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Review written by: Cayl (
Review posted on: 10/24/02 00:00:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Wow. I can't go much beyond that. They played Third Eye. Setlist is as just got done about an hour ago so I think I'm the first. Intro/feedback Sober - Ions The Grudge Stinkfist Forty Six & 2 Schism Parabol Parabola THIRD EYE -------------- Intermission -------------- Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Unbelievable...I loved Third Eye, it is unbelievable live, it's kind of funny because on the way to the show I told my girlfriend that I would fall down in shock and happiness if they played it...and I proceded to fall down. Forty Six & 2 was another unexpected suprise to me, that is an excellent song. As for the rest of the experience, Meshuggah is okay, however too repetitive, but better than Tomahawk. I was also glad to see how wonderful and innocent our Toledo women are with the boob-fest that occured between the two bands...this is why I date women from Michigan. Thank you very much Tool, Adam, Danny, Justin and Maynard for another excellent show, which I enjoyed even more than my first at Cobo just two months ago!

Review written by: Galen ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 00:53:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

Toledo, OH Sports Arena Oct. 23, 2002 Intro I Intro II Sober The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist 46 & 2 Schism Parabol Parabola Third Eye intermission Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Nice show, shit security on the floor, at least where I was. People would be crowd-surfing, then the damn security would fucking push them back into the crowd. State Police were doing security & the cop who searched me actually grabbed my crotched CSBs & shit...he said 'what's this' & I said 'what do you think it is?' He laughed and waved me through. Got a copy of the setlist from Nobby, the soundguy.... Complimented on making the band sound good live. Galen

Review written by: Matt Monforton ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 01:02:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 4tyh Tool show

All i can seem to squze out right now is that i feel like i am on a shitload of drugs. The drugs i took were Third Eye, Lateralus and Triadd that were all perdformed last night at the Sports Arena in Toledo. There were soo many good points that i cant talk now, but ill post another review in about 2 hours untill then im gonna ride the spiral till the end

Review written by: .innis. (sicknothing@hotmail) Review posted on: 10/24/02 01:54:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

i just got back from the toledo show. i was supposed to go last year on september 12. sadly i couldnt make it. so this was my first show, and it was beautiful. people will say that Meshuggah was just noise, and it was. but what sound isnt. they rocked. it all went like this sober the grudge -ions 46&2 stinkfyst, third eye, schism, parabol/a and varying sounds were also present, but i dont recall the order. d/r/t/l was so amazing that some jack ass threw up beside me. triad will alwayse mistify my soft emotional spirit. after triad justin stumbled and sat down, and when he looked up, he had a huge smile on his face. for about a second. at the end they stood in front of the crowd and took a bow. hugged each other in a big huddle, then dispersed within a flood of screams. streamers, banners, videos, and tits. lots of tits. it was an all around uplifting evening. *

Review written by: Kevin Brown ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 02:27:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was a show that I looked forward to for nearly 10 years now. I'd like to thank the band, the other concert goers, my date, and everyone else involved for giving me such an enjoyable night. First off, I'll list my gripes (though they're minor): 1.) The sports arena SUCKS for accoustics. Granted, it's not the worst place...but you could hear awful echoes if you weren't up front all the time. 2.) No Prison Sex, no Opiate, no Eulogy. Ah well, perhaps next time? 3.) The lead singer of Meshugga - perhaps it was just the sports arena, but he sounded awful tonight! The rest of the band was good, however. Now the good: The show started off well, with Meshugga delivering a blistering set, very little of which I was even remotely familiar with. They really got the crowd going, which was nice. While the techs were busy setting everything up for Tool's performance, a half-dozen attractive young ladies decided to bare it all for the sea of unattractive men around them. I suppose it helped to pass the time. Now, the big performance. Tool took the stage (which was lit beautifully throughout, I might add - give your stage manager a big pat on the back for that one) with the somewhat-predictable "Sober" Well, they actually teased us for about 10 minutes before they lit into the set, which actually made it all the more enjoyable. Maynard performed the entire set with his back to the crowd. Justin & Adam were off partially in the shadows, while Danny was forced into the spotlight throughout the show. The setlist was as follows, though some of the songs may be *slightly* out of order: - sober - the grudge - stinkfist - fourty six and two - parabol/parabola (interlude - Maynard: "And now, a word from our sponsor." - que 'Think for yourself, Question authority video'. This sent the crowd absolutely nuts). - third eye - schism - mantra/disposition/triad (extended version) - lateralus The people there tonight were really cool. I talked to many fans, most of whom seemed to care for the music as much as I did. Of course, you have the usual assortment of twits who only came for a chance to mosh and smoke pot, but I didn't let that ruin the energy of the show as a whole. One guy in particular just discovered Tool less than 6 months ago - at the ripe young age of 35. Nothing like making up for lost time, I suppose. I look forward to seeing another show, though I can at least now die content knowing that I have seen a performance like no other.

