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Review written by: friendly pothead (
Review posted on: 10/21/01 21:32:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

hey i got into the show and then i got out of the show i was kicked out i dont know how or why but ok anyway i say them in hartford that was a great show now if u go see tool and enjoy it then i suggest spending the money and buying a ticket to a tori amos show she is truly amazing i saw her in ny my god if anyone can top tool its her she is divine go take a chance and see her u wont be dissapointed

Review written by: unattended ( Review posted on: 10/21/01 23:09:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 0th Tool show

I didn't go.

Review written by: matt c ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 00:59:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 4 Tool show

well, aside from the lines and usual shit this show ran well, tricky was pretty impressive. after they finished i was surprised to see a dumbshit fall down seven or eight rows trying to get floor access. setlist was : grudge ions stinkfist (extra bridge and lyrics undertow push it (hybrid) schism disposition reflection triad patient aemina lateralus additionally osseus labyrinth was the coolest thing this side of the mississippi, but some epsilon behind me kept saying "how much did we pay for this" the answer is an insignifigant sum, the way the light reflected off the bodies were amazing. also the visuals on the last three songs were slightly superior. i was rather disillusioned by the stupidity of the crowd, and had to fight off the fantasy of submerging the floor during aenima as morons pshycobabbled along to their own faults. maynard used fret for your football and oklahoma bay. other than that i really can't say enough abouit the musician ship or anything like that. maynard worked his c;othing down to a speedo or briefs. thank you to the people of tool, and i hope to see them at every available opprutunity. these reviews are bad, and you shouldn't read them before the show. because i was almost depressed to hear the beginning of lateralus, knowing and end was near. also do positive shit based off this show.

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 01:03:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I just sat down, and I wanted to get all this down while it was still fresh in my mind. First off, if there's any slim chance that any member of tool sees this. I just wanna say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for this night, thank you for sharing your music with my friends and I. It's a two+ hours I'll never forget. I don't remember the track listing. I was too wrapped up in the moment to remember the order of the songs. All I know is when I heard the opening notes to the Salival version of push it, my heart skipped a beat. The song was so beautifully done. I had been hoping and hoping I would hear them play that. And by the time it was over I found myself wiping tears from my eyes. Pretty pathetic huh? :-). Anyway, great show. Best show I've ever seen and will be hard to top, ever. Thanks TOOL. See you soon hopefully.

Review written by: ben s. ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 01:12:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

this was my first tool expierence. i have never really even listened to tool before but my friend, the third reviewer, talked me into going with him, so i went. tricky was very good, kinda a upbeat sound with great drumming, but nothing compared to the drummer of tool. i must say seeing this band tool was incredible, the vocalist, seems everyone is trying to make him a superstar, was very laid back but was so emotional and into HIS meaning of the song. take what you get from it, not what he does. he's giving it to us, to strangers. the bass player seemed to be the brains behind it all, the guitar and drums were the bells and whistles to it, but DAMN, that was some bells and whistles if i've ever heard em. the far out best part of the show were the visuals. it's hard not to take your eyes off the band but to just see the creations of the band are absolutly breath taking. the contortionists were unbelievable as well and were the final touch to the greatest show. please go see this show if it is anywhere near you, you will never forgive yourself if you don't. thank you to the artists. p.s. seems to be a lot of inspiration from aldous huxley, check it out. take care

Review written by: EonApocalypse ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 01:16:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I saw Tool in chicago during the mini tour, and there are definatly some diffences in shows between a small venue and a arena. I realy fucking loved the show, just as much as I loved the first one that I drove 9hrs to see... but alot of my friends that went along truely hated it. Stating that it was one of the worsts concerts they have ever seen. In their eyes it was too slow (the parts where Adam just played a riff 25 times or so as an example), and they didn't like the fact that the band members just stood there, not seeming like they cared they were playing music at all. I completely understand Tool, and respect them as musicians, and I realy loved the show... and I also see what they meant. Allthough I don't completey agree with it, I can see how someone could feel that way. Sence everyone has at least one song that they wish Tool would have played that they didn't... i'll state mine. They didn't play Eulogy... but they did play Aenima. They played the salival version of PushIt... and the drummer from Tricky came out and played with the band during Triad, like all the other reviews I've read. I was realy surprised with Tricky actualy. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was impressed... and will probably check out a few of his/their cd's. There's my review. My sugjestion is that if you haven't seen Tool, make sure you do. But please realize that it's not going to be like a normal concert. The band isn't going to be all over the place, the band members wont be out in the spotlite. Pay attention to the music, and the way it makes you feel.

Review written by: Dan Doedtman ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 01:26:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This experience has changed my life. My mind has not yet matured (it will) to the point of ability to fully describe this night. The metal-head-fag in me went immediately to the floor. I did mosh. It wasn't moshing in the traditional sense. I was feeling the sensations brought on by Tool and letting them do with my body what they would. If I happened to get pushed by someone or if I happened to push someone, so it was. I pushed my way to the front of the floor before the magic of the occurence could grab me. By the time I was within four feet of the gate, I was sweaty, hot, and barely able to breathe. I was there to see and hear my favorite band, I wsn't there to die, so I backed off. I worked my way to the middle of the floor and let loose. I wish there was some sort of device that could record one's thoughts as the person has them, because my elusive glances into bliss inspired by the observations to be had were enough foir me to waste the rest of my life reliving. I learned why they're called Tool, or at least why I think they are. It's an experience for all who care to have. My thoughts and experiences shouldn't be pushed on anyone, that gets us nowhere. Go to the show, learn what you will. The third entry left Parabola off of the set list. It was in between Push It and Schism. There is an elite group of individuals too intelligent for their own good. We don't have a name or care to have one, but there are boundaries. This group was unacknowledged until this point, but was always definitely there. Tonight I discovered our collective goal and, at the same moment, achieved it. I can't tell you what it was because it's hard for me to remember, but it happened. Jesus loves us all.

Review written by: yarlesberg ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 01:36:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

My ears are still ringing from the show. In the interest of brevity, I'll keep from writing everything I think about the show, but the short version goes like this: Tricky was the opening band, and I really think they were something terrible, unfortunately. Tool came on and tore up the arena with the grudge, and the show was on. this is my first tool show I have had the privilege of seeing, and I was blown away. They are fannnnnnnntastic live, I loved the visuals. I loved hearing the salival version of pushit, I loved hearing the extra few measures of stinkfist. the drummer from tricky came back out and played with tool for triad, and that, too, was something I loved. the band was really together and totally there for this show, and I think that they felt it too cuz after they played lateralus they had a group hug before they left the stage. all in all, a wonderful show and I am counting the hours until they come back to town.

Review written by: Grant H ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 02:15:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This is just in addition to matt c's review. He forgot a few songs in the setlist. Main one is parabola. grudge ions stinkfist (extra bridge and lyrics) undertow parabol* parabola* push it (hybrid) schism disposition reflection triad eon blue* patient aenima lateralus

Review written by: Gil ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 02:33:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The sound of both bands (Tricky and Tool) were perfect. A bunch of stupid frat boys did not like Tricky but I thought his band was excellent. Tool played for almost 2 hours. They played all of the songs from the new album Lateralus. From their older stuff they played undertow, aenima, pushit (the long version) and stinkfist. One of Trickys band mates joined Tool to play triad, but I do not know his name, at first I thought it was Tricky but then I realized it was not him when maynard thanked him after the song.

Review written by: Syd Barrett ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 02:51:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 13th Tool show

Man, I just flew in from L.A. to catch tha show! It was fuckin amazin! I just have one question though? Why can't the crowd be a little cooler? I mean, why aren't you guys enlightened TOOL connoisseaurs like us? We realize that TOOL isn't life, man, just a small little speck of dust in this big ol' crazy universe that keeps spiralling out forever and ever, ad infinitum. Wow, It's getting early and I've got to catch a red-eye back to the city of angels for a power- breakfast with my masseuse. late- see ya at the Fillmore!

