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Review written by: Rob (
Review posted on: 10/20/02 23:07:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

It was an AMAZING show. Tool sounded great. Meshuggah was not my favorite, but oh well. Wish I would have got tickets for the Kalamazoo show so I could have seen them twice. Ænema was a nice suprise, but Third Eye would have been great. Maynard talked to the crowd alot. Crowd was good. Excellent show. Here is the set list as I can remember: Sober ??? (Maybe Cold and Ugly) The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist 46 & 2 Schism Parabol Parabola Ænema Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus

Review written by: Master Reviewer (lkfst) Review posted on: 10/20/02 23:11:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 666 Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. It was a show!

Review written by: I am frightened (wide awake and...) Review posted on: 10/20/02 23:14:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 666 Tool show

I have seen GOD

Review written by: Hoodlumofo ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 23:27:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

The second song was not Cold and Ugly it was a friends and I are pretty sure it was dedicated then played ...if i didn't get so high before the show I might remember the dedication....OH never have I seen chairs on the floor!! worst idea ever....breslin center is not a cool venue whatsoever. Tool was ya know Tool and of course it rocked.

Review written by: Bri (Etc.) Review posted on: 10/20/02 23:30:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

€Correct Setlist: 1. Intro 2. Sober 3. Commando 4. The Grudge 5. (-) Ions 6. Stinkfist (Ext.) 7. Forty-Six & 2 8. Parabol 9. Parabola 10. Ænema --Int-- 11. Disposition 12. Reflection 13. Triad 14. Lateralus

Review written by: Bri (Sorry) Review posted on: 10/20/02 23:32:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

€Correct Setlist: 1. Intro 2. Sober 3. Commando 4. The Grudge 5. (-) Ions 6. Stinkfist (Ext.) 7. Forty-Six & 2 8. Schism (Ext.) 9. Parabol 10. Parabola 11. Ænema --Int-- 12. Disposition 13. Reflection 14. Triad 15. Lateralus

Review written by: Masturbator ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 23:39:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 99th Tool show

Just curious if this thing works.

Review written by: Tenkins ( Review posted on: 10/20/02 23:44:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was my first Tool show although i have been a fan for many years, i was shocked to find out that i could still get tickets a month after they went on sale! I'm not going to post the setlist because i honestly think i would fuck it up and then a billion people would correct me and so on. The highlight of the show was undoubtedly when the drummer from meshuggah came on to do a drum duo with danny at the end of disposition, it was fucking awesome. I was pleased to see that most people were actually enjoying the music and not running around crashing into each other like a bunch of idiots. The visuals and set were very cool, they had two big screens displaying cool designs and clips from video's and such. Maynard started out wearing black leather with a black stripe down the center of his face, but eventually stripped down to his underpants. The only unpleasant part was that it had to come to an end, it seemed short but it was actually a 3 hour concert. This was my first but certainly not my last Tool concert.-Tenkins-

Review written by: Jones ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 00:09:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

The show was great but the security sucked. The kalamazoo show was much better.see you at the next one

Review written by: Caustic Undertow ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 00:47:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Nice show, very energetic as Tool goes. Maynard was certainly "up" for this offering, and it was fairly obvious from both the amount of physical activity and his impressive crowd interaction. A lot more involvement than normal. The show itself was terrific, of course, with a decently live crowd (not sold out! There were definitely seats available in the upper bowl) and absolutely no negative issues at all. Meshuggah has improved since last year, too. I haven't been keeping up on reviews from previous tour stops, so I'm not too sure what the origin is of "Commando," but I've definitely heard that song from somewhere else. Half the length of every other song Tool played. Really, though, I'm surprised that Tool is still playing so many songs from Lateralus a year after the original album tour--in '98, the year after the original AEnima tour, songs were fairly balanced between all three albums. This year we're getting one from Undertow, a trio from AEnima, and half of Lateralus. Granted, the half from Lateralus is awesome. I'm glad Triad has been tacked onto the back of Disposition/Reflection, and it works as a great ensemble piece. The Breslin center may have required chairs on the floor, and it's the first I've encountered that phenomenon--most other small-venue shows are GA, too, but this one sold specific seats. I don't have any real issues with the Bres, but the smaller shows at Kalamazoo and upcoming at Toledo have always been preferable. This is the first visit to Toledo since the 110 degree steamer in '98, when security spent the entire concert dumping water on the mosh pit to keep people cool. Should be nice, but Tool fans may want to get used to the idea of Chairs on the floor. It's pretty clear that Tool isn't a big fan of rowdy crowds, and putting chairs down really kept the crowd from doing anything unsightly.

Review written by: Mark Hotchkin ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 01:11:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

My 2nd Tool concert in 3 days. There are few things that get me more energized than seeing Maynard thrashing and dancing to the beat of the music on his platform. I'm glad they varied the setlist a bit from K'zoo. I got to hear Sober and Aenima live for the first time, which was awesome. I thought the show sounded better here than in K'zoo, although the smaller intimate atmosphere of Wings Stadium was much more enjoyable than the Bres. I was in the balcony, and I was surprised at the number of empty seats. I think chairs on the floor is definitely a good idea. A Tool concert should be about fully experiencing the band's audio and visual artistry, not pushing people around. I like to mosh, but not at Tool. I hope that the band is encouraged by the support of their fans, and that they continue to produce outstanding art for years to come. The shows are a true spiritual gathering. Tool, fucking Tool

Review written by: Aaron ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 01:25:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

So I get online @ , i'm all excited because i'm gonna buy tickets as soon as they go on sale for the show and I get section 104 , not bad for the weak ass Breslin Center. Right ? Well , i'm driving to the show tonight and I find out that they put 1500 tix on sale for the closest seats THE DAY OF THE SHOW , so whats a diehard fan like me supposed to do , i'm not gonna gamble NOT getting tickets , so I get them early and I have to watch a bunch of punks , 1500 of them , walking up front because they bought better seats today.. hrm. I'm upset. The show was beautiful , and they did the 3rd Eye tease , but it's OK I saw 3rd Eye 2 nights ago in Kalamazoo. All General Admission there , no bullshit like the Breslin Center pulled. Thank GOD!

