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Review written by: Kristian (
Review posted on: 10/25/01 02:12:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

The Set List: GRUDGE STINKFIST UNDERTOW PARABOLA EULOGY 5,39,19,4,15 SCHISM short jam DISPOSITION REFLECTION ------INTERLUDE-------- TRIAD THE PATIENT AENEMA LATERALUS I saw Tampa, Dallas you rock! I appreciate even more the entire tool tour members. Especially Video! I got to see the production that they all should all be proud of. Dallas had another great Tool show. I do enjoy Maynard's voice clean the best! Peace out..

Review written by: APC ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 02:24:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

What can I say, fucking amazing show. I had seats but I managed to get the wristband and get to the floor. The whole place was nuts. I mean people were moshing to "Patient" how cool is that? The special effects were amazing, unlike anything you've ever seen. This was by far my best concert ever. TOOL OWNS. Peace

Review written by: Doug Reagan ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 02:27:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. Fuck yeah!!!!! P.S. Allways remember to shit your bitch before you fuck her boobs out.

Review written by: Mike ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 02:31:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Set list is accurate, except they did play parabol. Dallas was great!! I flew to Chicago earlier this year to see TOOL at a small venue and it was unbeatable. The arena was pretty good though. It is nice to see that so many varities of people enjoy the art of TOOL. The crowd was pleasant and there were not too many frat rockers there. Maynard was good on guitar and his vocals were excellent tonight. We were lucky enought o haer Eulogy and the "goodbye" was perfect from Maynard. The rest of the band was on it too. Danny makes it look easy, and Adam hit every chord hard. Not too much from Justin except the usual great bass notes. There were alot of fans there who in my opinion did not belong, but it all went well once they hit the stage and everybody listened to the beauty of the band. Maynard did not say much at all! A big difference from previous shows I have seen them. I just wanted to thank TOOL for bringing so many people a new perspective on how to think for themselves and give them the best music at the same time. I am glad everybody here in Dallas got to see the band, not just Maynard. Thanks for a great night guys.

Review written by: Jeepster ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 02:39:08 ET

This was this reviewer's best Tool show

Ok, setlist already posted. Good, cuz I couldnt remember what it was anyway... so many songs!!! such a good thing!!! well, as my first tool show after being such a long tool listener for years, it was definately worth the wait! absolutely bad ass visuals and good selection of songs. (too bad nothing from opiate and only undertow from undertow, oh well) I had only one complaint, well, one-and-a-half.... well, two.... the first and only REAL complaint was "twiggy" or whatever the fuck their name is. THEY SUCK. Oh man, i'm so sick of the same old shit (play a bunch of power chords and talk real fast kinda "limp bizkit hip-hopish" type shit over and over again) God, I couldn't wait for the fuckers to get off. then the second one was just that on the sound, the vocals should've been turned up more and the snare on the drum too, but it wasnt Tool's fault. It still sounded good, I'm just a sound perfectionist and the other almost pissed me off.... that loooooonggg intermission when everyone left the stage except for adam then he leaves and everyone's like "what the fuck?" I WAS SO SCARED IT WAS OVER!! but those 2 "circus people" from the schism video came out and started doing this freaky shit on ropes and then they busted out with a song. BUT ALL THAT CRAP IS IRRELEVANT WHEN YOU HEAR/SEE/FEEL TOOL LIVE. AWESOME. go see tool, and if you're a new fan please - listen to the other albums, opiate and undertow they're just as good but different just like the other two. (it's amazing how many people looked confused and stopped singing when they played undertow while i was just chillin signin along) PS - here's an interesting concept if you sit at the bottom row of your section at a arena concert: SIT DOWN SO THE OTHER COUPLE THOUSAND PEOPLE BEHIND YOU CAN SIT DOWN AND CAN ENJOY THE SHOW!!!!

Review written by: michael ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 02:54:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

INCREDIBLE! I was at the rail the entire time, and this moron kept wanting to fight, and tried to kick me in the head..... anyways.... (many tool fans are idiots)... I was so, so happy when they played "eulogy" and "stinkfist"! I was so surprised! And "undertow"! I didn't think they'd play anything out of the ordinary.... Tricky was quite good, and I liked when their drummer helped with "Triad". Man! This had to be the best concert I have been to. wow....

Review written by: Brent Frishman ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 03:03:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

i thought this review would pretty simple to write, but im fucking at a loss of words. someone allready posted a correct setlist so ill leave that out. tricky was pretty fucking cool but i got too anxious for tool and kind of faded it out. ill probably end up purchasing one of their albums though. once they finished i made my way down to the floor and pushed my way about three people behind the rail. i chilled there until the gruge was so fucking un-believable, man. as much as love to get really fucking close to the rail, i got tired of having a constant pain in my side from motherfuckers pushing as hard as they can into me. so i retreated about twenty feet from the rail and found some space to dance and sing with the band. after that adam played a quick opener which lead right into stinkfist. like most of the shows lately, they added a bridge into the song, which i had never heard before. it was really fucking cool. next, to my surprise was undertow. i figured they wouldnt tap into anything befor aenima, but i thankfully i was wrong. im really gratefull to tool for playing both parobol and parobola tonight. i had read some reviews where they only played the second half of the song. ive really grown to like the "opener" and was pleased to hear the first bass notes hit. as much as i hate reunion arena, the sound tonight was very clear yet loud as hell. the highlight of the night came next......fucking eulogy, man. there was a bunch of noise then came maynards voice box thing. it took a few seconds to register what was about to come, but when it hit me, i felt chills all over my body. after eulogy came schism which was rather powerfull for such a dismal song (personal opinion).osseus labyrint was fucking incredible, man. they jamed for a few minutes after schism and then played disposition/reflection. maynard played guitar on all of these, as well as schism and triad.the interlude was decently quick. giving just enough time for osseus labyrint to get ready and crawl up the trapezes. triad was really fucking trippy with the visuals as well as the performance/body artists. after they finished and osseus labyrint left the stage they played the patient which was quite a surprise. in my opinion, this song is transfered alot better live than on the album. the bass just hits so fucking hard. aenema was really exciting cause by that time i had caught my second wind. i was sad to hear them start lateralus though. do to my loser nature, ive been reading these dam setlists for months and found lateralus to be the "closer" to all the shows. but what a fucking closer, man! i left this show so full of inspiration and fucking love for art, its fucking incredible. the screens, the lights, every fucking note was on key. it was by far the most incredible show ive ever seen besides tool in 98, and nails in 00.if you arent going to see a show this tour, your fucking retarded. and if you havent gone yet but are just reading reviews to get a clue what its going to be like, i hope this review helps you understand what a fucking incredible show your in for. if you can handle it, take some shrooms or acid right as tricky ends. besides my personal thanks to all of the band members: danny, adam, maynard, and justin, thats about it. im glad to see such beautiful fucking art/music can be presented in such a controlled and collaborative manner. this experience is such a big fucking inspiration in life. thanks again to the band. ill see you next time you visit dallas. later, man.

Review written by: mike ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 03:38:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

the setlist above is correct... tool was great. tool fans can be assholes. on my way in, i could tell that 50% of the people there thought that they where at an a perfect circle show and where expecting apc to play "hooker with a penis". if you're going to be a tool fan, you might as well listen to more than just ticks and leeches and sober. oh, and a big fuck you goes out to the people sitting behind us who left after aenema. nice one. tricky...tricky sucked the big one. the first song they played was the only one anywhere near being enjoyable. although, perry did do a good job with the extra percussion on "triad". but being a drummer myself i could tell he was just improvising. other than that, the show was great, i dont think any other band could ever top tonight. we managed to sneak in a couple of cameras (the security at reuinion its laughably bad...i could have probably gotten in an automatic weapon if i wanted to), i took my very last picture just as danny's arms where in the air before the last crash on "lateralis". tool is without a doubt the best band on the face of this planet.

