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Review written by: benpedro (
Review posted on: 11/07/01 01:56:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

Excellent, as usual. My only gripe is that my cousin and all other Los Angelinos got looked over with the tour schedule this year. He will miss out on the best TOOL experience thus far. Lateralus was as great as I had hoped.

Review written by: Tad Mark ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 03:08:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

They played Undertow. I don't know if they have before, but it was amazing. The greatest experience of my life. There were two drum solos that kicked ass too, one involving the drummer from Tricky, who's actually pretty good live. Well worth the crappy seats and the free pot.

Review written by: Thomas Scalzitti ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 03:17:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was the first Tool concert that I attended after being a fan of theirs for the past six years. To say the least, it was one of the greatest overall experiences of my life. The band was dead on with everything, the visuals were perfect, and Tricky DIDN'T suck as much as I thought they would. After Tricky played for about an hour, the techs cleared the stage for Tool's equipment. It took them about 25 minutes to set everything up while we were treated with some nice butt-rock background music. Tool came out to a standing ovation until they began playing The Grudge. This is such a great song to start out with because it has so much energy behind it. On top of that, the visuals that were perfectly timed with the music and were overwhelmingly cool. I am not sure if it's Adam or a group of people who come up with that stuff, but it definitely adds to the concert a whole hell of a lot. I believe that they played almost everything from Lateralus, save for Mantra of course. They played Undertow, Aenema, Stinkfist, and Pushit from their other albums. Hopfeully someone kept track of the setlist because I can't remember all of the songs or the exact order they went in. However, the whole concert was orchestrated very well and was very fluid. Tool usually played something to the effect of eon blue apocolypse or a trippy soundscape between songs to keep the crowd on their feet. The crowd was pretty good overall, with just a few drunken idiots yelling out obsenities and acting like jackasses. Maynard said a few things to the crowd, nothing out of the ordinary except after one of the guys from Tricky helped them with a song. "Thanks to Ben? for helping us out with his gay little electronic thing" (referring to the mixing device or whatever that he was using during the song). It was pretty damn funny! Oh well, I guess you had to be there. Maynard also equipped himself with a guitar through some of the show, although I wasn't completely sure if he was actually playing it or not. I wish I could say a whole lot more about the concert, but I have to wake up early. Simply put, it was fantastic. Easily the best concert I have every attended and it will probably stay that way for a long time to come. It was such a great experience for me and my buddy Justin, who have been huge fans of Tool for a long time and finally get to see and hear them at their finest. Definitely worth the money, definitely worth the wait. I can't wait till they come back. Spiral out...

Review written by: Ryan ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 03:20:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Pardon my lack of articulation, The was my first live Tool experience after 5 years of listening to their CD's. I couldn't have imagined anything better than what I saw. Here's the setlist: The Grudge Stinkfist (extended version) Undertow (Amazing...) Pushit (Salival version w/ Tricky) Schism (w/ Osseus Labyrint) Parabol/Parabola Intermission (OL upside down) Triad Reflection (with Tricky) The Patient Aenima Lateralus I think the highlight of the set was Aenima, although I loved The Patient, Parabol/a and Reflection. The entire crowd and the band got so into it. Justin was really into it, slamming the notes at the end. Tricky was ok, the crowd here cheered for them which was nice. Lateralus was a perfect ending to a perfect set (except that Adam broke a string and had to switch guitars). Exceptional sound, imagery and energy tonight, I couldn't ask for more. Thank you Tool, I can't wait till next time. A big thanks to the Portland Tool fans also, as they really showed a lot of energy and love towards both Tricky and Tool and made the experience that much more postive.

