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Review written by: orlando (
Review posted on: 11/06/01 20:10:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

you guys rock maynard do you like whatching the wheather change? if you now what imean email me back

Review written by: Lethargic Leviathin ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 02:34:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

IT BEGINS......i feel its call, it grows stronger within me, the time has come....i will see you there......

Review written by: Im Warning You ALL (you' Review posted on: 11/07/01 02:47:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

This is a warning....DO NOT STAND UP IN YOUR causes nothing but problems, and ruins the show for many people....there is no need to stand up if the IDIOTS in the lower rows have some ammount of self control and stay seated...if it were a different venue then this would not be an issue...however, as this is a seating only show, try to stay that way, itll be better in the end.......i warn you there will be reprocussions.......thank you and everyone enjoy the show as this is THE band....IT WILL BE FUCKING EPIC!!!!!!

Review written by: Not a Major Gripe ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 09:52:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 666 Tool show

NOt to fill up space but Tool actually have played Eulogy a few times on this tour including the Chicago and St.Louis shows, just thought id clear that up. Plus the 11 minute song with a rap version with Tricky is called Reflection while the intro is called Disposition, Thanks. And Danny Lohner kicks ass Maynard!

Review written by: Jordan ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 14:09:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

The Dipshit obove who posted about staying seated at the show I have this to say Fuck You, die Bastard. I want your Balls Mashed! I hope something terrible happens to your family,fuck you! Seriously though,WTF, I'll do what ever the fuck I want. I hope there is complete caos and I get to toss my chair. On a lighter note, I can't fuckin wait to see tricky perform with TOOL. I saw them open for TOOL in 97' and they were very cool.

Review written by: Donald ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 15:57:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd? Tool show

This just in the Vancouver show has just changed all the floor seating to GA , this concert will now be that much more of an experience. Can't wait. See you there.

Review written by: Shane ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 16:02:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Alright, just heard the news, this shows floor seats are now all GA.

Review written by: Lavithicus ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 17:20:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Not to turn this into an irelevent post fest, but standing can fuck shit up, however ill do whatever the fuck i want, as should everyone else. I hope there are no angry, limp minded ignoramuses, acting like the shits they are, if you dont get it stay the fuck out. Standing or sitting this'll be the best concert yet.

Review written by: herm ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 17:38:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

i called ticketmaster and they said that the seats have not been changed, but they may just be ignorant, hopefully its GA

Review written by: Mysaana ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 18:54:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

First I apologize for posting something that's not a review - I'll add my review after the show tonight. This is regarding floor seats for the show: as far as CFox, GM Place, and Ticketmaster are concerned, the floor is still seated, *not* GA. Sorry, I'm as disappointed as you are. So see you all there, in my *grumble* seat.

Review written by: Mitch ( Review posted on: 11/07/01 23:31:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I was up in the first few rows on the floor and I could see perfectly because I'm tall, but it was pretty violent up there; it seemed like much more of a testosterone vibe than when I saw them earlier this year in Berkeley. It was fun for a while, but I eventually got tired of struggling to stay standing and surfed the crowd up to the barrier in front of the stage, where the VERY cool security guards lifted me out and directed me back to the floor. The sound was not great, probably because of the size of the venue, but both Tricky (who I was surprised by and I thoroughly enjoyed) and Tool put on excellent performances. Surreal is really the only word for the Tool stage show; it made me feel like I was tripping and I was dead sober. The highlight of the show for me would have to be when the drummer from Tricky jammed with Tool, it was very intense, tribal and cool.

Review written by: sliderr ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 02:42:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first show. Let's just say it blew me away. They were awesome tonight. Tricky ended up being much more to my liking than I had originally thought as well. Let's just begin by saying that Danny's drum kit is magnificent in stature. It even made the sound check sound impressive. I'm practically speechless right now. You would not believe how hard they played for us tonight. Tricky joined Danny playin another set of drums on Reflection and they were both amazing. (how can you tell I'm just in awe of the drumming eh) The crowd was in a trance...there was no moshing and the majority of people hardly even moved they were so spellbound. I ended up makin a buddy from australia who was in town for the show. He's seen 4 shows now and he said this was by far the best. I need it to sink in yet ...I'll try and post a longer review tomorrow. Cheers, sliderr (from efnet #tool)

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 03:02:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist.

Review written by: Ryan ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 03:12:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Fantastic show, more intense than anything I'd expected... the crowd could have been a little more receptive, but sometimes it's difficult to appreciate art until after the fact. Despite the objections of some, it seems like "The Grudge" and "Stinkfist" work well together to open a concert, and the Osseus Labyrint duo add a trippy little extra to the whole atmosphere. "Opiate" was a pleasant surprise, and "Lateralus" had the crowd in a freny by the time the band left the stage... The only real complaint that I can think of is that there wasn't a shred of Undertow played thoughout the evening, but otherwise a stellar show from a simply phenomenal band.

Review written by: Nathan Breitkreuz ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 03:16:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Extended Stinkfist Salival Pushit Opiate Rest was same as before. Tricky was good, except I couldn't understand what they were saying, either because it was the vocal levels, or a different language. Hawk seemed outta place in some parts on Reflection, but sounded perfect in others. Tricky played 3 songs.

Review written by: ricardo ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 03:17:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

how should i begin?.............breath taking. i didnt read any reviews prior to this show so i didnt know what to expect...........that is all i can type now im ready to die now.............thank you boys. p.s.the 13 hour drive seems like it never happened

Review written by: deftone ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 03:44:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Justin and Adam played on a Tricky track Maynard had black face paint over his head and face, like a mohawk. Setlist: The Grudge Ions Stinkfist (w/ extra lyrics) Forty-Six & 2 Parabola (no Parabol intro) Pushit (Salival version....devastating) Schism (extended w/ osseus labrint, maynard plays guitar) jam session (like merkaba, but not. all are crouched down playing their instruments) Disposition Reflection (w/ Hawk from Tricky singing rap/reggae, Adam plays the last rif for like 5 mins) -intermission- (osseus labrint climb up above the screen, hangs upside down and do their stuff) Triad (starts off with Danny alone, then Perry, drummer for Tricky, comes out on a 4 drum set (no symbals), Danny Lohner on keyboard, osseus labrinth still upside down in the air) Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Opiate (w/ Tricky) (maynard adds verse near end "question authority, think for yourself", timothy leary smiles where ever he is) Lateralus (initially, everyone gathered around danny's set and then span out) Group hug at the end.

