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Review written by: KBS (
Review posted on: 11/03/01 02:29:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Great show! Exceeded all expectations. Worth waiting in line for 2 hours for the cavity search. If only everybody could have dressed like Maynard or the acrobats, maybe the line would have gone faster. :) Can't wait until next time!

Review written by: barhos ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 02:58:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 12th Tool show

first off, thankyou tool for playing in what im sure is the last show you will have for the big sweaty sac. i hope whoever is responsible knows what they caused to happen. think about why tool kept playing, and what that showed you. that is all we have to say at the moment. Cameron and Sohrab

Review written by: beef. ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 03:04:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Holy fucking shit. A fan since Undertow, this was my first show. An assault on your senses, the show blew our minds. Setlist was similar to previous shows on this leg; we were lucky enough to have heard 46+2 and AEnema included. Maynard was subdued, not much to say, save "Good evening" and "Thanks for the shoes" to the clowns throwing them up on stage. Highlights were Pushit and the Reflection trilogy--amazing.

Review written by: Steve (Tool) Review posted on: 11/03/01 03:23:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

This show was somewhat dissapointing. After waiting in line for an hour and a half to get in, we were told our dead center seats were taken out, so we got seats that had a nice view of a speaker where Maynard would have been. Oh well, the music would be great right? Well, some idiots threw shit onstage near Maynard, so he decided not to sing the rest of Pushit (the best part of the song). He also left out chunks of other songs. It was obvious he was pissed at the crowd, but no need to take it out on the people who weren't throwing shit and who paid good money to see them. His voice seemed very subdued compared to other times I have seen them. Perhaps he blew it out playing Ticks the previous night. Overall sound was poor where I was. Of course Echo Arena is known for bad sound. This show was nothing compared to the Berkeley show a few months ago with Crimson. I would be surprised if Tool comes back to Sac, but if they play Arco again, this Tool fan will pass. Damn I hope tomorrows show at Shoreline is better.

Review written by: Steve ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 04:08:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Setlist: The Grudge Stinkfist 46&2 Parabola Pushit (Salival version) Schism Merkaba Disposition Reflection Triad (w/O.L.) Aenima Lateralus **order might be a little different, but you get the idea... Great show. Pushit was great except that Maynard was pissed about the shoe throwers and didn't finish. The parts they changed and added to songs like Stinkfist, 46&2, Triad were cool. Mainly new guitar riffs etc. But it sounded great. I came from Japan for this show and the Mountain View shows and I actually thought I had balcony seats so I thought I was gonna have to wait in the line, but when I picked up my tickets from Will Call, they were floor seats and there was no line...Score! But, there were an over-abundance of muscle-head moshers who I overheard complaining about no encore etc. Obviously, not everyone understands. I just feel fortunate to have seen the full TOOL show live before they finish this tour. Saw then in Japan for Fuji Rock Festival, but it was a shorter show. Thanks TOOL! We're all trying to spread the word, but it's hard with the kind of people that showed up tonight...

Review written by: Andee ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 04:16:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

First of all, the set list: The Grudge (-)ions Stinkfist Forty-Six & 2 Parabola Pushit (slow version) Schism Disposition Reflection Intermission Triad Aenima Lateralus So I drove three hours from San Jose to Sacramento to see Tool for the sixth time. After spending an hour outside waiting in line, I finally made it in as Tricky's last song ended. When we got to our seats in the upper deck we could see a few people here and there trying to sneak down on the floor. Well, when the lights went down there was an absolute flood of people jumping to the floor. Anyone who wanted to be down there, could easily make it past the ushers who's only defense was a flash light and the sentence, "Hey you, get back here." The show started off great, but seemed to fad during Parabola when a fans shoe hit Maynard, and for the first time that I know of (at least from the many bootlegs I own of Tool) Maynard stoped singing and let the band play on without him. He also did this at the end of Pushit. His only words of the night were "Hey", and then before Lateralus "Well . . . there you go. Thanks for all the shoes." Because his spirits, and possibly those of the bands, seemed to be dampened, I wonder if they skipped The Patient, which has often come after Triad this tour. The crowd was its' ignorant Sacramento self . . . many of the fans behind me were more concerned with how many beers they had drank and other such nonsense than with Tool. They would even get mad when Tool played a slower song such as Disposition. Considering I just saw them play with Crimson at Berkeley and San Diego, this show didn't come close in comparision, which I sort of had a feeling would happen going in. The highlight of the night, in my opinion, was Triad. They once again had their special guest on drums and it sounded fantastic. I'll have a review again tomorrow from Shoreline Ampitheatre.

Review written by: trevor ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 04:44:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 16 Tool show

the grudge ions stinkfist bass fill into 46 and 2 maynard says"good evening" parabola(maynard stopped singing after alive and breathing) short jam not like merkaba pushit(salival -maynard stopped singing at the end) schism (osessius labirynth) short jam disposition reflection intermission with osessius labirynth(excuse the spelling) triad(with perry from tricky) aenema maynard says "so there it is thanks for all the shoes" lateralus well maynard fucked up his voice from the night before(ticks and leeches) so i think that is why he declined to sing sometimes and also why they shortened the set.i still was amazed as always.this is the only band i could see 16 times and and truly be inspired every time(even when they arent perfect),its kinda cool to see that they are just like us.thanks for this feeling,see you tommorrow. trevor

Review written by: DSHOT ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 05:07:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Ok, first of all I have been to 4 TOOL concerts and i can plainly say that i was terribly dissapointed with this one. I'm not sure if this is something that has been happening all tour long but personally my favorite part of TOOL concerts besides the music is Maynard himself. Since the first time I've seen the band I have always been hypnotized by his random movements and his terrifying glare into the crowd. This show had neither! He barely moved at all and decided to just stand plainly and sing. Adding to my dissapointment was the fact that he is placed in the dark all concert long, while in the back of the stage so he commands basically no stage presence whatsoever. I've seen in the past how an entire crowd can be mezmerized by his actions and comments but tonight you could tell that he couldn't wait to start the bus and get the hell out of town. Secondly, he stopped singing during the most intense part of Pushit (about a minute before its conclusion) This was caused because he hit his lip on the microphone and then flung it about 15 feet across the stage. I know they just released the new album but I wished they could have added a few older songs. They didn't play anything from Undertow or Opiate. I really find that the new music lacks the emotional energy that previous albums feasted on, and this carries over to the concert. Hopefully next round will be different.....