Review written by: Brandon ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 03:18:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Tool, firstly, is one quite possibly the single-best live band I have ever seen. That's not to say that I have a vast wealth of live musical experience, but in mine, they rule with APC coming in closely. The musicianship of these four men is truly and utterly astounding. You get the impression that the recorded music of their album is only the basic version. While most bands struggle to merely reproduce what they have struggled with a producer to fix, Tool takes and transmutes their material into a new entity every time they perform it. Tonight, for listening pleasure of Danny's old hometown we had: The Grudge - Ions Stinkfist (extra bridge and lyrics) undertow (an abridgement of Parabol) Parabola* Push it (hybrid) Schism Disposition Reflection Triad Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Aenima Lateralus The band seemed fairly focused on making a good performance. Maynard was as wry and enigmatic as usual. Not terrible talkative. The only interesting comments made: "Let's thank Perry from Tricky (after performing the extra percussion on Triad). He's the record holder in Kansas for Women's Shotput; a little known fact." My best friend and I had a fairly good angle from above and near the stage. Danny Carey is inhuman. The speed and precision with which that man moves two wooden sticks across an impossible set of shiny, golden drums, is astounding. The only breaks he gets are when he is setting up the triggers and samples. Adam was fairly stoic throughout. Justin moved around quite a bit more, stomping his feet occassionally to the beat or crescendo. Maynard spastically contorted his way through every piece, letting the music flow through him. Truly amazing. The visuals are ineffable to describe. Extremely meaty, lots of commentary on beauty of human bodies...especially female. I, think, I'm not sure, but if you look I think the male and female nudes are actually Osseus Labyrint without makeup. Pay attention during The Patient. Either that or the grotesque nature of the human experience. Pay attention to the strange CG scene during Reflection. Most of the visuals and lights are enough to give an epileptic a fit, though, so be forewarned. The most beautiful one of the night accompanied the revised version of Pushit which involved two women endlessly circling a mannequin. It just seemed incredibly poignant given the agonizing nature of the song. Osseus Laybrint were beauty incarnate. How they can remain suspended upside down for so long is beyond me. At one point, they resembled St. Peter, crucified upsidedown. Sheer and sleek and beautiful. Hannah Sim has an incredible body. Marry me, Hannah! That is, if Mark hasn't already. :( Needless to say, they contribute a great deal during Triad. Don't miss it. Apparently, they can do that stuff for over an hour. All in all, one of the finest concert experiences to be had on God's Green Earth. The cohesiveness of this band is best demonstrated by the touching group hug they shared after it was all over. Humble as ever, they remain brothers forged in the fire of their creative genius. Our nativeson, Danny, smiled as he waved to chants of "Carey, Carey, Carey...". I'm sure that made Bob happy and proud of his boy as he very rightly should be. Sheepishly, humbly, they all waved to an adoring crowd and exited the stage. This night will be remembered forever. I only wish, now, that I had remained and tried to meet the band. If only to exchange a couple of words. C'est la vie. Salvete, meum fraterum.

Review written by: Carl A Stewart ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 03:49:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Since this was my first ever Tool show, I had no clue exactly what to expect from it. What I had concieved in my mind could hav in no way prepared me for the awesome spectacle I was about to witness. The show was, in a word: brilliance. Everything was as it should be and it was like for those precious few hours everything in the world was right. It was an experience that will endure in my mind for the rest of my life. Now with a little personal insight taken into account, a description of the show would be in order. The show's set list went about like this: Mantra The Grudge (-)ions Stinkfist Undertow Schism Pushit [much like Salival] Parabola Disposition Reflection -really trippy/artsy part- Triad The Patient Ænima Lateralus That's how I remember it at least. In all honesty though, being as it was my first time ever seeing Tool live ... there really was just too much for me to take in. It was an overwhelming attack on the senses that didn't end from the minute Tool took the stage until the time they huddled together in their group embrace and the lights came back up. The feeling was just so overwhelming by the end of the show that I don't really know if I have the words to describe its brilliance. I just know what I felt for those short few hours and that was a feeling of awe and respect like never before for the group that we all know and love. I sat there among many fools who didn't quite understand the conceptaul beauty of Tool's music and art. Someone around me commented on the excessive amount of nudity in the show art. To this one can only respond that the human body is an art form all in itself and has always been reverred for its artistic beauty. It's art, not pornography ... so I just moved on with my intake of the events. My friends accompanying me also were seeing Tool for the first time and we all awe- stricken at the beauty of the show. And I think that we all agreed upon one of the most awesome moments in the show, being not a musical one, but Maynard's words before they started into Lateralus. Though I don't remember Maynard's exact words ... they were something to the extent of him thanking us and telling us to enjoy and remember this moment we spent together. It was moving then and still moving now as I think back on it. I wasn't really concerned with many of the finer details of the "inner-works" of the show though. I was really there as a pure spectator to enjoy every moment of it. Those that I did catch were that Adam was hit by someone glow ring that was thrown on stage [pissed me off], one of the guys from Tricky sat in on Triad, Maynard never left his spot in front of the screen except for the break before Triad and at the start of Lateralus, and I guess that everything seemed to be done precisely as it should. Ultimately it was the experience of a life time that I will not soon forget. The beauty of rhythms combined with artistic representations of the art were like no other and are something that every person there will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Review written by: Lasalle Griffith ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 04:08:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Wow, what a stupendous show!! How does Maynard and the boys do it night in and night out? The incredible energy that you can feel literally eviscerating the entire arena was really and truly awe-inspiring!!! And then when he said to " use this positive feeling that we are all in the midst of having and then go and use it for positive in two weeks" I lost it! I really liked the extended bridge version of stinkfist!!! You guys are really amazing. If it really is true like the last reviewer wrote that we experienced the hybrid version of push it , I feel soo honered to have been at the concert tonight!! I havn't read about that happening at any of the other shows in the reviews! Tool is the best! Stay positive!!

Review written by: CatWithTheGatt ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 04:53:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I had not yet heard Tricky's new album, so I was surprised to hear their new sound. Frankly, I didn't even think it was them until they played a song I recognized. But that's not what people want to hear about. On to the good stuff! It all started with The Grudge, and lord almighty did i go crazy listening to AND watching Danny go crazy on his set. Two songs later was the slow version of pushit, which yielded my friend with some bad news. His woman acquaintance had given him some crappy info on the way to the show, which made him miss Tricky, so that was a bit upsetting. Later on, Perry Melius from Tricky joined the band in an amazing version of Triad, but I love drums, so maybe that's just me. After a heart warming moment were Maynard asked the crowd to remember the feeling of the night and do something positive with it, they went on to play Lateralu(i)s, depending on what cd you have ;) The show ended with Adam, Justin, and Danny tossing some things (?) into the crowd followed by a group hug on stage. Very cool, very classy. A band should be close, and they proved they're just that.

Review written by: Josh ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 06:42:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

After the years of listening to this band, with the lights off, on, upside down, right side up, outside, inside, stoned, sober, driving, drawing, sex, whatever and more... I finally got the chance to see them live! I'm glad I could be apart of something so magical. To witness four gifted musicians create a chemistry unlike any other bands out there nowadays. Truely unforgetable. If there was ever a reason to have a good time, to get down and feel the rythm. It was this tour. The crowd to me, for the most part, was pretty into it and were experiencing something timeless, as was I. I don't understand most people complaining about others moshing to certain songs, I was in the lower level seats but to me, It seemed fitting for the most part (It wasn't all that out of control)...I'd do the same to down there too probably, the music does something... it releases this energy inside you were you can't help but to move, especially if others around you are doing it. Besides. If that's moshing then Obituary concerts are a killing spree, ya delicate asses! :} I was there for the opening act Tricky, and it was pretty good, I dug it, but I've heard things like it before. That or it didn't seem all that mind blowing. Still it was cool. I was just glad, unlike others who tell a tale of people yelling rude comments towards opening acts, that didn't happen here for me (besides a point after the first song where alittle booing was heard in the back of kemper). The setlist for Tool, I don't remember the order of it.. I do know what wasn't played. No Parabol for one! :( %@&!@#! Damnit! I was really looking forward to hearing maynard sing that, yet Tool played a few notes from it and then right into Parabola we went. It's sorta hard to get into at first without the build up. Also no Opiate or Eulogy. Otherwise it's pretty consistent with other setlists. One of my favorite musicial moments was I think before Schism. I don't know if that was suppose to be a alternate version of Mantra, but whatever the hell it was , it nearly drove me into a flashback. Some sort of jamming unlike that of Merkaba but pretty close and even more trippy. I now must find out what pedal Adam uses. Triad was amazing, Danny Carrey and the guy (Perry?) from Tricky where going at it like nobodys buisness! I felt the whole thing. Very impressive, and at times it seemed hypnotic. Maynard's scream during the 3rd quarter of Push it was powerfull. That dude's got a strong ass voice. The whole Osseus Labyrint was just plain nutty. A perfect touch for the evening. I Loved it but the whole time I'm going "well this is something you don't see everyday". I mean gee...what would the striaght and narrow people outside think of this? Muhahhaahaha! One thing I've thought about once I learned they would be performing for the arena tour, was their rope act. I almost wasn't sure if it would happen or if it would be safe in KC being Owen Hart died there damn near doing the same thing. Kemper could of been cursed but everything went well. The colored lighting against them was magnificant. Maynard didn't say much throughout the night except "Thanks for coming", and the postive speech. After Triad he told the crowd that Perry from Tricky "holds the record in kansas for shop lifting women's clothing" or something to that effect. All in all. Tight performance...unbelievable.... I didn't even go with dope or anything for an ephoric state of mind. The music did that for me.... Well.... that and the two "Pot Angels" who some how appeared beside me instead of the 3 people who were there before. :} ....I don't know how they got there but wow, what a nice thing. The force knows I smoke so karma brought it back around to me, I guess. I few acknowledgements I'd like to make to others in the crowd, The pot angels of course, the kid on the floor raving before the show not giving a fuck about what others would think, the girls flashing before Tool came on stage really should of grown them before they showed them, the people next to my girlfriend for eventually sharing their weed too and the preps behind me who were blown back in their existence by phenomenal gifted music. Welcome to the next level , boys! :} I'd also like to say, I must of been in a good area, I heard no bitching by others about this night being a waste of money, about a outro taking to long, or any other rude comments. One thing about others who say there isn't enough moving around between the band members in Tool is..... with other bands. Those nu metal bands "have" to do that to get any sort of feeling out of their music, they have to reach for something physical to do, cause frankly, creating nu metal doesn't take much of that kind of effort, where as in Tool, the compossing itself is more physically demanding than the creation of any nu metal music. Adam and Justin are moving. In true musician fashion. If I was to ever meet Tool, I'd just like to say THANK YOU. Thats all..... no freaking out you're my idol bullshit or sign this... Just thanks.. Bye to all who went, and I hope all went well for all the blotter droppers who might of had to much fun. :} Also remember to do something positive and hopefully productive with what you felt on this October night. The first positive thing I'd like to do is send a prayer to Chuck Schuldiner. Get well soon, brother! -Josh from Wichita, KS.