Review written by: dave ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 03:56:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Woah, all I can say is woah. Listening to the Tool CDs definitely gives an indication of the kind of power these songs can evoke in a person, but absolutely no hint of how much more powerful they are live. I was absolutely blown away by this concert. Sure, the visual effects were amazing, Osseus Labrint (sp?) added a new angle to the tried and true rock concert formula, but the MUSIC was definitely the highlight. During the show I could close my eyes and not lose any of the experience. Maynard, Adam, Danny, Justin, holy shit. Masters of their craft, that's for sure. Musically, the highlights had to be the Salival version of Pushit, 46+2, the dual drummers on Triad, and, of course, Lateralus. Opiate offered a great nod to the older Tool music, and every song was performed flawlessly and powerfully. I was upset that I couldn't see Maynard (my seats weren't the greatest), but, again, the concert was less about visuals than it was about the sound. And, if I haven't made it already crystal clear, the sound was damn good. I only really have two complaints, and, unfortunately, both have to do with Tricky. Unlike many others, I didn't really enjoy the opening set, but as far as opening acts go, they definitely aren't the worst I have seen. However, the guest "vocals" during Reflection ruined the song for me. I thought the little freestyle pseudo rap or whatever was really out of place and poorly timed during the intro to the song. The Tricky drummer during Triad was amazing, and the dual vocals on Opiate were good as well, but the Reflection ad-lib should've been left out. However, its a minor gripe. This was undoubtedly the best show I've seen in a long time, and I've seen some damn good ones.

Review written by: Third Eye Pried Wide Open ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 04:00:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

TooL is God..... Third eye opening experience most definitely Opiate was a sweet ass surprise too They played hard, gave a f*ckin' wicked show, and i think i speak for all of us when i say COME BACK

Review written by: Colin ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 04:18:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

stand and recieve only tool can provide that feeling of calm intensity that seperates our intentions and exposes our complete respect and admiration

Review written by: J - The Guy Dancing w/o Inhibitions ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 04:23:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I was surprised at how friendly the band seemed to be amongst themselves and towards the audience. I think Maynard's advice and wisdom are starting to be applied by the fans, and the guys can tell, I hope! They lead by example, I suppose. Eargasmic evening... an intense mesh of by-the-book performaces, some out there jam sessions and song additions, as well as the spectacular lights and videos (all done by Jones, I presume). This event certainly had a vibe to it that is hard to convey with these useless words, but Love and Beauty are kind of close... although many of the fans could come to grips with this fact, it was bothersome that a few were still yelling in teenage anxt fits of confusion and blame.... this band is exaclty what their name claims they are. Anywho, Setlist: -The Grudge -Stinkfist (w/ slight addition) -46&2 (brief rest) -Parabol/Parabola (stunning visual concepts...) -??(I wrote down Chi while they were doing this little session) -Pushit -Schism (w/ Osseus Labyrinth) -"Merkaba" (this was a noise making party they had on stage with some great footage to go with it....) (pause) -Disposition -Reflectiion (with Tricky!) -Triad (w/ Danny Lohner, Osseus Labyrinth hanging upside down, and Tricky's drummer... WOW) -Eon Blue Apocalypse -The Patient -Opiate (hurrahs from all in the audience) (Maynard thanks us for being wise enough to be early and catch Tricky and gives the important "take home this energy and make something positive" speech) -Lateralus Very good set, but Eulogy and Aenima are good west coast songs that were neglected at this McShow. I'm tired... you can read a different revye now...

Review written by: October Midnight ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 04:30:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Unbelievable...Tricky was amazing...seeing Adam and Justin come out for them was great. Osseus Labryint was amazingly different...pure art. Every song was insanely perfect. Best show I've seen in a long, long time......everyone who was there is that much better in their hearts and in their minds...wished they would've played Aenema...surprised to see Danny Lohner...loved Lateralus at the end...I'll never be the same...

Review written by: Lounge Crew (Nakusp) ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 05:38:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

"FUCKING AMAZING" - those were the words that I said to Adam as he autographed my concert ticket (I had nothing else on me that was relevant), and looked him right in the eyes - we were lost trying to find a club downtown and due to my horrible sense of direction we circled the stadium and ended up coming up to a group of people at a baracade right beside the tour bus. Initially a guy from Tricky was signing autographs but then after waiting quite a while A small guy in a dark hoodie started signing peoples stuff (my friend says "Oh my God that's Adam"), there aren't that many people and eventually we get to the front, but he has gone all the way down the end and is about to leave, but in that very moment I stick my ticket out just a little furhter and he takes a step back and signs it along with all my friends (Justin, Login, and Kim) tickets. yeah!!! As for the concert, it was unbelievalur, The set list was pretty standard except for the Salival version of Pushit (which was undescribable with human language), a Trickiefied Reflection, and the best druming I've ever heard on Triad with both Danny Carey and the Tricky drummer going all out. THe video scenes were the tripiest I've ever scene in my life and fit the music perfectly. Maynard actually took his shirt off and moved around quite alot. BTW, I think Adam (and Justin) did a song or two with tricky, and someone told me Danny Lohner was on for a song or two (reflection and one other I think)... anyone confirm? They played Opiate as well with Tricky doing some interludes, and that rocked the stadium. Parabola was my favorite moment of the show and absolutely ridiculously good (even though they only played a really short 1 min intro instead of Parabol) Of course Lateralus was the perfect finish. To sum it up this concert was phenomenal, and getting Adam's autograph (by chance too) definitely capped it off!!!

Review written by: Erik "Jerk-Off" Wilson ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 06:29:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

The setlist has been posted already. I see no reason to do it again. Tool was excellent tonight. The sound in the GM Place was fantasmo. The Salival version of Pushit was the best I've ever heard. THE. BEST. EVER. Bootlegs? Pshaw. This version put all other renditions to shame. As for Tricky, it was nice to see them open for TOOL because it gave people a chance to see Tricky when most of them probably wouldn't listen to Tricky if you paid them. (in dollars, not Canadian Wacky Bucks) The folks we sat next to, Darren and Mike, had never seen Tool before, so Kris and I got to educate them and watch their heads explode during the show. Good setlist, good sound, good concert, and good day to you, sir.

Review written by: SunKing ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 10:05:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

If you're interested - I posted some pictures from the October 28, 2001 Houston show. ...enjoy! ..and THANK YOU TOOL !!

Review written by: TIm Zed ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 13:00:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 4 Tool show

