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Review written by: Kabir Akhtar (

This was this reviewer's 16th Tool show

The second time I saw Tool, shortly after Lollapalooza 1993, was in a venue which probably holds 900 or so people. At the Shoreline show, a security guard told me that there were some 22,000 people in attendance. Obviously, a seriously different vibe was about to cascade throughout the venue. We missed Tricky. Oops. Everyone who went knows that the parking situation was really atrocious. We sat in line for a long time, and literally were led around in a circle or two before we were able to put the car somewhere (for $10) and find our way in. The show was pretty solid, if a little uninspired. Perhaps it's the end-of-tour fatigue showing, perhaps it's the apathetic crowd, perhaps it's just the cold, but some of the ferocity / freshness is certainly missing. Much of the show is covered in other reviews below, so I'll just offer my few thoughts here. I was really into "Triad", even more so into the projections happening during the song, which were the most complete-looking projections during the show. That spiral during "Lateralus" was pretty neat, though. There was a nice long jam or three during the show, each showing hints of being a "Merkaba" of its own, though the soundscape-pause in the middle of "Schism" where the Osseus Labyrint folks came out waddling around the stage was really cool. Few have mentioned the downturns in the show, notably Adam losing a string or something at the end-solo in "Undertow" ... but it was neat to hear the song end without any guitar parts. After the final break in "Opiate" ("just do everything I tell you to do"), someone missed a beat on the way back in (I don't dare say it was Danny, do I?). Maybe the best way to sum it up is with this little tale: late in the show, following "Reflection", a guy waddled up the row and stood next to me. He and his friend had security eject some people in our row, because they were sitting in "his seats." He asked me who the band was. I just looked at him, and told him he'd missed half of the show. He proudly went on to tell me that he "usually does." It was very sad to see him try to start a mosh pit around us. I've heard that the venues will get smaller for future Tool tours, and I certainly hope so; not only because it makes the concert experience that much more intimate and personal, but because the arena-rock tagalongs who are clearly only there for the chance to wear their 1989 outfits while they pound another six-pack really dilute the quality of the crowd. "Tool rocks," to be sure. "T0000000L!!!"'s fanbase, on the other hand, is certainly picking up some less savvy individuals who are unfortunately more interested in pointing their fingers up their asses than in spiraling out ... hopefully that trend won't keep going.

Review written by: jack the ripper ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 13:53:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show


Review written by: Driz00 ( Review posted on: 11/03/01 21:51:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

A big Fuck You to Sacramento! Next year I'll be at the Shoreline show (guess I might have to if they decide not to come back) I don't think I heard all of Lateralus either. Was that one cut short as well? (Feel connnected, witness the beauty...) In Aenema maynard sang "I sure could use a vacation from this bullshit 2 ring circus..." I took it as "I sure could use a vacation from this bullshit touring circus..." Sounds so similar, you make the call... We didn't get the "positive" speech at all... replaced by "Well there you have it"... "Thanks for all the shoes" Wasn't loud enough in the nosebleeds. Lateralus cut short as well??? (I dont recall the feel connected.. weep like a widow.. parts) Okay, reaching DEEP for something positive to say. Hard to do because 3rd song in the energy level took a dive. Schism sounded AMAZING live... and to think thats the one I least looked forward to. Okay Sacramento recall last time Tool was here... (2nd night) to when Maynard was scolded us for throwing stuff onstage.... remember? He sat down and read off the contents of some kids wallet (how much money, name, birthdate, address). Remember how he took 10 minutes out of the show, and remember how pissed he seemed about it?? I guess we haven't learned a lesson, have we? Your pathetic Sacramento.

Review written by: jaymz ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 02:52:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

WOW! WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW.. i JUST got back i am fucking happy as hell that was awesome.. energy, loud music, tool! what more could i ask for.. could someone please post the playlist?

Review written by: Erik Pemberton ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 03:13:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

(also posted to The Grudge - ions Stinkfist (extended) Undertow Pushit (_Aenima_ version) Parabol Parabola soundscapy stuff Schism (OL) Reflection Disposition Triad (OL) Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Opiate Lateralus Great show, great performance, great energy, great crowd (for the most part). Didn't match the intimacy that I had back at the Berkeley show a few months back, but then again... I think the capacity at Shoreline is like 10x that of the Berkeley Community Center, so I'm not complaining. I hope somebody taped this, since that weird soundscape stuff fucking ruled, and the drum circle vibe they had going on "Triad" made me drool. Literally. After that song, Maynard said something about some guy that was the runner-up in the Make-A-Wish Vermont chapter. Anyone have any idea who that was? -- Erik [np: ringing in my ears]

Review written by: heather ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 03:22:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

completely awesome. i wish they pulled equally from everything though, as opposed to playing mainly from lateralus. but hey, you can't have everything. just to see them was enough for me.

Review written by: Phil ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 03:26:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

It was a brilliant show to say the least. I would have enjoyed a more intimate setting than Shoreline,( missed Berkley) but what can you do. Wonderful that there wasn't a mosh pit or any attempt otherwise. It was kind of funny to see all the little dumbasses that were expecting to pit. they had to just stand there and enjoy the music, imagine that! Pushit was amazing. Videos were interesting. All in all, made for a great show.

Review written by: Ursula ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 03:32:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

No other musician can put on a show that would please me as well as a Tori show, but Tool did it tonight. The Shoreline crowd was respectful. I have been reading the reviews and did not know what to expect with Tricky or Tool. Tricky seemed to have rearranged a few songs to make them sound more hardcore, perhaps to adapt to the expectations the general attendee would have. It was a refreshing musical change from his albums. Justin came out and played on at least one song. Tricky announced him and said that Justin had respect. I didn't recognize Tricky playing anything off of Maxinquaye. Most of his set was from Blowback, as one might expect. It lasted about 45 minutes. He seemed to be smoking onstage. Right before Tool came out, there were sounds of Buddhist monks. During Tool's set, Maynard moved his body, shaping energy with it. I could see that he could feel our energy and feelings about the songs and melded them through his body and voice with his feelings. All of his motions had energy and awareness, but were never contrived. His movements expressed passion. At first, Maynard wore a long shirt and pants, then he took off his shirt and then later his pants and just wore something like bikini. I was up in section 201, so I couldn't see the band well. I saw Maynard most because he was on an elevated mini-stage. The set lasted over 2 hours. I was surprised at how much time they gave us because I am used to Tori giving about 90-110 minutes, even with a band. The Grudge was a nice opener because it let us let things go so we could be ready for the changes about to happen throughout the show. Before Lateralus, Maynard told us how he wants us to take the feelings we have from this experience and use it to create something positive. Prior to Opiate, he told said, "well there it is" and thanked us for having them and mentioned how it was always a pleasure. Because there isn't a setlist database for Tool that I know of like Sped Erstad's Tori database, I didn't know what to expect in terms of a setlist. I knew we would get songs from Lateralus, but was incredibly surprised to hear Opiate. I also enjoyed Undertow and Stinkfist. My favorites, however, were Parabol and Parabola. The visuals were interesting especially because there was a balanced combination of feminine and masculine visions. At some points, there were images of a naked woman with a naked man layered over so the androgynous aspect of the Self was represented (yay!) The visuals for The Patient were powerful; there were two women walking around a woman who had no bottom half; it was just her top half and they were holding her hands and rotating her. During many songs we saw mandalas, but we saw many beautiful motions of mandalas during Parabola. (I could even venture to say that Tool's visuals were better than Pink Floyd's visuals I saw at my first ever concert in 1994, but I'll just say they were as good.) Lateralus reminded me of Tori Amos' Waitress, as she performed it in 1998 and 1999. Besides the obvious point that they performed it in closing, the "spiral out, keep going" part correlated with the "I believe in her goodness, I believe in her godness" in Waitress. It was like their gift to us to take with us, to inspire us to keep creating. The songs help us to remember we are godlike and to live with, as I hear Joseph Campbell's words repeat in my mind, "joyful participation in the sorrows of the world." p.s. (aka random facts) the T-shirts were $30-$40, even Tricky's. They only took Amex or cash. They had a hat and a laminate also for sale. I didn't notice any jewelry-type things. Maynard threw his extra water bottles to the crowd at the end. During Triad, someone played drums with the band; Maynard announced his name (I don't remember it, sorry) and said something about him winning a contest with the Make a Wish Foundation Vermont Chapter. There were some cool acrobats also. At the end, Maynard put his hands up in peace signs toward us. Overall, he had a really sweet presence. I don't know what all this bitching in the reviews about his attitude has been. It's probably projection, but I don't know because I wasn't there. During Undertow, the moving tendril visuals reminded me of a dancing god. Thanks to Kabir for keeping up this site so I could watch it for a few years and access information to lead me toward seeing this energizing show!

