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Review written by: Pit-Pat (
Review posted on: 10/11/02 23:10:37 ET

This was this reviewer's many Tool show

Hey you! Big star. Tell me...when it's over.--Chino My 2 cents: This whole set list thing was not such a big deal before so many people had access to the internet. Back in 1996, I had no idea what the setlist was from the previous shows, so it was news to me. I looked at Kabirs' past reviews from 1996 and to my surprise, they played the same set twice (2 dates @ Roseland) in New York city before the Philly show at the Electric Factory. Bottom line (No pun intended) TOOL could be just be a studio band and barely tour at all! Be happy and skip the T-shirts ($35 ouch!)

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 00:14:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! OK why does everybody keep saying ohh i wish tool would play this and i wish that tool would play that. UMMM grow up and deal with what you get. There is a reason they play that same setlist. The entire laterlaus record is in the same rhyme scheme and they have progressed. They have evolved from there past. I mean look at how much the music has changed from record to record, it's all about moving through, gaining something from them. Maynard once said that he considerds the shows as a gathering,they are much more of a sacred ceremony like. They are about seeking truth. You should gain something from the experience. I'm sure there was alot of moshing in 96 or whenever but now it's time to reach out and embrace the random and to let the music pass through you and let the words spill through you, and to feel this holy body and holy expreience, and that you choose to be there. You should embrece that moment and remeber what you felt and to do something positve. I feel if you cant do that then you are missing the entire picture. I'm i am just sick of hearing the same old shit about how they sold out. espically from all you one-track minded sheep, In order to understand someting use must see both ends of the spectrm or see all sides you could say, otherwise you become judgemental about something and sound like a jerk-off. so before you go running your mouth, you ought to take the time to think about and understand what you are going to say! Then you might understand that they are 4 guys who do what they do and you must have a sense of humor about things. Thats all i have to say about that CADDYSHACK

Review written by: beligerant fucker ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 00:19:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 666 Tool show

umm no they didnt i remember the roseland shows very clearly and the setlists were completely different. i even took the liberty of looking at the same reviews here at TDN thatyou looked at and thought id post the same set lists you claim to have lookd at here: Roseland 10-21-96: Stinkfist 46 & 2 Swamp Song Eulogy Hooker Prison Sex jimmy Sober Pushit Opiate Aenema Roseland 10-22-96: Third Eye Stinkfist Forty Six and 2 Undertow Eulogy Prison Sex jimmy Cold and Ugly H. Opiate Aenema if you are going to lie about something at do it convincingly - and in a place where somebody cant double check your claims you stupid fuck now my stance on the never changing set list: it sucks. in the past TOOL DID change it up and change it up a LOT, and they have always had complex visuals. and if you have went to as many TOOL shows over the past two years as i have an paid attention you will notice that many of the visuals are random, as in one visual may play for stinkfist one night and then opiate the next, only now with this newertour are a few of the visuals set, but for the most part they are still the same. TOOL is my favorite band, but they could change it up a bit more. if they keep wanting to play the triad and lateralus thats coll - even parabola/grudge/schism is cool, but they could at least change up the old songs they play, like flood instead of fortysix and two one night - or jimmy instead of stinkfist another. TOOL has become cultish in the metal world like the dead was and phish are. people follow TOOL around, and TOOL does have many fans like myself who have been around since undertow. im not asking drastic set list changes, but at least more than one song difference night to night. it can be done, it has been done by them. thats is all

Review written by: Master Reviewer (not sharing) Review posted on: 10/12/02 00:22:20 ET

This was this reviewer's no Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. this is something i ussaly would refuse to do but i just would like to say that what the master reviewer caddyshack had to say was amazing and thats why I love TOOL.

Review written by: beligerant fucker ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 00:25:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 667 Tool show

oh and i forgot to add that it just seems a bit hypocritical for a band that is so anti-standards/media/tv/radio to play out their radio singles at almost every show (aenima/stinkfist/prisonsex/sober/schism/parabola) parabola and schism are understandable - but how about f4 degrees instead of aenima or sweat instead of stinkfist?

Review written by: beligerent fucker ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 01:11:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 666 Tool show

I AM GOD! that is all now go get gas I like to quote TOOL left and right

Review written by: juan ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 01:29:22 ET

Okay so your pussy hurts because of the set list, get over it. You either go watch Tool or you don't, it's all up to you.