Review written by: Evan ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 01:35:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Just so everyone knows, the cover song "Commando" that they played is a Ramones song, although I didn't hear who they dedicated it to. Hearing Tool try their hand at a Ramones song was an added bonus to an already excellent experience.

Review written by: steve ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 02:14:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Hey ....could someone please let me know if thay still have those large speakers on the side of the stage as we have tixs on the side of the stage for indys show...dont want not to see......

Review written by: mister Nixon ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 07:30:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 11t? Tool show

The speakers are on the side near the front corner.. are you near the left corner or the right corner?

Review written by: Heather ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 09:26:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The show was excellent, I don't think there can be any excuse to complain about any aspect of it. It was obvious that Maynard, as well as the rest of the band, gave it their all. The second part of the show, after the intermission, was beautiful to say the least. It's an awesome thing to be able to see and feel the energy that came from the music.

Review written by: some dojo ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 09:46:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

everyone has already said what needs to be said. just wanted to say head over to to post any mp3s you may have from the show, share with all your fellow tool fans.

Review written by: Galen ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 10:17:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

East Lansing, MI, USA Breslin Center 10.20.02 SETLIST Intro I Intro II Sober Commando The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist 46 & 2 Schism Parabol Parabola AEnima -intermission- Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Honestly, this show was un-inspired, rehearsed, rehashed & boring. What a difference a night makes after Kalamazoo on Friday. My 8th show & the setlist speaks for itself... I can't imagine why you wouldn't like any change? The venue sucks, security are a bunch of teenage children but the crowd was allright, for once. I'm in grad school at MSU & maybe I just had higher expectations...maybe Tool would put in a bit of thought or passion into this show. But not. All the best; Galen

Review written by: Jim ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 10:39:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

This was the best of the four Tool shows I have seen. There really isn't much more that I have to say. My first show was special because it was, well, my first show. The second was great because I had talked my wife into seeing them and she loved it. The third was even better because I also talked my dad into going who loved it. This fourth show diidn't have anything different though. It really could have been just an average show for me. Of course Tool would pull through though and give the best show I have ever seen. There was definitely a lot more energy from the crowd on Friday night in Kalamazoo, which wasn't such a good thing with all the crap being thrown around and people being carried out, but most of that had to do with the seating. Wings Stadium was packed while the Breslin had a seated floor and is much bigger. Tool put on a great show though. I was figuring that since they just started playing Cold & Ugly and Third Eye again that we would be getting the same setlist as Friday, but they switched up all the songs that aren't a sure thing. And the Ramones cover was a huge suprise especially since it was spurr of the moment. Of course it was great to hear Aenema. I loved the way he introduced it.. All in all, the best show I have ever been to. Somehow Tool seems to outdue themselves every time I see them.

Review written by: Eternal ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 12:59:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Wow 2nd tool show for me in the same weekend. It was nothing like the Kzoo show tho. Sober Commando (cover) The Grudge Stinkfist (extended) 46&2 Schism (long intro) Parabol/a 3rd Eye teaser speech Ænima --break-- D-R-T Jam Lateralus *Group hug*

Review written by: steve ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 13:47:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

left side

Review written by: Conor Murphy ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 13:53:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first tool show. i have enjoyed the music of tool for many years now but have not been able to atend a show. before i went to the show i ate a whole bunch of... well lets just say i ate alot of something. it kicked in almost as soon as tool got on stage. I could not do anything but be in the show. there were so many lights and other things going on on stage nothing could be better. i think i saw this show the way it was ment to be. this was the best concrert i have ever been to. it had the perfect setlist and camando was a great suprise. i could sit and decribe every little thing that happen but you the reader of this will never understand what i am saying unless you see the show. Tool is a band everyone has to just see. i now know that it is one thing to listen to tool but to see them live is a completley different thing. if any one form tool does read this i just want to say thank you for the greatest eveing of my life. i will make sure to be a every show in michingan from now on.

Review written by: Nicholas Richardson (Slick Nick Shady) ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 14:49:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Wow!!! This Show Was Off The Heezy Fa Shezzy Dang Quezzy Believe Me... Wow Now I Know What I Was Missing Not Ever Going To A Concert It Was Amazing. Messugah Sucked Ass Though Horrible. Got There Biggest Applause When They Left The Stage Playeeed All My Faves Except H Sober The Grudge Stinkfest 46 & 2 Schism Parabol Porabola Aeniema Intermission Reflection Lateralus And Some Of Their Other Short Intermissions This Arena Rocks Though It Has The Best Sound Of Any Arena In Michigan For My First Concert I say I Chose A Good One Im A Cheep Ass With Money But I Would Pay A Lot To See Them Again On This Tour.. Would Go To The Toledo But Im Broke And Cant Drive. I Just Have To Say One Thing Tool Is Fucking God!!!!!