Here's an e-mail exchange between a colleague of mine after last nights show. More of a list of observations than anything. We attended the Seattle show in August with King Crimson and last night's show with Tricky. For what it's worth - - here it is. Karl: Whatcha think of the show? Tim: much as I enjoy Disposition and Reflection -- it really takes the wind out of my sails when they play it live. The TOOL machine gets thrashing with The Grudge, Forty Six & 2, Stinkfist and the like -- and then they get into the Disposition/Reflection set and the bottom (for me) just falls out... it was evident that I wasn't alone in my feelings as most of the people around me either went to the can or sat down for the first time that evening. Adam doesn't really need to play that riff for 5 minutes at the end -- although it was a nice touch artistically. Karl: I totally agree with all that... Adam did that guitar thing in Seattle, and it seemed long there, too.. could have played Aenima or Eulogy or even Hooker with a Penis or something instead of that 20 mintues of blah Karl: I noticed they changed most of the videos for last night as well... i'm glad i saw both shows.. Tim: Yeah -- I actually had high hopes that they would have played Undertow as they had played it the night before in Portland. Would it not have been sweet to hear Prison Sex and 4 Degrees rather than Merkaba or Reflection? Karl: Yeah... i want to see 4 degrees at some point in my life... could have been worse.. could have been ambient noise for the entire show Tim: Merkaba was a bevy of chaos -- but I like that. Seeing Osseus Labyrinth sent chills up my spine -- that was a nice touch. Karl: Yeah, those people were freaky.. we're walking back to the car after, and as usual, we get bothered for some change by some girl.. and we declined, then she asked how the show was and said they were really good when she saw tool in toronto... like she needs my change Tim: I really liked the fact that they played The Patient -- wasn't expecting that. Also liked the extended version of Stinkfist. I enjoyed Tricky's contribution to TOOL's set but was left wondering what Tricky's set was all about -- he (they?) didn't seem to be true to their style -- it seemed more like an attempt to cater to the crowd -- sad. Karl: Yeah... seemed like he was going back to his massive attack kind of stuff... which was cool, but when you play the same thing over and over, it's a little too repetitive.. seemed like it'd be better background music.. could have done without that Hawk guy rapping.. that sucked... that really pissed me off, but when tricky was out there, he was ok Tim: Yeah -- Like my friend Kevin said -- it was actually more of a distraction and took away from the performance than anything -- bad call Maynard. Karl: Yeah... the show seemed more like a show for the performers than it did for the fans.. that's what it felt like to me anyway Tim: Also, Mr. Tricky appeared to be WAY stoned (one entire song he faced the drummer as he power toked a fatty) and full of love -- he was hugging everyone in the TOOL crew...some of them twice...feel the love Tricky, feel the love...not that there's anything wrong with that Karl: Ha Ha Tim: Other than that I liked the show -- I liked the Seattle show better as it was more intimate and the sound was better. But anytime these guys take the stage I want to be there when at all possible. Karl: Yeah, seattle show was way better... got to hear more songs i think.... at least eulogy... last night was more a SHOW than a concert, i thought... great to see both... Tim: The Seattle show was a performance -- last night was a concert. If you look at it that way it's less of let down. Also, in Seattle we were 2 of 2,000 -- much more conducive to TOOL's music -- I still maintain that TOOL is not an arena band -- there's just too much there to be playing to the masses. TOOL is meant to be heard in smaller venues with real fans. Karl: I meant it as last night being less music and more art... Karl: Then i had to go home and get an email from fink.. "what's that first song they played? something like a cornerstone? i haven't heard that one before... what album is it on?" Tim: Fink Fink Fink... buy a ticket to the game dude... Karl: He may own everything by tool but he should actually listen to it at some point.. i just emailed him all the lyrics for the Grudge

Review written by: Toolophile ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 13:05:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

This was my 4th Tool show, but this is my first review. I don't want to get carried away here, but I do feel the need to add my voice to all the others. This show was fucking amazing. I saw them this summer with King Crimson which was also amazing, but this one just had something about it. Amazing visuals, as usual. They get better every year, with every tour. I don't know what the hell to expect from them next time around! The best part of all, which BLEW me away, was the 100% PERFECT sound. GM PLACE Eats bands alive! The Chili Peppers sounded like shit there! But Tool, somehow, sounded absolutely PERFECT. I could hear every lyric Maynard sang, and every fill Danny played. Unbelieavable. Parabola was AMAZING, although it was the second time I saw them where they left out Parabol :( I want to hear Maynard sing "So familiar... and overwhelmingly warm..." so bad! I also agree that the Reflection rapping was a LITTLE over the top, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Anyway, the set list has already been posted, so I'll wrap this up. Tool is AMAZING. If you haven't seen them live, and this monstrosity of reviews hasn't convinced you yet, GO! SEE THEM! IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! -"Better take care not to make me enter... cause if I do we both may disappear.." -MJK

Review written by: Al Ibrahim ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 14:14:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Id just like to start by saying that this concert met and exceeded all My excpectations. Best concert experience i could ever hope for. The setlist was orgasmic, i couldn't ask for a better lineup of songs. Despite all the horrible reviews of tricky i found him incredible, his addition to opiate was PRIMO! Maynard danced like a madman, i was in a voodoo trance watching that man sing. . . danny was flawless. . .the sound in gm place was above my expectation and was very happy. . .the band as a whole reproduced the recordings to the note. . .I can seriously die a happy man after experiencing this. . .the setlist posted above is very accurate. ..i really hope someone bootelegged this. . .Im even gonna try to download it!! Incredible mothafukin show. . .TOOL YOU ARE BEYOND MUSIC!

Review written by: Jeff Lebowski ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 14:55:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I'm going to go against the popular opinion here and say the the show was merely OK. I'll try and back up my opinion. First, the good: Danny Carey is something else, the guy just rips it up. I can't believe my eyes watching him play sometimes. The band is tight, very tight. They didn't miss a beat and I didn't here a single mistake. They are an awesome live band period. The sound at GM place is great for such a big venue. Maynards vocals are bang on all night and Adam's guitar sounded fat. The visuals are awesome. Giant projections of wild images totally added to the show. Now the bad: The setlist was not balanced. I realize that any tour is to promote the new shit, but not a single song off of Undertow? Only four songs from the previous 3 albums? All but one song from Lateralus is played? They should be throwing a bone to the long time fans too. The energy level of the band was not that high. For the most part everyone (even Maynard) stayed in one spot, didn't move and just played. Looking at their tour schedule, it's pretty easy to see why they might be tired. Still, a bit of a downer. Not a lot of crowd interaction. It's hardly news that Maynard doesn't usually say much to the audience. But he didn't even say boo until towards the end when he gave a small speech about using this energy to create something positive. That's my two cents anyways. A good show that I would see again in a second, but not the orgasmic experience I was hoping to see. (Bracing for flames)

Review written by: weeniemobile ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 14:58:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

at the end of the show with the group hug, was anyone else hearing the teletubbies in their head??? "biiiiiig huuuuuuuuug"!! i have decided that if you're going to an arena show: floor tickets are bad unless you are in the first couple of rows and are around 6 feet tall. it would be okay if everyone sat down, but noooo everyone had to stand forcing everyone behind them to stand. and unfortunately, one of my friends is only 5'2 so he had to go stand at the end of the row just so he could see something. i still feel that the amount of bass used in these concerts is excessive and for the most part takes away from hearing the intricacies of the guitar and vocals. for example, during the guitar bit in parabola where it slows down, you couldn't hear any guitar because there was just the low rumbling of the bass. sure it's nice to feel your pants shake due to noise from a speaker, but it's very excessive. and as much as i may like tool, i don't blindly agree with everything they say (like tricky being good). tricky seemed like a wall of noise that kept droning on and on, and it was so monotonous that i just about fell asleep. amusingly enough, i had to wake my friend up at the end of their set.