Review written by: juan ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 01:29:51 ET

Okay so your pussy hurts because of the set list, get over it. You either go watch Tool or you don't, it's all up to you.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 01:42:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Awesome show!!! Maynard had all black leather on again with black stripe painted down his face. Danny had on his trade mark Kansas basketball jersey #22, Justin and Adam had on long sleeve shirts. Killer set! cool lights different from last time I saw them. There were banners that came down from the rafters of skeletel outlines and there were 2 giant molecule looking balls floating behind the stage from air being blown underneath them. The sound was great and Careys drumming was once again impeccable. The Grudge brought down the house as did the crowd favorite Stinfist. I really enjoyed the Patient, Parabol/a and Dis/Ref/Triad. Setlist - Boulder, CO 10/11/02 Sober The Grudge Stinkfist H Schism Parabol Parabola The Patient Opiate Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus

Review written by: carl ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 02:22:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Meshuggah performed very well and I could have listened to them play a bit longer, deep riffs and the thunderous double bass there death metal but there far from obnoxious, well done. I saw tool at the pepsi center in July and you quickly forget what intensity they bring to the stage. Setlist: Sober Grudge Stinky fist H shism parabol/parabola the patient (with apocylpse preceeding) DRT lateralus Ions was in there early on and gave me a happy feel good sensation especially in my hands (placebo effect perhaps from all the clapping. I must say, as with the july show, stinkfist and triad stood out. The jam in stinkfist, "Makes you wanna explode," and the drumming in Triad... there aren't even words to describe (same with parabola of course). Someone in a review from a previous show claims tool is too old and can't play some of the old stuff anymore, maybe they got it backwards becuase tool is more intricate than ever. And with all the additions to each song, the variations allow the setlist to never be the same. Maynard's voice was really on tonight I thought and he spoke a bit, here are some quotes: "Boulder.....hmm.....Boulder" (very, very sarcastic in his unique monotone way). Preluding the patient he mentioned reflecting on what's important in life especially now in the present TENSE political climate. Maynard thanked the well behaved crowd for, "reminding us why we do what we do." He also mentioned that they had'nt played this one in a while before the patient and therefore when they started in it sounded seriously like the slow version of pushit to me (I thought they had been playing the patient). There was, "think for yourself, question authority." with emphasis on the latter (shout out to war boy GW). And there was the positive speech before Lateralus, which I don't mean to diminish in any way because watching what they do on stage does inspire one to develop and explore. Not many bands can you focus in on any of the members and be mesmerized and inspired to develop some kind of profciency other than T.V. viewing. There are no weaknesses here, and all is well and content after tonight. Oh, by the way when everyone was leaving Maynard menaced the scurrying crowd, "That's right, get out. Go home, that's right get out, you there get out, people go home." That's fine because behold the bakcstage I just saw a herd of groupies enter to surely irritate the band. Lo siento.

Review written by: Izzy ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 02:38:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Setlist: Jam-> Sober The Grudge> Stinkfist-> Jam-> H. Parobol-> Parabola The Patient Third Eye intro tease "Think For yourself......, Question Authority."-> Opiate!-> End of Third Eye Jam (All the music except forthe "prying open my third eye!" part setbreak: D->R->T best damn Triad I've seen, push it teases Lateralus-------Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those of you who are nay-sayers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>?

Review written by: Garion333 ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 03:10:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Yet another great show. The crowd was ok, first time I heard people yelling to play a song. Damn frat fuckers. Anyway, I was up front this time, getting pushed around on the fringes of the mosh pit. The sound was pretty good, but as I got closer to the speakers, the bass and bass drum were drowning out Maynard. Oh well, we can't get it all cause the bass was POUNDING! Yes, I am going to repost the setlist. Jam Sober The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist (extended) H. Schism Parabol -> Parabola Eon Blue Apocalpyse -> The Patient (w/slow Pushit Tease) Opiate --Intermission-- Disposition -> Reflection -> Triad (W/ Bass player and drummer from Meshuggah) Lateralus Triad was extremely long, I thought Disposition was too . . . . I was very excited about Opiate, which I hadn't seen yet. I thought it was interesting to hear Maynard do the whole "Think for yourself bit" which he sung (spoke) in an extended instrumental part of the song it preceded. Anyone? Which song was it, I can't remember now . . . . Anyway, show was great, can't wait till Sunday!! Oh yeah, the balloon formations were an interesting addition.

Review written by: Garion333 ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 03:12:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Guy above me says that "Think for yourself" was before Opiate. He is correct, I thought it was that . . . .

Review written by: Disgruntled ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 05:14:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

The setlists are pretty much the same. You go see the show anyway. Then you bitch about it. So many words to describe you people, how do I choose? Wake up. The days of Tool playing in small venues are over. They play in arenas and big venues and have a very complex lighting/video/effect scheme with this tour. It is prescripted down to just about every minute. Things still don't go to plan sometimes as Adam's sound got fucked up for a bit at one of the show's I was at. They play lots of dates fairly close together to try to please all of the fans that don't have the flexibility of traveling to see them. They do this for you. But hey, you're upset, let's change the setlist around every night to fit your needs and wants. Do you understand the amount of work that would take? If you want that go smoke some weed at a Hippie love-fest concert. Slight deviations from the list would be nice, true. But I don't bitch about it because I understand. Tool is in their 30's. If they went as hard as they went during Undertow and Opiate, they'd be spent people. Accept it. Appreciate them. If you don't want to see the same show stay home. Me and 10,000 other Tool fans will take your place. Have a pleasant day.

Review written by: leo ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 10:53:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 3th Tool show

I'm from Belgium so my last Tool show was in Mai. I just want to say that you don't have to complain about a setlist and so, cause you are a bit spoiled with all the tool shows you can see. Tool doesn't tour that much in Europe. And if they come , they mostly play at festivals. So be glad with what you get.

