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Review written by: Masturbator (
Review posted on: 10/19/02 22:42:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

What a show, Scott Stapp was extra cute tonight. The Setlist Third Eye Prison Sex Flood H. Eulogy Pushit (alternate version) Jerk-off Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralis

Review written by: Sean Bergut ( Review posted on: 10/19/02 23:25:48 ET

This was this reviewer's Last Tool show

I didn't like this concert at all. The set list was crap and as usual, remained un-changed. Maynard, Adam, Justin, and yes even Danny all sounded like shit. These guys have sold out. There only in it for the money now. I want my fucking money back

Review written by: schismmaster ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 00:11:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Awesome show tonite in Erie. I couldnt view the previous couple of setlists but compared with those early in the tour that everyone was compaining about (piss off) seemed pretty different---they opened with Cold and Ugly, played Opiate with the 'question authority' theme and 4 degrees which was a treat to finally see live...Tool is the best band to ever play Erie, everything was awesome...

Review written by: al (dontwanna@give it.) Review posted on: 10/20/02 00:25:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

heres the whole setlist cold and ugly the grudge stinkfist 4 degrees schism parabol parabola opiate intermission disposition relfection triad lateralus (with happy birthday) good show, the guy who said tool sucked can fuck off.

Review written by: the fucker ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 00:31:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 3'rd Tool show

Tool fucking sucked dirty shit hole tonight. Fuck them up their dirty OP assholes. I should blow a fat white load of cum up Maynard's asshole so he can feel the pain of wasting money on a piece of fuck shit cunt ass pussy rape fuck like TOOL.

Review written by: piscean delusions ~(steve) ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 00:36:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

well well well... Erie, right? I had no idea why in the hell tool would be showing up here, but I knew it would be worth the five hour trek from Harrisburg, and we were not disappointed... such a small venue compared to most of the arena's we've been to on this tour, so it was to me like a private show - a different setlist, tons of energy and some different thoughts from Maynard, the Timothy Leary bit during Opiate, Cold and Ugly to open it off instead of Sober... so the setlist, as complete as i can remember, and not some bullshit i wanted to hear, this is what we heard for real... ~ cold and ugly ~ the grudge ~ -ions ~ stinkfist ~ 4ļ ~ schism (nice new intro) ~ parabol ~ parabola ~ opiate (added the Timothy Leary bit from third eye) ---intermission--- ~ disposition ~ reflection ~ triad w/meshugga's gunner ~ lateralus Maynard was much more active than i remember form previous shows, lots of movement on the stage by him. Adam was wailing, Danny is insane on the drums and Justin kept the bassline rumbling. Really don't know what more to say other than everyone should have been there or should go to a future show if they haven't ever experienced the phenomenon of tool... Truly there really are no words for such an inspirational experience, certainly the most creative and complete form of artistic expression I've ever witnessed. Maynard, Adam, Danny and Justin, as always, thank you once again for another wonderful moment. Meshuggah, you guys rocked the house as well, it was definately a nice surprise to hear something decent for an opener, I don't believe anyone booed or acted like assholes towards them. i am truly blessed for what i witnessed tonight, never felt better to be alive and breathing with them as it did in Erie... now i know why they came here, as well as why i came here. ~further-------->

Review written by: mild sedative ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 00:46:47 ET

wow that last reviewer must have had a great vocabulary to know all those swear words... u impressed me... i just dont understand why u people go to these concerts if u hate them so much! Tool has not sold out and if u say they have, then show me a lunchbox with maynard's face stamped on it! show me danny carey toothpaste! show me adam doing burger king commercials!!! Tool is all about the music and anything NOT associated with the music is not Tool. i just wish u would all realize the effort that goes into these shows and the extent of hard work they do to go out of the way so u can be able to see them somewhere near ur little town! all i ask is that u show respect for their effort to present the best possible show for all their true fans. have an open mind! that's all. continue with reviews.

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 01:58:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I can understand why the average 17 year old fagot punker kid claims tool sold out. Tool is far from becoming sellouts. Theres just more to life than living out your rock-and-roll identity so you can go fuck yourself and bitch all you want because nobody gives a fuck what you have to say.....

Review written by: Jay ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 02:07:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show was absolutely incredible. I saw them the fist time in Buffalo in August 2002, but this show was way better. The venue in Buffalo help 17,000 people and this one only help 7,500, so the show was very, very intimate. My attempt to sneak a still camera into the show failed. Before I was pat down there was a guy there who seemed to only be checking peoples sides, then he switched with aonther guy who checked everywhere. So he found my camera. Luckily he didn't take it away and just told me to bring it back to my car. Meshuggah was great. I love their extremely odd timing. Their lead singer had lots of energy and interacted with the crowd alot. They put on a very nice show. When they played the intro (with the lights on) before the intro (with the lights off) (they're comepletely different) about half the people (me being one) knew that Tool was coming very soon. They turned off the lights suddenly from back to front instead of the usual fade out. The intro (with the lights off) started and everyone started going crazy. Danny was playing his set made of melted down cymbals (I'm pretty sure). Here's the correct setlist: Intro COLD AND UGLY The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist FOUR DEGREES!!! Schism Parabol Parabola OPIATE Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Fucking amazing setlist. When the last time they played Four Degrees??? They pulled it off perfectly. I'm a tad bit dissapointed that they didn't play Sober, but I saw it at the Buffalo show so I don't care that much. They redid some of the animations. They added some shit to The Grudge's animations and put a new repetitive (but very cool) scene in Reflection of a really weird insect crawling away on a jewish star (deffinately a jewish star, not the one they put up over the stage during D/R/T/L) design. I think they played with the Stinkfist video a little more too. Since the place was smaller all of their stage props seemed bigger, which was really cool. Especially when they raised the balls during Parabola and when they dropped the banners during D/R/T/L. All out and amazing show. Can't wait too see them again! Prolly won't be for a while though because they still need to tour Europe again. NO CAMERA/AUDIO/VIDEO, Spiral out, ~Jay

Review written by: Robbie ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 02:25:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

I was very happy with setlist: Cold & Ugly (instead of sober) 4 Degrees (instead of H.) Opiate (instead of Aenema) Everything else was the same. Was as great as always

Review written by: Shaman ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 03:02:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 15 Tool show

I hate you stupid kids, you have no clue or appreciation of what really occurs at these shows. Let's just mosh, dude...