Review written by: NeoAenima ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 05:33:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

I'm not going to wax poetic about how great TOOL was tonight, because I'm just too fucking pissed about those imbecilic morons who kept tossing shit up on the stage. WHAT THE FUCK IS THE MATTER WITH YOU SHITHEADS???? I have NEVER, EVER seen people throw stuff at the band during a TOOL I have NEVER, EVER seen Maynard drop his mic, sit down, and stop singing a song midway thru. What are you dumbfucks trying to accomplish? Do you people think that they'd enjoy getting bonked on the head with a glowstick or shoe? Do you think that they will try to single out who threw the shit out of a crowd of hundreds while playing, then point at you with a wide smile and gesture a hi-five? Are you really that desperate for attention, you fucking no-lifers? Fucking shit man, I'm telling you these concert goers nowadays....absolutely no respect for the performers at all. What happened to the mutual respect between band and fan? It's 'cuz of all these friggin' newbies who's sole purpose for going to concerts is to mosh at the first strum of a guitar or just plain clog the floor with moronic comments and actions. If only rock music wasn't as mainstream and acceptable to society as it is now, maybe this incident would have been prevented....because I know that a true TOOL fan or even just a veteran concert goer would never disrespect a band in such a manner. I mean it all started out great....TOOL ripping thru The Grudge and Stinkfist with Maynard in full sway, Adam and Justin flanking him in their low-key style as usual, and Danny just flawlessly pummeling those skins like only he (and MAYBE Neil Peart) could. The sound quality was the best I have ever heard for muddy bass, Maynards voice was loud and clear, and the sound engineers had no problem managing the knobs from the get go. Then came the faux pas Parabol intro that led straight into Parabola. All was going well, the crowd was totally into it....then right in the middle of "alive and breathing....", the fucking shoes and glowsticks just started flying out of the middle of the GA crowd. The first shoe hit the screen behind Maynard, the second one hit him in the middle of the chest area. And if that wasn't enough, the already ticked-off Maynard was beaned with a glowstick to the head while sitting down drinking some water. The stupid tossing of stuff didn't stop there....even Danny had to evade some glowsticks and what appeared to be a balled-up shirt. This concert had the potential of being the best TOOL show I have ever been to....the intro was intense with everything working out perfectly. But no thanks to the motherfuckers who have absolutely no clue evening (along with a couple hundred more people I bet) went to shit. You could literally sense the bands dismay and the energy level drop, and I bet it cost us a couple of songs and "Maynardisms" as well. For you insignificant scraps of humanity out there who have nothing better to do but pummel bands with debris while they are performing....I've a suggestion to keep you all occupied.... GO BACK TO YOUR BUBBLEGUM POP SHIT AND DIE!!!! SERIOUSLY.... *INXS: The setlists that are already posted are correct.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 06:51:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. The Shoreline in Mountain View is a horrible venue so we traveled up to Sactown to see the show. Tricky was yet another wacky opening band in the Tool tradition. Trip hop is cool. Lots of new visuals that were not in the Berkeley show- the circus dudes, the "Schism" video, the acid trip video with the "Undertow" image accompanied by Adam's and Justin's sound effects. Unlike Berkeley no songs from "Undertow" but this time the "Salival" version of "Pushit", "46&2" and the jam session at the end of "Lateralus"(last song) Most excellent. Maynard had obvious voice problems and only sang the first half of "Parabola" then drank water while the rest played out. I'm sure he was pissed about all the sh*t being thrown on stage. People, this isn't a f***ing Pantera show. Try to act civilized. Thank you. See you at the Shoreline. I don't care if the band is a mile away. The video screens and the music is all I need.

Review written by: Nick ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 11:35:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I.....I was in shock. This was my first tool show, and it was everything I could have hoped and more. Then Aenema....that was a fuckin sight to see. As soon as that track started the place exploded. They tore the fuckin roof off with that song. I love tool. *whispers* glowsticks are not for throwing mmmmkay?

Review written by: Michael ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 13:32:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

First off, thank you Tool for putting up with that audience as long as you did. I am never dissappointed with the immense stupidity of large crowds. The set was great, although I was hoping for the Patient, but I understand. I was at the first Berkeley show, and got 2.5 songs I had heard live yet(46&2, Salival 1/2 of Pushit, Triad). The show was filled with a few really great moments, but overall, the crowd seemed to suck the life out of the show. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't be suprised if Aenima was an ad-lib, because the irony of all the knukleheads on the floor beating the shit out of eachother to a song about their kind, it was pretty funny. Also, in the reviews I am led to believe that Maynard got hit with a shoe or two, all I can say is what the fuck? I'm sorry to the band that they had to put up with this shit, and thank them for at least playing the rest of the show. Last, I want to leave with a picture. This is the image that I will forever associate with the frat-boy contingency in attendance last night. During Reflection, somewhere around the last verse, I quickly gazed down on the floor to see the crowd. At the exact instant I look down, somebody elbow someone else right in the face in one of the numerous moshpits. And this is soon followed by "and you will come to find/we are all one mind/capable of all that/imagined and all concievable." I guess it goes to show you just what kind of an audience the Arco Arena produces. Thank you Tool, and I'm sorry for all we put you through. Michael

Review written by: ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 13:39:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

The music was incredible and the show could have been amazing. Even with Maynard getting pissed and cutting off both Parabola and Pushit at their climaxes, the show was far better than most of what is out there. Unfortunately, the audience had too many meatheads who just do not get Tool's music, at least not at this point of the band's development. Tool has progressed beyond the understanding of their neanderthal minds. Perhaps this show will have convinced them to stop going to Tool shows and try Slipknot, Disturbed, or some one of the many equivalent nu-metal bands. For the others of you in the general admission audience who do get the music and actually came to hear the band, a suggestion: if someone near you seems compelled to throw shoes or any other objects at the band, or to aim their lame little laser beams at them, knock them down and kick the shit out of them before they ruin it for the rest of us. Thanks so much Sacramento.

