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Review written by: Ryan (
Review posted on: 10/08/02 12:19:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

this show was great the set list was Sober The Grudge Stinkfist H. Schizm Parabol Parabola Aenima Intermission Reflection Disposition Triad (F. Thomas from Meshuggah) Lateralus awesome show meshuggah sucked... tool was amazing

Review written by: APB ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 12:41:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 1! Tool show

I am writing this on Monday, Oct. 7. Last night was the concert. Setlist and Maynard's comments were pretty much exactly the same as other shows. I'll go through the best parts. First, let me say. It was the most amazing concert I have ever watched. I knew it would be, though. I can't believe it actually happened. I waited for 6 years to see Tool. I have also waited 6 years to post a review on toolshed! When Aenima came out was when I first fell in love with their music. Couldn't really see the band very well. The stage was pretty dark. The visuals were the "show" as far as seeing goes. But it was the sound that was the reason everyone was there. Let's see... Messhugah was just plain bad. Before Tool came on there was some nice intense music that got louder and louder, and started sounding like an alarm of some sort. It got me and everyone else in the audience very excited. Sober - audience really noisy couldn't even hear when the drums came in. The Grudge - really energetic Stinkfist - the most beautiful that song has ever sounded to me. Maynard did the suspicious minds part in the middle. Noticed that he sang "this may hurt a little.." instead of "show me that.." in the last chorus. H. - ditto for the thing about most beautiful, especially the quiet middle part before the "I don't mind" part. Schism - really really really awesome intro before the album version intro. Middle part was the highlight after the intro. Parabol - sounded sooo good Parabola - Recognise this as a holy gift and celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing. I couldn't help but sing along here. The video was cool at the end Lateralus - This song has never been one of my favorites - until last night. Wow. That's all I can say. Big long intermission where the stage just glowed blue for 5- 10 minutes DISPOSITION - Beautiful. Most beautiful. Throughout the concert the audience wouldn't shut up, except for when I needed it most, as well as for REFLECTION - my absolute favorite Tool song, I think. At the very end of disposition, when the drums start doing the slow -hit, tap tap taptaptaptttt- You know... That was so exciting. I knew it was coming... One thing I noticed is that Adam was playing the synth part with his foot in that song. At the end of the song where Adam keeps repeating that really nice guitar part, I was sad when Danny started overpowering this sound with some drum stuff. Also, during the second verse where it is just drums and vocals, Danny quieted down and it was just Maynard for a second, then he came back loud. After the repeating guitar riff at the end, they started triad.. Triad - some guy from messhugah helped out here, as you would expect if you read any of the reviews from the other shows. They jammed for a long time on the drums before the "real" song started. They also changed the ending a bit. short speech accompanied by some really really nice music provided by the non-singing band members, and Maynard said something like "see you soon"... which means they might come back!!!!! and then... LATERALUS - the final song. Sounded so good. Especially the middle part "embrace my desire to..." At the end, Maynard's little stage was rotating. After it was all over and the band left the stage, some weird music started with a voice saying things like, "that's it", "go home". A pretty rude way of saying "no encores", anyway, I thought it to be amusing. This was my first Tool show, and I was not disappointed. I guess I would have also liked to see some of the other really awesome songs like 46+2, pushit (salival version), third eye, opiate, eulogy, prison sex, and the patient... Of course, this would have had to extend the concert by a lot, because I would not have wanted to miss any of the songs they did play. I hope they do come back sometime soon. I would go even if it was the exact same setlist again. It's an experience not to be missed. I have a list of bands I have to see live before I can die. I got to check off Tool, and now only 1 remains (radiohead, if you were interested). I would really like to get some recording of the concert. If anyone knows of any recording of it, please email me, and not that my email address is, not I didn't do that on purpose. I will be checking, of course, but if anyone has anything, please let me know. Or if you just want to share your thoughs to another Tool fan about the show. I sent Tool an email thanking them for coming. I am so happy now. Thanks for reading, if you did read all of this. APB

Review written by: dallas ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 13:54:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd? Tool show

I've only seen Tool once before, but let me say this was the best show of theirs I've ever seen. General admission seating as opposed to seated in vancouver last year. I couldn't keep my eyes off the band so unfortunatly, I didn't see as much animation this time (the screens were on the side of the stage). But yeah, maynard was painted blue with flourescent flamey things on his body. Justin was rocking out. The set was great, possibly the loudest show I've ever seen, it's been two days and my ears are still recovering. The crowd pretty much obeyed the rules of tool, there was only a bit of pogoing/"moshing" during sober and stinkfist. Hopefully tool don't think we're all rednecks here. But yeah, best show ever, tool had me in a euphoric state for 2 hours. Did I mention tool can make objects float now? During porabola there were two of the ball things (from the video) floating about 20 feet from the ground. Awesome.

Review written by: Dave ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 13:58:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

What else is there to say?? The setlist was exactly as posted for the other shows, and at first I was a little disappointed by this as my favorite songs are off Undertow and Opiate. After watching how well choreographed the visuals/lights were to the music, I understand why they don't do any improvisation. The first time I saw them was at Edgefest in Barrie last year and that just can't compare to seeing them in their own show. Just go and see them already. Why are you still reading this??? Man.. If I had the cash, I would have driven down to cow town just to see it again.