Review written by: Devonn ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 04:08:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first time to see Tool, although I've been a fan for years. The sound, images, passion, his voice...they were all so beautiful and powerful. His voice turns on like no other. Images ranged from "trip" sorts where there is a lot of wild colors, swirling, images changing shapes. Then there were images that reminded me of Tool videos. Seemingly clay-mation with a drop of goth and a dash of morbidness to it. I loved it. There were also lots of nudity in the images, mostly of women. The two circus freaks were amazingly flexible. Dressed in what appeared to be a gold body suit, their ability to flex seemed inhuman, perhaps because most of us view it as inconceivable that our bodies can do those sorts of things. I thoroughly loved it when the two freak guys walked across the stage during one song. They were both walking on their hands and feet. Once again...freaky. There was one extremely long break, which practically wore on everyone's patience. I'm sure most of us thought it to be over, yet we all hoped not. And I was sitting around some wonderful Tool fans. I've attended a lot of concerts, and as each one passes, it seems to me that the audience is becoming more lethargic and less vocal. It's really a downer. I'm not sure if they are all stoned, or are all taking Prozac and really just don't give a damn. Either way, I want to say that the fans in section 234 around row E, they kicked ass! Their enthusiam exhilirated me. I always love watching the floor fans. Some day I will be down there, I promise! They repeatedly seemed to be enjoying the body surfing. I didn't really see a most pit though. A few were into it, but not many. Perhaps I wasn't viewing from the right spot or something. My biggest disappointment of the night was the fact that Maynard was not interactive with the crowd; in my opinion, he seemed quite cold to us. He never looked at us. He sang and spoke with his back to us, or to the side. And he stayed on a dark stage behind the guitarist all night. There was practically never a spot light on him. I didn't even get to see the wonderful face that possesses that passion and beauty in his voice. Perhaps I am completely wrong here, because it is my first Tool show. I have seen so many pictures of prior concerts, and have read so many reviews for those concerts...Maybe I expected too much from Maynard. In my eyes, when you don't face someone, there's something that you can't deal with about them. Does he hate Dallas? I have no idea. All I know is that when A Perfect Circle opened for NIN in Dallas, he proceeded with one side of the audience saying "Hee" and the other side saying "Ha" right afterwards. Okay, yeah, that is a bit funny...if you don't live in Texas! Perhaps I am overanalyzing here, but I took both instances as an insult. All I have to say is that if Maynard doesn't like Dallas or Texas, don't bring your fucking greedy ass here. The venue was packed! Practically sold out. Maybe that's what changed his mind. I have loved Tool and will continue to love Tool. They are so talented. I can almost feel the energy that they generate. Everything about them amazes me and makes me smile. Sorry Maynard, but I just wanted to see your beautiful face, and perhaps have given in to a small fantasy that all of us fans have....that you were looking directly at me for just a second. I haven't seen such an exhilirating concert since NIN came here. By the way, what is the progress on Tapeworm?

Review written by: Devonn ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 04:22:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first time to see Tool, although I've been a fan for years. The sound, images, passion, his voice...they were all so beautiful and powerful. His voice turns on like no other. Images ranged from "trip" sorts where there is a lot of wild colors, swirling, images changing shapes. Then there were images that reminded me of Tool videos. Seemingly clay-mation with a drop of goth and a dash of morbidness to it. I loved it. There were also lots of nudity in the images, mostly of women. The two circus freaks were amazingly flexible. Dressed in what appeared to be a gold body suit, their ability to flex seemed inhuman, perhaps because most of us view it as inconceivable that our bodies can do those sorts of things. I thoroughly loved it when the two freak guys walked across the stage during one song. They were both walking on their hands and feet. Once again...freaky. There was one extremely long break, which practically wore on everyone's patience. I'm sure most of us thought it to be over, yet we all hoped not. And I was sitting around some wonderful Tool fans. I've attended a lot of concerts, and as each one passes, it seems to me that the audience is becoming more lethargic and less vocal. It's really a downer. I'm not sure if they are all stoned, or are all taking Prozac and really just don't give a damn. Either way, I want to say that the fans in section 234 around row E, they kicked ass! Their enthusiam exhilirated me. I always love watching the floor fans. Some day I will be down there, I promise! They repeatedly seemed to be enjoying the body surfing. I didn't really see a most pit though. A few were into it, but not many. Perhaps I wasn't viewing from the right spot or something. My biggest disappointment of the night was the fact that Maynard was not interactive with the crowd; in my opinion, he seemed quite cold to us. He never looked at us. He sang and spoke with his back to us, or to the side. And he stayed on a dark stage behind the guitarist all night. There was practically never a spot light on him. I didn't even get to see the wonderful face that possesses that passion and beauty in his voice. Perhaps I am completely wrong here, because it is my first Tool show. I have seen so many pictures of prior concerts, and have read so many reviews for those concerts...Maybe I expected too much from Maynard. In my eyes, when you don't face someone, there's something that you can't deal with about them. Does he hate Dallas? I have no idea. All I know is that when A Perfect Circle opened for NIN in Dallas, he proceeded with one side of the audience saying "Hee" and the other side saying "Ha" right afterwards. Okay, yeah, that is a bit funny...if you don't live in Texas! Perhaps I am overanalyzing here, but I took both instances as an insult. All I have to say is that if Maynard doesn't like Dallas or Texas, don't bring your fucking greedy ass here. The venue was packed! Practically sold out. Maybe that's what changed his mind. I have loved Tool and will continue to love Tool. They are so talented. I can almost feel the energy that they generate. Everything about them amazes me and makes me smile. Sorry Maynard, but I just wanted to see your beautiful face, and perhaps have given in to a small fantasy that all of us fans have....that you were looking directly at me for just a second. I haven't seen such an exhilirating concert since NIN came here. By the way, what is the progress on Tapeworm?

Review written by: Lauren ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 08:55:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I think I may have punctured my liver, but it was all well worth it! That was the most incredible show I have ever seen. Those guys just make it look so easy! Tricky was actually ok. I didn't think he would be, and I'm not usually a fan of rap/rock, but it wasn't really that either. But I wasn't paying that much attention, I was more anxious to see tool. So when they came on stage and started The Grudge, everyone went totally nuts! Probably the best songs they played were Ænema, Eulogy and The Patient. And Lateralus was perfect to end the show! The only real thing I noticed that displeased me was that Maynard didn't really show us his face that much. He didn't talk very much either. But I could hear him sing loud and clear, so I really can't complain. His voice is even more amazing live. If you can- please, go see this show!!!

Review written by: Elevensoul ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 09:04:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

to everyone who seems to be in the dark about tricky, tricky is a he, not a they. and having been a big fan of his dark, envelope-pushing re-evaluation of hip-hop music for years, i can't believe he is getting such a poor response from reviewers on this sie! this was my 4th tricky show maybe it's got something to do with the times: the crowd for this show was just about the most laid-back and polite assembly of music fans i've ever seen. everyone seemed to want to feel a bit of unity, perhaps. maybe i'm getting old, but i really dug the vibe. you know, a cigarette-bumming, hit this joint and have a look through these binoculars-type vibe from a thoughtful, considerate crowd. i was so proud of dallas: the tame crowd is out of character. Tool was as incredible as ever.they surprised me by giving us eulogy, the patient and undertow. but i was upset that they left out pushit, my favorite song.. when i see tool live, the thing that always blows me away is how incredibly, unnaturaly tight these guys are to play in those intricate tribal rythmical compositions and bizzare time signatures. the bass and drums are the secret weapon of tool's aural onslaught.. the visusals were mostly loops of three-to-five second video clips, and, as always, managed to disturb and assault my mind. it seems as if the boys take into account the numbness of people due to "constant over-stimulation" and come with the most shocking images to pry open the audience's third eye. this time, sometimes gender-bending male and female nudity was used heavily, as well as beautifully entrancing mandalas and complex acid-trip designs. it's great to hear the new album, but i did find myself missing third-eye and pushit. i guess i should have payed more attention the last two times! the armageddon imagery of aenima followed by the "spiral out-keep going" message of lateralus is an expceptionally emotional and poignant pair of songs given our current social climate. anyway, the show is amazing, but it might throw you off if you aren't familiar with lataralus. maynard has the most powerful, and simutaneously beautiful voice in the industry. a wonderful set-list delivered with humbling sincerity and the most flawless execution this side of rush make tool the band to see these days. and to people reading this before going to see a show featuring tricky, please give him a chance. he's cool as shit. he's WAY out of his element in an arena. at a tricky club show, tricky smokes weed with his fans for a couple of hours before going on-stage.realize that he represents a completely unprecedented style of hip-hop music that forces a redefinition of the genre. tricky gave birth to what some critics call "trip-hop". offer him an open mind and, please, my fellow texans, don't be disrespectful towards him and embarrass our state. i bet he damn sure doesn't get booed in places lke LA where people are apperantly a little more on top of new things than we are here in the fucking bible belt. tricky has done for hip hop what tools has done for rock. if any tricky fans read this, please e-mail me or post your impressions of the show and a set list if you catch it. love is love

Review written by: Lee ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 09:52:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I was extemely amazed that the crowd at last nights show was completly in control, and did not make me embarrased to be a Tool fan. THANKS DALLAS!! The show was excellent! The Rev. has so much to say, and it is so loud. I took my girlfriend for her fist Tool experience, and she was not let down. Maynard and crew do their best work live. Let me take this time to say that if you don't go run out and buy tickets to this show you are missing out on some classic Tool.