Review written by: Humboldt Crew ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 14:06:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was our first tool show ever. I travelled down from Arcata, CA and met up with two good friends. We got liquered up in the parking lot (not to liquored up!) and met some crazy drunken fans. By the time we got to the line for the door, it was huge. We waited about fifteen minutes in line and then there was a huge running frenzy to get to the doors. We got in and apparently missed the first act, which was alright with me, because I had never heard Tricky before anyways. The seats we had on our tickets were crappy, but we ended up on the first row of the balcony on stage left. It was really cool. I could see everyone in the band and the screens also. They started off with the Grudge, my favorite song off the new album. It rocked. The biggest impression that was left on me is that Danny Carey is a fuckin' awesome drummer. Can you say backbone? Maynard was really into it. He was squatting and writhing around on his little stage looking like he was about to give birth, I guess he did give birth to some intense vocal stylings. I really like how they added some jamming/improvisation type bits to a couple of the songs. They didn't just play the songs exactly like the album. The visuals that went with the songs were really intense and wild. I like how some of the images would pulse along with the throbbing of Justin and Danny's tight rhythem sections. The naked painted people hanging upside down was wild. They looked like creatures from some other planet when they walked around on their hands and feet with their asses in the air and their heads on a pendulum. When the climbed the rope (not like in gym class), they looked like fish trying to get back in the water. Adam was intense in that even on the hard rocking pulse pounding head banging parts of songs it looked like he was hardly moving. This was an awesome show, there weren't that many people, and I saw it with my best friends. What else could you want? Thanks Tool

Review written by: Catacombs ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 14:17:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

okay, aside from the show being mediocre some piece of ass hole shit threw a shoe at maynard. he punished us with a pretty short set, and not finishing singing on two of the best songs: Parabola and Pushit. that guy who threw the shoe is a dick. cops busted some kids on pot. didn't have my size t-shirt. berkely w/ crimson was better. then some guy came out and helped play drums on triad which i thought was really one of the best songs they played. my ears hurt.

Review written by: Bummed Tool Fan ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 14:19:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I have been looking foreward to this show since August 25 1999. That was the first time I saw TOOL. The show at memorial auditorim was awesome! I don't think Arco Arena staff and some asshole fans could have fucked this show up anymore. I waited outside in line for more than a half hour almost geeting in then I was told floor tickets had to enter on the east side. I walked around arco then got at the end of another longer line. After waiting another half hour they decided to open another entrance. We all ran up ,got in line and waited some more. After finally getting in I tried to get down to the floor,but was told I was let in the wrong entrance.Their was a group of about twenty poeple who were then led around to a wrong entrance then finally led to the "floor" entrance. Still waiting in line I can hear the begining of The grudge. The show started off well and looks like its going to be a good expirience even after all the bullshit I've been through. Until some fuckin moron throws some shit and hits Maynard. The show pretty much went to shit after that,less singing,less energy and probably less songs! Maynard and the band seemed to get back into playing Lateralus the last song and it was pretty cool. I'm suprised Maynard participated in the group hug. The lights came on and and I waited for the crowd to thin out before escaping. As I was going up the steps to leave two guys were going by me down to the floor. It was Chino and the guitarist of the Deftones.It was cool seeing them checking out the show. Chino had a canibal corpse sweatshirt on.(I guess I'll check out some of their music) Overall this show was a big disappointment, not Tools fault but the stupid fans and terrible staff "working" this event. I feel I've been cheated out of perhaps a great expierince and money. I pray some day I will be able to see tool in a small venue like memorial again! Spiral out

Review written by: T00LJUNKY ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 14:22:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Setlist Is Correct. With a few minor bits played in between the songs. This was my first Tool show, and I have to say It was great, but I was expecting better. Not to say it is the fault of Tool, but more of the childish audience who got kicks from throwing shit at the band. I had floor tickets, and got in about 6:30. The floor was empty, and people where friendly and quiet. Then, around 7:15, the morons began to show up, and the beer and weed began to take effect. When the lights went out for Tricky I was about 5 people from the front, center stage. Next to me were 2 big white guys layered with "White Power" and Swaztica tatoos. And of course, Tricky being a black band, these guys were going fucking nuts. Screaming things like "Get off the stage you fucking coons" and throwing up the birds. I believe Tricky played a good show and deserved some attention, but instead, these guys kept cussing and yelling and screaming at them. Eventually they got board of that, and decided to start a mosh pit rather than watch the show. So of course, they start running into everyone around me, spitting all over the place and screaming the whole time. So of course, that ruined the Tricky show. The lights came back on, and I was about 4 or 5 people back from the stage. I was aching from being pushed around by the moshers (Im a small guy - 5'8" 140 LBS), and my throat was aching from screaming, but I wasn't about to lose my spot up front for that. The security guys were helpin out by spraying water on us, but it wasn't enough. Finally the stage crew finishes setting up, and the lights go out again. The first stage rush began as soon as the first note of "The Grudge" rang in. Within 5 seconds time I had gone from 10 feet from the guard rail, to within 5. Surrounded by big sweaty stinky guys smelling of weed and spilled beer, everyone swayed back and forth, tripping over each other. As soon as Maynards voice came in, the whole arena screamed and roared. About halfway into The Grudge, the moronic white power guys started moshing again, and I get knocked all over the place. Having the strong desire to experience my all time favorite band from close up, I stayed through the moshing. I stuck it out until Fortysix & 2 finished, but then I coulnd't take it anymore. I backed out through the mosh pit and to the side stage, where my view of Maynard was obstructed by the speakers on the side stage. But oh well. Then Parabola started, and the shit really began to fly. Moronic drunk fans like the white supremecy guys began throwing shoes and glow sticks at the band. As Maynard is singing the line "alive and breathing" a shoe hits him right in the chest. He threw the mike across the stage and sat down. The band continued to play without him. A while later, he decided to come back up for Push-it, but his spirit and lyrics were dampened. Half-way through Push-it, the same shit happens again. More flying objects. At this point the band is pissed, and appears they have no desire to go on. The show continued through with mostly instrumentals while the schism acrobats did their stunts. After a long time of slow quiet music, they opened it back up again with Aenima. The crowd roared once again and the spirits where back up. Once Aenima was over, the whole band gathered around the drum set. Maynard said "Well.. There you have it.... Thanks for all the shoes," with a sound of disturbance in his voice. They closed the show with Lateralus, which sounded a little depressed because of the mood of the band. All in all, the show was a good one, but it could have been better if not for the crowd. I guess my point is, immature shoe throwing and moshing pisses the band off, which makes them not interested in playing for us anymore. Im sure they left out a few songs they would have done if they had a better response from the crowd. All I have to say is to whoever is responsible for throwing things is: I hope your happy with yourself because you ruined what could have been a great show, and probably influenced Tool to not come to Sacramento next time around. Thanks Alot.

