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Review written by: Trey Morrison (
Review posted on: 10/25/01 02:35:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The day after... As I sit here and try to come up the word to explain the experience I was a part of less than 24 hours ago, I find myself quite awestricken. Lacking the words to describe that performance, I must simply that my expectations were fullfilled and surpassed a thousand times over. How these four "brothers" perform with such energy and flawlessness night in and night out is quite out of my grasp. I've been waiting since '95 to see Tool live, and it was worth wait. I lacked the financial ability and driving ability to make it to a show before. Plus, they don't come through here to ofter, which makes it even more special. The setlist for the night has slipped my mind on the exact order, so I won't post a faulty setlist. But I can tell you that all the songs on Lateralus were played to perfection, except Ticks & Leeches of course, which they almost never perform live...which is understandable. They also reached back for a little nostalgia playing Opiate, Sober, Pushit (ever tingled all over your body for hours on was incredible), and Stinkfist. There may have been more but they slip my mind at the moment. All in all the show was incredible. The lighting and visuals just simply added to the precision timing, and incredible showmanship that Tool has on stage. Their stage presence is better than any band I've ever seen, as is there perfomance. My favorites of the night would have to be Pushit, Parabol/a, and The Patient. Well, everything was pretty tight, but those stand out in my mind. Of course Lateralus was amazing and Triad was unbeleivable. A member from Tricky helped on a drum set here while O.Labrynth (sp?) hung from the celing right in front of the two huge big screens doing some crazy body formations and incredible movements in suspension. The stage was setup as is normal for this tour, with danny back right (from crowd), Justin front right, Adam front left, and Maynard back left-center on his "podium-stage type thingy" with the screen behind him. Maynard started in some just normal black clothes, but soon striped down to his underwear only. sometime before Lateralus he put on a black mask (or it could have been paint, I couldn't tell from where I was) and he kept himself pretty well out of the light of the staging. He told us to "Drive safe, and to look out for each other as we traveled home" and his usual historical words of taking this moment and in teh coming weeks creating someting positive from it. These were the only words he spoke except for the occassional "Thank You" or "Tricky" (thanking him, saying he was there, etc). that was really about it speakign wise. His vocals throughout the show were amazing. The resonance in his voice sailing into the crowd as we shifted and swayed to his cresendoing yells, and the bands every ebb and flow. It was a breathtaking show and I hope to see them again soon, I would gladly drive/fly 1000 miles or so to them again. At the end of the show the 4 got in a circle and had an embracing group hug. It so amazing how they stick together like they do and support each other. This was a touching moment and it gave me chills (as did the entire night of flawless music (Tool has made thjis, music, art)). Then Maynard, Adam, Justin, and Danny threw some water bottles into the crowd. Someone threw a frisbee of sorts, I didn't see who, which landed near me, and they then preceded to leave the stage. The lights came up and that was it. It was over physically, but continues on emotionally even today. This is a night that I will carry with me. If I have one word of advice to you, it is to get your ass to a Tool concert as many times as possible. They won't, ever, disappoint.

Review written by: Jimmy Hanson ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 02:46:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

First of all, setlist: The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist(additional parts and lyrics) Sober Pushit (Aenima Version) Parabol Parabola Schism Disposition Reflection Osseus Labyrint(with lots of cool ambient and drum shit) Triad Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Opiate (with extra length and help from Tricky) Lateralus Hopefully with Opiate and Sober in the setlist there will be less useless complaining about not enough played from Opiate and Undertow. Come on people, they can play what they want you to hear, and you should accept it as it is. Now...I'm pretty sure this is the best concert I will ever see in my life until I see another Tool concert. While I have never seen them in an "intimate" setting, I can say that the sound in this particular arena was fantastic. Also, seeing as how this was my first big concert, it's all downhill from here. Other stuff: I'm going to confirm what a reviewer has said before in that Adam plays the last riff of Reflection 40 times. Also, I could be crazy, but in the slow part of Pushit, I swear Adam played the opening riff of You Lied. The first time I (supposedly) heard it, he only played it once. A little later, I heard it a few more times and pretty sure I'm right. Maynardisms: "Freeze motherfucker!" "Good evening." (after the drummer from Tricky played on Triad) "Perry(?) from Tricky, former New York cab driver." ...and the usual be safe going home, take these feelings you have tonight and make something positive, etc. Overall, if you have any doubt in your mind on whether or not to go, GO! Quit your job, sell your stuff, drive/walk many miles I don't care. Whatever barriers you must cross to get there, get there. If you are already at this site, chances are you probably will anway, but that's just my advice. Way to go guys and thanks for everything. P.S. Thanks to the girl a few rows up from me in 326 who was doing the slow, hypnotic dance pretty much the whole time. Very cool.