Review written by: Matty ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 03:15:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Overall it was a great show, ignore the Creed fan's setlist, the real setlists are in the other posts. I even got into Meshuggah even though they suck ass. Lots of little extra parts thrown into a few songs which was cool. good imagery and everything. And the guy dressed as Santa Claus was a nice touch. Erie is a smaller venue, a little louder, a little more intimate so it really was a decent show.

Review written by: Matty ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 03:18:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Oh yeah, I never realized how many idiots attend Tool concerts until I was on the floor tonight. There were people moshing to slow songs and people with a complete disregard for others. These people will mosh to anything, and it's sad that they ruin it for everyone else. One "fan" even exclaimed "this show is illin'" God.....

Review written by: downset ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 03:21:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

hey anyone know the setlist for this show at the grand erie civic center

Review written by: Stender ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 03:26:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Fucking amazing. Only problems I had with this show was the little trog girl who was in front of me while Meshugga played who screamed, "we want Tool! y`all suck", the rave girl whos arms flailed around almost hitting me, and of course the retarded jock kids who wore Godsmack shirts and moshed. But seeing Tool live for the first time ever definately made up for the half asses who somehow still dont get the message.

Review written by: bobcat (BABSBIRDD@HOTMAIL.COM) Review posted on: 10/20/02 03:53:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 11th Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. ok,,,,,,,wow.......what a show......the set list is here......just to let people know its true,,,,,,,THEY DID PLAY 4 DEGREES...:~)......what a treat......and the extended part was in STINKFIST (without white lines part) and OPIATE had the think for yourself part in the middle with a cool noise going on in the backround all the way through,,,,,sorta like constent humming sound that is very trancy....makes you focus or something....very cool.:~)......and Schism was extened in the middle too....and the other new thing is the opener which is COLD AND a show....the sound was great!!!!! the place is pretty small for ann arena.........SOOOO GOOOOD......i love you tool.....see you again,,,,,and by the way some geek said that justin and adam cut there hair.......NOT TRUE..........SO FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!..HAHA

Review written by: hey humann ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 03:58:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 13 Tool show

Cold 7 ugly the Grudge 4 degrees Schism Parabol Parabola Opiate(i cannot believe how fast danny's arms go at the end of this song-Fuck.) D/R/T Lateralus. It's an escape to say the least

Review written by: dave t ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 04:10:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

heres the setlist cold and ugly the grudge stinkfist 4 degrees schism parabol parabola opiate intermission- disposition relfection triad with meshuggah lateralus (with happy birthday) i came all the way from pittsburgh to see tool and i must say that this show was better then the last time i saw them at the mellon area, next year

Review written by: james ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 04:30:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 462 Tool show

I think it is hard to do these shows justice with words.. If i could find Sean Bergut or any of these other clown- punchers i would set at least one thing straight.. closed with and excellent cover of "We Built this City (on Rock n' Roll)" what a way to finish!

Review written by: Michael Fletcher ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 04:33:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

well, well.. I saw TOOl for the first time earlier this year, in August, in Baltimore. It was a larger venue than Erie, but according to the reviews for the baltimore show, and my own opinion, it was one of the best shows of this tour. The band was much more into their music than they were in Erie, PA. I was somewhat dissapointed in the setlist, but i understand, as Lateralus was indeed their latest album. I have yet to hear eulogy live, and hope i do one day, more than anything else. Another thing - Maynard was so much more charismatic in Baltimore (painted skin with flourescent veins all over, and moving much more alien-like). Yet, TOOL is TOOL, and TOOL is great. It is always a good show. And one of the things people like about them so much is that they are different everytime you see them....... Thank you, TOOL for all of your efforts. Well appreciative, your fan, Mike Fletcher.

Review written by: Moe ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 06:45:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

What a killer show. How does Danny do it? I mean come the fuck on, he's only one guy, i don't care how many appendages he has, the man is sick, how is that set still standing and functional? And whos bright idea was it to make me stare in awe of that infernal screen! How can i be stimulated by the so many sources at once? im surprised i didnt have a huge erection tearing thru all the bobbing heads during stinkfist. and where from satans towering inferno did all those people come from? i blink and miss this horde of mass stimuli emerge from the woodwork, but i have no perceptiion of time nor space when tool is involved, so i guess that explains itself but thank you, my band of tools, for the show, and know that you have affected what i say and do on a daily basis and play in new castle pa godamnit! fuck knows we need a lil revival Moe

Review written by: Rob ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 09:08:53 ET

This site has become an insult to Kabir and his hard work.

Review written by: Dan ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 09:54:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I was there last night on the floor. Let me start off by saying the Meshuggah was not my type of band. And there 45 minute set maybe me cheer for when they left. I was at the show in Cleveland and had the absolute worst seats you can get. Last row, farthest away. I was lucky I even got a glimpse at the band. Last night, I got there early, and I was about 20 feet away from the stage, left of center. Amazing to finally see them up close. This is an incomplete Setlist. Thye played a song inbetween Stinkfist and Schism, but with my ears still ringing, I can't remeber.(H, 46&2?, im drawing a blank...) Hopefully someone will. Cold and Ugly (only song where moshing was bad) The Grudge Stinkfist ??? Schism Parabol Parabola Opiate* INT Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus** * Maynard started Opiate off by saying "Think for yourself, question authority" And they played the first lines of Third Eye, and all of the sudden, switched into Opiate. It was kinda odd. ** Funniest thing I've seen at a Tool concert. They started off normal, and right before they were going to start the loud part of the song in the intro (at 1:05 about) they stopped playing. Maynard, "Hang on hang on, isn't Nooby's birthday today? lets all sing Happy Birthday!" Happy Birthday was sung, and they picked up the song where they left off. Great show.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 12:18:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Great show as posted, only problem was the arena was so small they couldn't properly display backdrops. You couldn't really tell what the InterBeing backdrop was unless you are familiar with it. When they dropped the 6 Sacred Mirror banners during Reflection they almost entirely covered the Collective Vision backdrop, just kinda cluttered is all. BUT NONETHELESS AWESOME SHOW TRIAD!TRIAD!TRIAD!TRIAD! TRIAD!TRIAD!TRIAD!TRIAD!