Review written by: Catacombs ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 14:36:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

oh yeah! what happened to the concept of enjoying a SHOW? WHY does everyone have to stand when we got SEATS? I hate the people that stand! WHY CAN"T YOU SIT AND ENJOY THE SHOW! YOU JUST KILL IT FOR THE REST WHO WANT TO SIT! alas, i stood when they in fron of me stood, and it sets of a whole chain reaction, because the majority of the people where i was wanted to sit, but then some, MeatHEADS who weren't even supposed to sit there were pushing and shoving the people who had to tickets for that seat! WHAT THE FUCK? so sorry tool.

Review written by: Chuck Cheeze ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 14:37:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The show was really good. The music sounded great...dead on as a matter of fact. The setlist was nearly the same as other recent shows, no "Patient" which disappointed me and nothing from Undertow or Opiate. During Parabola someone threw a show and hit Maynard's mic, which in turn hit his lip and I think busted it open. He stopped singing, sat down and drank alot of water. Shook his head a few times. He let before the song was over and came back only with black bikini underoos on, which he wore the rest of the show. He didn't finish singing the following song either, and Adam went over to him and asked what's up...Maynard pointed to the shoe and demonstrated what happened to him to Adam. (rant)Speaking of Adam...dude I know you play this stuff every night and I understand what Tool is all about, but you looked like you would have rather been on the bus wacking off or least give the fans the illusion that you are somewhat interested in being there. At least Justin got into the groove now and then with his body. (rant over) The show was good though, for sure. I love Tool's music, and that was done well. The videos and naked people were cool too, but I didn't have one of these major life-changing spiritual experiences. But I did have fun!

Review written by: Donny ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 14:42:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 21st Tool show


Review written by: Andy (tool@tool.tool) Review posted on: 11/03/01 14:51:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

As usual, a beautiful, powerful show. Nothing from undertow or opiate, but that was no big deal to me as they played sober, undertow, prsion sex, and opiate back at the berkeley shows in August. Highlights here would have to be 46&2 (the drum solo!), reflection, and triad. Reflection had me feeling warm and fuzzy, and triad was mesmorizing!! The contortionist people were very cool. Due to heavy traffic on the way up from Oakland and chaotic lines outside the arena, I only got to see the last song of Tricky's set (it was good). The crowd was dissapointing. People threw things on stage all night (barely missing maynard a few times) and moshed at the most non-moshable times (the extended outro to reflection for instance). By the time I entered the stadium and made my way down to the floor, I had already heard no less than 5 complaints about the no alcohol policy. Why people were pissed off that they couldn't pay $6 for a lukewarm beer is beyond me. What the venue really should have done is confiiscated all cigarettes upon entrance. Breathing was tough down on the floor. If you are going to smoke, smoke weed, at least it smells good. Overall, this show didn't match up to the berkeley shows w/ King Crimson, but it was still an event that will forever be etched into my psyche. Thank you Tool

Review written by: Adam ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 15:18:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd? Tool show

The show even being a Tool show left me with an empty feeling. The band let me down because i feel they let the few fans who were throwing thinks impact their performance. I mean it all went down hill during Parabola when Maynard got hit with a shoe and didn't get to sing the last versus. The after i saw they were going to do the Saliva version of Push it which is my favorite song. Maynard didn't do the last 2 or 3 versus which are the best ones. But the tone was set when right before the ended the show (early) instead of his ususual message of "making something positive" it was well "here you have it" showing how eager they were to end this night. Maybe it is just me but I expected a lot more from them in handling what happened. The show was still one of the best ones I have been to and I am going today at Mountain View where hopefully the fans will be more respectful.

Review written by: jason ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 15:23:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 11th Tool show

real tool fans, and fans of good music in general, are not the people throwing shoes, or moshing, or getting wasted or high at a show. the real fans, they just stand there amazed. hey faggot frat boys, go see PANTERA if you want to mosh or get high to! why not, that band is just as stupid as you and advocates such nonsense. TOOL changed everything for me. finally a band existed that could be heavy, powerful, melodic, and compose masterpieces, and still not be catogorized as metal. i'll admit, i used to like Pantera (whom i met, and boy are they dumb) and other gay metal bands, but Tool ended that for me. i burned all my pantera memoribilia. in closing, all we need is TOOL, and that is a good way to judge who gets the band. you simply cannot proclaim TOOL, and advocate other bands like Pantera, Korn, or other stupid s**t. those are the shoe throwers. have a nice day.

Review written by: elizabeth ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 15:37:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

last night was great. it definately didnt have the energy of the berkeley concert with king crimson in august, but thats mainly because we didnt have idiots throwing shoes and glowsticks at maynard. i was really hoping to hear the patient, i know that they had been playing it in other recent shows and they didnt play it in berkeley, but unfortunately i think that some of the sacramento people kind of ruined it for the rest of us. it sounded as if maynards voice wasnt doing too well, dont get me wrong he still sounded amazing but i think in some parts he didnt sing probably had a lot to do with that. it really sucks that not all of tool "fans" really understand what theyre about and have to bring down the energy for the rest of us. its cool though, cause i know i was down there on the floor dancing and sending out my energy towards them and i know that they felt it and all the rest of the real tool fans out there. thank you to the poeple who really appreciated the show, they dont have to tour for us you know. but most of all thank you tool, youve been a great tool in my life and understanding it from the beginning. i will always love you guys for that liz

Review written by: Kenneth ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 16:05:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

the show... well the show was great. it didnt quite fulfill my expectations but that is understandable under the circumstances. my first show was berkeley last august and there was seating even in the pit so the crowd was calm and enjoyable. i got floor seats at arco thinking i could enjoy the show from somwhere remotely close to the stage. yeah right. i was right up front in the middle of the stage for all of tricky. they werent that bad but its not what i came to see. after tricky the floor started filling up and i started to get more squished. some guy actually asked me after tricky "so whos playin next?" i feel embarassed by the stupidity of others. and being squished next to a drunk guy with tattooes all over his head was not the most enjoyable thing. sadly enuf i had to leave the crowd after a few songs. the thing that i do not understand is why any respectful fan would possibly throw things onstage at a show that you want to see. its just not logical. im thankful that the band kept playing all together. i would have lost my temper and threw crap back at the crowd and then left the show. which would have left fans like me who just wanted to see their favorite band perform out of luck. i would guess that they kept performing because of the fact that the crowd was already rowdy and could have resulted in rioting had they stopped. they should have at least yelled at the childish people in the crowd who were throwing things and playing with lasers. are we all 12? seriously? the music was great even with the crappy acoustics of arco. i went to get some water and started to hear the triad echoing thru the halls of the whole building. for me the triad and Ænema were the best parts of the show since they didnt play either at the berkeley show. it hadnt occured to me until afterwords that they didnt play anything from undertow or opiate. but it would have been a real shocker had they played something like cold and ugly or swamp song. or they at least could have played jerk off for all the assholes in the crowd... thank you TOOL adam - sorry you didnt find what you were looking for before the show