Review written by: Jimmy ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 02:50:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Sorry, I messed up the setlist...everything is right except Pushit came AFTER Parabol/a, not before. Thanks :)

Review written by: Ben Adams ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 08:32:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Well, all I can say is "Oh my fucking gawd!!!" This was my 1st Tool show and I was completely floored. The boys undeniably put on the best concert I have ever seen in my life. Could any show begin any stronger than the Grudge- Stinkfist 1-2 combo...easily 2 of my favorite songs and hearing them straight outta the gate just made the whole evening worthwhile. For all those that will be seeing Tool on the road this year you are in for one helluva fuckin treat. I'm still on cloud 9. Thank-you've made my year by putting on the best concert I've ever seen.

Review written by: DOGMA ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 09:14:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist.I saw the show in Oklahoma City and it was absolutley incredible. Most of the crowd were stunned at the sight of the event. These guys are true masters and have meaning behind their music, which is something you dont find anymore. I was speachless for most of the night after the show, It was awsome.The band didnt miss a lik and maynerd sounded perfect. If you miss a show you are missing a great experience.

Review written by: stone4uall2nv ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 09:48:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

wow. i haven't been in to tool until just recently but going to their concert opened the true escence of tool. It was unlike any concert i have ever seen. It was like watching a beautifuly mad movie a masterpiece. this show is truly a work of art. and i hope everybody has the opportunity to see them in concert.

Review written by: Andy Temporo ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 10:14:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

This was a great freakin show. I loved it, Maynard is God. I missed Undertow but hey the show was so awesome I didn't even think about it. I bought some shirts ( really expensive) but us die hard Tool fans are willing to pay for it huh? Awesome show

Review written by: Shawn ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 10:16:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

The evening started out with Tricky. I must confess that I had no idea who Tricky was prior to last night. To sum up my feelings about him/them now, I offer I'm writing this review, Blowback is giving my stereo a run for it's money. I was blown away by their performance to say the least. Good choice on TOOL's part for picking them as openers. After Tricky's set, the fans in the stands wrecked havok with the security on the floor. By my estimations, around 300 people rushed the floor enmasse and got on the floor. Nice to see a little chaos every now and then. Didn't know the Okies had it in em. House lights down, Grudge begins, what followed over the course of the next two plus hours rates as one of the top 3 shows of all time that I've ever been to. I wish I could put a finger on what made this one better than most shows I've been to in my 30yr existance, but the words are escaping me at the moment. The band was relentless, even during the somber moments. While I'm no musician, the band sounded flawless to me, just constant waves of sound and energy as only TOOL can produce. Osseus Laybrinth was definatly a sight to see. Taking in their visuals while hearing the band, with help from Tricky's drummer (?), crush Triad was nothing short of breathtaking. To top it off, hearing Tricky belt out part of Opiate w/Maynard....well, what more can you ask for? Not sure if Opiate will become a permanent part of the set or not, hopefully so.... For those that have never seen them yourself a favor; beg, borrow, or steal the necessary cash to get in the door. It'll be worth every penny. For those who've seen em know exactly what I'm talking about

Review written by: Russ Fuehrer ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 13:43:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. I can not even begin to explain what i saw the other night. I remember listening to two of my best friends try to explain whay they saw when they got back from the ST. Paul show, and now i know how they felt. The show was absolutely amazing. My favorite from the show would probally be pushit, although everything else was played to perfection. I was quite awestrucken when they began to play opiate, i really did not expect to see that performed, and tricky did a little helping out on that one so it made it even more special. Four of my friends and I drove from Nebraska to see this show and I think we all agreed that it was well worth it. So on that note, all i am really trying to say here is go see Tool. You will not be let down. The show was one of the most beautiful things i had ever seen in my life. The band had great chemistry which is something i don't see very often anymore. I now that if Tool ever come anywhere close to Nebraska i will be doing everything in my power to go see them,