Review written by: cu tool fan ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 11:00:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Tool, a band who I never thought would upset me so..... I am sorry but I cannot help to be pissed when the place goes apeshit during parabola more than any other song, funny that this is Tool's most POP CHART friendly offering getting the biggest crowd response and more than half the people going nuts during it had no idea what the lyrics to Opiate are. This was a great show, execept I've alredy senn it three time and it just got shittier. Maynard excited me when he said that they would play something they hadn't been lately. I was estatic, ready for Jerk Off, Third Eye, Pushit, Something different! They played the Patient. Thanks for again playing all but one song off the new album as though we havn't heard it enough. AS for the previous comment, TOOL has played their pop oriented lateralus set in all of these cities or cities close by, for the denver-boulder area this is the third time, since they started touring, it is not an issue of letting people hear it for the first time. I have always feared the day I doubted the future of TOOL, look at this INcubus-tool analogy, fungus-opiate, undertow- enjoy, science-anemia, make yourself-lateralus, mornig view (shit)-(the next tool alubum?) I hope this doesn't happen but true fans of both band can read into this analogy more popularity=SHIT from the band.

Review written by: Jimbo (toolfan@46& Review posted on: 10/12/02 12:13:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

OK, instead of carrying on the argument about the setlists, I'll actually review the show. (that is what this part of the site is for, right?) Awesome as always. I saw them at the Pepsi Center in July (August?) and the acoustics there were much better - Coors Event Center last night was very treble heavy and you could barely hear what Maynard was saying between songs b/c of the reverb. Otherwise it was incredible. Yes, they did play Opiate right after Maynard's 1st "think for yourself, question authority" bit. At the end of the show he repeated this stressing its importance in the face of current events. I can't believe Danny's intensity during the DRT jam, damn that guys' got some endurance! I don't know if anyone noticed, but it looked like he broke a drumstick in the middle of Lateralus and didn't even skip a beat. What a badass. Although, what was he doing wearing a Kansas jersey in Boulder?? I heard a rumor that ambulances were carting people away due to heat exhaustion - it was really stuffy in there. I hope everyone was alright. And for all those people complaining about the setlist, IT DID CHANGE. And for all those people complaining about not hearing stuff off Opiate - haha. Can't wait to see them again on Sunday in CO Springs!

Review written by: EK ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 13:02:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was my first Tool show, and I must say i have been itching to go to one of their shows ever since one of my friends introduced me to tool. They were awesome! I realize I have no other reference but the visual effect are like nothing I have ever seen before. I liked the big molecule looking balls floating behind Maynard. Speaking of maynard he sounded incredible and danny on the drums was awesome. if you haven;t been to Tool before you have to go! TOOL shows will blow your mind! The lighting was awesome, maynard's leather suit, and the musicians talent is incredible. This show was my "starter show" and I hope to catch many more in bigger arenas with better sound. I have absulutely NO complaints though, THIS show rocked for me, it was such a release when i really needed one. THank you TOOL for coming to colorado and i'll be at future shows!!! thanks again, you're music is more powerful than most people know. ~ERin

Review written by: Tool Jayhawk ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 13:23:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 9999 Tool show

OK. For all of those who just bitch about the setlist, Tools playing, the crowd, your roomate, bills, your mother just stay home and watch VH1 or MTV. Maybe you'll be satisfied with all the intersting crap there. I have seen Tool three times following the release of Lateralus and I have been awstruck every time. Yeah, the wild and flaming days of Opiate and Undertow are kinda in the past but what I saw in Boulder, Denver, Red Rocks is a very well defined band that has set itself aside from the rest of the cookie cutter crap on radio and TV. I have seen Tool EVOLVE from the raw years of the early-90's to the mind inspiring band they are today that I presonally would ahve to laud them for. Now for the show. I took my wife to her third show whom I tranformed into a Tool fan (ex-Deadhead). WOW. I had GA tx and it was well worth it. Being a Kansas Jayhawk, Danny got me hyped when he wore his signature #22 basketball jersey. The energy in the Coors center was buzzing. It is wonderful that Tool is choosing to play at small venues that gives their fans and fans-to-be a wonderful opportunity to experience them close-up. I really don't care about posting any setlist but they surprised me with Opiate that I have not heard since Lollapalooza. There were a few sound problems but Adam worked around it and kept the show going. Justin's bass playing was crisp and evil. Danny banged on the drums with such ferocity and feeling especially during Opiate and D/R/T. I like how the member of Meshugga came in on Disposition and banged on the bongos like a child lacking a years worth of Ritalin. Whew!! Overall, the show was smooth, and the order of songs they played made the exeperience. Well of course I wish that they would play many other songs but I bought my ticket to watch and experience Tool. My advice to all is to go to the show. Talk to all around you to share the excitement. Sit back and enjoy!!!!! Peace.