Review written by: irishdeluxe ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 10:14:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I was happy to hear the long songs played on this tour, including 'Aenema', and 'Lateralus'. The show was almost two hours long, and the videos were the best - particularly good were the 'animated' videos (the ones with actors in them seemed to have less visual impact). I'm not sure the set list reviewer had it correct; this is what I wrote down: The Grudge Stinkfist Undertow The Patient Eulogy Schism Disposition Reflection Triad Parabola Aenema Lateralus Doug

Review written by: Adam Boyette ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 10:40:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

My fifth Tool show was excellent, but not as good as Red Rocks with King Crimson. Tricky was pretty good. They have an interesting sound. Thank the Lord they didn't have the Melvins opening for them this leg of the tour. I'm pretty certain this is the correct setlist: The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist Undertow Parabol Parabola Eulogy Schism (Osseus Labyrint wander around stage) Disposition Reflection Intermission (Osseus Labyrint climbing, hanging, contorting) Triad (w/ Kerry from Tricky) Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Ænema Lateralus Maynard didn't speak to us until after Triad, and then just to acknowledge Kerry's help during the song. Maynard also had his little guitar out again, most notably during Triad. Hearing Undertow was incredible. Seeing them play an older song out of the current rotation is a real treat. Eulogy was also a welcome surprise. I was afraid of them playing the same (or almost same) setlist as the Red Rocks show, but we actually got about as different a setlist as possible this tour. The middle of the show, where they drag our Reflection, then do the intermission, then come back with Triad, seemed so long. The crowd had a good energy going up to that point, but then they seemed listless. It ddn't get better with The Patient, either. It wasn't until Ænema that the crowd was really going again. Osseus Labyrint were pretty interesting, as well. They first came out during Schism, walking on all fours, doing the head-bob. Then they climbed up some wires during the intermission and hung upside down for 10 or 15 minutes. After the show, the band members did the hug, and Maynard was gone. Danny threw drum sticks and frisbees into the crowd. Justin threw water bottles. As they left, Adam waved to us, and Justin blew kisses to the audience. Tool fans are a rabid bunch, but it's nice to see the band's recognition. If you haven't been to a Tool show yet, go. I'll see you at the next one.

Review written by: Andy ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 10:56:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well, I must say that TOOL has done it again! This show was unbeilivable. The visuals, the sound, the crowd... all at there best! I started off rushing the stage but things got crazy quick! I glanced up and saw the two screens and decided I'd rather step back and check out the trip show above the stage. I am so glad I did. The stuff those guys come up with?!?! I have my own interpretations but I would really like to know what it all means to the members of TOOL. I have never heard a band sound so clean! It was very very loud... like it should be. No distortion or feedback. The contortionists were unreal! How can anybody hang upside down for so long? It almost made me dizzy just watching. It is cool to see that TOOL supports and tries to expose people to other art forms like that. I have read other reviews where people bitch about the negatives of the show. Hell every show will have them but you can't get hung-up on them. Concentrate on the positives people! I can't wait for TOOL to come back... I will definitely be there! Until next time, Andy

Review written by: ryan ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 11:15:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Amazing,simply amazing. to start off,tricky was pretty wasn't exactly what i normally listen to,but they were pretty they had alot of feeling behind it which is what really counts. tool completly blew me away.their were unbelievable in every aspect possiable.the music was perfect,every note was exact, precise and heartfelt.the visuals that went with each song were great and me the coolist part of the show was, that maynard hid in the back where you could only see his outline,as to let the music speak for itself.the band didnt let their egos get in the way of their art.that's what seperates tool from other arena rock groups,is that they are pashionate about their art more than their noteriety. all in all,i was not dissapointed in the least bit,it was well worth the money.tool played for about an hour and a half to two's hard to find the words to describe or sum up this spiritual event.but if forced to,i would say,inspiring,uplifting,spiritual art.truely beautiful.

Review written by: Kurt Shriner ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 11:42:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The last Tool show I saw was too long ago, December 3rd, 1996 at the Capitol Ballroom. This concert was better because I had better seats and therefore could experience it -- unlike the last one where it was standing room only with an average height of 6'2" and I am 5'6". I sat in sec. 104 which was a side view, I saw everything. I loved how the whole band kept within a square, with JC & AJ playing in front and DC and MJK in the back. MJK mostly faced into the screen behind him, writhing and stomping his feet to the music. I liked how they had respect for the music, each player had an equal share, an equal part and no one was superior nor deserving of the majority of the attention -- just concentrate on making good music. Someone mentioned earlier that MJK took a guitar but they didn't notice him playing. I paid close attention and saw (and heard) that he did, especially during Disposition/Reflection, and Schism. He also contributed to the little interlude in between Reflection and triad, he was kneeling on the ground doing something that I couldn't tell what it was, it could have been some sort of synth. He looked great too, dressed all in black with killer looking boots. He was totally into the concert, it didn't look like his mind was anywhere but within the music. DC was outrageous. He had a bit of a drum solo at the end of Undertow, and he broke one of his sticks and it flew 20 feet in the air -- simply amazing. He was also awesome on some of the harder pieces, such as Triad which has a pretty tricky part, plus Lateralus which has (I believe) either a 5/8 or 3/8 time. He is precision -- best drummer I know of. AJ and JC were phenomenal. They created sounds unheard of, and they mastered LOUD and soft. All of them produced perfection. I especially liked how they all got down on the floor during Disposition (I think thats the one), as if they were meditating or something -- conserving their strength. Regarding Tricky: I have a few of his albums, and I was impressed with his music. He is evolving, into new things and ideas. Lots of energy. The fans were psycho. Although I cannot read peoples thoughts and feelings, their outward appearance was, on the whole, not respectful of the music. They were obnoxious and rowdy, and I don't think that they understand what Tool is all about. Tool are power, energy, balance and trancendental. They are the perfect band, the best band, my favorite band ever. If they read this, thank you. I have enjoyed the experience that we shared. I will do something positive with it.

Review written by: Bort ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 12:10:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

No amount of words can describe Tool in concert. All i can say is thank you Danny, Adam, Justin, and Maynard. And these people need to quit calling osseus labyrint fucking "circus freaks"

Review written by: Reviewer (Id rather keep it to myself) Review posted on: 10/25/01 12:26:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

A great show no doubt. I am familiar with Tricky because of my trip hop/acid jazz phase I went through and I still enjoy that music. They put on a good show and I thought that they were a very nice opener. I saw the band members passing a joint around so I thought maybe I should try it to, so in between sets I did which just enhanced the whole feel so much more. I started out against the barracade directly in front of Adam but I slowly moved to the left a bit, I tried not to lose sight of any band members and I succeeded in this task thankfully. The visuals were excellent I had a hard time watching the band and not them I would kind of get stuck in phases where I would watch either the screens or Adam. Adam had a sampler hooked up to his rig he seemed to use it on a few songs most noteably the intro to Eulogy which was one of the best songs of the night. To the reviewer who though that Osseus Labyrinth wore gold body suits, well close, they just had on silver body paint with nothing else. They were amazing simply put. For Parabol alot of people did the lighter thing which was pretty cool I thought. As you looked around there were little clumps of lighters in the blackness. Danny was perfect though I never heard him hit that gong behind him. Justin was awesome as usual. Though he looks kinda like Kenny G now with his new hair style. Maynard was wearing some sort of face paint and as usual delivered a performance not soon to be forgotten. As the show ended they did the group hug thing Danny threw som sticks and drum heads into the crow. Justin threw a water bottle or 2 in. Maynard and Adam just waved. The crowd was reasonably placid which I like, as Id rather hear the band rather than the screams of the fans. At first it was easy to just sit there and get lost in the music and visuals but I had to start focusing on keeping my place on the barracade towards the latter half. Overall an excellent show and one not to be forgotten as all good shows are.

