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Review written by: J. Carpentier (
Review posted on: 10/17/01 10:35:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

And y'see, Reverend Maynard, today was harvest day... To start off, the show ended up being moved a good six blocks away from the original and printed venue. And while this caused many a fan to make an uphill trek in the numbing cold, nobody seemed to mind. So, the show was underway. The opening band, Tricky, sucked. But I think we all knew that before we got there. In retrospect, Tool's choice in these opening bands is quite necessary, so as to provide a spoonfull of contrast of sound so that Tool's aesthetic nature can be elevated as fully as it needs to be. And after six solid minutes of suspenseful organ notes, the lights dropped. The crowd erupted in cheer. Soon four outlines emerged on stage. The organ harmonics drifted away, and a trembling wall of sound hit the audience, the first cuts of melody into "The Grudge." From then on, every person in the audience drifted, floated, and swam through the seemingly endless ripples of the music pushed forth. As for the setlist: The Grudge A taste of Ions(-) Sober Undertow Parabol/a Pushit (Aenima) Schism, Disposition, Reflection, (intermission) Triad, with Maynard on guitar Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Aenema Lateralus The concert was phenomenal. Maynard, complete in shadowed form, had such energy: merely atopping his mini-stage resulted in the crowd's screams. Adam and Justin worked in such harmony, charioteering the whole mood, atmosphere, music, and even audience. And Danny......Danny drummed with incredible militarity precision; he seemed to be playing so effortlessly, so that it looked as though he were creating four percussive sounds with one drop of his wrist. This musical greatness, combined with the stunning visualizations and tandem light changes made the whole process surreal. I felt it most during "Disposition." At that point I denounced any input from the world I was sensing. The music imbibed me, with even more reach than it does alone via the albums. Thank you, Tool. I will never forget tonight, nor the harmony you bring so artfully, so wholistically, so perfectly. Thank you for the moment I shared with you tonight, and the lifetime I'll spend in your shadow.

Review written by: brector ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 10:46:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

They were great! Maynard was in his undies by the 3rd song. I've never seen Tool before - but been a fan for a long time. They moved the show from an Arena to a small auditorium. It was a move for the better. There wasn't a bad seat in the house. They played "The Patient" which I heard they weren't playing too often. The only other song I expected them to play and didn't was "Ticks and Leaches". Maynards vocals are amazing!!! Plus - hey played guitar on Schism, Disposition, and Reflection. He looked normal other than a vertical black stripe down his face. Justin is a great bassist. I always knew he was good - but seeing him live made me a firm believer. Danny was on it! But I wouldn't expect it any other way. In my heart the only drummer better than Danny is Neil Peart (no offense) - and hopefully that's a huge complement. Adam was on it too. Since he doesn't really get into it he seem complacent - but he's amazing as well. I hope this won't be my last show!!!

Review written by: smantix ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 11:03:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Firstly, I've listened to Tool for years. I'm not saying I was OGT in 92 or anything - but I first liked Bill Hicks and then I liked Tool. After last night's concert in Nashville, I'm doubting the later. For over $45 a ticket, for a concert that switched its venue completely unannounced - from a great, brand new arena to a crappy, worn out hall that's more akin to the Longhorn Rodeo. Floors stickier than most peep shows. For $45 bucks. Now, I'm no 17 year-old aspiring Nossi School of Art student , but this concert absolutely sucked ass. Two naked people dangling from the air. Wow, that's really something. But for $45 bucks I could go see several people like that at the strip club. It wasn't art. It wasn't original. It was just meanlingless tripe from a bunch of pretentious a**holes. I know they're out promoting Lateralus, but it would have been nice to include Eulogy, 46 and 2, H., No Quarter or Maynard's Dick. And then they end with their trippy, dippy "I hope everyone had a good night. Or a bad night. Or an indifferent night, as you reminisce over your 'experience' try to do something positive". Bill Hicks would be rolling in his grave if his friend who runs his site wasn't so busy making a living off of Tool references. Then they throw their sticks and a water bottle to the crowd and go off the stage after an hour and 15 minutes. I paid 10 bucks to see Guided By Voices play for 3 and half hours this year. I paid 10 bucks to see Nashville P****y blow the lid off of the club they were in. I paid 12 bucks to see Sunny Day Real Estate play an amazing show. And I paid $45 bucks to have Tool make me hate them and their sheeple fans who believe that they can do no wrong.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 11:06:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Setlist: The Grudge Sober Undertow Parabola Schism Pushit The Patient Disposition Reflection Triad Aenima Lateralus (I'm not sure of the order.) I was not at all looking forward to spending the evening at The Municipal. We got there about 30 minutes before they started letting people in and were in line for about an hour. (Freezing!!) We finally got inside and wound up getting great seats! We had a perfect, dead center view of the stage. Tricky came on and wasn't all that bad. Different but I enjoyed it. When the lights came back on everyone was talking and milling around, and when I finally looked back at the stage and saw them setting up Danny's drums I realized that I was about to see Tool live and in person!! When the place went dark again and you heard the beginning of The Grudge everybody was on their feet. I thought for sure Stinkfist and 46 & 2 would be next after reading setlists for other shows, but when they went into Sober everybody went crazy. And as if that wasn't enough, I heard the first few notes to Undertow and lost all reason!!!! I would like to say that the fans (at least the ones in our area) were really cool. The only complaint is that they were a little to laid back. I just can't understand how you can sit during that show....I was on my feet the entire time and probably pissed a couple of people off but I couldn't sit still. Maynard was awsome. He has got such incredible presence and his voice was perfect. I couldn't really see Adam because it was so dark but he played great. Same with Justin. I can't say enough about Danny. Listening to him is one thing but seeing him live is incredible!!! Schism was great. Loved Osseus Labyrint. Pushit was AWSOME live!!! I had tears in my eyes at one point during this song. Until last night The Patient was not one of my favorites. I cannot say enough about this song live!!! Disposition/Reflection. Beautiful... Perfection! Aenema. Of course one of my favorites. The energy in the place was really high during this song. Danny was mind blowing on this one. They finished with Lateralus. The only thing I didn't like about this one was that I knew it was the last. Needless to say they kicked ass. All four of them played great and the whole show was really tight. They far exceeded all expectations and the only thing I regret is not paying as much attention to the video screens as I had wanted to. My husband did and said they were great. But for a first timer there is so much to take in and I was so moved by the music that most of the time I either had my eyes closed or was watching the band. The show was quite an experience and I hope I don't have to wait to long to see them again and even though I had plenty to say, there just aren't words powerful enough to describe the creative genius that is TOOL....