Review written by: h (na) Review posted on: 10/24/02 03:24:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

great show

Review written by: Johnny Handsome ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 07:41:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Wow, what an amazing show. I had never watched from the floor before, and I never will again. I got pulled into mosh pits and had to get out as quickly as I could. It really sucked. I'm just not into pushing around while I'm trying to enjoy a concert, especially Tool. It just doesn't make sense. Anyway, the moshers had no respect for anyone. There were a bunch of females who were getting tossed around and slammed into by them. I spent the majority of my time trying to keep guys from harming them. Pretty fucking sick, guys, pretty fucking sick. Anyway, the highlight of the entire night, and my life for that matter, was Third Eye. I've been waiting for them to play that at every show, and alas, they played it at this one. I would like to just say thank you to Tool. You guys are the greatest. Really, to me and the other fans who are moving to your music because it means something to us, you are the greatest band. We love you.

Review written by: Anthony Cook ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 12:16:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Great show. Galen has the setlist right. I was literally shaking when I knew they were going to play Third Eye. What a great song that is. My only complaint: People moshing during Reflection, of all songs. I think that people should have to score over 110 on an IQ test in order to be admitted to a TOOL show.

Review written by: Ross Mahan ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 12:43:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Think for yourself, question authority thats how it started when it was played THIRD EYE. I can't believe after all the other shows i went to i wished they would have played it, but tonight they did. It sounded unbelieveable, this legendary tool song is not played that often, we are truly lucky to have been apart of the moment. Though tonight maynard seemed a little peeved. I'm not sure what it was about if it was the sound which could have been better or the crowd even though we got his question right (Round on the outside HI ih the middle)? OHIO: He didn't turn around all night and talk very much and didn't stay on stage for the final goodbye to the audience. Justin and Danny were on as always and Adam was great. They played intros to many of their songs which was a nice treat to hear. One of the greatest moments to me last night though was during triad. In the song were adam is playing the quite main riff about 4:30 or so in the song that riff when they come out to start their finally, adam started 2 measures early on it. being a musician my self to see gods of rock'n'roll still can make mistakes there was just something about it that was great to hear. Thank you Adam, marnard, Danny and Justin again. You are truly above and beyond every body else.

Review written by: J. Hibler ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 12:50:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

FOR ALL OF YOU WHO DON'T LIKE TOOL NOW THAT THE SETLISTS ARE PREDICTABLE...........GO FOR THE JAMS!! I'm serious, this is my fourth time for the L. tour and the stuff keeps getting better as the jams are better-- WATCH DANNY CAREY!- He was smiling and laughing during the whole last jam. GREAT SHOW, GREAT TITS, GREAT TIMES.

Review written by: Jen ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 13:11:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Tool puts on a great show and this time was no exception. I do have a few complaints, however. First of all the sports arena is way too could barely contain tools huge setup(multiple huge projection screens, massive speakers, banners, and black floating orbs) I would day two thirds of the audience had an at least partially obstructed view of the stage. I could see adam and justin really well, but I could only see maynard's feet. I had to crane my neck to see all of him through the space between the speakers and the projection screen. All this wasn't an issue at cobo, which is a bigger venue. Also, maynard didn't disrobe... it's hard to believe it wasn't hot on that stage wearing those black leather clothes. Why does he do that anyway, is it a comfort issue, is it a matter of what mood he is in? He got nearly naked at cobo, and even the time I saw him at a perfect circle show. Those boots he had on were cool though. Now on to the good stuff...they played third eye!!!I just about fell over when they played the intro. It was a great version, the whole band seemed really into it. My evening was complete after that, and triad always mkes me gave me chills. I always have trouble understanding stage banter, but I think before stinkfist maynard said something like he wanted us to prove our intelligence or something.. I didn't catch all of it and I'm not sure exactly what he meant. Anyway I can't say enough about how great their live show is. I'd listen to them even if they only had a spotlight. one more thing...too many tits...too much moshing

Review written by: Master Reviewer (n) Review posted on: 10/24/02 15:54:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist.