Review written by: Patrick ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 12:27:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I've been listening to Tool for about 6 yrs, but had been unable to make it to a show yet. Last night was a very good experience. Tool has a power that is unique, and yet the control to make it effective. Every moment was new, and the intensity didn't drop. I was surprised to see maynard playing guitar. I assumed he probably played alittle, but he was good enough to perform. They are definitely all capable performers. I really enjoyed the dancers from odesseus labyrint, very cool. The two mandalas were very interesting, and placed well. Whoever is responsible for constructing the video imaging has my awe. I found myself wishing that the crowd would shut the hell up and sit down though, i dont think people realize what they are missing. I am grateful that I got to see Tool and that they played Lateralus. Hopefully Tool will continue to excersize thier gifts for years to come; I know I will be listening.

Review written by: pimpernel ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 13:00:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

yeah, it was my first TOOL concert, but it sure as hell will not be the last now. seeing them remove the cloak off of the drumkit and off the back drops, i realized it was really gonna happen. TOOL was gonna be onstage in a matter of minutes. tricky, really very good as an opening act, was actually a surprise, even though it had been posted on toolshed. the local paper had the melvins listed as the opening act, but it appears that our boy kabir came through with the real info. the set TOOL played was utterly jaw droping. my 40 something mother didnt take the binoculars off her face once maynard appeared on stage, she gazed at him transfixed the entire concert. watching the people from the schism video up on stage during that song and then once again on triad was a very interesting spectacle to behold, very limber people. but the music, at moments trancelike, was hands down the best thing about the nite. i cant wait until the next one.

Review written by: Chino ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 13:15:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Setlist: Grudge Ions Stinkfist(extra verse) Undertow Parabol Parabola Schism Eulogy Intermission Triad Reflection Disposition Aenima Lateralus First show for me and I will repeat what the others say that it was amazing. When the lights dimmed I thought I literally was going to have a heart attack. They weren't selling beer which kinda sucked but the music numbed me. Tricky was cool. I was expecting him to play what I am more used to from him but it seems he has made his shows harder for the Tool tour. Yet I wish that Tool played more from Undertow or even one from Opiate I understand the set is 2hrs and 10min and they can't play everything. Eulogy was a pleasant suprise and the images throughout the whole show was amazing. They are technical masters at their instruments but somewhere deep inside I wished Maynard would be more insane on stage. He looks like a mysterious batman villan. He is still enchanting and he moved like a tribal dance. All he said was, " I hope something positive comes from this". Well my life is better now that I have experinced Live.

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 13:38:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Amazing. Tricky was actually quite entertaining. I was pleasantly surprised. Once Tool started, though, I made my way out of the pit so I could actually WATCH the show. I was probably 15 yards from the stage, and had a pretty decent view. Highlights of the show: ----> Triad. The drumming was amazing, and there was so many different things to watch at once that it was overwhelming. ----> Undertow. A big surprise. A bigger surprise was that everyone knew the words. Hearing 30 thousand or so people yelling "SHUT UP" was pretty neat. ----> Disposition/Reflection. My favorite 18 minutes of music ever. Maynard had blue face paint, but I couldn't see it until the lights came on after the show. Whoever the guy was before the show that said he wanted "Eulogy", it was your lucky day. Amazing.

Review written by: Tool Master Zero ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 13:40:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

My first tool concert and I'm hooked. I'm a seasoned veteran of other large name bands and caught APC when they opened for Nails. That convinced it for me. I have to see Tool. It was everything I hoped for. mjk was pretty much as I expected - introverted as hell but nevertheless gave a great performance, especially during opening and closing (Grudge/Lateralus). The freaky hanging dudes were a sight to be seen as were those guys walking on the floor during schism. Only downside was the hideously long intermission of 5 notes. I wasn't a big fan of Mantra either as it droned on and on. I would have liked to a little more Undertow or Aenima selection - but then again - I should have gone to those tours for those songs. Probably one of the best shows I've seen all year.

Review written by: Tricky The Clown ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 13:46:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

About nine years ago, I first saw these guys open up for Henry Rollins at Trees. I wasn't impressed. Ironic how I didn't think much of them then, but how they have so impacted my life today. Thanks to these guys, I've seen places I'd probably never would have gone to, met people whom now I don't think I could live without. Thanks, guys. I never thought I'd ever see the boys play Reunion. It's not that I don't wish the band success or anything. I feel the guys deserve everything they are getting. It's just I remember Reunion Arena's 1980's history of Glam Rock gaudiness. Arena shows create a distance between the band and the audience. They make icons out of the performers and herds out of the fans. But that's not Tool's fault. Nor is it Tool's responsibility to avoid venues where Skid Row, Poison, and Warrant played. Ah well, I'll get over it. Let me begin by addressing Tricky. I love this guy. Always have. This was the third time I've seen Tricky and his band. Sadly, this is not the venue nor the audience for his stuff. When Tricky took the stage, there were maybe 2,000 of the 13,000 people in attendance. Tricky's resulting sound was boomy; all bass, all mud, no clarity. THAT IS NOT NORMAL. If we were in, say Deep Ellum Live with 900 people, the sound would have been so much better. Too much echo in a scarcely populated sports arena does not make for a good mix. Tricky played a harder set than what is normal for his stuff. But what do you expect? Slow spacey grooves aren't gonna win this crowd's approval. The guy deserves more credit than what he's getting. He was watching the crowd very closely and changed gears when things weren't going right. There were two songs "Overcome" and "Black Steel" that were started and then ditched to move things into a different direction. The crowd, I must say, was somewhat kind to them. Tricky did a great job considering the situation they were in. I know if he was playing at a smaller venue with people who are into his stuff, it would have been a much different story. Oh and before I close this, Tricky's not rap music. Anyone who smears the guy obviously has a closed mind. And now onto Tool... This was the second time I have seen Tool on this particular tour. I went in already knowing what songs were going to be played. I tried not to let that spoil the evening. Typical Grudge opener followed with a mini snippet of -Ions and into Stinkfist. I've heard the live Stinkfist so many times that the extra section in the middle doesn't phase me. I do, however, get a kick out of watching those around me who don't know it's coming. So many people looking around with "WTF?!? This isn't on the CD!" written all over their faces. It's funny. It's a hoot. But I have to admit, it's starting to get old now. And right when they have been playing 46&2 we get... Undertow! Thanks guys!!! This was a great place to put this song. My mood had changed at this point. I was already happy to be there, but now much happier knowing I wouldn't be seeing the exact same setlist as I have seen before. It was sometime during Parabol that people started sitting down. How ironic. What wrong with you people? You are in the presence of live Tool. They don't play here everyday ya know. Why do you want to sit down? I don't get it. So to avoid "bothering" people, I moved from my seat. I went over one section where people were still having a good time... in the standing, upright, moving, LIVING position mind you. Gotta love Parabola. There's that message of being alive and realizing it. Too bad a lot of people haven't realized this yet. Ah well, this too I will get over. tap tap tap tap... tap tap tap tap... What is this? Eulogy? Ah yes! Another song that I didn't hear played at the other show. Having heard this song so many times live, I always look forward to the "Good Bye" part. I like to see how Maynard attempts to pull off the note. And yes, he hit the pitch.... AND held it out to the right length. And now to a topic that I'm sure has to be discussed on AMT. If it isn't, what do you guys talk about? I'm convinced Maynard's guitar does nothing but draw strange looks from the audience. I spent a good amount of time watching him during Schism, Disposition, Reflection, and Triad and his Steinberger guitar doesn't appear to even be plugged into anything. At first I thought perhaps he was playing the synth sounds during these songs, but he isn't. Adam is doing all that with a midi-keyboard on the floor. So, Maynard I am calling you out. Your guitar playing is a prop! You are not really playing guitar on stage are you? Here's a part of the show I really enjoy: the ending to Reflection. I really do like it that Adam plays this on and on forever. It makes people uncomfortable. They don't know how to deal with a performer who says "It's my stage, I'll do whatever I want while I'm up here." I like how the audience figures that if they start cheering then he'll stop it. Not so! The audience tried this three times last night. Guys, listen, Adam's just gonna keep playing until he's finished. You should be glad that you have him standing in front of you. Oh wait, you people wanna sit down and be catered to. Sorry, I forgot where I was for a second there. The highpoint of the show was the drum jam that let into Triad. That was IT. That was everything I needed. Everything and more. Primal rhythms, driving bass and guitar churning away, and... Maynard convulsing. Seeing this performed live completed the evening. I knew from how long they played this one, the end of the show would be coming soon. The Patient... Ah yet another nice surprise as this too was not performed at the show I saw in Madison. It was also the song I *thought* I wanted to hear the most. (Triad changed all that) I had a feeling the band was trying to wrap up the show because The Patient DID NOT have the Eon Blue Apocalypse intro. Lateralus was being played and there were a few people beginning to stand back up. I wanted to just hold up a sign that read "HEY DALLAS - AFTER THIS IT IS ALL OVER - STAND UP AND ENJOY THE LAST FEW MINUTES." But then, it was over. The band regrouped to the middle of the stage, had their hug and left. Thanks, Tool. Good bye. Overall, I enjoyed this show quite a bit more than the previous one in September. The change of setlist is great. I hope we come to a time where Tool takes the stage without a setlist and performs whatever songs seem to fit at that moment. I think it's coming. These guys can pull it off. I think it's great that they do a show and not play all the radio singles. Even though it was in a bigger venue and I was farther away than I've ever been for a Tool show, I still felt that "thing" that I do when I see these guys. I'm looking forward to show number 11, who knows where that one may be. TRICKYTHECLOWN