Review written by: ChiefOP8 ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 12:36:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. A previous poster already put the set list so I won't bother with that. Although, I thought they did NOT play parabol but did play parabola...maybe I just missed it. Otherwise the setlist I saw earlier was accurate. I have to rant about this because it serioulsy affected my enjoyment of the show. The show was originally to be held at Gaylord Entertainment Center, the nice new arena where the Predators play (there's not a bad seat anywhere in- house). Unfortunatley for me, on the day the tix went on sale, I was unable to get floor tickets and had to settle for seats. Out of the blue, someone decided to move the show to the MUCH smaller Municipal Auditorium (why, I'm not sure...). I was initally extremely excited for the move becuase every show I've seen there has been general admission...meaning I would get my chance to be in the chaos of the crowd. Upon arrival there they proceeded to sell-out the floor leaving me to fend for myself to find a decent location in the seats. I had a totally obstructed of the stage and worst of all I could barely see Danny. That said...fuck Municipal Auditorium. Another thing that pissed me off was the sound. I don't think it's possible to have good sound at Municipal...the place just isn't built right for that kind of thing. Although I'm sure the sound on the floor was vastly better than where I was. Despite that though the Tool as lawyas totally amaze me with their musicianship throughout, I just had to concentrate quite a bit more to hear specific parts. I must say though the production values of the show itself were incredible. All the lights, the three video screens, and of course the people from the schism video very much made a totally immersive experience. A couple of times I glanced over at the front-of- house lighting rig...and nearly went into convulsions from all the different lighting effects which were perfectly in sync with the mood and rhythm of the music. Tool always has something interesting as far as stage show is concerned, but this by far was the best I've seen from Tool or any band. Even if (and I know you're out there) some "do not get" the very strange Osseus Labyrint have to admit at the very least it is interesting to watch. All of this made an extremely entrancing and thrilling experience. I would have liked to see a song or two from Opiate, but I was floored when they played Undertow. I totally did not expect it. The band was so in-sync during that was definitely the high point for me. The performance of Pushit was great as well...I was singing my lungs out during that song much to the probable dismay of the people around me who either didn't know the words or chose not to sing. It was a very moving and emotive performance. The only song I really had any complaints about was Parabola. I love the song on CD, especially the way it kicks-in in the transition from parabol to parabola...but something seemed out of sync during the performance. It also seemed like they went directly into Parabola witout Parabol, but as I mentioned earlier maybe I missed it from the nose-bleed section. Generally, Aenima is my least favorite song off of Aenema, but I must say it was the most powerful perfromance of the song I've ever seen the band do...and geez the crowd loved it.... I love watching Danny do his quads during that song. Also in Disposition/Reflection/Triad it's such a trip to watch Mr. Carey was totally fun to try and pick out exactly what he's doing during those long hypontic tribal patterns. Needless to say despit the venue debacle, it was a damn good show! I love Tool...I hate Municipal.

Review written by: Mad-Hatter ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 12:45:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Fact: Im a huge Tool fan. This was my first show. I dont need drugs or messed up clothing to enjoy Tool. Impression: I waited outside in the cold for about an hour and this alone was an interesting and disturbing memory. I dont know why Tool draws complete pyschos to there shows but I wasnt expecting such a crowd. It was kind of a let down to see that about (about 40%) of the crowd seemed to come to Tool to just hurt people in mosh pits that dont seem to belong at a Tool concert. There music doesnt exactly incite violence. Whats with the little 15 year olds running around showing off there breasts anyways? And the kids with gas masks and cameras throwing leaflets of stupid shit into the line circling the auditorium? Grow up, Tool in my mind has been misinterpeted by the masses. No wonder people thing Tool fans are drug addicts. Anyway, Tool played great and seemed to really get into it which is good. Some of the visuals where disturbing but I should have expected that. It was the music that really counted and it rocked. The bass shook my chest cavity and they guitar chords echoed through my mind. Lateralus, the Patient and Ænema sounded awesome. After the show i could hear very little and was dazed. Thanks Tool for the great performance despite some flaws that you have no control over.

Review written by: Devoted Fan ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 12:59:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Well....what can I say? Tool just keeps amazing me with what they manage to pull out every night. This was the third time on this tour I've seen them, and they never cease to amaze me. I don't know if anyone has posted the setlist yet, so here goes: Grudge Ions(-) Sober Undertow Parabola Pushit(Ænima) Schism Disposition Reflection Triad Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Ænima Lateralus It was great to see some songs from Undertow. Pushit was amazing, as always, and the crowd was amazingly tame...there were a few people being helped out of the "mosh pit" with bloody noses and shit like that, but altogether a great show...Tricky kicks ass, much better than Fantomas, and Tool are still gods among musicians.

Review written by: Jason S. ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 14:50:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was the best concert I've ever been too. It was was very theatrical, but not in the flamboyant macho shitkicker KISS kind of way. This is a good thing folks I've seen KISS live. Anyways, the set list is above. I didn't expect pushit to be on the set list, but it was a good surprise. I really wanted to hear stinkfist but no such luck. TOOL made up for it however with the songs undertow and sober which I thought sounded very good live. At the very beginining of the concert when they all took the stage there was thsi beautiful moment about four seconds before Danny started counting when Maynard walked up onto his riser and given his sillouette and he just started to rock back and forth in an anticipative manner and then the grudge started . All the songs were executed very nicely and the people sitting next to me were going pentacostal. I would have but I find it very hard to concentrate while shaking uncontrollably. I'll not say anymore about it because all the other reviews pretty much give the whole skinny. So last word " If you can only see one band , go see TOOL"