Review written by: BrightShadow ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 04:29:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I'll keep it short and sweet, because I've got to work in the morning. Great show. Set list, far as I can recall (I'm getting old, I'm not so good at this anymore): [Yes, I know someone else posted one already, but I actually think this one's more accurate. But I'm also tired. so screw you, hippie. :)] The Grudge Stinkfist Undertow Parabol/Parabola Pushit Disposition Reflection (rap remix..heh) Schism Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Triad Lateralus Aenema It was about a 2 hour set. The acoustics were hideously poor, but that was to be expected. I didn't really get amped up until Undertow, since The Grudge and Stinkfist seem to be the de facto first-two-songs-of-the-set for the shows on this tour. The performance artists (whose name I cannot recall, and do not care to look up, sorry) were groovy. They played The Patient, and I think I was the ONLY person in the entire goddamned crowd who was happy about that. Sure, it isn't a really get-up-and-punch-your-buddy song or anything, but I wanted to see that live really badly. Triad was a veritable circus of activity.. I'm surprised that there was that much shit going on for a track like that. They brought out the drummer for Tricky to help Danny out with the skins, they brought out Danny Lohner to noodle with a keyboard, the performance art-folks were doing their crazy little rope-hanging-contortion-wacky-alien-robot thing, and everybody was playing one thing or another. The bass sounded bad, but everything else was tight. I blame the bass problems on the venue, though. It really made the bass sound horrid. Lights were also mediocre, but what're you gonna do, it's a friggin' ex-basketball court. Surprisingly mean Maynard quote of the day; This followed Triad, when he thanked everyone and introduced the guests and whatnot. "...And that was Danny Lohner, on some gay electronic thing." All in all, it was worth the cash, much to my surprise. It wasn't the Eugene show with KC, but it was good. I could've done without Tricky, but the guest spots they did during Reflection and Triad were pretty cool, I'll give 'em that. If anyone booted that, find the Reflection track and give it a listen. It was quite bizarre. Off to bed I go. -brightshadow

Review written by: Liam ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 04:36:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

The Setlist: Mantra The Grudge Stinkfist (w/ extended bridge) Undertow (yaay!) Parabol/Parabola Pushit (album version) Schism (extended breakdown; does this part have a name?) Reflection Disposition (w/ dude from Tricky) Intermission Triad (w/ drummer from Tricky and Danny Lohner) Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Aenema Lateralus Group hug I'm pretty sure the list is in the right order; suffice it to say that Reflection/Disposition/Triad was played in the same order as the album. Tricky was playing as I arrived, and although I'm sure it wasn't the best venue for him and his group, everyone stuck it out pretty well. I've got a lot of friends who are into Tricky, especially his first two albums, so I kind of had my ears pricked up to see what all the fuss was about. Tricky's music is a very layered thing, and a lot of the nuance got lost in the sonic sludge. The drums sounded great, though, and some of the keyboard-driven stuff came across pretty well. The crowd gave him a decent round of applause at the end, but I couldn't tell whether they were really impressed or whether they were glad the poor guy was leaving. I did hear someone yell "Go home!" but that was as bad as it got. The Cows were treated much worse in Salem in '96. God, people hated them. We were treated to a Melvins album during the set-up time. It was the one after "Stoner Witch", and it was funny because I've heard it during set-up time at concerts before; it seems like that's the only ever time I ever hear the Melvins. I'd heard that Maynard kind of stays put these days, which was a disappointment going in because his amazing dancing has been part of the joy of seeing Tool. But as is always the case with these guys, if you really think about what they're doing, it makes sense. So they open with "The Grudge." Danny's in the back right, Justin in front of him, Adam's in the front left. There's a keyboard over on the left by where Adam's standing. On the left of the stage there's a large illuminated diagram that looks like a DNA strand, and on the other side there's an illuminated mystic symbol, for some reason I thought of Danny's Enochian thing. There were two large projection screens mounted side by side above the stage and a smaller one underneath the large one on the left. Maynard performed the entire set behind and to Adam's left, in silhouette in front of this smaller screen. Throughout the show a continuous stream of visuals was flowing across all three screens. "The Grudge" sounded great, really tight. As has been pointed out already, the new material is difficult to mosh to, so the folks on the floor just kind of swayed. That changed instantly when they kicked into "Stinkfist." The place went off, and me along with it. The visuals during this point seemed to be reedited versions of the "Stinkfist" along with footage that seemed to have been cut. It seemed like there were a lot of drifters there. I mean, I like the old stuff, too, but I got the sense that a lot of people there just wanted to hear the hits. These people would be put to the test later. From "Stinkfist" the band charged into "Undertow", which was a complete surprise. It still sounds great, and that crazy time signature still bewilders me after these years! From there into "Parabol/Parabola." This one really connected with me tonight, probably because of that "alive and breathing" line. Call me sappy, but at that moment I felt at one with all my fellow Tool fans. Then "Pushit" which sounded *incredible*. You can't really say enough about Danny's drumming. During "Schism" Maynard strapped on the guitar. Some people claim he wasn't playing, and while he may not have been riffing per se, he was definitely filling out the sound. It seemed like he was using a phaser and creating a great keyboard-sounding wash. Also during this song the two body-suited dancers came out doing that shambling giraffe thing they do inthe video. As I mentioned before, "Schism" featured a cool breakdown before it entered its second half. The visuals were, as before, different takes on the video. Then came the weird testy part of the concert that separated the wheat from the chaff as far as determining who the real OGTs were. Leading in with a "Merkaba"-sounding intro, they moved into "Reflection", followed closely by "Disposition." During "Disposition", instead of Maynard doing that squawking thing with the mike, one of the guys from Tricky came out and did a little rapping. Not as cool as it could have been, but still a new twist on the song that was welcomed. Then everyone cleared the stage but Adam, who played the outro chords to "Disposition" for about ten minutes. The idiot behind me started complaining and saying he was ready to "bail." The guys in the band may not have been thinking of this dude's lame ass in particular, but I'm sure part of their intent was to assault the attention spans of the weak-minded in attendance. The simplicity of Adam's repeated guitar figure really started to get in my head after a while. For one thing, he's got such a great tone I could listen to him for days. For another, he seemed really into what he was doing, and that's something I can respect. This is not just any band; when they do something strange, there's a *reason.* And everything they do stems from one thing: They're playing, first and foremost, to make themselves happy. I, for one, am glad they let me watch. Adam left for a bit, and some strange music accompanied the sight of the two dancers from earlier clambering up wires and hanging upside down, while the anatomical figure that graces the cover of the "Salival" box spun around on the screens. Then Tool returned to play "Triad" accompanied by Tricky's drummer on added percussion and Danny Lohner (!) on keyboards. What was Lohner doing in town? "Triad" really rips live. On the disc I've got issues with it, if only because it closes the album without a peep from Maynard, which bugs me a little. After playing it this time Maynard thanked the two dudes from Tricky, as well as the dancers who were only just then clambering back down. From there into "The Patient", by which point the casual fans were practically snoring. "Aenema" woke their asses up. It seemed like Maynard flipped some of the lyrics around, but what the hell, he's human, kind of. Maynard finally moved out from in front of the screen to go conference with the other guys. He said something like "We're very glad that you could share this moment with us. Hopefully it will act as a catalyst or inspiration to do something positive in the days to come." Then into "Lateralus." Probably my favorite Tool song, and that's rarefied air, I know. Everything was fine until right near the end, when Adam's guitar went out. That had to suck for him, the very end of the last song, during the crescendo when everything's flowing together like a river of sound, and he has equipment trouble. Fortunately his tech was fuckin' on it, and he had a new ax inside of seven seconds. After "Lateralus" the group met in the center of the stage for a group hug, and everyone thanked them in unison. Thank you, Tool.