Review written by: Michael Filice ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 15:12:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Hello, everybody this is not a review for the Edmonton show. I did want to go though but was unable to due to a lack of funds. This is a review for the Ottawa show in August that I was not able to post since I took a long time writing this particular review. I did write Kabir asking to open up space for one more entry but got no response back. That is why I post here now. Enjoy “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WENT ALL THE WAY OVER THERE FOR THEM!” My Tool Experience in Ottawa By Michael Filice I would first like to dedicate these words to all those people who were not able to attend the Tool concert on Saturday August, 24 2002 in Ottawa. I regret we were not able to share this experience with each other. Something special happened on that night I certainly felt it and it was not just an overreaction it truly was something and it will be felt in subtle and more direct ways in the coming days and months. The concert can be classified as more then just a rock show. I do not know or care if anybody takes the music or words to heart. The glorious optimist in me wishes and prays for a collective waking up and smelling the coffee. I go on and on about expanding my perception and stumbling along with my humanity. There is a great joy in seeing a friend moved by the music in a no less beautiful way then you are moved. This Tool experience is not just a few hours it occurs over the span of years. I will try my best to distill these feelings emotions and ideas into words. I thank you in advance for joining me on this new journey. TOOL IN VIENNA As of yet I have not wrote anything formally about my Tool show in Vienna. Perhaps I never will. I did document it to some degree in the journal I took with me for my trip to Europe. For the time being I am happy to leave it as a an interlocking pattern of mad scribblings and various pasted scraps that have significance to the story. As with the Ottawa, the show in Vienna is surrounded by many other things that happen to give it form. I am including a little about my show in Vienna to give a background to connect similar elements to help both of us try to understand what is really going on. There is a little bit of me that is still reeling from this dream experience. Traveling to a beautiful country to enjoy a different culture, a different language and really wonderful beers. Sharing this experience with a beautiful young women and her friends. Then taking it back with me to effect change in my self and those around me. I am thankful that I made the trip. Going very far out of the patterns that seem to shackle most people including myself. It was invigorating the closer and closer I got to the day. And when I was finally in the middle of it. When I heard the band open with the song, “Ticks and Leeches” I knew it was all worth it. The same feeling occurred to me as I was sitting in the parking lot in Ottawa. I was tired, hungry and delirious from driving for so long. However, my energy was at its peak. My excitement spilled out of my eyes. It painted the landscape with hope and optimism. My friend Joanne felt it. Both of us were feeding off the excitement. Enjoying what was left of the sun just as it changed the sky all sorts of glorious colors before it disappeared. In Vienna the music of Tool fused with the city itself. I cannot separate the two now nor do I want to. The same with Ottawa . Tool’s music have somehow created this hybrid of the actual place. The last time I was in Ottawa was during my final year of primary school. It was a class trip and I was sleeping in the same room with a few of my friends. So unlike Vienna there was a sense of familiarity. Memories being worn down by time leaving only the most intense images. There is no sense of space just random flashes that are thinly attached. Strange how this writing is now revealing long forgotten fragments. I just remember these hideous neon shorts and a matching baseball shirt?!? Everything in the eighties was in those horrid beach colors. Unfortunately, Tool was not around then and I did not have the luxury of an older brother or sister introducing me to cool music. I was listening to top ten junk. McRock or McRap or whatever. I cringe now but these are all just dead cells making way for the new. The present sits on top of the shoulders of the past. We all have MC Hammer’s in our closet. THE CALL IS SENT OUT As soon as I heard that Tool was playing relatively near to where I lived. I excitedly watched the internet for updates and marked the day on the calendar as to when the tickets went on sale. I then made the call to my friends thinking we would all unite for this special time and ride into Ottawa like a fierce army. Together we would move mountains simply with our presence. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Only one came along. My heart craved a hundred but all I needed was one so I got what I needed. For this I am thankful because there would be no trip at all if it were not for her. Thank you Joanne. DRINKING WINE WITH GRANDPA After receiving the tickets in the mail I put them on my bed side table. Every morning I would wake up and glance over at them. Once and a while I would think to myself how lucky I was but more often I would think to myself, “this is fucking insane!” Seeing Tool four times during the Lateralus tour verges on nerdom. An obsession born from a need to be fill a gap in my life. Tool’s music floats in between the healthy and unhealthy realm of interest. It is tough to retain that balance. It is tough to look deep and face the darkness. To go neck deep in the muck and deal with my own humanity. I must though and art making helps but again there is that line of healthy and unhealthy interest. Perhaps balance is realized when one exsperiences all the extremes. I think I will take my grandpa’s advice and stop giving myself headaches. Sometimes a good glass of wine puts it all into a purer perspective. Salute Nonno! THE DAY FINALLY ARRIVES!!! It all happened quite normally. I did not have any profound heightened awareness. It was a regular morning. I got up and had breakfast. The pattern gives me comfort. Waking up at about the same time and doing familiar things that I do every day. My heart and infant perception cannot handle the magnitude of things that are happening at and between every second. The tapestry is so big so intricate but it is with us at all times. Its like a big red flag waved in our face. All we have to do is reach out and touch it. Instead of touching the flag I sip my warm coffee and milk. After breakfast I get ready. I dress simply and casually not like when Tool was in Toronto last year. The trip was going to be long so there was no point in putting on my favorite shirt and the nicely cut pants and my sexy shoes. I was going to blend, to observe, to share this moment with a friend. A t-shirt, shorts and sandals and I was ready. Hardly, the out fittings of a warrior but it sufficed for this particular occasion. There will be other times to be sexy like a knife. I got my trusty backpack and filled it with things I thought I would need for our journey to Ottawa. Again, it is nothing new for me to pack for the day. In the