Review written by: Tool Rocks My World ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 13:07:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

OK, so once again, Tool totally kicked my ass and I loved every second of it! Let's start at the beginning... Although rather raw and a little too loud for my tastes, Meshuggah rocked the Civic Center. The crowd was excellent (thank you guys for being so cool and into the entire experience) and people were crowd surfing during Meshuggah's performance, which I have never seen before. You know how it goes, usually people just stand with their arms folded at best and heckle at worst. Meshuggah got us all ripped and ready to go for the main event. And I really appreciated how humble they were. They kept saying things like, "Thank you for listening to us," and "We hope you like this song," but in Swedish accents. I won't bitch about the Tomahawk experience, but let's just say that I was so glad that the opening band was changed since the Buffalo show! Onto Tool. I am not going to post a setlist becuase I am sure that out of the thousands of other people who were there, someone else will be better able to compile an accurate setlist than I am. But I will say that contrary to what everyone else is saying who saw the summer tour and then the fall tour, this was a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT show! True, the background on stage was the same red Egyptian- looking head thing with the so many eyes on it, and during Parabol/Parabola the embryonic balloon balls were swirling again, and during the "core" songs on the set-list the video was the same (look up past reviews if you don't know what I am talking about), but the extra added songs made it a completely different experience. They played Opiate, if you can believe it. During the summer tour everyone was bitching (well, some people were bitching...) that there wasn't enough old stuff during the show. This time there were a bunch of songs off of Opiate and Undertow and a few off of Aenima, so some of us OGT's were in heaven. Maynard gave his standard speech about thank you for sharing this moment with us, and go out and do something positive with this experience, and although I have heard it before, it somehow rang just as true. Of course he also told us to, "Oh yea. And go home and have lots of sex," and who was I to disobey Maynard. They kicked off Opiate (which I think was the high point of the show, and based on the crowd reaction, I think most people would agree wiht me) with instructions to question authority and think for yourself in these difficult and confusing social and political times. For the Triad/drum craziness they had members of Meshuggah come out and play drums with them, just like the guys from Tomahawk did last time. It was awesome of course. The last song was Lateralus, and right before the intro ends and the song rocks out they stopped as everyone flailed about and Maynard says, "Hey everyone, it's Ronny's (was that his name, it was muffled?) birthday. Let's sing to him." The house lights come up and one of the guys in the sound pit (who we saw get a bottle of alcohol right before the show from our camped out position directly in front of and to the left of the sound pit) gets hit with a spotlight as Maynard leads us all in singing happy birthday to the sound guy. Then, the show proceeds as normal, picking up right where Lateralus left off. At the very end, it felt a little like we were going to get an encore, although I have heard several times that Maynard doesn't like to jerk off the fans. But alas, we did not, which was completely fine too. At the very end the members of the band threw water bottles and drumsticks out into the crowd, and then the Drum head... (((Just a quick anectdote about the way the day was going. We drove 4 and a half hours from near Binghamton, NY to Erie and about an hour and a half into the drive there I realise that i have left my purse (with the TICKETS IN IT!!) at Dunkin Donuts in Owego. After some offering to pay the counter clerk who hit on my friend incessantly and begging my super cool mom we backtrack and I get the purse and tickets in Elmira. Then in east nowhere near Houghton we get pulled over for speeding and get ticketed. So our night was going very badly and we had no luck. so back to the Drum head...))) I see something looking like a frisbee coming RIGHT for me, and everyone to my right dives for it. I make a grab for it, but realise that I am going to get my ass kicked, and possible disfigured if I dive into the middle of all of these huge Viking-esque men to go after a frisbee, so I let go (dumbass). The kid directly in front of me comes out with it, and it is beautiful. A drum head signed by the members of the band with the date "10-09-2002" and the initials E.V. on it. In the middle is the six-sided star with the eye of Rah directly in the middle. Of course, it is beaten all to hell from being played on for the entire concert, but what a piece of wonderful. The kid who got it was completely cool too and was letting everyone look at and touch it (did I say already that the crowd was awesome!!). So, that's about it. I tried to put in some of the quirkier pieces that made the concert whole because that's what I like to read here, and I figure that anyone can write the setlist and say that Tool was awesome. If you're reading this and haven't seen a show GO, for hte love of God GO! I'll see you in Binghamton, Amherst, and Augusta.

Review written by: me again ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 13:17:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

sorry. htr drum head said 10-19-2002 obviously ma'am.

Review written by: c ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 13:44:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Never seen Tool before. Surprised to see them playing in this hole. Opening band was good except for singer. Acoustics in this venue are awful. Always been a passive Tool fan but now I see what I have been missing. The guys were all excellent. They play every song like it is the last song of the night. Amazing. would've liked to hear Aenima because it would have been appropriate for this town and crowd. Entire set was flawless. They are an excellent live band. I will return.

Review written by: darkside ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 14:27:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

meshuggah sucked. meshuggah didn't suck nearly as hard as tomahawk. meshuggah sucked to the point of being funny. at least for the first few songs. anything past that they just sucked to the point of sucking. suck. granted it's still a lateralus tour, but lateralus has been out for well over a year now, a more balanced set list would have been nice. or at least if they tried to include something off of every album. the complete absence of undertow was tragic. apart from that though, great show as always. the smaller venue was all sorts of personal, timothy leary was a fantastic touch and a tribute to their love of psychedelia, and maynard wasn't as shy as the last time i saw him. terrific performance. minus meshuggah. "ve are from ____, sveden! ve are fucking santa claus to kick your fucking asses!!!"