Review written by: Shaggy ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 05:31:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well, can't say much more than the guy before me. Suffice it to say that it truly was an awesome show. Thanks to the few people who understand for clearing up the whole Danny Lohner thing. What a gay bastard. (MJK's words, not mine). I thought for the most part the crowd was really into it. The applause after each song was enormous, but died quickly when we thought a new song was on it's way. That's the sign of a good audience, one that wants to listen, not just scream. I am quite happy they played The Patient. Kind of random thoughts here. My friend and I drove from Tacoma to see the show, and we just got back. But it was worth it. The visuals were amazing. The only gripe (if you could call it a gripe) would be that I would love to hear Eulogy, but they haven't played it at all on this tour from what I hear. But that's complaining. I had HUGE expectations going into this, my first TooL concert, and they exceeded my expectations. Wow. TooL rocks. Can't wait to see them Thursday a little closer to home.

Review written by: Hyzenthlay ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 05:58:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

...o, this show was so wonderful! ...I've adored Maynard & Tricky for years, & to see them for the first time, one after the other, & then suddenly both at once (!) left me feeling nothing short of supremely happy. ...& the gorgeous repetition of certain scenes from their videos, especially during the extended bit of Stinkfist & the whole of Reflection-- these sights gave me such lovely chills. ...& when I heard Parabol & Parabola collide, I was moved in ways that are no-one's business. :) ...there were so many other beautiful things besides, & as much as I would love to tell you all about them, I have to sleep at some point, don't I. /H

Review written by: Jason ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 12:25:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

One change to Liam's message: Disposition came before Reflection. I didn't really appreciate that Tricky guy during Reflection. I came to see TooL rock out, not to hear some reggae rap stuff. Yeah- Maynard really does scream for the full 24 seconds in The Grudge. It is hard to comprehend unless you see it. Stinkfist ruled! The extension and extra verse made this song the highlight of the first set, along with Pushit. The crowd was pretty lame!!! They were sitting down through most of the second set! My favorite part of the second set was ∆nema! They also did a lot of weird and different intro's. They started to play Merkaba at one time. It made it fun trying to figure out what song they were playing next. Overall, 9/10. The only things that could have made it better were the lame crowd and leaving out the Tricky rap.