Review written by: JC ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 15:10:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Besides the people running the venue being totally unorganized...I think the concert was great. I got there at a decent time so me and my group of friends really didint have to wait to long to get in. But the line that eventually formed behind us was monsterous. Kinda funny really. This is one of the first times I really just kinda stood back and took a really good look at the people waiting to see a tool show. We had everything to rednecks in Jeff Gordon hats, little 15 year olds in small dresses and tight shirts in 30 degree weather with there 21 years old boyfriends, and some weirdo in a gas mask handing out some sort and local band fliers. Well I guess with all that aside....about the time my butt was finally numb from the cold...we finally got in threw the front. The bad thing is when we went to get on the floor of the arena they wouldnt let us in. They were turning away people with "floor" tickets because they were out of arm bands to put on people and they doubted they would get anymore in. Something got messed up when they swithced arenas at the last minute. SO they directed everbody with floor tickets to go up stairs and get a seat. I guess I cant complain. TooL is TooL weather I see em on the floor or up in the seats. So we found some great seats right in the middle so we had a great view. Tricky came up on stage and I thought they did a great job. Im fan of their music and I like how they are becoming more band oriented with there music adding more guitar and bass to there music. They didnt have much of a stage show....but tricky is more about listening and feeling the music than it is visual. You can really tell that a lot of people in the audience were not into the music. That might be why they only played 5 songs. Cause they got off the stage kinda quick.....about 30 min. Next came an Organ solo that lasted about 5 min. I guess that was a way of letting everbody know that Tool is coming soon. When Tool finally hit the stage it was explosive. "THe Grudge" was their first song and damn......that song seems so much heavier live. Just the the stage visuals and special effects gives each song a new meaning. And Maynards body language and weird movements really make you feel the music. Almost like one of those indian interperative dancers. Thats why it was really weird to see him with a guitar in his hand. during three songs he played guitar. It was really weird to not really see him move to the music but just kinda stand there with a guitar in his hand and sing. I think if they want to add more sound they need to just get another guitarist. I think they are taking something away when Manard is playing guitar. Other than that I think this show was great. And now I can die a happier man after seeing them play underotow again live.

Review written by: Elluzion ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 15:55:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This was my second Tool show, so I felt like I had some idea of what to expect. But I was wrong. I saw Tool on the Lolapalooza tour (also with Tricky that year) and this show was a thousand times better. Obviously because this was a Tool tour and not festival tour. Regardless, Tricky did not suck. Tricky is merely a different style of music than Tool. So if you listen to Tricky expecting to hear Tool then you will be disapointed. But since Tool can not open for itself, we are asked to open ourselves to other types of music. I for one am a big Tricky fan and enjoyed his set very much. I actually wished he had stayed onstage longer. I was in the beer line for a little while so I might have missed it, but I didn't hear Pre-Melinnium Tension which I would have loved to hear. Tool, of course was completely amazing. Maynard has a way of conveying a very personal sense of connection when he addresses the audience. He actually seems to communicate and not just try to get the audience to scream louder. That is, in my opinion, the mark of an artist. Which is why I continue to follow the band.

Review written by: Jen ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 16:40:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Third religous expiriece...can you guess what the other two were? Well, out of the three shows I attended on this tour, this is how it goes: charlotte,nc - absolutely amazing. It was my first Tool show, the 11th row seats were good, and I got my camera past the gates. memphis, tn - even better than the first...better crowd participation, and more pictures... nashville, tn - finally i got down on the floor (i got there at 3:30 in the afternon to get the floor passes they handed out), in the pit, as close as I could get to the stage. These pictures should turn out to be the best (especially since maynard wasn't wearing much...tee-hee!). i loved that they played undertow AND sober. Being on the floor definitley added to the fact that this was the best of the three shows I've been to...tricky kicked ass too - very emotional and powerful the only thing that sucked about this concert was the stupid blonde bitch that stood next to me towards the end of the show that was making these annoying noises that sounded like a mix between Xena warrior princess and a hyena. I have nothing against one showing their appreciation by screaming, but when they do it through a quiet song like disposition... it makes someone want to push that person down. which is exactly what happened and unfortunately she fell next to me and almost pushed me over in the process. and then she started bugging my brother saying she knew him... but anyway - Tool is an awesome band and I hope to see them again sometime in the future...

Review written by: Fillament ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 16:44:31 ET

This was this reviewer's kok Tool show

Tricky was better than everyone had said, so I thought of that as extra...............Tool was coming up soon. Unfortunately I never found any trips, but the beer, weed, and somas would never let me down. After playing Mission Impossible with the floor wristbands and 2 of my friends, we made our way to the center/left side of the stage. I was about 10 ft. from Adam. At one point, I think he made eye contact with me. I then looked through my binoculars to let him know that I knew, but he shook his head. I WAS totally into the show though. Sober was a nice treat, but when Adam started up the Undertow riff, I almost shit. These were 2 really cool surprises since they played no Undertow in Charlotte. During Pushit I called my friend, who was supposed to be with me, and left her the coolest message anyone could have ever gotten. I wish someone would call me from a Tool show and leave a whole song on my machine. I had a really cool muff shot of the female contortionist as well, I was half-ass thinking about asking the girl in front of me if she wanted to give me a hand job because she had been "accidently" brushing against my package all night. Triad fuckin' 1st I almost thought they were about to go into Third Eye, but soon caught my head. After Maynard gave his challenge signaling the end of the show, the guys grouped around Danny and began the intro to Lateralus, which was extended tonight. After many minutes of "mental rollercoasting" the guys hugged, threw out memorabilia, and waived us goodnight. See everybody in Louisville.

Review written by: Waynard ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 17:15:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

First the Setlist. Cold & Ugly Sweat Jerk-off Undertow/Flood The Grudge Stinkfist 46 & 2 ------------ Parabol/Parabola Disposition/Reflection Triad/Pushit (-) ions/Third Eye ------------ Eulogy intro/Hooker with a Penis amazing, clearly Tool has out done themselves to the point were they can just retire. Of course something of this magnitude will never happen because I don't think they have it in them to perform at this level anymore. Maybe if we Tool fans show them respect and are just patient, then they might pull there heads out of there ass and do a show worth every penny. just one man's opinion.

Review written by: I crapped myself ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 17:44:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey, I almost crapped my pants when i saw TOOL last night. They were the shit. The size of the crowd made the show very personal. Every song gave me a hard-on at one time or another. Ive already decided to name my first child Danny Carrey......the pimpest motherfucker ever to grace any stage. Fuck anyone who says this wasnt a great show.

Review written by: Markman ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 18:13:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well, last night was one of the best nights I've ever had. Tool fuckin rocked!!! Tricky kicked ass too! I just wish people would have respected them more. Some people just don't know art at work. Here is the setlist (or at least what i remember, some may be inaccurate, if so, sorry!): The Grudge (-) Ions (Shortened) Sober Undertow Pushit Schism (w/ dancers) Parabol/Parabola Disposition Reflection -Intermission- (w/ dancers) Triad Eon Blue Apocolypse/The Patient Aenema Lateralus I was amazed they played Sober and Undertow. Two songs they haven't played often which made me just love it that much more. The visuals were so phenomenal, I felt like I was in a different realm. Anyone going to see a Tool show, expect everything and then some. This was the best concert I have ever been too (with all the crowded shoving aside, but what do u expect with a packed auditorium) I really enjoyed the Schism dancers (I can't remember they're fuckin name, I feel stupid) They really enhanced the show 10 fold! Probably my favorite moment was when they played Aenema and everyone in the crowd jumped their asses off, screaming every word. I think the best part of the show was the way they mixed Disposition, Reflection, and Triad all together with the intermission, it was like one long ass song. I suggest anyone who is anybody, whether you like Tool or not, you better go to their show, you WILL enjoy it!

