathtaking. There was definitely a different vibe to this show than their past tours, a more personal vibe. Here's the setlist (it's the longest I've ever seen them play, probably the longest they've ever played): The Grudge Sober Undertow Parabol/Parabola Eulogy Schism with osseus labyrint doing their contortion thing Disposition Reflection Triad with the Melvin's drummer Dale helping out, and more osseus labyrint Eon blue apocalypse The Patient (It surpassed my expectation which were already high, having seen them twice before) Opiate Lateralus Including breaks, they lasted well over two hours. I was right on the floor, right by the stage, just to the right of center. This band plays so well together, I just can't help but say "thank you." The moshing was a bit less annoying than other shows I've been to, so I managed to enjoy myself. After I yelled at those six shirtless inbred idiots "You can leave now, they've already played the two songs you know" they seemed to move away. Sometimes I wish Tool would openly discourage moshing, it's a waste of energy. Tool is something that should be experienced. Stand and watch, listen, feel, don't jump around like a bloody moron. I feel pity for people who do shit like that, They're wasting their money, and they don't even know it. If anyone reading this has never been to a Tool show, it's worth every penny.

Review written by: The told me its Nick ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 02:38:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

No words can really desribe what I've seen tonight. If only I could pour my brain, heart and soul into my keyboard, then, maybe then will you understand. The only ones that would are people that have a clear mind. The music brings you into a place in your psyche where only the deepest of darkest secrets are kept. All your thoughts and emotions wrap around you like a warm blanket. Close your eyes...and you are there. Most people in their life will not experience a spirtual awakening. Some people don't even understand the concept. But tonight it all became clear. For some people it was just a concert to go to and pay $5.00 for a 'cup' of beer and hear them play Schim. For me it was a different journey all together. Please keep in mind that I wasn't on any drugs whatsoever at this time. I wanted to see it with my eyes open. And by that I mean naturally high, no additives nescessary. OK I admit it. Nick and I did smoke before we left his house. But by the time we got there it had worn off. The colors...oohhh the colors they used for their lights. They were the perfect mood setters. And then of course there was the big two screens right in back of them showing video clips of some videos that Adam did for the tour. A truly awesome sight. There were so many visions and so many twists and turns throughtout it that it hard to slow down, but they knew how to carry it all. It was flowing and fluent. Near flawless, but then again we're only human. I only know one way to express my emotions during and after the show. I write, and I write, and I write some more. Its something I haven't done in a while and its something thats been hiding in the shadows. I wrote this poem in my head during the show without my conscience realizing it. And now that I'm home, its unraveling itself onto my hands as I type. This is a feeling I've never felt before......serenity. I hope everyone in that arena goes and does something positive. It will spread to others. And then maybe, just maybe, the world will be at rest. Swinging.................................. Rhythem in the air Wrists are getting sweaty Grudge opens the show I scream to let them know Sweet smell of incense An ash burning my leg Drums beats of Schism Spinning throughout my brain Colors on the screen People dancing on clouds Guitar tones of Triad Simplifying the crowd Be patient he said As the screen seemed to melt Take it all with you Do something positive Thinking of you now Eyes closed, feet numb, throat dry Wish you were here now Sharing this one moment. Conclusion... Spiral out...keep going...

Review written by: pat_scratch ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 04:33:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 14t? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist.

Review written by: Rob Zeke ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 04:34:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Orgasmic! Ohhhhhhh I saw them last night in Tampa, and didnt know what to expect tonight. I didnt read reviews for fear it may spoil the suprise. Last night the crowd sucked ass. They sucked ass like they liked it. It was bad. Tonight the same shit....soooo.... right before ..SOBER...I dipped outta the pit, front and center. When the crowd subtracts from my experience I take the crowd out of my experience. Incredible already know the setlist. Your still slack- jawed... I am too. Last night I heard 46&2, Aenema, Pushit, Stinkfist, the Patient...killer right, minus the crowd. Tonight...ahhh....When Sober began... Then....later...EULOGY!!!! I about cream my pants at that point. And Undertow? holy shit.... The night couldnt get any better! For those of you out there, the best area on the floor is near the sound board. It wasnt too crowded, and you had a great view of the visuals, and could see over the crowd. Ohhhh But the night did get familiar, but so fuckin unexpected! Maynard seemed so much more into it tonight! He seemed to be having a good time. Danny did too! I have never felt a high like I did tonight..a high so deep, and so real, natural....never ending. Im on could 10, fuck cloud nine! : ) Goodnight.... Keep going.... Spiral Out.