Review written by: goldenratiomidgetonparadeboy ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 14:46:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I will keep this succinct, but I just want to express my immense pleasure at having seen the show last night. With the exception of some Fred Durst clones slaming their backward red baseball capped skulls into my sternum (even during the soft interludes), yawping about how much "Tool fucking rocks" with devil fingers waving above them, and some hapless kid begging for "Reverand Maynard to give us the word," everything was flawless. Tricky was terrific, and it boggles the mind how someone could not see the connection between their music and Tool's, especially in light of the fusion between the two as various members joined Tool during their set. It was nice to see Danny Lohner up there as well (TAPEWORM, anybody?), bringing me back to the APC tour, which was also marvelous. This has been a catalyst for me, creatively speaking, and I hope this tour will help elevate other bands to higher levels, to evolve, and to become more idiosyncratic. I'm not a musician myself, but there is only so much radio fodder one can stand until tumbling leaps from skyscrapers and bridges begin to sound appealing. My thanks to everyone involved, including the other people who came to the show to experience it with me. Except for the myriad Fred Dursts. That was scary. But, who know's, maybe they got something out of it, too. That's the beauty of this band.

Review written by: Shane ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 15:47:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

first, to those who felt the need to be drunk at this concert, fuck you. otherwise: the show was fantastic. tricky was much better than i hoped for. for all of you who didnt get there on time, well, it was your loss. tool was, well, tool. theyre just so amazing live. the visuals were even better than when they played the schnitzer. osseus labrinth was incredible. pushit and aenema were beyond. what else to say? thanks to all the members of tricky, Hannah and Mark of osseus labrinth, danny lohner (runner up for the washington make a wish foundation, lol) and of course, danny, justin, adam, and maynard.

Review written by: Michael Meitbual ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 16:07:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Someone already posted a setlist. Seen tool twice before. boise, ID in aug of 98 (violent hellhole) and NYC in may. This show topped both. Seldom have I felt such energy in a room. with the exception of the monkeys in the middle pushing and shoving, there were some really positive feelings being exchanged. All I want to know is "How the hell could I not get floor seats?" The floor was only half full. There were two empty seats right next to me. Damn I was pissed. Anyhow, great show. under for the third time. I've been baptized by your voice. I'll die within your undertow. It seems there's no other way out of this undertow. Euphoria. That sums it up. Euphoria. P.S. Thanks to the guy in Sec 13 that hooked me up with the good smoke.

Review written by: Ryan ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 16:20:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

TOOL likes to perform in Portland. Right after the first two songs, Maynard said ďItís good to see you again, always a pleasure, never a chore.Ē Iím sure the reason they like it there is because the crowd is for the most part, very respectful. Even after Adam had been playing the last few notes of Reflection for like 5 minutes, there were still cheers erupting everywhere. There was even cheering when Tricky performed on Reflection. Maynard was really into the show right from the very beginning, he was doing some of his best retching around. I was surprised he didnít strip down to his speedo like he has done in all the other shows Iíve seen on this tour. I guess he just didnít feel like it. Unlike the Sacramento show I went to, this pit was really tame. When the lights when out, no one started pushing and hardly anyone was trying to cut in front of people to get to the front of the stage. The only time the pit really even moved was during the heavy parts in Stinkfist, Pushit, and AEnema. Once the crowd started moving, I eased my way up closer to the front and ended getting about 10 feet from the barricade. It was great being able to get so close without being crushed and by 500+ people. One meathead tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to lift him up so he could crowd surf. So I just reminded him that he wasnít at a Limp Bizkit show and he disappeared. A bit later, some guy was getting lifted up to start crowd surfing and he grabbed my shoulder to brace himself. As soon as he got on top of the crowd, I grabbed him and pulled him back down. I didnít say anything to him, but I think he knew not to try that shit again. Overall, another great show, well worth the drive from Seattle. I would have been nice if the pit would have moved a little bit more, without getting out of hand. Everyone was so still at times I wasnít sure if they even knew the lyrics and beats to some of the songs. Maybe they just didnít connect with the moment. Personally, I get so hyped hearing AND seeing TOOL I canít help but get a little crazy. ďWith my feet upon the ground I lose myself between the sounds and open wide to suck it in, I feel it move across my skin.Ē Those lyrics from Lateralus pretty much sums up the whole TOOL live experience. Now Iím just praying that Tricky will convince TOOL to play Ticks & Leeches in Tacoma since that is their last show as the opening act.