Review written by: Angel Williams ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 16:41:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I'm going to review the entire show ... including Tricky , since I thought Tricky was equally amazing . I met Tricky earlier on in the day. he's quite a nice guy i might add . anyhow .. onto the show ... Tricky played an awesome set , including "Bury The Evidence" , "Overcome" , and a lot of other new material from Blowback ( his latest album ) . The lighting was very well done , the colors really contrasted Trickys music i thought.. Tool... The Setlist ( i may have forgotten the order ) The Grudge Stinkfist Sober Parabol Parabola Push It Mantra Schism Reflection Disposition The Patient Triad Opiate ( Including Tricky , which was very cool ) Lateralus and a few other songs i believe , i was boggled by the concept so my mind isn't working right now for some reason .. the visuals were unbelievable .. my friend kelli was on acid and said it was the most amazing mind boggling breathtaking experience she had ever had ... adam jones truly is a genius . the contortionists ( the o l ) were awesome , they seemed to perfectly blend in with the visuals as they were hanging over the rafters in front of the screens , they were unbelievably flexable , heh . at the end .. Adam , Danny , James , and Justin all hugged and threw thier water bottles , setlist , drumsticks ,etc.. out into the crowd , the crowd was going wild .. it was truly the most amazing experience of my life , it seems like it was all a big long dream ... there is nothing i could possibly say to describe how i felt during the show .. nothing to describe how awesome it was . you just have to see the show ....

Review written by: Phil ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 16:50:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The show of course, like all the others, started with the grudge. I have never felt so happy in my entire life. after that the Extended Stinkfist was incredible, and we got to see Opiate at the end also, surprisingly, the crowd didnt respond as well to that one as the other newer ones, fo what reason i do not know, because i went insane upon hearing justin start that one. this was the best musical experience of my life, and i hope everyone thought so highly of this show.

Review written by: CAPN ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 17:11:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

the first setlist posted looked correct, I was quite drunk on Harp to fully remember. My third show, would rank as my second favorite of the 3. Outstanding visuals, I dont get the people complaining about Adam droning the end riff of reflection, way back in the first reviews of the tour, I thought it was pretty cool. Overall, I would say its a show that non Tool fans can enjoy if they have any sense of art or creativiity. Also I would say that butt rock arena band testosterone driven fans won't like it. I thought the crowd in OKC was actually really good. Pushit was A+, as were other songs, but the album version of Pushit is my personal fav. No 46&2, Intollerance, or Eulogy, but thats cool, they play what they feel needs to be played, the have to keep themselves fresh, I bet they hate Sober by now, but almost feel obligated to play it. Anyways in summation, I don't have alot more to add other than, Tool is a musicians band, an artists band, they are a hard rock/metal fans band who like a singer who can actually sing, and that people shouldnt expect more that just good music and a good performance. Maynard uses some good humor in between songs, but he's not a 'dynamic' frontman, he's a brilliant performer. The music is all that matters anyways, me personally I dont need the video screens, but it does add alot of power to the performance. We need more music like this, not necessarily in this genre, but just music that isn't afraid to fail, and when it doesnt fail it succeds brilliantly. good crowd overall, good performance overall, good setlist overall. no complaints, for GOD'S SAKE IT IS TOOL!! hope they come back here......

Review written by: rob c ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 17:39:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

i showed up late cause me and my friends got lost two times on the way there, so i missed tricky's set...sorry tricky. but got there in time to grab a beer and listen to a few rednecks talk about how long the beer line was and how stinkfist there dates were. the setup was very toolish(2 large projection screens, one smaller screen behind maynard). 2 neon glowing setup cardboard? standups, very ambient. typical tool, but dont get me wrong it was no let down. maynard is a god by the way. maynard had face painted black, i think it was upside down triangle, not for sure because i flippin had seats and not GA. although i never did find my actual seats. their set mostly consisted of the new album of course, but i missed several songs i would have liked to of heard, i.e.-"H" , "eulogy", "46 and 2"!, "46 and 2"!!, "jimmy", "46 and 2"!!!, "bottom", "jerk-off", but they only had so much time alotted for their set, so that's ok. i do not remember the exact set list(because i am not a faithful follower of 'laterulus' yet, but they did play "opiate", thank god, and they played "push-it" which rocked my cock, and they actually played "sober" also. the rest of the set, i believe was all their new stuff. those scary "schism" video charactars were pretty neat, but i already knew they were appearing, so it wasn't a big surprise when they came out. but they were cool lookin and gosh dang limber. they went rope climbin and then just hung there from the ceiling upside down for awhile and danced around while dangling there. pretty f'in cool shtuff. tricky came out and did a lil sumpen sumpen, so i did get to see him, just not his set. the sound and lights, overall, were friggin amazing. it was LOUD, eerie, and overwhelming. with the projection screens and maynard and the rest of the band and the audience goin crazy, it was almost too much to take in all at the same time. i have seen tool five times now and they still continue to blow my friggin mind! this aint no freakin metallica concert folks!! maynard is a god by the way. no encore, like usuall. even from the seats it was a mind blowin experience. believe me, i was scheming and planning on how to get to the floor, but i never got there, but that was actually ok for once. i dont ever mosh to tool anyway, i just get up in the mix and watch and try to absorb the whole feeling and message being relayed to the audience via distorted geetars and bashing drums and groove heavy riffs, and of course that beautiful voice. all in all a kick ass show, duh. tool is really and truely on a different and higher level than most of the world(esp. the music community). inspiration, actually, for those in this place we call reality to further ourselves to something else. a more clear, understanding, beautiful, utopian like reality. are you part of the elite? or the masses? i know where i you.................peace out ...robc