Review written by: Drew C. Furr ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 06:21:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Wow, what a night to remember. Excellent show. 6:20 and I am still on such a high that I can't sleep. What more is there to say? It was a perfect night, at least for me and mine. Thanks to all who made it happen for me, here's to many more. *shivers*

Review written by: Steve ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 07:21:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Last night when I got back home I peered at this review page. Just 1 review was posted by some lucky bastard who just saw Tool for the 8th time. Needles to say, I didn't write anything. I couldn't really form any words in my head. Plus, I had some disappointments with the show. I'm glad now that I didn't write a blithering report on how bad stadiums suck, or how they didn't play every song I wanted to hear. Or how you couldn't see Maynard's face. I'm glad I waited and read the other posts here. It helped me to digest the show last night. Understand, any disappointments I had weren't felt till after the show. And now I can understand and respect the show for what It was. It was the spirit of Lateralus. When I would listen the the new CD, I would wonder how these guys could pour such sincere magic from there hearts LIVE? Well last night showed those honest and open feelings. So they didn't play every one of my favorite songs (all of them really) Well, again I had to remind my self this was the "lateralus" tour. I don't have to quote song lyrics here to remind you of those "special" little moments we shared. Some times I think if I ever happened across the boys in public, I wouldn't have anything to say. Just a wink, and maybe a "thank you" I release now that my disappointments weren't with Tool or the show. They were with me. That this was way first show. I had missed them whey they came before. And that the show is a piece of art that stands alone. Would you want to change your favorite painting? "Hey Picasso, a little over here please!" Tool's technical ability is astounding. There creativity is sometimes unexplainable. The fact that they have shifted things around and changed set lists for this tour is a blessing, they give something special every time. (I understand Eulogy was quite a treat) For this I am thankful. Well, this wasn't your typical tool review, but my feelings weren't typical. I'm glad I had the PATINETCE to let my feelings settle, and the heart to MENTION this. And lets all remember to keep the positive vibe up, like the band asked, until we can go and get our souls recharged at the next show. Spiral out, keep going! -Steve PS Sorry Kabir, for this non-reviewish post. But its what I felt, Oh, and thanks for this site.

Review written by: Chris Rapisarda ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 08:22:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show fuckin rocked, there really is not much else to say, one of the best shows i have ever seen. It is a bit depressing that some "fans" feel the need to mosh during every and any song.

Review written by: Masterbater Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 11:09:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

IS IT ME OR WERE THERE A SHITLOAD OF HOT CHICKS AT LAST NIGHT'S SHOW?! that I've got your attention...let me start off by saying there were also a shitload of weird people too. There was this guy that, I guess, couldn't afford a TOOL shirt so he wrote TOOL on the back of his tank top. I didn't mind that, but what really disturbed me was that he wrote "I LOVE MAYNARD" on the front of the shirt (yes, a guy). Makes me want to kidnap him and duct tape him to a wooden chair in a basement with a hot lamp on his face while my face is inches away from his and say (with a confused look) "...why?..." (I just got done watching a movie where that happened so my imagination is running wild). Well, whatever floats your boat....weirdo. Now on to the concert. The melvins were actually pretty good contrary to what everyone says. Theyre definately not for everyone but they sure get originality points. Some highschool kid to the left of me kept yelling "YOU GUYS SUCK!" even though he looked like an older version of that guy Paul from the Wonder Years (remember that show?! I loved that show). There was one part during the melvins that I thought was awesome and that was when Adam (you know, the guitarist from Tool) and King Buzzo were both feeding their guitars back at different pitches. That was bad-ass. Kinda reminded me of this one part on that song divorced that Tool did with them. Before I go on to TOOL, do you mind if I vent? Cool. Anyways, I've been reading reviews where someone will say something along the lines of " the punk that was pushing and shoving etc. etc. .....ill kick your ass punk...etc. etc."'s easy to say that in the comfort of your own, sitting in front of your computer (you cyberthugs you). With that said, TO THE TWO DRUNK GUYS TWICE MY SIZE SITTING TO THE RIGHT OF ME THAT TALKED LOUDLY THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE CONCERT (yes...entire) ILL KICK YOUR ASSES!!!! OOkay, that felt good. On to Tool. Tool was pretty cool. It seemed like maynard changed or adlibbed a couple lyrics from some of the older songs. You had to pay attention to notice. They also extended certain parts to some songs like the beginning of the Patient, the breakdown of Schism and the oh so infamous end of Disposition. I read in an interview that Justin doesn't do the wah at the beginning of the Patient with a pedal but with a tone knob on his guitar. I didn't see him do it cuz he had his back faced to the audience (and i wanted to). Makes me wonder if there was a roadie in the back secretly doing the wah. Just playing. The extended riff to Disposition was great. In case you haven't been to a tool show and your wondering what everyone is talking about, there's this image of a headless man scrolling to the left (or the right depending on the screen your looking at). It scrolls slower and slower as adam plays the riff slower...until the image is scrolling veeerry slow frame by frame. I thought, damn now that's art. I thought the the images on the screens were cool/disturbing. Some were corny though, like the one being played during Parabola. It looked kinda like the keleidascope screen saver that I have. When I got home, I turned off the lights, played parabola really loud and put a naked ken doll wearing black diapers (maynard) in front of the screen to recreate that part of the concert. (No, not really). One more thing... I really don't think maynard is playing the guitar. I have good ears and I did not hear a single note come from it. I think he was just holding it for show...OR...he goes up to Adam and says "hey buddy, mind if I play along with you?" and Adam says "sure thing pal" and gives the roadie "the look". You know the look. The look means "don't plug his mother fucking guitar in okay?!" Well, this review is kinda long. SOrry for the typos cuz I was typing fast. Go see TOOL. It was worth my $40 ticket, 3 hour drive, $20 gas, $5 parking, $5 watered down draft beer and $10 waffle house food with horrible/racist service. Thanks for reading.