Review written by: Tim French ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 16:38:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

can tool make a show any more amazing? maynard's voice sounded incredible...adam was completely into his music (besides when his string broke), justin and danny pulling out the rhythm, everything in unison. i loved how on cue everything was(video screens, contortionist guys on the ropes, sound sounded great, etc...) i believe that was the best concert i have seen. if i ever get a chance to see them again, i will in an instant, just ill bring another joint to smoke. seeing tool fucked up was the best thing that has ever happened to me...crowd was good, minus the fucker behind us that told me and my buds to stop smoking, we continued, fuck him...on the way out, i heard some idiots saying that tool was totally shitty...fuck them as well, i love all of their new shit, i have been listening to tool for the past 6 years, and i believe their new shit is more innovative and intriguing then ever before, maynard's mind is amazing.. thank you tool. ps: tricky? what the fuck. i hope to never hear anything by them again.

Review written by: The WinchMan ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 17:18:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Wow, that pretty much explains the show in its entirety. Being my second show, this in an arena, I was not expecting it to be like the show I saw at the Hult Center in Eugene. Wrong. I condem myself for doubting TooL. Highlights of the show: Some guy in front of me offered some weed, it seemed everyone was lighting up, but security couldnt find them... Undertow - Absolutely amazing, alot of power and the crowd reacted to it well Pushit - The AEnima version isnt as good as the Salival, but it was on tonight. Maynard - Mentioned that the guy playing congos on Triad was the runner-up in the Washington State Make a Wish Foundation, and that he thanked someone for their help on the "gay electronic thing" that they did I bought a long sleeve tour shirt from a british guy on the other side of the arena for ten bucks, all the while laughing at everyone who paid 50 for theirs Go see TooL if you guys can, they put on an intense show of massive proportions, I would pay 100 bucks to go if i had to, so see them while you can. The WinchMan

Review written by: BAH ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 17:59:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 2st? Tool show

Anybody who has been to the Coliseum for a show already know going that the sound is bad, Rose Garden much better. I never listened to Trickey before but I impressed with them, the only problem was their sound was bad. The Hult Center rocked, as usually the show was great. The drum solo was great that lead into the next song, but what I would have to say was the best part the two performing from the video Schism, what strength is has to take. Then to hang there for what seemed like a long time, visually it was great. At the end of the show Danny came out from behind his drum equipment and bowed to the three-sided design, can anybody tell what that was about? It?s hard to say if the long hug at the end of the show was for, we?re almost done with tour or great show everyone. Can?t wait for concert!!!

Review written by: Drifika ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 19:57:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Overall, I would say that the show was good, but not in the best form that I have seen them (That would go to Tacoma in '96 and Portland in '98). I do not like seeing them play a big venue like they were at, mainly becuase the sound quality gets really muddy. Additionally, all of the "kids" who are following/creating the "Cult of Maynard" are really tiring, and it almost makes me not want to go to shows. Yeah, Maynard is great and all, but there are FOUR guys in Tool, and each is as important as the other. Quit diefying Maynard as some sort of god, I am sure that he, as well as everyone else will have more respect for you. As for the show, most of the songs were performmed top notch, although I would have not had Tricky help out with Relfection. His singing/rapping ruined much of the emotion of the song. Also, it really sucked during Lateralus when Adam broke the string; the timing could not have been worse. Overall Very Good, but too many problems to make it a great show.

