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Review written by: Michael F. Meitbual (
Review posted on: 10/05/02 20:11:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. Wow. How did he get it to post to the right show? Magic... Kabir, the menu thing to select the show is screwed... looks like Seattle and Boise have the same form value and that's why all the Boise reviews get posted to the Seattle review page. Setlist is the same as the last two shows: sober grudge stinkfist h. schism parabol/a disposition reflection triad aenima lateralus awesome show... disappointed with the short setlist. how about The Patient or 46 & 2 or 4 Degrees or Flood or Pushit? disposition/reflection/triad was about 35-40 minutes long. I really wish some of the monkeys on the floor would save their bullshit for the Pantera concert, but whatchagonnado. d/r/t was probably the best part of the show. I took my two younger brothers (14 and 16) and they really enjoyed it. lots of positive feelings being exchanged, with the exception of the idiot monkeys on the floor. quotes from that singer guy: "is this boise? *weak response from crowd* Clean the pig shit out of your ears. Is this Boise?" referring to Joe, the drummer guy that came out for triad "He's single and he's psychic... anyone missing their keys?" peace, love, and pot. michael meitbual p.s. I was the guy in the middle holding up peace signs in the sea of goat horns or whatever the hell that one heavy metal hand gesture is supposed to mean.

Review written by: Mike Bullough ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 10:58:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

“HI! My name is nuttsack, I went to a tool concert for the warm fuzzes but was hurt on an emotional level that other were there to enjoy themselves.” I was one of the “monkeys” on the floor and let me tell you, it was great! Rock is about not giving a fuck and if you cant handle getting bumped around then stay at home and knit a fucking sweater… pussy! This was my first Tool concert but I am no newbie to concert life. I have been to everything from No Doubt to Manson and I can say for sure that this was one of the best I have ever seen. Maynard has a very intense stage presence and knows how to control a crowd! One minute everyone on the floor wanted to kill each other but a second later it was more like a makeout session in Moms basement. The visual effects were the best I have ever seen at a concert, or anywhere for that matter. To make a long story short (Too late) this concert kicked ass and I can’t wait for my next opportunity to act like a “goat- horned monkey”.

Review written by: a perfect tool ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 12:47:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

hey there... well a little bit dissapointed about all this tool "fans" bitching about the set list... i guess tool is something more interesting that being at a concert to check out the set list... this was my second tool show, i saw them back on july in az, and they offered an amazing show... i think they led the crowd to the point they wanted to... it's not just to create something positive... it's about trying to open our third eye by ourselves... tool is not angry anymore assholes... anger is gone... the best is yet to come... i'm glad i can listen to the lateralus lyrics and make me feel comfortable and balanced... i do love the work they have done in the past specially with undertow and opiate... so if the band is playing mostly lateralus stuff... well be happy that is what they're offering to you right now... if you wanted to listen the opiate-undertow-aenima era then you should've attended a concert back in 97...i didn't and i'm not dissaponited because of that... by the way, people are also complaining that tool is doing this tour just for the money, what the fuck is your point? of course they also play for the cash... what were you expecting? to have everything in life for free?... hope you guys can listen to tool the next time and think in what they've done you... just sit back and enjoy the master pieces they've written and try to have that experience as a support to your own life and thinking...see ya... i was extremely happy maynard dedicated lateralis to layne staley... he used to love tool... and viceversa... hey kabir thank you for keeping this page up man...

Review written by: Longtime TOOL FAN ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 15:58:17 ET

I'd just like to say that TOOL is fucking mad gay for playing the same set this tour as they did last.....TOOL has gotten so fuckin' queer w/ their Lateralus bullshit and I'm so pist I bought tix for shows that I've already seen the same shitty set for. I wish TOOL could be more hardcore and dedicated like their sets were in the Summer of 98 when TOOL acutally kicked ass and hadn't sold out yet for money w/ Lateralus and TOOL Army... Fuck you've gotten so radio- friendly and fucked up over the past 2 years.... -Dave Please e-mail me if you have any comments on how I think TOOL fucking sold their souls to fucking the music biz...

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 16:45:50 ET

Hooker with a Penis

Review written by: Hooker ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 17:14:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

All you know about them's what they sold you, dumb fuck! They sold out long before you ever even heard their name. They sold their souls to make a record, dipshit. And guess what asshole, YOU BOUGHT ONE!