Review written by: Bill Kays ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 16:09:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

This had to be the worst TOOL show I have seen. The crowd was totally dead and the sound system sucked. Everyone keeps saying that Maynard stopped singing because of shoes being flung at him or because he fucked up his voice but I believe it was the microphone. I heard his voice cut in and out at least twice. The first time I really noticed was toward the end of Parabola, when it cut out he threw the Mic down in disguist and waiting for the band to finish the rest of the song with no lyrics. This happend again at the end of Pushit. They brought him out at least three or four different mics throughout the show. I drove up 2 1/2 hours with my friend from San Mateo to see this show. Thanks a lot Sacramento. This had to be the worst crowd in the history of TOOL shows, must have been a little to much moonshine passed out before the show er something. No one was standing, even at the end of Lateralus, oh well. Still, the worst TOOL show blows most other shows out of the water. Hey Sacramento, never expect TOOL to come to your town again, EVER!!!

Review written by: Hermit ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 18:29:22 ET

This was this reviewer's A Tool show

Ya, well. I arrived @ 7:45, waited in the 300 yard line until 8:45 when the other doors opened. Ran to the door and shoved my camera and recorder into my pants, and tapes, film and weed into my socks. I limped to the dude, got patted, went in, found my nosebleed seat (section 210, upper balcony). I asked someone and they had said tricky didn't play yet. The lights were still on. I decided to blaze it because the cigarette smoke was making me sick, two hits later a security guard had my little glass pipe, took it and refused to give it back, or put my name on it so I could get it later. He simply said pick it up at the courtesy desk after the show, or go deal with the cops now. The lights went dim, so I said afterwards, and returned to my seat. Took 2 1/2 rolls of film up, and just about a tape and a half, actually turned out nice quality for a boot, besides the crappy sound system poor maynard had to deal with. From my view I saw a lot of glow sticks and shirts going onto the stage, but apparently there were more shoes, the mosh pits were very small, and people were moshing to some songs that shouldn't have been moshed to. Some asshole behind me payed money to come and talk shit about tool the whole time, luckily not heard by the recorder, and I would have thrown his ass off the balcony, should I have not been so loaded with shit I wasn't supposed to have. I wouldnt have wanted to create a violent atmosphere anyways. The osseus labrint futants were cool, and flexible, but overall I wanted to hear jerk off for the crowd, opiate for me, and third eye for my mind. Went after the show and was redirected from courtesy desk to security for my pipe, they had no fucking clue! I pitched quite a fit to them because they had no right to take my personal belongings from me, my ticket said "no cans, food, or cameras" nothing about pipes. Anyways look forward to shoreline tonight...

Review written by: JOHN SNOBERGER ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 20:05:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. -tool- is always the best band to see and they 're the best band out there I was in good seat 2 row 'k' section 121 I like every song they played even if the band doesn't like to be seen that much it a excellent show to see it hard to find bands out there that people like all there song like I do -TOOL's- they 're the best band in the USA. JOHN SNOBERGER IF ANY OF YOU POEPLE THAT LIVE IN AUBURN CA. I'D LIKE TO READ THEM E-MAIL

Review written by: Cameron Ford ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 20:18:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. Funny how my first concert in my entire life would come fifteen years into it and the band Im seeing happeneds to be my favorite. Tricky.... I respect the fact that they werent like any other band. They threw some pretty crazy effects in there while the shirtless lead singer hardly faced the crowd and was sputtering out words from a language that no one knew. They just need better vocals. It was a good lead up to tool, though. The masters themselves...... I had always seen videos of bootlegged tool concerts so I didnt go in there clueless. But after ttricky the lights came on and this weird sort of fantasy creating beat came on that sounded crazy. At first I didnt think it was starting yet because the lights were still on, but then during the fantasy illusion instrumental I could hear Adam Jones plucking a few nots here and tehre and that told me they were about to bust out. The fantasy sone cuts out just as it it getting louder and the lights go out and the circle eye lateralus cd art came on the screens while a humming noise was happening. The grudge was like nothing Ive ever heard before. Maynards 24 second screen with the character on the screens twitching all throughout it was awesome. Stinkfist was just like I planned for it to be. Without a 3 second pause, Justin was already into 46 and 2. Which was tight. wondering what would come next, I decided to call my friend while on the phone they began to play the opening riff to Parabol but then they went nuts and played Parabola..... The sad part: I notced lots of things were becoming air born down in the pit and things were beginingg to be flung towards the stage which frightened me......finally a shoe cmae out of the pit and struck our wonderful lead singer named Maynard across the face with about a minute left in Parabola. I supose as a punishment, Maynard didnt finish the song but the rest of the band did. Maynard clutched his chin, I hope the person who threw it gets shot. (-) ions was pretty cool, nuthin too special. but then the unspeakable happened, Pushit, salival version.......I drifted away watching Adam jones' naked women have an underwater fight scene in fast motion. (Adams stuff is tight) then at the best part of the song came (I must persuade you another waaaaayyyyyyy) and maynards microphone went out and he couldnt finish the ending of pushit......whichi was slightly disappointing. luckily schism was next and osseus labryth contortionist came out and maynrd had his guitar, that was fun. with an extremely long eon blu apocolypse type riff going on, I wondered what was next and it happend to be the (as an earlier reviewer put it, the "reflection trilogy". (I like that) drummer for Tricky played with Danny during Triad, Triads visualization was really really really awesome. after the hella long closing instrumental of the trilogy, maynard took off his guitar and many could guess what wa snext the pit got real excited for Ænima and maynard really sored during the "prayin for rain, prayin for tidal waves" part and lots of people had their arms in the air as if excepting christ as their savior......although sort of weird, I thought it was tight. Maynards joke of the night. Maynard: "well there you have it.............thanks for all the shoes." (still cant believe some fucker clocked maynard.) they played Lateralus and the screen showed a spiraling spinal chord from begining to end and spiral out part had an eye at the end of the spiral. (Group Hug :) hopefully u read all this. I bet tool wont be comin back to arco for awhile after the shoe incident. in conclusion, even without Prison Sex, Sober, Eulogy, parabol, or patient. Tool was amazing and i hope they tour in 2002 so I can see them agai

Review written by: reviewer (afda) Review posted on: 11/03/01 21:56:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

is this working?