Review written by: ToolFan ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 20:02:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I have been listening to Tool for quite some time now. A few years at least, and have been listening to them almost "religiously" for about a year, and had never really been interested in going to a show. Someone bought me a ticket and I went on the 6th, not knowing what to expect. Tricky put on a good show, and when Tool came on, and began playing- my body was filled with a tremendous energy, and I could not help from trembling throughout the entire show- I sat there in my seat, totally silent- almost brought to tears every song(more than once), and at a few points in the show- a few actually did trickle down my face. This was by far the most enriching experience of my life, It was far better than I had expected, and If they ever tour again, I'm snatching up a ticket. seats don't matter. ToolFan

Review written by: VoodooLily ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 22:08:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd? Tool show

I cant say anything that hasn't been said already about how great Tool were but I do have a few things to say about the night in general: 1) Does anyone know the names of the songs Tricky played (esp. the 1st song and the last few)? If you could email them to me at, that'd rock. 2) To the guy who sat in sec 26, row M, seat 14, TAKE A SHOWER!!! You fucking reeked, man! I guess that's it... ~VoodooLily

Review written by: dead_warhol ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 22:17:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Short and sweet: A superb show, full of stimulation for the senses. I laughed, I cried, the whole nine. No hotpants though, that was my only let down--but hey, it's cold out, I understand. Coming back down to earth and living in mudane reality is always so difficult after something like this. Like being a moment away from nirvana and getting tossed back into samsara. That sort of thing.

Review written by: M.E.M.P.H.I.S. ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 00:58:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

So I got to the show with three seet tickits (two friends flaked) and managed to scalp/trade them for a floor tickit and some cash, better than I hoped because the show did not sell out? Show had its ups and downs... UP...I was on the floor... (which is where you want to be at a TOOL show...fook sitting) DOWN...the sound qualaty really sucked...(the worst sound of any TOOL show I have seen.) Even with the shotty arena sound however it was TOOL and if it was the first time I had seen them I would have thought that the sound was great. The sound was much better at the Shnitser 3 months back, which was a smaller venue. You got a more intamate setting, but you had to deal with floor. But back to this show, Manard's voice cracked once or twice twards the beginning of the show which was unnerving (dont get me wrong, he is one of the best if not the best singers to ever grace this plannet) Danny's drumming was amazing as always...I would have payed my tickit price just to see him for Justin and Adam I thought that they were a bit off key at times, just slightly...the show seemed overrehersed to me, the same songs being played (except for Undertoe) and although Manard mentioned that playing for us is always a pleasure and never a chore, well it almost seemed like a chore at times, manard was not doing his punching enerjetic dancing that he had done at the previous 4 shows that I had seen so he didnt seem to be as in tune to the music...or maybe he was just tierd, afterall it was the tale end of the tour. Would have loved to have seen Ticks and Leaches which I guess they finally played here lately in Sacrameno maybe? Would have REALLY loved to hear Cold and Ugly or Jerkoff but that is just about as likely as to hear them play some Britney Spears shit I guess...pipe dreams... Thought that Tricky realllllly needed a much shitier band to be opening for to make them look better. Would have much rather seen Fantomas (Mike Pattons voice almost compares to Manards) open for them earlier on but no such luck...All in all a great show...had a kick-ass time...visuals intense and mind-blowing as always... got a little crowdsurfing in during Aenema... was in the usual mind altered state ideal for seeing TOOL...but unfortunately my least favorite TOOL show...

Review written by: Jen ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 11:23:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Phenominal! These guys are so amazing I ... let me just say that those goofy thoughts of my youth, i.e. I was born too late, all the good music, the good energy, etc. ... too late', is no longer wasting any precious mental space. TOOL is right here, right now, and I am SOoooo grateful to be on the band-wagon! At times I actually felt like I was at some sort of religious gathering. All the spirit without the fucking rules and mindless drone bullshit. Such a beautiful experience! Danny was on it - unbelievable speed!!!! Adam's solo was sweeter than sweet. Justin and Adam gave each song such a blissfully painful edge. And Maynard ... ahh Maynard - absolutely awesome! I only wish he'd shed some of that leather for us - uh, I mean, so he'd be more comfortable. The Schism duo did, however, make up for his lack of skin. They were fantastic! Between them, the videos, and the music, it went beyond your average concert into a completely mindblowing 'performance art' EXPERIENCE. Thanks to the band for working your asses off night after night, giving it to us - 'cause we NEED it, and for being such an incredible force in our, those of us fortunate enough to have listened, lives. Also to the Portland fans: after seeing them in Seattle, I am especially grateful to the respect, love, and maturity evident at this show. No one ever once told me to sit down and I didn't hear a single complaint!!! Bravo!