Review written by: Lindsey ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 21:08:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I don't know where to begin. I really expected the show to be a lot similiar to the one that I saw in Indiana a little over a month ago. I guess I was wrong. I would really like Tool to make a huge note to themselves, and remind themselves to never come to Tennessee again. I am a Tennessee resident, and dreadfully hate the people in which I am surrounded by. Intelligence is a very scarce thing down here. I was totally apalled at the number of ignorant individuals that emcompassed all around me. Tool didn't play as well as they did in Indiana. Adam missed a few notes, and Maynard's voice was a bit weak on a few songs. It was probably due to the lack of people paying attention. There were so many people there that didn't even pay attention to the show at all. They just stood around conversing and laughing, like little fuckin' high school pricks do. There were even some people yelling to play some 'A Perfect Circle' songs. That just goes to show you how ignorant these people were. Despite all of that I thought the show was incredible. It was truly a religious experience. They will always be considered the best band ever by me. They are truly talented individuals. I'm really sorry that the crowd was as bad as it was. "Fuck these disfunctional, insecure imbeciles..." P.S. I would really enjoy it if Tool could play a much smaller venue the next time that they do actually decide to come here.

Review written by: chase ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 21:37:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

.the setlist has been posted so i'll leave that out. now on with my first tool experience...i got to municipal between 10 or 10:30 am with my friends chris and chameron. to our surprise there were already a few people there! i only remember two of their names: guy (who arrived at the venue at 5:30 am after getting off from his nightshift job...NOW THAT IS A FUCKING FAN!!! GUY YOU ROCK!) and tom (funny personality, kewl guy). there were also three girls and another guy. sorry i forgot your names if you're reading this. me and chris played 's.o.s.' all day practically...harr. each hour our group had a 'hour party'...this lasted all day. people started to show up around 12 and 3:30 in the afternoon. as the line grew i felt proud that i was in the front...even though i was freezing! after about 9 hours...we were finally let into the building. i quickly rushed to the security gaurd to inspect me. he asked 'do you have any weapons on you?' my reply 'only if you count the cock in my pants as a weapon!!...would you like to see my TOOL?'. i didn't really say this, but i thought about it. anyways, i got past the gaurds and ran into the pit area. my freezing hands clenched the rail to which i would stay at the entire night. FRONT ROW, CENTER. .tricky wasn't bad...but it wasn't that great either. it made me appreciate seeing TOOL more, however. and what an amazing show they put on. the highlights for me were watching adam play guitar (being a guitarist, i took note to everything he did since i've been pondering how to play TOOL's songs accurate), osseus labyrint was also very impressive (i was surprised to see full frontal nudity; it certainly enhanced the songs watching these two manuever on stage), and watching danny play (i'm not a drummer but fucking jewsus...that man is beautiful; everyday i think of taking up drums just because of his superb work). this was the greatest concert experience i've had yet - besides the two assholes beside me, pushing there way around...but what can you do but expect this kind of thing in this day and age. maybe if everyone could understand TOOL is not about violence but rather beauty. there shouldn't be moshing at a TOOL show...there should be a mass of eyes filled with tears brought upon by the celestial sounds that Danny, Justin, Maynard, and Adam create. thank you TOOL. .c||5|.

Review written by: Lizzy ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 22:46:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

The Anticipation: It was sometime in September when I found out that my favorite band in the whole wide world was coming to a city only a few hours away. I had never seen TOOL before so you can imagine my excitement. I bought my tickets the day they went onsale, and began annouying the hell out of all of my friends by counting down the "___ many days until I see tool" I only have one other tool fan friend so most of them didn't understand why I was so overjoyed about seeing tool. The Day Of the Show: Finally after all that waiting it was finaly October 16 !!! I call myself a baby tool fan because although I can honestly say I've liked tool ever since undertow I am still very young. I had to go to school that day at which I counted down the hours to tool. When I finaly got out my friend and I sped our way too to her boyfriend's school where we joined him and one of his friends to carpool to the show. Several hours later we finaly arrived. When we got there the doors were already open we chose to go to the back door because the line was shorter. when we got there security patted us down and we were in. I now kinda regret not bringing a camera because they didn't even bother to check my purse, but it's not that big of a deal I'll always have the pictures in my head. When we got in we found ourselves some really decent seats directly across from the stage. I came prepared with my little binoculars just in case we were really far from the stage we didn't really need them but used them anyway. Tricky came on at about 7:30 I didn't care too much for their particular type of music but cheered for them out of respect for what they were doing. After their set was over I was so overly excited. Especialy when they brought out Danny's drum set. It was then that it really sunk in that I was going to see tool. the lights dimmed and the video screens came on then the band came out. I don't think I've ever screamed as much as I did last night ever in my life.I know the setlist has already been posted so I'm not going to list it here(I've already given you enough useless information as it is). They opened with The Grudge which was amazing live. Danny is with no doubt the best drummer I have ever heard. He makes it look so easy siting back there all relaxed and calm looking. Adam also looked rather calm throughout the show. He just stood there playing his beautiful guitar so wounderfuly. and the video screens which I assume he helped design the graphics for were a show within themselves. Those images will stay in my head forever. Justin seemed to get into the music a bit more than Adam did. I must say I do love his poofy hair. He too played beautifuly. As for Maynard what can I say. He is simply amazing. his vocals in my opinion sound even better live then they do on the cd. I've seen him once before with a perfect circle but this was a whole different experiance. I was so excited when he pulled out his guitar and later what looked like possibly a citar I'm not sure though. I was also quite fond of his choice or should I say lack of choice of clothing for the show :p. He hit every note perfectly as far as I could tell. Some of my favorite moments from the show were when they played undertow. I wasn't expecting it at all it was a very pleasent suprise to hear both that and sober 2 songs from the cd that got me hooked on tool in the first place. I also loved when they played Aenima and whole place broke out in a jumping screaming frenzy. I was stuck in front of people siting down so to be nice I too stayed seated so that they could see clearly but for being confined to a seat I did my share of "headbanging". Osseus Labyrint was facignating to say the least. The overall musical experiance durring Disposition/Reflection actually brought me to tears it was so amazingly wounderful as was the whole night. Maynard's parting words before the last song told us to look after one anouther and take whatever experiance we had that night and in the future to turn it into something positive. To me the whole experiance was and could never be anything other than positive in My eyes. I thank tool for sharing their beautiful music with us last night and giving me along with others the best nights of our lives. I urge anyone who even remotely likes tool to go see them it will be an experiance they will never forget. I too hope to see them again in the future. Thanks for letting me waste your time Lizzy