Review written by: Ringer ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 13:47:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

After leaving work late due to a seminar that went long, I had to rush home and dash out the door to get to the show on time. After grabbing some fast food, we made it to the parking garage by 7:40. I was a little concerned because my brother-in-law cancelled going with us at the last minute (HIS loss)....but it took about 2 seconds to sell the extra GA tix (since I just wanted face value). The guys we sold them to were really, really psyched, so I hope they had a good show. So we got down to the floor in the middle of Meshuggah's set. They were very sound musically, but the lead singer was a of the things I can't stand. Besides the growling, though, they were really good. The crowd, unlike at the Denver show, was very cool to them and Meshuggah left the stage to applause and whistles. During the 30 min or so of waiting, various background music was played....some of it sounded like King Crimson, but I'm not sure (if anyone knows, let me know as I'm very curious). Tool finally came out with Maynard appearing in dramatic fashion as usual. We were at the fence in the front just left of center, so we were about 10 feet from Adam. Adam and Justin dress like they just threw on what they found laying on the floor.....low-maintenance rock stars always rank high in my book. Danny was wearing a Kansas basketball jersey, which I thought was funny because the show was being played on the CU-Boulder campus, and CU was playing Kansas the next day in football. After Adam tweaked with the sound effects for what seemed like 10 minutes, Maynard came out clad in a black leather outfit with a black strip painted across his head (like a mohawk) and down his face. The extended jam into continued, and they finally broke into Sober. We were directly in front of the left speakers, so the bass was really overpowering. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. Fortunately, we were able to scoot over a bit so that we were just a few feet shy of dead-center, and the sound was much better there. I was VERY VERY psyched that there was minimal moshing. We actually had a decent amount of room to stand and dance (in contrast to the APC show where we were totally squished together and came out of the pit looking like drowned rats). The Grudge was crazy-loud and full of energy. I was mesmerized by Danny's doesn't seem like a human should be able to move like that. Maynard's voice sounded better than I've ever heard it live. The extended Stinkfist was sweet...with a little Skinny Puppy action in the middle. Then came H., which was awesome. I hadn't seen them play it live before. I was hoping we might get a little 46&2, but when I saw Maynard strap on the guitar, I knew it was time for Schism. Danny is a god among men....that's all I have to say. At the end, they kept teasing us with what was coming next. The parabol/ parabola combo is definitely my fav cut off of Lateralus, and I was psyched for them to play both, and they really accentuated and extended the bridge so it came off like an amazing orgasm. I LOVE those 2 songs. At this point, I noticed a chick at the top of the arena dancing out of control....she was at the top of the stairs and would continue her dancing unaware of the people trying to get by her. Looked like she was on a nice acid trip. Anyway, after Maynard paused to tell the audience how good it was to be in Boulder, he said they were going to play something they don't play very often, and that crowds like us remind them of why they perform. Everyone was wondering what was coming....what surprise. But then they went into Aeon Blue and the Patient. I definitely like that song, but they played it at the last show in Denver so it wasn't as exciting as it could have been. After a crazy-loud intermission (which was reminiscent of On the Run from Dark Side of the Moon) I thought my head was going to explode since we were right next to the speakers. Then they came back out and treated us to Opiate (first time I’d heard this one live also) during which Maynard was whispering/ singing “think for yourself….question authority”. The disposition/ reflection/ triad was totally awesome…each one was extended and the energy continued to build into a climax during Triad. They were going off on Triad! The high- school girls at the fence next to us looked completely bored, but the “older” people in the crowd really got into the trilogy. Maynard gave his little speech about “take something away from this experience and do something positive” but he also mentioned the impending war and seemed genuinely concerned. They then ended with, of course, Lateralus, which ironically enough was the only song that people started moshing to. Fucking retards, they pick a song that you can’t mosh to….but it was no big deal. Nothing like the moshing at the Denver show. As soon as they finished Lateralus, they did their traditional group hug and dashed off the stage. It’s funny how they don’t even pretend to give you a chance to cheer for an encore. Being so close, I really fixated on watching the band’s actions and expressions. Maynard seemed to interact with the crowd more so than at the other shows I’ve seen….he wasn’t completely in the dark and actually faced the audience while he was singing. Adam looks as if he either he is completely bored or completely in the zone. Either way, it appears that to him, there is no audience. Justin’s hair covered his face nearly the entire time, so I don’t think I ever caught a glimpse of a facial expression. Danny looks like he’s having sex up there….tortured faces while he’s working so hard followed by total relax. He, of all, seems to get into performing the most. All right, I’ll stop bantering here.

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This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show


Review written by: Tool Mike ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 14:22:48 ET

The boys put on another great show. Thanks guys! The fans were some what disappointing though. You had the real TOOL fans and the "I'm here on my daddy's dime, rich, obnoxious Boulderites.' They looked so bored and were more interested in buying shirts for $30+ then enjoying the greatest band around. Good thing they weren't serving beer, because drunken Boulderites are worse.

