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Review written by: RSL (
Review posted on: 10/31/01 04:29:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Amazing show

Review written by: fred durst ( Review posted on: 10/31/01 08:15:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

i finally went and saw tool. these guys FUCKING SUCK! they don't compare to my band limp bizkit or my buddys korn who have TRUE TALENT. anyways these guys will be washed up within a year and slipnot will rule the earth. GOD SAVE ALIEN ANT FARM! THE GREATES TOOL FAN EVER.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/31/01 11:03:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 31st Tool show

************************************************* IT'S HALLOWEEN NIGHT THERE'S A FULL MOON AND I'M SEEING TooL HOLY SHIT! (a full moon on Halloween night hasn't happened in 56 years and won't happen again untill the year 2020)

Review written by: barhos ( Review posted on: 10/31/01 22:57:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 12th Tool show


Review written by: TOOLBOX MIKE ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 03:08:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th? Tool show

First of all the setlist: (NOT IN PARTICULAR ORDER) The Grudge Sober Undertow Parabol Parabola Pushit Schism Reflection Disposition Ænema Lateralus The Patient Triad? There was another one, I think Anyway, this show was really amazing. Maynard continued taking off a piece of clothing after every song, and the overall show was great. He was really into his own tonight (lots of punching and kicking, moving, and shaking, haha). Adam and Justin were great. Of course Danny was awesome. They had those two "creatures" from the Schism video on stage during Schism, and everyone went nuts. I was really disappointed in the crowd. Although it sold out, they only reacted "intensely" when they played the favorites (SOBER, AENEMA, ECT). I thought they weren't familar with songs like THE PATIENT, or Undertow, ect. Anyway, have to sleep. Going to the IRVINE SHOW TOMORROW!! MIKE

Review written by: -= S =- ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 03:55:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Order was more like ... .. Disposition Reflection <-- not the cut from Aenima Triad Mantra (or some variation thereof) The Patient Aenima Lateralus Truly amazing show. Every time I've seen this band it has been a new and amazing experience. I thought Aenima was a bit out of place in the setlist (then again, so was Undertow, but apparently they did that as a favor to some guy named Ron). *shrug* The sound and video was just about perfect in intensity, amplitude, and choreography. And yes, dangling two naked people by their feet from the ceiling is a very cool thing that I'd like to see more of. Maynard suggested we take the beauty of what was shared into the next few weeks as a vehicle to make something positive. Perhaps we can start by brightening up the opening band (Tricky just doesn't do it for me). Must sleep for Irvine show tomorrow. ciao

Review written by: Daniel ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 03:59:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

First off, I was feeling Tricky. I had read some negative things about the group in other reviews, but I liked them. At the last show I saw in 1997, the Melvins opened, and I didn't particularly care for them. Anyway, I bought tickets off some guy on eBay, and as luck would have it, they were real. I sat practically behind the stage, but really close. I could see Adam plain as day for the whole first half of the show. Maynard was semi hidden behind his screen, but I could still see him thrashing about like a freak =). Danny I could not see at all. The show was fantastic. I sat until the longer version of Disposition started, when I decided to watch the rest of the show from the top, so I could see the rest of the stage. The visuals were amazing. The screens. the lighting, it was just incredible. Tool exudes art. I wonder if those who seem content to mosh and jump about felt the same way. As Maynard said before they started Lateralus, "take this experience in the coming weeks, and do something positive." The evolution of Tool is apparent in the new album, and the show. I only wish I could see them more than once every few years.

Review written by: assd ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 04:09:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Can someone please post the tricky set list, or at least the last few songs

Review written by: James ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 04:31:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was my first TOOL show and i must say it was fucking incredible. Even to say that is a gross understatement to say the least. I like Tricky, but it's not very good live music, as well as the kind of music to get you into the mood for TOOL, as if I already wasn't. It was amazing to see when the band took the stage, every single person in the place was on their feet, that I could see. This was shortly after one of the guys dressed up as a flasher exposed his 4 ft. penis to the whole crowd, receiving quite a response. It was halloween, after all. I'm still in shock about how incredible that was, and hope I never lose the memories of such an amazing evening. While tricky played, I regretted not being in "another state of mind," but a couple songs into TOOL's set and they put me there, without the aid of any substances. All I can say right now is how incredible it was, as the initial shock has yet to wear off. TOOL FUCKING RULES!!!

Review written by: jason kuhlman ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 05:51:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

no setlist...i'm sure it's posted already. i'm typically long winded but i've spent 3 hours driving home from the show and i'm very tired so this shall be brief. IT WAS AMAZING. of course, TOOL is always amazing but this was the best show i've seen them play since the third time i saw them in 1995 and that includes the first night at the wiltern with KingCrimson, Coachella, a couple shows in '98 and the universal amphitheater in '96 as well. i was SO connected to what they were doing tonight. it was absolutely beautiful. it was just, LOVE. that's really all i can describe it as, LOVE. i had this overwhelming urge to hug somebody. the person i was with , the guy in front of me, whoever. of course, you can't always be sure people will appreciate those kinds of things, so i think i was sort of hugging myself the whole time. anyway, it was really special. i am certainly looking forward to tomorrow night, (well, tonight really), in irvine. TOOL, thanks again. as always, and more than ever, it means a lot to me.

Review written by: Don Brassell ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 05:53:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

It was what I expected-It was what I got-I wanted TICKS and LEACHES!!! but I got some fucked -up Trickey rapping a TOOL tune. Tool you are great, you do not need some fucking rapper fucking up your songs. But thank you for all the rest of your great music. RAP SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: SunKing ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 07:51:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

If you're interested - I posted some pictures from the Houston show. THANK YOU TOOL !! ...enjoy!

Review written by: Eric J. ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 12:14:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

After waiting in line 3 hours to see Tool play the OAT (open air theatre) here in san diego on their "mini-tour" and not being able to purchase a ticket, i was left with a void that i knew had to be filled...and filled soon. Finally arena tour dates were listed and tool was coming back to san diego...on halloween. i had to get a ticket, and i did. being 3rd in line got me 3/4 of the way up section R but i didn't complain, i knew that tool would provide...and provide they did. i am and i will continue to be stunned/blown-away/amazed by the pure amount of energy and sensual bombardment that comes with each note of every tool song, and seeing them recreate this stimulus on a stage in front of thousands and being able to touch each person is truly pure beauty. i felt every song, i heard every note, every word...i connected and now know that tool has their artistic control in a vise grip. musical genius. but this show had an extra bit of vibe to it...tricky. they are great artisits and being what i would say in a completly different genre then tool (meaning i'd have to label tool's music), it was awkward at first. those guys have their act together though folks. i wish i knew more about them before seeing them perform but they were there to provide all of us with a message which is best left to yourself. the lead singer was on stage for "reflection", obviously some meaning to the importance of tricky for them to be invited to tool show. there is a meaning, we are supposed to learn. I am so thankful for my experience. each moment of that beautiful show left me with a feeling that is and will be second to none. it was beyond any feeling i have ever had. The amount of love and respect i have for tool can only be described in a simple positive response: thank you.