Review written by: Nick Petruska ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 14:38:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Tool was awesome as usual. This is my second time seeing them, and my first time on floor. I waited about 3 hours out the door before the concert, but it paid off and I was the first person out to the floor. I got right next to santa claus on the rail. Meshuga started off and I didn't think they were as bad as everybody made them out to be, but i rather have a differant opening band because the meshuga fans made the crowd to crazy, and made the floor a hell for the rest of the show. The setlist was just amazing, hearing some of the older songs that you don't often get to hear live anymore. In the middle of the grudge danny throw a stick into the crowd and me and my friend where the only ones who got a piece of it, then this bitch assed girl behind us complianed to security and the bastard's took it away from us, but i can't complain anymore because i was blessed enough to touch a stick that has been used by the best drummer of all time. I can't describe the greatness of this show, I wasn't dissappointed the first time and i definately wasn't this time and I'm going back as soon as they tour again, hopefully get to see a perfect circle tour when their new cd is realeased in december. Tool is amazing, next time i hope the floor is a little calmer so u can just hang loose and enjoy the wonders of tool enstead of hanging out to your spot for dear life.

Review written by: steve ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 14:55:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Hay dos anyone know if thay still have those large speakers on the side of the stage as we have tixs on the side of the stage 4 the indy show hate to have our view bloked

Review written by: DedicatedToolFan ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 15:38:47 ET

This was this reviewer's Many Tool show

First of all-I want to thank Adam, Justin, Maynard and Danny for a GREAT SHOW!!! Excellent as always guys. I love you GUYS!!! I know that the set list was already listed previously-but, I do want to point out they did play Cold and Ugly-4 Degrees and OPIATE!!!!! YES!! On the other hand they could have played Jingle Bells, I still would have loved it. The art work on the slides-this time was a little different than the summer tour-Camella-must of touched up on some-Great job!! I've been a Tool fan since, I've read about them in 1992- and seen them the first time at Lalapoolaza in 1993-they were actually on the side of the stage instead of on the stage-they were very approachable-the good ole days. When I heard them the first time, ( I knew they were going to go places BIG!!) their music was and still is very alternative and very unique-a lot of bands today base their style with either Tool or Alice In Chains. I've seen Tool many-many times and knowing personally what is involved with Touring and being with an ex-who was a musician (RIP) and constantly touring-It's a lot of Work!! so, give the band some credit-I hate when I read, Tool sucks or they make fun of their set list ( or complain they do the same setlist on every show)-you don't like Tool, don't see them and don't post any negative remarks. It's a privelege for me to see my generation of musicians touring still- Touring is hard work and takes a toll on you. Now-re: the Erie show-taking a drive from NY with my daughter was worth it-only thing I do want to bitch about is KIDS. Some of the kids at the show were so rude and had no respect towards each other. I grew up in the seventies and eighties-we respected each other and showed love and peace on one/at least in concerts. I've been to alot of concerts not just Tool and I do not remember being pushed, pitched, hit, crushed, spit and literally trying to kill each other ever SO MUCH.. My!!...times are changing-or I'm getting to old for this. Being 37 and approaching 38 must be maturing me FINALLY!! On this note-if the band reads these reviews-MAYNARD, when you speak to the crowd-especially, when you talk about question authority, think for yourself-if you can point out at the shows to respect each other-respect each others space-share the experience as a whole not one. If you can mention this-this old-dedicated Tool fan will keep going to your shows-after Erie, I really think I should retire to my retreat with my 2 kids, 4 dogs, three cats, an Iguana and a Tarantula named Wolfy.. Also, I want to point out some of the security was very rude- especially the guy who yelled at me to get out (if he thought I was a kid-he was wrong and I can't help it if heroin perserved my appearance/my ex-was not so lucky to survive heroin. I was looking for my daughter-I had to get out of the floor section because, I was suffocating and all that time I was worried she would get killed in there-but, luckily she was in better shape than me-thank God or Satan/who ever is up or down there. One last note-I do want to thank everyone for reading this-I never took time out ever to write about my experience in a show, (this is the first time for me). I've met a lot of famous musicians in my life time-living in NYC, being with a musican in the past and being related to a top exec at Atlantic Records but,-the music industry is a lot different and to me people are a lot different today-this is my opinion/respect my freedom of speech-and my opinion. I like kids, don't get me wrong on this-I have two myself- what I don't like is being disrespectful for one another. By the way, I've been seeing less and less of older Tool fans- where are you people? Thanks for reading this Tool fans and Adam, Justin, Maynard and Danny-best of luck always,-Peace and health to you Great Beautiful Men-Adam you were amazing at the show!!-Justin you really rocked/love you long locks too, looks great!!/please don't cut it -Danny, you are by far, the greatest drummer I've ever seen and Maynard, you are immortal DUDE!!-you are not from this planet-I swear-LOL!! TOOL IS THE BAND OF ALL BANDS!!! Elizabeth

Review written by: MARIO ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 17:13:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show


Review written by: Squares ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 19:14:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Great Concert. Was my first time seeing the band. Maynard was dressed in a cop uniform with stripes of paint up and down his head. Talked about how you have to think about yourself. In the last song, Lateralis, just before it gets heavy at the end of the intro he wished someone a happy birthday, then they played the rest of the song. It looked like it was one of their sound guys or something. Awesome show overall. Looking forward to seeing them again soon.