Review written by: twiztidoreo ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 15:08:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

well....first off, i took the bus for 16 hours, and slept in my friends house for over a week to see this. in truth, i wasnt a huge tool fan before last night. i loved the old stuff, and i'm the one that told my friend about them (who is now a diehard fan)but lateralus wasnt all i hoped for. but last night blew me away. seating sucks, cuz i have glasses, so it didnt feel as intimate, but maynard helped that out. i stood for the entire show (and fuck people who had a problem with it) and was completely entranced. definately one of the sweeetest concerts ever. my only beefs:seating (we werent that far, but with people just sitting around, you dont feel the pulse of the music, and its effect on the crowd. AND THERE WAS A HUGE EMPTY SPACE!! behind the floor seats, a quarter of the floor just had security guards walkin around with flashlights), no aenima, eulogy, or hooker with a penis, and the long periods of playin the same thing over and over. it was nice artistically, but to do at a show? the could of done so much more!! highlights: definately opiate, 46 and 2, the osseus (fuckin creepy seein that!! way more than just seein it on the video) and the beautiful artwork on the screens. i cant wait to see them again...

Review written by: Mysaana ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 16:20:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

To say the least, I was stunned. The show was amazing. I'd never been to a Tool show before and so didn't know quite what to expect, but I certainly wasn't disappointed in anything.. except some of the fans. I'm not really a Tricky fan, but the opening set wasn't too bad - and if you hate them SO much that you feel the need to boo and jeer at them, just show up late next time and miss them altogether instead of creating a negative atmosphere like that. Anyways, on to the show review. The Grudge was a great start to the show and really got things moving, especially followed by Stinkfist. I agree with whoever posted a few back that Disposition & Reflection slowed down the feel of the show a *lot*. I would have loved to hear Eulogy, Aenima, Jimmy, or something older in their place. Well, I would have loved to hear Eulogy period, but 46+2 was a pleasant surprise. I was surprised that they didn't play Parabol with Parabola, but enjoyed the song anyways. Also loved the Salival version of Pushit, and Lateralus was awesome live. All in all, even for the songs I wasn't too thrilled about, the visuals were great and the sound was too, especially for such a big venue. This was probably the best concert I've ever been too - I wish I'd caught the one in Seattle a few months back. Hopefully Tool will be back here soon and often.

Review written by: darren ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 16:57:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

i need a copy of this crazy fucking show. danny carey is a god damn lunatic and the visuals were rad. the sound was perfect. all around, best live band out there .. LOOKING FOR A COPY OF SHOW!!!! SEND ME AN email.

Review written by: Pimpin_Smurf ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 19:12:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

All I can say is wow! What a sweet show!!! This was defenatley the best concert I have ever seen!! The only thing that I found took away from the effect of Tool was Tricky. I personally didn't really like Tricky especially when the rapper came out with Tool......Tricky's drummer was really good though! The greatest part of this concert in my eyes was when Tool broke into Push it from salivial (extended) I was really moved by that! To top it all off I got Adam's signature after the show on my Ænima cover! He signed it on the autofelatio side with an arrow pointing to his head and drew little lines coming from his head, it was sweet! It's been almost a day since I saw them and it's all still sinking in.

Review written by: Damien ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 20:34:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Awesome show, blew me away. I saw tool at the first seattle show at the paramount. In my opinion I think the paramount show was better than last nights but only because its smaller, more intimate and the sound was a lot better. A couple of things I wondered watching Tricky and waiting for tool to come on.... I wonder if any of the people complaining about the floor seats realise that it was most likely tool themselves who chose to have seating instead of a fucked up mosh pit. And also I wondered if the large amount of people booing and yelling at Tricky to get off realise that tool chooses their supporting acts, and do so to introduce new music to their fans. If you dont like it, fine, but show some respect. The contorsionists were an amazing addition to the show. Im glad they changed the visuals for some songs, not because i didnt like them the first time but these new ones were really intense. The extra 'vocals' during Reflection from the tricky rapper didnt do anything for me, borderlined annoying. Just a few of my thoughts on the show, I'm still in awe and cant wait to see them again when i go home to Australia and they come next year!!!!

Review written by: *euphoria* ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 21:19:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

amazing. im still in shock from last night. from the moment the band walked on the stage, to the end of lateralis, i was mesmerized by the incredible sights and sounds of TOOL. although, i was somewhat annoyed with my metallica- obsessed friend dan, who kept asking me when they were gonna play a fast song. he looked quite anxious during the softer, more emotional parts. haha, he has a lot to learn. anyways...the sound was somewhat quieter than what i expected, but of course, TOOL played unbelieveably well. i was quite impressed with the visual effects, especially osseus labyrint (is that how to spell it?) i got a tour shirt, too. yay! well, anyways, this was my first TOOL show, and i cant wait till the next!

Review written by: Jared ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 21:38:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Absolutly Amazing.. I saw the show in seattle for the warm up tour and it did not compare one bit. Salival version of pushit was amazing.. 46 & 2, The Patient, Opiate.. all was insane.. Some guy from tricky played on Relfection and i thought that could have not happened.. but either way it was still awesome.. Danny Lohner was there and played on triad!!!!!!! Sucks the floor was seated.. But i was happy to actually get to watch this show and soak it all up.. Best show i have ever seen.. Can't wait to see it again..

Review written by: Homer ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 22:02:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

First off, to all of those people out there complaining, grow up. Life is life and you just roll with the good and the bad. Secondly, to the guys from Tool, thank you for the experience. We took in 2 performances of APC and the standard was set very high. I never thought that it was possible to obtain a new high, but last night was awesome. We are all richer for having known you. It is nice to see musicians put thought and effort into the performance aspect of the show and it completely blew me away. 46&2 will never sound the same in my head. Thirdly, Osseus Labrynth......dude, that is not right. you guys are seriously not normal and you keep life interesting. For those of you who missed the performance last night.........dumbasses. All of you. In closing let me say that 5 years is way too long and your coming back next time won't be soon enough. As for the record labels, screw you. Let the artists get their image and music out to the fans and go find another way to rape the general public of their hard earned money. Thanks Maynard. You are one of a kind.......cheers!