Review written by: Colb ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 18:41:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Awesome show, Tool was so on tonight. For such a small venue, they had the crowd by the balls. I did notice that that Maynard was pretty quiet, on purpose? Well, I understand cause if he blows out that voice from screaming EVERY night, Tool will have to pospone touring. He still did a hell of a lot of improvising, and still was fucking amazing. Tool seemed much happier this time, Maynard talked a lot more than usual and at the end rode Danny from his podeum. The crowd stood and applauded them forever, and they applauded back. Good job Boise for not beating the shit out of each other, a lot of fights almost started, but people would stop and realize Tool was playing. The art work was encredible, all around if you missed this show, take it easy, maybe in your next life it will happen again. The pit was more squished than before, and I got a bump on my head from the moshers during Messugah, but it was worth it. Messugah (SP?) was good, but needed a little more energy and it was hard to head bang to (just watch the lead singer I guess). Tool will live forever, thank you guys for such an out of this world show.

Review written by: Wadodger ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 20:07:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Well, after seeing small-venue Tool at the Paramount last year and then seeing the arena version at the Tacoma Dome, I must admit the Boise show was a nice mix of both. (ROAD! TRIP!) The tapestries were a great addition, but I missed the "Maynard Projection Screen." Downside? Many in the crowd seemed like they were just happy to be at a concert - any concert. The good part of that? During the show, I was able to move right to the front rail, immediately in front of the wall 'o speakers and just below one of the video screens -- with as much room to move as I wanted. The sound vibrated my hair. A sure sign of getting older is that it's Tuesday and I'm just now physically recovering. (note to girl next to me: No, my head didn't fall off, but thanks for asking.) RE: setlists Yeah, it's kinda the same, but they HAVE mixed it up. I've seen 'em three times in the past 15 months and heard Euology and 46&2, as well as Ticks and Leeches and The Patient. My solution to those who need more variety? Go to more Tool shows. How bad could that be? All in all, a great show.

Review written by: angi ( Review posted on: 10/09/02 01:46:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I was a little worried when meshuggah played and you could hear nothing but the music, it was so loud and distorted that you could not hear the lyrics. Great disapointment since I have heard good reviews of the band, too bad I couldn;t hear it for myself. Then came Tool, the set list was great, almost everything I wanted to hear and the sound quality was beautiful, I could hear Maynard perfectly. The art of the concert was something in itself, the graphics really brought the tone of the songs into reality. Best concert I have ever been to!

Review written by: Alan (moo@mooojfodpgj.commmmmm) Review posted on: 10/09/02 11:33:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

All I have to say is it was a show I will never forget. And someone should kick TOOL FAN's homophobic ass.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/09/02 16:10:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 666 Tool show

fuck all of you faggots. here's the real deal: crowd surfing is for cretins. pit gets rough, someone can't take it, surf them to the back so they don't get crushed. THAT IS WHAT CROWD SURFING IS FOR. FOR SAFETY YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. Once again, fuck you. It'd be easier to enjoy the show if it weren't for the homosexuals slamming into each other like it's a god damned KORN concert or something. I hope the reason you fucking idiots go to TOOL shows is so you can evolve and grow and become a more intelligent human being. You wanna slam into the person next to you? Buy 'em dinner and take that shit home to the bedroom where it belongs. There's a million death metal ass rock bands whose shows you can go to and flagrantly display your ignorance. 1000 people all trying to make it to one place (the front rail) makes shit pretty intense. It happens. Compound that with the drunken cavemen slamming into each other and the clueless fools who feel their place in the crowd is on top. Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you. Maybe next time I should just play God, and FUCK YOU MYSELF.