Review written by: Nate ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 15:28:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. This was my first tool show. It was fansatsic. Theres no other way to put it. The lighting, the music, and band blended so well together. Danny was awesome in triad, and the drummer to meshugga joining in was a nice touch. Meshugga sucked and from what i am told it wasnt out of the ordinary. The entire show was awesome. Ill be at the next show for sure. Heres the setlist for those of you who want to know.(not all in order) Sober Cover to the Ramones The grudge Stinkfist 46 and 2 Schism Aenema parabol parabola intermission reflection disposition triad lateralus *Please correct me if you find a mistake

Review written by: Mostresticator ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 15:47:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

I really hate it when people say that a band or person is God, or gods. Well anyways, good show. Seeing TOOL again on Halloween, can't wait. blah blah blah Setlist is, in no order: Sober Commando The Grudge Parabol Parabola Schism Stinkfist Third Eye Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Typical stage setup- Adam infront of Maynard, Justin infront of Danny, the big video screens, great music, etc. I liked Meshuggah, 've been a fan for a good while, but they are more of the type of "CD musicians." Not the best experiance in concert. - Raabe

Review written by: Laura ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 16:05:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

well this was my first TOOL show and i must say it fucking kicked ass. the breslin center was a really nice place and the crowd wasn't a hyper crowd. they were really calm. i didn't want to go to this show and have a bunch of punk-ass fags show up and start shit with other people. although pot was in the air, it was hilarious. in the section right next to ours i could see these to guys smoking joint after joint during meshugga and they were two people that actually seemed to like them, but maybe just because they were so high. the bunch of guys i went with and i sat there during meshugga pretty much falling asleep. when TOOL got on stage it was awesome. my friend tell me that for my first TOOL show i saw a very good one. if i could drive i would go to toledo tonight, but unfortunately i can't. i am happy they played the songs they did....i love all of them. i could have did without sober...kinda sick of that one. i was pissed when they teased us with third-eye. i love that song. i enjoyed the little movies they played during the songs. they were awesome. didn't really mind all the nakedness of the people because TOOL isn't like a sex and chicks band. i must say i enjoyed the show that maynard put on. i LOVED the spandex. i didn't expect him to talk much either. when he gave his last speech and during all of just the music i found myself thinking about life and maybe changes i want to make for the better. apparently that's what they want you to do. the show kicked ass and when i drive, i will see every show i possibly can in MI and in states close by. they are worth the drive. thanks for an awesome first show!

Review written by: Kristin ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 16:18:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

MSU's Breslin Center was the worst venue I've ever seen a band play. The school, in an attempt to tame the crowd, placed rows of classroom chairs on the FLOOR in front of the STAGE. Although it seemed ignorant in the beginning, the real astonishment came when the kids actually sat in them - throughout the entire show. There were no mosh pits. There was no crowd surfing. No pushing. No friendly, controlled violence of any sort. The most movement either band got was a little toe tapping. To be honest, I'm not a fan of moshing or crowd surfing, but without it, the ambiance of the show was diluted. The crowd generated little or no energy to fuel the bands. I wouldn't have been the least bit angry if Tool played 2 songs and left the stage. It still amazes me that they put so much energy into their performance. During Disposition/Reflection/Triad, I entered an almost trance-like state. Lateralus absolutely blew me away. I was on the (horribly steep) balcony against the rail for this song. The infusion of Alex Grey's visual contribution and the band's energies seemed to work in a perfect symbiotic relationship. It was awe-inspiring. "Inspire" was definitely the word of the night. Tool has inspired me beyond words. Kalamazoo had a better crowd and venue, but both shows were absolutely beautiful.

Review written by: st ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 16:28:39 ET

Maynard plays the guitar? Well, it sure looked good!

Review written by: Samantha ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 16:38:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was the best concert that I have ever seen... I have been a fan for quite a while now, and I was so excited to see them, I nearly busted a nut in the usher guy's ass when we were sittin in the balcony on the far side of the arena and he came up to us and asked us if we could see okay and handed us 4 tickets to sit in the bleachers right off the side of the stage... My friend James, at the end of the show caught danny carry's signed drumhead... we never would've been able to see anything.. if it werent for that usher. Thank you Mr. Usher.. Thank you very much. You are my hero. And thank all of you guys for the best time ever. Ill see you guys again soon!

Review written by: The Jerk Off ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 17:24:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This was my second time seeing them both were on the inside the outside tour and i have no complaits. ive heard it all. i heard H and opiate the first gig and 46 & 2 and aenima the second gig. not to mention comando. a great show. maynard came out wearing a black leather suit and about half way through took it off and had the black speedo on. black strip down his head also. they sounded great. setlist was awesome. no complaits. and im sick of everyone complaining about the set list. just enjoy what they give you you greedy sheep. Tool is as good as they get and as true as they get so dont complain. well i suggest everyone should go see them its an experience you wont forget and make it a positive one. "Turn off your fucking televisions!"