Review written by: sean ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 23:11:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

this was the most intenese show of my life. mind blowing, I was on the floor and had the most kick ass time of my life. The show brought everything to life. Even tricky kicked ass, it was great to see some of the mebers of tricky join in on diffrent songs. I was kind of dissiponted it didn't get to see them prefrom with king crisim but this show kicked ass and made up for it. If you have'nt seen tool before don't miss it next time they come to town, their the best show out there.

Review written by: John ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 00:07:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was the first tool concert that I have been to. I thought it was great. I didn't think the sound was bad at all. I was on the the floor and I really don't care much for all the pushing and shoving there is. I rather watch the band. I was around the center right about the second/third person from the front or so. I got pushed around to different places. I did want to say that I did meet a gorgeous girl that was in front of me. She was about 5'1, petite, short brownish/purple hair. Had a tongue ring and I think striped black and white socks on. I think her name was Crystal. I helped her out and didn't let her get crushed by everyone else. So if you know who this is, e-mail me. I would like to get in contact with her.

Review written by: Dylan ( Review posted on: 11/10/01 00:53:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

what a day. i started waiting in line at 3:00p.m. The doors opened at 6:30p.m. My freind and I conversed with some folk who had droven up from Idaho and another group who drove up from las vegas(by the way matt. aka trent reznor aka the idahoin guy, the guy who gave me and my freind chad the roach after the show if u read this email me). anyways everyone there was pretty excited for the show. there was some guy preaching about jesus and about how he could save us outside of the venue, and im sure as you already guessed that was met with a fair amount of resistance. Finally about 6:25 or so the doors open and we all stampeded into the area were we got our wristbands(my freind and i had floor tickets.) We had to wait about an hour before tricky got on stage. i will admit they were much better than i thought they were going to be. after there set they said there thank yous then left the stage. I myself am a drummer, and when the tarp was removed from Danney Carey's set my pupils grew as large as humanly possible. Then about 10 minutes tool took the stage and maynard said "so good to see you again, its always a pleasure never a chore." The sound quality was extremely good, alot better than when i saw them during the King Crimson tour. The show itself kicked ass. I was really surprised to hear them play Undertow(no complaints here though). I was really surprised when maynard told us that the fellow in the hoodie and baseball hat playing the little keyboard like thing, was indeed danny lohner. maynard also mentioned some b.s. about danny lohner being the runner up in the make a wish foundation in washington. and last but not least poor adam jones had one of his guitar strings break during the end heavy part to lateralus but luckily his guitar tech came out and fixed it mighty quick. the only letdown of the night was the few drunken hillbillies in the crowd that were pushing there way to the front and the fact that tool didnt play ticks and leeches. well on that note it was a great day, and if u get the chance to see tool live take it its worth every penny.

Review written by: Matthew ( Review posted on: 11/10/01 05:25:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

First of all, THANK YOU TOOL for another amazing performance. The day started early seeing how we had to drive from Seattle, but that was fun. Got to the memorial as Tricky was getting on the stage. Didn't watch though, stayed in the beer garden until TOOL came on. I was really glad when they played undertow, but alot happier to see the Patient since I have never heard that one live and it was incredible. Truely an experience that should not be missed! P.S. Security really sucks in Portland. A bunch of bitch kids that are rejected at school or work or something.

Review written by: Frankie Flatch ( Review posted on: 11/10/01 17:48:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

TOOL is the best fucking band ever to see live. Although the show in August at the Schintzer here in Portland was better(partly because I was front row), this was still AMAZING. The only thing that didnt make it perfect was that they didn't play ANY songs from Opiate and thats my favorite album and only 1 song from Undertoe (which. by the way, was spectacular). But otherwise, it was Phenomenal. This was the 2nd best concert I have been too, the first was the show in August. I liked how Tricky came out on stage and played with TOOL, that was cool. Pushit and Stinkfist were beautiful, and so was Parabol, Parabola The Grudge, and Lateralus but then again, they all were so I don't know why im saying this...And im sooo glad they played AEnima this time, it was so f*cking awsome! Well, I hope they come again soon and maybe play some place better than Memorial Coliseum...and maybe all those goddamn "Schism-heads" won't show up(Im refering to the people that are only there to see Schism because their f*ucking trendies)Anyway, thanks for the great show Maynard, Adam, Danny and Justin. Love ya guys! -Frankie P.S. In case anyone wanted to know, this was their playlist(not in order though): Undertoe Stinkfist Pushit AEnima The Grudge The Patient Schism Parabol Parabola Lateralus Reflection and a few more from Lateralus...