Review written by: AndrewHyde ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 17:35:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

andrew sucks the monkeynut but tool is cool

Review written by: The Big Daddy ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 18:30:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

This is the second time I've seen Tool this tour, and by far the best show of their's that I've seen. The koolest thing for me was only having to drive 25 minutes from BG to see the show. Usually I have at least an hour drive to see Tool. But really, this was the best show. Maybe it was the all the anger I built up inside listening to that fucking shithole of a band, Meshuggah, that allowed me to totally geek out when Tool came on. These fuckin' guys, well at least the front man, should be hurled off a tall building and repeatedly run over by semi trucks. It's just my personal preference, hey, if you like them, more power to you, I but I enjoy music that has some ATTEMPT at melody. Granted their drummer is bad ass, but the rest of Meshuggah sucks balls, and needs to get cut off. OK, that's enough of that. TOOL, on the other hand, was amazing. Really, I can't put it into words how great it was. 46 & 2 was perhaps the best I've ever heard it played, and Lateralus, also. Parabola is always great, and I think Third Eye (Salival version), for everyone present, is pretty much self-explanatory. I thought the Sports Arena was a tight little venue. Fairly intimate compared to the other places I've seen Tool (Gund Arena, Schottenstein Center). Also, I gotta say, way to go ladies for that Breast Expo you put on between sets. Especially you two hotties that were all up on each other, that was great. You just can't get that kind of entertainment at a Dave Matthews concert. And also, thank you to everyone who was there...this show fucking rocked, and I'm just one of those people who loves it when EVERYONE else in the place is having just as much fun as I am, geekin' out, cheerin' and yellin' till your fuckin' lungs implode. That was one of these shows, thanx to everyone for wanting to have a good time and enjoy amazing music. But thanx especially, as always, to Adam, Danny, Justin and Maynard, for being TOOL.

Review written by: IX_IO ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 19:04:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey, just saw tool last nite it was grate. Teledo sports arena is a small place so i got real close real fast. guess inever realized how short maynard was.. didn't seem that short at the APC concert. In a word or two: Kick ass, loved every minute of it. I waited with some friends afterwards. Tryed To meet uo with them as they boarded there motel hell bus but was unable do to some security issues. i play guitar and sing as well i just wanted to jam with them soo bad. i hate power chords so bad they do a greats job of keeping the music real and not like that reproduced crap most bands put out next time ill try a little harder to meet them masuggah was crazy ass crazy my friend got a signed drum head from em. -dumbfounded dip shit

Review written by: Prying0penmyThirdeye ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 19:25:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

Back under the black Ohio sky.... a great show, and i must say that my third eye was as pried open as my vessel would allow and i could have not chosen a better sanctum. the last show that i attended was on Sept. 16, 2001 at the palace of auburn hills, in michigan...i am compelled to say that seeing DRT performed live, along with my greatly enhanced perception level, made this show one that shall forever be burned into my mind..... I would like to know if the women(kids), who were compelled to the neanderthal behaviors of showing their breast infront of soo many drunken idiots, feel any better about themselves by proving they are closer on the evolutionary scale to a primate sans thumbs then they are to realizing anything more than the giant flaming distraction they call, attention... what a pity... I was wondering if anyone who was sitting in the stands paid notice to my RAVN ight show in the air during Lateralus... i do realize that ravers are not known for attending tool shows, but well, there is not much better out there than live tool, an awesome ravn light show, and the feeling of rolling with the spiral....did anyone agree? Lastly, i would like to thank Toledo and a few people there that made my stay there a very pleasurable one, and perhaps, if i am ever in need of seeing flabby naked breasts, accompanied by drunk, impatient, inconsiderate dipshits... i may come back... but chances are, probabally not......... even though the concert was an unforgettable, joyous, third eye open experience, it would have been infinitely improved if the sale and consumption of mind numbing, asshole breeding substances; ie: alchohol were banned from ALL tool shows, for i am sure they would not be missed..... -a great thanks to the dead ohio sky and all that it covers, for in one night i realized, no other name could ever be more truthful

Review written by: Corbet ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 19:54:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

LOVED IT! It was great. Meshuggah wasnt as good as I hoped, but I really was there for TOOL. I deff. wanna see them next time they come to Toledo! PS - Anyone bootleg the concert's audio????