Review written by: Chris Mosqueda (Orange Man) ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 03:50:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd? Tool show

This concert was another blast. At first i thought it was just going to be another version of the Berkeley show cause they played all the same songs. This show had some cool new things to keep me interested though. 1. Those bending people from the Schism music video came out during schism and were walking around. 2. Those same two later climbed up ropes and dide some crazy acrobatics during triad (featuring someone from tricky) SETLIST The Grudge Stinkfist Undertow Maynard says welcome or hello to the audience Parabol/-a (combo) Pushit (Aenema version) Schism (freaky bending people walk/crawl out...) Voice of God (this was some crazy sounds that mixed into what my friend called "alien helicopter jam" Disposition/reflection Bending people climb up ropes goes into intermission with guy spining..then triad starts Triad (feat member of tricky) Eon Blue Apocalpse the Patient Maynard says stuff (i think something like "well that wraps it up") Opiate Maynard's speech ("take this feeling and in the following weeks create something positive" I KNOW I WILL) Lateralus End of show...the band throws out stuff to the audience and thing hugs....:( how sweet... Maynard, Adam, Justin and Danny....thank you all again for a great night. You guys rock and are TOTALLY awesome. if you haven't seen these guys perform yet....GO....any means necessary it's well worth it.

Review written by: Gavyn (????) Review posted on: 11/04/01 04:08:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 2 Tool show

sence this is my 2nd show i'll compair it to my 1st my first show was in berkly hell fucking yea my second one was in shoreline and again hell fucking yea the first thing i liked better about my first show is that i had better seats... that's always an upside to every thing and the sound was a little better because it was more closed in but hey what can i say Tool is Tool and who gives a shit i don't get why people where dissing Tricky saying they where rap that's bull they where a pretty great band no one booed them we cherred.....but we cherred louder when they got off the stage heh what a big surprise i was disappointed the didn't play aenama(i can't spell) or ticks and leeches but shit like i said Tool is Tool just seeing them for the second time in one year is fucking awsome as i looked around the crowd i say people singing dancing and hanging on to some women and getting high i felt a kind of peace the music at these concerts just grabs you and sucks you in like a black whole but yet when it's over ypu still can't get over the fact of what just happened and it leaves your for a craving of more and you still have the feeling or a certian longing for more like i do and will Tool your great you mean alot to me i hope you keep making great music rock on

Review written by: Darren ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 04:14:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well, it was a great concert. Tricky was sort of annoying... very repetitve and long. I think the woman who sang on the one song ought to sing more. However, watching a large middle aged man dancing in the aisle was enormously entertaining. So, after 50 minutes of that, the lights came on and we waited in anticipation of Tool. So, the lights went out, and on the screen a colorful version of the eyes on the actual lateralus disk appeared, and a single fluttering eye in the center Then they went into the Grudge, which I felt was the song they performed most weakly, but it was sill good. Stinkfist was next, and was even neater because of the added lyrics Undertow was filled with naked men and women, shaking side to side, appenages flopping wildly. Well, I don't feel like describing every songs videos, so I'll just say there were lots of geometric images, lots of nudity in a non-pornographic manner, going into toilets, men without arms or legs, or heads in some instance,s and maggots with faces. The acrobats were incredible! They came out during Schism and Triad, and I think everyone was fixated on them until Triad started building up, and then it was split between the band and them. They looked like they were painted silver, and were also nude. The songs performed best I felt were eaither Pushit, Reflection, or Opiate. The corwd was very nice. One beachball or something landed on stage, but maynard sort of batted it away with his wild arm movements. I heard no boo's during the long long outro of reflection. Nearly everyone was standing the entire time (mainly, because they wouldnt be able to see because the people in front were standing, and never sat, well at least me anyways, I would have prefered to sit). Maynard said few words, and what he aid was already mentioned (except he didn't say hello or welcome, he said Good Evening). So all in all, the concert was great, but not a spiritual ecstacy that some have described it to be. It ranks right up there with NIN and Manson.

Review written by: Clint Keaton ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 04:32:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

this show could not have been better for me. i thought nine inch nails put on the best show that i have ever seen. they still have, but the conditions of this show it's a tough call. i was second rwo with no one in front of me, and because of this it didn't seem as if i was at a concert, it seemed as if tool was on my tv screen, playing for me in the privacy of my home/mind. but there they were, right there. awesome, literally. i was pleased to hear undertow, triad, and the patient, all of which i did not see at my first show. tool is so clear and tight sounding. justin came out a played a song with tricky. the two silver dancers (ol) from th schism video were fucking wierd. everyone seemed awe struck when they first came out during schism. i would have liked to post the setlist since adam jones threw it to me after the show. but it was already posted, and we all know the rules. the guy behind me got danny's drumstick. but i got the setlist. sweeeeeeet. he crumpled it up and threw it out to me, sooooo tiiieeeght! anyways, enough of my jabbering, that is all.

Review written by: Andee ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 04:34:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

Most importantly, the set list: The Grudge (-) ions Stinkfist Undertow Pushit Schism Disposition Reflection Intermission Triad Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Opiate Lateralus I enjoyed tonights show much more than last night in Sacramento. The crowd wasn't half as naive and gave the band respect when it was playing softer songs such as Disposition and The Patient. The Patient was so amazing live that words can't explain it. While I was sad to not hear Aenime, Opiate was played wonderfully enough that I soon forgot all about it. It's a shame Tool's California trek is over, and I'm sad that it may very well be a few years before I see them again. I've now seen Tool seven times, but it feels like I've never seen them at all. How very sad indeed.

Review written by: alee ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 04:39:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

i don't think tool gets better than this. they played with a grace and elegance and power that was praticularly supernatural tonight. i'm going to attempt the setlist now: the grudge (-)ions stinkfist (extended intro, extended bridge, extra lyrics) undertow parabol parabola a haunting ambient jam that settled from fright to calm pushit (extended intro, long bridge, aenima version) schism (long, gentle break in middle) disposition reflection (guitar outro was loaded with lovely overtones) --break w/ osseus labyrint-- triad (oh shit!!! must have been three times album length, immense power, they jammed the fuck out of it, solos, percussion galore w/ tricky member) eon blue apocalypse (just gorgeous) the patient (made my night) opiate lateralus an unbelievable show. maynard's guitar work added a phenomenal effect. to think i almost didn't go because i hate the massive shoreline amphitheatre. everything was twisted and massaged into it's perfect groove tonight. this is what music is supposed to be. i just wish more people would dance. there's gotta be a compromise between the pit and standing. minor gripes for an excellent show. thanks tool

Review written by: Carl ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 04:46:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 666 Tool show

no set list, already did that. well, i enjoyed a beautiful prime rib dinner at the house of prime rib in sf. for all those non veggie head types, please check it out. off to the shoreline to see tool at 4th row. well i've been to a lot of tool shows, but this one was really special. the crowd was really mellow and respectful of others, and the vibe was incredible. kabir i wish i had known you were going, i would have loved to meet you. perhaps since you live close enough to go to the shoreline, we can meet sometime. love to meet the man behind this site. there is nothing like a tool show. i am left tired, with a sore throat and a full, happy soul. good night.

Review written by: chris ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 05:06:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

well just got back from the show...fucken beauty. im surprised no one here has said anything about it, but adam was having some trouble with his guitar early on. during the solo in undertow his sound just stopped..but it made for one of the most memorable moments in the show. while he was fixing it, maynard fucken screamed at the top of his lungs, it was beautiful. opiate was a special treat. it completely stole the show. it had the energy of triad, the crowd attention of lateralus, and the same fucken beauty its had since they wrote it ten years ago. after seeing tool for the first time in berkeley, no show can ever compare to that. but this show was just about as good. the thing that made my experience less enjoyable, though, was all the jackasses in the crowd who randomly scream out "MAYNARD" or "TOOL" in the middle of a god damn song. no shit..we're at a damn tool concert. these are the same type of people who only came so they could blurt out i know the pieces fit. all in all, the show was amazing. it cant hold the same meaning as berkeley, but it was still a musical masterpiece. thank you, good night.

Review written by: Josh ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 05:24:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 13? Tool show

I have seen Tool many times including Chicago this year and the two Berkeley shows. Needless to say I was disapointed when I first heard they would be playing at Shoreline and not a smaller venue. I never thought that I would say this about a show at Shoreline but, it was great, I mean truly special. The sound was great even down near the front which is something this venue usually has touble with. Plus there was something in the air with the boys tonight. The group hug at the end of the show said a lot about the state of this band and this evening. All I can say is it was magical and inspired. If I could just botttle the feeling I would........ The new images and the contortions and acrobatics of osseus labrint are great. . There is so much to take in that the music and visuals just take over. One visual that is truly amazing is Danny. Even if you took away the sounds he creates he would be an artist somewhere along the lines of a martial arts master. Just watch the way he moves as he drums, especially the way he shifts between beats and you will see what I mean. I have never been so lost in the moment at a concert as I have been with Tool and particularly this show. You are just sucked in. It is truly art and they have really taken it to a new level. I have not seen another band that is in their league and I have seen a ton. The earlier shows this year seemed a little more straight forward where as tonight had some great changes and interludes that added a great feel. Even Opiate which I had been somewhat tired of (seen it too many times) had a new level of intensity. Anyway, I have said it all before so I will just say this: THANK YOU TOOL!--- YOU ARE TRULY INSPIRATIONAL!