Review written by: Dianne ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 21:10:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey Everyone-I went and saw Tool lastnight in Erie. It was so awesome. Cold & Ugly along with 4 degrees had to be the best part of the whole show. The images were 400 zillion times better then the ones from last year tours. Seeing them from a front row angle was so amazing. I'd also like to make a bold statement at the fact that the security staff sucked ass..they shoulda gave that kid the drum stick that Danny threw out. But Oh everyone who was there I know as well as you do..We were the only people who have ever heard Maynard sing Happy Birthday to the sound guy!! If you havent seen Tool yet..go get off your damn ass & see will be $45 dollars that is fuckin worth it. Good Times To All. -dianne-

Review written by: st dabel ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 22:19:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 15th Tool show

We're in Erie, Pennsylvania... Are you sure? First of all, TOOL shows are not the same. All you , ALL YOU who dont hesitate to say that they are the same have to go to more shows. Secondly, 7hrs one way to Erie from NYC gave me ample time to reflect on everything important in my life, including TOOL. The show opened with an intro of sorts. and then a riff I couldn't recognize at first, but then Cold and Ugly blasted off.... I immediately noticed that Danny appeared very tired. You have seen the rest of the set list, and 4 degrees was performed, very completely. "This is the song about anal sex...." (I was like no way, and it was literally hard to grasp the whole time they were playing it, Maynard looked like he was really enjoying vocalizing the song) Justin is cool as shit...he was really into everything being perfectly timed and acurate. The bass sound coming out of the speakers was muddy at first. The sound guy got a happy birthday song right inside the brink of lateralus... over and out thank you, ,confirmed

Review written by: toaster ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 00:11:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

Finally got that setlist change i wanted after seeing em for the 4th time this year. The mini rush teaser at the beginning of Cold and Ugly hasnt been mentioned yet in any of the reviews. Adam played the main riff to "A Passage to Bangkok" by Rush (off of 2112) right before the beginning of Cold and Ugly. I knew those guys had to have decent taste in music. Other than that, the timothy leary samples during opiate were a fun and exciting addition, and it was quite nice to see that they worked video of him into the video screen footage reciting the passage..... Now if they keep those speakers on the floor for the rest of the tour, many more supreme tapes will abound :-). All around great show tho

Review written by: Nate ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 00:35:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first Tool show. I've seen 50+ bands in concert and have never seen anything like it. I've been a Tool fan for years and they finally came somewhere close enough to see them. This was a great show, even for a small venue. I was so impressed that I ordered tickets to see them at Penn State in two weeks. I'd be stupid not to. Hell of a show, keep on rockin.

Review written by: W00D ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 01:02:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 13th Tool show

Al has the correct setlist up top so I will not restate it other than adding this: Stinkfist was extended which ruled Opiate was also extended with Mr Leary in there Triad ruled with the guys from meshugga helping out And singing happy birthday to bobby the sound man ruled since we wer right in front of him. :D The stage set is absolutly huge now taking up almost 1/3 of the Erie Civic Center. Completely different from when i saw them last year this time. All the computer graphics are new and quite pleasing. This concert was quite special for me in quite a few different ways. I drove to my hometown with a friend from columbus ohio to see them in erie. Got to take my girl to see the band we all love so much. She even plays a little joke on me that would later haunt her. When we arrived at the entrance to the floor she says " i threw my ticket away!!!!" all i can say is you have to be fucken kidding me. She is kidding and we continue to make our way onto the floor and stand right in front of the sound board (which comes in great hand later). At the start of parabol my girl goes to have a legal cig outside and DOESNT GET LET BACK IN! not only does she miss a good portion of the show but she misses me telling her that parabola is the song that makes me think of her. She leave a note on her car telling me what watering hole she has walked to :D Now for the good part. I already mentioned that standing in front of the sound board was a good idea. I didnt realize how good of an idea it was until after the show when danny tossed his drum head. TOOL ROCKS MY WORLD has the story right. Its danny's drum head with a 7 sided star, eye, signed by him, with the date on it. I saw it coming for to the right of our general area and was prepared to watch ppl go for it. It hits this guy in the chest and falls to the floor. 5 feet from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pounced like a cat on it and held on for dear life in a fetal position. I look up to see my buddy that i brought with me from columbus looking down on me with the OH MY GOD look on his face. Needless to say this will be the center piece of my record collection. Maynards jokes " there is a rumor that we are in erie pa, is this true?" crowd makes noise "are you sure?" "you should make it a point every day to listen to a song about anal sex" The crowd ruled the show was better. thanks to TOOL for taking our minds off of this horrible world that we live in for a few precious moments.

Review written by: IHTEU ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 04:20:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 8 Tool show

This show was worth the 530 mile drive just for Meshuggah, Never mind the fact that Tool was there. I cant explaine in word how awsome it was to se my two of my Favorite bands on the same night. Fucking amazig... When Meshuggah out I was kinda caught off gaurd. I dont think I really felt like they were gonna be there. Ive been listing to there music for a long time now, and this was really the first time Ive been able to see them live. They came out and just kicked me in face, woke me right up. They played... Sane Sickning Nebulus Ratinal gaze NMCC Soul Burn Closed Eye Visuals Future breed Machine I wasnt really ready for there set to end, But I was glad that Tool was coming on before tomuch longer........ There is nothing about tool I can tell you that you dont allready know. The show was amazing. Best one Ive seen on this tour for sure. I think it was my 5th this year....first this half of the tour. I was glad to here to songs I had never seen them do live before, so that was good. The breakdown in the middle of Cold and Ugly was amazing. They played it realy slow with this sick blitzkrieg type drum patern in the middle of it.....was amazing, If youve heard it you know what im talking about....Nuts!!! FUCKING TRIAD...... Best version of this son I have ever heard.....Haake from Meshuggah just made this song sooooo fucking crazy. I really didnt think he was going to be able to add anything to it......WRONG I guess I just faild to realize I was watching two of the best drumes on the planet till about 1min into the song......after that it was all over..........I dont really know what else to say....Go to any tool show you can... Just for jollies Cold and Ugly The Grudge Stinkfist 4* Schism Parabol/a Opiate/insanity Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad......Made everything in the history of ever ok.... Lateralus sorry about my not that smart I may have missed I song...but I dont think so See some of you In Amhurst!!!!!!! Pray for Third EYE Oh And THANK YOU MESHUGGAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: Annnnngee (skondeedon) Review posted on: 10/21/02 15:09:02 ET

This was this reviewer's :( Tool show

Jeff, I believe you forgot the shoutout you're usual Tool traveling buddy Ange, but this is understandable. Why the hell don't you give me a call whenever you read this? I am also praying for RAIN. And a catastrophic FLOOD. You should be too.