Review written by: Brian ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 11:11:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well, most of these reviews summed up the entire show so there is not much more to say, except thank you TOOL for an awesome show. Eulogy was much appreciated. To the older couple with backstage passes (my friend gave you the clove), you guys were really cool and I hoep you had fun w/ the band after the show. See you at the next TOOL show in Orlando.

Review written by: CarnY ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 11:15:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 3st? Tool show

That was the most rockin' show I have been to in a while , thanks guys! First The Melvins came on stage and I really enjoyed their sound and stage presents. Tool blew me away though, they really went all out this time, it was well worth the money. The set list they played was different from the ones I have been reading from the other shows, it was actually better, they played sober and opiate, I don't care if thoses are their popular songs I got chills when they played them. maynard was kinda hard to see, but still had an incredible stage presents. I really dont like it though when girls get on their boy friends shoulders and block the veiw for everyone. But I'm not complaining the show is something everyone needs to check out if it's coming near you. What a great night.

Review written by: Taks ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 13:38:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Unfortunately I have to confess that most of the Tool (prior to this concert) that I've heard has been radio-play. I do, however, have the Aenema CD and totally love it. After last night's experience, I will be out buying the rest of their CDs. This also, will not be the last time I see Tool live. Now, if I had to sum up last night's concert in one word, it would have to be... unbelievable. We were up on the first level towards the back (section 109) and the sound is the best I've ever heard in a stadium of this type (TD Waterhouse is NOT designed for acoustics). I just can't believe these guys can sound this good and this tight. The show was great. I'll be thinking about this one for a long time to come. Mark

Review written by: King Buzzo ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 15:11:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Ok, I saw Tool play all 3 Florida shows and this one is by far the best one. I was blown away at all the energy they had, it kinda seemed like they weren't into the Tampa show as much as the Ft Lauderdale and Orlando show. Anyways, as you all know, Melvins opened up and they were totally awesome, Buzz was kick ass and their outfits were pretty cool too. Dale is a badass drummer, never realized how hard he hits. Anyways, after having to hear a little annoying girl scream out "hey you guys, whatever your name is you guys suck" loudly over and over again I slapped her in the mouth and told her to shut up cause, well she sucked. Anyways, after a good 20-30 minutes and preparing myself to get smashed at the barricades, (I was dead center where i can see the whole band) the lights dimmed out they all took their places and jammed out on The Grudge. I was very surprised to hear them play Sober after that, kinda how i was surprised that they played Ticks and Leeches but noentheless surprised. Anyways the crowd sucked as usual, saw lots of Limp Shitkist shirts and Disturbed shirts. And yes, I fuckin hate crowd surfers, why the fuck are you going to crowd surf? Are you there to see the band or be an idiot? I guess its the latter. One interseting ting that Tool;s head of secuirty said was, "We will watch out for you guys in the front with crowd surfers, but we will take care of them as quick as possible so you will not miss out on the VIDEO" kinda cool how he didnt say the band. And someone posted earlier about meeting Hawk Maynard's personal bodyguard, he was pretty cool. Anyways, sorry babbling, the show was incredible, I am a happy man that i saw them its an amazing experiance everyone should see Tool live sometime in their lives. Adam looked pretty sharp in his suit, Justin was playing his ass off, Danny he is just Danny he is fuckin amazing and Maynard stripped down to his underwear after I think they played Undertow, I'm not quite sure. And he did adlib a lot of the songs Sober I know was one, there were a few other ones also. But the sound was pretty good especially in the TD Waterhouse, everything sounded clear except for the Melvins could hardly hear what Buzz was singing. Anywas overall an incredible show, can't wait till they come back.