Review written by: trevor ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 05:27:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 17 Tool show

the grudge stinkfist(new breakdown and elvis lyrics) undertow maynard says"good evening" parabol parabola pushit(aenima style) schism(with osseous labirynth and extended middle section also with maynard on guitar) short jam disposition(maynard on guitar) reflection(maynard on guitar) intermission with osseuos labirynth triad (with another drummer and maynard on guitar plus osseuos labirynth) eon blue apocalypse the patient maynard says"so there you have it,its always fun". opiate maynard says"thank you for sharing this moment with us,always a blessing and never a chore and then he gave the take this feeling and create something positive with it speech" lateralus well i was wrong about maynards voice being fucked up.he was perfect tonight as was the rest of the band.i enjoyed the patient and triad a lot.not as many meat heads as last night but still way too many.i like how the small venues filter kooks out.anyways tool continues to be tooll;something everyone should witness. trevor

Review written by: Dan (GetBack1011) Review posted on: 11/04/01 06:11:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

I was very pleased after seeing this performance. I had just seen Tool in Sacramento the night before. The Shoreline show was SO much better. Most notably, Maynard was so much more animated this time around. Usually my eyes wander from screen to screen to each band member, staring in awe. This time I found, during several songs, that I could not switch my attention to anything other than Maynard's movements. I swear this man should be a dance teacher on the side, he's got the best moves ever. This was the fourth time I had seen them open with The Grudge, I love it every time. The flow of both the song and the visuals are a perfect way to set the mood for the evening. It was no surprise when Stinkfist came next, but of course I didn't mind, the extended version is really good, building up until they explode with the line, "I'll keep digging." Not bad at all. When they played Undertow I was ecstatic. I was really not expecting them to go back to that song after they played it in Berkeley. It was fun hearing it, even though the guitar was absent at the very. very end. Parabol/Parabola, beautifully done. I can't decide which way I like it better, the slow build up with the two songs combined or the surprise when they skip Parabol and just do Parabola alone. Tough call. It was good to hear the album version of Pushit because they played the Salival style Pushit the night before (thank god Maynard finished it this time, it was amazing.) I was waiting for Schism to come because my poor, unsuspecting family was standing next to me watching Tool live for their first time. My younger sister who is a fan of the Schism video was delighted to see O.L. full out, on stage, heads swinging. Those two are unbelievable, I really like their presence on this tour. One of the reasons why this show was my best Tool experience. The Schism video will always remind me of their performance. Disposition/Reflection arrived and once again, I wasn't surprised. But that's ok, the water droplets displayed on the screens and the sounds Tool used to introduce Disposition was really good. Immediately following Schism I almost felt like I wanted to hear something like Prison Sex or Forty Six & 2, but the visuals set the mood just right for Disposition. I had just seen them play Triad in Sacramento, but I enjoyed it so much more at Shoreline. That is such a great way for the band to take their places back on stage. Don't get me wrong, I like that song a lot when it's in my CD player, but it's a thousand times better live. It's so much more intense. The best part of the evening for me came shortly after Triad. During Eon Blue Apocalypse I was in shock. Prior to the show I had hoped quietly to myself that they would perform The Patient. After not hearing it in Sacramento, I was pretty nervous and decided to stop hoping so I wouldn't be disappointed if they didn't get around to playing it. Words are not capable of describing the feeling inside me as they began playing The Patient. After seeing Tool in August, I was seething with a childish jealousy knowing Los Angeles was able to hear The Patient during the tour with King Crimson. So for me, that was the best part of the night. When Maynard tried to wrap up the evening with his "so this is it" phrase, I was once again sent sailing when Opiate started. At this point I concluded that anyone who went to only the Sacramento show and refused Shoreline because of the way it is set up, really missed out(my poor friends!). The whole band gave the enormous Shoreline audience everything they could. Lateralus closed the evening. Even though this was the fourth time I had seen them close their set with this song, I recall thinking that there's no other way to do it. Lateralus is the perfect ending for any absolutely amazing concert. And I would not want it any other way.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 06:47:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

Much better crowd than Sac. Of course Bay Area crowds are a bit more sophisticated and have the sense to enjoy the slow parts of the show instead of screaming "play Sober!" The moshers were pretty bored. This is not the same Tool of years past with so much raw energy and anger. This is an older, wiser, laid back, Zen Tool with a sense of inner peace and oneness with the universe. Every show I've seen on this tour made me want to frolic around and dance like a hippie flower child. Not bang my head and bust someone in the chops like years past. Older songs like "Undertow" and "Opiate" were not done with the same venom and righteous indignation that marked the Tool of my youth. It's a natural progression. Fast forward 10 years and Tool will be as mellow as prog icons King Crimson and Yes. Rush 1981 is not Rush 1991. Not even close. Ah, finally "The Patient". Exquisite. Thank you gentlemen.

Review written by: Sabu ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 11:49:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 12th Tool show

I dont want to see contortionists, Cirque De Soliel acrobats, Maynard playing a guitar, hear every friggin song from Lateralus, Maynard with his own Hollywood stage, 45 minute noise "intermissions", and the whole visual experience. Yeah you're creative, now play some music.

Review written by: Louise ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 13:00:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The music was good, but if you were somewhere in the back of the lawn, or trapped in the middle, you had nothing to stare at but the screens. At least that was how it was for me; my taller friend had to update me every ten minutes or so. I saw A Perfect Circle at San Jose earlier this year, and this crowd was a lot more aggressive (and hostile) than the Perfect Circle crowd. A lot of confederate flags, big middle aged men. I guess that's what you can expect at a tool concert. Less than a couple of mosh pits formed, but then died down. Yes, people did scream "Maynard," "Tool," and "USA" at random intervals. It seemed kind of dumb. My friends and I noted that there were more white trash than white "goths" than at the Perfect Circe, Nin, or Vast concerts. I felt pretty intimidated. Not a bad show, but I'm getting a seat ticket next time. XOXO, Louise "Hi Vered!"

Review written by: Hermit ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 13:31:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

All righty. Here's the scoop, made it in with a camera and a recorder. For everyone's info, not posting in response specifically, but generally to Erik Pemberton's post : I GOT IT TAPED!!! The whole thing. I am listening to it now and the quality is AWESOME for the recorder I was using. As for the runner up thing, at arco that was the drummer from tricky, and on my tape he said,"That was the runner up in the make-a-wish foundation for the mach chapter", I assume it was refferring to the speed of drumming being slightly less than mach, meaning he didn't get his wish... The whole drumming thing was great and turned out nice on the recording. Perhaps I'll put some on to the net for those of us that went... Later. There is a lot of innaccurate info in these posts, people getting confused, and whatnot, but I was in the very center of the lawn, down on the railing, I pretty much saw, took pictures of and recorded all! The first 3 or 4 songs were somewhat violent because of the croud in the lawn, Tool did a fantastic job though. There were people pushing people down hill and they were piling at the bottom so nobody had room to put their feet, and breathing became very difficult, tension was verrry high. Then the croud loosened up and it became nice. The view of the moon while hearing maynard sing reflections... nice.. I think I am getting to the point that I just want to hear what he has to fucking say. No more metaphor and veils. I would enjoy a concert of 2 songs and 1 1/2 hours of the band talking to the crowd about shit that interests them and random shit. All in all though they are not gods, they are the reality of the heros from all of those Ancient Greek and roman stories you've heard, Ever becoming masters of the great tool- the human mind. I won't thank tool because they won't see it here...

Review written by: Dan ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 13:32:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I'm sorry but the Shoreline sucks!!!! I'm never going to Shoreline again unless I have seats. I couldn't see the band at all, the sound was off. Maynards voice was a little louder than the rest of the band but it wasn't that bad(just not as good as small indoor shows with good acoustics). the screens were just playing video. I was hoping that they would show Maynard on the screens because the people on the lawn couldn't see shit. It would have been nice to see him. I'm sorry but I loved seeing them at the Warfield. I guess maybe I'm just getting older and these things just aren't as exciting as they used to be so all of the bad stuff just shines. Mainly the point of this post is that Shoreline sucks and I want the small venues back.

Review written by: Adam ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 14:20:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd? Tool show

How incredible. This is what I was expecting yesterday in Sacramento. It was like a totally different experience. Getting to hear Opiate and The Patient were both amazing. This was the best show I have ever seem by them and by anyone period. Heres to TOOL thanks for a great night.

Review written by: Vicki ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 15:25:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I don't remember the setlist. I wasn't even wasting the time to write it down, somebody else surely will. I know they played Opiate and The Patient (which I hadn't heard live before). Maynard had more emotion in his voice tonight (as compared to the Sacramento show) which he added to the songs, yet he sounded drained, tired. They added some music and verse onto some of the songs. It seemed to be a unique show. Or maybe it was the mary jane that I was smoking. Who knows.