Review written by: IAmScotto ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 09:26:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Tool in an arena. What a concept. The sound at Kemper always SUCKS, no matter who's playing or what kind of music is being played. As a result, Maynard was hard to understand (sounded like he was swallowing the mike) but I could hear his fantastic singing. Adam's guitar tone was WOW dead on, baby. Here's what I noticed. These guys evolved from being the really heavy, mysterious, kick-ass band I saw in Omaha in 1994 to being not only a very intelligent, thoughtful band but a band that is FINALLY comfortable being musicians, not just "artists". They've really begun to let loose. Tool has always had a very controlled sound live, and as a result I think their shows have suffered at times. Now? It seems to me they're really just letting loose, letting it flow, and enjoying playing as a BAND. They're even improvising and -- OH MY GOD! -- allowing an occasional guitar solo! They're finally not too snobbish or afraid to be a ROCK BAND, but with brains and spirit. Most of this show went WAY over the heads of the audience who, of course, is usually more interested in 1) sparking up 2) moshing 3) posing (you know, wearing the right thing, smoking to look cool). These are the people who got off on "AEnima" and "Schism" but had no idea what "Pushit" or "Triad" was and found it boring rather than challenging. Couple things, though: What is Maynard playing on "Schism" and other tunes, a guitar? Why was Justin wearing a wig? And is there a keyboardist backstage or is someone triggering those backing parts off a sequencer (occasionally there was more music than musicians, and I'm just wondering how)? All in all, I was amazed. I can't say it was better than the OzzFest show in August 98 I saw because that show had such energy. This is practically a different band, so it seems unfair to compare. Kinda like the difference between the "Rush" album, "Fly By Night" and "Caress of Steel"... by the third album, it's hardly the same band. Same here. It sounds like Tool has made an incredible, fascinating transformation. They have finally realized their potential. Scott Allen Miller PS: Thanks for "Undertow", guys!

Review written by: Jon ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 11:10:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Instead of just posting another setlist, or commenting on the quality of herbal refreshments there was to be had at this show, I will give my own personal reflection upon the show I witnessed just a mere 12 hours ago. Before last night, anytime a show came around in a big arena I was autmatically biased against it. You cannot match the intimate atmosphere of a small club or concert hall that you get on an underground band tour. However, even though there were a few, how should I say, MORONS, at the show, 95% of the people there I can say are intelligent. And to go further, I can say probably 20% of them I had seen before in the past few years at other shows of other lesser known bands. Therefore, I can honestly say this crowd was very unique for an arena show. The experience was brought to me by a band that is legions ahead of others and by far has influenced what we hear today like nonother. The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Ozzy, Faith No More, Nirvana, and now (if not years ago), Tool. The fabled few who have seen these bands can relish that their whole lives. The show started off very melodramatic--wait wait, no, the music did. Before the actual opening song, there was (as usual at Kemper), a mad rush to the floor. My ticket said Section 229 (upper level across from the stage), row U (as high as you could get, just plain chairs also), seat 7 (middle of that section). I could see my seat that my ticket was for from the floor during their entire set, it was kind of strange. The whole set was highlighted by energy--it might not have been a jumping up and down, beating up your neighbor energy, but it was a free flowing energy that was brought on by the most artful music I have EVER heard. I must admit, I am not the biggest Tool fan--my friends were much bigger fans than me. I had listened to a bit of Undertow (own it just never listen to it), and Sober happens to be my favorite track by the band. I also am impartial to AEnima, loving that CD like a child. Lateralus to me was just a step in a different direction. I could never get into it quite as well. It is just art--not as fast paced or as heavy, just art in a very mellow form. By the time Stinkfist rolled around my senses were fully aroused. I could feel, taste, touch, smell and of course hear the music, this life that they had created. It flowed vibrantly and didn't stop. No matter what the critics say about their music down the road or what anyone says about their style or this style of music in general, their life they created in their music will live in us all forever. From there out it was all a blur. It was all slow paced for the most part, emotional, and moving. Every track flowed smoothly. I couldn't tell ya what every track was, but I do know when Schism came in, the crowd was going crazy (not to say this was a radio crowd, they loved it all). My favorite though was AEnima... Maynard was now wound up and moving like the sounds were forcing his body to flow. It was beautiful. They closed out, threw some stuff to the crowd, bowed, waved, and left. Those 4 men on stage though, weren't the show. They weren't the reason we came. They were far from the show stealer. We came for an experience, not to see Tool. Tool was just the catylist. Without the band, granted, it would have not started. But it was more than just seeing those 4 Gods among men playing that we all came for. I cannot wait till they come back.

Review written by: Eric Brammeier ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 11:21:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This had to have been the most amazing live show i have ever seen. The visuals were awesome and the music was right on mark. I feel sorry for the people on the floor who wanted to see the show and had to deal with all the idiots who thought they could push their way to the front and all the stupid people who thought "hehe hey it would be really cool to get drunk and mosh". All and all it was great show and i hope its not going to be the only time i see them.

Review written by: Pube ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 11:24:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Definately GO! and DEFINATELY ROLL!

Review written by: tool fan ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 12:54:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

Well this is my frist time posting a review and here goes. Tricky was very good, and for you people that said that they were no good in the prior reviews, you were wrong. I wont go into the set list since its already been posted and i really dont remember. I will say that undertow was amazing. When Harry from Tricky came out and played Triad with Tool he put his heart in it. Tool for me has become a source of allowing all my hate, fear, anger and love to come out. I will say this about Tool, I have been a fan since 94 and will continue to be. Bands grow with the fans and we are seeing that from tool. Each album they release is better and more emotional than the one before. Tool is one of the only bands that i have seen that are able to sould as good live as they do on the Album. This was the 2nd best tool show that i have seen. If you have never seen Tool you are truly missing out on one of the greatest bands of our times.

Review written by: Bryan Rawson ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 15:09:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

We arrived at Kemper Arena at about 6:00 p.m and waited in line to get in for about 25 minutes before we got in. After waiting another half hour to an hour, Tricky came on, and played for about an hour. By the time Tricky was done playing the floor started to get really crowded and there was hardly any room to move. And finally, after a long time waiting, Tool came out to do their thing. The stage set up was Adam on the left, Maynard just to the right of him, but a few feet behind standing on a podium, then Justin and Danny on the right side. They had three screens, two huge ones in the back, and one right behind Maynard. I told my friends that we should meet back at the car, and that was a good thing to do, because the whole crowd on the floor was going nuts. They opened with the grudge, and they did it cd- perfect, without missing a single note. As susal at a tool concert these days, they had tripped out stuff playing on the screen at all times. Maynard started out in what looked like black leather pants and a t-shirt with the lateralus eye on it. After every song, he took off another article of clothing until he was just in his black tights. His face was hard to see but he looked like it was painted blue with a white cross on the forehead. After the first two or three songs, they played schism and osseius labrynth came out in the middle of it on both hands and feet and were walking around for the remainder of the song. After a few more songs, the band took a break, with Adam playing the outro to reflection over and over, getting a little bit slower every time until they all had left the stage. Then he left and osseius labrynth came out, and started climbing up two ropes until they were way above the audience. They then hung upside down from probably fifty feet up in the air, and did some tripped out movements, while the set up crew came and put out some toms in the middle of the stage. About five minutes later, Danny came out and started jamming on the drums, with the rest of the band and Pauly from Tricky following a cfew minutes later. They then did a song with him, triad, then introduced pauly from tricky. After he left, they played a few more songs, including aenema, and ending with lateralus. Then they finished their set, put their instruments down and went to the middle of the stage for a group hug. Then they waved to the audience and threw out some water biotlles. Danny threw out a frisbee, and adam threw out two little bags that looked like they contained perhaps a keychain or a necklace. Then, the lights came back on and everyone was rushed out by the staff. It was a night to remember, for tool put on the best show that i have ever seen, and they just keep getting better everytime i see them.