Review written by: Josh Hamilton ( Review posted on: 10/17/01 22:47:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I am afraid this will be too lengthy as it is, so I will summarize quickly: A lack of cash had kept me from buying a ticket to see Tool in my hometown. I am a poor college student, blah blah blah, you have heard the story. I came home from class and could not stop thinking about Tool playing Nashville. I had run into so many people on campus who were going that I threw myself into a heavy state of aggression. I was pissed off at not being able to see one of my favorite bands, but I was also angry with myself for not accepting my reality. Like Epictetus said, there are things in our control and things that aren’t; only concern yourself with what is in your control. But the more I attempted to talk myself out of my fantasy, the more I began to wonder if I was giving up too easily. I weighed it out in my mind. If I went, my checking account would be scraping the dregs. However, could I put a price on my love of music? More specifically, could I put a price on the select few who touch me with music? I could not. Those people are the ones who have altered my life; they are the ones who teach, nurture, and elevate me out of mediocrity. Tool makes this list. I sucked it up, made my decision to go, and hopped in my car to see if Tool would hold up their end of the bargain. The ride to the show was intense. I saw a brutal car accident—my third in the last five days. It is cliched to talk about the fragility of life. But Americans live their lives in the wake of September eleventh and beneath the shadow of the threat of chemical warfare. I considered my mortality and thought about the lyrics to ‘Parabola’. I am not afraid to die, but I am afraid to die while being mediocre. Everyday life never fails to bring me down. The people I know and come in contact with, whether they mean to or not, drain the passion from my life. At the end of the day, I have no one to blame by myself, but this does not make my reality any easier to deal with. I made it to Nashville from Murfreesboro in no time. I parked my car by 328 Performance Hall and took the eight- block walk to Municipal Auditorium. The line of Tool fans wrapped around the entire building. I had not seen that many Alterna-youth since ‘A Perfect Circle’ played here earlier this year. I bought a ticket from a homeless guy who reeked of alcohol. “I’ll give you this ticket for $45.” “I’ll give you $15.” “Sold.” I stood in line for 35 minutes listening to the conversations around me. “I heard Maynard is trisexual. He does boys, girls, and animals.” “Anyone got a joint?” “Dude, I hope they sell beer here. I can’t mosh when I am sober.” “I hate how no one in the band moves. They just stand around staring at the ground. It’s not like Tool’s music is hard to play. It’s all drop D.” I finally made it inside, and after a short dispute with Rock Solid Security (Polite but Firm) over the purpose of my Exxon ‘Speedpass’ on my keychain—“What is this?” “I use it to pay for gas; it works like a credit card.” “You sure it ain’t a container for your speed?” “No, I hold it to the pump, and my dad’s credit card is charged.” “I’ve never heard of it. I’m going to ask my supervisor about it. Hey, Darren. . .”—I found my spot for the night and waited. I endured Tricky. I was not familiar with the music, and I was unimpressed with what I heard. But they were only an obstacle to my true reason for coming. I apologize to them for not being more objective. When Tool hit stage, I was not initially surprised. I have read so many reviews describing aspects of their shows (stage presence, lights, video, song variations, set lists), that in that sense, the present tense already was past. However, I was not disappointed because the band was able to transfer their intense vibe to me. I felt strangely vulnerable and full of passion and emotion. I was stuck between a Southern Baptist Redneck (SBR) who gave the girl beside him a play by play account of what was happening and what would happen throughout the night. The only reason I knew he was an SBR was because informed everyone around him that that was what he was: “Tool is THE band. But it’s too bad they worship the devil. Those signs on the stage are devil-worshipping signs. They released a web site just to decode what they mean. The drummer got them from a book written by witches called ‘Nekermanikan.’” The SBR also sung every word to every song with the exception of yelling “BEEP” over the cusswords. I found this particularly painful to listen to during ‘Aenima,” or as the SBR pronounced it, “Arnimuh.”— “BEEP retro anything, BEEP your tattoos,” ad nauseum. The contortionist couple were one of the highlights. They moved around stage during “Schism” like a pair of grazing deer. And I believe it was during “Triad” that they climbed cabls above the stage and wiggled around. It was powerful to see them embrace while hanging by their feet twenty feet or so above the stage. At one point, they hung upside down with their arms out to their sides, and the SBR said, “I really hope they aren’t supposed to be upside down crosses.” Before the final song of the night, Maynard spoke heartfelt words to the audience. He told us to take whatever emotions we were feeling at that moment, whether good or bad, and to use them in the future for something positive. He told everyone to be careful on the ride homw and thanked us for sharing the moment with them. After the last song, all four band members met in the middle of the stage and embraced. It was a strong ending for a priceless night of musical excellence. My first act of positivity is to share my night in hopes that some of the greatness I experienced can be translated to you. Where I go from here, I don’t know. .

Review written by: Jon Strader ( Review posted on: 10/18/01 00:39:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Well first of all I would like to say that of course TOOL is my favorite band. I didn't really pay much attention to them during the days of Aenima because I was just getting into this type of music. So I missed the show that they played in Knoxville 4 years ago. Well I promised myself even if I had to drive to Memphis I was going to see them. Sure enough they were coming to Nashville and I ordered my ticket. I brought along my friend Heather who really didn't know what TOOL is all about and after hearing me talk so much about them she said she would like to go also. So we both packed up and drove the 2-3 hour drive to Nashville. We both waited in line for around 30 minutes and we picked out our seats directly in front of the stage about 3 rows up from the railing. Tricky sucked pretty bad when they came on and I was glad that they only played for 30 minutes. Then the lights came back on and they started setting up TOOL's stage. I wasn't prepared for what I saw. I knew right then and there this was going to be the best concert that I had ever been to. TOOL finally got on stage and Maynard, with his full body black suite, took his stance on a platform in front of a small screen. The band first started to play my favorite song from Lateralus, THE GRUDGE. That song being played by the band right in front of me sent adrenaline through my body like a shot of steroids. After my brain was finally starting to comprehend that this was actually happening they went into SOBER. After that my mind was completely focused on watching and listening to everything they were doing on stage. I can't even remember the song order they played. The only songs that weren't played off the new album were PARABOL and TICKS and LEECHES. Now my friend Heather is hooked and loves TOOL. To say the least this was not a concert at all. It was definitely an experience, one that I will never forget.