bag went a one-liter bottle of Calabrese bottled water, three peaches, one nectarine and a salami and cheese sandwich for the two of us. Food is important to me. It has always been connected to love so to share food with a person is significant. By sharing food I am showing how much I care about them and how close they are to me. I zipped up my bag and left my home. At that point the excitement hits me and I was just like a little child about to open his presents. A smile spread over my face as I saw the intersection in front of me. I ring my friend Joanne up to confirm the time we agreed to meet. Soon I was on a bus, then on a subway, then on a curb waiting for her to pick me up. All of these things were quite ordinary for me. I took the same bus watched the same houses and buildings roll by. Today was special and in less then ten hours me and my friend Joanne would be in front of Tool! INSIDE ON THE OUTSIDE Once we were in the building me and my friend Joanne were quickly ticketed and fondled for any big bags of cocaine, high powered riffles or a/v equipment. At least that is what I thought the guards were looking for. I never before had a chat with one of those concert folks. They probably have all sorts of bizarre stories. These types of events tend to be the siren call to the truly weird folk. Not just the suburbanites who are already bored beyond recognition but those truly hard-core types who carve the lead singers name into their face or write overblown reviews such as this one. After being tagged like wild animals, we headed into the coveted floor section. The first thing I remember hearing Mike Patton of Tomahawk make this odd bird/ frat boy call. Before the show I had no idea who was opening and did not really care. I had very little in the terms of expectations for the opening band. I did not like Pablo in Vienna and Meshugga was not my cup of tea before or after the show. To this day Meshugga has not made it into my good books. ] To my surprise, Tomahawk appealed to me. With their multitude of sounds they helped to create and unsettling mood of dread. A smoky mysterious realm where strange police outfitted musician are laying down the law in latex gloves and threatening anal cavity searches. Then the house lights came on and each member of the audience is given back their individuality. Tired of waiting I go over to inquire about the projection and computer setup but I do not see the same women (Camella Grace?) I saw at the deck in Vienna. A bunch of techies are standing around waiting for lift off. I notice their computer count down to the end of the world/ coffee break? I also notice plastic figurines of the Simpson family sitting atop one of the monitors in the mixing area. Funny how different interests keep intersecting. Maybe in an alternate dimension Tool is making an appearance on the Simpsons. LIFTING ME UP LIKE A CHILD The stadium goes black. A rich velvety darkness readies the space for what is going to come next. I mentally and spiritually prepare myself as the roadies scuttle around making last minute adjustments. Then through the darkness a loud ceremonial chanting brings us deep into the world created by TOOL one outside our every day lives and one that inside questions our words and deeds. It is a spiritual peeling. Naked as infants we stand in the darkness waiting to be sated. Adam’s guitar and Justin’s bass send crisscrossing harmonies through the stadium like fireflies in an open meadow. It is sound that suggest colour and light. Colour and light becoming matter, becoming machine. Feelings like oil being wrought to the surface. The song, “Sober” unfolds from this beautiful introduction. Most songs that night would be borne from these lush improvised jams. The whole band is visible from out of the darkness they stand on the stage not as superiors but as creative individuals whose work together has become the focus of the evening. Energy is sent out from the front in terms of sound/ light and video imagery. As members in the audience we are linked together responding internally and externally we relay the energy back. This dance continues the whole night even when each person goes their own way. Each of us takes a little bit away feeding future sequences of cause effect chains. Maynard leads us through the song, “Sober,” pleading for sanity. Screaming for sanity. Danny pounds away precisely at his drums. His effort supports the demands of the song while at the same time gleaming boldly. Big broad strokes are added to the canvas. Danny cymbals are like rain and lighting. The sound enters through our ear, our chests. I stand shivering and smiling. I love it. Looking over at my friend, Joanne moving to the music I am very happy. Overwhelmed by feeling I hug her. Next the Grudge bursts forth. Explosively asserting itself in the universe. I cannot stop myself and begin moving to the music. Really feeling it as it bites into me and the seeps into my flesh, deep into muscle, mingling with the processes underneath. The lights gleam beautifully touching every inch of the stadium and passing over the bodies of each member of the audience. The lights merge with the music. It pops and swirls seductively. I am drawn in as a moth giving myself completely to this experience. Surrendering ego. Letting feet move, legs move, pelvis move, chest move, head move and arms move. The video screens flash with beautiful and frightening images. A single flaming eye stares out at us at first. Unblinking it sees all offering love not surveillance. New images are met with old. An eye surgery takes place at one point. Perception is difficult. What we call sight is not really seeing but a blindness to the enormity that lives inside and outside ourselves. We are not there yet but Tool’s music helps to bring us closer to truly seeing. After the “The Grudge” the song, “Stinkfist” is next to birthed out of the pool of sound. One of my absolute favorites. A song that I have fused close to my essence. A search for meaning and growth. Love in all its contradictions coming barreling forth like and hurricane yet as soft as spring grass. These dichotomies battle against each other and take many forms and shapes. They also couple lovingly. Maynard sings the longer more sensitive version filling the natural pauses in the song with a plea to his lover to stay into his life. Its adds an incredible layer to the live experience it also helps to unify “Stinkfist” with the current direction of Tool which seems to be getting the core while riding in on waves of emotion and intuition. The backdrop was beautiful and surprising a human head in profile ala Alex Grey’s beautiful transcendental scientific paintings with a mirror images of the head on the other side. Directly in between and above the two profiled heads is the face of a women her eyes are closed to us. This is perhaps the most unique aspect of the new stage design, the massive beautiful changing backdrop. Before the intermission the backdrop changed to a gorgeous floral pattern. It reminded me on the infinity patterns of surrealist artist Escher. The eyes would get proportionally smaller as they were sucked in towards the center. At a few points during the performance I had to close my eyes and take it all in. There was so much to be had that evening. Each part of the experience is so intricate