Review written by: Paul ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 22:22:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

well, the show was awesome, some extra surprises on stinkfist were tight. the omission of the end of pushit was a huge disappointment, but maynard still managed to give me chills on that song. people are stupid. they need to somehow implement a check at the door to make sure people are really tool fans, REAL tool fans, and not beer/weed/cocert-no-matter-who-it-is-as-long-as-its-loud fans. oh well. in spite of the problemos, the band handled it well, and it was still a great show.

Review written by: Master Green ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 22:58:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Well, most everything has been written. Through a friend's binoculars, we could see that Maynard did in fact have three microphones in his hands at once. He was also stricken by a shoe, or several. A lot of pussies have made comments towards the aggressors, the shoe-throwers, to the tune of: "I hope you're happy," "are you satisfied," "well, Busters, ya ruined it for us!" "Good job, Sacramento," et cetera, ad nauseum. I won't repeat this drivel, however. I will write instead: die, bleed, choke, sink. You are below. I curse you. Seriously, the entire event was not ruined. If you let the fiasco ruin this show for you, you are not a TOOL fan either. I loved it. Maynard was beautiful, is beautiful. Sacramento does entirely too much speed, crank, tweek (call it what you will). White trash speed-bags.....see you drowned in Sacramento Bay. Yahwe is Love. TOOL would agree. Ask your people, ask your people what is right. Green

Review written by: trevor ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 01:26:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Just so those reading these reviews know: Maynard stopped singing because of all the dipshits throwing shoes at him, not because he played ticks and leaches the night before. By my count he was hit twice by shoes, the first time appearing that it hit him in the face. This was backed up by the fact that he seemed to be checking for blood on his lip afterwards. Those fucking idiots threw shit all through the show, from the beginning to the end. It was embarassing to be in that crowd, and I hope that Tool gets the respect that they deserve next time they come to Sacramento (if they come back). Lastly, I would like to say that Tool gained a lot of integrity in my eyes last night. They did not storm off stage when people threw things at them, like MANY other bands would have. They stuck it out like the true artists that they are.

Review written by: Vicki ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 15:18:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Why didn't Maynard finish two of the songs? I don't know. How do the contortionists do that? I don't know. What do the blacklight circular items mean? I don't know. The answers are whatever you wish them to be. The experience is what counts and it was unexplainable.

Review written by: Luke ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 16:12:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

After watching the Irvine show on Thursday night from the nosbleeds I was very excited to be standing almost on the rail in front of Justin for the Sacto show. The beginning of the Grudge was fucking incredible until the madness started. Large groups of skinhead morons and moshing idiots starting pushing through the crowd, trying to usurp the spot I had showed up two hours early to get. Eventually I had to move to save the life of my small female friend from crushing. I was very happy with the intensity of the performances, and everything was great. Maynard did some neat little movements and it was all great until the throwing began. Like you can see from other reviews it pissed him off and fucked shit up. The show was good musically, but the Mood that makes tool so fucking great was shattered. The next day I spoke with some other concert goers. We all agreed that the morons fuycking everything up were not true tool fans. Most Tool fans, we had discovered over our Two concerts, have a great sense of Camraderie and are truly in tune with the non moshing artisitc nature of thge band. The presence of several inbred cretins deteriorated what was otherwise a great, well performed show. On a side note, Chino from the Deftones was at the concert on the floor near the left hand of the stage....

Review written by: Vince ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 19:35:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

Uhm....Where to start....I wish I had some decent positive words to say about this show. What the fuck's up with sacramento people? I don't want to blame all but the majority of it's people were clinically dysfunctional! I never been around so much negative/barbaric/sloppy people in my life! I don't mean to rag on people but I'm just expressing what the vibe was. Is there something in the water? In the air? Too many U.S flags around? I don't know... This was a TOOL as a TOOL for a TOOL experience. But No one could connect..No one got this..I never been this dissapointed at a concert before. I was hoping to see TOOL with fellow TOOL fans who are somewhat on similar grounds of positive energy/growth awareness. To say the least, TOOL was really amazing..watching the magnetic energy between justin and danny was really inspiring. I didn't pick up to much energy from maynard...because he wasn't giving off any..I totally understand why. I ' would too. Welp, Thanks for letting me vent. peace to all. just breathe. vince

Review written by: Adam Clinton ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 20:21:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well, not only was this my first tool concert, but it was my first concert all together. And, I cna pretty much describe what i whitnessed on Nov. 2nd in one word... Wow... I have never seen anything like that. I have only been a tool fan for about 2 years, but I have to say that that concert was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The feeling I got when stinkfist came on sent chills up and down my spine. It was just flat out awesome. **If any of the band members ever happen to read this, please don't let the actions of a few morons at the Sacramento show influence your decision on comming back. Some of us actually do have a great appreciation for your artwork and are disgusted by those who think it's funny to throw things at at you when you perform. For what it's worth, I appologize for my fellow fans who do not understand.

Review written by: tanman ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 22:51:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

having this be the third time that i have seen TOOL, i can say that the band had to endure a lot tonight. Sacramento is full of tattooed drunken imeciles that have no respect. This show was very good, but for these ignorant fools in the crowd that thought it funny to throw shoes, fuck you. You caused Maynard to become upset. What would make you want to throw something at the lead singer, especially one of his stature? There was almost nothing more that i wanted to hear than the end of Pushit, and it was ruined. It is a little better that i got to see Pushit at the san diego show, but this was different. It was the first time that i have seen the Salival version, and that was upsetting. But other than these small complaints, the show was incredible. This show was awesome, but it could have been better and quite possibly longer. Thanks to TOOL for perfoming, no thanks to stupid asses. The best part of friday was Danny giving me a thumbs-up at the end. That was awesome.

Review written by: JJ ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 00:32:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Pretty good!

Review written by: Darina ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 00:45:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

After seeing Tool w/ King Crimson in Berkeley, I was truly looking forward to this show. The music, the visuals, the acrobats were all amazing. The only thing that ruined what should have been another incredible experience was the small percentage of assholes around me in the floor area. I almost pity them in their ignorance, in their inability to appreciate the creative geniuses performing in front of them. Never before have I gone to a concert where the audience was so disrespectful to the band. I don't blame Maynard at all for being pissed off and not wanting to sing. I would just like Tool to know that there were people there for the music, not just to get drunk and take their aggression out on others.