Review written by: Keith ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 19:24:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Obligatory set list: Sober Commando The Grudge Stinkfist Forty-Six & 2 Schism Parabol Parabola Ænema [Intermission] Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus What an odd experience the last night was. Although I do mean odd in a pleasantly surprising way. Walking into the Breslin center from the parking lot I found myself looking at the people in attendance. Only 1 in 10, and this is a generous estimate, had any kind of Tool shirt, or even a band shirt for that matter. The show being on the Michigan State University campus obviously had an influence in the type of people that had decided to go. There were a number of girls in clothing featuring feathers and the letters AF. Having been to a show or two on college campuses in the past I was dreading the atmosphere of the concert and the demeanor of the crowd. The floor of the Breslin Center was filled with chairs. I had seats anyway, so this was not of any particular concern to me. But I am used to moshers, jostling for position, flying objects, and crowd surfers, as a part of any concert experience. The concept that things would stay that orderly was a tad optomistic in my mind. There was one person I saw who caught my attention for being dressed up for the show. It was a girl in a corset-type of outfit, and she was wearing black wings as well. This made for a really interesting, eye catching outfit, although fitting into the little green chairs was nearly impossible due to the large wings. I never did see if she managed to squeeze in there. Heh. I actually only heard a few negative comments about Meshuggah. Of course, I don't recall hearing a single positive comment, although a good chunk of the crowd seemed to be feeling it. My opinion once again, good musically, and even vocally on occasions, but still too hard to digest. Getting closer and closer to listenable each time i see them. Its not something most people will like the first time (fellow Tool concert goers please direct yourself to Fantomas). I've actually only seen Fantomas once, and I actually enjoy their music, although that is niether here nor there... Of note during the Meshuggah set: The lead singer said "Lets see how the people on the balcony are doing tonight." Spot lights appeared on each side of the stage. "It looks like you're all doing good. Especially you right there. The guy in the creme colored jeans." Haha. Nice rip into someone with interesting taste in fashion. I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Curious music was played between bands, the same as the Kalamazoo show. Odd "trip-hop", something in German, and what sounded like the beginning of Pink Floyd's Money. Tool finally took the stage. It seemed as if it took a long time for Adam and Justin to get situated with their respective instruments. When they were satisfied, Maynard took his place on the platform next to Danny's drum kit (which I must say awes me every time I see the cover taken off of it). The band opened with Sober. Pretty nice to hear something from Undertow (even if it wasn't Flood =( ). A surprising number of people did not seem to know the words. Again, Adam and Justin seemed to struggle with their instruments. Maynard wandered over to Adam, said something to him, then did the same to Justin, Danny, and the person working the soundboard. He then spoke to the crowd, saying "We are just making a minor change to the set list. We hope you don't mind." Then Commando began. How totally un-Tool-like. A fast paced, 1:30 song. Hehe. Such a drastic change, but fun just the same. It was good to see it live. It seemed as if it was a spontaneous decision on Maynard's part, although I am not sure if this is true or not. The Grudge was powerful as always. Maynard held out quite an impressive scream. Many in the crowd did as well. This song is really growing to become a fan favorite. Lots of the line "let go." A release in preparation for the rest of the performance, as always. It again seemed as if there were difficulties, this time with Danny. The band seemed to check in with him. All seemed in order and it was back to the music. Maynard took time to speak with the crowd. "EAST Lansing." There were minor cheers. "Hmm. Are you sure?" Louder cheers. "Thank you. Goodnight." A bit of grumbling disapproval from the crowd. "Well if you were all tired we could just go home." The extended version of Stinkfist fooled the crowd again. The number of people singing along at the wrong time seems to be lessening though. What would really throw ME off is if the band played the album version of Stinkfist. Then wouldn't I feel like an idiot? Hehe. Next was Forty-Six & 2, which is one of the songs that changes from concert to concert. There were some new visuals during this song than in previous times I have seen it performed. I kind of miss the intestine-looking people such as the one with a face and braces, or the one in a suit, with no hands or head, just the tentacle things. Watching it recoil as if in terror to the beat of the music definitely adds to the experience. Anyone who is familiar with Forty-Six & 2 however, can hardly take their eyes off of Danny during this song. That drum solo never ceases to amaze me. At this point in the show there were teases to The Patient and Parabol before Schism began. This seems to be a common event during shows on this tour. Schism was slightly altered musically, with a pause or two and slightly extended as a whole. There was a slight pause, during which the Timothy Leary "Think for yourself, question authority" sample was played. This was an example of the Third Eye tease. One difference between here and Kalamazoo (when Third Eye was really played) was that there was no Bill Hicks "Drugs have done good things" sample from Ænima. This was followed by Parabol/Parabola. Different visuals for Parabol, and the Parabola video were shown on the screen. At the beginning of Parabola the "cancer balls" from the video were up and flying around. It is such an interesting scene. Maynard stopped to tell everyone "We know that you have heard this from us before, but we hope that you will really here it now, especially in this time of political and social instability. Think for yourself. Question authority. And a good way for you to do that is by turning off your fucking TV sets. And a big earthquake." Of course, Ænema began as soon as he finished the final word. It was very emotionally intense, and appeared to be played with exceptional fervor. There was a minor lyrical alteration. "Fret for your lawsuit" and "fret for your hairpiece" were switched. By accident or by design, who knows. Here is where intermission was placed. This brings me to a theory I have regarding the presence and placement of an intermission at a Tool show. It isn't really an intermission. There is still errie lighting, music, and visuals. That leads me to believe it isn't quite the classical idea of an intermission. When one considers the songs that are played at essentially every show after intermission (Disposition, Reflection, Triad [really all one composition] and Lateralus) you come to realize that there is a certain theme, a common thread, that these songs have. All being from Lateralus, and all representative of a very spiritual message, I think that the intermission is there to serve as a buffer, both for the band and for the fans. It is a chance to collect yourself from the previous poriton of the show and concentrate on a new journey. The intermission allows those final songs to become a seperate entity and carry an indivual message. So, as soon as the intermission had completed, confetti fell on the crowd, the Alex Grey art was unveiled, and a large pentagram came down on the backdrop of the stage. Disposition, Reflection, and Triad were the emotional journey that they always are. A chance to really slip away. The most emotional portion of the trio for myself is Reflection. Even at 10+ minutes, it never seems to be long enough. Truly beautiful. Although, admittedly, one could not put off such a fantastic performance of Triad. The members of Meshuggah, the drummer especially, were absolutely phenomenal. The drummer and Danny were an awe- inspiring duo. Triad should definitely stay a part of the Disposition/Reflection/Triad trio. For being so long, that suite of songs is something that you don't want to stop. It is constantly driving and pushing you. Very very well done. Maynard addressed the crowd a final time, saying "Thank you for listening. We hope that tonight has served as healing to you. Whatever feeling you are having, take it with you, and do something positive with it." He then closed by saying "Robert Fripp once said, 'if you change one heart, you've changed the whole.'" Lateralus kicked in as a closer for the night. The perfect summary. During the song Justin and Danny really seemed to be having a good time playing. Most notably Justin, who is normally nearly motionless and reserved was getting into the playing during the last half of the show. Danny too, seemed to playing with a lot of energy. Maynard was very active, jumping, swaying, and moving in only ways that he can while he performs. Adam was his usual reserved self. Well, someone had to do it. Hehe. When all was said and done, water bottles, guitar picks, drum sticks, and drum heads were thrown to the crowd. There was a group hug among all four band members, after which Maynard went backstage. The remaining members stood on stage and waved to the crowd. Adam even smiled. It must have been a good night for them. It was surprising that they were in such good spirits since they had played Kalamazoo, MI, Erie, PN, and Lansing, MI all in 3 nights. Thats a lot of travel. They were off to Indianapolis for the next night. The energy they put into performing, and the fact that they do it on a near-nightly basis, is amazing. Thank you Tool. Being farther away from the stage and higher up allowed me to concentrate on the scene as a whole. Although it lost a little of the social connected feeling of being on the floor, it was still a productive experience. A minor gripe: The people who decided to sit down during the intermission and not get up, then tell my counterpart and I to "take a seat." Twice actually (they were ignored both times). If you want to see that badly, get off your lazy ass, stand up, and show the band a little respect. Enough said. The crowd as a whole was surprisingly respectful. Very little random yelling, only a few "more metal than thou" fingers and fists in the air. 80% of the crowd was clapping after every song, as well as a very extended ovation at the end. It seemed like the band and the crowd had a much better time with chairs close by and an anti-moshing environment. Is this something we will see more of in the future? Perhaps. I think that there is a time and a place for moshing, but a Tool concert is niether of those. Adam, Danny, Justin, Maynard: Thank you for the two fantastic performances in three nights that I was able to see. After this tour is over, take a well deserved break. But I hope to see you all again soon. Thanks again, Keith B. 10-21-02