Review written by: flunkout ( Review posted on: 10/18/01 00:58:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

um......well... setlist.......none of the se i heard in nashville included eon blue apocolypse...none of the set i hear included IONS (-). None of the set included anything but music....say what you want but warming up, tuning your instument and testing your "beats" does not make for ficticious sounds heard during the set......this is what happened...tool played..the crowed was dismal...and i...just SAT THEIR......hmmm....amazing i could just enjoy the music..not all the trappings that came along with could just sit there...and walk home, not amazed by tool but just satisfied by the music...just fullfilled... unlike all of you selfrightious freaks....please...spiral out...that way i can watch her "flush it all away" so that i can watch, enjoy, feel, experience, and know the difference between me and you...... you didnt know disposition..neither did your friend.......but me...i loved favorite song.... the poser (if you dont know then....i feel sorry for you) jimmy

Review written by: Jason ( Review posted on: 10/18/01 02:27:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This was my second toolshow ever. The Birmingham show was my first. Contrary to a lot of bitching about set lists, I felt I got to see very different shows. I'd also like to add, they played right at two hours both nights. Considering listening to ALL of there realeases takes about 7 hours, that means every song won't get played. Also this tour is supporting Lateralus, not a career retrospevtive. I'm estimating there was around an hour and fifteen minutes of music from Lateralus at each show leaving about 45 minutes for everything else. I was very happy to hear what I heard. As a musician I know playing two hours is physicaly exhausting, as all you other folks in bands know. So yes, I would have loved too have heard Opiate, Eulogy, or Ticks and Leaches etc...., but I was happy with what I got, and wouldn't have changed one song to hear another. As for you other multiple show people, most people aren't going to see them more than once a tour. To me both shows had the highlights of Lateralus for the most part with a very gracious offering of 4 or 5 older tunes, which is great if you just see one show as most people do (and I was fine seeing them again). I've seen many a band, and very few play 2 hours every night. Sorry Kabir, I'll get off my soapbox now. As far as the Nashville show, it was great on many levels. It was really neat to hear the show in an Arena after hearing it outdoors. Being dry was nice (see b'ham reviews) and I though the light show was better inside. The switch in venue was ok as far as I was concerned. This is a great show to sit back and take in. So is Municliple as nice as Gaylord? Of course not, but every seat was good which I can't say for Gaylord. My favorite part of the evening came at the end. Lateralus almost fell apart in between the 1 and 10th measure I would say. Adam got about a full beat ahead of Danny. I wonder if Danny's running over to Adam immediately after the show might havebeen about that. He smiled and patted Adam on the back. I actually thought it was great to see a blurb that big. It reall goes to show that they are pushing themselves to play this stuff live and not just playing what's easy. I have to respect the hell out of that. It also is comforting to those of us in bands who are mere mortals. Even musical giants slip occaionally. Of course maybe no one else noticed. Anyway, I personaly had a wonderful time, and I hope I can catch them one more time this tour. Jason

Review written by: Stazia ( Review posted on: 10/18/01 03:16:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 2ond Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. i am sorry but i dont rememeber the intire set list!! My god this is the best concert i have ever seen!! i have seen quite a few concerts in my day including one other tool show.. the atlanta in may show and this one blows them all away! I went into this show with EXTREMLY low expectations, because i saw the perfect circle show here in nashville and maynord put on a half assed show and made fun of tennessee which i didnt think was cool. i was expecting worse of him at this show. but instead i was given one of the best experiences of my life!! they opened the show with the song grudge and it rawked there really isnt anything bad to say about that however i havent read any of the other reviews but the contortionists caught me completely off gaurd.. what killed me was the fact they were intirely naked!! i know i should expect such wild and crazy stuff from tool i just still am in a bit of a shock over it. before the last song maynord told the crowd that whatever experience you had here tonight be it good bad or iindifferent to take those emotions in the coming weeks and put it to something positive. (concidering all the shit that is going down in the world i think that is very good advise!) then they played aenima and the crowd went wild.. after that the band had a big group hug and went off stage.. what can i say this was the best concert of my life the end!! stazia

Review written by: Jennifer ( Review posted on: 10/18/01 14:43:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. I cannot express to you how amazing TOOL was. I was absolutely blown away. This was my first concert, (the best concert I have ever been to) and I thought I was gonna die right then when Maynard walked out on stage. I was suprised to find that they played almost all of Lateralus. That was pretty cool. Any of you who haven't seen them, I'm telling you right now, It's the greatest thing you'll ever see. They are on fire.

Review written by: John D ( Review posted on: 10/18/01 17:59:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Ok, im a huge TOOL fan. I bought their tickets the second the pre-sale went into effect. I ended up being one of the first people in the arena and was able to get floor wrist bands. I was right up front when tricky played. (not quite on the front row but very close) Tricky was very good, i was quite impressed with them. My only complaint was their songs seemed to get alittle repeditive. Maybe it was just me. When TOOL came on all hell broke loose. I found myself crushed between all the people pushing toward the stage. Finding it somewhat difficult to breathe i moved my way back abit. I found a group of people that didnt mosh and enjoyed just listening and watching. (still close to the stage) To my surprise and delight they played sober and undertow. It was so awesome to hear sober live. This was the show that has made my life. I had waited for years to see TOOL live. I WAS NOT dissapointed in any way. It was the greatest show i have ever seen.