Review written by: Shawn "THE REV" Murphy ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 15:16:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I waited over the night to post a review to let it all sink in. I do have this to say, Tricky has at least 2 new fans counting my friend and I. Thank you guys for playing for us. And sorry about those drunken idiots yelling during your set. TOOL was amazing. I had what i thought were crappy seats, upper duck at an angle, but they turned out to be probably some of the best seats in the place. Facing Danny, and able to see Maynard quite well. Although I did get the feeling of a closure to all this, being the TOOL era of music. As sad as that may seem, life does move on, and in different dirrections. GOD I hope Im wrong. Thank you Adam, Danny, James, and Justin for your lives. And as some people may say that they are changed forever, although I am a huge TOOL fan, have been for quite a long time, I would have to say, this experience didnt change me too dramatically and/ or as quickly as some others might have felt it. I will remember last night for as long as i can and I truely hope that we all can experience them again in the future. THE REV

Review written by: Enreekay ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 15:33:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Quite the experience if you had the chance to catch it. As soon as Tricky came on, there was an overwhelming force of pushing from behind me (I was about 4 people from the front bar.). After all the unnessessary pushing and shoving, I found myself in the middle of the floor, getting ready to watch tool front and center. As soon as the lights cut, the pushing came back again. Now this may just be my opinion, but the purpose of purchasing a TOOL ticket was to enjoy the inspirational and unique music, NOT TO TRY AND SURVIVE STUPID PEOPLE PUSHING AND SHOVING AND MAKING MOSH PITS. The comfort level at this concert was zero in the pit. You idoits can't even see the band when you're moshing! Aside from all the discomfort, TOOL had an excellent live performance. Danny Carey was definatly welcomed to his hometown (actually, he's from Paola, KS, but Kansas City is close enough.). The set list was amazing playing song from the newly redone Pushit to a classic performance of Undertow. The bulk of the set list was chosen from Lateralus (but they didn't play Ticks and Leeches!) The artists from the Schism video were there to perform against the white video screens and an array of spot light patterns. It sure was something weird, but definatly unique. As the band ended with Lateralus, the arena just blew up with applause for the band and there amazing performance. The band members were throwing things in the crowd to give lucky fans a memento of the evening. Things thrown were water bottles, towels, guitar pics, and a drum head and sticks from Danny. Then the band all got together on stage to give thanks to the fans for "sharing this moment with them". The band then embrased each other, all 4 of them. It was just another sign that TOOL is probably the most under-rated and most inspirational band in rock music today. P.S. and to those dicks who don't know how to respect people in a pit, F*CK YOU!!!

Review written by: Imphyris ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 15:58:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Considering the wide spectrum of experience already laid out before me on this page, I will not go into things like how I will reflect upon this night and re-immerse myself in its feeling, or how great tool played, or how Maynard's flailing was a great addition to the music, or how increadible Adam's art is getting even more amazing. I will, however, mention the fact that a few of you forgot to mention this: Maynard said "Good evening" after the first or second song. It was great, ingenious his lack of speech. He did say to remember the feeling of the night and in the next weeks, something positive. To the one who already mentioned this, I too cried during Push it, and had to pull myself together so I could clear the blur in my eyes; didn't want to even blink. In response to the others who noticed Maynard was holding something, I believe it to be a Steinberger guitar, as they have no headstock. This show was definently worth the three hour drive to see it. I waited years for this, having missed previous opportunities beyond my control. If I thought there was any chance the band would read this, I would say more, but in the end I feel I must make the comment of: Thank you for the moment we shared.......

Review written by: Phil Gautieri (bluntlegga@hotmaIL.COM) Review posted on: 10/22/01 16:12:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 7TH Tool show

I just saw them in StL Friday and I thought that the KC show was twice as good. For one the crowd in StL was not as into it as the KC crowd. Tool also seemed like they were having a lot better time in KC from the body language that Maynard was giving. At the end of the show Danny took a drum head off of his drum set that he was playing on. It was signed and dated with a big purple looking star. Whoever those five people that I fought for it were, thanks for realizing that I am the one that deserved it. Oh, and by the way, sorry for those elbow shots to the head, that was my friend helping me out on getting that unforgetable momento. After the date on the drum head it has an E.V. If anyone knows what that means give me an email. The show was great and pushit was unbelievable.

Review written by: Isis ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 16:56:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

One should always seek to learn something from Tool. That is their purpose. Last night, I learned that I am an imperfect human being. I am flawed. I had been looking forward to this show for months, ever since the album came out – even before that. The recent 911 bombing had put a damper on the day I got the tickets, but the adrenaline rush was still there. My boyfriend said he thought I was going to "pop." So that night I headed to the arena with my boyfriend and his friend. Neither one loves the band like I do. It was just a show to them. For me, it was something special, spiritual, beyond words. The band opened with “The Grudge”. I couldn’t sing because I had a sore throat, but I mouthed the words. The band was situated with Adam and Justin in front, and Danny and Maynard on pedastals in back. To the left of Danny was an occult symbol. I forget what it is. Maynard stood in sillouhette in front of a screen that showed the psychedilic images. Two more giant screens were above the band. I really admire how Maynard chooses to conceal his identity and put himself in the background. Although alot of attention is focused on him, he presents himself as just one element of the show. I had to remind myself not to get too much into singing and moving throughout the show. It was going to make me miss. I tried to stand still and feel and concentrate on the meaning of it all. My boyfriend wasn’t feeling well at all. His friend escorted him out to the hallway, and he asked if I would come with him. I said no. I had been looking forward to this show for months, and there was no way I was going to leave it. But I felt very badly while they were gone. What if he was very ill? I knew I was being very selfish and a lousy girlfriend. I knew this show meant way too much to me. I put it above everything else –everything. It seemed that I could not have a conversation without mentioning the band. Nobody else cared. I would berate myself every time I did that, but would always do it again. And I could never express myself properly about it either. What I felt was beyond words. But what I felt as I waited there during “Pushit” for my boyfriend to come back was that I was a sinner. I was breaking the first commandment. I had put my desires above my concern for someone I supposedly cared about. He came back after a time. He just had to throw up and felt much better. I held his hand and tried to show that I cared, but it was too late. This was a test from God, and I had failed. He didn’t even seem to realize that I had failed him. I had gotten away with it. But I knew. The event weighed heavily upon me throughout the rest of the show. The show was wonderful. I didn’t know where to focus my attention. Should I look at the big screens which showed psychedelic images of mandalas, swimming naked women, and reedits of existing videos? Should I look to Maynard, who crooned flawlessly and was quietly stripping as the show went on? Should I check out the other band members? Should I concentrate on the meaning of the song? Should I forget the parts and try to see the whole? I tried to meditate in spite of my nagging guilt. What did it all mean? The show closed with “Aenima”, and then “Lateralus.” At the end, Maynard, who rarely spoke during the show, closed with telling us to take the feeling that we were having right now and use it to create something positive. Very Maynard. This is another reason I love this band so much. Tool is so aptly named. It is a tool. I have used it as a tool in many ways. I don’t know yet what I am to do with this experience. It had a negative side, yes, but one cannot grow without some pain. A night of bad decisions, bad timing, fucked up priorities, and personal realization. My weaknesses have been shown to me. Lord, help me use this tool to grow, to reach my potential -- to spiral out.

Review written by: Hypno+Raygun ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 17:16:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey..I was and may type a lot here?. But first off.. SOmeone give me their FTP to Upload THE MP3's OF THIS SHOW! They aren't perfect, but better than nothing! Do it.. I don't want to trade anything right now, just want to get these out. Review? I can't see how anyone that likes Tool would not like Tricky. that is all I am saying, he was great. Ah forget it.. It was an okay show.