Review written by: Andy Olson ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 15:29:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Wow what a great fucking show. Tool is probably the only band that can avoid some of their radio hits (46&2, Ænema) and still put on a great show. Definitely my favorite concert of all time. I was so, so glad they played "Sober". There was nothing to complain about wiht this show. Worth all $85 for 2 pre-sale tickets.

Review written by: Nick ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 17:31:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

3rd night in a row now... This show was amazing! This and Ft. Lauderdale! I was at Tampa too and that was great, but Orlando and Ft Lauderdale had the best setlists. Starts out with the Grudge... Ok Ive gotten used to it. IONS Then Adam is doing the feedback thing, and Im thinking Stinkfist, but no, its SOBER!!! I havent seen them until this tour, so I thought it was great, considering they havent played Sober since they were in Europe. Undertow! wow, another great surprise, more people than I thought knew the words and were singing along. then this weird quiet jam and then PArabol/a, which at this point was nothing special to me, but it was the best performance of it so far. Then Eulogy!!!! Possibly my fav Tool song, It was the one song, I hoped they would play. And then it goes on with Schism and the Setlist is about the same as it has been, except with Opiate instead of Ænema. Maynard was in his underwear, and that was funny, I saw enough of his ass crack to last me a while. And during Lateralis he mooned the crowd for less than a second. This was my favorite Florida show, as the setlist was way different, although Ft Lauderdale had an egually tight performance. There was also another stage prop to the left, that I hadnt seen at the other shows. Dale on drums again, this time he was the former senator of Arkansas. On the downside, the crowd sucked. Worse than Tampa. I got burned by a joint, and my wallet was stolen. Plus the moshers, I mean really, I went there for the music, got up front without pushing, and the moshers are just pounding away at us, and the crowd surfers too. It wasn't too bad, I just hate the whole Frat Guy/Red Neck crowd that just wants to mosh and crowd surf, just dont come! Let the real Tool fans get the good tickets, not you lame posers that put tool on the same level as Korn... Just another band to mosh to. Ok, Im done, but it was a great show, and the crowd wasnt too much of a distraction.

Review written by: A Fan of Tool (n/a) Review posted on: 10/12/01 18:49:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

great show! i dont know if it was just me but there was something in the air last night. adam came out and played guitar on the last song of the melvins set. at the end of the song, he stood in front of the stack and played with the feedback for a couple minutes. at that point i knew something was up. when tool came out they opened with "the grudge" and maynard was bouncing all over. he was definitely ready to go. it seemed like the first half of the show was almost shaping itself. they played "sober" and then broke straight into "undertow". both sounded excellent!! i was in the lower seats on the right side of the stage. there were people all around me singing to "sober" and "eulogy". the crowd was great!! better than most shows i attend. at one point maynard said "GOOD EVENING" and the crowd broke out into a ROAR!!! once it subsided he sarcastically said "come again (pause)" then the crowd let out another ROAR!!! it was great to see the crowd responding so well. at one point, in between songs, they were setting the mood with alot of noises. i was watching maynard and it looked like he was morphing. all you could see was a shadow of a man that changed into a shadow of a hunched back man. his head dropped between his shoulders, then his shoulders dropped, and finally his back just began to appear to grow at the top. VERY WEIRD!! it looked like a burdened man. someone whos been carrying something heavy for a long time. at least that was my take on it. the "dispoisition" and "reflection" part of the show carries alot of sadness. ths crowd seemed to drift. its all part of the tool experience though. its an emotional ride. everyone should just be thankful for the expression of such diverse songs. when "the patient" came on i was very touched. such a beautiful song with caring lyrics. it came across very well. then they broke into "opiate" which picked the crowd up big time! i like the fact that they chose to end the show with maynard telling everyone to do something positive. they ended the set with "lateralus" and a group hug at center stage. the crowd broke out into another ROAR!! as a way of saying thank you. excellent ending to a great ride. overall it was an outstanding show. lots of energy, great crowd, great band! keep going guys!!