Review written by: Iszquierda ( Review posted on: 10/19/01 01:09:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Ok, to be honest, I really was not introduced to Tool, their music, anything until probably February of this year. I had heard a song or two, but I really had no idea who the band was or what they were about. It was not until I spent three months in Brasil with "Europop" that I really started listening to Tool (I thought I was going to die for a lack of decent music, so my boyfriend made me a copy of "Aenima" and sent it to me). I was hooked the minute I heard it. The intricacy of the music and the intricacy of the band and its members is what makes Tool "listen-able" constantly. There is always some new thing to discover. It is art. When I heard Tool was starting a small US tour this past summer I hoped that I could make one of the shows. Unfortunately, my family is not very keen on the band and therefore would not let me travel to hit one of the concerts. Plus, it was just impossible to make any of the shows... nothing really came close enough. So I just held out hope that they would come to good'ole Nashville, TN... Then the fall tour was announced... I checked the websites at least three times a week hoping for something close enough. I was GOING to a show! And there it was one day, NASHVILLE! AMAZING show! I have never been to a concert like this. I didn't really know what to expect, I had not read any concert reviews and all I had heard from a couple of friends that had attended previous shows was that they were great. I wanted to be surprised! Surprised, yes. First of all, before the show started, as they were resetting the stage after Tricky, my boyfriend noticed a bald man in a denim jacket heading towards the sound booth through the crowd on the floor. "Hey! That guy over there looks like Maynard, keep an eye on him..." he said. So we watched him all the way over to the sound booth where he was admitted without any questions... It was definitely him... our seats were even with the booth and we were able to watch him interact with everyone. He seemed to be totally easygoing and friendly... just observing his body language and facial expressions... Ok, show time! The lights are out and "The Grudge" begins... now, I'm wondering how Maynard is going to make it back to the stage, but I quickly forget that he was even out in the crowd... The stage was set up with two large video screens up high enough for everyone to see them and then a smaller one, in front of which Maynard stood to sing for the evening. On these screens are prjected all sorts of eye- candy... videos (Schism), psychadelic shapes and colors, computer animated sequences, video clips and other such things... very very very cool. It was all very artistic. I felt that I was in some sort of a futuristic art gallery which employed not only still, visual art, but videos, audio art, and anything else imaginable! It was amazing... one thing that somewhat surprised me was the amount of nudity during the concert, but the way it was done was very artistic and tactful. It was in no way erotic... "freaky and weird, but in a good way" was one way I heard it described... and that's a pretty good way to descirbe it... It was just really cool... Probably one of the oddest events would have to be the "naked flying people" as one of my friends dubbed the nude contortionists suspended high above the stage. Wow. That's the only word to describe their portion of the show. The strength, agility, strength of will, etc. was amazing. I have never seen anything like it. I think what impressed me the most however, would have to be Maynard's words at the end of the show. Right before the last song, Lateralus, he adressed the corwd. "Let's all take care of each other out there tonight. Let's make it home safely. Whatever emotions this music has evoked tonight, be it positive, negative or neutral, hold on to it and put it into something positive this week." (Something along those lines...) Very cool. Very imressive... All in all, very cool show. Worth anything I get if I get busted by my parents! When's the next one?

Review written by: -decay- ( Review posted on: 10/19/01 02:13:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I dont really want to post a "review"..i guess..i just want to say that the show was amazing..and..thats all that needs to be said

Review written by: Soulflu ( Review posted on: 10/19/01 02:36:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

You have to ask yourself sometimes what drives you to Tool. It is not glory. It is not fame. It is desire, to feel a certain way. A way that has only really been enhanced by Tool. We have a wall that keeps us from seeing things. However Tool shows you whats on the other side. They put it right in your face and say suck on it. And we just suck away. They are more advanced because of what they learned. They learned art. They learned love. They learned hate. They learned God. And they learned everything else we did. They understand everything we don't. but it's condemned by God. I wonder why that is? Don't question or I'll get burned. Oh well. We still have it in us to give up in life. What positive have we done? It's like every other species sets things up so it is easier on us. Pity. Myself for what I am. No thanks. I'll never turn to that. I'm sorry i'm not telling you what you want to hear. But Tool will. They'll tell you what you need to hear. Go listen to them. It will change your life forever. Sincerely. Soulflu

Review written by: Sean ( Review posted on: 10/19/01 07:56:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I havn't had the chance to see Tool since '96 and was very excited to get the chance to see them on this tour. They have progressed even further since Ænima and I knew a little about how the live performance progressed in that time too. I was not prepared for what they gave me though. I originally bought tickets for the Gaylord Arena and was angry when I found out they changed it to Municipal. I had fairly good seats for Gaylord and was eased to know I wouldn't have to rush to the Arena hours beforehand to nab a good view. When I found out they changed it to General Admission, I wasn't sure how the seating would be. I decided to leave early enough to get seats worth a shit. Me and my wife left Knoxville around 1PM and made it to the Municipal at around 3:20pm. We forgot all about the hour difference in time so we made it very early. I also forgot about the need for layers of clothing to stay warm and ended up waiting in line for 3 and a half hours in a T-shirt. Needless to say, I was fucking frozen to the bone when they finally let us in. The risk of getting pneumonia was well worth it since we were given armbands for the floor section. This was my wifes first concert ever and I'm sure she was a bit nervous. The audience consisted of a stew of personalities. I spotted several older people (30's-late 40's) with their kids, some kids as young as probably 11, rednecks, goth, 15 year old sluts, preps, a devil girl, and just plain ole' Tool fans like me. We stood in the risers during Tricky and I was impressed with their music and performance but not something I expect at a Tool show. They played a very short set and the audience gave them the respect they deserved to be opening for a band like Tool. I was proud of the Tennessee audience and was releived not to hear someone shout out a racial slur. In between sets, we went and bought an overpriced shirt. I understand it's marketting but I feel raped by paying that much. Oh well, anything for the experience. We moved back into the risers waiting to see exactly where Maynard would be once the show started. The lights went out, the crowd blew up, and the band emerged. Danny sitting behind his arsenal of drums, Justin off to the right, Adam mid left, and Maynard taking his usual spot in the back directly in front of the small projection screen. Maynard was hidden behind a stack of speakers so we moved down to the floor in the back with the more civilized people that actually want to watch them perform. The power of The Grudge flooded me with memories of the show back in '96 in Knoxville but with much better sound. I could feel every beat slam into the inside of my body making me feel weak in the knees. Chills went thru my body and tears formed in my eyes. Life doesn't get better than this. The next two songs showed me how strong the band has become by playing Sober and Undertow. Everything about these two songs was perfection, and thanks to Brightwell for making these available in mp3!! My wife was a bit more excited to hear parabola next since this is her fovorite song. I enjoyed it too. Schism went down very nice and the head bobbing duo makes it much more enjoyable. I held my lovely wife during Disposition and Reflection realizing how lucky I was and how great life can be sometimes. I was surprised to hear Triad next and was really not expecting them to play it for some reason. I love this song more than ever since hearing it live. I didn't think life could possibly get any better but the next three songs really finished strong. The Patient was unbelievable and once again I held my wife while a few other couples around us danced, including a very loving pair of girls that the crowd flocked around. Ænema was next and this was when the crowd and myself orgasmed. It was over flowing with energy and emotion, making me feel like a lesser form of life than the four guys up on stage. Everybody sang along and our minds were surely one. They finished off with Lateralus and it was a sad moment knowing it would be the end of the show. The hug at the end and Maynards pep talk was very emotional. The interaction between the band and the crowd seems limited but the strength of their words and actions makes it worthwhile. I apologise for the long review but it would be wrong to edit it for length. This is still a summarized version of how I felt during the show and how I feel even 3 days later. I want to take Maynards words and keep that feeling I had then at the show and try to make at least my life more positive. With all the diversity I saw at the show, I want to say that I love each and every one of you people and I hope that one day we can all think and state our thoughts without hate and anger. I would also like to thank the extremely kind girl that lent us her scarf outside waiting in line. Next time we will be more prepared.