Review written by: J ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 15:07:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 0th Tool show

Last nights show was real cool. There was a very odd feeling during the songs after Opiate. Imediately after Opiate there was a long, strange part where it was really hard to tell if music was being played or not. Other reviewers described it as an intermission or a jam, but you really had to experience it to understand. This was like the things Morrison used to talk about with the "pregnant pause" and whatnot. Some people started going crazy, but most people just looked at each other and wondered what the hell was going on. Had we been there for hours waiting for the next song? Days? No one really knew or cared. It was like a huge psychology experiment. After that it seemed as if out of no where they were playing the next song. The song didn't really start, it was just like the next thing you knew they were already playing it. It felt as if all the next songs weren't even seperate songs, it was like you were just watching Tool now. I know I am not the only one that felt that way, if you read the reviews of others you see things like "I heard the intro to pushit, but I don't know where" and "they jammed on parts of 3rd Eye here and there but never played the full song." There was a part of Triad where I had to ask myself: "Is this even a conert anymore? How long have we all been here?" All those people where looking for something more than rock and roll. They were looking for answers. I mean this is nuts. I have seen many Tool shows and along the way I have noticed that during parts of the shows they have been trying for years to perfect a way to temporarily hypnotize the audience, and I think this time they actually did it. If anyone else agrees with me, please speak up. Something wierd happened at that show. If you don't believe me, read the other reivews and think about it.

Review written by: Brian ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 16:14:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 11 Tool show

Tool Rocked the house. Sober The Grudge Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode Cover) Caesaro Summability No Quarter (Led Zeppelin Cover) disposition> reflection> triad> reflection> disposition Aenema (12" piddy butter-scratch remix) Encore: Life on Mars (david bowie cover) Sweat Third Eye (featuring Timothy Leary and the Big Tymers) See you at the next show, cocksuckers....

Review written by: 46 & 2ooL ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 19:24:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

wow, the most incredible live preformance i have ever seen in my life. first off, i wanna say that i ahve actually listened to meshuggah for quite some time so i have developed an apreciation for their kind of approach towards music. DO NOT go to the concert expecting a 'tool' like band @ 7:30. then again, who waould want to see a band that is like tool but not? isnt that what makes tool so great? so yea, i liked meshuggah a lot but i am also a huge fan. anyways, i had pretty good seats too, right at half court only 4 rows up. some of the speakers were blocking danny but besides that i could see adam and maynard 98% of the time. the lights and visuals were great but i dont want to post any of the surprises. maynard was in all black, like leather, with a black line painted from the center of the back of his scalp to his chin. at one time maynard came over to left stage and i screamed his name and gave him the "rock on" sign. i swear he saw me cuz after i gave him the sign he started noding his head in my direction. he is such an amazing guy. i feel so enlightened by seening them all last night. maynard's little speech before lateralus was amazing... that inspite of all the problems that we are having with politics, terrorism, etc. how we should "take the awe inspiring show that we have witnessed tonight and let it heal us, make us more spiritual. and for the coming days, or weeks, or months, or years you should use that feeling that you are receiving right now and and turn something that is bringing you down, into something positive..." sorry i cannot remeber the whole thing. it was like a dream. maynard, that was one of the most faith inspiring speeches i have ever heard. thank you. thank you tool band for bringing so much into my life. please come back to boulder soon... ok, here's a REAL setlist (not sure about order): sober (-) ions the grudge H. schism stinkfist parabol parabola eon blue apocolypse the patient opiate [intermission] disposition reflection triad lateralus

Review written by: Masterbater ( Review posted on: 10/12/02 21:31:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

Yeah yeah yeah. Just for your information, there are those of out here who would not want to see the same rejurgitated pop show every evening. As for the fellow who thinks you should, be at peace with the music, become holy, become one with the band. Yeah buddy that's the same thing they're doin wit cho money. Gimme a fucking break. TOOL has the talent to play a completely at random song choice show every night. As a matter of fact, you think tool's popular now? They start playing some of their old nuggets and they'd have thousands of people following them from gig to gig. Look, I followed the dead for TEN years. I know you don't want to hear it from some hippy kid, so flame away. My heat could torture your teenage ass. My point is this, If I could watch heroin addict fat lazy fuck like Garcia do it every night, then don't you tell that the boys couldn't. They choose not to. As long as you pissants support thieir gig and buy their very mediocre discs ala Lateralus, then they willc continue to spoon feed you the baby food they do. I haven't seen them since Red Rocks the second? night of the Lateralus tour. Anyhow, they blew donkey chunks. All of us (six) left in complete disgust this was the same band that jammed Undertow and Aenima and whole heartedly blew peoples minds with the energy of the gigs. TOOL has become the Britney Spears of the metal bands. Ohh that'll get people pumping. They're nothing more than a cheap hollywood big budget movie that sucks donkey balls and still manages to clear 100 million. Keep following and not leading.. Ha Ha

Review written by: Disgruntled ( Review posted on: 10/13/02 00:33:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I believe I said that the boys would be spent if they did it every night. Garcia did it. Considering that he is dead because of excess every night during endless touring, what kind of connection were you trying to make? There are tons of Tool fans that see them for the first time every show. There are also tons that are 15 and only have the Lateralus album. I don't give a fuck about them, but Tool most likely appreciates their support. Maybe that's why they don't play any of their old shit (Sober and Opiate excluded). Just speculation. If you're really curious, why don't you join one of the chat rooms from the various sites and ask.