Review written by: Zach ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 17:38:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Man, I don't know where to start. This was my first time seeing, no, experiencing Tool. I've been a fan since '94, but for one reason or another I never made it to see them when they've been here before. But this time, there was no fucking way I was gonna miss this. Me and my girl got floor tix, because we wanted to get the full experience, this being our first Tool show. We were about 5 feet away from the gate, in front of the huge speaker on the left, right in front of the two girls who were kind enough to expose their breasts to everyone. (By the way, they might not have been the biggest racks ever, but it was still nice when the girls began licking themselves and pinching and prodding each others nipple rings) I had never heard Tricky before, but my girl is a fan of his, so I listened to them with an open mind, and I have to say that I was pretty into it. They used a lot more electric guitar than I expected from a supposed hip- hop group. Also lots of bass, but maybe that's because I was 10 feet away from a huge fucking speaker. They only lasted for maybe 45 minutes, and for some reason I got the impression that they cut their set short because it didn't really seem like much of the crowd, especially those on the floor, were into it. So anyway, at the beginning of Tricky the place was maybe half-full and I was like 'What the fuck, I know there are more Tool fans than this in KC'- needless to say when the lights went on after Tricky the place was fucking PACKED and I could feel the energy already starting to build. I thought that I had prepared myself to be on the floor of a Tool concert last year when NIN and APC came to Kemper. Little did I know. When the lights went out and Tool came out one at a time, each drawing a louder roar and bigger surge in the crowd, I knew that me and my girl were in for the experience of our lives. When The Grudge started, the crowd surged forward so hard that I had the wind knocked out of me, but shit, I thought my fucking lungs had collapsed. After a few seconds (seemed like hours) I could breathe again, but we were having a very difficult time not only watching but listening because everyone on the floor was either trying to mosh, sing the words, or stop other people from moshing or singing. I had been relatively dry before the song started- in less than 2 minutes I was COMPLETELY soaked in sweat (mine and everyones around me). By the way, I still loved every minute of that song. After The Grudge though, it seemed like everyone chilled out a little on the floor, with the occasional mini-mosh pit springing up. The little circle that I was moshing in was cool- everyone was slamming into each other and then shaking hands 2 seconds later, helping each other up off the ground, making sure no bones were protruding or anything. Shit, there was even this little chick with braids fuckin slamming into us like she weighed 250 instead of 90. Man, that was the toughest chick I ever saw, cuz she was getting fucking BLASTED, and she kept coming back for more. There's something sexy about a girl who can hang like that and still carry herself like a woman. Anyways, back to the real subject...It's funny- I've been a Tool fan for what seems like my whole life, I've heard every song that they have recorded at least 1000 times each, and I've read many of these reviews, each person describing the power and beauty of Tool's music from their own perspective. But every time they played a song last night, I really felt that I was hearing each song for the first time all over again. I wanted so bad for them to just start with Sweat. and go through each album and play every song they've ever recorded. I have felt since the first time I heard the extent of Tool's albums that any song that they have created could stand completely on it's own, without videos or singles promoting it, because each one digs into a different crevice of emotion than anything before it. Only Tool isn't digging with a shovel. These four musical and artistic geniuses take jackhammers to the brain of every person lucky enough to witness them create their magic, ripping every feeling and emotion you've ever felt up by the roots and exposing it for the entire world to see. Only you aren't embarrased or shy or angry, because, in the words of Samuel L. Jackson in that timeless classic Pulp Fiction, " have experienced what recovering alcoholics like to call a 'moment of clarity'." And the best part is that everyone around you. at least those priveliged enough to not only hear Tool but to FEEL Tool, is experiencing this wonderful sensation too. When I was younger I idolized the members of Tool. And although I still admire Adam, Justin, Danny, Maynard, and Paul (yes, Paul too), I now realize what they've been telling me all along- the beauty of their music, and any good music for that matter, is not whoever is creating the music, nor is it the music itself- the beauty is instead found in what the music creates and releases inside each person experiencing it. Sorry this review was so many emotions, so few words in the English language to describe them...I'll leave you all with this- If you've never experienced Tool live, I hope for your sake that you do before it's too late. If you think you like the music now, it rises to a whole other level at the live show. It's like nothing you'd think to expect. I know now that those two floor tickets were by far the best $90 I've ever spent. To the members of Tool, should you ever read this, I can only say thank you. Your music has affected more lives in more ways than you could ever know.

Review written by: Penca ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 19:31:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Okay, I have to admit that I went to this show with nothing but high expectations, and they were completely fulfilled. Our seats really sucked, but it didn't take away from the show. Tricky was really hard to watch, as the lighting was horrible (nonexistant for the first song, actually..). Finally, Tool took the stage. I was skeptical about Maynard staying on his little stage throughout the entire show, but I'd say that he was still the most powerful presence in the band, despite being "confined" to one area. They were definitely in fine form, tearing through pretty damn near the entire Lateralus disc (no ticks! damn!), and only throwing it back to the "golden oldies" for Stinkfist, Undertow, Pushit, and Aenema. As I was watching, I couldn't help but be astounded by the fact that Danny plays his drums like he's asleep. He's doing the most amazing things that any percussionist could ever dream of doing, and he looks like he's barely moving. Adam and Justin seemed pretty somber as well, but I suppose that's typical. Maynard had my attention through most of the show, however. Playing guitar on several songs, and generally rocking out. Overall, they are the best live band I've ever seen (and this is coming from someone whose "other" favorite band is Pearl Jam), and I can't wait to see them again. The only downpoint was not being able to see more of the guys themselves, but I did manage to get a picture of Adam out in the parking lot when he came over to say hi, so I guess it all evens out. Oh yeah.... when Maynard told us to take our moment together and turn it into something positive in the weeks to come..... I had to smile, thinking about all that we've been through as a country in the last month, and all that I've been through with this band, for the last seven years or so. Thanks guys, for never letting me down.

Review written by: Berzerker (none) Review posted on: 10/22/01 20:53:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Not to be annoying but does anyone know the song tool plays on the pa before they come out, the instrumental song that is like 15 minutes of cool noise and guitar. any name and or song title would be helpful thanx

Review written by: Jared ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 21:22:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Last night was one of the greatest experiences of the 19 years that I have had on this rock called Earth. Three of my fraternity brothers and I drove nearly four hours from Springfield, MO to Kansas City. We finally got to KC at 4pm and had to kill 3 hours until we went in. It was Josh, Jared, and I's first Tool show, and Jarrod's third. Kemper sounds like shit. Tricky put on an interesting show and I am now a fan of his music. However, having to sit through the Tricky set was such a terribly long experience. Then, at about 8:40pm, Tool took the stage. They opened with The Grudge and followed up with Ions and then Stinkfist. The four of us were the only ones standing in our upper level, section 233, row J, seats 1-4. Tool then performed Undertow to all of our surprise (we almost shit ourselves), followed by Parabola. Tool then went into pushit, the long version. I'll never forget their playing my favorite song. I started crying when Maynard sang "Remember I'll always love you...". I collapsed into Jared's arms and he consoled me. Thanks, Shep. Schism was next, as Tool was joined by Osseus Labyrint. Osseus is an amazing act and they really added to the performance. Dispostion, Reflection, and Triad followed with a member of Tricky's band coming out to join Tool during Triad. I never knew that Maynard played guitar. Eon Blue and The Patient (my favorite Laturalus song) were next, Aenema was next and the whole place exploded. During that performance, I accidentally flung sweat, snot, and saliva all over myself and everyone around me...I didn't care. The night finished up with Maynard saying a few words to the crowd and then the band launched into Laturalus. They couldn't have chose a better way to end the night. The four of us were the only ones in our section to stand for the show (probably to the disappointment of the guys behind us). We stood there for a few minutes as the four men of Tool embraced each other and then passed out picks, sticks, and waterbottles. I screamed "One More" for about 10 minutes to no avail. It was probably for the best that they didn't play another song...Lateralus would be impossible to top. We then filed our way out of Kemper with the rest of the sheep and then piled into Shep's Grand Prix. I volunteered to drive the rest of the way home...I couldn't sleep. I couldn't completely wrap my mind around what I had just witnessed... Thank you Danny, Justin, Adam, and Maynard for the greatest night of my life...

Review written by: Cody Blanchard ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 21:38:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Last night was freaking great. Tool did just as well as everyone expects them to. Tricky was good also. Anyway, onto my cool story for the night. I went with my best friend, and after the long drive, we waited outside by the buses for Tool to arrive. When they did, they went directly inside to start up their soundcheck. Bummer. After hanging out for a while, my friend and I saw a bunch of guys in white shirts walking into Kemper through the back door, and decided to file in with them. We walked past the guard and he asked us if we were CSI, so I told him "Yes" of course. So we had snuck in with the crowd control guys, which was a bit exciting, but we didn't wanna get kicked out and miss the show, so we decided to leave, and went and lined up with everyone else. Once we were inside and on the floor, I saw I guy with a mohawk standing beside the barricade in front of the stage. I recognized him as Hawk, Maynard's personal bodyguard, from posts made by reviewers from earlier shows. I went over and talked to him, and he said that he would see what he could do for us about meeting the band after the concert. Friendly guy. Tricky played, and played well, despite some of the booing going on. After that, the roadies set up for Tool, and everyone in the pit got just a little bit closer to each other. When the grudge started, the crowd went wild, and EVERYONE up front was pushing everyone else. Since I'm a pretty little guy, it sucked pretty bad, and I decided that I wanted out. After about a half of the song, I squeezed my way out of the pit, and went to get some water. After rehydrating myself, I decided to watch the show from the stairs near the pit. Better view, less discomfort. After Stinkfist, and during Undertow, one of the CSI supervisors was walking around asking to see peoples ticket stubs. I figured that when he asked me, I would just show him my wristband from the pit, and go back in, but stand towards the back. I looked down at my wrist, and my fucking wristband had been torn off in the pit! That wouldn't have been a big deal, except for the fact that Security takes away your stub when they give you the wristband. So I had NO PROOF of where I was supposed to sit. I tried to reason with the CSI supervisor, but he told me to go talk to HIS supervisor down at Information. So I walked to information, and I was already pissed because I was missing the show I had payed $45 to see. When I got there, there was a girl who was in the exact same boat that I was, and she was on the verge of tears. She went in to talk to the supervisor, and they told her that there was nothing they could do. So basically, we were screwed. We were walking down the hallway together and she started to cry. I felt like it myself, I had been way cheated. BUT JUST THEN, out of nowhere, came Hawk. He walked up and asked us what was going on, and she explained it to him. He told her "There's no crying at a Tool Show!" and motioned for us to follow him. We walked down the halls, through a few doors, down some stairs, past some guards, and then up to another supervisor who asked Hawk what we were doing down there. The girl explained again, and the supervisor told us in so many words that she thought it was a load of shit. Hawk kept walking and we kept following, and the supervisored asked where he was taking us. He replied in a really smart-assed tone "Back to the floor, isn't that where they belong?" She shut up after that. He turned and told us that the next time security gave us shit like that, to give back to them and tell them how inefficient they were. Hawk is cool. So, we got back on the floor and I got to enjoy the rest of the show, which was great. I really liked Aenema and the lighting on Reflection was incredible .Definitely a fantastic show worth $45. So many thanks to the band for a great show, but even more thanks to Hawk, the bodyguard.