Review written by: Stoked TOOL FAN A.K.A Anthony ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 15:55:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

OOOOOOOOOOOOO fuckin man that concert had to be the best concert i have ever seen. Note i have not been to any other TOOL concert but from the previous reviews i read and my own experience it was the best show i have ever witnessed in my entire life time and for sure i will keep these memories and harness the feelin and the rush i felt as i walked onto the lawn (shitty i no but for all u suckers i was in the front ha haaa) i felt the rush of adrealine rush to me. I gotta admit the longing for them to come on stage when tricky was on (and tricky was sooooo shitty) was at its maximum high.....i swear i couldnt wait until i hear the amazing voice of the GOD OF ALL GODS MAYNARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i must say the emotion behind his voice when singing OPIATE and especially UNDERTOW and SCHISM was so moving and intense i could jus feel the rush now! it was so amazing because it was my first and not last time seeing my supreme idol(s) id have to say honestly if it wasent for my placing on the lawn i would have been very upset but hey it all worked out great and i no one thing im doin next gittin seats shit! You have to also admire the short mess ups that adam made and how well he flowed into the music and i definetly enjoyed the extra words and such added onto every song jus outlining the whole feel of the event....its like he knew his most die hard fans were here and wanted to give em a go for their money and i swear it was worth all the money inthe world and i would sell my fuckin soul to see em again (better seats thought) AND THANKS TO THE GUY WITH THE BINOCULARS BEHIND ME!!!!!!! ~ROCK ON~

Review written by: Tim Thurston ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 16:51:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

FIRST OFF, IDIOTS, HOW THE HELL DO YOU MOSH TO REFLECTION/TRIAD, SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, ARE YOU DUMB??? Ok, this show was fucking amazing, even though during UNDERTOW(which only real TooL fans sang too, thank you) ADAM'S GUITAR BROKE so they finished it without guitars. I dont remember the setlist, but I was sad that the salival version of Pushit was not played, oh well, I will get over it. The drunk/stoned guy that feel on my moms lap gets a big shoutout, It must be fun to pay 50 bucks to see a band and than get carted off to the hospital, without even hearing one fucking song!!! Trickey, you think for 45 minutes a person is up there they would change their song, I don't think he did, it sounded like the same fucking song for 45 minutes, borinnnggggg!!!! I heard about the labrinth hanging from the ceiling, but I never imagined that they would be twirling, dancing, and hugging while they were up there. The crowd was generally good, except for the lady behind me, I think her whole vocabulary, which she didn't hesitate to us over and over is "shit, fuck, tool, maynard" I think for the 2 hours that is all she yelled!!! For any people wondering if they should try to catch a TooL show, I don't know where the hesitation would be, go see one!!! They put on the greatest shows out of any band performing today, possibly even ever, they dont miss a note. Finally, it was great that the kid from Make A Wish Foundation got to play his drums with TooL on the stage for like 10 minutes, that was a great thing for TooL to do, way to go guys, good to show your hearts to the sick and needy, I am really proud :)

Review written by: otonimo ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 17:08:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist.

Review written by: Honky ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 17:47:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 2rd Tool show

Stinkfist extended version was out of control. if anyone got those lyrics, please hit me up! It was great to hear the Aenema version of pushit. The patient was great. As well as the head bobbing animals.

Review written by: Bill Kays ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 18:07:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

What a great show!!! This totally makes up for the performance Firday night at Arco. Maynard was WAY into this show. The crowd last night at Shoreline was awsome, especially compared to the shoe throwing Sacramento crowd. A great setlist, UNDERTOW sums the entire show up pretty much. Adam even broke a string at the end of Undertow and it was still the best song of the night!! I thought this show was even better than the August Berkeley show. More visuals, addition of The Patient, Triad, and all that great free-jam time, capacity shoreline crowd. Thanks for a great night!!!

Review written by: ToolFan ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 18:35:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

this show was so tight the setlist was as follows grudge prison sex hooker with a penis stinkfist pushit opiate sober disposition reflection intermission the patient H. eulogy aenema lateralus third eye oh my fucking god i was never in my wildest dreams expecting such a long and incredible set, but tool must have been in the mood for playing a lot tonight. every song took the audience by surprise, especially those from aenema that had not previously been played this tour. but drefinitely the best show by tool to date on any of theirs tours, hope other shows are lucky enough to receive similar treatment. peace

Review written by: Jay Feldman ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 19:16:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 15th Tool show

It is very interesting how people at the same show can have drastically different experiences (just read all of the reviews above). This was my 6th show of this tour, and it was very different from the previous shows, which were all small venues. Although many people found the sound to be fine/good, I was near the front, stage right, and it was not so good there, but tolerable. Some have said that Maynard's voice was right on last night, but I felt that it seemed a bit tired at times, this being his 5th night in a row singing. But I do hold MJK to the high standards he has earned. In spite of those slight disappointments, Tool's presence, performance and energy were overwhelming as usual. The contortionists, osseuos labirynth, were truly amazing. They fold in half like cardboard and (especially the woman) writhe into inhuman positions. For most of Triad (which I was so pleased to hear for the first time live!) I couldn't tear my eyes from their twisting, dancing, silver, naked, fit bodies dangling in front of the video screens. Eventually I focused my attention the amazing technique of Danney Carey and another drummer (from Trickey?) and then split my time between those two centers of attention. The Lateralus-heavy set was great, but I do hope that someday they return to a more album-balanced performance. It's amazing that in just a few months they have added many new, small snippets of video that help to enhance the ever evolving live Tool experience. I can't wait for show #16, whenever that may be...

Review written by: meggie ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 19:28:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Tool was amazing. This show was just as good [if not better] as the one in berkeley. The whole setup [two screens, those cool glowing pentogram things] was incrediable. The sound was amazing too, espeicially for shoreline. My friend and i seat hopped around [our original seats were directly behind someone intent on shrouding the entire section in a giant cloud of weed smoke. People can do whatever they want, but it got kind of hard to see the stage through the haze, so we left] Thanks to all the people who didnt report us and a BIG thanks to the people who let us keep the seats next to them even though they had sold them to someone else. Tricky was ok [I didnt really like them that much, but at least i kept it to myself. The moron behind us kept screaming for Tool to come out, even though Justin was ON THE STAGE. Seriously, though; one of the joys of shoreline is that if someone you dont like is playing, you can simply go buy some garlic fries or something and not bother the rest of us with your whining]. The highlight of the night was hearing the Patient, undertow not far behind. Oh, and I loved the naked people hanging from strings. The lights they shone on them with all those trippy colors playing on the screen in the background made it look like something out of a dream. The whole night was awesome, anyone harboring even the merest thought of going to a tool concert, should DEFINETLY go see them. It was beautifull. Kazren, we should make

Review written by: Dave ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 19:58:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

My fifth Tool show ever, fourth this year, and may have been my best ever. I'm split between this and August 11 in Berkeley when they played Eulogy. As much as I dislike Shoreline, the show last night was great. I was in the back of the seat sections, and I found myself watching the screens more than the band, so for the people on the grass, it couldn't have been bad at all watching the screens, although I don't know how the sound was up there. At the end of Undertow, the guitar went out and Maynard eventually let out an extra screem to fill in. Good stuff. The segue (sp?) between Schism and Disposition was unbelievalbe, much more built up and intense than any other segues. The Patient live was awesome. Since it was where it was on the setlist, it had an effect of uplifting everybody to be happy about what theyve just seen and anxious for the last two songs. I felt so fulfilled and inspired by the end of this show. Trust me people: Watch the screens. It makes the moment more trance-like and body-numbing. Oh yeah, Tricky was awesome, I didn't get to see them at Sacramento because the line took so long. I'm thinking that in the future, Tool is gonna be getting way more into the segue- jamming type stuff that they've been playing a bit lately. Some people may not be happy about that, but I think it's great how they are changing. They just seem way into the segues and they progress nice and slow that it really plays with your mind. I can't wait to see what they'll come up with next.

Review written by: Vince ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 20:11:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 11th Tool show

I woke up saturday..with the idea of a whole new day.. a whole new experience of seeing TOOl. I had to.I was so traumitized by the "sacto. experience" If you need to be updated please read my review from the sact. circus show. This review is strictly for the shoreline show. I never been so satisfied in my life! undertow, opiate, the patient! especially being outside under the moon, the light from the stars. Thank you TOOL. Maynard tottally conversed with the audience..Hearing speak about positive energy flow gave me tingles. I have to admit. I was really please with the people. Thank you! During the show..I looked around to see how people were responding to the show and it was really intersting..THERE WERE NO MOSH PITS AT ALL! The expression on peoples faces can show they were in this moment having some interpretation or some kinda exchange of the art that was in the air. Lot of good energy..The crowd new it..I knew it...Fucking Maynard knew it! Side note: Before the breakdown, I told my friend Matt " i wish they would play the patient". So during the breakdown...I was in a deep meditation with my band. It was intense and very uplifting..And as I started to come too.. I heard the begining of the patient...I instantly huged my band! I was so inspired! Thank you TOOL, Kent, Matt, Myriam, Chris, Shorline crowd and to the moment. vince

Review written by: Amasia ( Review posted on: 11/04/01 21:38:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Well i was a bit disappointed, this being my 6th show and all i have def. seen better performances by them, the set list was cool of all songs why did they have to biff on schism? i was sad to see maynard couldnt change his lil speech up....but the meaning is truely acceptable( re: " turn this into something positive in comming weeks...") I had heard it both nights at the berkeley shows Regaurdless of the glitches and the fact that maynard actually uses an echo to do his longer bouts :( its was an acceptable show i made the mistake (pre show) of making an absolute statement-" tool never messes up they are perfect" good lesson----no absoultes-----nobody not even tool is perfect the contortionists were cool......for some reason they seemed cooler at coachella, This show did turn me back on to Tricky--whom i had first seen the same time i had first seen tool--lollapallooza 97 Tool is still my fav band----i just see them more as mortals Danny is still the drum God

Review written by: nick grizzle ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 01:33:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

afuckingmazing. the show in sacto was not nearly half as good as this one. the patient... need i say more... i never thought that i would live to see that played live... it was truly a life changing experience, not to sound cliche, but i have a new outlook on things now... osseus labyrint was incredible, never before and probably never again will i ever even be able to imagine anything like that, or the amazing show tool put on.