Review written by: Atans ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 01:03:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Ive never been to a Tool show before but it was the best concert i have ever attended. They sounded great the visuals were intense. Only one problem you god damn morons who threw shoes I knew i lived in a town full of idiots but I excpected Tool fans to more intelligent you are lucky they continued to play. It must hurt you peoples brains just to breath. Oh and by the way it is inexcusable to throw shoes at Phil Ansomo. Lesson here DONT THROW SHIT. Thank You Tool for the greatest experience In my short time on this planet.

Review written by: $teve Cannedy ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 03:22:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 666 Tool show

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooooo13oooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooo2oooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooo1ooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooo8oooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooHooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o34oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooo5oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o3oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo21ooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Well, First off...thumbs up to all these fans that posted their reviews before me!! This was definately the most interesting TOOL concert that I've seen so far. I started off showing up to the show with an eighth of an inch shaved mohawk 2 inches wide, a black bar painted across my mouth and ear to ear, black leather pants and a black long sleeved A Perfect Circle shirt. I thought it was appropriate and Fuck Off to the 2 assholes in line who didn't! I haven't read all the reviews above yet but I'm curious to see everyones reactions. This whole TOOL tour has been a somewhat diverse bowl of soup. I think the show, musically, was pretty damn good and pretty fuckin' powerful. Just like it always is. The play list told the perfect story of a protein based journey through the cosmic spiral of existence and immaculate consciousness. But not to reach such a place without extreme sacrifice, trial and error. Not all martyrs see divinity. The music on the other hand, most certainly has. TOOL are definately the sharpest in the shed. I'm really glad that my brother Tink and my wife's sister Rhonda,,,,, and by the way the wife really wanted to go but couldn't. She gets to go to Incubus so it's ok. she will catch you on the back side definatley, thats a quote straight from her,,,,,,,got to see the awsome stage present TOOL delivers. I my self was quite disscuted with the gifts of shoes people were offering, that was pretty LOW and I say to you; Sim sala bim bamba sala do saladim ba. And thats all Ive got to say about that shit. Ive seen TOOL 6 times and never saw much of anything fly on stage let alone something almost hit every member of the band and then some. Yeah but any way do onto others aye kids. I tell ya I regret not smuggling in a camera this was an awsome awsome show with alot of work and thought put in it . Hats off to all who put in and made it possible. Danny youre the man. SPIRAL OUT. American pride. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooxooxooooHHxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ooooxooxooHHooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooxooxoooHHxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ooxooxooxoHHooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooxooxoxoHHxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ooxooxooxoHHooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oxooxoxoooHHxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ooxoooxoxoHHooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooxooxoxooHHxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Review written by: it's me ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 03:42:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Okay, this was the first time I have had a chance to see Tool and in my opinion the show was fucking awsome. I know the whole thing happened with the shoes/ glowsticks/ lasers but the performance was still incredible. More importantly though let me state this in reference to the incidents that occured, I have gone to shows where I have been hit by spit, sweat, flying instrument debri, etc. from the performers. HOWEVER, I do not in turn change my opinion of every band due to that and "punish" all bands by not going to shows. I totally understand getting upset as Maynard obviously was but as the saying goes "the show must go on". I still had an incredible time but more distracting than the in-bred retards in the audience was the way it was treated. I guess during the next tour Maynard will actually stand behind Danny Carey's drum set, in a cage with armed guards around him. Of course I would still go because Tool is the most incredible band in the world, but...

Review written by: Nolan Ford ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 04:15:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The set list has already been posted so here goes my information on the concert. The band's stage presence was phenomenal. Me and my good friend Beach got to the concert just after Tricky started because of line mix-ups but Tricky was full of energy and it was great to see Justin play with them on stage. So finally Tricky leaves and I squirm my way to the front middle (I was the guy in the black pre-seminal shirt if anyone saw me). The band came out and it was intense. Adam had that blank look on his face that we all love with the occasional smile most likely in response to the crowd's behavior. Maynard was less than pleased with the crowd's behavior as someone threw CDs on stage which he quickly picked up and snapped in half and threw off stage. This was my first Tool concert up close and personal but the floor definitely has its negative aspects... it was very difficult to focus while being shoved around from every side but I did my best and still enjoyed the show almost as much as San Diego in August. I'd argue that the crowd's behavior contributed heavily to my "optimistic pessimism" of the show. I was very let down by a lot of the fans but I recognize that they definitely don't represent the majority, hopefully Tool recognizes this as well. Perhaps Sacramento's show was a little bit less behaved because they didn't implement the system of pre-sale tickets... (aka Fans first) and this explains the surplus of drunk idiots. Maynard definitely could have used a vacation from the touring circus. But the show still rocked regardless of Maynard's reactions to people throwing shoes like morons. I had my eye on Adam for most of the show anyways and learned a few tricks from his guitar playing. At the end of the show I was happy to see the mangler was gone (for those of you who know who the mangler is, I feel sorry for you) and the band took some time to wave to the audience and give each other a nice little hug. I'm going to be as bold as to say that 1/2 of Danny's thumbs up went to me and I thought it was hilarious that some idiots fought over one of the drum sticks he threw and broke it in half. Well there you have it, thanks for the shoes. -Nolan

Review written by: Clark ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 13:21:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