Review written by: vaesper ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 14:24:30 ET

This was this reviewer's Tool show

trikcy is the biggest treat that this tour has to offer....he is absolutely amazing....even more original than tool...this should have been a coheadlining like what was done with king crimson......trikcy is absolutely amazing, and it is very unfortunate if you are too ignorant to even give him a chance an arena definately isnt the best place to experience him, but he was still incredible.....if he had tool's equipment and sound techs, then he would definately make some people second guess who they paid $40 to see biggest complaint about the tour would definately be that tricky was cut short, he shoudl have played for much longer

Review written by: me ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 16:34:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

AMAZING SHOW! If anyone recorded this, PLEASE contact me! I would really, really like a copy! Thank you!

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 16:38:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Euphoria. That is the best way to describer the culmination of emotions that occured in Reunion Arena for me last night. I have seen an abundance of great live shows in my lifetime, and no band has ever intertwined audio, visuals, and the power of music better than Tool. Osseus Labryint was the most surreal visual I have ever experienced. It was a treat to hear Undertow, and Eulogy, Disposition/Reflection, and AEnema were my favorites from last night. I had a strong desire to hear "H" last night, but I wouldn't dare to complain.. I have seen over 100 live shows, and it was one of the best experiences in live music I've ever had. Adam Jones was incredible....he pours out emotion/melody/beautiful music out of his guitar while remaining expressionless and totally focused on the tight verses of each song. Danny Carey ranks as one of the best drummers in the world, hands-down. MNK has a stage- presence that is almost God-Like. Tool has revolutionized the way to present music as an artform. Two things to mention for fans attending upcoming shows: 1) Tricky: I have an appreciation for every genre of music, and I can tell you that Tricky was not a talented band. This is redundant based on previous entries, but this band reminded me of a Fishbone/Living Colour/Limp Bizkit combination that failed miserably. I gained an ounce of respect for the band when their drummer played with Tool during Triad. Maybe each member has some talent, but the end result misses the target completely. 2) The Mosh Pit at Reunion: Tool is an art that needs to be visualized and experienced. It doesn't make sense to me that every stoned, fucked-up college kid and barbarian feels that "throwing forearms into people's heads" is a sign of respect for this great band. These are all of the people who wrote...."great show, too fucked up to remember, go Tool!!!" or something that mundane. I was disappointed about a portion of the floor crowd, but the audience was outstanding. I never felt that I could appreciate this band more until I saw them live. Tool is euphoric.

Review written by: Amanda ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 16:48:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

The show in Dallas kicked so much ass!!! This was my first Tool concert and I wish they toured more often! The effects were awesome, incorportating parts of the music videos, and they had people doing the animal like thing in the schism video on stage performing during the song. It was an amazing show and I feel sorry for those who didn't get to see it!

Review written by: SeaN ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 16:54:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Wow... TooL is unbelieveble live. The only thing I disagreed with at the concert (nothing to do with TooL's performance), is the idiots next to me boo'ing TooL because of the intermission, and triad... did they know what concert they were going to or accidently show up there? ITS TOOL! NOT SOME BAND REGURGITATING MEANINGLESS LYRICS BEHIND A SCREEN OF BASS AND POWER CHORDS. Christ, if they wanted to hear that shit, why dont they stick to Limp Biskit, Kid rock, or some other meaningless, no talent band. Besides all the ass holes, the concert kicked ass. When they strayed from the song and started just jamming before wrapping it up, it gave TooL a lot more personality, and gave the concert a unique feeling... no wonder they're TooL! Watching them work was a whole new experience in its own. After seeing the concert i realized, you dont know TooL until you see/hear them live. P.S.- Thanks to TooL for showing me a unique and inspiring perspective.. it has greatly influenced and helped me form my artistic concepts.

Review written by: nymph7001 ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 17:59:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The guest appearances of the Schism video people made the show amazing. The tricks they could do and the art they brought to the show was fantastic. The pit crowd was a little too rowdy--I'd perferre if everyone just sat down, shup up, and enjoyed the fact that TOOL was in the room. Guest dumming by Tricky's drummer made me appreciate his talent and versitility. Maynard sang with his back to the audience most of the time, however, and that was disappointing, but over all, it was an awesome show!!

Review written by: ryan ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 18:26:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

so the setlist has been posted, but i don't think anyone's got it perfect... this is my take on it: the grudge (-) ions (very brief) stinkfist undertow eulogy schism parabol parabola disposition reflection triad eon blue apocolypse (almost) the patient aenema lateralus (with intro) the show was an absolutely beautiful experience. the image of the two members of osseus labyrint latching onto each other so quickly and not letting go for so long will never leave my mind. it was the most beautiful thing i've seen in a long, long time. i felt the other high point of the show was the "i'm praying for rain" segment of Aenema, as well as the whole of Lateralus, perfect song to end on. i was surprised to see everyone in the band, except maynard, stay on stage so long afterward. maynard made his exit quickly, but danny, adam, and justin stayed and waved and threw misc items into the crowd. it seemed like they really appreciated everyone's support. i felt they gave a nice goodbye. overall the show was amazing, i have more respect for Tool than any of my other favorite bands. they are amazing musicians, and true visionaries. they put on a no bullshit show that everyone should see at least once. October 24th 2001, i'll never forget. spiral out... keep going...

Review written by: Michael ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 19:02:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st! Tool show

I had really crappy seats, the lighting was too dim, the place was full of stupid people, but this was definately the best show I have ever seen. I got there and there was this huge ass line that took about 45 minutes to get through. This was the entrance line. The security was so tight that I didn't even bother trying to sneak to the floor (which, by the way, looked about half why were so many of us sitting in the balcony?). Once I get through all the security, I hear Tricky playing. I didn't know what to expect of him before the concert. I thought he would suck. I was definately wrong. That was really really cool stuff. Though I would've been happier if the Fantomas opened, I loved his performance. Something I would like to know is why there were so many people in Pantera shirts. It seemed like if you weren't wearing a Tool shirt, you just thought it was a Pantera concert. Ugh... Man, Tool had the most brilliant way of coming on. We were sitting there, watching and following some person as they walk along on the floor just for fun, and then the lights just shut up...and the Lateralus eyes apear on the moniters. The crowd goes nuts. Then they leave us to wait about 5 minutes before kicking into The Grudge. That really pumped us all up. They played Undertow, which was a nice little treat for me. Eulogy was awesome. But what really made the crowd go absolutely nuts was Ænema. From the first whisper of "hey", everybody just freaked out. It was great to hear that. What I thought was funny was that Maynard tells us "Thank you. I hope we've inspired you to do something positive." right after singing a song about hoping armageddon comes soon. I don't know whether anybody noticed that. Oh yeah, Maynard was in front of one of the moniters and we could just see his shadow. He was doing ju-jitsu, or whatever that is he does, throughout the whole show. It was pretty neat. Adam just stood in one place the whole time. After disposition the whole band had gone off stage except Adam, and maybe either took a shower, played video games, or had a snack while Adam played the same riff about 200 times. That really must take a lot of talent to play the same riff again and again for such a long time because I know that if I play something like that, I'll just get bored after a while. He could have used a delay pedal and just looped it, but maybe he was just doing that because the rest of the band had to take a bathroom break. Does anyone know what Adam was doing when he took something from somebody on the floor or something? Dammit, I wanted to be on the floor...oh well, there's always next time.