and full in its beauty alone they were rich enough to enjoy for the length of the concert. Together it was like freefalling in space. The rush of the music and the visuals, “…numbs me but I would not have it any other way.” Out of the shadows comes the song “46 and 2” another my favorites from the album “Aenema.” Danny’s drumming is impeccable. I look over at my friend Joanne with joy. She is watching Danny intently. As with the song, “Stinkfist” the call for change is stressed. Deep down under the skin are the necessary materials for building a better today and tomorrow. Justin, the bassist, is swaying wildly to the music. Looking around at the audience I noticed that there were a few that really felt the music. I saw it in their eyes and the ancient language present in their bodies. The song, “Schism” came next and I would like to comment on how hearing it four times on the Lateralus tour has made a few things clearer. Firstly, the way it appears on the Lateralus album is without that sense of dramatic silence before the storm that is present in the live version. In “Schism” live form there is a definite sense of center, space for a breath before the third part is delivered. The new version of “Schism” is stronger for being three parts. Flames on the video screen burst forth singeing our new skin. A ceremonial marking for the mass that was the songs Parabol and Parabola. During the songs, “Parabol and Parabola” we were invited to celebrate this holy gift of our bodies. Not just, flesh by soul and mind as well all working together. During the playing of “Parabol” a really slow version of the video ran but it opened with a strange white grid. Perhaps it was reminiscent of the tree motifs to be found within the “Parabola” video. The band takes a little breather and we all exhale as one. Maynard speaks to the audience apparently “John from Tomahawk has a Chinese restaurant in New Mexico…” (here he goes) “and while you’re getting screwed over getting a new muffler you’re also getting dysentery.” Yum, where’s my hat and my keys? I am going to New Mexico! Is this the return of the stand-up Maynard? In Toronto and Vienna he did not say much other then “good evening” and the “make something positive out of this experience speech”. Not that I care and its not like I want to ham it up and ask, “how’s everybody doing tonight?” That would truly be frightening more so then being awake during eye surgery. Maynard was dressed in a police uniform. Perhaps paying homage to the members of Tomahawk who were all dressed like police officers. More likely it would fit with Tool’s main thesis of, “thinking for yourself and questioning authority.” There is also a part of me that would like to think John, from Tomahawk probably burned Maynard’s leather for all the hilarity at his expense. The comic relief set the stage for the song, “Aenima”. There was much rejoicing. The guy in front of me was holding his head as if his brains were falling out. Further, in front of me a few ladies were feeling the music and bopping along hands in the air reaching for the sky as if the ceiling were to fall upon our heads. The pleading in the “Sober” is brought to its darkest conclusion. The universe dishes out its vengeance on arrogant ants. Ants with cell phones and petty concerns. “Aenima” becomes a prayer, a chance to cut the cord and start anew. A musical version of Noah’s ark where we must adapt or die. Where the strength that is inside ourselves is brought front and center. We see our true self in the mirror and switch places. There is a new day in Aenima and for us it was illuminated by the fantastic new video played during the intermission of the skull bursting from the skin. Death and life are hand in hand. It is not morbid and it is ridiculous to think that we are just these silly faulty things. There is so much more and thankfully for us there was more left of the concert. In the dark we took in the strange sounds and sights of the human/alien head morphing and stretching. The crowd roars with excitement builds again as the members of tool return to the stage. A short jam leads into the subtlety and beauty of the song “Disposition”. Together we watch the weather change as the band playing sooths us. We are beaconed to look skyward as the clouds part. The storm in “Aenima” has ended. Danny taps delicately on his cybals. The sound is lost in this massive structure but the act is more symbolic. As when the air is filled with tiny particles of metallic confetti. My cynical mind would dismiss this as a cheap gimmick but it works in a magical childlike way. The song “Disposition” floats on a lily pad until the next movement where it becomes the song, “Reflection.” It’s beauty and profundity build from what has come before. The moon stares down through the ceiling of the building. Watching and listening it waits to welcome us back to the outdoors. The moon hints at the near infinity of the universe. It reflects the light from the sun back to us. A light we can use to define ourselves and our world. John, the drummer from Tomahawk joins the band on the stage for the next song, “Triad”. It is blistering and inspiring. Maynard picks up the guitar and hangs back while Danny, John Adam and Justin go to town. “Triad” is tribal and deeply moving. The mind and body is aloud to drift without hanging on words. The flashes of light mimic the explosiveness of the drum work. Security guards roam the building looking for illegal activity. A couple sits down in the middle of the set and are quickly ushered to the side. Another couple kisses transforming “Triad” into a love song. My heart aches with joy. This concert has been a truly moving experience but lucky for us there was one more song. From out of the speakers the rhythm starts slowly mimicking the sound of the human heart. My eyes widen as I am engulfed in the song, “Lateralus”. Energy flutters and surges all around. I feel my nervous system crackle and my cells divide happily. I am thrown into a convulsive dance and cannot stop my feet from moving. As a symbol of unity a giant pentagram lowers behind Danny. The ancients are with us now sharing in the magic of moment. Bewildered and wild we “lose ourself between the sound.” The spirals start but we are already spinning in the beauty of it all. We are reminded that despite our bumbling nature the human body is a thing of beauty from inside and out. Here is where the concert transcends the basic rock show. Instead of being about the band and the music they produce it becomes a celebration for us all. The music of Tool is just that a tool, one that we can use to heal and for this I thank them. POST SHOW After the show me and my friend Joanne sit in her van eating crackers, drinking fruit juice and do what good friends do-talk. We sit with our feet up on the dash board waiting for the parking lot to clear up. The night would continue a little longer but the gifts drawn from the music would be enjoyed that evening and later in the coming days and months. The next day I tell my cousin about my little trip to see Tool he says to me, “you went all the way to Ottawa for them?” I answer “yes” and proceed to tell him certain details about what had just gone on. Perhaps he would understand better if I sent him this Review. Perhaps, he will join me on the next trip. Spiral out my friends.