Review written by: Db ( Review posted on: 10/13/02 00:46:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Being a hardcore tool fan for more than 5 years, Ive learned that they are a band that continues to evolve. This summer I was LUCKY enought to see 2 tool shows, I feel that these experinces were just about having a great time. To all the people bitching about the setlists- Fuck you, spend your 45 bucks on a hooker or something else, don't go. To all you people complaining about their songs being "pop" or the band itself being "sellouts"- Fuck you, go somewhere else Tool will continue to get my 45 dollars every chance I have. This band gives so much, and some of you have the fucking nerve to complain... go jump off a fucking building. Those 4 have reached a level of musical genius that you can't even fathom. think for yourself-question authority db, CO

Review written by: jimmy (conor.boyle@colorado.EDU) Review posted on: 10/13/02 04:39:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Anyone who is upset about the set lists should shut the hell up. A tool show is not like seeing a regular concert. It is an experience. Imagine you are seeing a play, for example Les Miserable. The set list may be the same, as it is with a play, you know what is coming, basically. However, the experience of the show, while you are there is unmatched. It something you must experience at the time to really appreciate it. There is a message given out at every show and if you are too ignorant to realize it, you must me a meat-head mosher because myanard states that you should make something positive of it. Tool is amazing and that their message is to "think for yourself and question authority". The new tour is here so that Tool can get to people that may not be able to see them in the big cities to experience them. If anyone has a problem with their choice of songs, then don't fucking see them because there are a lot of people who would kill for tickets. "SPIRAL OUT, KEEP GOING!"

Review written by: Brian ( Review posted on: 10/13/02 12:16:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

just because you own all of the albums doesn't make you a hardcore tool fan. just because you've seen them in concert doesn't make you a harcore tool fan. you've seen them twice and that is why you think they're awesome. I've seen them 6 times in the last year and a half and I know that the first time (5-20-01 @ hammerstein) was the greatest concert ever. But after that all they do is play the same setlist, switching H with 46&2 and switching Aenima and Opiate. For you just to go out and buy the albums all at once and start making judgements on their best album("Undertow") is fucking ridiculous. I'm not shit-talking Lateralus, because it is a quality album, but "Undertow" is a musical masterpiece of our generation (the same comparison can be made to Rage's "Evil Empire" which is "outdone" by the more popular, overrated "Battle of LA". If you wanna like tool, that's your own choice. if they are your favorite band, that's your own choice. Just don't become an overnite tool fan and try saying shit about their best album.

Review written by: maynard ( Review posted on: 10/13/02 15:40:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I have just spent two of the best days of my life. Saw the show in rapid city thursday night (amazing!). Had seated tickets, got a floor pass from a friend. Got maynard to sign my ticket stub. saw a stripper beat the crap out of a drunken ass at the titty bar. roadtrip to boulder with a pit stop at crazyhorse. saw another amazing show in the nosebleed section (wish they would have turned the lights off). roadtrip to Ft. Morgan. stayed the night at a friends house. I will never witness another pair of performances quit like these. I didn't think it would be possible to cry at a rock show but the drt performance in rapid did exactly that. WOW!

Review written by: Section 21, Row 3, Seat 3 ( Review posted on: 10/14/02 00:21:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Anticipation, excitement, and exhileration fills my entire body. In only three short hours I will once again be in the enchanting world of Tool. As we drive down the highway, blasting Undertow like we've never heard it before, I can't even begin to imagine the spectacle which is about to take place. I first saw Tool in July 2001 at the Pepsi Center. We had decent seats in the upper deck, good for viewing the visuals. But this time it was different, less that 200 feet from the gods that create such inspiring music. I can't even describe the feelings I am having. We arrived in Boulder, which thanks to drugs, seemed like only minutes later, only to find out we had no fucking clue where we were going! But thanks to a kind man walking his doggy in the Conoco on 28th, we made it just in time to see Meshuggah wrap things up. I was in the front row center for Meshuggah at Ozzfest in KCMO, so I pretty much knew what to expect from them. I am not a huge fan of death metal, but I listened to the rest of their set, and just thought of it as a warm up for my ears for the divine sound I was about to hear, or rather experience. On a more personal note, I would just like to say that it has to take some big fucking balls to open for Tool, knowing that everyone in the crowd is there to see the greatest band on earth. So thank you to Meshuggah for giving it their best, even if there was a lot of disappointed. Finally the time had come. Justin, Danny, and Adam take the stage. I know it is time now. Nothing is better to start a show than the powerful chords behind sober. It was incredible. Maynard: "Boulder" "Boulder" "Sometimes in life you get caught up in things. Sometime you lose touch with reality. Then you come to a place like this, and you remind us why we do what we do." Incredible. That's all I can say. The thunderous melodies continue throughout their set, and continue to blow every one out of their seats. Finally, just when I cam expecting Aenima, like in July at the Pepsi Center, I hear the opening chords of Opiate. I almost died. It was so fucking awesome. Maynard: "Earlier in the show, we said something that we think is worth reapeating. In this tense time of politics, you must remeber to THINK FOR YOURSELF...AND ESPECIALLY TO QUESTION AUTHORITY." Maynard later went on with his regular be healed/make positive speech. Then ended the show with Lateralus. I was an awesome show. well worth the money. I would also like to say something to all the sad, little low life's who have nothing better to do then rag on TOOL on a TOOL review page..."Your dancing in quicksand you beligerant fuckers, and I hope it SUCKS YOU DOWN" After a long review like this, there is only one thing that quite sums up all you feelings... TOOL FUCKING TOOL