Review written by: Josh ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 12:37:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well I havent read the other reviews of the show yet, so here is the correct set list just for good measure: The Grudge Ions(+-) Sober Undertow Parabol Parabola Pushit(Aenima Version) Schism Merkaba Jam Disposition Reflection(with Tricky Rap) *Intermission with Osseus Labyrint* Triad(with Sasha) Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Aenema Lateralus As you might expect, it was an amazing show. I went to the August 15th show with King Crimson, so I'll make some comparisons. First of all, Tricky. Personally, I dont think they are a good band to open for Tool. I liked King Crimson much better, and Crimson played a longer show. Tricky only played for like 40 minutes, but I was surprised because they seemed to get a real good response from the crowd. I dont know how to describe them other than alternative jamacian rap or something. They arent really my cup of tea, but I guess they did a pretty good job. It was pretty interesting looking at all the costumes people were wearing, a lot of them were pretty revealing. As far as my seats go, I wish I could have been on the floor, but I was kinda off to the side and in the seats. They werent bad seats, I could see everything, but compared to the seats I had at the open air arena they were crappy. When the lights went off everyone started getting excited, and when Tool came out the crowd went crazy. Maynard came out wearing a big jacket of some sort, and he took it off half way through the grudge, and after each song he seemed to take off another piece of clothing. The sound quality was much better than the SDSU open air arena, it wasnt as loud(maybe because I wasnt as close) but the mix of vocals and instruments was perfect. I was really happy when they played Undertow, Maynard dedicated it to someone, I forgot who. Pretty much though it was the same set list as last time, just in a different order and with a few added bonuses. Overall I felt the crowd was much better at the last show. The crowd was excited for up until schism, and then it was pretty mellow until Aenema, when the crowd and the mosh pit just went nuts. I was kinda dissapointed that the crowd didnt really accept the newer songs from Lateralus, and I dont think The Patient got the reaction it deserved. As for the Tricky rap on reflection, I guess its something new or something, but I dont really think jamacian rap goes well over that kind of music. Personally I found it kinda silly, I would rather just listen to the music. But it was different, and I applaud them for that. And as for Adam playing the last three notes of reflection for like 5minutes, I dont see what the big deal was. It was leading into intermission anyway, and the guys deserve a break. Its not like hes going to start into a new song or something. So as maynard would say, "Be patient". I thought the whole Osseus Labyrint thing really added a cool dimension that the other show didnt have. It looks so weird when they do the head bobby thing during schism, and during intermission my friend and I were amazed they could hang upside down for so long and not go brain dead. After intermission triad began, and this guy named sasha joined the band. He had this mini drum set thing set up, and he helped Danny out with the percussion. I was really getting into it, and I thought the squirming Osseus was doing during the song was very cool. That was possibly my favorite part of the concert, but almost everyone around me seemed kind of bored or something, so that was kind of a bummer. Maynard didnt talk as much this concert, he thanked sasha, osseus, and the tricky guy, but most of his talking came right before Lateralus when he said "thankyou for joining us, I hoped you enjoyed your halloween with us, it was a pleasure enjoying your darkside" and then he made the usual speech about taking these feelings and turning them into something positive. So how did this show compare to the August 15th one? Well like I said, I would say this show had better sound quality and I think I liked the set list a little better on this one too. However, I give the other show advantages on: 1.A better opening band(king crimson) 2.Better seats for me :) 3.A better overall crowd reaction So I would give the last show a perfect 10, and I would give last nights show like a 9. Either way they were both awesome shows, and I cant wait to see them again. Peace.

Review written by: M.R. ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 12:47:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

First off, me and my brother drove from Phoenix to check this show out. We parked at the bottom of the hill by the freeway. Right when we got there, some guy came up to us and asked us if we wanted shrooms. We didn't even get out of the car. We said, Hell yeah...since there are hardly any in Phoenix(its a desert). We got a quarter oz. for $35. You guys in Cali sure know how to get fucked up. Then we climbed that big ass hill to get to the arena. We got in and there were alot of people dressed up for Halloween. They were not serving alcohol there, just like at the open air theatre show. I really feel bad for you alcoholics in the SD area. Next time, sneak in some shots. We had seats in section V Row 10. Tricky was on and the show ended. The lights came on and you could see everyone. The arena had a nice layout. The first five rows were under the sixth row. So it was a big drop if you wanted to jump down. They also had it fenced off with security just in case you thought about it. Not like the Desert Sky Pavilion(Cricket?) where you can run all the way down. Some guy behind us yelled out Jesus Christ! And I looked towards the left side of the arena and there he was, JC himself. I knew he was a toolhead. There were a bunch of Cats, some guy with a third eye in front of us, a guy painted blue. There were alot of religious figures there, JC, priests, nuns, monks along with the different colored pimps, hoes, witches, the grim reaper. But the flasher took the prize. There was a loud applause on the left side again and they didn't even revealed dannys drum kit. They were cheering the flasher who had that 4ft. dick. That was the funniest moment of the night. Then the lights went out. The bud smell was not as strong as the Phoenix although it was sweeter. Setlist Grudge(excellent way to start the show) (ions)Sober(it sounds better to hear it at the beginning of the show instead of towards the end, trust me on that one) Undertow(gas $100, food $20, shrooms $35, listening to undertow live for the first time...priceless)((it was dedicated to a guy named Rob)) P/Parabola(strongest smell of the night) Pushit(cd version) Schism(maynard picked up the guitar, the contortionists did their walk.) Merkaba-like jam session(very trippy) R/Disposition(Tricky? jammed out, spittin lyrics that I couldn't understand. It was cool though. There were alot of people that sat down, shame on you. I could understand the people on the floor for wanting to sit down after getting thrown around. But the people in the seats, whats your excuse?) Break(contortionist exhibition) Triad(w/ tricky) ABA/patient(beautiful, my favorite song on the album) Aenima(a huge pit broke out, wildest point of the night) Lateralus(nightcap, good way to end the evening) Maynard said the usual. Good evening, he dedicated one song to a guy named Shasha? He said he was the runner-up for the make a wish foundation. Also, hopefully you enjoyed halloween with us, its good to get in touch with your dark side. Take these feelings with you... This concert had a better setlist than the Phoenix show the night before. I found the crowd to be pretty lame. The phoenix crowd will kick your ass any day. Maybe it was because no alcohol was served. On to Irvine. Now I'm going to the beach and drive up the coast. I'm supposed to be in class right now. Oh well. This is a test, it has to be, otherwise I cant go on...

Review written by: exit ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 13:01:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

this morning i woke up in the parking lot of a hotel. i didn't have money to sleep in a bed, but the backseat of the car was roomy enough for me. last night was fucken amazing. it was my fourth TOOL show and it was the time of my life. I first saw them on my birthday at the Phoenix Civic Plaza. My brother woke me up and said, "let's go see TOOL." i had just barely started to get into TOOL back then. he told me they were the one's who did that Sober video. when he said that, I was like HELL YEAH!! my life was never the same after that. the next time i saw that, it was my sister's birthday and we took her to go see Rage Against The Machine and TOOL at Coachella in '99. she said it was the best birthday present ever. the NEXT time i saw TOOL was in San Diego in August when they toured with King Crimson. again it was my brother, sister, and i who made the five hour drive. yesterday was like an echo of that moment, but sadly my sister had to work. she would have loved it. the absolute highlight of last night was when they played UNDERTOW! i had never heard this song live and was praying that they would play this. the band did not disappoint. this morning, i am sitting in the main floor of the san diego state university library writing this shit on the computer to those people who are reading it. and i am sore as a motherfucker! tonight i will see them in irvine. i only got to see the last few songs of tricky. they were alright. they didn't suck in my opinion. they just weren't TOOL. and i'm not EVEN gonna try to compare them. the magic mushrooms that i scored in the parking lot wouldn't let me. they said, "sit back... listen..." when the lights came back on, there were freaks everywhere. but it was halloween, so it was okay. i saw jesus last night. he was there in the pit. so were a couple of monks and nuns. oh yeah, and the boner dude. he was funny. i was the rasta dude with the dred locks. it's been years since i've dressed up for halloween, and tonight, with TOOL and a full moon, it was the perfect moment to reawaken childhood memories. oh, and the shrooms helped too. %-) i liked aenima. that was cool. last night was opiate. so i'm happy on that tip so see you all tonight. travel safe. don't speed if you can help it. get home. that's my mission. don't end up in jail. later. oh and props out to my teachers for being so understanding and letting me slack off and follow TOOL. one of my teachers said she wouldn't do anything like that for no one else but Sting. that's cool. i'll email my questions and journal later today. see ya. :-)