Review written by: Amity ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 15:41:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Messhugah was a bore. Pretty typical 'fuckin A' metal. Lots of thrash, lots of headbanging. Not my style. Tool broke onstage to the quasi-orchestrated synth lines. There were two screens to the right and left that displayed the Eye, moving back and forth. Two platforms near the back of the stage, one for the drumkit, and one, as it proved later, for Maynard. The band kicked it off with Sober, just to get it out of the way, I suppose. Maynard's voice was at it's best. Clear, lightly strained, passionate. He was dressed only in a loincloth, his body painted. From Sober to the Grudge to Stinkfist. The band was amazing. After about 4 songs, they slowed it down and mellowed out. A bunch of people surrounding me sat down, as if they were waiting for Tool to 'do something' again. You know, rock out. But that's not what Tool is all about. The visuals were amazing, lights rivalling no other show I've seen. The band finally got people back on their feet with Schism. Again, a perfect performance. They ended the show with Lateralus, as expected. As a true sign of respect, the band stayed on stage for a few minutes after the show to display their appreciation. Greeting and thanking the crowd, I think we all left satisfied. And wanting more. Phenomenal show. Well worth the $60.

Review written by: Longtime TOOL FAN ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 15:58:04 ET

I'd just like to say that TOOL is fucking mad gay for playing the same set this tour as they did last.....TOOL has gotten so fuckin' queer w/ their Lateralus bullshit and I'm so pist I bought tix for shows that I've already seen the same shitty set for. I wish TOOL could be more hardcore and dedicated like their sets were in the Summer of 98 when TOOL acutally kicked ass and hadn't sold out yet for money w/ Lateralus and TOOL Army... Fuck you've gotten so radio- friendly and fucked up over the past 2 years.... -Dave Please e-mail me if you have any comments on how I think TOOL fucking sold their souls to fucking the music biz...

Review written by: Michael Smith ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 17:18:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This is the first time in my memory that Tool has come to Edmonton. They played to a near full house, playing a half bowl at Skyreach. I'd say there were 9k+ people there, so not a bad showing. Meshugga was pretty impressive, as far as that genre of music goes. Their head banging was most excellent! :) As for Tool, they played a very awsome show. They started off with Sober, which happens to be my favourite. They then went into a mostly Lateralus stuff from there, playing every song on the album but Ticks and Leeches (who woulda though?) and Patient (which was sort of disapointing, but oh well). Although the show had relativesly few songs when you think about it, the length of the standard Tool song is more then enough to make up for that. Some of the most memorable parts of the show was Aenima (most of the crowd was singing along) and Lateralus, with that spinning stage of Maynards, it was most trippy... :) Of course, I was extremely impressed by their willingness to play the 3 song set of Disposition, Reflection, and Triad. Most bands would simply cut it off at one, but Tool defies what other bands find acceptable, and boy was I glad. With the tablas going, it was most memorable and extremely entertaining. Of course, Maynard was full of antics. He looked to be wearing blue paint, and pants, or perhaps underwear (his lower half was dark from my vantage point, so I am not certain either way). His dancing, esspecially when his stage was spinning during Lateralus, was hilarious and trippy at the same time, with him stomping and waving his arms about like some native during a tradititional dance (if the native was high on acid that is). At the end of the show, Maynard told everyone he hoped that Tool had left them inspired, horny, and that everyone would go home and have sex. Soungs like Maynard alright! The song list was as follows, although not nessicarily in this order: Sober, H, Aenima, Stinkfist, Parabol/Parabola, The Grudge, Schism, Lateralus, Disposition/Reflection/Triad. I think that is everything. Definitely the best concert I have ever been to, even if I was disappointed by the non-existent encore. Tool has been my favourite band for 7 years (since I was 9) and I have been hoping that they would come here ever since. The closest that was before this was when Maynard was touring with APC, but they only played a half- hour set in a music festival, and I didn't think that was worth $60 CND, so I skipped it. All my hopes are fufilled, and all I can hope for now after finally experiencing Tool is that Edmonton and it's fans left enough with Tool to make them want to come back. I will be there if they do!

Review written by: Sacnho ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 17:29:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first Tool show and it was frickin awsome. this won't be a long post, most people said what i wanted to say. TOOL OWNS EDMONTON!!!

Review written by: Dyer ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 17:46:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Not a second of disappointment for the entire 2.5 hrs set. Nothing short of amazing both sonically and visually. Edmonton has always been receptive to bands and this night was no different, if anything TOOL enlightened all of their hardcore and impressionable fans and left them even more unsatisifed. I know my own unquenchable thirst has just been teased. Here in Canada, TOOL has blessed us with their prescence only a handful of times in the past 8 years and maybe not more than that ever. So please come back and let us all do it again. Back to the show, as a TOOL fan I appreciate the art of their show, including not really seeing any of the band members, relying on the magic of the music and the bands visual constructions. TOOL isn't for everyone (although the world wouldn't be as ignorant if TOOL was), so I didn't expect to be force fed anything, and I wasn't. My imagination was free to roam the entire evening making interpretations that so suited what I received from their music. I left inspired, not so horny as Maynard might have hoped, and believing in the quality of the experience I was just given. If you missed out to bad, I just hope for your sake you get another crack at the whip. One highlight (if there really is one since the entire performance was a high) was guest appearance by the drummer of Meshuggah to perform with Danny Carey in a 10 min. rythmic solo (fascinating) and the comraderie shown after his appearance. Thank you TOOL, I am a richer person for partaking in this evening. I can't wait for the next time.