Review written by: kmuscle ( Review posted on: 10/21/02 22:32:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I must say that i was a little pissed at the third eye tease as i drove all the way from hamilton Ontario just to get a shot at maybe seeing them pley that song....oh well. First off to the guy who posted above me I was not wearing a tool shirt cause i dont own one......does that make me any less of a fan? But if i were not to wear a shirt many would see the three tatoos i have of alex grey and cam de leon artwork devoted to tool and their impact on my life....but im wasnt wearing a tee shirt that said TOOL so.....youre igonorant bro. Dont judge....or let others that might not SEEM to be die hard fans ruin your experience....i say let everyone listen. Second i would like to say this show was more impressive than the show in Hamilton as Maynard actually faced the crowd and was more energetic...... and third to the guy who complained that all those people who bought tickets the day of the show got the best seats id like to say AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA cause i was one of em. But i deserved it cause i drove five fuckin hours to get there. Anyways it was a fun show and i look forward to the next.... peace

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/22/02 01:14:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

has anyone ever seen the movie PCU? if not check out comedy central on occasion. "You don't wear the T-shirt of the band you are going to see in concert. Don't be that guy" that is for the guy talking about only 1 in 10 wearing a tool shirt. does it make me any less of a fan? i wonder

Review written by: Woz ( Review posted on: 10/22/02 04:54:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Okay, I saw the correct setlist up here maybe once or twice. Yes, the second song was the Ramones. Tool has to be the only band left out there that I will actually pay $35 to go see. I'd rather not pay the Ticketmaster service fees, but I guess I have no choice if I want to see a band as popular as Tool. I absolutely refuse to pay $60 for a hooded sweatshirt or $30 for a t-shirt, etc... I sincerely hope the band has no say over what prices are charged for these things. I am confident that Tool is a band whose extreme popularity can only be attributed to their incredible talents and gift for songwriting. Tool is easy listening for me, compared to the slew of heavy-edged metal and other extreme genres of music I listen to these days--there doesn't seem to be any bands out there that create honest music from the heart. But Sunday's show definitely reaffirmed my love for the band and the music, and my belief that their music is not shallow and synthetically manufactured like most music out there right now. The show was somewhat predictable as far as the setlist went, and it appeared that Adam and Justin had an occasional miscue with Danny as far as tempo and changes were concerned. Overall it was a satisfactory show. The crowd was much smaller that the last show I had seen (which was a year ago in Chicago), so that was somewhat shocking. I guess I should have expected it since the show was being held on a Big Ten university campus. I was dissapointed that the hanging contortionists did not appear, but was more than pleased to finally get to see the video for Parabol/Parabola. What an amazing piece of work--by far my favorite video from the band to date. It moved me to tears of joy. I think its absolutely despicable that MTV (and M2) will not play it, although I'm not surprised. The band played the entire trilogy from Lateralus, and incorporated the drummer from Meshuggah into a duo with Danny for Triad that was absolutely amazing, especially for a drummer like myself. The crowd seemed somewhat disinterested in the half of the show following intermission. This was probably due to the lack of any sort of "radio" song, which pretty much filled up the first half of the show. I felt that the trilogy, followed by Lateralus, was the perfect climax to a good show. It built up like a great epic tale. Meshuggah was a disappointment for me. I was really looking forward to seeing them play, especially since I missed them last time I saw Tool. And the studio work I've heard from them was pretty cool, and they are highly praised in the metal community. But their show didn't live up to my expectations. The music was complex and syncopated, but overly so. Almost all of the songs were mid- paced, and rarely changed tempo. The guys obviously have a lot of talent, but unfortunately they need to work on their songwriting. Maynard said something about taking the feeling home and hanging on to it for the days, weeks, and months to come before they played Lateralus. Last time I saw Tool, 9/11 happened two days later, so the feeling diappeared abruptly for me. I hope I don't wake up to similar news tomorrow morning. I'd love to hold on to this feeling forever. Lastly, an acquaintance of mine was fortunate enough to get backstage an participate in a "discussion group" of sorts with Maynard. I think its pretty damn cool that Maynard doesn't pull the typical rock star bull shit behind the scenes. Apparently he doesn't invite male fans backstage becaue they only want his autograph so they can sell it on E-Bay. Sucks for me, I guess. I'd love an opportunity to have a down to earth chat with him sometime. And I can care less about an autograph. As always, I'm looking forward to my next Tool concert--it is always a religious experience for me. However, I think I'd much rather see them take a little time off and then get back in the studio! And no record label problems this time... I can't wait to see how they will reinvent their sound next time around. Oh yeah, I think the Ramones tune was dedicated to a Brian somebody....

Review written by: TologyMartyr (TologyMartyr) Review posted on: 10/22/02 12:55:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

It was fuckin good James started tunning his guitar and then blasted into Sober for the opening. Then later in the show Manyard said "I say we should all think for our self and question athority we can start be turning off the fuckin telivision and then A big fuck earth quake" Then played Anima hardcore. At the end of the show Danny Carey singd 3 drum heads in the croud I caught one Manyard was throwing bottled water. E-mail me if you wish to purches the drum head (it says DannyCarey and the 7 pointed star around it . and its dated) Starting price :the highest bid.

Review written by: wandering soul ( Review posted on: 10/22/02 13:12:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 3 Tool show

I have to give TOOL credit for relentlessly touring the US. I was able to see tool 3 times this year. every show i have seen they keep getting better and better. I was very surpised to hear third eye in kalamazoo along with cold and ugly. The show in east lansing wasn't as rowdy as the kalamazoo show mearly for the fact that all tickets were for seats the was no general admission. what really pisses me off that is that i was up early the day tickets went on sale. waiting so i could get a good seat and then the go and sell 200 main floor tickets the day of the show. irratating. but non the less Tool was awesome. i was really hoping to hear aenema and 46&2 and they played them both. i think what really caught everyone off guard was commando by the ramones what an awesome treat. once again thank you very much for a wonderful tour. ROCK ON TOOL

Review written by: Michelle ( Review posted on: 10/22/02 20:48:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

First off, Tool was fucking amazing as usual. They never fail to completely leave me breathless. The visuals this time were similar to the last show I was at, which was the one in GR a few days after 9/11, but none the less, still visually stimulating. Secondly, For those of you who are bitching about the chairs on the floor, I want to know how many of you were actually on the floor, cause I was. And believe it or not, it really wasnt that bad of a experience from my point of view, 13 rows back. And yea, I was one of those lucky fuckers who got tickets like the day before or the day off the concert, Im not too sure when it was, my best friend goes to MSU. I go to Tool concerts because I love the band, I love the inspiring feel I get from their music and for the overall experience that you take with you forever. Enjoy the music, enjoy the visuals and quit bitching cause you cant throw punches at fans to get out your aggressions the caveman way. Thanks to the band for never stopping to put out music that is not mainstream, that is not MTV friendly, and most importantly music that makes you think and leaves you inspired. Cant wait for the next date and the next CD....never quit doing what you do, it does make a profound difference on so many people, inluding me. I can never say thank you enough, only with my admiration, positive feedback I put out after listening to your music or seeing you, I thank you humbly. Michelle 10-22

Review written by: dave ( Review posted on: 10/22/02 22:00:25 ET

This was this reviewer's who? Tool show

Fan is short for fanatic.

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 10/23/02 07:34:03 ET

To the guy selling the drum head: I don't think you really should have been at this concert. Anyone who catches the drum head from an amazing drummer like Danny Carey and gets dollar signs in his eyes right away can't be a real fan. There's too many people who go to these concerts to hear "Schism" and nod to every other tune which is unfamiliar to them. The guy selling the drum head sounds like one of these people. Go ahead and sell it, I hope you make lots of money.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/23/02 10:28:35 ET

This was this reviewer's nil Tool show

Why hasent anyone posted here for the 21st show since the other one doesnt work. There are obssesive bastards who need to know.

Review written by: Master Reviewer (none) Review posted on: 10/23/02 11:38:27 ET

Maybe nobody went?