Review written by: Parabola ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 13:01:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Words cannot describe the many emotions and wonderful feelings that i felt last night. Tricky played.....what can I say, they weren't exactly tool. They're definately not for me. Then the lights darkend again and i saw danny, justin, and adam walk on stage. Then sure enought maynard was there in his black suit getting ready for the opening song the grudge. Maynard stood up as the opening notes to the grudge started, whipped his micrapohone cord around him and started the opening lyrics to the grudge. The Grudge was amazing, definately one of the highlights of the night. Sober was a nice suprise too, showing weird pictures of naked old women shaking in a corner. They dedicated undertow to Ron and it was great. It sounded very different, they added some stuff for it live. The highlights of the show would have to be The Grudge, Undertow, parabol/parabola,schism and sober, definatley reflection(my favorite song by tool, which tricky almost ruined), Triiad (danny was amazing), Aenima(the crowd went crazy), Lateralus(Amazing live, maynard was dancing throughout the whole song) Maynard was really into it tonight he was very talkative and really into the music (dancing, shaking, and moving his arms and legs). TOOL-you do so much for me in my everyday life. Your music is so inspirational and i cant express to you how moved i am on seeing you last night. Please dont stop anytime soon, and come back to san diego or la soon. Thank you Maynard, Justin, Danny, and Adam. You are true artists and professionals.

Review written by: Andro ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 13:46:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

My first Tool show. The show was really fun, but didnt quite live up to my expectations. The guy rapping during a Tool song was incredibly lame. I didnt pay to watch some dude butcher the hell out of Tool's music. The contorsionists were cool, and Tool rocked. 4 star show, and Id see them again instantly.

Review written by: BeccaTheUberkaiser ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 14:34:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

This is a bit long, but I tried to throw in as many details as I could remember. A truly incredible for Tool fans. Nothing short of a religious expirience. The sounds of something like a digeridoo made me incredibly anxious for the show to start. The lights came down and a beautiful energy filled the whole arena. Maynard walked out in a black leather trenchcoat and black pants. A black stripe was painted down the middle of his face. Danny took his seat behind his alter in all black as well. The stage lit up with two rings of eyes where adam and justin stand and then the eyes took their place on the big screens over head. The Grudge, of course, was the first song and was perfect. Adam's visual with the man and the eyes were fucking dope! Maynard did not stop dancing and thrusting his perfect body for pretty much the rest of the night. The double kick in this song vibrated the whole place, the feeling was amazing! In awe, I was so thankful to be sharing this night with Tool and their true fans. Full moons make for a great TOOL show. Next was a short clip of (-) ions and right into Sober. Very appreciative to see this song considering they haven't played it too much this tour. The two women fighting the machine that they were being tortured by was very emotional for me. Justin was moving quite a bit to this song. His bass sounded so dark. After Sober Maynard said, "This is dedicated to Rob." Then UNDERTOW!!! I've never seen them do this song, a song VERY appropriate to play after Sober. I listened to it in the car before and had a feeling I might get to hear it. The end of that song is song intense, every person I could see around me was deeply affected. Right into Parabol/Parabola. These are some of my favorite visuals. I just start reading about sacred geometry which help with my understanding of these visuals. The Tree of life, waving and pulsing, morphing into mandalas and other sacred symbols. Enchanting. When Parabola started, there were an infinite amount of symbols to find on the screen. Mandalas, infinity symbols, etc. At the end, there was a rotating star of david inside the flower of life. The hand from Alex Grey's artwork held the ball in his hand at the end. I can't say anything about the drumming in this song or for the drumming on Pushit. On pushit, they mixed up the old and new versions. Adam played part of the guitar solo in the middle of the song, just like the opening of the salival version. All of our jaws dropped at Danny. He is a god. He has to be. No mortal can do what he does! Maynard was very into it and dancing SO SEXY. He always looks like he is either getting beat up by the music or making love to it. The visuals on this song are all back and white. with 2 women holding hands with a mannequin and walking around in circles. It looks like some kind of ritual. They then go into these black and white horizontal stripes and the women walk in and out and between. Then there is just REALLY TRIPPY pulsing geometric patterns and cirlces. Then back to the women and the mannequin. I wanted to cry, this was so beautiful. They jammed on their electronic equipment for a bit and then played Schism. I love this song. Osseus Labrinth came out and stood on their tip toes and hands, swinging their heads back and forth like in the schism video. Maynard played guitar, which he seems more comfortable with now that back in august. After that they played disposition, which has waterviusals of naked women and one man(who i think is danny). Right into Reflection with they guy from Tricky rapping. That was interesting, obviously the song doesn't need it, but it gave it a different flare. ONE COMPLAINT- the fool kept rapping over when maynard was supposed to be singing. Maynard singing was so flawless and ethereal. I forgot I was at a concert. The visuals in this song have been in my head since August. There is not a way for my to describe them with my rather limited vocabulary, just go to see Tool. It doesn't matter how, any amount of money spent to go see tool, is more than worth it. Danny was going off during this song. Adam got mad props during the end of the song as he brought us into the intermission. I really love how he plays that same riff about 50 times! Then after all the members of Tool departed the stage, Hannah and Mark of Osseus Labrint began to crawl up rope in front of the 2 large screens. There were sounds that were sloshing, smacking etc... Very sexual. They eventual began to hang upside down, arms just like jesus on a cross. Then the spinning salival man came on, just like the DVD except you could see his feet. THERE WAS A NAIL THROUGH HIS FEET!!! that got me. I also saw security guards pouring water on the dehydrated,sweaty pit. Danny came back out a did a really incredible solo that led into Triad. The entire time Triad was on, Danny was off the hook. Adam's solo's were so emotion and intensly fast. And of course Maynard and Justin were fucking great too. Triad is one of my favorite songs, seeing the dancer up there during the whole thing, completed the expirience. She had such fluidity in her movement, she through herself backwards just as much as she did fowards. They looked like the were rippling with the video screens. Maynard said at one point, "I hope you've enjoyed your halloween with us. Its fun to pretend to be something your not or to explore your dark side. Always a pleasure exploring your dark side." Then Aeon blue apocolypse and then the PATIENT. I have never seen them do this song either, so tonight the song came alive for me. The video was mostly sepia colored. Naked men and woman. The man was either danny or adam. I am not sure, i know that both of them are in the videos a few times. This song was fucking beautiful. THen aenema. That crowd went nets before. Most of the floor was a mosh pit. Danny added lots of new aspects into his drumming. Double kick FEEEEELS GOOOOOOD. Great visuals in this song. You have everything, Water, tidalwave, comets headed toward earth. Justin was dancing quite a bit during this song as well. Then Maynard gave his do somehting positive speech. Which to some guys meant throwning there elbows at other fools. However, overall it was pretty well recieved. When lateralus came on, I knew it was the end, what a show!! I felt so great and happy afterward. Purly inspired. I truly feel TOOL, their shows fucking do it for me. Well, off to Irvine!!! Becca Also- I smoked a bit of Salvia (a legal hallucanagin derived from the mint plant) that enhanced the music and the visual a lot!! Try it.