Review written by: ricardo ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 19:48:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

the wait was unbearable...but the outcome was even more so tool solidifies its reign. thank you for coming to shitty edmonton, i will remember this for eternity

Review written by: James Bedford ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 19:57:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This was my second Tool show (my first was in August 2001 at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle). It was an excellent concert except I have a couple of complaints: I was at the very front, centre of the floor, right up against the metal fence and from where I was (and much of the front of the floor I imagine) I couldn't see the projection screens on each side of the stage that were showing videos throughout the show, or the two foremost of the six banners that dropped later in the show. I'm not sure if this is the exact setup for every show or not (it may just be the only location they could be hung from the structure in Skyreach Centre). Don't get me wrong, I wouldn'r have rather been further back, but it was just a small piss off to not be able to see them. My other complaint is that I saw at least two shoes thrown on stage during Tool's performance. None hit the band members, but that's not the point. There shouldn't have been any. Show some goddam respect people. I know this happens at a lot of shows, but save that shit for Blink 182 or somebody like that. It was an unbelievable show though. Ranks in the top 5 I've ever seen (up there with my first Tool concert and 3 NIN shows) Check them out on this tour if you get the chance, especially if you haven't seen them yet this year.

Review written by: Sean ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 20:06:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I haven’t the words…but I have to try… I haven’t the words…but I have to try… I haven’t the words…but I have to try… I haven’t the words… but I have to try… Words…they are so pitifully inadequate…how do you describe emotion that is so raw, and yet so perfectly pure? Tool provided me with pure emotion…I being the willing receptacle…it was an experience I will carry with me always… my mind is still glowing! But after the show, I felt a certain emptiness…the positive energy was elusive…hard to define. I was troubled until I realized the key…Tool did not simply give me a single fish, they taught me HOW to fish! It is now my responsibility to propagate this positive energy, rather than simply absorb it. I don’t know if I’m up to the task, but I will certainly try!!! Thank you Tool, ever so much! Peace, love and TOOL

Review written by: Just some guy ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 21:13:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Ok.. Well.. Seems like everything has been covered.. 1) The show was amazing 2) Two shoes were thrown on stage which I found to be insulting. My big complaint.......... Why pay $65CDN to come to a concert to hang out, smoke pot, eat mushrooms, and socialize with your friends.. Behind me were the two most annoying girls in the entire world.. 1) They spilt beer all over me 2) All they talked about was how high they were 3) They carried on the entire night acting like they were 12.. My suggestion... Show some respect for those around you, and the performace that is happening in front of you.. Save your childish anticts for the next day during your grade 10 spare, and then go act like your 12.. Oh yeah.. They also ashed in my GF's hair... However.. The show was absolutely inspiring, and very moving.. Thanks Tool for sharing your music with all of us..

Review written by: APB ( Review posted on: 10/08/02 22:48:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey, I am sorry to have to do this, but I accidentally wrote lateralus in place of the work aenema in my review (second from the top). Aenema is the song that was never one of my favorites until sunday night, lateralus was one of my favorites all along. Sorry. I just didn't want anyone to get the wrong impression. Or to think I am crazy and thought they played lateralus twice. okay, bye. APB

Review written by: Colicab ( Review posted on: 10/09/02 00:02:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Setlist Sober The Grudge Stinkfist (extended) h. Parabol Parabola Aenima -Intermisson- Reflection Disposition Triad Lateralus I was fortunate in that I got to see both shows and I am posting this after I saw the show In Calgary. Great show! Tool thank you so much for making it up here, you don't know how much it means to your fans. You had me anticipating the show and you did not dssapoint. The setlist was perfect, I couldn't ask for a better show. And those of you that complain about the setlist. It's about the music, not thrashing around beating the shit out of people. It's about the music and how beutiful life can be. Tool says create something possitive, and if you wnet to their show and had the experience I had you most certainly will. Too explain my experience... Tool this night afected me emotionally and made me feel like I was floating. I soared above all others and I really felt the music. I wasn't on the florr but no matterwhere you sit you still are amazed by what is done. Mayanrd was apinted all black the whole show, with the black speedo on. Truely amazing. He got me into the music. I must say the highlight of tonight was deffiently Triad, when the starcame down and the music built to that amazing climax, I think I died. That's all I say about the show. But to the girl beside me and my friend who were getting high; Who cares if we smoke pot? It's a free country and don't tel us to put it out. Tool is about freedom and muisc. We went there for the same reason to see the music. So what if I smoke some pot? There we lots of people that were. So cry about it. No disrespect. Tool fans are awesome. Thanks for the time some f you amy have spent reading this. Email me if anytihng interests you to say. That Is All

Review written by: HELP ( Review posted on: 10/09/02 00:27:01 ET

This was this reviewer's S Tool show

do you know the meaning of life? do you do you do you know the meaning of life? do you know do you know do you do you do you know the meaning of life? may i assist you? do you know the meaning of life? may i assist you? do you do you do you know the meaning of life? do you know the meaning of life? *shaking head*

Review written by: Kevin ( Review posted on: 10/09/02 00:33:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Tool was my first ever concert. It was simply amazing. I was maybe 80m from the stage, and the sound was simply superb. Tool was on stage for about two hours, Meshuggah opened for 45 minutes. the song list (from what i can remember) was sober the grudge forty-six and two stinkfist AEnima schism the eon blue appocalypse parabol parabola disposition reflection triad lateralus I can not belive how great this concert was. Ive been searching the net, and found nothing for pics of the 2002 "inside the outside" tour. if anyone has pictures of any type so far from this tour, please drop me an email at