Review written by: Oscuih ( Review posted on: 10/23/02 12:20:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Well, what can I say? TOOL is by far the best band going and their show wasn't dissapointing whatsoever. Despite having knee surgery three weeks prior, I still made it all the way down to my seat on crutches and it was well worth it. Breslin is a small enough venue that no matter where you sit, you still had a great view. Seats on the floor was a good idea. No moshing, no rushing the floor, everyone did what they were supposed to, ENJOY THE MUSIC. I won't bother posting a setlist, 50 of them already are here. The band's performace was flawless, and they had some great surprises for the audience. I just wish more people actually acted as if they cared to be at the show! A couple behind us stood and watched straight faced. If you love TOOL, act like it at the concert! Anyway, 10 years now as a fan, my first show and I know there will be many more....

Review written by: nick ( Review posted on: 10/23/02 17:10:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This is the setlist for the INDIANAPOLIS OCTOBER 21st show, since some of you were asking: cold and ugly the grudge stinkfist h schism parabol parabola third eye int. disposition reflection triad lateralus ions was in the first set somewhere too. excellent show. third eye was unbelievable.

Review written by: gay tool fan ( Review posted on: 10/23/02 19:42:38 ET

This was this reviewer's gay Tool show

im gay and i love tool. does that make me not a fan? just because i wear womans clothes, and own a yanni cd, does that make me not a fan? if i had the chance i would stuff maynard in the butt.

Review written by: Jeebus Krast (BananaWindKid@Lycos.Com) Review posted on: 10/23/02 22:42:56 ET

This was this reviewer's ??? Tool show

Yes, I know, certain crucifixtion awaits my posting thoughts on a show that has nothing to do with this one, but hey, antelopes don't make the best concubines either, what are ya gonna do? This will be the last show on this tour I see, and I am shocked and appauled at that fact. I saw a show during the Summer tour, in Hunt'nton West Vergin'ya, which, standing on the floor , was like being submerged within a sea of animate blowjobs. I'm almost sure that every phrase, word or expression that flowed through the crowd that night was laced with more inanity than a two pecker'd billy goat. Why would a goat be named Billy, and even more so, why would he need two peckers? I also saw the show in Erie a few nights ago, on the current tour, much better to say the least. I had a floor ticket, but choose to take a seat whenever our one friend with a seat ticket bailed, because I wanted to experience the show from a new dimension. It was neat, kind of like the way Red Moss holds firm when being stepped on. Fellow Bogtrotters, take note. 4 Degrees was as wonderful as the first time one "fingers a chick." I mean, I bragged to my friends that I heard it live, I was giggling on the inside, and at first, was a tad curious as to what I was taking part in, listening to 4 Degrees or perhaps it is but another teaser. All that was missing was offering the kid sitting next to me a whiff of my fingers. Although, he was so drunk, I probably could have stuck them up my ass, and he still would have inhaled the fumes deep within his smoke decayed air sacs. He was a stellar dolt..screaming "Topl fucking Rules...Tool....fucking rules." And ten minutes later, was thrilled at the fact that he had formed a rhyming sentence, deciding he was going to now take Maynards place as frontman of the band. What a fucking Lizard King he was. I hope he fell and blew his knee after the show. Some obese (or O-Beast, as I feel it should be) girl, also "fuck'd up," fell about 6 steps to her demise, before she was escorted out. She did manage to latch on to a yuppish looking girl, who made a grotesque face...that perky little bitch. Oh who am I kidding, I would have pound it to her like a veal cutlet. Anyway...I'm hoping Tool covers Jungle Boogie in Happy Valley, out. Your Pal, Jeebus Krast (The Almighty Remix)

Review written by: fuzzy p ( Review posted on: 10/23/02 23:27:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey, had a great time at the Tool show, my first. i had 2nd row balcony seats sec 233 after waiting 2 days to buy tickets. Had a gret overall perspective, but the atmosphere sucked. in the balcony hardly anyone stood! me and my buddies stood and leaned against the bar. however, after intermission, an usher came up and told us to sit down!!! this pissed me off the most. the fact that people were bitching about not being able to see, but would not give tool the respect they deserve. this is the last time i ever sit upper deck at a concert, pretty much ruined the experience for me... hope i can get tickets sooner next time around :)

Review written by: The Game ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 01:48:25 ET

This is to the genius above who tried so har dto use big words and found it impossible to spell "apalled" correctly: damn, I hope that someday we can all be as smart as you.

Review written by: Shaun ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 13:32:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

This was my fourth show in about a year. This might explain why I was so ....bored? I wasn't feeling the usual energy from the band, and the chairs bolted to the floor didn't help the situation. I brought four tool concert virgins and one who doesn't even listen to that genre of music at all, and I was almost dissapointed that I did. What ever happened to an album named Opiate, anyways? I mean ,ya, the Ramones were cool and all, and the sentiment is nice, but the Ramones were the Ramones and Tool is Tool. Commando put out a very weird vibe, and not in a good way either. And obviously it took up a spot that could have been occupied by Opiate, Jerk Off, or Cold and Ugly. Even Some more obscure tracks from Untertow would be nice, such as Undertow, or Four Degrees (fav song ever). Another thing, did anyone notice a couple of times when the band seemed out of sync and the sound guy messed with the levels to try to cover it up? There were also a lot of technical help on the stage. That is definately a no-no for a band like tool where the optical images are half of the show. Ah well, I suppose when you've been touring for that long, they deserve a mulligan show. Too bad it had to be the first for a lot of my friends.