Review written by: Derryk Blair ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 22:08:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey everyone, As you read, this is my 1st Tool concert; but it blew my mind away. I would normally go to an event such as this on some kind of hallutionagenic drug or stimulant (mushrooms, weed, beer, etc.) But since Tool is the most amazing band to walk the face of this earth, I decided to stay SOBER. When I first arrived, I was overwhelmed by the sheer adreniline being potrayed by the audience, in reaction to cheers such as "TOOL!" being cried out by people such as me. At 7:30, Tricky opened the show. I had only heard a few songs by them, And I hate to say it, but the dudes are posers. I could always tell what was coming next. I can tell you that a guitar solo into a scream from maynard sounds bloody amazing; but when it is just a few tiny yelps from an English accent, It makes you want to break things. After about an hour of me sitting there listning them, the set was over and everyone cheered for him. The show was about to begin. The stage was re-arranged, and I started to tremble with ambition. The lights went out, and the sounds of mantra from Lateralus started. By then I was trembling, and cheering for them to appear. A few minutes later, The magical sounds from Adam & Justin's guitars collided together, sending waves of energy over the cround as I stood up and screamed in joy, shaking, jumping and throwing my arms in the air & singing- along with the people around me as they performed The Grudge. It was flawless. All of it. Videos were being played in the background, the beautiful art stimulated my eyes and my mind as the band played on, bringing me almost to tears when Stinkfist was performed. The concert went on, as songs like Eon Blue Apocalypse, Forty Six & 2, You Lied, Opiate, Parabol/Parabola, Lateralus, Pushit (from Salival), The Patient, Disposition, Reflection, Triad, Opiate, And some amazing guitar solos from Adam & Justin during the intermission (Those weren't in order). Tricky helped Maynard out in You Lied, and I was for the first time impressed with him. Then came the highlight of the night, SCHISM. Osseus Labyrint were on stage during the song, and they were incredible. I'd also like to point out that Danny was PHENOMINAL. his drums shook the house the whole time. Maynard's words of advise at the end were awesome, And I will never forget them. All in all, I travelled 20 hours (both ways), but it was SO worth it. The next concert Tool performs in Canada, i'm there- and I suggest that you do to. I have SO much more to say, but I'm afraid I would ruin the show for those of you who haven't seen them. Anyway, I think Tool deserves an oscar or something for the performance they did last night, And I look forward to more powerful music put forth by them. Thank you for letting me post my lightly spoken words on your website guys, and You're doing a great job. Thanks, Derryk

Review written by: A. J. Kulic ( Review posted on: 11/08/01 23:41:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

I thought I got the "post a review bug" out of my system a few years ago but I'm compelled to write something. As you may have noted, I've seen tool many times in many places along the west coast over the past 8 or so years. Last night was the best performance I have ever seen...not only by tool, but by any band/performer (although Coachella was magnificent as well, I attribute that more to 'atmosphere', because they weren't as tight). It's interesting, I feel as if I have grown and matured with this group to the point that. at the risk of sounding schmaltzy, I feel a oneness with them, a connection that I can't quite put into words. The sound was amazing, the setlist was great (though I'm still waiting to see 4 degrees live), they were tighter than ever, and they kicked our collective asses. Tricky proved to be both a delicious appetizer, and icing on the cake. I love this band...ajk

Review written by: CorY and DarryL ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 00:35:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Collectivly, wholly shite. But from CorY: I said wholly shite. And there are no other words for it. This was THE best show I've ever seen. No other show in my life I guarantee will ever meet the high expectations tool raised for me...Unfortunately, in row 36 on the floor, there was quite a problem with seeing what was going on on-stage. Right at the beginning, like it was a command, everyone stood up all at once. From then on all I could experience was the big beautifully illuminated screens of wonder floating above and the intestine shaking bass and mind numbing lyrical magic of Maynard. All of a sudden, I want to see what's goin on on-stage, so I try to move into the empty section behind the tech's booth. Nope. Doesn't work like that says Mr. Security Guard. "Back to your seat or I'll kick you out." "You can't leave the confines of your 2x3x5 box where your chair is, sit down or get out." Whatever, obviously alot of the 65 dollars I spent on the ticket was 2/3 security funding and I feel bad for the short people who got floor seats like a friend that came wth us. She got razzed all night by security to go back to her seat where she couldnt see. 65 dollars is alot just to hear the live band play......but it was still an awesome experience.....definately mind altering. and from DarryL: Good evening everyone...Wow thank you Tool for a special treat that only comes maybe a handful of times in ones lilfe. I haven't had the chance to see Tool in five years...five long hard years man...crap that was a trip though, anyway back to the concert. I myself really enjoyed Tricky...i'm not the only one either i think. Although I missed a few of their songs because of a nasty habit of mine, they were still really really good. Maybe that is just my opinion...BREAK TIME...have a cigarette...Tool comes it's like a wave of something...maybe Qi (chi) or something like that... man it was pretty cool in the beginning, then it got pretty intence...hell man it was intence from the beginning...Although security was a problem...Danny kicked ass hardcore...(like Hamm) Resurrection was a friggin riot, heck for a while i thought the show was to go on forever...and now that im out of it (no pun intended) i wish that i could go back still like to go and buy food and maybe finish school and stuff. But hey alan if your reading this and i know you are...Tool sucks!

Review written by: burning donky ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 00:42:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

WOW it was a cool show, but they were better in 96 on their tour for aenima. and what the hell was up with the seats on the floor?if I wanted to sit I wouldnt have bought floor tickets. At least tricky was better than the cows.

Review written by: OK ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 01:02:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 1_1 Tool show

To the people that posted that stupid ass interview you just dont get tool and have no respect for tool so screw you.

Review written by: Matt Egerton ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 02:55:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Wow.......I just got back from my 10 hour drive from vancouver and all i can say is I wish I had gone to see Tool sooner. Tool is by far the most intense band I have seen live. I have been listening to them since undertow came out and this is the fist time I have seen them live. When my friends and i got to GM place the guy who took our tickets told us that there was a problem with them and that we had to see guest services, so we went there and they told us that there was something obstructing our view where we were supposed to sit (high in the balcony) so instead they gave us seats in the air canada club section which was ALOT closer and 2 rows from the floor....thank Tool for thier stage setup or i would have had the wost seats in the place! Anyways I was in awe to hear some of my favorite songs played like 46&2, Push It(salival version) and Opiate. Danny amazed me at how precise and powerful his drumming really is, Justin and Adam were flawless throughout the whole show and Maynard's vocals were magnificant. I think the highlight of the show for me was Triad with a drummer from tricky and a keyboard player. I dont know what else to say........TOOL are GODS Matt

Review written by: Mark Iachetta ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 03:21:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Breathtaking! Loved every aspect of the show. Sounded great, awesome visuals and the energy level from the band and fans blew me away. It was really cool when they turned Triad into the end section of Ticks & Leeches Suprised to see Maynard play guitar A bit dissapointed that Aenima wasn't played but I cant complain. I can now die happily because I found the meaning of see Tool live! And when I got home I took all of the energy and made something positive out of it.

Review written by: sliderr ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 07:52:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Correction on my review above...The song that had the other drummer was Triad, not Reflection. I was still too excited about the show I guess...heh. The only complaint I could really have is that there were a couple of places where you kind of lost the tune, ie the sound wasn't clear enough, but that was few and far between and almost to be expected in a live show. I was kind of worried about the sound after hearing Tricky play. You couldn't really hear/understand their vocals at all. When they did the sound check for Tool's equipment and it sounded clear as a bell I wasn't worried anymore. I was there for the music, and I was thoroughly impressed. Cheers, sliderr

Review written by: Josh ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 14:26:18 ET

This was this reviewer's ---- Tool show

In response to Jeff Lebowski ( review. Hey Jeff, it looks like you saw the same show I did on Halloween-see review-. It is amazing how fans can be so starved to see something, that they let it mess with their thought process. of the 7 Tool shows I have seen this was by far my least favorite. The new album rocks, but I go to Tool shows to get a mix of their catalog. You are absolutly right. 4 songs from the previous 3 albums is not enough. Josh

Review written by: james ray ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 14:27:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

this is actually for the tacoma show on the 8th nov. it was crazy. What the hell was that one bobblin head into two bobblin heads shit? anyone see any flaws to point out in that incident? I saw nothing but the work of supernatural wickedness on stage. I hope they are serious about thier eternal future! peace in the name of Jesus christ forver!