Review written by: Sabre Huff ( Review posted on: 11/11/01 17:44:56 ET

This was this reviewer's GAY Tool show


Review written by: Ashley Moyer ( Review posted on: 11/12/01 19:32:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

The acoustics sucked. The crowd sucked. The band was tired, however, they're Tool. They cannot suck. I've been lucky enough to see Tool a lot this past year, and this was above and beyond the worst. This almost sucked as much as the Medford, OR show in August 1998 when people were crowd surfing to guitar techs. If Tool was playing Portland and Seattle, and I could only go to one, I'd go to Seattle. It was nice that the drive after this show was only 20 minutes, instead of 3 hours, but Seattle fans kick so much more ass. They're nice. They pass their joints. They give the same energy back to the band as they give to us. And I hate practically everything else about Seattle. That town has an icky vibe. But they sure do know how to be a gracious host for my boys. Portland fans should be ashamed of themselves. Quotes from the Portland show: Regarding someone shouting "This is Necessary!" Fucker #1: "What's that from?" Fucker #2: "Oh, that secret track from the first album." During Triad "I paid $50 for this noise?!" During Tricky "That's Maynard!" Maybe I'm just spoiled because I got to see them on the King Crimson tour, and all the fans there had to jump through some serious hoops and spend a lot of skrilla to be there. Not one of those concert-goers had mullets. I looked! I wish I could always see Tool that way; when the band's and the crowd's energy is synchronized and beautiful. But then again, I'm not there for the other people. I'm there for myself. I'm there to witness that amazing sound produced in front of me; it's like being in the presense of a miracle. And I was not as satisfied as I had expected. On my top ten Tool shows, this one is number 9.

Review written by: Kara (enmity Review posted on: 11/13/01 12:45:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first Tool concert I had ever had the opportunity to go to. Tool is my ultimate favorite band and there isn't anything else I would rather done in my life then to just see them once. The concert was really impressive and the setup was astounding. Although I really would have liked to actually see Maynard's face, it was still very impressive the way he was in the back of the stage with just his form silhouetted against the movie screen. It was good to see the other band members too, and with most concerts very little emphasis is put on the guitarists and drummers and so on. I loved the people from the Schizm video, though I can't remember what they were called, but they were very impressive. I just wrote a paper all about the concert for my Music Appreciation class, which I need to go to now. I love Tool.

Review written by: Monolith666 ( Review posted on: 11/16/01 04:11:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I enjoyed the show. It has been well over a week now, and it has set in. I thought it was very good. I did sense that the band was a little tired, especially Maynard. Between songs he simply stood there. (This could be normal behavior, but I'm not sure due to the fact that this was only my 2nd show.) I was really impressed with Danny. In my opinion, he had the most energy. But overall, it was better than the show in Eugene, despite the lack of intimacy. Thank you! I can't wait to witness this experience again....

Review written by: Name? ( Review posted on: 11/16/01 15:39:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

One of the many things that makes Tool a great band is they always deilver when it comes to playing live. I think it's fantasic that they are able to play 20,000 seat places, damn near sell them out, and not have to mold and bend into what one might consider a sellout band. They haven't sold out in the least. If anything, mainstream molds and bends for them. For example, how many other bands with 7 minute songs do you hear on the radio? None. How many other hard rock bands appeal to such a wide range people? From musicians, to artists, to ordinary people, to people who love whatever is on the radio, to people who trully love music. Tool are in a league all their own and their fans know it. That's why you'll hear about hear about concerts selling out in 30 seconds. Looking around the arena at the portland show, I saw a lot of different faces and different people. It's really similar to going and seeing Dave Matthews band. You literally see every kind of person at these shows. Manyard was really into the show tonight. His movements were precise with the movements of the music. You could tell he was feeling it; everyone was feeling it. It's so refreshing going to watch a band that isn't just going thru the moitions or appearing bored with rock star attitude.. I know this isn't much of a review of the show..more like a short review of what I think of the band/review of the show...take it as you want...And if anyone has a recording or mp3 the song that dude from tricky played on, the one with the raping on it, I'd appreciate a copy.