Review written by: Derrick ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 15:40:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first time with tool and i must say it left me breathless. Ive liked tool for awhile now but never thought that seeing them live would have such an imact. They were fucking amazing. Vocals, guitar, bass, and my personal fave drums were all beautifully done and great. To this moment i am still blown away by their performance. They have an overwhelming presence on stage with their lights, videos, and of course themselves. But for those tool fans out there who dont wanna wait in line or who are worried about bad seats it is well worth the time and there is no bad seat to see tool. They were fantastic and i hope to go again when they return to san diego. Thank you toll for such a wonderful time.

Review written by: Kevin Weis ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 16:55:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

This was my fourth Tool concert. I saw them back in 1997 twice and I was at the show in San Diego a couple of months ago. I have been a Tool fan for quite a while and my love for their music has only grown over the years. I think Lateralus is their most amazing album, the culmination of 9 or so years of trying new and exciting things. Musically the album is very experimental and yet maintains a rhythm and harmony. Many other experimental bands often lose this aspect of music in their quest to experiment, and this often renders their art unmusical. I am also a mathematician. Thus the fact that Tool often refer to and seem to have at least a tacit knowledge of this subject that I love and study makes me like them more. Tool, if you read this, I would gladly be your mathematical science advisor for any and all future endeavors! :) Now my review of the show. I haven't reviewed any of the previous shows I have attended. I generally skim through the reviews and find that most of the other hardcore fans express exactly what I would like to say and so...why bother. But I feel kind of obligated for this show. First of all Tricky was so so. I used to be a huge Tricky fan, back in the day of Maxinquay. Pre-Millenium tension was ok but soon after that I gave up listening to him. I was glad to hear two songs off Maxinquay at the show (though one was changed quite a bit and didn't sound very good). To be fair the acoustics were pretty terrible at this place (at least where I was sitting) and so Tricky might have sounded worst than he actually was. All in all Tool was as fantastic as usual. I only have a couple of complaints. 1. Like I said, the acoustics sucked. This is not a problem with the band just the venue. I don't know if it was the acoustics or the sound guy but the vocals sounded pretty low to me especially on the Grudge. 2. During Reflections, one of the guys from Tricky came out to sing. Reflections is one of my FAVORITE Tool songs and I thought that this guys singing really ruined the mood of the song. Frankly it just sounded bad. There was even a part where this guy was singing over Maynard. To be fair, at the end of the song, when it really starts to rock, this guys singing went off pretty well. I have no idea what the guy was saying (acoustics again?) but these short blurbs of vocals went pretty well with the quitars at the end of the song. 3. When the contortionist were doing there thing during Faid (which was fucking unbelievable by the way), some of the idiots in the crowd were screaming some stupid shit. I like to think that a good portions of Tool fans out there are intelligent, open-minded people, who enjoy intelligent and open-minded music. At pretty much every concert I've been to, I've been sadly reminded of the reality....most Tool fans are pre-adolescent assholes who came to this music not through any real interest in music but through their acceptance by a counter-culture which is willing to take any non-mainstream artform (music especially) and put it on a dias for the simple reason that it is not mainstream. To be fair, this is how I came to like Tool. But that was 8 years ago and now I'm almost 25. So I guess I just grew out of that shit and I like to think that there are some others like me out there. I suppose I've merely graduated to an asshole of a different sort. So that's about it. All in all I had a great time. Thank you Tool for existing and making the music that you do. I'll see you tonight in Irvine. Kevin

Review written by: chris ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 17:15:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

6 words band ever, best show ever! pushit fast, undertow, the patient...... what the fuck more could you ask? i've never had a better halloween. they jammed on about 6 straight songs for what seemed like 20 minutes each! the pit was sick and everyone was just stoked to be there....on to shoreline!!!! don't miss this shit.....they are the most precise group of musicians in the world today!!!!! also, sick ass drum battle with danny and another dude (melvins?, danny's teacher?) that highlighted show. if you don't have a ticket, scalping is face....... best time ever.......thanks kabir.... thanks tool..... big fan

Review written by: tensak ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 17:51:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

What can I say......the show was AMAZING!!!!! I went to the show in August at the Open Air Theatre and I'd have to say that I would not have enjoyed this one as much if I hadn't gone to that one. The set lists were virtually the same but different enough to provide uniqueness to both shows. I got there when tricky was finishing up. I only got to see the last two songs but they weren't that bad. The music was definately good but I wish I understood what the lead singer was saying. Durning the intermission before Tool came out.....I was just kickin back getting ready to smoke some ganga and these guys walk in with their 4 ft cocks. The biggest surprise was that the three of them sat right behind me and my fiance. My fiance was pissed at first because on guys cock kept hitting her in the back but in the end she found it funny. My seats for this show sucked compared to the last show, but who the hell's friggin TOOL!!!!! I was on the side of the stage where Adam was and I was able to see all four of them so I was content (although there was a purple light behind Maynard the was kinda blinding). As soon as the show started and the ganga was smoked I was groovin. The gudge was a great opening song and to my surprise Maynard just came out dressed in jacket and pants.....after all it was halloween ( I guess it wouldn't matter cuz he would eventually strip down to his speedos anyways)!! The sound was way better than the Aug 14 show which was friggin awesome. That was about the only thing I didn't like about the first show. Undertow was an extremely pleasant surprise. I wish they had played ticks and leaches but you can't have everything! The highlight of the night was when Danny and sasha did their drum solo at the begining of triad. Fucking awesome!!!!!! Danny is fucking immortal and that sasha dude wasn't bad either. The lead singer of Tricky singing was an interesting mix with Tool's music....but I just wish I knew what the guy was saying. I'm glad Aenima was played. That rocked the house. The pit went off! and lateralus was a great ending to an almost surreal night with beautiful music and great energy. The actual show was better for this show...the set looked better with all the visuals and the two people that came out during schism was great addition to the show. How the hell did their heads not explode haning upside down for so damn long?!?! I couldn't say that this show was better than the last or that the last show was better then this one, but I have to say the Tool experience would definately not have been half as good if I hadn't gone to one or the other. Thank you Tool for the awesome performance and Danny for being the best drummer of all time. Please tour forever!!!!!! Kirsten and Nick we definately have to enjoy this experience again!

Review written by: LOOP ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 18:19:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

After attending the Aug 14th show at the Wiltern, I was looking forward to another, albeit less intimate, awesome performance. As other reviews have told you, I wasnt not disappointed. This show was the perfect compliment to the last. The album version of Pushit was great, and Undertow was an outstanding surprise. Although the crowd was only into The Grudge, Sober, and Aenima, I thought Triad was amazing. Sasha played with them, Maynard said he was the runner up in the make a wish foundation contest or something to that effect. Hearing the Patient live also added to the experience. Although I was in the very last row of the arena, I was to the side so I could see Danny's drumming. A spectacular sight to witness without a doubt. Time to prepare for irvine!