Review written by: Just an average fan ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 19:51:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

One of the best shows of my life!! Tricky was a great opening band, a peculiar array of singers though. The little guy was like a ball of energy. When the lights went out for Tool things really started to hurt. People were really trying hard to get to the front, the most determined crowd I've ever been involved with. Pretty insane crowd in the pit, almost couldn't even breathe. Killer Grudge, followed by a just-as-killer Stinkfist. AND we got Eulogy! I was hoping for Hooker With A Penis, even though they haven't played it at all this tour, but my dissapointment was well made up for when i started hearing a few songs off Undertow. Crazy schism people, too. LOTS of nudity. I loved the show as I'm sure everyone else who went did. Aenema rocked as well, the crowd was jumping with Maynard changing up some of the "fuck you's". In Stinkfist There was a little interlude thing before the "Smile, keep digging" part. Right after intermission Danny and the drummer from Tricky came out alone and went nuts. It was wild. The only time Maynard talked to the crowd was when he said something along the lines of "I hope this moment we've shared will inspire you to create something positive." Smile. Keep rocking.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/25/01 20:32:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

First and foremost, gotta give a huge THANKS to Kabir for runnin this site and keeping it going through all the hacker shit. Now, about the show at Reunion; please please please, next time you come to Dallas, don't play Reunion. The sound was good and all, but you don't get to experience as much as you could if you were in a smaller venue, and I know you've heard all this whining before, but you need to take notice. Well, the show was incredible(like I needed to say that) and the opening band was not all that bad, but I don't think they should be opening for TOOL because it's just not anything close to the kind of music they provide. The drummer was pretty incredible though. I was extremely surprised to look down at my watch at the end of the show and realize that TOOL were onstage for over 2 hours!! The last show I went to in 98 at Fairpark was only about an hour and a half, so I was hella happy! It really doesn't matter how many reviews you read or people you talk to about the show prior to seeing it because all those preconceptions will fade as soon as they drop the lights and take the stage, they make their own show for you and you take what you want from it. The crowd was VERY laid back, and rightly should have been, this is no longer a band to "mosh" to, the music is so much more and special to LISTEN to and create something out of it. They have all that wonderful visualization equipment there for a reason, so that you watch it, become transfixed, forget about things, be something different for a couple of hours, instead of slamming into people and trying to cause pain and make everyone uncomfortable and fuck up other people's experience. Thank you Dallas for understanding what and who TOOL is. We were given something special last night, we were surprised and treated like a crowd who deserved to see TOOL and for that, I thank you. All members were flawless, every note, beat, and sound was performed expertly which is still and probably for a long time will be amazing to me. The world is a POSITIVE place with TOOL in it, hopefully all will realize this one day.

Review written by: Chris (whats that?) Review posted on: 10/25/01 21:16:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist.

Review written by: Chris (whats that?) Review posted on: 10/25/01 21:28:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

fuckin a. enter buttons suck nowadays. But hey. The concert last night fuckin ruled. It was well worth my money. Tricky was a great opening act. I would have prefered to understand what he was singing though, but his bass and music was great. His drummer was pretty damn good too. When TOOL went on stage, it was like my life had just been completed. The Grudge was awesome. Hell, all the songs were awesome. The bass in Schism sounded great and the guys walking across the stage were tight. Osseus Labyrint kicked ass. It was definitely a highlight of the show. The people that were hanging were upside down for like 20 minutes. The drummer from Tricky went on stage and played too. The background shit was tight. Aenima was great. Nice hard shit followed by Lateralus, which is my favorite song off that CD. After Lateralus, the band was throwing a couple of frisbees into the crowd. The only bad part about it was that one of the people that went with me had his head on his head for the last two songs. I fuckin made fun of him and said he isn't a TOOL fan and should never have gone to the show. But I guess the concert is for posers as well anyway. Maynard is my idol and Danny Carey just fuckin kicks ass.

Review written by: Mike (Brown) Review posted on: 10/26/01 10:12:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

By far the best TOOL show I've ever seen. Thanks guys.

Review written by: Hector C. Davis ( Review posted on: 10/26/01 10:49:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I would have to say that the sound production was unbelievable. It was hard to believe that the four men on stage were responsible for the full-on assault my senses felt. The sound was a little muddy at first, but it didn't take the techs long to get it balanced out. This was by far the best show I have yet to experience - except for one thing... My wife is only 5'2" tall, and we had floor tickets. Every time someone in front of us was kind enough to give her room to see, some young, punk-ass bitch who was tall enough to see from anywhere in the arena would step in front of us and smile like he just found his peter for the first time. I just have this to say to all of you who don't know how to behave and give al little respect to your elders - "grow the F*CK UP!!! Give other people a chance to enjoy the show, too!" I'm all about having a good time, but jesus, people!! OK. Enough ranting... We ended up by the sound booth, where you could at least get some air conditiioning, and if you split the difference between the main speakers hanging from the ceiling, you could get the full effect of the sound production. There were also a lot of other couples and individuals in that area who were there to reflect on the show, not act lke an idiot. (there I go again...) It seemed as though Maynard was melancholy. Especially during Schism. I'd like to know the personal significance of the song to him. It's origins and so forth... The whole mood of the band seemed somewhat sad. It didn't affect their music any that I could tell, but I really felt like they were tired of seeing the same old shit (*idiotic fans), show after show. They want their fans to think for themselves, but it seemed that everyone there was waiting for Maynard to give a sermon or shed some kind of cosmic light on them. WAKE UP people. Take it for face value. It is an experience for you to have and hold and build off of. Let your inhibitions down, let your mind wander, feel the sound - don't just listen to it. It speaks on all levels. This is music for the thinking man. I probably spent more time reflecting inward upon myself during the show than anything else. When it was all said and done, I could only remember a couple of songs that were played, and was totally at a loss for words about the show. All my wife and I could do was look at each other. Our eyes said it all... UNBELIEVABLE PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Anyway, let me just finish by saying that the experience was theraputic. It just sucks that so many of you have to be idiots and ruin the experience for those who are there for a reason. Hec

Review written by: Michael ( Review posted on: 10/26/01 18:17:33 ET

This was this reviewer's argh Tool show

I should have mentioned this in my review a little while back: During Ænema, Maynard fucked up and sand "Fuck retro anything fuck your tattooes fuck all you junkies and fuck your short memory" before he sang the "Fuck L. Ron Hubbard" part... I would also like to express how much I loved the combination of "Lateralis" and the video of the spiral and the eye at the end. That was such a beautifull combination, it gave me chills. Fuck all those rednecks I had to put up with in the line saying "Yeah, we should kill all the sand niggers". I can't stand racism in any case. I have to put up with people who insult me for being hispanic, and I hope you rednecks choke. I can't believe such stupid people would attend a Tool show. I think there needs to be rules to get into a Tool show. They should not let people with an IQ less than George W. Bush's (which happens to be 91) attend.

Review written by: GOD OF TOOL (GOD@AOL.COM) Review posted on: 10/26/01 20:26:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 38th Tool show

TOOL is just totally absoloutly amazing. I have been to almost every show on this arena tour. I missed only a few so I am very tired but I am going to finish the tour. My fav. show was the BIRMINGHAM AL. show because is was raining. It made for a very sereal environment. rain is perfect for a TOOL show. This show along with all the others was great though. I usually get to chat with the band after every show. They know that I come to every show so they respect me for that. Well I guess I will see ya in SAN ANTONIO TEX. sure to be another great TOOL performance. Oh, for you all wondering how I can go to all the shows, I won 1.2 million dollers in the FLORIDA lottery. lifes great with TOOL. P.S. maynard is GOD. REALLY he is.