Review written by: Ryan Schwimmer ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 17:51:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hol-y mother of God, this was awesome. First of all, the setlist was: The Grudge Stinkfist Sober Parabola Schism Pushit Disposition Reflection Interlude Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Opiate Lateralis Anyway, one thing I will note is that they played Skinny Puppy while setting up after Tricky, who was a LOT better than I thought he would have been. Just thought that was worth noting. The Grudge got everyone moving, and Maynard looked AWESOME in the raggy clothing he was wearing at the beginning of the show. Of course, after Parabola, he took it off to reveal a black speedo, but that's not the point. I was really surprised to hear Sober, because I had read that they hadn't been playing it too often. I was also really surprised to not hear Ænima. Nonetheless, this show was the best night of my life, and I can't wait to see them again. Like someone said in a different show review, price doesn't matter, because I would have paid nearly anything I had to see what I saw. When Osseyus came out during the Interlude, It was awesome. Hanging from their feet and everything just awed me. Tricky came out and played with Tool during Opiate. It was alright. Let's just say it didn't TAKE AWAY anything from the song, though it didn't add much either. The added bridge and lyrics to Stinkfist were totally great, I loved them. One thing that stood out also was the guitar Maynard was playing. First of all, I didn't even know he played the guitar. Second, it didn't seem to have a tuning thing at the top of the guitar. I'm not too guitar- knowledged so I don't know what it's called. Also, here's my personal experience with what happened (Sorry, it includes a little of what I said earlier.): My TOOL experience: I arrived in the middle of Tricky's set, which surprised me. It was really good. Anyway, to the important part: Me, Michael, Adam, and Josh made our way up to about the 8th or 9th row of people in the pit and waited for Tool. Once they actually came on stage, the whole floor swayed every which way, making it incredibly hard to stand. Maynard came out in these raggy clothes -- it looked totally cool. They opened up with The Grudge which was soooo awesome. I fell over during that song about twice. It actually calmed down A TAD during the next few songs, Stinkfist, Sober, and Parabol/a was when it started getting a bit more rough, so I fell over and was helped back up again. After Parabola, Maynard came out in just a black speedo. Just thought I'd note that. Schism started, and Maynard was actually playing the guitar. First of all, I didn't even know he played the guitar. Second of all, it was a weird guitar -- there was just the shaft, no tuner-things. The contortionists from teh video were also out there. Anyway, during Schism, I fell over and this time was not helped up -- I got TRAMPLED. My knee got messed up really bad, but it's fine today. Anyway, I made my way to the back for Pushit, which was AWESOME live. Once Disposition and Reflection started, I inched my way back up. After Reflection, Adam Jones stayed out there by himself for about ten minutes playing a tune, it was slow, but it was great. By the time Reflection was over, I was incredibly close. There was one row of people in front of me, that's it. I had to hold my hands together about a foot away from my chest very tightly so I could have enough breathing room though. The pre-encore lasted not too long, because the contortionists from the Schism video started climbing wires up to the top of the screens set up. They proceeded to 'dance' in a way while hanging upside down for at least FIFTEEN MINUTES. It was unbelievable. Then, Danny Carey came out and started playing a little beat, followed by the drummer from Tricky, followed by Justin Chancellor, followed by Adam Smith, followed by Maynard playing his guitar. They jammed for about five more minutes or so and then stopped, leading into Eon Blue Apocalypse right into The Patient, which I think was the highlight of the show. After that, to my surprise, they played Opiate -- which got EVERYONE jumping up and down, making it even harder to stay where I was. Tricky guested on this one, it was really neat. After that, Maynard said that we should remember the feelings we're having tonight in the upcoming weeks, and that we should do something positive with them. He also said that we should "Be careful on your travels home, watch out for each other." Leading right into Lateralis, which was GREAT. After that, concert was over. All in all, I give this concert a 15 out of 10. That's all folks.