Review written by: thecat ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 18:56:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show first Tool will be an event that I'll never forget. I got there early, my mission for the night was to get to the front row. Once in line, I met three awsome people who saw Tool in the Voodoo Festival...thanks for being kind and for saving my spot several times. In line you could here Tool working on thier sound check...and they played Stinkfist. Once the gates was clear that there was a race to get to the floor. Once I received my wrist band, began to speed walk inside the arena. I was able to get to the second row, but once the lights went out, I managed to get half of my body to the barrier. Tricky was alright. By the end of their set, my whole body was in. Then Danny's drum kit was uncovered...the crowd cheers. The light goes out and the music in the background progresses and four amazing musicians walk out.....The Grudge begins to echo through out the arena. Heads all around me, including mine, are moving up and down to the rhythm of the song. Maynard began loosing parts of his clothes. Pushit... a beautifully written song was played before my eyes ... amazing when played live....oh yes....trully amazing. Triad was played....excellent! and so was Parabol/a. Aenema, incredible, the whole arena sang along with Maynard and the crowd went wild. And now I would like to give a loud Fuck You to the person jabbing their elbow in my back, to the idiot screaming " opiate" one too many times, to the fuck head who threw some thing at Justin. Thanks to the security staff for giving us water, congrats to the two people I met in line who are engaged..and THANKS to first Tool will be an event that I'll never forget. I got there early, my mission for the night was to get to the front row. Once in line, I met three awsome people who saw Tool in the Voodoo Festival...thanks for being kind and for saving my spot several times. In line you could here Tool working on thier sound check...and they played Stinkfist. Once the gates was clear that there was a race to get to the floor. Once I received my wrist band, began to speed walk inside the arena. I was able to get to the second row, but once the lights went out, I managed to get half of my body to the barrier. Tricky was alright. By the end of their set, my whole body was in. Then Danny's drum kit was uncovered...the crowd cheers. The light goes out and the music in the background progresses and four amazing musicians walk out.....The Grudge begins to echo through out the arena. Heads all around me, including mine, are moving up and down to the rhythm of the song. Maynard began loosing parts of his clothes. Pushit... a beautifully written song was played before my eyes ... amazing when played live....oh yes....trully amazing. Triad was played....excellent! and so was Parabol/a. Aenema, incredible, the whole arena sang along with Maynard and the crowd went wild. And now I would like to give a loud Fuck You to the person jabbing their elbow in my back, to the idiot screaming " opiate" one too many times, to the fuck head who threw some thing at Justin. Thanks to the security staff for giving us water, congrats to the two people I met in line who are engaged..and THANKS to Maynard, Adam, Danny and Justin for an unforgetable Halloween Night!

Review written by: Jon ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 19:33:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Awesome. I've seen them at Rimac, Coachella, OAT, and now Cox...This was the best show I've seen. Triad was simply amazing. The entire nite was beautiful. After the show I found a pretty good party close by. This was my best Halloween ever, and I don't see how it could be topped.

Review written by: Travis Oliver ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 19:42:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 0 Tool show

Hi I hate to take advantage of this forum but this is the only place I can think of. I'm a huge Tricky fan and run one of the biggest Tricky site on the internet and am dying to get some of the recent shows where Tricky performd with tool. If anyone can help please email me at best-of-the- thanks

Review written by: Nick ( Review posted on: 11/01/01 21:34:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well, finally got around to seeing Tool for the first time. Phew. Wow. Damn. Jesus was there. Literally. And so was God, in the form of Maynard James Keenan. I was amazed at the harsh brutality of the Grudge as they blasted the intro. They played Sober, and that was great. Im not gonna go into a lot of detail, or post the setlist (its already here...), but I will say that this is officially the best concert I have ever been to. I final;ly got to see my favorite band, Tool, live. Thank Jesus. One more note, however... to all you potheads who think that you need to be stoned to appreciate Tool, well, you are obviously not real Tool fans. Get it right. Tool should be your drug. They sure were mine. As for the band.... thank you. Thank you for being who you are, and for hugging each other at the end of your show. True brotherhood lies in these men. We might do well to imitate them. Sincerely, the guy who yelled "Adam is a fucking genious" from section F while he was playing the outro of Reflection for three and a half minutes straight.

Review written by: invisableappriciation ( Review posted on: 11/02/01 00:22:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 15 Tool show

people who yell in the middle of a song are obviouslly missing the point.please dont sing and yell stupid shit at shows.this moment my mean more then you can imagine for some people, dont ruin that for for that pot comment:"if you dont like my fire then dont come around,i am gonna burn one down"

Review written by: Danny Valdez ( Review posted on: 11/02/01 02:53:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Well, I FINALLY, FINALLY got to go see Tool. I haven't been a fan for long, but have been dying to see them since I was first introduced to 'Sober' a little over a year ago. Since then they have become something special to me, more than just a band; poetic artists with a very specific message which urges itself to be made. So after failed attempts for the Wiltern and the Open Air shows, (only do I find out a week ago that I have a family friend at the Wiltern who could have got me 'house seats') and after being awakened by my mom back in September one morning with her saying "You do now Tool tickets go on sale this morning, right??," and after waiting at Ticketmaster for seven hours after that-- I FINALLY got to go see Tool--and on Halloween!! I had floor seats, and knowing the dedication of Tool fans, showed up at 2:00 for the 7:30 show to make sure I was as close as humanly possible. There was only one group in front of my friend and I. One of whom was painted ghastly white, whom we referred to as "Skeletor." Later on his freinds showed up, one with painted muscles ala 'Laterlaus' cover, and one with a very poor spandex version of the 'Schism' characters. The Halloween aspect was not nearly as crazy as I thought it would be. As stated in above reviews, there were a couple of four foot long penises, as well as Jesus, and a guy painted blue with a third eye. But all in all, I mainly just saw a whole lot of black Tool shirts in the audience, just as I was wearing. So, onto the show. You know the guys that you see on the floor that are in the very absolute front, being squished between a rail and thousands of people, and you normally think, 'I wonder what it would be like to be that close?' Well, that was me. About ten feet directly in front of the stage. I had never been so close at a concert before, and I admit it wasn't necessarily comfortable, but I would not trade the experience for anything. Tricky was okay. I had never heard (them/him?) before, and only knew to expect something "techno-ish." Although I don't feel they really flowed with the whole Tool feeling, they weren't all that bad. There performance gave me an idea as to how good the sound would be for the main attraction. Watching Tool come on that stage at nearly 8:30 was truly amazing. To be standing just ten feet from Adam Jones was incredible. I've noticed this at other concerts as well, but when you get close enough so that you can clearly see facial expressions, when you can see the band members looking you in the eye, a humanization comes over them. They are no longer some greatness that have superhuman characteristics, they are just four real guys playing music for us--for me. Unfortunately Adam was partially blocking my view of Maynard for a good portion of the night. But unlike other concerts, I did not rely on seeing the band to thoroughly enjoy myself. I was so engulfed in the beauty of the music that nothing really mattered. I was in my one serene heaven for over two wonderful hours that I will not soon forget. I have so much to say about the actual performance that I can only briefly mention some of it: Danny's drum set is incredible. To hear that 24 second scream in 'The Grudge' was truly amazing. To unexpectedly hear 'Sober,' was the highlight of the night for me. I needed to hear that song which originally drove me to the band. I don't know who Ron is, but thank you for gracing us with 'Undertow.' 'Parabol' and 'Parabola'-- all I can say is amazing. The Ænima version of 'Pushit' was a second highlight. It is one of my three favorite songs and I was in some sorta seventh heaven as he drove into that last portion of the song. After truthfully becoming tired of the radio play of 'Schism,' I have a new appreciation of the song after I saw it live with the heads of Osseus Labyrint bopping around on stage. 'Disposition' was 'Disposition'-- not much to it. (I was curious before the concert, though, as to how they would make those bouncy ball noises between the songs live. Now I know.) 'Reflection' was so incredibly intense. The power that that song and its message builds up to is purely stunning. I was slightly dissapointed with the Tricky member rapping throughout the intro, and very dissapointed when he kept rapping as Maynard began to sing, but that didn't last too long, and the song went perfectly from there. I am not really a big fan of 'Triad,' because one of the reasons I am so drawn to Tool is their truly powerful lyrics. But seeing it live was great--partly due to the dangling acrobatics above the stage. Wow--that was stunning. And I don't know who Sasha is, but I'm sure he wasn't the runner up from the 'Make A Wish Foundation of Australia,' as Maynard pointed out to us. I was also surprised to hear 'The Patient' next, especially since I had heard the band warming up with 'Stinkfist' earlier in the night. Not that I was dissapointed in that at all. As others have pointed out, I don't think the song got the recognition it deserved. But the crowd was definetely into the music when 'Ænema' started next. Maynard mesed up my singing along a bit when he decided to switch a couple of the lines, but all in all the song was great. It really sucked the audience back into the performance. And after the standard message of optimism, they closed with a beautiful rendition of the masterpiece, 'Lateralus.' Maynard seemed to be sucking himself into the spirals that engulfed the screen behind him. With a group hug and some thank you's, it was all over. It has been over 24 hours since the concert ended now. My ears are literally still ringing. I have some kind of internal bruise along my ribs, and my voice is shot. But it was all worth it. A truly incredible night. My only gripe: having to worry about the stupid crowd surfers in always seemingly the most vital moments of the song. The closing of 'Pushit,' the "spiraling out" of 'Lateralus,' etc. But I did not let them deter me from thoroughyl soaking in the music and creating something absolutely positive right then. I would have liked to have heard 'Eulogy'... I would have liked to have heard 'Prison Sex'... I would have liked to have heard 'Stinkfist'... 'Opiate'... 'Forty-Six & 2'... blah blah blah. But when it was all said and done I realized it didn't matter because what I was presented with was such an incredible composition of music that the things I did miss had little importance. I don't think I would have actually "replaced" a single thin about the show. I wish I could have afforded tickets to the Irvine show, which is probably endind as I speak. I might have even been able to hear most of those ongs listed above. But I am completely satisfied with the gift I was given until they return to Southern California again. Thank you Danny, Justin, Adam and Maynard, I am eternally greatful. Thank you for letting me express my lengthy feelings, and to all Tool fans out there, continue reaching out, and be sure to embrace whatever may come.