Review written by: Nate Pottker ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 02:12:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

five years wait and three failed attempts to see them later... it was beautiful. thank you to everyone involved. l o v e

Review written by: matt ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 05:46:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

the first show i saw was in boise, id, for the aenima tour. the show there was excellent while it lasted. the show was cut short by the band because people in the crowd were a) throwing stuff on stage, b) displaying 'hate' not 'anger' in the mosh pit. i was truely disappointed in the crowd, and (while i wanted to hear/see more show) i understood why the band stopped and thought it was the best choice. then everyone was mad [boo hoo], that the show was over and spent much time yelling for them to come back..... what do you expect? saturday i arrived in san jose for the show, hoping that it wouldn't be spoiled by jackasses. i think tool has a pretty diverse fanbase at this point, and people expect different things out of shows which sometimes = lame band/fan interaction. this was not the case at this show. i thought everyone was into the show, and extremely respectful. i think that the band could feel this and for lack of a better word, created the good "vibes" felt throughout the show. i had a seat in the 200 section, bet left it to go into the grass seating. from here i could see all the screens. i had hoped to be able to see the band members on the screen, because it really does it for me to see their expressions and body language while performing. but not once. and after realizing what it gave instead, it was better. the maynard performed infront of a screen, that was small and at the bottom. then there were two larger screens on top and the one starting at the grass. these screens provided a constant perspective, meaning that they were like literal physical layers. they provided a consistent interaction. (i'm trying my best with the description here). ie -- during one song the same backdrop oscillated up and down on all the screens. the one behind maynard had a small amplitude oscillation. the ones above it had just a touch larger oscillation, and the biggest screen in front of the lawn had an ever larger one. to top it off you didn't have closeups on the stage being periodically displayed. this effect mimiced the space!!! it visually defined the dimension of space between the band and crowd. { pretty sure this effect existed and was not just seen be me}. well, i don't think i can really do the show itself justice trying to describe it. one reason is that i would have to break it down into music, special effects, etc... but that is just what it wasn't. it was one cohesive vision. it is probably pretty easy to master one aspect of a concert for a performance. but this band presents one "whole" peice of concert. to master all aspects of the multimedia (this word intended to be taken in an even more general sence), is different. i think it takes true integerity, and feeling. and that is exactly how this show felt, it felt so in tune with itself that its power bordered on being scary. it seems often that people hint at maynard being unappreciative toward them as a fan...... {as a side note at this show i thought maynard was funny, sweet, and sincere} well, look at what they are giving you. they are completely opening themselves up for display. its like they give you a device to examine yourself with, and then provide a environment to do it in. this is an experience that i think is rare and priceless. {and then people wonder why they didn't like the shoe thrown at them ???} just before the last song, maynard said something about; "whether you had a good night, bad, or indifferent it didn't really matter. the important thing is that you take the feelings from it and do something positive. " this, statement was perfect. my feelings were good, bad, and indifferent during the course of the evening. the introspective nature forced me at some times to places i felt unsure and uneasy. unlike 'almost' any other show i have been to, when the show was over i was satisfied. usually i always want to hear one more song.... in this case i was full, they couldn't have done anything better. leaving the venue, i didn't hear anyone say anything about the show. nobody said i wanted to hear this, or wow, what a good show, or really anything in general. i, like i think everyone else were to stunned to say anything at all. i started walking toward the san jose airport ( i had to spend the night there so i thought i would walk until i got bored {and settled down}, lessen the taxi fee.....} i had headphones with me, and normally if i have music, i listen to it. but at this time i couldn't, i just had to walk and that was it. now it is late sunday night, and i am not listening to music while i write this {not normal for me}. that is actually why i wrote this review. i needed to react to this show before i can move on from it. i would like to thank the band for an experience that was truely beyond words. i am moved. p.s. - kabir , i'm glad you got to see this show. i hope you write a review, i would like to hear what you thought (also, thanks for maintaining this site.). if anyone else has comments about what i wrote, or on the show in general, my address is posted..

Review written by: Ashley ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 11:26:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This show was amazing! Tricky wasn't a very good band, but Justin came out on stage and played with them. When Tricky left the stage you could feel the vibe in the air. They started playing this one soung over the sound got everyone really ansy and anxious. Then the lights went out. People went crazy! I mean they were screaming and going wild!!! I was too! They started by playing The Grudge, which was great. Followed by a newer version of Stinkfist with added lyrics. After stinkfist Maynard had the manners enough to say good evening, which prompted the crowd to begin chanting his name. I dont remember the exact order, but they played: The Patient, Schicsm, Parabol/Parabola, Pushit, Lateralus, Undertow, Opiate, Reflection...If anybody who attended this show has the exact setlist, please email it to me! I wanna make a tape of it. I know they closed with Lateralus, and Opiate. They all had a group hug/kiss (from what a majority of people are saying) at the end that made the whole crowd feel connected to them on a very unique level. After all the rumours that they hated eachother and that this was the end...the four of them stood up there and in front of 19,000 adoring, loyal fans....hugged. It made some people cry, others hug....but after a few seconds the whole crowd was chanting "TOOL, TOOL, TOOL". They threw some things out into the crowd and Maynard said his goodbyes to us. It was a beatiful show that assured us the mysterious story of TOOL isnt over yet.

Review written by: Amberly Lane ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 12:51:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I missed Tricky. Seems that was a good thing. Tool was fan-fucking-tastic! Despite not being able to see much, the sound and graphics were exquisite! I think they need to play the Cow Palace, in SF or some other more flatter place, *if* they actually come back. Heard terrible things about the Arco Arena show..didn't seem like anything lame like that happened at Shoreline. Audience was diverse and positive. The milieu was powerfully erotic. The hanging duo was creative, to say the least.

Review written by: enrique guerrero ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 13:51:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Once again it brought me to tears. the crowd was great! the set was glorious! It was my third show in four days and i would say the best. San Diego was just not up to Irvine or Shoreline but still good. Irvine was an all time set list. That show was unreal!!! But Shoreline was magical. After the seven hour drive up from that shit hole L.A.(born and raised)I had a feeling it was going to be just to much for me to handle, and it was. The moment is still so strong with me I can close my eyes and hear TOOL. Highlights of the show...I would say by far it was the best Reflection I've seen this tour because that Tricky guy did not sing and it was just soooooooo glorious, and then the Triad that followed with that Tricky(that guy rocks)drummer was hypnotic. So i'm totally broke can't pay my bills, what am i going to do?...get a job start saving money and get front row seats for every TOOL show with in a 12 hour drive radius. TOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: danny ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 14:24:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

no need to post the setlist cause plenty of people did that. my two friends and i had no idea how good our seats were cause we hadnt been to we screamed with excitement literally when we get down there and realize we are in the second row. there were only two seats in front of us then the stage, and the two guys who had those seats were only there for half the show...(came in during tools set and left before it was over) and they sat down the WHOLE TIME!!! ..idiots. well i wont go into to much about the WHOLE show cause everyone else already did that. just give a few minor things. during undertow adam broke a string and made due the best he could until he had to play his solo melodic line that he needed the string for ...which he seemed pissed about having to change guitars but oh well. hehe. the guy who came out to play the extra set of drums during triad wasnt a member of tricky OR an actually winner of the make a wish foundation. that was danny carey's drum tech. the two people from the schism video were rather a trip to see. being that close you could see how amazingly built and strong both of them were and the stuff they were doing was amazing...but kinda eerie at the same time. funny moment during the beginning when the song is building adam was looking back to danny and almost came in with the loud break early...but danny shook his head and mouthed no...and they both started laughing. it was amusing. one of the most amazing things i have ever seen ...and i know i'll probably NEVER be that close to band of that size again (ofcourse size meaning how good and how popular they are). i just wish that ALL my concert experiences could be from that close. as always keep rocking and i'lll be there when they come back. danny--

Review written by: Darren ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 15:44:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. The November 3rd show at Mountain View was all I dreamed it would be. I had been waiting since the first time I heard "Stinkfist," back in high school. Finally, I got the chance to see TOOL, and I must say I was in ecstasy. My two friends and I almost had to steal a car to get down there, but we found a ride there just in time. On the way back, we put our faith in our fellow fans to give us a ride. We wrote "need a ride to san fran" on a plastic tray and hoped for the best. Our efforts were rewarded with a cramped ride in a Mustang, that these two Canadians had rented. Was it wise to go to the show with no way back? No. Did it matter to us if we ever got back? No. After that show, I could have died and had no problem with it. Life is all downhill, now that I have seen TOOL! Thanks again to the Canadians, if they ever read this.

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 15:44:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

The show was awsome. Not quite as good as the shows in Berkley on Aug. 10th and 11th. Tricky was nothing near King Crimson. The hanging dancers was a cool touch though. I'm just glad nothing happened at this show like what happened at the Sac show. Maynard seemed very happy and before Lateralus he said "Well there you have it. Always a pleasure. Never a chore." I really hope they tour the states again soon.