Review written by: Justin McVay ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 18:14:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 0 Tool show

Ok well first off, amazing, stimulating experience. Definilty taking concerts to a new level. Definitly a wonderful journey of body and mind. Maynards body movements reflecting his feelings on the moment. truly amazing site to see. i saw maynard from the front row when aperfectcircle opened for NIN in Dallas two Mays ago and he was a completly different maynard showing no movement or facial expressions. Not the case at this show. I don't know if anybody elese herd this but i think maynard may have messed up on the vocals at the biggining of one of the songs, e-mail me if you cought this,.

Review written by: Will ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 21:38:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Absolutely amazing show. I haven't seen Tool since Aug '98 when they were at the TNT building, the wait was well worth it. I can't even begin to fathom words to do the show justice, several parts during the show I found myself simply overcome with emotion, nearly at tears. I have never been overwhelmed with emotion like that. I work accross the street from the Myriad, during the workday I snuck out and over to the Myriad. I got to see the stage team setting up for the concert, rather cool I spent some extra time downstairs in the parking garage preparing myself for the onslaught and arrived about midway through the Tricky set. Tricky was pretty cool, but I couldn't immerse myself into their music, alas they put on an awesome set. I had GA tickets for the show and stood back about 5 heads from the barracades. From another reviewer, I now know what all the cheering from the crowd was between sets. I didn't know the Okies had it in them either, to organize and pull a Freedom Run. The guys came out one after another and took their places. The crowd went apeshit. Maynard came out in what looked something like a chewbaca sized jogging warmup suit, his face painted (or mask) black in a triange starting wide at top, slimming towards his chin. Next thing I know, I am overcome by The Grudge, then the crowd. Never before have I had such a difficult time maintaining my balance even when my entire body is supported from 250 different directions. Moshing and crowd sways became a problem as it detracted from my intentions, to become immersed by the power of Tool. Everyone has their way of expressing their emotions though, no harm done. The highlight of the night, for me, deffinetly had to be Disposition & Reflection. Especially at the end of Reflection when Adam played the last bar many times over. Some felt that this broke the flow of the concert, to me it is what made the show. During those few minutes, I experienced more emotion, feeling and stunning visuals than I have ever experienced on any substance. I swear I had a full body orgasm during Reflection's closing bars. Purely amazing. I printed off prior setlists from this leg of the tour and was expecting to hear other songs, hearing Sober and Opiate (specifically Opiate) complety floored and shocked me, I loved it! The tone of the show was much much different from that of the Aug 98 show. The band seemed to be much more of a cohesive unit. Im guessing that the events between Ænima and Lateralus brought an even tighter bond between already close brothers. Maynard showed such emotion during the show, moving wildly and yet methodically on every note he hit. I am still obviously having problems putting words to our experience. Following the show, I spent most of an hour in my truck in soemthing like a post-orgazmic state, attempting to absorb the past 4 hours. This show was by far the best I've ever seen, followed only by Tool '98 @ the Fair Grounds. I will be making a special trip to see them again and experience their sheer power. Absolutely stunning show guys.

Review written by: Colin ( Review posted on: 10/26/01 00:46:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I would just like to say that Tool gave such an inspiring and spiritual show the other night.It blew me away! The band gave such a perfect performance and I'd just like to thank them for giving me such a positive experiance that will last in my mind,spirit,soul,and heart forever. I plan to see them again but I don't know if they will come close to hear again.I'll keep my hopes up and see what goes down. Thanks a bunch guys. TOOL ROCKS!!!!