Review written by: Dave Walton ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 22:33:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE!!! This show was the most incredible thing I have ever witnessed in my life. I have never seen any band put as much skill, emotion, and quality into their music as Tool. They are this generations Pink Floyd!! They go deep in your brain where no other band goes and brings out the darkest recesses of your brain and makes it explode. I will never ever experience anything as cool as what I just did. TOOL RULES!!!!! Rock out with your COCK out!!!!!! Later

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 10/22/01 22:56:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. First off I just want to say thank you. Thank you to Danny, Maynard, Justin, and Adam for sharing their talents as well as their lives with the millions of us that follow them faithfully. Also, thank you to these four's parents, who without all that sexual intercourse they had, I would not have had one of the greatest nights of my life. I traveled four hours to see this show with two of my friends and I would have traveled eight and paid twice as much if I had to. Tricky opened and I was actually surprised. I have heard some of is newer stuff, but what he played last night was apparentaly a little older. I thought Tricky was very good, he seemed to blend techno, tribal beats with rock riffs in a good way. And he seemed to overcome the idiotic Limp Bizkit and Slipknot fans who are afraid to experiance anythinkg new unless they can mosh to it and booed throghout his set very well too. I thought turning his back to the crowd for half of the show was a nice touch. Now for the main event. Everything and more. My friends and I had seats on the fourth row of the upper deck, directly to the side of the show. We could see everything pretty well, and it was nice to be able to see back stage and watch Danny and Adam go onstage. Danny wore a KU basketball jersey with the number 22 and "Carey" written on the back. A nice tribute to his home state. As soon as the band played the first notes of "The Grudge" I could feel the butterflies. The band plowed throught the first part of the set, playing some of their heavier songs before moving into a shortened version of "Parabol" which moved into the powerful "Parabola". After "Parabola", I turned to my friends and said that if they played the slowed down version of "Pushit" as heard on Salival (my second fave Tool song next to Stinkfist), I would shit. Sure enough, not 5 seconds after uttering those words, I heard Adam play those soft notes and I instantly got goosebumps. I closed my eyes and sang along and by the time Danny's solo came around, I had to wipe the tears from my eyes. The rest of the show was a little slower, as they played more songs from Lateralus before finishing with "Aenima" and "Lateralus". Maynard surprised me. I didn't know he got into the music so much as I've heard that he is usually calm on stage without much movement. He danced around and did something that resembled a Native American rain dance. It was great. So there it is. My first Tool concert, actually, it should be called an experiance, more than music. I laughed, I cried, and jammed and I sang, but most of all, I experianced. That's what we all must do as faithful Tool fans, just experiance. Thank you once again guys.

Review written by: JK ( Review posted on: 10/23/01 00:21:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I first must say it took quite a deal of motivation to even go to this concert. I was really sick, mono, dehydrated, and more, but I had to see TOOL. Damn good thing I did go. Tricky was a suitable opener, like TOOL, they had their own unique sound. Hard to form an opinion on them right now. TOOL, however, wowed me from beginning to end. Visually stunning and amazing candy for the ear. Maynard's voice streams as well if not better live than on albums. From the The Grudge to Lateralus I forgot I was sick. My mind was not there, rather indulged in the music. I must say Maynard's rhythmic movements are stuck in my head for eternity. One disappointment, not one song from the Opiate album. Oh well, can't bitch. Best show I've seen out of close to 30 some.

Review written by: Matthew Hoffman ( Review posted on: 10/23/01 10:11:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Sunday, 10.21.01 -------------------- a night to remember There really are no words that could fully emphasize the energy in the room that night. I was overwhelmed by it all. Every note of music that emenated from the stage lifted my soul higher. Every scream ripped out my heart and tore it apart. I have been to many concerts and had many musical "orgasms" (for lack of a better description) but nothing I have ever witnessed compared to the awe-inspiring beauty that flowed out of these four geniuses and their creation. The setlist was absolutely synchronistic with every thought and feeling I was having as I experienced the show. It was as though they were playing just for me. I felt like they were just reading the mind of the audience and responding perfectly. (and, amazingly, I was completely sober!) We arrived at Kemper at about 5:00pm and waited with the others outside the door. A little before 7pm, we got to wave a friendly hello to Danny Carey's dad as he made his way into the arena; just before tickets started ripping. A week prior to this concert, a couple people that I had considered close; those that to me were no less than lovers\brothers; had decided to end their relationships with me altogether, creating a weeks worth of "cold silence," if you will. My girl and my best friend had both decided that I was not worth talking to anymore. In light of these events, I shaved off almost 2 feet of long hair that I had growing out of my head to clear my palette of all the memories that I was now forcing myself to repress. During schism and pushit, I saw every moment I had ever shared with these people being thrown back in my face for what a bunch of bullshit they really were. My now ex-girl had purchased floor tickets for all of us to go, and all my other friends had seats. So, I was chilling up in the seats with a friend, waiting for the right time to move out to the floor when, lo and behold, I saw both my old friend and my ex-girlfriend sitting on the floor waiting for the show. And (dammit) I had to go and make eye contact with her. Now for the rest of the show I felt everything that I could not possibly have expressed to these people being presented by Tool. Thank you so much for this release, you guys are in every way the REFLECTION of every facet of emotional thought that I cannot possibly express through regular spoken or written language. This concert was, for me, the musical narration of the hopes, dreams, successes and failures of the past 2 years of my life and I am eternally grateful. It was truly a spiritual (albeit psychedelic) experience. What I learned: relationships are fleeting, trust yourself no one believes in you, they only believe what they want to see. we are all caught up in a physical facade of endless pursuit of the end it all turns out to be a complex mating ritual. we think we're on top for awhile only to be thrown back down to the bottom, writhing around until we can find solace... and then it all starts over again. in this world, Love is only defined by how much you can suck out of someone else until they notice that they are drying up. It's a dream worth having, but only because you know that you really won't ever hit the ground and die from it. You'll wake up in bed, covered in sweat, and realise it was all just a dream within a dream. I wonder how I can possibly go on living in this shitty midwestern truck-stop town any longer. If I could afford it, I would attend every show on this tour and my life would be changed because of it. Instead, I surrender to this screwed up system and wait for the next tool show to arrive. (hopefully soon). By the way, I think all you so-called fans out there who don't even look at the stage but instead push and shove your way around like rabid maniacs need to learn how to enjoy a little personal space, and show a little respect for those of us who do care about the entire experience instead of how bruised and beaten we are after the show. It's because of you people that I almost collapsed from exhaustion not even after the 3rd song. That is not the way I like to enjoy Tool. (in a helpless, exhausted stupor) All in all, a truly life-changing experience. I hope to one day be able to thank the band personally for affecting me so deeply. Have a nice day.

Review written by: Atum ( Review posted on: 10/23/01 10:33:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