Review written by: chris ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 15:47:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Yes. Two shows in two nights. For a TOOL fan(atic), it doesn't get much better than that. Unless of course, you happened to be at the ARCO show. Two Mountain View shows would have been better. Mountain View exceeded my expectations immeasurably, especially when compared with the previous night's performance. Not that TOOl was bad (IMHO they've rarely sounded better - though Berkeley was mind-blowing), but the crowd was. Shoreline's crowd, however, more than made up for sweaty nut-Sac. I was almost relieved when (now don't crucify me for blasphemy) they DIDN'T play Aenima, which they did in Sac. Though given that they sang it AND changed up the lyrics (two-ring circus ot touring circus - you decide) one couldn't help but believe that they were singing it to and for Sacramento. It was the joke that nobody got, at least nobody I saw. The visuals for Shoreline were stunning, the sound quality surpassed my expectations, and the ability to just stand and let the music fill every cell in your body without getting covered in somebody else's sweat renewed my faith in TOOL fans. And one can't help but laugh at the girls in the halter tops puking on the fence while trying to get down the stairs. It was a strangely perfect ending to such a revelatory night. Thanks, guys.

Review written by: Hauck ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 16:33:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Wow. That show was amazing! My friends and I actually had seats, too, so it was just great. But anyway, when they started playing "Opiate" I was so happy. I can't even describe it. I felt exactly the way I felt when I went to go see Nine Inch Nails a while back and they played "Reptile," (anybody who went to that show at the Cow Palace knows what I mean) because it's really great to get something that you didn't think would be on the setlist. Yeah, uh, 'cause like, Maynard was all "There it is," or whatever it is he says, and I was just pissed, because I didn't think that they would play it, but they went right into "Opiate" then. Yep. It was the second time in my life that I have had an orgasm from music, and I burstinto tears three times... it was great. I was really, really sick (still am) but I went anyway, and I have no regrets... even if it did just make it worse. Next time those guys come around I'm bringing everybody I know. It was bad ass.

Review written by: Phase ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 17:57:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

Late to Mountain View and the long line for security so we missed the first part of that Tricky Kid's set. But what we saw was really good. We walked in and this bass player was on stage . Good to see Justin Communicating out of Tool. Biggest venue Show we've seen yet. 7 in Europe. 1st in usa. Tight Stinkfist jam into Undertow great call some cool intro effects to DISPOSE/REFLECT SONG OF THE NIGHT Creepy TRIAD JAM a first for us and worth the entire effort to attend this concert thepatient was great to hear too New visuals for some songs Revised visuals for others huge screens Sound could have been cranked up a few notches or audience could be quieter good night overall moon stars november outside tool were still reeling from the impact JJ

Review written by: naked guy ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 19:40:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This concert was not loud enough, and Tool seemed like they didnt want to be their. Tricky was sorry. I felt like i was at a Bellarmine high school reunion, I was the only non white person their. Tool should spend more time on sound engineering than on filming naked men and hiring weird circus acts to try and scare people. the video was the best part of the show, i like the finger in the eyeball asian thing. anyway THE SHORLINE Sucks almost as much as TOOL, by the way when they Played with Snoop Dogg they were much better and louder. Im not using any intellegience here because none is needed. TTTTOOOOOLLLLL RRRRUUUUUULLLLLLZZZZZ forever live the MAYNARD one, dungens and dransonz rule, anybody got tickets to the Oprah show? emnail me at

Review written by: pollywog ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 20:05:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 12th Tool show

surgeons are standing by to surgeon your being back together after this show.... cuz i'm split wide open... all of me

Review written by: Lon Reeder ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 20:08:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 2st? Tool show

Ok, I would of post a review for the Sac show on its review page but they already stopped doing post for the Sac show... I am from Sacramento and would like to say sorry to everyone in Tool... Alright, first off the show was going to be one of the best Tool shows that I have ever seen...Had perfect seats...Was able to see the hole band and the crowed just perfect....Was blazing a fatty when....Out of nowhere came a flying shoe that hit Maynard in the mouth! Now, I have been to alot of shoes at Arco and have never seen anything like that before.... I have a few questions to some of the fucking idiots that fucked up the show.... 1.) What the fuck was up with all the god dawm glowsticks???? It wasent a fucking Rave!!!! 2.) Did anyone catch the idiot that threw the shoe at Maynard??? If you did please email me at, tell me you beat the shit out of him cause I was about to go down on the floor and find his ass! I would like to end this with a big fuck you to all the idiots that fuck up the show and Sacramentos rap. Thanks shit heads

Review written by: Anthony ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 20:48:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first tool show and may i say it was the best live show i've seen so far..........the visuals were outstanding the music was far better than my expectations.............................i'd say if you have the means to see them tour get out and do will not regret it..............

Review written by: Nick ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 21:12:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 14th Tool show

Just wanted to say thanks for the pathetic fans in my hometown Sacramento, and an even bgger thanks for the awesome fans in Mountain View. Tool never fails to amaze me even after so many shows and a fan since 93.

Review written by: Tyler (stupidkidsbugme) Review posted on: 11/05/01 22:14:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Oh my...are they human? If Adam hadn't broken a string on undertow, I would have thought they were not really people. Its like God gave TOOL all the tallent and everyone else got jipped. They don't make music, they make and artistic organism that you can listen to. No other music can move me like TOOL can. The Show was simply amazing. I tried to get seats but they sold out. THE GRASS SUCKED ANUS. There was no way I was going to see TOOL from where I was. I decided to sneak in to where the seets were. I was kinda and my friend heald out tickets and covered the part where It said "grass." We rushed the ticket guys when there was a big line, so they wern't checking tickets very well. We sat down anywhere we could and these people came up to us and said that we were in their seats but that they had 2 extra....WHOO HOOO! TOOL was flawless. I really wanted to hear ticks and leaches, H., third eye, and aenima, but oh can't complane. TOOL is better than most of its fans will ever know. They are probably better than I know and I have been studying their work musicly for years. If you live in san jose and you want to reminise, talk or even Jam, email me. TOOL IS AMAZING

Review written by: Cancerous1 ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 22:34:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was my first Tool concert, after several years of waiting and patiently listening to their music. I was very excited about going to see Tool, I could hardly sleep the night before. However, to be quite honest, I wasn't very impressed with the show. I like Tool's premise: to allow their music to become more important than the individual bandmembers making the music. However, by displaying videos throughout each song, they managed to completely distract me from the music. I found myself questioning what these (at times stupid & repetitive) images had to do with each song. I understood what they were getting at during the majority of the songs (I felt the images during "The Patient" were by far the best & most appropriately matched with the premise of the song), but I've been a fan since Undertow, so it was easy for me to pick out most of the themes and how the images were representing them. It's not bad enough that the images were distracting, but I was far enough back in the seats (Section 202, Row K) that I couldn't see the band. I could see Maynard's outline (which I know was intended). What I did like, was that I could clearly see Danny while he was drumming. It's unusual to have such a clear view of any professional drummer, because they're usually cramped into the back of the stage. I was impressed by his drumming, and I might have appreciated the other musicians more if I could focus on their music. I felt that Schism was their weakest song, probably because Maynard's delivery was lacking (looked as if he was consentrating on playing guitar too much). I liked the lyrics of "Suspicious Minds" (- Elvis Presley) injected into the middle of Stinkfist, I've liked that song for a while now. The end of "Reflection" was waaaaay overdone, I was so sick, and so bored, I was hoping the entire crowd would start booing. Repitition is not ingenious, its boring. They played a spacey jam that seems like a possible "sound snippet" for their next album. Opiate kicked some major ass.

Review written by: MT ( Review posted on: 11/05/01 23:06:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I really liked the show. Tool is amazing. However Shoreline sucks. You can barely see the stage from anywhere. I also wished they would have played more stuff from thier older albums. But Opiate was fuckin awesome. Oh well, Tool still rules. I'm definatly gonna see them again.