Review written by: Chisel ( Review posted on: 10/14/02 00:26:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. T O O L!! What a ride! Two day road trip. T O O L show in Rapid City, T O O L show in Boulder. Four states, 1100 miles, and a couple of good parties inbetween.(see review from maynard - chemuza) It was a great time buddy, can't wait to do it again. T O O L in Rapid was wild. Had seated tix but got a G.A. pass from a friend. Second row center stage. Hate to say it but I think i'm getting too old to fight with the meatheads moshing. Come on, you're at T O O L. Absorb the experience into every pore and hold on. Boulder show was excellent as well. The crowd at Boulder seemed more intune with the band than Rapid. It's just a mindblowing experience. Thanks T O O L.

Review written by: epod afos ( Review posted on: 10/14/02 01:39:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd? Tool show

Do people even think before they post shit, what gives you dicks the right to criticize true artists? Tool gets up on stage every night to spread the good word and all you can do is bitch about how they only play their singles. If your gonna be little shits stay home, stop tainting the collective unconcsious, dammit! oh and by the way, two national tours in a row, not to mention the fall tour in '01, and japan, and australia, and ozzfest europe, that would be enough to kill any other band, especially when tool pours themselves into their shows and release megatons of energy onto all of us unsuspecting jaded shit-faced americans. show some appreciation......

Review written by: Timmayyyyyy (Section 10 Row Six Seat 13) Review posted on: 10/14/02 11:59:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

What can I say that hasn't already been said. Personally I could care less if they have similar set lists. The songs aren't always the same anyway. Besides, Tool wants to make a live DVD so perhaps they are doing the NIN's thing and gathering material for it. Some of you have already posted the set list so I won't. But I will say that I was pleased to hear Opiate again. I was dissappointed that they didn't play ÆNEMA. Even though I saw it at Pepsi I can never get enough of that song. Maynard sounded really good (as usual). And of course he stayed in the shadows again to make sure that it wasn't all about "Maynard" and more about t=o=o=l. Still, singing with his back to the crowd seems silly sometimes. They had a lot of really great new T-Shirts. The "Secret" long T-shirt was an obvious favorite since it was selling out. Cam De Leone's illustration is really cool on that one. But $50 bucks? SHEEESH!!! I might have bit at $35 or $40 but $50? All I can say is Hot Topic... I don't know if the band reads these things but thanks guys. I suppose that this will be the last t=o=o=l "tour" for a while with APC and the Tapeworm project in the works. And a new t=o=o=l album will be out....hmmm.....let's see..... Maybe when the last Star Wars movie is released in 2005. So until'll be missed. Tim

Review written by: Just passing through... ( Review posted on: 10/14/02 19:00:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Every single Tool show I've been to thus far has been an incredible experience, and each one has been a little different. It's too bad that some fans are little annoyed that the set list hasn't changed all that much over the summer tour. If you are a dedicated enough fan, it doesn't matter what they play. Everything is awesome, and it's enough to be in the moment with them (listening to their CD is sweet, but doesn't create that surrealism like their performances do). It's great to sychronize yourself with the music, especially with all your friends around you doing the same, and then hugging each other after every song. Like someone mentioned above, there is a purpose and format to everything Tool does. They are perfectionists. And like all brilliant things, must explore, grow, and evolve. Consider yourself lucky to be witness to it. Investigate everything you can about their art/lyrics. As far as the band playing only thier hit singles, don't view them as that and then you can move past it. By the way, Tool may not tweek their setlist that much, but they difinitely change up the details of their show (light colors/sequences, visualizations, how Maynard dresses, his posture and movement during songs to emphasize different aspects of each song, Adam and Justin both adlib extra rythms and riffs into some of the songs). If you can pay attention to enough detail, you'll notice it and realize each show is it's own creation. Tool has really changed from a group of guys ranting and playing the victim, to that of an artistic giant. Have fun!

Review written by: Billy Badass ( Review posted on: 10/14/02 20:25:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was my first tool show, and I didnt know what to expect. My friend, who was also at the show and saw prevoid shows (redrocks, 97), and he wasnt expecting a good. My little brother was there too, and he has seen 7 tool shows, and he told me it would be great. well, everyone was happy. great show, everything I could have expected it to be, and 10 times more. Even my friend who wasnt expecting much thought it wqs well worth it. Meshuggah was great. I was so happy to see these guys. These are some badass musicains, and I am disapointed to see that so many people dont like heavy metal music. Bunch of pussies, is what I think. I dont understand why tool only has one band open up for them..... I would have liked to see mike patton (tomahawk, or whatever band that crazy guy is singing for now), but I missed that show. Tool was great, too. I liked the mix of songs, I almost shit myself when they played opiate. Cool stuff.