Review written by: Rhinoscleroma ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 15:31:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

If Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath had a baby, it would be Meshuggah. I mean Tool. Sorry. Best show Ive ever seen, plain and simple. Got there to late to see Meshuggah, which was just a nightmare I'm sure. We all know New Millenium Cyanide Christ was thought of in 5 seconds and then the lyrics were written on a napkin. I won't miss seeing them doing a impersonation of a drunken Fear Factory set. Anywho, sorry for the rant. Tool is the most talented band out there. Artistically as well as technique wise. Highlights: H., Third Eye (wow), 95 degrees of damp heat enimating from the pit. Two songs into the show, I'm ready to pass out. Thanks to whoever scratched my arm and gave me a cold. You know who you are, and if not, then who are you? Speaking of Colds, Cold and Ugly was played. Just a wonderful performance. Adam and Justin provided wonderful musicianship. Danny was Danny, equiped with his large sound maker. And he plays this sound maker well. Maynard was stomping out crime in his own way. At the end of the Grudge I beleave he was reciting Tae-Kwon-Do blocking techniques. That was comical. His face was painted black with some yellow dots I believe. I was hoping we would see someone with a halloween costume of some sort. But, hey, things happen. Maynard gave the speeches afore mentioned by the previous reviewers. Masterbating ourselves into oblivion while driving a car sounds like a life changing experience. Somewhat like seeing the talents of Tool. If anyone with some sort of power reads this, get ride of Meshuggah. We liked Mike Patton and his band of merry men. Tomahawk or Fantomas are far superior to 99% or bands out there. Especially Meshuggah. Other than that, I can't complain. I have died, I will die. Thats all right. I don't mind.

Review written by: XtypeOnegX ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 16:53:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Well I guess since this was my first Tool show I can't be anything but completely impressed. Finally, big named bands are coming to Erie. Something I've been waiting for for awhile. First off, MESHUGGAH fuckin' rocked. I've been listening to them for quite some time and when I heard they were coming to Erie I knew I had to go. At my school hardly anyone knew who they were or what they were like, so I had to spread them around a little bit. They are definitly one of the best bands I've ever heard, and I wish they got better reviews than what I heard, but ooh well. THANK YOU GUYS FOR COMING!! FUTURE BREED MACHINE, NEW MILLENIUM CYANIDE CHRIST, and RATIONAL GAZE As I was sitting in the crowd, front row, I was talking to alot of the people around me who were telling me what to expect, and they were dead on. With the props, when they'd come out, the screnes, and how Maynard would act and everything. I was completely amazed at how well a band can work together. I liked the funny things he had to say, too. I was excited to hear Four Degrees played, wasn't expecting that one. Stinkfist and Lateralus were just great. TRIAD was awesome, especially with Meshuggah members coming out too. This was a great show, hopefully not the last time I get to see them. Please come back!

Review written by: Cody ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 17:16:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I would say that the show at Erie PAís Civic Center was the best show that Iíve seen this tour, well worth the many hours (6) of driving from Baltimore. I base my comparison a short list of shows from the last two years: Wash. DC 01, Richmond 02, and Baltimore 02. The set-list was amazing, I know the conservatory of the set-list will go on and on but I feel very fortunate to have seen this show. THE SHOW: I had seen them open with Sober twice before and never seen Cold and Ugly live so when they went into it I was ecstatic. My colleague was convinced that the first several measures of music played (which was not from the Opiate version of Cold and Ugly) were music from a Rush song that he can not remember and is still driving him mad at this moment. Iím glad they moved The Grudge a nonopening position, though it was great last year, I think, and reviews are all about opinions that it has a great effect with unveiling of the stage art as the second song. The extended scream was great as always, Maynardís head was shaking wildly, I honestly thought it may explode but he survived. The set-list moved on what seemed to be normal, right into Stinkfist, the extended version still catches me by surprise. They played the correlating video and the crowd was very into things by this point, not to mention this is one of the songs the majority people knew well. Then the show took an unexpected turn of events as they played 4 degrees, unexpected and amazing. Hearing this song instantly made me laugh at all the people that bitch about set-lists. Maynard also comment that ďeveryday you should listen to a song about anal sexĒ. Schism with that different intro (at least I thought it sounded different) was great, songs like this you hear a lot, on the radio or your CDís but seeing and hearing it live gives a whole new appreciation for song and what it stands for (to me). Also you have to give up to an amazing bass player. A lot of what you hear and think is Adam is Justin playing way up bass. Parabol / Parabola are always great live, the build up is great and you always know they are playing it because Adam switches to his natural tone Les Paul. At the end of this pair of songs I thought they would go right into intermission but Maynard walked around to each of the band members and told them something. It look like to me, here comes that opinion thing again, that he decided to play Opiate on the spot. Opiate was unreal, the intensity was unmatched by anything has seen Tool do so far, except for maybe glimpses of Triad, which I will get to. Maynard did the Third Eye, Think for yourself, Question Authority and the bit about the political and religious leaders, which was great after listening to it thousands of time on the CD. Along with that he mentioned the tension is society at the moment which correlates to the whole Third Eye thing. Intermission is always well received, well at least I like it, and I need the break and something to drink. I think that Tool and Rush are the only bands the have an intermission that Iíve seen. The intermission was filled with the usual flare of morphing skull videos but I donít remember seeing the snake consuming itself but it may have been there. I donít think that the fans of Erie were accustomed to the intermission the majority stood at there seat instead of utilizing the break. If they didnít know about the break and were waiting for the band to reappear or were just really dedicated fans I donít know but either way it showed great dedication. The band returned with the trilogy of songs, Disposition, Reflection, and Triad. I think people were ready to start sing along with songs they knew again but once they realized that it was mostly instrumental they became very consumed by what they were hearing and seeing. Speaking of weather changes, did anyone else find that damn fog a pain in the ass to drive though? The band worked its way through Reflection and the stage crew set up the drums for the Messugahís drummer Tomas, I believe (damn opinions) and the lead guitarist also play a synthesizer. Once they got started into Triad the amount of music that was being projected from on stage was incredible. Everyone on stage was playing an instrument of some kind, it is definitely something to witness, Triad itself was well worth the price of admission. Maynard thanked the members of Messugah, they deserved it, Tomas is the man. If there is anyone out there that can show Danny a few things itís him, or Neil Peart but again thatís me. He also gave his positive speech which I think is always well received right before they began Lateralus. The show finished with Lateralus as always, itís always a great show closer. The build up was great, the crowd was on the verge of breaking into on huge simultaneous convulsion when the music was cut and the band began to sing Happy Birthday to the sound board guy, very humorous but definitely caught me off guard. All in all the show was great, new songs for people traveling to see multiple show as well as a great performance for all in attendance. Thanks you to the band and all that contributed to this show and tour. Oh Alex Grayís work is amazing; check it out when ever you get the chance. ~Cody