Review written by: Steven Coy ( Review posted on: 11/02/01 04:05:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

The show was beautiful. I was a bit annoyed with the added Tricky-Rap to Reflection, especially when it overlapped Maynard's beginning lyrics. But it's not my art, so that's all I'll complain about that. Everything else fit.

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 11/02/01 04:15:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

The set was awesome, as previously described above. Also, the sound in the small arena was GOOD! The drums resonated and the highs were very well complimented. As for the songs, I was very happy to hear AEnima. MJK was fantastic and really played with a large amount of enthusiasm for his music. I was lucky enough to score floor tickets, so I had a great view. The visuals were fantastic and the crowd was really into the performance. The pit was very rowdy, but also very friendly when it needed to help out fellow fans who were overcome with dehydration or whatever. (Drink water, people!) I am not going to bitch about songs I would have liked to have heard (as I am sure there are people everywhere who can say the same), but rather cherish the ones I did. I know I am the odd one out, but I actually found it cool that Tricky joined the band for a few songs. Obviously the two styles are totally different, but I just took a step back and tried to see the creativity that MJK and Tricky were emitting together.

Review written by: james ( Review posted on: 11/02/01 05:57:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

Wonderful show. the setlist is already here, so i wont bother. the highlights were DEFINITELY triad and the patient. Adam's guitar playing is amazing. Osseus Labyrint is a great addition to the show. I thought the guy that came on stage for reflection was out of place... when i first heard they were doing it i thought that it would be cool, but he didnt seem to really get into the music, it was like he was just rapping and it was by chance that TOOL was playing behind him...especially when he was going over maynards singing and adams psuedo-solo. Tricky was a decent opening act, but i definitely like king crimson better. Was it just me or did maynard screw up in lateralus, i could totally be wrong here, but it seemed like he skipped some lines. As great as it is to see sober live, i REALLY missed stinkfist, because the extended version of it is so amazing, i was totally looking forward to it... but oh well, it was still great. undertow was really cool too. it was just an all around great evening.

Review written by: Larry ( Review posted on: 11/02/01 09:31:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd? Tool show

This was tool but what a different show from the one at the wiltern.The sound was terrible over modulated and the distortion was bad bad. So why is it that this band has to all most punish its fans just to have a feeling that they (tool) even enjoy having us there.To tell the truth Tricky was a finer group of PEOPLE they were even a bit haunting themselves. So good news for all of you this will be my last concert. Because I can say what I want to even if I am serious. LATE Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist.

Review written by: Josh (FutantNSanDiego) ( Review posted on: 11/02/01 12:29:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Ok. I am not going to even try to post the setlist. It has been posted so many times incorrectly and I don't remember it to even try. I just wanted to start by saying that San Diego fucking sucks ass. We had the best band in the whole fucking world playing for us on halloween, a full moon (something that someone already mentioned doesnt happen that often), and a very good band opening for them. The crowd was the lamest I have ever seen. I have seen more excitement for Blink 182 up in Fresno than the crowd was giving Tool in San Diego. This has been apparent at every single god dammned show I have seen in San Diego. I think from now on Tool should not grace San Diego with its presence untill they can learn how to appriciate and show gratitude for their performance. I just want to say that i was the guy on the right side of the stage dancing his heart out (one of very few in the whole stadium dancing). Another thing I want to mention is how utterly rude the crowd was to the members of Tricky playing with tool. How fucking disrespectful can you shit heads be? Here we have the best band of our time playing for us. They are NOT sellouts. If they let someone on their fucking stage, and let them grace their stage, AND let them play and contribute on their songs, give the person some FUCKING RESPECT. Tool has a great respect for this band of they would not have let them up on stage with them, let alone even open for them. I am very disappointed with me being the only person on the floor dancing and grooving the the tricky members playing. No one even yelled thank you the entire show. I am very ashamed for living in San Diego now. I think a trip up to LA to hear them with real fellow true fans of Tool is the only way to go now. My hat goes off to the few like me that really appriciated the concert that night. As far as the perfomance goes, Tool was coming together better than ever. I just saw them in August when they played at the open air theatre with King Crimson. They were much better this time (not that they didnt fuck up my shit last time, cause they did). My favorite part of the show was that fucking amazing instrumental. It played after Schizm I think. I read that people thought it was Mantra or Reflections or something else. I have never heard this song before and I would like to know what it was. I closed my eyes and opened myself to the music. I reached out to embrace the random, reached out to embrace whatever it was that Tool was conveying to us in that song. I think that song was the epicenter of the night. All of Tools engeries focused in on me during that song as I was transported somewhere else. For those few minutes I was alone in the auditorium, raised about 15 feet off the ground. A virtual kalediscope of images and lights and wonderful feelings filled my being down to the depths of my soul. As to Maynard speaking, it seems as if Maynard spoke more at this show than any other tool show yet. Besides the normal thank you's going out to the members of Tricky and the contortionists, Maynard did say alot. He mentioned them playing on halloween, how it was good to explore your dark side. He also wanted everyone to remember their expierence that night and take it with them for the next few weeks and make something positive out of it. If only more people went to this show and understood the message, the world would be a better place. Thank you Maynard, Adam, Danny, and Justin for giving us the wonderful priveledge of hearing you play for us on halloween. I will take this expierence with me for the rest of my life. I am in your debt forever. Josh (FutantNSanDiego)

Review written by: Josh ( Review posted on: 11/02/01 12:59:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