Review written by: K. Hamilton ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 16:33:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Tool is amazing! I had been following the reviews for this tour and I had a good idea of what to expect, but I didn't ever it to be as fantastic as it was. The sound, the images, everything was amazing. We flew to Vancouver just to see the show... basically paid $400 for 2 hours... some of the best 2 hours of my life. The set list was already posted, but I must say that for me, the best song was Opiate. When they first started, they fooled the crowd into thinking that Prison Sex was coming up... but then suddenly it was Opiate. There was so much energy, the crowd was taken by surprise and it was just wonderful to have something "classic" performed. The only other songs played that weren't from Lateralus were from Aenima. The only thing that would have made this show more perfect than it already was, would have been to hear Tool play H. and to play Prison Sex or Sober. Other than that, we were speechless and in awe. Well worth the whirlwind trip to Vancouver!

Review written by: MAKABE ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 16:43:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my 1st TOOL show and it was the most awesome thing I've ever seen. I've only been going to concerts for just under 3 years and without a doubt this was the best act I've ever seen live. Tricky surprised the hell out of me as we weren't expecting anything that hard from them... I didn't really care for their vocals except on that one song that the girl sang (and that was just awesome). I enjoyed TOOL's set alot although I do have some beefs. Lateralus is a good album and all but I wanted to hear a bunch of Aenima stuff cause it's my favs... Stinkfist and 46 & 2 were probably my fav 2 songs (other than Lateralus which was an awesome way to close out the show) but I really would've loved to have heard Aenima or Eulogy. And what was up with the lack of Undertow? It was pretty funny cause as soon as I got home I turned on the radio and the first thing I heard was "Prison Sex." At first the floor being covered in Seats confused me but after seeing the show I can understand why. I love standing up and I did so for the first couple songs but after I will I just sat down and took it all in... The visuals were really impressive and stunning... Maynards vocals were awesome... Everyone else was perfect... I couldn't have asked for a better show except maybe without that extra long part where nothing much happened (seemed like 20 minutes)... They could've shoved Eulogy in there or whatever... Aenima would've made it the PERFECT show (for me anyways) but even as it stands, TOOL is the greatest live band I've ever seen and definitely worth my $60... I'll be 1st in line to get tickets, the next time they come to Vancouver.

Review written by: wyatt ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 17:17:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

it began with a drone: a deep hum that set the crowd on fire and, predictably, led into the grudge. moments before, my puposeful compatriot and i had received the gift of a plant spirit (after an offering of fire), and the conjunction of sound and chemicals created something even greater than either of them. the energy on stage was immense, despite the complex timing that got the better of maynard on two occasions. all was forgiven, however, as the emotion and power in his voice dwarfed that of the published material. the imperfect sound quality that had plagued the opening guest was gone when tool came on stage; the guitar and bass were crisp and clear, and danny's lead insturment was as loud and throbbing as i could have hoped for (complete with a mind-boggling solo later in the show). stinkfist came after a brief moment of improv, and while the extended version was a good choice, the song seemed out of place between the grudge - which is my personal favorite - and forty-six & 2, which is probably the most important song tool has released. the visuals during all three were great, including what seemed like extra footage from the stinkfist video. another short improv/atmosphere piece substituted for parabol as the band leapt into parabola, probably tool's most danceable number since sober. it was well done, but nearly forgotten when they played a tabla-less salival pushit that, in agreement with other reviewers, i thought was the best ever played, and certainly a highlight of the show. pushit also boasted the best visuals of the night, with geometric patterns of significant profundity, plus the usual various rotating objects. next came schism, with more extra video footge, and osseus labyrint doing the chicken dance or something. maynard held his guitar and stood emotively still like the angsty singer of an early-90s grunge band. perhaps this lack of movement took it out of him, as the next number was a merkaba-like improv that involved no vocals, and indeed seemed to be charging maynard's batteries, as he crouched at the edge of his dais and the other three played. some insane drum work and (i think) programming offstage accompanied flashes of light at the bottom of the stage that ended up looking like machine guns being fired at the crowd. next, they gave the crowd some charging with huge ring-shaped spotlights that swept back and forth. disposition and reflection were next on the bill. tricky (or hawk; i don't know as he was wearing a hood) did some rappaing that far from ruined reflection. in fact, it added quite a bit to the live performance, despite the fact that i couldn't understand many of his words. at the beginning of reflection, danny was either teasing us or forgot about his bouncing intro, but it was a minor issue and the song continued flawlessly. osseus labyrint emerged, lurched around, climbed ropes, and swung around above the stage like cast-offs from andy warhol's circus side show until the band came back and played an extended version of triad with two dudes whose names i didn't catch, but who were apparently danny lohner on keys and tricky's drummer on some kind of percussion device. it was good. i'm glad they played triad. following this was eon blue apocalypse and the patient, which was pretty basic but nice to hear anyway. i would have preferred to hear ticks and leeches, but i hardly think the band made the wrong choice. the crowd went nuts when the next song turned out to be opiate. i wasn't too enthused, but tricky's rapping saved the song from being just a crowd-pleaser. a great version of the classic song of which i would love to have a bootleg. in addition to tricky, opiate was also accompanied by the full shebang of stage lights, flashing and sweeping and pretty much treading the line between an air strike and an a.v. kid's wet dream. the reason i wasn't thrilled about opiate is because it meant that ænema was skipped. however, i got to hear ænema in san diego during the summer, so i'll live through the disappointment. lateralus ended the show, but the night was not over, as adam was gracious enough to come outside and greet the more patient of his fans, as well as signing whatever we could thrust at him. he also neatly pandered to our canadian senses of humour by coming out carrying a hockey stick and miming a slap shot in our general direction. he was accompanied by a pretty blond woman who i am presuming is his wife, but could have been anyone. he was wearing a very nice meshuggah hoodie with a very nice baphomet pentacle on the front. i want one. however, my advice for adam is: get a new bodyguard. the mohawked fellow who stood beside him was disrespectful and ill- intentioned towards us folks who just wanted a glimpse of the men who make the music we admire. maynard walked by but didn't say hello. i didn't see justin after the show, which is too bad since i wanted to ask him about stealing my pen in san diego. i know that it went missing around that time, but i don't know if it's fair to pin it on him. i also didn't see danny, which is probably just as well because, once again, i forgot to bring something purple. tricky was far better than i was expecting based on reviews from pervious shows, and he was also very different than i was expecting stylistically. there was hardly any trip-hop element in his set, in fact it was closer to industrial hip-hop with almost a progressive rock element. it was loud and involved a lot of guitars. the female singer for tricky was not quite up to par in my eyes, especially on the song that sounded like it had a loop from "sweet dreams are made of this", but she didn't stop the guest spot from being a good one. for a performer who i am not intimitely familiar with, i enjoyed him very much. i didn't see or hear justin playing with tricky (the lighting during his set was quite dark), and i'm sorry i missed it, but i did notice adam, and he did indeed do a good job of helping out. in any case, my biggest issue with the show was that it seemed to be a little bit routine. the setlist was similar to the one i saw in san diego, despite it being (officially) a different tour. also, i missed not hearing any undertow. so far, in two shows, all i've heard from that album are sober and prison sex. sometime in my tool-watching career i would like to hear the last three songs played live. maybe once they get older and need to rehash their old stuff i'll get my wish. however, if this was routine, i can hardly complain. the experience was at once enlightening, energizing, and extremely entertaining. i do have one legitimate complaint though, and that is the huge amount of floor space that was dedicated to security guards with flashlights. it must have been about a quarter of the entire floor area. finally, thank you to all the people i met on the way to the show and in the surrounding seats (except for the drunk and arroagant girl behind me) for being such cool people and enjoying the show with me. and special thanks to tim for buying my ticket and discussing numerology.