Review written by: Parabolized ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 19:32:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

This was an amazing show! When they started playing four degrees I couldn't believe my ears! The extended version of Stinkfist was great and the opening to Schism was excellent as well. When Maynard started the "Think for youself, question authority" speach I almost shit cause I was expecting Third Eye, but even though they didn't play it I liked how they put it into Opiate! And then when they were about to break out into the heavy part of Lateralus and they all stopped so Maynard could sing happy birthday to one of the sound guy's! Well, I thought it was funny as hell! Great show! I'll be sure to attend as many as I can in my lifetime!

Review written by: Daria ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 21:28:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 2cd Tool show

Tool can not suck so I dont' know what everyone is crying about!! I don't think they were at there best that night but I can't be all that critical being that I saw them in Baltimore over the summer and that show was possibly impossible to top!!! If anything sucks it's life so THANK "god" for Tool!!!! Worth the trip from Lancaster Pa and will be checking them out in State College as well!!!

Review written by: Brian ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 23:22:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I'm still firmly chubby at the mid section of my body, but they weren't as good as I've seen. Very, very small venue - shit town, nice hotels; worth the 6 1/2 drive from Washington Boro, PA (near Lancaster) Philadelphia, here i cum... 1st song - cold and ugly was a real treat, seein's how a guy on the way up said that the song would be a great opener - i agree, love that song. danny and the second drummer totally blew my mind at the end of the show. Thanks to Danny, Maynard, Justin, and Adam for another enlightening show. ...gotta thank my fiance for the night following the show. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!

Review written by: Larry K ( Review posted on: 10/22/02 02:13:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

woooooord. tool was great as usual, massive sound. a little upset about them not playing 3rd eye. anyway, the only other thing i want to say is: MESHUGGAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this band is truly unbelievable. i went to erie from philly just to see meshuggah (only because i've seen tool already and meshuggah's been my favorite band for the last 7 months or so) and was more than impressed with the extremely tight performance. anyway, dont listen to people who dont like these guys. they just dont get it. there music is like an IQ test and some people just dont pass. SPIRAL OUT... HEAR ME, FIND ME, SAVE ME, THE DEAD ME...

Review written by: Ryan ( Review posted on: 10/22/02 02:24:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Man i can;t believe i just red those posts whoever said tool sucks should die they were amazing not as good as in hamilton but maynard just went all out i have never seen maynard move like that before the correct set list has already been posted but still...amazing no other word i had some hick fuckin cowboy fagget gewf in front of me not apreciating tool at all...i wanted to knock his gewffy ass out all u little fagget fucks can go fuck off...tool was just amazing sorry it was no garth brooks sing along special u stupid queers go listin to ur rita mcneil u hick trailor park fucks

Review written by: Some Fuck (...) Review posted on: 10/22/02 10:10:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

They fucking opened up with Cold and Ugly....Enough said.

Review written by: john ( Review posted on: 10/22/02 15:09:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

oh yeah baby...COLD AND UGLY. my friend dan emailed adam and asked for it. if they played it for us, thank you tool, you're the best. you just made our night, and our tool experience. i think tool has a great sense of humor. first, i think i'm getting a water bottle, and then maynard throws it to another person, then i hear the intro to third eye and he plays opiate, which was awesome. great show guys. come through erie again sometime. we'll welcome you with open arms. john

Review written by: drunvalo ( Review posted on: 10/23/02 00:25:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Tool is by far the best concert out there. If you ask me my top five tool songs, they didn't play one of them. That doesn't take away the fact that the combination of there stage show and music talent blew my mind, again. The only thing I can add to all the fans who think tool sold out is, where were you when tool was an unheardof band with a strong following, even if it was small? Good for them if they are making money. They are getting older, and when you homos decide to mature and grow spiritually, you will understand that they are playing from a different view than with undertow and aenima. I hope tool doesn't wait five years to put out another disc and tour with that. By the way, I liked Meshugga when I first saw them, and they called themselves Pantera.

Review written by: darkside ( Review posted on: 10/23/02 17:08:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

my mistake, they did play four degrees, which is indeed off of undertow. fuck you. MESHUGGAH!!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: SUBLIMINALSLUDGE!!! ( Review posted on: 10/23/02 18:31:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I'm not gonna bother posting the setlist. But I just have to set it straight. MESHUGGAH ROCKED!!! if Tool likes them enough to have them tour with em you have to listen. So what if they sound like Pantera or whatever. It s better than the Layne Staley ripoff PUKEFUCKS like godsuck and creed. Kids these days!!! It may be only my second Tool show but EVERYONE knows that you CANT and SHOULDNT MOSH TO TOOL!!!!!!! Otherwise it was BADASS!!! The whole crowd was feeling it (even the little MOSH SPHINCTER in the middle of the floor) and the band definitely felt it. Life does indeed feed on life. Which in return feeds on life... and so on, and so forth. Maynard went nuts at the idea of how many people sang to OPIATE and COLD AND UGLY. Just goes to show you how outnumbered the POSERS were!! FOUR DEGREES!!! TRIAD jam with the dude from Meshuggah!!!! Spiral Out.