Review written by: NATALIE (NETTY05@HOTMAIL.COM) Review posted on: 10/19/01 16:52:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show


Review written by: natalie ( Review posted on: 10/19/01 23:08:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

um... i've never been great at putting my feelings into words... but i'm gonna try. the TOOL show on tuesday was amazing. i didn't really know what to expect cause the last time i saw them was lollapalooza '97... and i don't remember most of it cause i was really young. as soon as they walked on stage i was put in a trance. the show was perfect (TOOL couldn't fuck up if they tried)... maynard's voice was beautiful... just thinking about it gives me the chills. the only bad thing about the show was the audience... it seemed like the only two songs people were singing to were sober and aenema... i don't know... i just think it's kinda sad that a song has to be played on the radio for people to know the lyrics... oh well. most of the people there didn't seem to be paying attention to the band... but i wasn't one of those people standing around and talking like a high school prick... and i'm in high school. i'm in no way standing up for high school kids (most of the people that go to my school are fake and annoying... they'd do anything for attention), but i don't like stereotypes. anyways, the show was cool and i hope TOOL will continue to come to tennessee... at least till i'm able to drive... that way i can go out of state to see them. ;)

Review written by: Natty Natty 2 by 4 ( Review posted on: 10/20/01 17:37:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 1000 Tool show

Natty, Natty, Natty - Maybe you are what Tool refers to when they talking about flushing LA down the fucking toilet. You think? At all? Although I doubt you are even 5 years past getting your first period, your understanding of how a caps lock button is apparently intact. Now you may let Keenan and Co. take a big, shiny shit in your mouth and it's the greatest thing you ever tasted - but my opinion of how the concert that I saw still stands. You know, for a bunch of people who pride themselves on being individuals and different, there sure is a lockstep of thought. Kind of like Nazis - only in black Tool shirts. It must be great to be "different" when you all seem to agree what "different" is. If your fragile, egg-shell world was so rattled by what one person posts over a concert, you deserve to be the first recipient of the 64th trimester abortion. I'm sure in a city like LA you can arrange something like that when you're done giving handjobs for smack.

Review written by: Doja [primitivenigma] ( Review posted on: 10/20/01 18:48:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

First off, I think its rediculous to argue over whos opinion is right or wrong, thats completely against everything tool is generally excepted for; ie, enlightenment. That said, I tend to agree with Kabir and others that opinions about other peoples opinions should not be here. Strangley enough, that in itself is such... Back on track. I must have seen tool 6 times all over the US, first in their most primitive stages in LA, leading into last tuesday night. I must say, they never cease to amaze. Now you can say Im not an OGT or whatever I ve heard for the past several years, but thats just a showcase for displaying the fact that wether or not I am, you certainly arent. That said, this show was in no way perfect. I try to apeal to other people like myself here who are on the educated side, so to speak, and have tended to outgrow the "Tool is god" mentality. Not that there is anything at all wrong with that approach, but by this album, im looking for more of a journey towards internal realizations then something to blast while Im driving down Broadway. To that end, you can read all the books you like, but to see tha magician actually perform his work is unparalelled. This concert was amazing. Right from the start I felt a great energy there, it reminded me of the Perfect Circle concert here last year, but instead of the tranquil love I found there, this was more raw, more destructive. The good kind of destruction that wipes out all the fallacies and predeterminations, even for people who have seen them so many other times, as well as for those who chose to let tools latest study envelope them and open their minds into a new world they havent seen. Which, by all accounts is the goal of the band members themselves. In Necromantic Magick, one of my two expertise, there is said to be a great ladder, and at each rung, is a new gate to cross. I see the collective tool as constantly trying to climb to that new rung, eventually hoping that at the end, there is that one more step that no one has seen. This is the goal of this certain magick, to acheive that which no one has seen, that others will make it there and bring you with them yet further. Tool does this well. The images of all three screens during the concert was the same, but with each song wholey new video was played. There were some familliar images, the Undertow Ribs, during undertow of course, the Dissectional corpse played during an intermission of sorts, and during schism a reedited version of that video was displayed. Luckily, I was first in line for tickets when they first opened and got floor tickets for gaylord, which ment that I had first dibs on the pit tuesday night. It was sad to see so many people turned away at the gate becuase there werent any more wristbands. Of course, by the time tool hit the stage, the pit had mysteriously doubled in size... There is a thing here in Nashville, which Ive seen most other places too, where a group of 30-50 guys buy tickets to every rock show, no matter who is playing, just to beat the daylights out of each other for an two hours or so. I just worked my way to the front and center, and put up with being crushed by other people. I had but 1 1/2 hours to study what was surely years of work. This is why Im hoping for a video of the tour. Yeah right. The performance duo from schism was intriguing to say the least. An unexpectedly powerful moment was, during the second "intermission" the two climbed ropes to the top of the video screens, and after amking it all that way, swung into each other, embracing in some strange primal love before letting each other go again. Probably the greatest scene was best looked upon by the seated fans... During Aenema, right when that big flush hits when MJK sing "Oh Im praying for rain, Im praying for tidal waves", everyone in the pits hands flew up in an unspoken recognition, even those 30 guys who slammed into each other right up until then. Ive seen this before, but I guess its the lighting effects and the video playing, everything was simultaneous. Needless to say, Tool is by far to me the greatest band. Sure the venue sucked, sure it was cold and long to wait, and they didnt play many songs youd think they would [where was stinkfist and prison sex?], like I said it wasnt perfect. The greatest testimony isnt mine to tell. I brought a friend of mine along, I even paid for his ticket. He generally listens to empty rap and such, but I convinced him to go. He never had really heard tool before, besides schism or sober in some faint memory. The next morning before work, He went to the Local Media Play and bought all five tool albums at once. He said it was the greatest thing he'd ever heard or seen in his life. It reminded me of how I felt when I first saw them almost ten years ago, amazed, entranced, mystified, and altogether determined to follow them. They may just go where no ones been... D