Well, this was my 7th Tool show & unfortanatly it may be my last. I have seen every Tool show in San Diego since '94, except for the one at the SDSU Theater in August. It has become to expensive to see what I saw on Halloween. First let me say that musically & visually they where awesome!! I first saw the 2 people who hung upside down at Coachella & it was just as cool on Halloween. My real problem with the show was the set list. Tool built their fan base with the first 3 albums. they played Sober, Undertow, Aenima, & Pushit & that was it!!! Nothing from Opiate! Like I said, i have seen Tool 7 times & they have always played Prison Sex & Opiate & have always played Stinkfist, Eulogy & 46&2 since they were released. I waited too long to see Tool again to only hear 4 songs from the first 3 albums. I feel very sorry for whoever saw Tool for the first time on Halloween. It was not a true representation of what the band can be. My second problem with the show was the price. I remember paying 15 bucks to see Tool at SOMA & seeing a way better & more intimate show. You would swear that Maynard was staring right into your eyes when he sang. 50 bucks is just rediculous to pay for what I saw On Oct. 31st. Tool was/is my favorite band & I always hoped thay wouldn't take the same road to destruction that Metallica took. I guess only time will tell but it isn't looking promising. Josh

Review written by: Matthew Morgan ( Review posted on: 11/02/01 15:27:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

It is almost impossible to fathom the magnitude of what took place wednesday night. The magic that was in the air was tangible, it was one of the most incredible experiences i've ever had, and i was completly sober :) Osseus Labrint was simply amazing, those are two of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. I came away from the show feeling cleansed and completly refreshed. The positivity that i felt in that room was uplifting, the thought that that many people could come together with one common thought and understanding was mind-blowing, absolutly amazing. I thank Creation for bring the souls and beings that are TOOL together in this time and space, it is greatly needed in this timeframe. All I can say is simply THANK YOU Much Love and Respect to all involved and all in attendance, Matthew Morgan

Review written by: ObsessedFan ( Review posted on: 11/02/01 17:00:11 ET

This was this reviewer's Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. These guys don't suck, do they? I won't tell you how long I've been a Tool fan, or how many times I've seen them, or about my recurring Maynard dreams, but I will tell you that if you appreciate beautiful art, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS SHOW! Each time I've seen this band, they've been better than the last. Halloween was no disappointment. Undertow, as mentioned above, was outstanding(God bless Adam Jones), and a perfect follow up to Sober. Even though I've heard Aenima a thousand times....It was almost like hearing it for the very first time. Unbelievable. Contrary to most of the reviews posted here, I thought reflection was tremendous, rap and all. Out of respect for Kabir, and the wonderful site he maintains, I'm not going to bash other reviewers. Except for this nickels worth of free advise....... 1. If you don't like Pot...don't smoke it. 2. If you don't like San Diego, or it's residents....move away, I hear L.A. is wonderful. 3. If this show didn't live up to your "expectations", then please....don't buy a ticket next time you inappreciative little fuck! P.S. I brought my fiance to this show....afterward, she told me that she might have a little crush on Justin. I'd better not tell her that I'd trade her in for a backstage pass.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 11/02/01 18:11:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 13th Tool show

I need to correct some shit mentioned in the previous setlists. Hawk from Tricky performed on Reflection. Adams nephew played percussion on Triad.

Review written by: Jimbo ( Review posted on: 11/02/01 20:52:45 ET

This was this reviewer's Next Tool show

TOOL broke my heart. You expect bands on the edge of excellence to pour their heart out every night. To push themselves to the limit of imagination. To explore what it is to be ALIVE and breathing. To leave an audience drained, and revived with energy in its soul. Then the pieces slowly were put back together again, like a strange and beautiful nightmare. The dark penetrated my soul and rays of light cast over. Drums pounded the air with magnificent silence as the guitar reigned down impending DOOM. A Voice shot out from the dark. Shrouded in Black the demons crept fort. Fire from the wings of hell flew over the audience. My being wept to the floor, it Slid up the side of a reflection, and bounced back across the stage. Hang yourself upside down and rock beneath the gentle sound. Then you know what it is like to swing on the spiral of our divinity. Take this energy with you and do something positive. I now know the pieces fit, cause I watched them fall away. Tool communicated with their special and delicate sound. The rapture of thunderous music delighted the senses and took me beyond myself. HALLOWEEN 2001 will always be remembered. TOOL is beautiful. Thank you Justin, Adam, Danny, and Maynard. Continue to bless our souls.

Review written by: Kirsten Marie Hunter ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 10:12:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I waited in line for almost 6 hours playing my cellphone game snake while trying to get TOOL tickets to one of the shows at the Wiltern or open air theater back in August. I was second in line and my long awaited fate came down to all shows being sold out within minutes, more like seconds. I went home empty handed and somewhat bummed. -- Although I ended up being stuck up in Oregon the whole month of August due to a family emergency. So I guess things worked out for the best in the end. Because that would have sucked to actually have had tickets but missed seeing TOOL because I was stuck in another state. Actually if that were the case though I'd be on the next flight home to see the show no matter what! Anyway... Hearing they were going to come back around to Southern California for an arena size tour gave me hope that I would get to finally see them live. And one day my friend called me up to tell me she had purchased tickets for me and her. She went to SDSU so she had heard the day they were going on sale. I however heard no word about that show until they were already were on sale. But at the time I already had a ticket saved for me. You don't know how happy this made me. For weeks we talked about how excited we were and counted down the days till it was Halloween. And what a perfect Halloween it sounded too. seeing TOOL, Halloween night and a full moon overhead. I don't think any night can get better than that. Can it? No! You know how it is when look ahead for a certain event months away to come. You wait as patiently as you can till it's finally that day. It finally came. And what a long wait it was. The event happens. As well as it sadly ends too. Sometimes though it isn't what you expected it to be. You're expectations are set so high and it doesn't fill it to the fullest you pictured it to be. It leaves you kind of bummed inside. You waited so long. It happened. But not the way you hoped and dreamed so. That always seems to be the case. Well, I'm glad to say that wasn't the case. It was more than I could have ever expected. And then MORE What an amazing show. Perfect music &sound. Awesome vocals. Mind blowing visuals & performances. I don't think any words can do it any justice so I'm not going to even try. I definitely felt the music and seemed like it was getting me high. It was! [and no it wasn't all the second hand smoke in the arena]. I was blown away. My friend and I didn't say one word to each other throughout the whole show. We were just both in complete awe. The show sadly ended. But the memories will last forever. It was an incredible experience. We ended up going down to Irvine to see them again. We just had to have one more "moment shared." They also put on another awesome, amazing, words can't explain it night. We got some awesome seats for the Irvine show too. I'm so iffy on buying tickets from scalpers, but we lucked out. We met a really nice guy who was just desperate to get rid of his. And what fucking awesome seats there were too; second row loge, smack dab in the middle for the price you would have got them for if ordered online through ticketbastards. The past 48 hours were amazing. Did I say amazing enough? Not enough amazings typed out can put out exactly how amazing it was. I'm reliving the moments in my head. And I'm pretty damn sure I will be for a long time to come. So familiar and overwhelmingly warm... thank you so much TOOL! and thank you Lauren. :)

Review written by: Diego Dave ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 00:12:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

This was the 5th show this tour that I was lucky enough to see. I wrote in an earlier posting, after the Philadelphia show in late September, that I was disappointed that Tool was not mixing up their setlists. I even gladly offered to run the video portion of their show to help them mix up their shows. Well, I've seen them 3 times since that particular show. I'm very happy to say that they did not play the same show all 5 times that I did see them this year. Maybe I should see\think, before I post. All 5 shows were very similar, but each one was different. Thank you Tool. Tool was incredible in San Diego, just like they are every time that I've seen them. Their show is on a whole seperate level than any other band in music today. I would have liked to have seen them play more material off of Opiate. I do miss "Jerk-Off". Hardly any mention was made of the fact that it was Halloween. It does not matter to them. Nothing trival matters to this band. Tool. God, I hope to see you in LA this spring. You are my vote for band of the year. TEASMA. Diego Dave