Review written by: Boo ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 17:22:46 ET

This was this reviewer's Tool show

This show kicked some serious ass, I thought going in that the sound in GM Place would be horrible because of the bands I've seen in the past but it was awesome, crystal clear. I only have a couple gripes, One - security was way to anal retentive, Two - no one appreciated Tricky on stage and only wanted to see Tool, I understand this somewhat but I've been a fan of Tool since Opiate's release and I still appreciated seeing Tricky and had the patience to wait for Tool and not yell out "We want Tool" Show some respect people!!! And last but not least a HUGE thanks goes out to the guitarist from Tricky, Thanks for getting us ahead of the front row man, you kick ass!!! In closing, Tool met and exceeded my expectations yet again, killer show guys!!!

Review written by: Steve ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 18:11:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Wow, I have been waiting for 6 years to see them in concert and it was totally worth it. The visuals were incredible, the crowd was "behaved" and Tool played beautifully (even though it looked as though it was easy as hell for them..a- hem crazy, crazy man). The highlights for me was definatly seeing Opiate live (holy shit that was an incredible suprise because I was expecting Aenima or Undertow)... Triad, or the Salival version of Pushit (which by the way sounded IDENTICAL to the cd.. amazing) Triad was done with the guy from Tricky (whome I must say has some seriously awsome drum skills.. that guy was keeping up with Carey, and thats a hard thing to do). The schism video people came out and hung over the stage as they always do for a good half-hour. The fact that the concert was in a seat's only venue was pretty cool because it kept the fucks who just come to get stoned and mosh like idiots the fuck away from the show... thank god. People, you are only sapposed to mosh to shitty metal (limp bizkit, korn, slipknot).. not a band that has surpassed any other band in history with musical content... sit back, enjoy... dont kill yourselves moshing. I guess thats it, just bout anything else I can say was done in previous concerts so go read other reviews. Thankyou Tool, you guys made my decade. -Steve

Review written by: shevaun ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 19:47:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

well. i was lucky enough to see tool in portland when they were doing their small venue tour and that blew me away. it was completely tight, precise, and perfect, to me it ranked right up there beside NINs fragile tour. but yesterday, oh man, yesterday was something else completely. if portland blew me away, i now cease to exist. the show was awe-some. tricky rocked his own thing for the first half hour or 45 minutes and the intermission came and went. danny's massive drum set was unveiled to cheering. then the Garage darkened and two laserlit symbols appeared on either side of the stage, the building erupting with the crowds roar. when tool walked out the roaring intensified until i couldnt hear. The stage lights went up and they began with the grudge. Halfway through the song i realized this would not be the same show i saw in portland in any way. They were looser and explorative, feeling their way throught the songs, changing riffs, making instrumental parts last longer and letting the song go. During pushit maynard broke into elvis' "suspicious minds" and although it was only maybe twenty minutes into the concert i knew this was going to destroy almost everything i had seen and will see for a long time. His voice filled the air, giving me chills. I could feel the whole stadium pounding beneath my feet. During the intro to lateralus the whole building was hotboxed, supplied by those of us who did a little smuggling . . . but really i cant adequately describe the amazing things i heard and saw that night - adam and justin making some seriously creepy noises on guitar and bass, osseus labyrint (sorry i suck at spelling) were totally amazing, hanging from the ceiling flinging themselves around sixty feet up. i was enraptured. when tricky came out saying this is your freedom call i got chills . . . i just want to say thank you for that amazing night, and to anybody who reads this who has the chance to go to a show - GO!!!!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!

Review written by: COWSSUCNOTTOOL ( Review posted on: 11/09/01 21:57:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This was by far one of the best shows I've been to in a long time. Everything was dead on perfect, the visuals along with the powerful vibe TOOL put off blew me away, it took my mind to places I would of never dreamed of going before, every song played was a storm of energy rushing into my soul. So clear, so crisp, a whole new experience, making TOOL worthy of being the best band in the world. I was surprised at how good TRICKY was as well, I hadn't heard much of his work prior to this show, but now I must go and explore it.

Review written by: Squeal ( Review posted on: 11/10/01 01:24:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well highlights for me included Tricky (2nd song was great)...was my 3rd time seeing Tricky over the years and this was well, the second best show I've seen of his. Tool highlights included (well the one that summed it all up for me was...) 46 & 2. Oh yeah mama that's some heavy shit! That whole ending part of 46&2 is just tooo heavy, it was great, like having your head hammered on by a jackhammer in slow motion. LOVED IT. Had awesome seats right in front of the sound board. Cool lights and vids, but actually Osseus Labyrint didn't do much for me. (zzz) The show was great though. Does anyone know or know of the guy who fell off the outside balcony of GM Place? My buddy witnessed it while he was outside smoking (he's not that big a fan...went out there at some point) and some other guy was yelling at a panhandler down on the street, then fell of the balcony and split his head wide open. (fell at least 15 feet onto the concrete) He's never gonna be the same if he lives. I'm just wondering if he lived, died, how old he was, what's his story, that sorta thing. It's sad, actually, I have a friend who sustained a (not as) serious head injury and he's just not the same person. Any info on that incident would be appreciated.