Review written by: Aaron C (private) Review posted on: 10/27/01 15:58:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I am without words..... Nothing I can say could even come close to what I experienced at this show. I got there 30 minutes before Tricky even came on. I was on the floor and I saw everyone sitting down. When Tricky came on, the first two songs were good. Then it got plain old and boring hearing the same stuff over and over. They finally left and once you hear the fist glimpse of actual TooL music hit, we all rushed. It was great. I was thinking "Wow. I get to see them live!" Like many others, I was confused when they played Undertow. I did not know what they were playing at the time. I did know it was Undertow when the visual showed the image. Then I began to think "Opiate would be awsome." But they did not play it. Not to complain, I went on watching. Parabol/Parabola was just amazing. Desposition/Reflection was great. Reflection took a second to end, but was still good. Triad was unbelievable. I was in awwwww while it was played. Once AEnima came everyone went nuts. It was....cannot even say. I was singing along with Manyard, enjoying. Then the band huddles around the drumset and if I can remember......Manyard says "We hope we have insprired to do something positive tonite." And then I heard the beginning to Laterlus. It was incredible. The video went well with the song. When they ended, I felt like I had even more respect for TooL. I never knew they were so good live, and I found out why no one could really tell me what it was like. It is something you have to experience for yourself. And I must say, I was impressed. I cannot wait till they come back. Here is what I think were the best PLAYED song: Stinkfist. Best Video: A tie....Reflection/Laterlus. ...mention this to me

Review written by: Steve Phillips ( Review posted on: 10/28/01 01:00:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

This concert in Dallas was great. I do not want to set here and say it is the best Tool show that I have seen. That would be totally subjective. Every Tool concert is the best Tool concert. They bring something new and refreshing to the table every time they play for a gathering of their fans. Sure it may be the same as the show from the night before, but the feeling that come from behind that expression from the band is always genuine and sincere. And you can feel that at a Tool concert. I am exhausted of reading reviews that say that the band didn't seem into it or that Maynard didn't say much. Who cares? If you are going to a Tool concert to hear someone speak, maybe you should reevaluate your reasonsor even your presence. Anyway, like I said, the concert was completely above expectations. They took us all for a ride from which we never like to get off. They held our proverbial hands and when the right moment came, let us go into a winding freefall not knowing if we would land feet first. But we did. Then we did it all over again. I just want to thank tool for sharing their art with us and giving us a chance to feel a feeling of freedom and confinement that only they can create and control. They work. They work hard. They do it for the fans. They do it for us. Thank you.

Review written by: Acidstud ( Review posted on: 10/28/01 19:02:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

So there i was on the begining of an odessye the like of witch i will mostlikly never get to see again. NO work for the rest of the week only a tool voyage that would change my reality. Dallas show was so awsome so much more than the red rocks show that i had seen before. ther was 2 giant screens with some of the most impressive art work and imagry i have ever seen. Also the performers with i did not get tpo seee during shizm (too short) where mind blowing they have abilities that far exced mere mortals. The crowd was a bit thick on the floor i was makin my way to the front and with a buit of help was 2 people back from the front And in that moment i realized the front is just a place i am so worried about it that i am missing the feelings. So i too the high road. got up and looked up at TOOL and then looked at the crowd and realized that this was necisary. Harold

Review written by: Sloppy ( Review posted on: 10/29/01 06:24:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

o.k. i waited until tonight to post my review of the dallas show because i thought i might go to the houston show, but now i am glad i did not (with the exception of them playing opiate at the ho. show, fuckers). it's all right for them to play two of the more desirable songs (pushit) in the town that i am from while i go to dallas to see the show and suffer a blow-out and a $220 tow home on thurs. i guess. but enough whining from me. i was privledged enough to hang out with one of my best friends on the earth and join him in his first tool show that he has been to. i am convinced that tool is the second coming of floyd even though they should not be compared to anyone. the show was on that level. when i say floyd, i mean the water's floyd. yes, i never saw floyd shows when roger was with them, but i have read and heard enough to figure out what it must have been like. plus, i have seen roger alone. they are beginning to move along those lines, which is cool because they are doing it after making a name for themselves. floyd did it the other way. the show was completely different from the houston show that i saw in '98?. they have dove into the "whole" experience of seeing a concert. in '98, no one wanted to sit down because it was such a jam. they played stranglehold for god sakes. this was different. you really will not be truly blown away by the show for a few days. especially if you are unfamiliar with lateralus. i guess my ultimate point is this show had a stark contrast from what i or maybe you have seen before. more so, i would imagine, than any other tool show comparisons. they are the best "modern" band out there by far. what i mean is any band that is actually making albums on a consistent basis. don't expect them to be around for 10 more years. if you have a chance to see a show, go see it. i promise you, mjk is going to get sick of this shit and if anyone really understands tool (mjk) you will understand that comment as well. most of the people that were in reunion arena that night do not get it! they are not "thinking for themselves". they are merely followers of someone else's ideas. the difference is they are following unconventional ideas, and that makes them nonconformists. fucking idiots. by the way, the show was not LOUD enough. that is the only real complaint that i have about the show. maybe i am getting old and deaf, but i couldn't hear shit (not really, but you get the point). maynard's vocals were much better in the old show. fucking tool kicks ass, period. they have avoided certain pitfalls up to this point and i will forever admire them for that. i still say AEnima is their best, and will always be their best, but maybe they can still prove me wrong. one more thing... i notice that there are people at concerts, any concerts, that "don't belong", but who the fuck are you to decide who belongs anywhere you ignorant fuckers. i'm sure at one time you went to some concert where you were unfamiliar with the band that was playing. i want people to go to shows to gain an appreciation for this band that they did not have before. that is one of the goals for live music, you stupid fuckers. i hate people that have holier than thou attitudes about a band that they are not even a part of. sounds cultish to me. quit following. just listen and understand.

Review written by: Tool Fan (Private) Review posted on: 10/29/01 08:12:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hi Everybody!! Yeah I know shame on me for getting my review out so late. Man what an awesome experince! I was completely blown away. The music was loud--perfect, MJK voice was superb. I also wanted to add that MJK was looking pretty hot in his leather suit and kick ass boots, when he picked up the guitar I nearly hit the floor--sexy, even though it didn't look like he was playing it oh well. The Grudge was a good opener and Aenima and Lateralus were perfect closers. Lateralus was my favorite, I loved the energy he put into this song along with the whole spiral out image. I wanted to hear H and Pushit and also 48&2 but Eulogy made it okay, great Goodbye. Man he's got some lungs on him. "Ozzy and Hariet" were amazing I wonder how many bottles of Tylenol they go through? They are really in shape, kudos to them!! The next morning I woke up feeling exlirated thinking 'man I had this cool dream last night'--then I looked down at my wrist and notice I'm still wearing my "floor pass" I begin to cry thinking "wow I can't belive I was actually there!!!" Thank you Tool for making my dream a total reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: patrick ( Review posted on: 10/29/01 16:20:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