Review written by: kobe ( Review posted on: 10/23/02 18:33:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

whata good show. first time on floor, and my firends and myself made sure we were right on the railing.. we were.. we got to the building 3 hours prior to the doors opening, but it was worth it... in any matter.... great GREAT GREAT show... like always... they blow me away every time. i was so very close to justin and danny, and also adam and maynard.. but i was right in front of justin. i can barely beleive i am still alive though, after the preasure from the fans from behind trying endlessly to get to where i was (i wasnt budgin though).... but i have to say the most depressing (and sadly, most remembered) aspect of the night was durring the grudge.... before that night, i thought it to be too bold to even imagine EVER getting an ornament (or in this case a drum stick) touched by tool... but in the grudge, about a minute and a half into it, there it was... in my HANDS... a drumstick... but... the security guard (never hearing of tool before hand, as he told me.. and oh ya, he liked country)... he ripped it out of my hands, then continued by throwing the stick out of my reach... i dont think i would be able to say that some other physical piece of matter would be more... cherrished.. but anyhow.. after that point, great show. like always... 4 degrees was astronomical. opiate as well...

Review written by: gay tool fan ( Review posted on: 10/23/02 19:44:45 ET

This was this reviewer's gay Tool show

when maynard gets in panties, i get a boner.

Review written by: Cyrrus ( Review posted on: 10/23/02 23:30:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Tool was great.. the venue wasn't as good. I don't know if the set changed this year, from the visuals being behind the band.. or if it was just the way they had to display them for this venue, but I didn't like them like that. we had floor tickets and we were on the rail, right in front of justin & danny. in that position, you can't see the visuals unless you take your eyes off of the band, which I hardly ever did. last year in pittsburgh, we were on the rail, and you got to watch the visuals and the band and the same time.. i kinda liked that better. so they opened with cold and ugly, and played 4 degrees.. neither of these songs are my favorites, but they've definitely got me going back and listening to the older tool cd's again.. imagine that. at the end of the show, danny threw out his first stick, and after a little game of paper/rock/scissors, we came up with it.. damn those girls are strong. anyway.. great show, definitely worth a 3 hour drive from pittsburgh.

Review written by: Kurt Cobain ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 10:39:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

This was the best show of TOOL, or of anybody for that matter, that i've seen yet. It was amazing to hear them play shit from OPIATE and UNDERTOW. I cant believe anyone would say this show was anyhting less than a fucking amazing experience for all the senses. It was my birthday and i couldnt have asked for a better present from the fucking greatest band on the planet right now. Thanks Maynard... see you again at State College in November.

Review written by: maryjo ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 10:47:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 4 Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. well, we did not get lost this time .even if we did it would have been worth it . BUT this was our first time down in the pit . being closer to the bands is so awesome tool just keeps getting better and better meshuggah was good too. would like to thank the walmart guy, the guy in the eat n park t ,the guy in the attitude t and the guy in the tool t you guys saved our asses many times down there thanks looking forward to next time old lady and her daughters will be back for more

Review written by: Xavier ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 15:41:12 ET

This is my post from ToolArmy, sorry too lazy to write another----------------The Pit Experience Well I guess I'll start with what I remember of the setlist since no one else posted it yet.......Cold & Ugly, The Grudge, Schism, Sober, 4 degrees, Parablo/A, Opiate, (intermission), Disposition/Reflection/Triad, Lateralis....Pretty much in order I hope. Ok now for the experience, After having a 12 hr drive home to reflect on things, I now know what all the reveiwers who have been on the floor are talking about inmature Frat Boys who come to "A" show (I say "A" because it could have been anyone up on stage, most of them didn't even know what was going on) just to mosh and mess with people. Got news for you kids......just wait till you get into the real world, you think you have something to be angry about now???!!!! Anyway, I managed to stay in about the second row of the mass in front of the stage through Meshuggah (interesting group) and managed to keep hold all the way till Opiate when I realized I lost the person I came with and slithered out to find them and finished the show at about the 10th row of the mass......other then the frat boys, there were some true die hard fans like myself that managed to all group ourselves together at different points and tried our best to enjoy the show between elbow shots! It was a great show (still my favorite this tour was the Radio City show) Maynard was "uniformed" all night, in yes a police uniform, and no he never painted design on his face and head. Danny, Adam and Justin all rocked hard. It was great to be this close to them this time, it was an experience I will never forget. Thank you Tool for what you do, don't let the kids without a clue ever make you wonder why you do what you do.....there are people out there like me with a clue!!!!!!!

Review written by: Kristen ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 15:52:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

The drive to Erie from Virginia was hell compared to the flight from Virginia to The Netherlands (June 1, 2002 Nijmegen). Although, I'd drive the Turnpike a million times to see a show like the one I did in Erie. As far as the crowd, I couldn't have been more disappointed with those people. I agree, It's rather difficult to feel the rhythm when you're feeling someone's elbow in your jaw! When preparing myself for a TOOL show, I always meditate on what I'm trying to retrieve from the experience. I definately felt copius amounts of energy from the band. The set list was amazing. Thank you for playing Opiate. I had an overwhelming energetic reaction to Grudge (at one point I started to cry and threw my head back and screamed, the energy was so releasing). The audience began to calm during Reflection, where at that point, I felt very peaceful and released. I apprectiate the enormous space the crowd created around me, as I moved my body to the music. Maynard spoke a lot at this show, which is always a plus. The proverbial "icing on this cake" was the Timothy Leary quasi-lecture on "think for yourself, question authority". Like a lot of people, I was anticipating "Third Eye".... but of course, it would be unlike TOOL to go against their "unpredictability factor" and play the song. And like Maynard said, I really hope people took something useful and positive from this experience and will apply it to their lives. I sure have! Spiral Out! See ya in Roanoke! xoxo, Kristen

Review written by: Amanda Lawson ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 01:08:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 11th Tool show

I just wanted to post a review so you wouldn't have to look at the fucking moron's before mine. Get a life you are a fucking pyscho loser. What the fuck is wrong with you.

Review written by: Tom Cofey ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 01:25:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I agree what is wrong with you? You sound like an obsessed stalker. Think for yourself idiot! That's what maynard said. Get a life!