Review written by: wes ( Review posted on: 10/12/01 19:50:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Wow what can I say. This was my first Tool Concert, and it was amazing. A real experience not just some idiot(s) jumping around playing anything. The set was well chosen and could have made an album of itself. The visuals were stunning I found myself looking all over the place and still couldnt get enough. For those that wanna complain about people wearing bizkit shits and whatever a big F-you, just cause you dont like them dosent mean they suck, I could gather quite a few people who dont like Tool so quit being an asshole. The moshing sucked but there a saying that goes "A person is smart, people are stupid" and this goes to prove it, I hope nobody was hurt. Anyway the show was a total experience and I would go again.

Review written by: csullivan ( Review posted on: 10/13/01 11:33:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

It was a Tool week, as I went to all 3 FL shows. Orlando had the best setlist, but I really missed H, Intolerance, Prison Sex, and anything from Opiate (other than Opiate, of course). The shows were so amazing that it's hard to complain =D What words can I use to describe what I saw at the shows? If you have seen Tool play live, you know exactly what I mean. If you haven't seen Tool live, there is nothing that anyone can say to adequately describe what you are missing out on. "Life altering experience" is about the best summation I can make. Every aspect of the performance was amazing, as the visuals and the audio fit perfectly together. Eulogy was a very pleasant suprise, for me it was easily the highlight of the 3 shows. Gen Admission is where it's at. Some people have complained about "moshing" and "crowd surfing"; what do yuo expect in the floor area? Not everyone has the same idea of "fun" as you- get a seat if you can't stand a little rough housing. "Hang on or be humbled again". And total slops to the fools who smoke in the thick of the crowd- burning people is bad manner.

Review written by: Magdalena ( Review posted on: 10/13/01 17:40:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I had been anxiously waiting for my opportunity to see TOOL live, for about 7 years now, and it finally happened! My dream finally came true! Unfortunately, i couldn't get ahold of floor tickets, but i did have binoculars in the stands...It was an absolutely incredible experience: the video quality on the big screen, the beautiful lights, the remarkable jerky movements of Maynard James Keenen, the contortionists, and of course the perfect musical performance by all the band members! I was rather disappointed that TOOL decided against playing Opiate, Hooker with a Penis, Prison Sex, Aenima, Pushit, Third Eye, plus other favorites of mine. The set mostly consisted of Lateralus material with the addition of Sober and Eulogy. Another unfortunate attribute was that the crowd was just awful...they literally boo-ed The Melvins, along with chants of "you suck." But when Maynard came out on his own personal stage, stripped down to his see-through speedos, none of that seemed to matter! I even got glimpses of his ass crack throughout the show!!! WOOH!! What an experience!

Review written by: Laura ( Review posted on: 10/13/01 22:07:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I don't think there's any word that describe how the TOOL concert was just..AWESOME. That's all I can say. They put on a damn good show. The screens in the backround added to it all, and the contortionist people hanging on strings....WOW. Maynard's voice was heavenly as usual, (not to mention his black speedo...*ahem*), and the whole set list was great: The Grudge (awesome way to start the show) (-) Ions Sober (they did a kick ass perfomance on this one!) Undertow Parabol/Parabola (awesome performance, especially on the second part) Eulogy Schism (I enjoyed the little people that came out and walked around on the stage HeHe) Disposition Reflection (Adam really stretched out the last riff...awesome!) Triad (Hell yeah, probably the best song on Lataralus) Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient (VERY good performance) Opiate Lataralus Maynard made a good point when he said somewhere along the lines of "There's no words describe the feelings we have tonight...remember these feelings...later on, turn these feelings into something positive." I'm not sure if those were the exact words, but something like that. Since this was my first time seeing TOOL, I was completely blown away by how amazingly good they sounded. Maynard kicks ass on the guitar! And to you idiots with the pot in front of us and behind us...get a life; people were trying to enjoy the show, and you had to go light up about a dozen joints and cause a distraction while I was watching the Gods on stage perform. Awesome show guys, you rock. Come back and visit soon!