well this review is a little less than a week old (short by 1 day) -- so i'm gonna write and submit it before my tiny brain fails to recollect the whole night. me and a friend of mine managed to finagle some pit passes about 4 days in advance cause we're some lucky fuckers and made the 5 1/2 hour drive to dallas after work on tuesday, stayed in a wretched motel6 (*note -- avoid motel6 in mesquite, tx like the plague*), woke up the next day and had some mean texas steaks, walked to west end dallas to get a little tanked before the show -- then trekked to reunion to catch tricky's opening act. now, contrary to what a lot of posts say about tricky -- they fucking rocked. we made sure that we were on the rail for this set cause it was just easier to stay there for when tool came out. tricky's set was a blend of electronic keyboards, drums, guitars and vocals (similar to nin or something)...and they played some very melodic and harsh stuff. i've heard tricky a couple of years ago and i was NOT disappointed. all of you people that didn't like his set probably can't appreciate music for what it's worth anyways -- so it was your loss. now when tool finally came out i (along with everyone in the place) went completely nuts. when the opening riff for "the grudge" started up and the drums started pounding i instantly had chills and a huge surge of energy. this was my first tool show, but i've been a long time fan since opiate (o.g.t. -- hehehe), so every song they played that night was a very special treat. i especially dug it when they played "undertow" -- i've always wanted to see danny drum to that. "eulogy" was totally cool as was "aenema"...and they performed the new material like it'd been on their undertow release. i've been to tons of concerts but have never been to one quite as sureal and involved as this. these guys sure know how to keep the crowd moving. they'd work into their pounding riffs and then slow it down enough to catch a breath and then we were all off again. i was completely blown away by how clean and much the guys were in tune with one another. i was on the rail just in front of adam and was blown away by his skill. every now and again i'd see him adjust some knobs and such on what i could only guess is/was a grunge pedal or something. i'm no musician so i wouldn't know -- but i was thoroughly impressed at how easy he made the music seem. justin was on the far side of the stage from me but from what i could see (and hear) he was fucking incredible. i have to say that maynard was, as always, perfectly flawless. it's still one of the most impressive things for me to hear him sing -- and hearing it live gives me the chills EVERY time. something eerie, almost haunting, about how he can have the slightest variant of inflection in his voice and pull a note in a little different direction for the live performance makes the song a new experience. he is truly the most talented voice in the industry today -- and probably for a long time to come. the 2 contortionists were also pretty damn cool. that walking around with the heads bobbing thing is strange -- especially live and especially walking around the stage and band like that -- and when they dangled around during "triad"...that was a feat in itself. i also thought it was very kickass how the band got together after their set and hugged each other. most of the time the bands just walk off stage and do god-knows-what...but tool gave each other a big embrace which was a good positive way to end the night. hell, maynard told us all to do something positive and what better way to envoke a response than to do it first. way to go guys...the night is permanently etched in my mind. thank you so much... now on to the unsundry, random "shit" that happened throughout the night. i have read in previous dallas-night posts where people mention seeing other people there that they didn't think belonged. as much as i hate to draw lines and distinguish FANS from fans -- i noticed this too. the crowd seemed to be filled with people who were just taking up space. granted i don't know the people (they could have been hardcore fans for all i know), but they almost seemed to make the experience a little less because all they wanted to hear was "sober" or "schism" (which we heard) -- more or less the more commercial fans. luckily in the pit and on the rail you only get the bigger fans...or just the bigger assholes -- which leads me to my next whiney moment. in order to completely make myself a presence on the rail i had to squeeze between 2 preppy "little" guys. well, in their effort to keep me out, they locked elbows and started leaning back on me. no matter, in my steady frenzy (like i said -- i love tool and i like to mosh) i managed to split their "love-bond" and squeeze between. the pussy on my left didn't like this too much so for the rest of the show i put up with his bony elbow in my left side and his partner's finger(s) in my ribcage on the right. of course i never let them forget i split 'em like the red sea and held my ground on the rail -- i never budged an inch. the guy on my right had his girlfriend with him and she also felt my wrath >=). now i'm no asshole to girls in the pit by any means, but when/if you decide to take your girlfriend in the pit with you, just realize that you are now TWICE as vulnerable -- especially if you try to hold the two of you together on the RAIL. anyhow -- you 2 girls...err...guys, i'm the shaven-head guy who was wearing the orange "fuct" shirt...just in case you read this -- hope you had a good view from the SIDE of the stage and BEHIND my head -- sure was fun squeezing you from your spots!! anyhow...the night was fucking incredible. that was my first TOOL show but it will NOT be my last -- by a longshot. i could watch these guys play forever. i left that night with a big red bruisy kinda thing across my chest from the rail, bruises all in my sides, a boot-stamp in my head, sore-ass legs and a back left black and blue. one of the best fucking shows i've ever seen!! /patrick

Review written by: J. Ross ( Review posted on: 10/29/01 23:48:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

First, I am proud to weigh in with the latest review yet!! Simply put, astonishment once again crept across the plains and into the heart of Dallas. I knew it was going to be incredible before I even bought the tickets, and I knew the moment they hit the stage that it was worth every bit of the $115 I paid for floor access. I was about 80 feet from the stage, and just far enough back to be out of range of those godforsaken raw meat-eating barbarians who've nothing better to do than beat each other up. Crowd surfing is for people who aren't that interested in the music, and there was a perfectly good 311 show they all could have gone to. Enough bitching. Tricky was a lot more interesting than he was at Lolapalooza, although I still wasn't very impressed. The kick drum was several thousand decibels too loud, and my ears were but begging for mercy at the end of his set. The performance lacked energy and cohesion, although the essence of what the band was trying to do was not entirely lost on me. That being said, I'd much rather have had Meshugga or Fantomas... The mixing for the first two songs left a little to be desired, with the inadequacy of the guitar volume solidified as Adam gestured for more juice at the end of "The Grudge." Consequently, I didn't have the experience with that song that I'd hoped for, though they presented it as magnificently as one would expect. The sound-- which by the third song was as good as any Tool show I've been to and still head and shoulders above anything else-- seemed to get better and better as the show marched on, though that perception may have been due to my ears continually adjusting to the sonic onslaught that could have flattened several small buildings. Adam has replaced his Mesa head with a second Diezel, although how many weeks/months ago he did this I couldn't say. It didn't have much of an effect on his tone, which leads me to believe that it didn't play a big part to begin with. Maynard's performance was odd and excellent at the same time. I've had several discussions with fellow concert goers as to the purpose for his never facing the crowd-- it had an interesting impact, such that he was partially removed as the focal point of the stage, leaving a very front-and-center Adam and Justin to lead the way. The projections, which were as awesome as ever, also helped to make up for the absence of Maynard's piercing gaze. Ultimately, my guess is that he thought it would add a little more mystery to the show, which it certainly did. He also might have simply grown tired of staring at several thousand people screaming "Hooker With a Penis!!!!!!!" over and over, and decided instead to draw his inspiration from his personal projection screen. The color scheme for the show, which included many very bright and warm colors, literally cast the band in a much different light than did the dark, blue-and-black laden show I saw at International Ballroom in Houston in '96. I thought fit with the change in tone of the album between Aenima and Lateralus, from more hidden and jaded to more open and vulnerable. I have never before noticed how annoying it is to have someone just behind you singing along really loudly and off key, so that they make it hard to discern what the real singer is doing. "Eulogy" and "Aenema" produced the most significant instances of this, with the latter eliciting by far the most crowd participation (I got a good chuckle thinking that many of these people were singing quite obliviously about themselves.) Probably the same people who'd agree with the Observer that "Tickes & Leeches" is the "one standout track" on Lateralus. Triad was the highlight of the show, with the rich percussive duo of Danny Carey and Perry from Tricky, the wall of color behind all, and Maynard's very Robert Fripp-esque look as he stood perched on his raised platform with his decapitated Steinberger. It appeared he was playing the riff while Adam played the sireny lead part... otherwise, I couldn't discern anything that he played the entire night, although he held the guitar for most of it. Osseus Labyrint, as they hung from the top of the main screen, made for a spectacular visual aid, a sea of color and distorted images flowing over their twisting and contorting bodies. The crowd responses when they came out on Schism were fairly consistent: "Holy shit! I ain't never seen anything like that before! That's some weird-ass shit!" Made me stretch twice as long the next time I went to the gym-- mobility is a very underrated thing these days... The end was a little odd, to me... Maynard walking off stage while Adam, Danny, and Justin embraced and then gave a long series of waves to the crowd. Maybe they've done this the whole tour, but it gave me two impressions; one, that they looked like celebrity hosts of some twisted gameshow giving the obligatory gestures to the fans, and two-- and this is the eerie part-- that it looked exactly like the sort of thing I've seen several bands do as they make their final curtain call... made me wonder if I was seeing something marvellous for the last time. I can't help but be amazed how few people seem to really grasp the reality of how good this band is. The Dallas Morning News gave a negative review of the show, and a review of Lateralus in the Dallas Observer could do little better than whine about the fact that it "sounded like prog." The musicianship of these four people is among the best you will find anywhere in the rock world, and the pure euphoria and inspiration that radiates from the stage like light from the sun should be enough to convince even the most ardent Spunksuckers fan that Tool has achieved a level of excellence most of us could scarcely even have conceived for ourselves. They inspire one to think, to create, and to listen to more Tool. The only two negatives I have to offer are that they didn't play the altered version of "Pushit" and that now I really, really think my guitar tone is weak.