We were very well prepared for this show, arriving about one o'clock in the afternoon with purple and silver sharpies in hand. We sat in the loading area of the area for a couple of hours, watched Danny's parents arrive, watched osseus labyrint arrive, watched Tricky arrive (we were grossly unprepared to meet him). Tricky was all smiles and waves when we called out his name. Seemed very friendly, although none of us ran down to meet him. We (along with about a hundred other small, screaming children) watched the band arrive. We witnessed a nice reunion between Danny and parents, and then watched the band disappear inside. We went to wait in line after that, and there were only about 6 or 7 people in front of us at that time. The wait was long and painful, but we finally made it in, and plopped our happy selves down second row from the rail, slighty off dead center to the left (stratigically placed between adam and maynard). Tricky was outstanding, along with Hawkman and all others who joined him onstage. Tricky was wearing the same clothes on stage that he was wearing when he got off the bus! When TooL came on stage, there was a massive rush to the stage, and suffocating smooshing. I was enveloped in pleasure, pain, and sweat through mid- parabola. At that point, I knew that I was about to faint or disintigrate, so I reluctantly left my coveted spot by a boost over the rail from my wonderful boyfriend. After recovering with a nice $3.00 water, I tooled my way back down to the floor to watch the rest of the show from a safe distance. The show was awesome, despite all of the morons that moshed to reflection and disposition, and the dumb 12 year old kid who asked me for sexual favors, and the jerkoff who elbowed me square in the boob for no particular reason except that he was a jerkoff. I must say that I enjoyed seeing TooL at Red Rocks in CO more, because I could actually enjoy the show instead of fighting off the stumbling bumbling drunk white trash. Now, on to the best part. Sorry to all you sheep that got herded off by Daddy Warbucks after the show ('Time to go home, kids! Time for bed!'). We were patient, as instructed by TooL, and waited it out. And what rewards we reaped!!! We were the lucky group (probably less that 10 total) that got to meet and shake hands with DANNY and ADAM! Danny was very nice, and it was an absolute pleasure to meet him and shake his hand. He also came prepared with his own purple sharpie, so I guess our midnight trip to Wal-Mart was unnecessary! Shortly after Danny, got back on the bus, Adam came out to sign as well. Adam came straight to me first, said hello, and asked me my name. I gave him the Undertow vinyl to sign, and he wrote 'To Autumn' and signed it in silver sharpie. He also dedicated my boyfriends Aenima vinyl with his name as well. Adam was very nice, very down to earth, and made small talk and eye contact with each and every one of us. We were hoping to meet Justin and Maynard as well, but Maynard was on a mission straight to the bus with two girls after the show, ignoring any shouts for him to come over. Later, we see him nearly naked making out with a chick in the front of the bus. I guess that's why he was in such a hurry! Anyways, and as far as I know, no one in our group ever saw Justin get on the bus, but I'm sure he did at some point because after Adam said his goodbyes to us, and hopped on the bus, it left. All in all, a great show, we had a wonderful time at Kemper Arena, and meeting Danny and Adam was an absolute pleasure. I will embrace that moment forever.... and I'll do something positive with that feeling in the coming weeks.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/23/01 10:43:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

Hey, morons, the 'upside down naked people' do have a name. They are known collectively as osseus labyrint, and YES THEY ARE NAKED. Body suits do not have breasts, labia, or a cocknballs. Someday, you may want to pull up your friendly search engine and type in osseus labyrint and see what you get. The net is full of useful information.....

Review written by: The All Mighty Chew ( Review posted on: 10/23/01 11:41:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I'm not really good at writing reviews, but here goes. After waiting impatently since i first heard Tool's Sober in 96, I finally got to see them. I am a pretty diehard Tool fan, fate has just kept me from seeing them. It was deffneatly worth the wait. The concert was so f**king awsome!!!! Their lineup was perfect. I don't know how they were able to play for 2 and a half hours strait but I just didn't want it to end. Bad @ss visuals so trippy they could throw anyone into an acid flashback. The band had so much energy, you could feel them pulling you closer and closer to the brink of insanity. If I had the money and the time I would follow them on the rest of their tour. I can honestly say that going to concerts will neve be the same, as this will be the one that I will compair all future concerts to. Nothing can beet Tool. I believe I can speek for all of Kansas City in saying, "DON'T TAKE SO LONG IN COMMING BACK! WE ALL LOVE YOU!" Chew

Review written by: Toolapcfan (rob) ( Review posted on: 10/23/01 11:51:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

As far as the set list goes, it looks right to me, but I thought they played Eon Blue Apocalypse before The Patient. Rgardless, Tricky sucked. If you like them then they played well, but I'd never even heard of them. Not a good opening band for Tool in my opinion, rappy metal does not compliment Tool. T-shirts were overpriced of course and several of them can be bought on the website cheaper. None sturck me as being extraordinary so I bought the black tour shirt. But hey, I didn't go to buy a shirt either. It was an awesome show to put it lightly. They really seemed to want to be there and got into it. Before Lateralus, Maynard said something to the effect that he wanted us to think about how we felt right then, and about the moments we shared and when we reflect on that over the next week or two to do something positive. After they played lateralus, they had a group hug and danny threw out his drum sticks and they thew out frisbees and albums and some other stuff. I was disappointed to hear that people didn't come to hear a perfect cricle, so apparently these people didn't like the new album that much. I don't share their view in the least. I look forward to seeing Tool next time, as I regret that this has been the one time I've seen them live. I would gladly drive the three hours from Omaha many times more to see them.

Review written by: Jordan ( Review posted on: 10/23/01 14:31:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. Wow, the more I read of he reviews for this show the more and more sad I become to realize it is in the past and my memory of it wll fade more and more as time goes on. I wasl still in a bit of a daze directly after seeing the show, and wasn't sure how to explain it to people. The three other people I went with were not real tool fans, as with most of the people in the floor section, as I was about to discover. Tricky came on first, and to me, quite earned their name by playing their first song in complete darkness, building the suspense before revealing their appearence. The first song I enjoyed quite a lot, although it seemed a little like techno to me which is a variety of music I don't care for too much. I thought the percussion was excellent. I may have been one of the "frat" boys mentioned in an earlier post, although I didn't think Tricky was too bad myself. When Tool finally took he stage, what I had been fearing occured to a degree worse than I could have expected. People jumped off the seating in flocks and rushed the stage. I was fairly near the stage at this point and was being crushed to a degree I have never experienced before. (I've seen Pantera, Slayer, and many other metal bands live and have survived amongst mosh pits). The Grudge was playing at this point, and my concentration was directed to not falling over and being trampled to death, escaping this enviroment so I could actually enjoy the show, and sympathy towards some girls nearby which were cying. The people causing this were probably of the same gene pool that pushed their way to he front right before Tool took the stage, either lying that their friend was up front or just using brute force. These people ruined my experience of the first song and I truly agree with a previous post that mentioned a similar feeling; I was praying for them all to drown during AENEMA. I am not a violent person but I hated these people so passionately that I wanted to cause them severe harm. ANYWAY...the set was fantastic. My only let down was that they never plaed 46&2, but the "live" version of pushit more than made up for it. Speaking of which, it was obvious that most people around me did not recognize the song, even after it progressed to become more and more like the recorded version. These were the same people moshing during Reflecion, no doubt. I treasured the experience of every song. Live Tool shows are truly a complete work of art, auditory as well as visual. You can find all the details to this in previous posts. :) I've known people before to say that they were seriously considering following Tool around to their next show after seeing them live, and now I can truly say that I can understand where they are coming from. So in conclusion, best show I've ever experienced, although I knew it would be...and...I hate most Tool fans now. (Sorry about any typoes on here, my keyboard has been ignoring some of the keys I type recently. )

Review written by: AARON SCHROEDER (DRGRTHU420@AOL.COM) Review posted on: 10/23/01 15:17:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show


Review written by: Mel71 ( Review posted on: 10/23/01 22:11:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

I had a wonderful time, and I don't mean to sound negative or elitist, but the bonehead contingent that filled the floor was a real let-down. Judging by the fervor when Aenima played, you know what kind of fans these people really are. I know it's 2 days later now, but I still wanted to say a couple things about the show at Kemper on Sunday. I was anxious to see how it would differ from the Berekely, Calif. show this summer. Although it was fabulous, the Cali. show wasn't loud enough and the crowd was too subdued--a close link to the assigned seats and no G-A floor I'm sure. So I had floor tix this time and man what a mess. I was so disgusted when people rushed the floor as The Grudge started, ensuing a retarded-knucklehead-mosh-fest through the entire song. Don't ask what was happening on stage b/c I have no idea--I was too busy trying to keep my friend and myself from getting hurt. What a bunch of idiots. As I predicted, things did settle down, especially during the string of new, long and mellower songs--I kept wondering if the assholes around me had even heard the songs. So many people were busy lighting and passing joints and coughing their heads off I could hardly concentrate. I will never understand why these schmucks pay good $ to go to see a band like TOOL live and they don't even pay attention. Minus that first bit, this show was FABULOUS. It was decidedly, and I'm not saying it lightly, the best show I've ever seen. Highlights for me were: --hearing the Salival version of Pushit-- That made my night, it was what I was hoping for the most! I could tell many people had never heard it. -- watching Osseus Labyrint perform while suspended upside down in front of the projection screens--I have never seen anything like it--they are incredible. The woman would roll her abdomen muscles like a belly dancer or circus performer trying to regurgitate a string or something. You have to see them to understand, and many people simply won't understand.... --when Danny just stood there alone for what seemed like forever, just playing the same ending riff over and over, from Disposition?--I loved it. The visual imagery of this show surpasses all of their previous tours, IMO.The point clearly is, to pay attention to the sights and how they coincide with the music, and to not even focus on the band really. Maynard is in silhouette anyway, a big change from the days of wigs and falsies. He still paints a large black strip down his face, but that's it. And lastly, I didn't notice til he stood up, but Danny was wearing a KU bball jersey with his name on the back--priceless. It's so great that small-town Kansas boys can end up where he has. I'm so impressed by what TOOL has evolved into. I love the music and the band.

Review written by: Dan Doedtman (DimmuBorgir420@aol) Review posted on: 10/23/01 22:24:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I already posted my review. I just wanted to add that before I experienced Tool live, I didn't get it. Now I do. Those others of you who do know what I'm talking about. My eyes are open.