Review written by: eyechakra ( Review posted on: 10/09/02 19:29:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Wow, what an amazing experience. First of all, Messhugah sucked very much. I hate them for hurting my ears. The 3 guitar players would do the tri-bang. All of them would head bang their extremely long hair. Their music was incredibly loud and obnoxious. If anyone actually could understand a single word form one of their songs, I’m impressed. But anyways, for all of you planning to see them later this tour- the new tour merchandise is amazing. I saw like 5 new shirts last night that are brand new. "Inside the Outside Tour." The lighters that people in the crowd lit were really cool. The shoes thrown from the pit weren't. That's why TOOL left in '98. The Alex Grey backgrounds were the same as the Summer 2002 tour. Maynard wore a Black leather suit until intermission, then back to his underwear. Adam actually moved around. Justin was really into it, just having a great time. Danny was playing his ass off, he is so incredible to witness live. 100% accurate, the setlist was and is as followed: Sober The Grudge Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola Ćnema --Intermission-- Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus The intro to sober had us fooled. It started as the classic merkaba into sober notes, but changed to the 2001 tours pre-grudge noise and then back into merkaba notes. The new visuals for the Grudge made this song one of the most stunning. Stinkfist had the Elvis and White lines. H. had an amazing visual of a snake-like thing consuming itself in a circle. AMAZING! Schism had some new visuals as well as the summer 2002 long extension in the song. Parabol had a strange intro and new visuals. Parabola- Floating Parabola video balls (seemed larger than summer 2002). Ćnema- Maynard did the "Think for Yourself, Question Authority" speech, but Ive never seen it done to this song. (If only we could have seen Third Eye.) Ćnema is always fantastic live, so enough said. The intermission had the summer 2002 "man/skull" only WAY more intense with more visuals and had a background of the floating vajras from the beginning of the real Parabol/Parabola music video. Disposition was decent; nothing new. Reflection was the best song of the night. Maynard sang "Before I/we pine away" different, and added in a "its calling me" in there. This was very cool, being my favorite song. It had new visuals of a praying mantis (its eye creates mathematical shapes, then it walks away) and the other trippy visuals from the summer 2002. Triad had visuals of the Salival "man" spinning to some indescribable yet familiar visuals. It had someone named Joe Paul on drums. Lateralus was the highpoint of the concert, being the end. Lateralus had a new intro and was fucking amazing. After it was over, Maynard jumped on Danny's back (piggy-back style) and they hugged. They threw like 4 or 5 drumheads. Maynard threw 3 or 4 water bottles, and Adam threw crumpeled up set lists. I stayed after the concert until 1:15 a.m. to try and get something autographed or meet TOOL. Failed. Some people of the TOOL family (I couldn't see) were lighting off fireworks outside the stadium. That was cool, since they are illegal in Boise. We walked around to a secret entrance to the busses and saw that one of them said "ROCK ON" in the window. Whether this was TOOL's bus or not, I don't know. Just a useless fact. It was an amazing experience nonetheless, and I hope Orem, UT will be just as amazing. Thanks for your time. -Ryan P.S. I audio recorded this concert. It is not amazing quality, but still a good remembrance of the concert. If anyone wants this audio (available for trade or purchase) or to master it for me, feel free to e-mail me. Audios.

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 10/13/02 14:47:05 ET

Hey, The Tool concert was great, but highly dissipointing. I mean when they first started playing my friend just found away to get me on floor. So we missed the first min or two of Sober. And before the Tool came out we went and got some merch,and lost our "lil group" of so called "goths and huge Tool fans. But I only had 15$ in my pocket and was suppose to have a back stage pass but every thing got all messed up and my friend ended up paying 150$ for a back stage pass and never got it for me. I want to beat that kids ass. Back to the story, we all got lost before Tool came out then got lost with one of my friends during sober. Which sucked, I looked all over the place, during 2 songs I think were stinkfist and some thing else im not to sure i was mad cause i wanted to mosh with my friends. Later I said screw that and moshed with some people i didnt know... and smoked a blunt or 2. But it ended up to be a awsem fucking show of great music and sweet visual effects! Best concert ive ever been to! But dissipointing, becasue I wanted them to play The patient, pushit, Eulogy, and just more songs it was to short!! And my best friend said the Boise Tool Concert was better then the one in Salt lake City, a few months before. ME AND HER LOVE TOOL!!! well also if the guy that was talking about idaho and republican and potatoes reads this email me cause u have a screw loose lol. Matt

Review written by: Zane ( Review posted on: 10/18/02 05:40:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

MOST of you petty people make me sick... if you didn't get what you wanted out of the show such as hearing a particular song or a whole dream fucking set, having the perfect seat, not being near "potheads", not practically getting beat-up, not seeing your ideal opener, not being able to appreciate talented musicians despite the fact they were not playing the sound you wanted to hear instead of pouring their souls into the music THEY FELT and identified with, didn't get that special momento, didn't enjoy the sound in what ever venue they were in, etc.,etc., etc. TO FUCKING BAD!!! I have one word for your ungreatful whiny neophytic asses KARMA. Period stop with you self-pity and washed up desires it don't get you nowhere just let go immerse yourself in the rythmns of life and goddamn it FREE YOURSELVES FROM YOURSELVES. This Has Been A Broadcast Of The Emergency Get An Attention Span System. Tool Mercer Arena '98, Tool Key Arena '02 Get it or forget it ZANE