Review written by: Rachel ( Review posted on: 11/06/01 04:02:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th? Tool show

sorry guys, but i need to cheat. i apparently "missed the window" to post for the san antonio show and i just have to put in my 2 cents. what an incredible two weeks i had! tool in s.a. and houston during week one and tori in austin and houston during week two. i am on a super emotional high!!! : ) well, i don't really have anything negative to say about the band's performance. in fact, it was completely amazing as usual and as expected. i am bummed, however, at how resentful and pissy maynard has become. i totally understand that a sensitive and anal person like him can become totally overwhelmed by this "fame" thing, but witnessing his behavior at the shows, in web cast interviews, and stories i have heard by people who have been around him, i agree with them that he is turning into a megalomaniac. and it is particularly painful to me since i have been COMPLETELY in love with him since the very first time i heard his voice back in 93. oh! the good 'ol days....back when NO ONE knew who tool were and tool fans sought each other out at parties (or where ever) and huddled together in the corner gushing and slobbering over this bad ass band called tool. nope! those days are definitely over... instead, we are corralled together like cattle in these ridiculously over built, over lit, and over priced arenas. $4 for WATER! well, i knew we were in for a night of pure 4th amendment violation when we arrived to the venue 30 minutes before the ticket said the show would start and ended up missing ALL of tricky due to the nazi style security, or should i say, the nazi-bozo-the-clown security. after waiting in line for 45 MINUTES with my husband and other male friends, i was ordered to leave my line and go stand at the end of the"girls line"(another hour wait). i was furious and damn near got my ass arrested by protesting this chickenshit outfit and refusing. needless to say, in the now days of martial law, i was forced to leave, work my thru the "boy" lines and slip into the front of the girls and get in. so, my husband and i are separated from our family of friends to be isolated off near a fucking UT-FRAT KEG PARTY in the seats. we took our "third eye" openers while standing in line and i was on the verge of total open-mindedness when the funky/creepy pre-show music was playing. i was set to dissolve into the show that was about to unfold. and when tool came on and everyone stood up, the fucking keg party in front of us got going. these two frat boy has-beens (about 15 year has-beens) were hooting and yelling and sloshing their $6 shit beer everywhere. as the show went on, so did the spectacle in front of me. now, i know you're saying, can't you just ignore them? well, i tried, real hard, but my heightened senses were taking in everything around me. so the fucking jack ass in front of me thought that he was the long lost member of tool and for two hours was facing ME with his leg up on his chair and busting out the air guitar to ME and mouthing to every song, regardless if he knew the words or not, to ME. occasionally he would grab his tubby buddy, who thought he was shaking his booty to the new britney spears album, and they would do the 'ol touchdown high five, caveman shit. and during the beautiful quite sections of the show, that fucking moronicus inbredicus was BOOING!!! booing at a tool show???? now i have seen/heard everything! well, despite the assholes ALL AROUND US, and the glaring lights from the concessions area, by the way try to compete with the artist on stage as to who has the better lighting, i managed to sink into my "trip" and lose myself in the music and become one with the band. i was singing and dancing and clasping my heart (out of shear heart attack) and CRYING to the absolutely BEAUTIFUL show that i was able to partake in. as an artist myself, i always have and continue to be in utter awe of the art work. their show is the ultimate multimedia experience and i am forever impressed with their artistic concepts, from the music, the lyrics, the lighting, the video, and now the contortionist. :) WOW!!!!! there is no other band out there that has ever come close or will ever come close to this beauty and perfection. and for all of you pissers and moaners out there, you ogt tool fans, who keep bitching about them playing old stuff.....get a clue will you? they are a band who evolves, grows, branches out, and not in your cheesy fucking metallica way either. you want hard, fast, consistency, moshing material, go listen to slayer (woo-hoo SLAYER!). what really warms my heart and is a true gauge as to how GOOD a band really is, is the fact that i love EVERY SINGLE song on the new album and would prefer, and insist if i had my way, that they play every single song off the new album in concert. and i can't wait to see if they will break the band/concert mold in the future and quite throwing the dogs (old fans, new fans) the bones of old songs and radio popular songs. this is not a kiss concert, this is a total experience for all of the senses, a story if you will. and if prison sex or opiate don't quite fit in the story at that time, then it wasn't meant to be. anyway, it was an emotional show. i love danny, adam, justin, and i still really love maynard. they have been an integral part of my life for 9 years now. and i really hope that maynard comes around and gets off of this ego/power/nos foratu (sp?) trip and comes back down to earth. he sings about putting your feet on the ground and living in the moment and appreciating this moment, well maynard, you too are apart of this moment. i understand completely the desire to shake off these fucking ticks and leeches a.k.a. beer slinging, falling down drunk, one song knowing dipshits, but there are a LOT of honest, caring, loving, sincere, heartfelt fans out there that want to continue to share the moment. and we will be there when you guys go back to playing at smaller , more intimate venues, where we can all connect again, and let the single riding beautiful vibe flow from danny to adam to justin to maynard to this guy thru that girl thru me thru to my neighbor and so on. how i long for those days to come back! well, i must publish this book and go to bed. leaving the venue was just as nightmarish as getting in the venue, as to be expected. i don't want to say that i'll never go to another tool show, but i don't know if i can tolerate the arena shit any longer. one other thing that really disturbed me was that these so called security people, with pig cops over seeing, were totally violating the 4th amendment of unreasonable search and seizure. they were practically giving body cavity searches and the kids today either don't know any better or just don't care that they are being violated! they are being brainwashed and primed for a future in the new world order. "you must be searched to see your favorite band". wake up kids! THINK FOR YOURSELF! QUESTION AUTHORITY!!!!!! words to live by. ok. lots of love to all of my fellow toolphile! peace and tori and tool rachel the rabbit :)

Review written by: Archon ( Review posted on: 11/06/01 04:39:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I am actually reviewing the night before at Arco Arena in Sacramento, but it wasn't listed anymore. I had seen the first Berkeley show in August and was very excited to see them again. I'll keep the bitching to a minimum, but I will say that the line out the door made me miss Tricky (that and my wait for dinner). Anyway I had sort of a sour mood to overcome with what I mentioned and all. After an hour in line and Maynard not singint the last verse to 46&2, Pushit or Parabola, I was getting pissed, but then the Perfromance artists came out and all looked up from there. Needless to say the music was spot on the whole night, as it has been every time I've seen them(except for the lyrics I mentioned) and everything came together as I found myself almost hypnotized by the dual drumming of Traid to open up the encore. All in all a wonderfull experience that I can barely wait to repeat. Enjoy any that you get a chance to see, but I'm sure you won't have to take my word for it.

Review written by: snowrider ( Review posted on: 11/06/01 13:07:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

AMAZING!!! I'm not saying anything that hasn't been said before, but TOOL gets better each time I see them. I know a lot of folks, including myself hate Shoreline, but if you have seats up front, like we did for this show, then it can be a positive experience. The set design was killer, I love that Maynard has his own screen to sing in front of. And the visuals????? Come on!!! To go to a live show and see visuals like that is definitely worth the price of admission, and the fact that you need to soak it all in there because you're not going to see it anywhere else is incredible. OL was great, saw them at Coachella two years ago and was definitely blown away, I mean, I had never seen anything like that before anywhere and when these two figures showed up over the stage at Coachella, I couldn't believe it. So seeing them here was cool, the lighting setup during their performance was right on the money. Having been a TOOL fan since '92, the songs make more sense after listening to them for a bit. This show was a culmination of being educated and blown away! The setlist for this show has already been posted but I do need to point out some highlights. I've been following the setlists from show to show so I wasn't really surprised they played what they played but hearing Undertow 3rd song in was great. The new album is great, as is all their albums, and I think it's a great thing when you can see the band play the current material live, right after it's released. This has been the case for me having seen the band right after Undertow was released, then AEnima, so hearing the Lateralus songs live on this night made for a great evening. Parabol/a was definitely a highlight as was Disposition>Reflection>Triad, extended and heavy!!! Pushit, Opiate, Patient and Lateralus closer all just amazing! This was the only show on the tour I was able to see and was happy to have seen the show we saw. I'll never forget it and remember it as I have remembered Lollapalooza '92, Santa Barbara Bowl '98 and Coachella '99!

Review written by: Ryan ( Review posted on: 11/06/01 17:45:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

As I walked up to the venue gates, there were signs reading “NO MOSHING OR CROWD SURFING – FROM TOOL”. I think they had seen enough of that shit the night before in Sacramento. I knew there was no pit here and that the band would step up the level of their performance. I knew I was in for a killer show. This was by far the best TOOL show I’ve been lucky enough to be part of so far. TOOL never fails to dazzle me with their artistic creativity. Experiencing them live is 100 times better than just listening to their CDs. Their shows push the boundaries by overloading your senses of sound, sight, and touch. They are incredibly amazing musicians, as well as artists. I’m so glad that I ended up getting such great seats!!! I feel sorry for the poor bastards at the end of the rows who didn’t get to see Maynard since the PA speakers were in the way of his mini stage. The energy that erupted when Danny hit the first few beats of The Grudge was amazing. Maynard was really into the show tonight, as were the rest of the guys. Being a drummer myself, most of my enjoyment came from watching Danny tear it up. He is such an incredible drummer, so fast, crisp, and heavy. With all the odd time signatures and other fucked up beats, he always leaves me wondering “how the fuck does he play that shit?” Listen to the part of Lateralus where Maynard sings the “witness the beauty” part or any of his drum solos and you’ll hear what I’m talking about. When they started with Undertow, I nearly shit myself. Later when Justin hit the first four notes of Opiate, I did shit myself. It’s great when you go into a concert hoping they’ll play your favorites, and then actually getting to hear them. I don’t understand why some people bitch so much cause they don’t play certain songs. Shit, it would be great if TOOL played ALL their songs at every show. Obviously they can’t do that. I just wish I would have been introduced to TOOL when they first got started, it would have been sweet to have been able to see them play all of their songs live at least once. This show was a completely different experience from the Sacramento show when I was in the pit. Although I was able to let a lot of aggression out at the first show, I felt a lot more positive emotions come out at Shoreline. I was able to slip into the moment and feel connected with everyone there. The crowd was great, no one bitched when they started playing the slower songs like Disposition, Reflection, and The Patient. Maynard seemed to be much happier with this show. After they played Opiate, he said “always a pleasure, never a chore” and gave his “positive feelings” speech. He really went nuts during the Lateralus, writhing and twisting like a maniac. Bad ass show, well worth the 1700 mile road trip from Seattle. Thanks to TOOL, see you in Portland and Tacoma………….