Review written by: Mel71 ( Review posted on: 10/24/01 12:09:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

HI, I posted a review already, which is two above this one, and I made a mistake saying Danny stood still playing the same riff forever--I meant Adam of course.....! thanks.

Review written by: Chris B ( Review posted on: 10/24/01 20:21:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

God, what a show. My ears and mind have never been graced with such beauty. My life truly is complete. Maynard is a power rush with his voice that can outstand any pop rocker. This band was better the night of the show then their albums could ever be. I no longer listen to anything else. I am posting this late so I can say that it has been three days since I have heard anything else but Tool. I loved the improvisation and re-orchastration of the songs that they performed. The drum intro to Stinkfist was amazing as it was played halfway through the show. What had me going the most before the show even started and held my atticipation the most was not to hear the music and see the set but was to see Maynard and to hear the man speak. He managed to do little of that but was plenty for my restlessness. What he said couldn't have been put better. Danny Carey was amazing as he brought his talents back home and amazed me as well as the whole show with his inhuman abilities to whale on the drumset. Maynard remained an enigma to me the whole night as he was kept out of the spotlight on to be seen by his voice. The visual eyecandy of the band was not important for me as the music painted a picture to go with the most outstanding visuals that ran through out the show. Osseus Labirynt was incredible as they hung there more at least a half hour. I give them my thanks cause they added so much to the show. ONe thing that did bother me about hte show but is there with all shows was the people who did bring pot. Now obviously these people have either seen TOOL or are just morons who are blind to the emotions of the music. You DON"T need drugs for this music. In fact I had a better high that night then pot could have ever done for me. I was out of control. I don't understand why you would wan to be high though while somthing so great was before you. I wanted to remember and feel everything that night and it dissapoints me that others didn't want to do the same. You owe Maynard an apolofy. Their music doesn't need drugs to be great. IT is great. Enjoy it high at home. Thank you Maynard. You have shown me a light. To the rest of TOOL I couldn't have found that light with only Maynard. I needed a beat to find it to. Also thanks for Parabol, Parabola, Prison Sex and Opiate.

Review written by: Pimpy-doo ( Review posted on: 10/24/01 20:41:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 26th Tool show

Pimpy-doo sez what's up. I don't remember the setlist .... I was pretty f-in toasted, if you know what I mean. But damn, Tool are gods!! It was amazing. Everyone should see them or die! Muahaha! -Peace out my jigs

Review written by: Sara ( Review posted on: 10/24/01 22:09:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

awesome show! It was my first concert, and I loved it. The osseus labyrinth was wonderful, and maynrd's soul truely poured out in all of him songs. Very beautiful. Wonderful, perfect, just plain great.

Review written by: jsn ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 21:02:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

what silly little puppets we are, laughing and fucking across our own personal egocentric stage called life. i have yet to understand why it is that someone would attend a concert, Tool or otherwise, and spend the entire show pushing, punching, moshing, yelling, cussing, and disrupting the show by changing spots every two seconds or going to the bathroom, or buying processed cow shit between two buns, or some sugar spun around a tube of cardboard. i am there for one reason, and one reason only. to see Tool perform. that is why i arrived at the arena at 10am sunday morning to secure my spot up front, while the rest of the conscious world was drinking beer, or squirting out babies, or watching a war on tv, or perfecting the self-righteous persona that we wear to hide our own short comings and one true self. i did see Tool, but i saw so much more than that. i saw violence, anger, confusion, sadness, fear, pain, hatred, denial, regret, raw emotion, and complete lack of communication or understanding. and none of this came from the stage. it emanated from the john doe's of the audience. and it came to pass that none of these people were true fans. for the music could not possibly be in their soul. Tool is not about hurting people. or crushing people into the rail because you didn't have the commitment to get yourself up front. Tool is not about worshiping the devil as i heard some confused individual say. Tool is not about getting drunk and stripping off your shirt and showing everyone how tough you are because you can bash into someone who is trying to watch what is going on on stage. i can only tell you what Tool is not about. as far as what they are, that is something you must figure out for yourself. my suggestion would be to actually try reading the lyrics, re-listening to the music, studying the art, keeping up to date on Toolish news and web postings, and reading lots of interviews in the articles section of this web site. maybe something will sink in. or maybe not........... now i am speaking directly to adam jones and danny carey. i cannot possibly express in words how much it meant to me to meet you. thank you for recognizing true fans of your message, art, and if you happen to recall, i was the gentleman with the aenima lp that you signed. as i (tried to) mention to you adam, you all have inspired me to look at life from a diffrent angle, seeing things i would have never seen before, and tapping me into a greater consciousness which has sparked, love, creativity in writing, learning to play the guitar, and genuinely made me a better person. thank you ~ remember, music is a reflection of the collective. to the side, jsn 1111

Review written by: shawna ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 23:16:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

First of all, I'm writitng a little late (4 days to be exact). This was my first TOOL show and I must say, i had a truly religious experience. as a matter of fact, a quite teary religious experience. My emotions took over pretty much when TheGrudge statrted to nearly the end of the show. I have waited for a long time to see TOOL and I must say, this show was worth every cent and every minute of time i spent to get there. I came down from Omaha Sat night. KC is a confusing place. Anyway, it was a spectacular show, I would recommend the genuine TOOL fans to go see it and the others to stay at home and not try and ruin it for the rest of us. I just also wanted to say, if by any chance the guys were read to this, I just want to say "thank you", you guys are tremendous artists and I was honored to have the chance to see you. Oh-and thanks for playing Undertow. You guys are wonderful. Thanks, Shawna B

Review written by: Kristin ( Review posted on: 10/26/01 11:33:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

This show was awesome! Maynard came out in all black with this kick ass trench coat and by the end of the show he was down to barely nothing, just some spandex and that kick ass TOOL tattoo on his back. They definately put on a once in a lifetime show and if you haven't had the opportunity to see them... take a road trip... this is one concert you shouldn't miss. This was my 3rd show this year... one in Chicago, one in Cedar Rapids, and this one. My only dissapointment was during every song, excluding ones from Lateralus, these ignorant fucks in front of us would talk... loudly. SHUT UP! Why go to a concert if you only know their new stuff... stay at home, listen to the cd. Don't ruin it for the rest of us!!!! Aside from that, and the fact that the sound at Kemper sucks, it was GREAT!!!!

Review written by: T-rev from Y.C. ( Review posted on: 10/26/01 14:47:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

The lights dimmed. An electric hush reverberated through the crowd. It was almost frightening to breathe. And then, a pleasantly familiar tone escaped the ominous tower of speakers directly in front of me. My amazing view of the stage was unobscured. I knew that the wait was over. The fantastic tribal energy of Tricky that remained was giving way to a far greater consciousness. Four quiet and ominous figures crept on stage.... And within a moment, that like all moments last an eternity, the consciousness that is Tool erupted. My third eye was lacerated open as the first notes of The Grudge poured through the arena, and I stood in awe of its awesome power. This wonderful experience of interconnectedness lasted the rest of the night as I pasted throughout and was interwoven with, various stages of consciousness. Maynard was very animated, gyrating heavily with each movement not to mention progressively shedding his outfit. Hometown boy Danny was adorned with Kansas University basketball player Jeff Carey’s jersey displaying a great deal of energy. Adam and Justin subtly moved as one throughout the performance riding the wave of their own creations. The lights show also added greatly to every movement of the band and crowd. After The Grudge, a sample of (-) ions was played to give the band a quick breather before exploding into the crowd-pleaser Stinkfist. No sooner had the feedback from Stinkfist faded than the band tore into the older tune Undertow. After Undertow, the band paused to collect itself, and then proceeded to enthrall the crowd with Parabola without its slower counterpart Parabol. Through the statement of Parabola’s lyrics I feel the audience unconsciously began to think and move as one entity. It was a very elegant thing to participate in. After Parabola, came another very collective movement in the playing of Pushit. Tonight it was played in the style that was adopted for the Salival release. Following Pushit, Osseous Labyrinth made their way on stage and performed for the duration of Schism, which the crowd became very entranced during. A brief interlude followed Schism that led into Disposition, Reflection, and Triad with Tricky’s drummer Perry contributing to the effort on Triad. Osseous Labyrinth returned for more performance art suspending themselves for an introduction to Triad and then erupting throughout its performance. After the powerful triumvirate ended came the eerie Eon Blue Apocalypse leading directly into The Patient. The crowd was becoming physically tired at this point, but when Tool exploded into Aenima everything changed. It was easily the crowd favorite, and best performed song of the night moving everyone involved. The usual farewell from Maynard followed, and then the band closed with Lateralus. The night was a very moving experience, and I feel very grateful that I could be a part of it. Thank you Tool. Setlist: Introduction, The Grudge, (-) ions sample, Stinkfist revised, Undertow, Parabola, Pushit (Salival), Schism with Osseous Labyrinth, Interlude, Disposition, Reflection with extended outro, Second interlude with Osseous Labyrinth, Triad featuring Perry from Tricky, Eon Blue Apocalypse, The Patient, Aenima, Lateralus.