Review written by: Campbell RoccoMaster Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/14/01 00:53:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I just have one thing to add to the rest of the reviews: during Undertow, he sung "half as clear as heaven" first, thensung "twice as clear." I think that puts a different spin on the wholesong. Concert? Life-shattering as always. We know, that's why we're here.

Review written by: Stacey ( Review posted on: 10/14/01 12:35:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

the visuals were amazing. since tool isn't really a live band (not moving around much, little or no audience interaction), it added a lot to the show. i was transfixed by osseus labyrint. when they hung upside down from the ceiling and embraced, everyone cheered. the rotating man with his arms stretched out from salival was on the projection screen and osseus labyrint imitated him. then they flicked their wrists and then their arms were moving, very snakelike. and after a few minutes they were jerking around as the music became more intense. it was very theatrical. there was a lot of seat snatching at the show. people who had balcony seats played dumb and sat in the lower level seating and some got bitchy when they were told to move. it wasn't just a couple of people doing it, but too damn many. it was ridiculous. i cried when tool started parabol. my friend turned around and was like "don't cry. look!" and she pulled my hands off of my face and i saw that maynard had taken his clothes off and was in a speedo. whenever he rocked back and fourth really hard, his speedo would come down and his butt would show. fuck yeah. i've been dying to see tool live for years and i'm so grateful that i finally got this chance. not even the angry drunks sitting behind me could've ruined my tool experience.

Review written by: casey ( Review posted on: 10/14/01 15:16:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

this was the single most amazing, inspirational event of my life. i was dead center, front row, squished in between two small girls the entire time. the head tool security guard gave both of them backstage passes, somehow leaving me out. but that was ok, because i caught a water bottle from both maynard and justin at the end. these bottles will never be opened or drank. thank you tool for everything. you have the best jobs in the world. thank you. by the way, most of the people that were there didn't belong there. maybe they thought it was gonna be korn, slipknot, or even manson attempting to play. sadly disappointing, wasn't it? i don't know, but these people have no idea what music really is. they should feel lucky they happened to witness this, though. so to all you ignorant bastards that were there, fuck off.

Review written by: John-Paul Dienst ( Review posted on: 10/15/01 21:19:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I must say that this was the best show i have ever seen in my life. Tools Performance was amazing, not only did they sound better live than they do on record, but the visual effects were amazing. I more than welcome Tool back to Orlando, and infact hope that they come back soon. Thanx Jp

Review written by: Jason ( Review posted on: 10/16/01 09:17:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

well its been about 5 days since the concert and i still cannot begin to describe in words how amazing and beautiful this concert was it was by far the best concert ive ever been to. The sound quality on all the songs sounded perfect as if it were a cd recording being played. The visuals were very impressive. The highlights of the show for me were definetly eulogy, opiate, the grudge, and lateralus. Those songs brought something out of me, i feel as though those songs tapped into my soul and found something to grab ahold of. I now get chills everytime i listen to eulogy and lateralus. The songs seem to have a deeper meaning for me now. I really am still in awe of this mindblowing performance. I'm not going to bother posting a setlist that has been posted 20 times more. All im going to say now is that if you have a chance to see tool do it, they are the perfectionists of live performance. If you are not fortunate enough to get a ticket before it sells out go to the venus before hand and you will easily find a ticket. I would like to thank tisha for acknowledging my experiences in australia at the same moment that i was experiencing this perfection. That is all. BAM

Review written by: pat scratch ( Review posted on: 10/16/01 16:05:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 4 TH Tool show

The last time I saw TOOL was in Orlando at Ozzfest 98. They blew every other act out of the water. There sheer raw energy live is amazing! Now on to my review: Undertow; Eulogy; Sober; Opiate; The Patient! I could stop right here and that would be enough...but I'll elaborate some. I didn't get a chance to see them at the other two Fla. dates but after reading prior reviews I can sense that this was the best hands down. They were really on top of their game this show. Thanks to all four of you guys for blessing this world with your musical prowess! Looking foward to next time.

Review written by: Tiffany ( Review posted on: 10/16/01 19:38:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

That show was really really good!! I am never going to another concert ever again unless it is Tool!!!!! i suggest everyone go to a Tool concert. You get to see Maynard half naked,and you get to see naked contourtionists!!!!!!! That should be enough reason to go!