Review written by: Chad O ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 00:40:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

First off, all the people complaining about Tricky need to shut the hell up! Tricky was fantastic. I really enjoyed when one of the vocalists from Tricky played with Tool. Take it for what it was... they tried something new. Mabey it wasn't the song you heard on the album but, do you listen to Tool because you like hearing the same thing over and over? Mabey if you're afraid of hearing new things you should go to a Limp Bizkit show next time. Anyway, on to the best part of the show...TOOL! This was my first time seeing Tool in concert and it was a life changing experience. No Shit. I will never be the same. Everything about the show was way beyond my expectations. The visual show blew me away. I was in awe of the performers hanging at the back of the stage. Maynard's onstage presence made me want to bow before him. Adam's god-like guitar playing sent shivers down my spine. When the band started into "The Patient" I thought I would never be able to speak again I was screaming so loud. My only regret is that I know some of the people there didn't appreciate the show as much as I did. The fact that people were screaming for the band to play "Prison Sex" while they were in the middle of "Parabol" made me very upset. Very few people at the show seemed to realize that there is more to a band than the songs that get played on the radio. My dissapointment in the crowd subsided momentarily when I saw some of the costumes. I have to respect the two guys with giant foam dicks that stood up and flashed everyone. Overall it was an incredible experience and I suggest anyone who has not seen Tool to do anything they can to get to a show.

Review written by: Mistri ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 01:33:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

The show was amazing as always and I can't say enough about how much I love Tool, their art and philosophy. It was awesome when, I guess it was Mark and Hanna came out on stage and walked around, that was trippy. Good setlist, I'm glad they threw in Undertow. You can definately tell that the band is truly evolving and that's why they played everything on Lateralus but Ticks and leeches, to express that evolution. Triad was absolutely amazing with the other drummer on stage. But I have to say that when the guy from Tricky sang, if you call that singing during reflection I was regurgitating (sp?), everytime it came to a beautiful part of the song that I would normally get lost in he had to pipe in and ruin it, it ruined the whole damn song, and it took about a good 10-15 minutes to recover from it, not to mention on the parts that he didn't ruin I was cringing hoping he wouldn't so it was hard to enjoy it. I didn't hear tricky play his set so I can't comment on him as an artist. But for what reason maynard thought it would benefit the show to have him out there doing his rastafarian shit or whatever it was during reflection I'll never be able to figure it out. I hope he never ruins that song again like that. Don't know if anybody feels the same as me, but I'm still hurting from it.

Review written by: JOHNNY (JROJ44@YAHOO.COM) Review posted on: 11/04/01 07:58:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 3RD Tool show


Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 12:38:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. i love tool!!! got to see in 97' and 99'corhella, and king crimson 01' tour in san diego, so i guess you can say im spoiled....i can understand how these so called tool fans complain about tool playing slow songs and not ther old stuff. a real tool fan can feel any thing from tool and would never complain. i hate to say this but tool has become a trend???? tool will always be my favorite band!!! i just hope next time when tool comes there might be some dumb ass rapper around so they kidies wont go to tool!! it was a great show anyway i think after a while i was the only one standing up and rockin even on reflection and i look around, and see people getting tired and i just laugh. these people just dont know how lucky they are to see a tool show, its just not any show!!! well i know tool loves san diego, so they will be back and ill wait 10 hours in line , like i did for a king crimson tool show...the most loyal tool fan ever!!!!!

Review written by: Jess ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 15:16:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

There are only 2 bands that could get me to haul my ass out of my deathbed--Tool and Nine Inch Nails. Despite the fact that I was coughing my head off and the only alternate substances in my mouth were menthol cough drops, Tool's Halloween show at the Cock was well worth everything. Tool's sonic brilliance managed to transport my spirit beyond my physical misery into a sacred space. The mystical, holy mood of the show began before the band even reached the stage, with Danny's Enochian magic board's sacred geometries glowing in the black light and the fog of what could easily have been incense shrouding the "temple." Reverend Maynard and his apostles rocked their altar with cryptic visual symbolism that was the perfect accompaniment to their pounding, rhythmic musical mystery. At end of the show, all the Tool members converged upon Danny's platform, while Maynard led us all in a prayer to take our feelings from this show and turn them into something positive. Amen. Now I will proceed with my own trivial observations regarding the show. Although I expected more creativity from Tool fans' costumes, the priapic flashers swinging around their satyric foam cocks added a special element to the evening(luckily replacing the oh-so-80's numbed out bimbos that jiggle their silicone tits around for pre-adolescent male enjoyment). The set list has already been posted ad nauseum, so I'll refrain. I was surprised and pleased to hear "The Patient" live(one of the best tracks off of "Lateralus"), although I was disappointed that some in the audience failed to understand the message behind the song--"BE PATIENT!" I have never been more embarassed to be counted among an audience of Tool "fans" then when I heard some drunken assholes shouting ignorant crudities throughout the show-- yelling "Fuck you" at Adam while he played the extended outro for "Reflection," and "I can see your dick" at osseus labyrint as they executed their haunting, mystical performance art during the intermission. To all of these ignorant fucks who drown themselves in alcohol before seeing Tool, just so that they can yell for them to play "Eulogy" all night and make asses of themselves--it's idiots like you that do not even deserve the privilege of witnessing Tool's artistic brilliance. Hopefully next time Tool play San Diego, you will be passed out in a pool of your own vomit--you are why I hate people. Aside from a few retards, Tool's lyrical mastery overshadowed ignorance with immeasurable beauty. "Disposition" was haunting and "Reflection"(my favorite song off of "Lateralus") brought me to the trance- like state that it always does. While I enjoyed the Tricky- member's different style rap that took the song to a different place, it detracted from the experience when he rapped over Maynard's vocals. I was upset that the audience chose to sit down through most of the show and when I heard people complaining behind me(without having the nerve to address me directly) about my standing through the entire show--why do these people even come to Tool shows? Obviously, they do not truly connect with the music to the point that are transported to another place in the way that true Tool fans are. As always, to experience Tool live is more than worth putting up with the "dumbfounded dipshits" that invariably show up. If you still have a chance to see Tool, do so--you will carry the experience with you forever.

Review written by: chris ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 00:53:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

This was an amazing show. Tool no longer just puts on a concert, it is a full blown show. The band was in perfect form as always. I know this is the Lateralus tour but, I think they could have and should have played a couple more older tracks. I would rate this show a 9.

Review written by: aenobarbe ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 02:45:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

this was an amazing show, theres really not much else to say that can sum it up that well. it was the most amazing display of musical ability that ive ever seen. just a few of the songs they played: grudge sober schism pushit(my absolute favorite tool song and really the only one i was hoping they would play) the patient stinkfist(brought the house down) lateralus just an awesome experiance, trickys guys played on a couple songs too, also cool... wow, go see tool every chance you get. very worth forty bucks.

Review written by: Josh ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 15:04:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I didnt actully go to the San Diego show i went to the San Antonio show but that wasnt in the drop list of choices. The show was great. During Lateralus i tore the ligaments in my knee and havent been able to walk since. Some dipshit fell into my leg while moshing. Heres an idea to all the fuckheads in the pit, dont fucking mosh. Just enjoy being close to the artists. Verizon Wireless Ampithatre sucks.