There are some things that can not be stopped. Unfortunately in this case one of those things is that stereotypes will always be and people in one form or another will live up to them or just be the reason that they exist. Fortunately in this case there will be a group of artists and entertainers that will endure the ignorance and senseless acts of the repugnant masses of Suckramento and deliver to the best of their abilities. These abilties at even half steam blow away your senses and transcend your expectations. I have to qualify these remarks by saying the only reason I drove to suckto was due to a close friend getting married the next night of the Shorline show. I know better, but given a forum to share my expeirence i will... I and two of my closest friends listened to the warnings of crossing the bridges out of San Francisco and decided that we would not be stopped by fear and the treasure that lied on the other side would be unreal. We hit the road crossed and cruised to the state capital. We arrived at the arena and headed to the entrances but there was a line like I have never seen at a show that wasn't a we walked to find the end of the line i was treated to the sites and sounds of some of the most repulsive human beings i have ever seen. I am not speaking to all Suckto folk, as with any stereotype there are exceptions, but damn it was horrible. We found the end of the line and luckily enough were told that floor seats have a seperate entrance and there is no line. We had floor passes and were on our way. On to the show....i missed most of tricky and honestly didn't really mind. I like tricky but ... well whatever. This is about TOOL. My freinds don't like to get involved in the chaos of getting close to the stage but i don't mind so at the first sound of the grudge it went nuts I went one way and they went another. Tool sounded a bit off but it quickly tightened up. Just like in berkeley and l.a. with king crimson. I was floating with the mass of people when someone flew over my head. I pushed the body on and kept on rocking out. I made eye contact with some guy next to me and he say's, "grab their shoes and throw them" i didn't completely understand him and said , "man i got on 10 hole boots they are not coming off and if i see you throw shit at the stage i will put one of them up your ass!" He just kind of turned away not saying anything. I kept listening and get lost in the music so i don't know what song it was but maynard sings a couple bars of "White Lines"...just outstanding. I was vibing and enjoying the music and missed the fact that one of the forementioned shoes hit maynard, he stopped singing the end of the song. I was miffed. I still didn't know why until the end of the show when my buddies saw the whole thing happen. A shoe hit Maynard in the face. I did see that Justin and Adam looking pensively at each other while finishing the song and learing at the crowd. They kept playing, brave and brilliant. Odyssues Labyrint were breathtaking. They complimented the music perfectly. I also read in one of the other reviews that mentioned the bald head, no-knecked, muscle bound, meat heads that were rallying to get violent. just as they were getting started the Tool went into a quieter song (like i said i get lost in the music) and every one just stopped and their senseless act of barbarism went flat for the time being, perfect. In the end my one friend who i recently converted to the tool army and had never seen tool was exstatic. I was not so thrilled with most of the fellow human beings but the fact that i could share the experience of a Tool show whith some one else made the evening worth it. Not to mention Tool never dissapoints. Some things can not be stopped.

Review written by: Mike ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 13:28:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Let me just say this before my review: Fuck You Sacramento!!!! My Friends and I drove from Nevada to see this show. Not to see a bunch of drunken idiots throwing shit and slaming into everyone. I mean it's one thing to mosh but when the music hasn't even started and the lights haven't even gone down why slam into people just because your bigger and stronger than them. What were you trying to prove?(Three, huge, bald, drunk, assholes you know who you are) And whats with throwing the shoes? Is that just a Sacramento thing? Never have I been to a concert, or any kind of show for that matter, where people have so disrespectful. I mean this isn't Limp Bizkit, or Godsmack, or people who might deserve it. It's Tool the greatest band on the face of the earth. And I don't know about you but I paid good money to see a concert and instead I saw how stupid and Ignorant people can be. On a much Higher note I saw Tool! After Pushit the show got very aggressive and kicked ass. Osessus Labrinith was amazing. Thank You Tool for tolerating the stupidity and still playing an awesome set.

Review written by: Craig ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 13:54:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th? Tool show

First of all, Tool was great. The audience...not so great. Loved everything about the show except for the typical Sacramento crowd. If you are one of those people who gets drunk, then throws your shoes at the band, or shine your lasers pointers in their eyes because their not playing the moshing song you want them to us all REAL TOOL fans a favor and save your money and fucking stay at home. Because of your BS antics the rest of us may never see TOOL play in Sacramento again. Does anyone remember the RUSH Presto tour when Geddy Lee was hit in the face with a shoe and they vowed never to play in Sac again. I just hope Maynard and the rest of the band understands that not all TOOL fans in the Sacramento area are voilent, senseless, idiots. There are those of us out there who really understand the purpose of a TOOL show...and it's not moshing around in the pit trying to bash others brains in while throwing shit at the band. Thats my 2 cents.

Review written by: Tony ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 15:08:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Tool was incredible, the visuals were amazing, but the crowd and the venue sucked. I left ashamed to be from Sacramento. Fuck all you assholes throwing shit on the stage. I saw Keenan get hit in the chest with a shoe during Parabola and it looked like he was hit in the face with something during Pushit. He didn't sing the last verse of either song, which is a shame since Pushit is my favorite song. In addition, a giant water bottle hit the screen about a foot from his head at one point and it also looked like a shoe landed in the middle of Danny's drum set. I was very disappointed, but not by the band. I was thankful that they finished the show at all, and couldn't have held it against them had they quit after the second incident. Musically, it was unbeleivable. It's rare that a band can sound better live than on their albums, but somehow they're able to do it. 46 & 2 was great to hear live again, but I was a little surprised at how good Reflection comes off. I think those two and Lateralus were my three highest points (since Pushit was ruined by some jackass). I hope I don't have to wait 4 years to see them again, but when I do, I'm sure it won't be at Arco.

Review written by: chris ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 15:31:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Sacramento, wow. As a crowd, you guys suck. Actually hitting Maynard with a shoe while he was singing? Fucking give me a break. I paid, my friends paid, and everybody there paid good money to see one of the most amazing bands in music ever, only to have songs cut short by a few people's stupidity. From the music aspect though, TOOL was incomparable. They sounded absolutely fantastic, not substantiating any rumors about the quality of Maynard's voice due to Ticks & Leeches. Danny was mindblowing come the close of Pushit, Adam and Justin worked their magic effortlessly, despite the all-too-common-projectiles. Once we finally got in, AFTER we found the short line for the floor seats, TRICKY was closing up his set; we made the last two songs, which were eerily amalgamating the genres of trip-hop, heavy metal, and prog rock. I hate to use the labels, but for the sake of clarification... All in all, it was a memorable experience, but I'm not holding my breath to see them again in Sacramento.

Review written by: Alisa ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 15:34:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

This was my fifth Tool concert. I feel terrible that Maynard and the band had to endure a bunch of immature shitheads, who don't comprehend the meaning of the experience. I had no idea that shoes were hitting the band, until after the show. I hope that this behavior is atypical of concert goers across the globe. Tool sounded excellent as always. I brought my mom (I'm a 33 y/o) to this show and she was blown away. I saw the Berkeley show w/ Crimson, and truly appreciated the smaller venue and crowd. I hope in the future, more intimate shows will be slated. I am grateful to these incredibly talented musicians for bringing such reflective and innovative music to the world. Reading your lyrics and listening to the music makes me think there might be hope for us as a collective. Thanks to you all. Hope future crowds are more appreciative and respectful than the Arco floor crowd was.