Review written by: sea aenima ( Review posted on: 11/10/01 03:43:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Amazing Show.....a true eye-opener and is now the best show i've seen ever... amazing Tricky got my attention during the song that included Adam. I walked in just at the beginning and knew that Adam was playing, or that Tricky sounded similar to Tool. Anyways, they got my attention, though i think i'll pass on picking up their CD.... One Gripe - nothing from Undertow...i would have loved to have heard Intolerance or Flood... and maybe Third Eye... but hey, who the hell am i to say what they can play! Regardless, just an amazing other way to put it... PS: Anyone know when the Melvins might swing by good ol' Vancouver? or King Crimson?

Review written by: suck it ( Review posted on: 11/10/01 14:49:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

fuck you, tool is alright not great, alright. so fuck you

Review written by: dark goddess ( Review posted on: 11/10/01 21:09:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

in looking at the reviews i noticed that no one is actually reviewing the concert. well it was excellent, best arena show ive ever been to. saw them in seattle this past summer and as expected the show was very much the same. tricky was amazing and the schism performers(cant remember their name) were just fucked up, how can they hang upside down for so long without passing out? ive heard alot a criticism about the no moshing thing and i must take this opportunity to defend the bands/venues decision. i managed to get 2nd row tickets and being a small person that has nearly been killed in many a mosh pit, i greatly appreciate the chance to get this close to the band. anyway, an amazing show, the sound was pretty good, considering, cant remember the setlist but it was very similar to all the other shows on this tour. what else to say, cant wait for my fourth.

Review written by: October Midnight ( Review posted on: 11/11/01 04:47:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Spent a few hundred just to fly to Vancouver to see Tool...I'd do it again dammit...Stinkfist was amazing...seeing Danny Lohner was unreal...wished they would've played Aenema...Tricky was unbelievable...was wishing he would've played 'Vent'...Lateralus was unreal...Osseus Labryint and everyone jamming on Triad was an awakening to that part of the psyche that few can tap into...Tool brings positivity to a bleak world...harmony to a dissonant landscape...hope where there is none...and music that's a soundtrack to humanity's evolving mind.

Review written by: Cam ( Review posted on: 11/11/01 17:54:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 1 Tool show

All Ican say is that you can not truly experience TOOL until you attend a concert. It was simply amazing. Tricky was the opening band. I personally think the best part was when a member from tricky (I think his name was HAWK) came out and sang REFLECTION. It was kind of a reggae remix. I will be seeing them in Concert again.

Review written by: Oke ( Review posted on: 11/12/01 21:49:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Begining with the Grudge and going straight into stinkfist Tool showed me what they are made of. So few bands can capture you and keep you mesmerised for two hours. The whole band meshed perfectly, it was amazing. Maynards voice was in great shape, giving his all as usual. Justin and Adam gave us a show we'd never forget, without moving an inch, they have to stick around to us their peddleds right. Now, Danny is the best, talent pours off the man, he makes it seem like he's not even working when he's by far the most athletic of the group. He sets a dark complex tone to every song, the concert showed me just how important he is to the group. One problem,NO MOST PIT!!!!, how lame, i was prepared to trade my tix with some cash for a floor seat, but screw that. I was hoping for more old songs but i guess i understand that they're probably sick of playing the old stuff. i was disapointed when some guy came out and sang all rasta style to opiate, we didn't need that, he sucked..............all in all, the best show of the year, hands down.

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 11/13/01 17:39:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I have to say that was the most amazing show I've ever seen. I'd been wanting to see Tool for a long time now, and it was definitely worth the wait. They played incredibly and the videos were unreal. Osseus Labyrint was incredible and Maynard sounded fantastic. The sound was awesome, and I even liked Tricky's set. They played perfectly and even played the Salival version of Pushit. That, 46 & 2, Opiate, The Grudge, and Lateralus were my favorite parts. All in all, well worth it, I want to see them again.

Review written by: MusicNAzi ( Review posted on: 11/13/01 19:23:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

..incredible show absolutly incredible nothing from undertow... aw well, the tour is supporting lateralus, so of course there will be lots of lateralus material on it and in regards the the guy that fell, he died. lotsa blood if i recal correctly. oih ya, can anyone tell me what music was being played during the intermissions?? apparelty it was the Melvins...and somthing was awsome music

Review written by: Bluespark ( Review posted on: 11/13/01 22:01:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This is kinda late, but I still feel that I need to add my two cents to this page. It was amazing, for my first Tool concert, this exceded all expectations. The setlist posted above (waaay above) is accurate so I wont post it again. When the lights went down and the circles of eyes appeared I went nuts, I knew it was finally here. The grudge was the first to come... I was just lost in a sea of music and screaming fans. It all washed over me and I took it all in. Until Pushit came on that is. The opening notes to the Salival version of my favourite Tool song played and I was suddenly at full attention. It was beautiful... it was sad, but powerful, and just grabbed me by the throat. I was caught by the music and the lyrics pouring through me, and the visuals of maniquinns (sp?) dancing in circles. By the end where the music climaxes I was moving rapidly with Danny's amazing drumming and the guitar and bass. I also screamed the last verse along with Maynard and almost passed out from lack of oxygen. It was all so powerful, and that was the best moment for me. It was all great, and I would give anything to be able to relive any of the songs, but if I had to choose a favourite moment, that would be it. Reflection is a hotly contested runner up, even despite that hawk guy randomly shouting noise. Oh and OPIATE, holy shite! but I'll stop there, I'll end up listing all the songs. There was something special about all of them, which made me happy to hear them, and makes me want to list them in my faves. It was a kick-ass experience overall, only thing was I wish I heard more old stuff (sober, eulogy, aenema, that kind of thing). But they choose what they want us to hear and I was more than happy to hear it. Hope they come again soon (not in 5 years).

Review written by: M ( Review posted on: 11/14/01 13:22:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

What a show! They attacked us from all fronts - full throttle. A non-stop barrage on the senses. A sonic assault on our very consciousness. You knew they were coming on stage when that creepy electronic organ music started blaring out of the sound system. Then the lights went down, shivers went up my spine, the Einze went totally mental, and the band took the stage. The Grudge. What a sweet entry point. The visuals were instant and automatic. That pre-historic head rotating 360 degrees? Maynard - clad in what looked like a divers suit - punching his fist to the timing of the music. Lights flashing us blind. And then the scream...oh what a lovely scream it was! After an extended version of Stinkfist, came 46 & 2. I remember this song being an absolute gem the last time they were here. They've only improved on an already beautifully intense piece. "Forty Six and two just ahead of me". Oh yeah. I have to say though - and I hoped they played this in TO - the extended version of Pushit was incredible. I thought it was a new song when they first started into the drumless into with maynard singing his sweet dark melodies. The song just builds and builds until the final moment of hate, misery and pain explode upon you like an icey cold shower of bliss... And just when you think it's over they kick back into the final blistering riffs of Pushit. You know the one: Just remember I will always love you, Even as I tear your fucking throat away. But it will end no other way. Anyway other highlights included Triad (with Tricky's drummer on board), the Patient and of course Lateralus (avec visuals of the 3D spiral) Thank you for letting me indulge for a moment - but I know you all appreciate the seet sounds of tool. I will now return to earth. M