Review written by: sandm ( Review posted on: 11/06/01 21:28:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 14th Tool show

I just want to thank tool for their contribution to my life and society. That sounds cheesy but I read these reviews and there is a lot of negetivity out there. Let go and view the shows that tool does for us for what they are...what you make them. Fuck the crowd, Fuck the sound , Fuck parking and Fuck that drunk guy screaming "Fuckin Tool" Tune out and Tune in. I have never been disappointed by this band and I know I never will. Triad blew my mind like that thing they did in '97. Such a trip. They put me back in my right place and gave me renewed perspective. i wouldnt even post this right now but its no less indulgent than the rest of the reviews. So fuck it .. till next time we meet.

Review written by: fernando lopez ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 16:27:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

well let me first start of by saying that tool is definately becomming a trend, theres to many litlle kids that dont know where tool is comming from and what there about but none the less they still listen to them for the one reason that they think they would be cool to have a tool shirt because the other "cool" kids have a tool shirt, this shits becomming like a metallica trend or even worse a korn trend and im not about to let this happen im so sick an tired of little kids wearing a tool shirt comming up to me just cause im wearing a tool shirt and asking me if i like the song sober but pronouncing it sah-bir or pronouncing aenima ah- ey-nima i mean for gods sakes there weraing a tool shirt and have not a clue of how to pronounce the the god forsaken names and it gets worse when i ask this kids a couple question to see where there knowledge is on tool that cant give me a proper answer they no not meanings they no not pronounciations they no not tool but they do know that if they were that tool shirt and claim they like them there might be a chance that they will be accepted in to "the cool kid croud" or something like that, tool is my and will always be my favroite band and i will not let a bunch of no life loser kid nerds looking to make something of themselves by making tool a trend fuck up tool for everyone else for the ral fans the ones that were there before schism hit the radio and way before thatso from this day on i will personally do my best to stop all the loser kids from making tool a trend, for those of you who are big tool fans who dont agree just picture this freshman kids at highschool that have no taste in clothes whatsoever they looke like beaners with a beaner fro there dirty litlle bugers that have no freinds no life wearing a tool shirt one day and a dragonball z shirt the other day and have tool spelled all over there back backs with white out for everyone to see did i mention these kids are pathetic no one in there right mind would hang out with them and by weraing a tool shirt they discrace the name to all others that view with there eyes the letters t.o.o.l written on the backpacks of a bunch of loser kids who do not know anything about tool . with that said i would like to say that tool was awesome at the cox arena on halloween night althought the people in san diego dont know ho to get around ther own back yard and got us so lost that we got there at 9 just in time to hear the ending of the first song being "the grudge" fallowed by sober and so on i came from all the way in l.a california from a small town called inglewood right next to redondo and hathorne and all the other cities that make l.a, l.a a 5 hour drive but it was all worth it to be there that night oh by the way have a good day and keep your eys out for the perfect imposters and get rid of them thay dont belong out in the streets with our kids teaching our kids that trends and fashion are everything so wont someone please think of the children. thank you and good night

Review written by: Chris Thomas ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 23:57:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

To the true tool fans: First I would like to say that the two shows that i caught were by far the best i have ever witnessed. The first one of this tour that i caught was the arco arena show in sacto, as far as performance goes, the band was unbeleivable. Their stage pressense is like non i have ever seen. However the crowd always seems to screw everything up, because of their lack of respect, their impaired iq, or their general drunken blunders. In hoping that tool reads their possitive reviews, i would like to state right now, that everything you do, whether it be musically, inspirationally, or through your art, means a great deal to those of us who consider "tool" to be more than just a band. The messages and thoughts that are brought forth through maynards lyrics, are both educating and inspiring. However the single greatest thing about "tool" is that its not just about the frontman, with tool its everything that is brought before you. The visuals, and the mind altering effects of adam jones, danny carey, and justin chancelor, are what make tool complete. The second show that i caught was the following day in mountain view. This show was by far the single greatest event that i have ever witnessed, as far as concerts go. This show was by far a thousand times better than the sacto show. It all started with "the grudge" which is a great opener. From there the set just gets better, especially since most of it was lateralus bassed material, which to me is one of the greatest follow up albums of all times. I have to admit at first i was fairly questionable on the difference in styles. Then I began to think about how I am simply a tool junkie, "who are you and who am I to say what tool should sound like" this question that i asked myself, along with seeing and hearing the lateralus album performed, made me shut up quickly, and start to accept the soft chaotic perfection that is lateralus. So this is a message to those of you that think that your criticsms matter is ask you to "spiral out" and try to understand and accept change, in place of justifying and construing opinions about that which none of us understand. To understand "Tool" is impossible, but to learn and expand your threshold of reality, this is possible, and Thus is done through understanding Not through oposing! if you would like to discuss more TooL related ideas and topics please contact me at -=Chris=-

Review written by: tyler ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 01:30:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Well... I think maynard said ten words. The people in front of me said tricky sucked. I think after the first ten seconds the whole crowd disappeared, i was all elbows, knees and neck. I really was esepecially enraptured while D.C found his groove in the middle of pushit, you know, where him and aloke fenced at the wiltern. During triad i think at some point i saw a triangle and the people chanting maynard forgot their own names. Wow! I love tricky. The boards hung up i recognized, the one to the left was less familiar to me, it was something resembling the strucure of DNA but had the irregular shape of a conch shell. there were numbers, digits, forming a box around it. Blue background, Pink glowing forms. "The mediocre are winning" came to mind as i glance out among the dispersing mass of lumpy radiation. That moment in the grudge still trancends the whole show for me.........And sinkin' deeper--------*. Hits me like a hammer in the temple. Thanks to security for throwing out my walkman,and all my tapes. They said I might throw them at the band. What a fucking JoKE! My ride back to L.a from san jose was blissful. I had the back row threeseater. hellhound. I say to the band. "please do a secret show at the troubadour and e-mail me with the date. I'll bring cheesesteaks." Natura Non FAcit Saltum

Review written by: Esbee ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 02:29:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 6 Tool show

Incredible experience. Better than ever expected. Great connection with audience. Better than the Berkeley show, although Berkeley was a smaller venue. Mtn. View was big, but still intimate. Overall, I feel this was the best performance I have seen.

Review written by: Cameron Keith ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 15:36:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

Evidently it's too late to post my review of the Sacramento show, but there isn't much to say about it that hasn't already been said. Given that, before I review the Shoreline show, I'd like to put in my 2 cents on Sacto -- first of all, a giant suck this 8====D to those bastards that feel they have to give the "tough love" treatment to a "favorite" band. Another note - I took my parents to see the Tool show as a reward for giving up drinking. My stepdad is a big Tool fan, but had never seen them. My mom -- well, I don't know that she'd ever seen a real rock show before. I think Huey Lewis and the News was the closest she ever came. Anyway, the look on her face midway through The Grudge -- open- mouthed, wide-eyed -- and the way she just exploded into applause throughout the really made up for perhaps the only lackluster Tool show I've ever seen. She had a great time for me, and folks, this is a woman pushing fifty. On to Shoreline -- did anybody happen to see the notice posted outside that mentioned something to the effect that your ticket in was your legal consent to be recorded? I'd never seen that notice before at Shoreline (and I'd just been there the week before for Jane's Addiction), so I'm betting that Tool was in recording mode that night. Much love to Kabir, but I have to say that I thought the Shoreline show was the best I'd seen them since '98, even better than the first Berkeley show this year (I didn't see the second one). While my view was compromised by three large guys in front of me with big, bad hair, nonetheless, the performance was explosive, worthy of a live recording. Tool really had their shit together, so it was nice to be rewarded after a disappointing show the previous night. Opiate was a nice surprise, but the highlight for me was The Patient, which I'd missed in Berkeley and Sacramento and had been waiting to see live since I'd first heard it. It did not disappoint -- the performance was mezmerising. I was also pleased that they played Parabol with Parabola, which they didn't do the previous night in Sacto. This is easily the best show I'd ever seen at Shoreline, a venue that I utterly loathe, so most likely, unless there's no other option to see Tool next time around, it will be the last show I see there. Might as well go out on a great note, eh? Frankly, I'm looking forward to Tool's return to smaller venues -- I keep praying they'll play the Greek Theatre or the Bill Graham Civic, but I'll take anything over the arena circuit. I know that nothing will eradicate fucking morons entirely, but filtering out the arena hags is a good start. I'm also looking forward to a more varied setlist next time around. It's great to hear just about everything from the new album, but now that it's been said and done, I'd really love to see them do Intolerance and Bottom and No Quarter again sometime. I'm also hoping for the more traditional stage show; it'd be nice to see the boys in full view again, rather than a silhouetted rumor of them. The visuals are amazing, of course, but I still think the band is more fun to watch. Adam may be a "shoegazer", but there's nothing quite like watching a group of artists perform their craft -- it's more interesting than watching bad musicians "rock out" on stage. See you all the next time around, no matter what the venue. Where there's Tool, there's me, guaranteed. Peace (to everyone that isn't a fucking idiot).