Review written by: mesomuch ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 18:35:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 6 Tool show

so this my personal diatribe on both michigan shows, my interpretation of the greatness we witnessed and a chance to bitch at OGT dipshits who appeared to surround me. don't get me wrong though, i could just be getting old. just to let everyone in on a little secret i happened upon while in kalamazoo; IT IS NOT AN INTERMISSION! it is a time to let your chakras recharge. the energy you have been expending on your life does indeed come from somewhere within (it's quite nicely illustrated i might add). those of you busy talking to your buddy, bitching about the sets or toking the izherb were just unable to fully appreciate it. no bother, for that is what the subconscious is for. we should consider ourselves lucky. and in regards to the setlist, i think it is a perfect illustration at where these great men have been and, more importantly, where they are going in their lives. i suppose most of you wish to stay 18 forever, but that is not the secret to longevity; it is to ultimately gain wisdom while still able to view the world through your beginner's mind. are you still with me? back to the sets. i considered it an honor to be at a show opening up with cold and ugly, witnessing the power of third eye, lulling away to h., and getting my rocks off during that entire last run, right up to maynard's spinning lateralus. if you weren't able to appreciate these subtle nuances. tough titties; life can suck sometimes and every heavy metal band eventually grows up (out?). the sheer ability that was within my earshot was enough for me. the graphics were out of a psychedalic dream and the sounds were pure tool. let's hope the boys have one more left in em.... that said, i still didn't get my demon cleaner! with my feet upon the ground, i have lost myself within the sound.....

Review written by: danny careys son ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 19:25:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

i would just like to say ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING, how can the band keep in time with Danny, but on a negative note, Justin chancelor (i think he is the bass player not sure) but any way the bass player, he spends half the concert with his back to the audience, its like he is just watching dannys hands or some thing catch yah later djorgo

Review written by: Jeebus Krast (TheGame@OhhhhAhhhOriginal.Com.Jizbag.Org) Review posted on: 10/24/02 20:59:46 ET

This was this reviewer's ??? Tool show

Dear Game, I am sorry that I offended you by making a human error. However, I feel let down that you did not point out my run on statements, or my fragmented ones, you see. My point? I assume you are from Wes' Vergin'ya and found my ridicule offensive, and probably because the only chick you ever fingered was your sister. You know, there are a reason these things said about WV are so cliche, mostly because they're true. Another FAQ of mine for you: What is this "Game," in which you speak of? Tiddly Winks? Please do your best, as an inferior to myself and fill me in. And when you say, "found it impossible..." what exactly does "it" refer to? Shoots and Ladders? You are the new Duke of my Kingdom...Everyone put your manos together for the "Duke O' Inanity." Don't complain pally, it's either that or pretensious cocksucker. You know what you are, a knitpicker, who needs that, not me, bullshit, up yours, drop dead, eat shit, get laid, jerk me off, suck this I don't need your approval that badly, I'm not that reliant...K...get it? Oh, and I was just informed that "The Game," is the name of one of those panty dawning lunatics that "rrrrrrrrrrrrassle" in the what is it called...the...???...Dubya Dubya Eh'f? You fucking idolize a man who wears nylon panties, gets all fired up, and grinds his crotch into another mans back, all of this before he gropes his crotch and administors a "Double Bladed Death Wack from The Pits of San Diego Which Will Not only Fuck you Up, But will Also allow you To Be Eaten By Worms.." or whatever that move is called. Your Pal, Jeebus Krast (Or, as his rasslin pals call him, "The Pungent Pop-Tart from Parre.")

Review written by: toolfreeek ( Review posted on: 10/31/02 22:10:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. the shit not much different from other shoows on this tour commando whas a delite though fuck im hiiiiiiiiiiilittle slow posting this

Review written by: Guitar Pico ( Review posted on: 11/01/02 00:54:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

The venue and it's employees pretty much sucked BALLS.... We had tickets dead center in the upper bowl, and there was this big fuckin' box right in our way hanging from the ceiling... Yeah the ushers came and "dished out" tickets alright! ...To people that could already see!!! We got totally fucked on our tickets. Then we got sent to customer service where they told us "there was nothing they could do and that that they don't usually "RE-SEAT" people..." when I just saw them fucking doing it! ASSHOLES!! The band sounded stellar, as if there was any doubt. The best part of the show was when Maynard quoted my all time favorite guitarist ROBERT FRIPP- "Robert Fripp once said-If you take away one part, you no longer have a whole." That ruled.... especially since I was toting my "In the court of the Crimson King" T-Shirt @ the time. We were like the oldest ones there... 4 of us 30+ years old. It seemed many of the "children" really weren't there for the actual show at all, but for a cheap excuse to exercise their search for their "true identity" by spraying colored shit in their hair, and wearing clothes they otherwise never would. Where's the sincerity to one's self?! Or do they need "someone else" to show them the way??? Whatever!!! Meshuggah sucked pretty bad... dorks!!! I can say it because I've been playing guitar for 21 years, and no, I don't suck. Robert Fripp being my biggest influence might tell you something about that, if you know anything about anything. Every song Ruled! Wanted Hush and Opiate, but I was satisfied and would NEVER WHINE about ANYTHING they played or didn't play. Some people forget the band is on tour in SUPPORT OF AN ALBUM! (Idiots!) The parking lot was easy to get out of at the end, which was about the only good thing I have to say about the Breslin Center...and where's the expensive beer!?!?!! Wings K-Zoo Blows Breslin. Guitar Pico-Traverse City, Michigan.

Review written by: Evan ( Review posted on: 11/04/02 02:44:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I know it was a while ago, but I have a couple of questions: 1. Does anybody know who "Commando" was dedicated to? 2. Did anybody else see the girl in the black wings? What was that about?