Review written by: DoubleAK ( Review posted on: 10/14/02 22:22:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Although every TOOL show has been well worth the money, I thought this one was a little by-the-numbers. The seats I had were very sad. Upper right-hand corner. Missed most of Mushuggah due to poor organization by Coors Events center staff. They only opened one door to the place which caused a HUGE bottleneck. Crowd seemed a bit subdued but happy to be there. Very glad to hear Opiate, since I'd never heard that song live in person before, and especially since they didn't play any songs off of Opiate in July. About 2 songs before the intermission, we moved from our seats to to the extreme right side, behind the screens. This gave us a much better view of the band, since they were now right in front of us, but the acoustics sucked since we were now behind the speakers too. My friend who is an acquaintance of Danny hooked up with a couple aftershow passes, and gave me one. After that point, I couldn't concentrate on the show much, thinking about what was to come. Once the show was over, my friend and I went to the aftershow section to be escorted backstage. We followed a bunch of young women who had their own special 'groupie' pass backstage. Once there, a security guard guided all the groupies into a separate closed room while everyone else hung out in a waiting area. Danny came out about 15 minutes later and just hung out and chatted. Real nice guy, very down to earth. Could've just been another guy in the crowd if I didn't know better. We made small talk with him for a few minutes, then left because our girlfriends were waiting outside for us. Don't know if anyone else came out after we left. Definitely an experience to remember!

Review written by: maynard ( Review posted on: 10/16/02 19:31:28 ET

I met a boy wearing Vans, 501s, and a Dope Beastie t, nipple rings, and New tattoos that claimed that he Was OGT, From '92, The first EP. And in between Sips of Coke He told me that He thought We were sellin' out, Layin' down, Suckin' up To the man. Well now I've got some A-dvice for you, little buddy. Before you point the finger You should know that I'm the man, And if I'm the man, Then you're the man, and He's the man as well so you can Point that fuckin' finger up your ass. All you know about me is what I've sold you, Dumb fuck. I sold out long before you ever heard my name. I sold my soul to make a record, Dip shit, And you bought one. So I've got some Advice for you, little buddy. Before you point your finger You should know that I'm the man, If I'm the fuckin' man Then you're the fuckin' man as well So you can Point that fuckin' finger up your ass. All you know about me is what I've sold you, Dumb fuck. I sold out long before you ever heard my name. I sold my soul to make a record, Dip shit, And you bought one. All you read and Wear or see and Hear on TV Is a product Begging for your Fatass dirty Dollar So...Shut up and Buy my new record Send more money Fuck you, buddy.

Review written by: Zane ( Review posted on: 10/18/02 05:39:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

MOST of you petty people make me sick... if you didn't get what you wanted out of the show such as hearing a particular song or a whole dream fucking set, having the perfect seat, not being near "potheads", not practically getting beat-up, not seeing your ideal opener, not being able to appreciate talented musicians despite the fact they were not playing the sound you wanted to hear instead of pouring their souls into the music THEY FELT and identified with, didn't get that special momento, didn't enjoy the sound in what ever venue they were in, etc.,etc., etc. TO FUCKING BAD!!! I have one word for your ungreatful whiny neophytic asses KARMA. Period stop with you self-pity and washed up desires it don't get you nowhere just let go immerse yourself in the rythmns of life and goddamn it FREE YOURSELVES FROM YOURSELVES. This Has Been A Broadcast Of The Emergency Get An Attention Span System. Tool Mercer Arena '98, Tool Key Arena '02 Get it or forget it ZANE

Review written by: Jimmy (madjtool11) Review posted on: 10/18/02 14:32:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Boulder last week was fuckin awesome although i saw basically the same show as the pepsi center who cares i would go se that show 10 times and not get sick of it!! Why do people bitch and complain about Tools setlist? Who gives a fuck ! Tool have evolved soo much since the Aenima tour i mean look at their fan base!!! I t was so awesome to see all those people there last week to see them and it was cool when at the pepsi center show( and boulder) when they all hugged and to see all those people out there screaming like they had all been given something! Tool gives me something i cant explain everytime i see them! Thanks guys for sharing your love of music with us!!! come again please!! Ryan

Review written by: Ryan (madjtool11) Review posted on: 10/18/02 15:19:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Some of you people fucking amaze me!!! Fuck all that bitchin about what Tool plays and doesnt play!! i would like to see some of you complaining assholes put on as good of a show as tool plays every night!! i dont get it tool has been to colorado 4 times in almost less than a years span so be grateful!! do you see them hitting one state 3 times in less then 3 months? i mean they re playing in texas 3 times but look how big texas is!!!! They are soo good to Colordo fans and what do they get in return from some of you nothing but bitching and complaining!! i have yet to be dissapointed with a tool cd from Opiate to Lateralus. I love Lateralus it shows how much they have evolved from Aenima! i mean tool spent alot of time on lateralus and it shows they could be like limp dickshit and relaese a cd every 6 months? but whatever i was happy with the boulder show as i was with Red rocks and pepsi center! Thanks Danny ,Adam,Justin ,and Maynard for putting on another amazing show!!! Ryan