Review written by: Intolerant ( Review posted on: 10/26/01 13:59:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well I have to say I have been to many shows before, (including some of Pink Floyds) and i Have to say that this one ranks in the top 2 for me. (along with Floyd) I was kinda aprehensive at first knowing i was in OKC, (have seen some really bad shows here because of the "crowds") but in these rednecks defense i would have to say that they knew what was up!!! These people made the "event staff" look stupid!!! And i have to give BIG KUDOS to the chic that lost her shirt to the "staffer" while she rushed the floor, all alone i might add. Now on to the show....The setlist was very cool, opening with the grudge sent tremors thru this whole sleepy city, The crowd was syawing in ways i never thought possible without a few casualties (i saw none by the way) the visuals that were beamed out were mesmerizing and almost hipnotic. And let me tell you this, these guys were on, they never mised a beat a lick or a riff, they were dead on, and it was beutiful to behold. This was the first "lateralus" show for me and I tell you what the contorsenists should be getting much recognition. These people hung 50 feet of the ground upside down for 23 minutes(i was checking my watch) their arms outstretched to the left and right, and i dont know how many peple noticed but as they did this they cast an almost perfect shadow of 2 upsidedown crosses upon the view screens behind them. I do have one complaint tho, I was in the god damn beer line when sober came on and these two old ass mom types servin' beer just as slow as they could go( no worries they got no tip from me haha) Highlight of the show OPIATE, it has to be for all us old school tool fans. Man did I light up for this one!!!! and i think most the crowd did too. The last words that i have about this and what has been stuck in my head since the show (3 days ago, i just recoverd) is Danny Carry. This guy has got the biggest kit i have ever seen a dummer use. He also had a huge soundboard/computer next to him that looked like something NASA would use. He was so smooth and flawless, I know because i could see straight down on him and Maynard. And whats up with Maynard and that guitar, wow I did not know he even played, that was probably an even bigger surprise for me than the dynamic flexable duo. Anywayz be cool and listen too some of the things Maynard has to say on this new album......Maybe some of us can learn somethin.

Review written by: Merlin ( Review posted on: 10/30/01 11:01:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

This review is actually for the 10/18 Louisville KY Show. After reading the reviews posted I felt that I must tell the REAL story. I know That many fans will like to beat me dead after this review but it must be done. First off, Tool is incredable live, I have seen them many many times in Detrout but I have to say that the past show in KY was the weakest i Had ever seen them. There was a whole section in the middle of the show that I could have easily slept through. Why did they play the weak material from Lateralis? when they could have dome Aenima or Euolgy. Surprised they did not do sober but Im sure its tireing to do old songs night after night. The fans who reviewed this show have never seen tool obn a good night. This was not a good night for tool, to their credit, the crow was rather lame too. I had 9th row center seats and I still never saw maynards face. He just stayed in the back all night. On the positive, I was happy to see the Patient and Lateralus live . Toll is an increadable band but this particular night some of the energy was indeed missing, The musicianship was definately on but the set list was weak.

Review written by: justin burton ( Review posted on: 10/30/01 13:55:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

great crowd, great food for your head, and great music. they played opiate which was sweet. i saw them in st loius and kansas city before this one and enjoyed each show more than the one before(though all were awesome). there visual enhancements are awesome to behold while grooving to there songs. and the contortionists-whoa! I've decided tool is some sort of acid groove metal. all the great things i love about music is an element in tool's music. if you like them and haven't seen them, you've got to! the rest of you know what i'm talking about(maybe, sort of). I definetely like there new album a lot more after seeing what it's all about in person. definetely worth the five year wait. oh yes, and if you're into ingesting illegal hallucinogenic substances, this is a pretty good time to do so(not that i know about such things=) you'll be high whether you do or not though. great show. tool is ingenious beauty. go see them!

Review written by: J.R. Glover ( Review posted on: 10/30/01 15:12:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

This was the best of the four shows I have seen in the last 6 years. Tricky was an excellent opening act. The setlist was great. Maynard had his face painted and wore a speedo most of the show. See you all in New Orleans. J.R. GLover Skiatook, OK

Review written by: Jason Armstrong ( Review posted on: 10/30/01 16:51:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

All I can say is that God couldn't have put on a better show!!!

Review written by: Greg Carlet ( Review posted on: 10/31/01 02:42:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

THE BEST CONCERT I HAVE EVER BEEN TO! No lie...I will go to every Tool show that I can from now on. I have only recently become a Tool fan, but they are without a doubt my favorite band. Their show was just plain awesome. A very cool experience. Everyone needs to go to Tool concerts.