Review written by: ManBurning ( Review posted on: 10/09/02 01:47:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey. The show was amazing! came all the way from Winnipeg to see it! sat on a bus for 17hrs there and 21hrs back, but damn it was worth it! Let's see, first a setlist: 1.Sober 2.the Grudge 3.Stinkfist 4.H 5.message to harry manback (remember Adam was playing some accustic stuff while maynard was softling talking into the mic) 6.Schism 7.Parabol 8.Parabola 9.Aenima INTERMISSION (weird noises and blue lights) 10.Disposition 11.Reflection 12.Triad 13.Lateralus Now, for highlights: -Maynard was facing to the left (his side) during sober -Maynard's back was to the crowd for the grudge -Maynard was painted all blue with florescent yellow and orange designs. -Maynard said something about it being cold up in edmonton -Adam Jones' hair is now to his chin and layared -Justin had long hair past his shoulders. -someone yelled "fuck you" to Maynard and Maynard then said "you sure" -drummer from meshuggah came out for Triad -Maynard played guitar for a few songs -Maynard stood in a circular moving platform durning lateralus that made him twirl around while he was frozen like a statue. -some confetti fell durning disposition -Artwork backdrops fell, screens played animation and a star of david was lowered from the roof. -2 black science model orbs were floating in the air durning parabol/parabola. other then that, great show! couldn't hear maynard's voice at times especially for his "speech" at the end. but i knew what he was saying. some people in the pit were forgetting it's a fucking TOOL show and not a damn death metal show, some guys were fuckin' moshing to like parabol, and disposition.i was at the front centre, 2nd row getting the piss squisehd outta me, some guy was pulling on my hair the whole show as well. also, bitch ass security guard stold my camera and ripped out my film. i took one frickin' picture of Adam and he's all like "give it to me or your out of the show" fucker, i had important picrtures on their of my trip and whatnot, ALSO, did anyone bootleg the show AUDIO wise or VIDEO wise??????? i realize that it would have been sooo damn easy to get a audio recorder in but i didn't think of it 'til after, hopefully someone else did. IF ANYONE HAS ACCESS TO AN EDMONTON ALBERTA BOOTLEG (audio or visual) PLEASE E-MAIL me AT THANKS! -ManBurning (jeff)

Review written by: Ryan Bennett ( Review posted on: 10/09/02 03:45:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Triad was absolutely the most fucking amazing thing I have ever witnessed and/or heard. Actually, the whole show was like that. But especially Triad.

Review written by: manitou ( Review posted on: 10/09/02 11:56:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 69th Tool show

Awesome show, Sober, The Grudge, Stinkfist Extended, H, Schism, Parabol(a), Aenema, Intermission, Disposition, Reflection, Triad, Lateralis email for more details or just to talk about life and death in general, heh

Review written by: Jamie Smith ( Review posted on: 10/09/02 20:34:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was the most amazing concert I have ever been to. I have always loved and appreciated the intelligence and deep, evolving attitude that Tool is about and I have to say that I have never felt such inspiration from any event in my life as I did at that concert. These guys are truly artists the world needs more of. They provided me that night a chance to get away from the everyday vomit that is spewed out over television and radio pop bullshit that does nothing to help understand or accelerate our evolution. Tool played the songs we love so much flawlessly. The visuals were second to none. No other performing act today is this outstanding as a whole. There should be no complaints of this show from anyone, as it seems the crowd responded to the band very well. After 3 days I am still left with that inspiration which Maynard had hoped they delivered, and I know it will always be there.

Review written by: frippnotist ( Review posted on: 10/10/02 00:24:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

setlist already posted. i liked the riot control rumble during the intermission(sit down) the highlight was the back drop with the eyes and the woman's(?) face. mixed with the MOST tasteful light show i've ever seen. ever. lots of blues and reds. the local paper called maynard pretentios cause he had his back to the crowd. hmmmm i think it puts the music in the forefront, no? band in great form. just as good as the vancouver 96 show (despite shoddy seats this time) cheers

Review written by: Ternity ( Review posted on: 10/10/02 00:58:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Damn! I regret not going to the Vancouver show last year. No words needed to express how the concert was for all that is already said by other reviews. Do anything you want to do. Let no one persuade you. One thing.... If you are not a Tool fan why come and see? I didn't go to a Tool concert just to hear people bitch and nag about ridiculous topics during the show. It annoys me and any dedicated Tool fan out there. Sitdown, shuddup and suffer with the music we love or else standup and enjoy it with others. Other wise give me your money you spent on the show (since you are that wealthy to pay the amount just to put others who want to see the Tool in misery) and i'll stick it up somewhere so i can shut you up! And also to those that came to see a band you have never heard of and left shortly when the show started *middle finger* Tool!!!

Review written by: Ternity ( Review posted on: 10/10/02 00:59:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Damn! I regret not going to the Vancouver show last year. No words needed to express how the concert was for all that is already said by other reviews. Do anything you want to do. Let no one persuade you. One thing.... If you are not a Tool fan why come and see? I didn't go to a Tool concert just to hear people bitch and nag about ridiculous topics during the show. It annoys me and any dedicated Tool fan out there. Sitdown, shuddup and suffer with the music we love or else standup and enjoy it with others. Other wise give me your money you spent on the show (since you are that wealthy to pay the amount just to put others who want to see the Tool in misery) and i'll stick it up somewhere so i can shut you up! And also to those that came to see a band you have never heard of and left shortly when the show started *middle finger* Tool!!!

Review written by: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ( Review posted on: 10/11/02 08:03:35 ET

Sane Sickening Nebulous Rational Gaze New Millenium Cyanide Christ Soul Burn Closed Eye Visuals Future Breed Machine Meshuggah were great. And it was good to see hear some of the new songs live. Didn't stay for tool. they're zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Review written by: (manitou690000000@GAYMAIL.COM) Review posted on: 10/11/02 17:08:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 420t Tool show

Cool, I popped my shorts when the banner came down on The Grudge and was writhing in orgasmic bliss for the rest of the show, but the best part was after the show when Jens from Meshuggah partied with us after the concert at the hotel "stop the lunacy" Rock Ballz!

Review written by: Amber MacKenzie ( Review posted on: 10/11/02 21:13:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hi, everyone. I saw the tool concert in Edmonton last Sunday and I am still completely awe struck. Eventhough I spent $60 on a ticket to see Maynard's legs for two hours or so (I had a realy bad seat) I would have spent more. They put on an outstounding show, one I will never forget to the end of my days. It was very visually stimulating and the band sounded great. They are a very talented group of people. Oh and Tool, thank you for coming to visit us in Edmonton.....Canada loves you too! Amber

Review written by: T.Tooler ( Review posted on: 10/11/02 22:07:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This would be my second time seeing Tool and holy shit was it great.I saw them last year in Vancouver and what a great show.I had floor tickets and got as close as about 2nd row from the railing.The crowd was great too, I was expecting losers to be throwing elbows and getting the high knees going but except for some slight movement the crowd was perfect for a Tool show.I could see Maynard perfectly, for this show he covered himself in blue body paint and in certain parts had large neon dots.When you can see him smile at Danny with it being so dark and theres paint all over him it does'nt get any better.I dont remember the set list but I'm sure someone has posted it.They played Aenima this show which they did'nt in Vancouver and it was great to hear live.Messugah (I dont know how to spell it) were cool my buddy and I met their singer after the show, he was really cool we talked about the current and past Tool tours and this past summers Ozzfest, cheers to him for taking the time to talk to us.I drove to Calgary the day after to take in that show.We drove three hours up to Edmonton for this show and it was very worth it.I would have driven for days to see such a good show.Take care everyone

Review written by: canucklehead (toolrocks@tool.tool) Review posted on: 10/14/02 13:28:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The set list was much like most of the tour thus far except that Aenima came before their 10 min piss break/feedback/intermission (not to be confused with the song "Intermission"). Which I am glad for, cause hell I was insensory overload..."where's my Molson?" The visual candy was amazing although one skrim failed to fall. The music was hypnotizing. I was set in a trance-like state in which it was all I could do to stop myself vibrating long enough to sip my beer. Highlite was Aenima. Wow you almost see shockwaves flowing off the stage and penetrating minds and bodies. The sonic barrage of D/R/T with Thomas of Meshuggah is worth mentioning. half hour of draining percussive attack with Maynard on Bass? Perhaps guitar...some stockless stringed instrument. It was hard to see him at times with the paint and the fact he never left his rotating disc contraption upon yhe drum riser. Low point was some moron throwing his shoes onstage, Just reafirms that no matter how much chlorine you use there is still some piss in the gene pool. I read a luke-warm review in our local paper today by some music writer/hack. He obviously knows nothing of TOOL because at one point he said "and yes they played intolerance." Well, no they did not play this song. In fact I have sneaky suspicion he just copy/pasted an old review from this site adding some witty? aliented banter on a subject on which he knows little or nothing, To sum up.... this show was the highlite of my concert going life. And yes I have seen full-makeup KISS. TOOL defines what thinking-man's-music should be especially if you like your coffee crisp. 9.9 out of ten. Remember Narcissus thought he was a perfect ten and look what happened to him.

Review written by: healzeger ( Review posted on: 10/14/02 23:31:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

the thirteenth century mystic eckhart talks about the only useful prayer being, "thank you, thank you, thank you..." which is exactly what i was thinking throughout the whole show. a beautiful long show that i could have easily watched throughout the night, but as with all things('good' and 'bad') must end. i knew i was in for something when that digeridoo began in the darkness and those circling flaming eyes appeared on the projectors. the visuals were phenomenal- completely startling and beautiful metaphors that illustrate the ideas behind the songs, and take us little souls searchers to new levels of awareness and consciousness- even while 'straight'. but what i was most impressed with about the show was the level with which these guys have developed their art- not only are they highly skilled musicians, but they are brilliant artists and psychonaughts to boot that never disappoint... i was ashamed at the world the next day while looking around because there seemed to be very few folks wandering about that seemed to have the drive, passion, and dream that these four do. if only a little bit of it rubbed off on the 9000 that were there, the world will have become a much more living breathing place. again, "thank you, thank you, thank you..."

Review written by: Slava ( Review posted on: 10/15/02 19:51:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well lemme just say it was absolutely amazing! I am quite sure I was the youngest one there (14) but I loved it! I arrived like 5 minutes after Meshuggah started but they sucked IMO, so I just sat outside until they came off. I quickly clamored in after I heard they were done and rushed to my seat. The Intro was simply beautiful, I loved it. The standouts were The Grudge and the trio of Disposition, Reflection and Triad. The visuals were amazing, sound quality wasn't too good but it was still awesome. Way better than the Offspring concert I went to 3 years ago! And if anyone has audio or video of the show, please email them to me too, I would love it if you did (mailto I hope you all loved it as much as I did, can't wait until they come back!

Review written by: Zane ( Review posted on: 10/18/02 05:40:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

MOST of you petty people make me sick... if you didn't get what you wanted out of the show such as hearing a particular song or a whole dream fucking set, having the perfect seat, not being near "potheads", not practically getting beat-up, not seeing your ideal opener, not being able to appreciate talented musicians despite the fact they were not playing the sound you wanted to hear instead of pouring their souls into the music THEY FELT and identified with, didn't get that special momento, didn't enjoy the sound in what ever venue they were in, etc.,etc., etc. TO FUCKING BAD!!! I have one word for your ungreatful whiny neophytic asses KARMA. Period stop with you self-pity and washed up desires it don't get you nowhere just let go immerse yourself in the rythmns of life and goddamn it FREE YOURSELVES FROM YOURSELVES. This Has Been A Broadcast Of The Emergency Get An Attention Span System. Tool Mercer Arena '98, Tool Key Arena '02 Get it or forget it ZANE