Review written by: J ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 20:18:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 11th Tool show

What up, Speechless for hours once again. This show was better than the Kalamazoo show Friday, except they did'nt play cold and ugly. No complaints as usually of course, good sound quality too. I got a water bottle from Justin. I saw TooL at the Sports Arena in '98, but I forgot how small it was. I love seeing TooL in a smaller venue again with gen. ad. Well boys and girls it's probably gone be a long time before we see them again. Till then spiral out....keep going. -Peace- P.S. I can't believe no one yeld for maynard's Ohio joke once again, I mean come on!

Review written by: ronda (don' Review posted on: 10/24/02 20:32:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I went to the concert to see Maynard sing. The music and everything else was great. I was disappointed to see that Maynard never faced the audience, stood in the shadows and was wearing black, I could barely see him. If I would have known that was going to happen I would have stayed home and saved 50 bucks. I could have put on a CD, closed my eyes and fantasized aboult the last concert of theirs I went to. Anyways I still love Tool, but am feeling a bit snubbed.

Review written by: josh nelson (forgot) Review posted on: 10/24/02 21:28:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st! Tool show

First off i would like to thank Tool not only for a hell of a show, but for playing the Toledo sports arena.I have not been there previously but when i did get there i about shit my pants...its the size of my high school gym..NO JOKE Opening act..Meshuggah i didnt care for..all of there shit sounded the same(screaming) which im not into but maybe other people are.Next time a good band to play with Tool would be Deftones. As for Tool amazing is the only way i can describe it.I wish maynard wouldv faced the crowd.. more but he has his own style, and i loved the leather jacket and pants he was wearing.The highlight song of the night for me would have to be sounded 10 times better live. The only real complaint i have is not aimed at Tool, its aimed at the fuckin drunks..and all of the 13-15 yr olds kids who try to act so punk or goth or whatever u wanna call it who fuckin tryed startin mosh pits to Tool..Tool is meant to listen to and enjoy and take in all of the beautiful sounds..not to push every one and movin all around. Maynard wasnt really talkative tonight he really only said 3 things "whats round on the outside and HIGH in the middle...:]" and the question authority..and then he thanked us..thats about it. But thank you danny,adam,justin and maynad for a hell of a first show for me and ill def. be back for more! p.s. dont forgot a extra pair of drawls..because u'll defenitly shit your pants when u see maynard dance!

Review written by: Kurt Cobains Dope Dealer ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 22:33:49 ET

This was this reviewer's Gay Tool show

I don't know why I saw these guys twice in three days. The Bresin center was cooler and the seated floor was much less irratating then a bunch of pierced saggy nipples and drunk jerks who just want to push people around. Everyone has said everything there is to say, except one thing.... I was on the out side of the mosh pit during Stinkfist when some crazy kid starts taking a massive bong hit in the pit. For some reason it is was too massive and he drops it and runs away. But that was no bong. It starts smoldering and everyone around me was terrified that we were all going to die. I was too messed up to care and just laughed. The pit grew tremendously and everyone was freaking out. Turns out it was just a few smoke bombs, but God was it funny. I'd give that kid some armfist if I could. What a hilarious stupid idea.

Review written by: cadet maynard james keenan ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 23:04:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

with summer's exit, the sun has died we are left here stranded in its void. along came tool as temporary relief like a drug that we become addicted to. thanks for the inspiring music. come again to t-town.

Review written by: Boomer ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 23:09:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

First off let me tell you Tool and their music is beautiful. Even at Toledo, OH where the arena is about to fall apart and the fans are a bunch of Third Eye moshing morons Tool still prevails. The set list was great. I came to see Third Eye and that is what I got. Maynard faced the other way but he's Maynard and he can do whatever he wants. My biggest complaint of the show was that it was all general admission. This allowed the floor to get drastically overcrowded. Me and my girl waited outside for 3 hours to get the front row railing. Messugah played their set and the pushing was not that bad, then all the sudden before Tool comes on everyone morphs into a bunch of asswipes. Hey if your not in the front TOUGH SHIT. But me and my girl took the mashing through sober then i told her fuck this shit lets get out of here. We got saved during The Grudge and we proceeded to the seats. Once in the seat we could see all the action and it was euphoric. We enjoyed all the songs and could see all the effects and relax in the seat and laugh at the people on the floor mash into each other like morons. All in all Toledo BLOWS, the sports arena BLOWS but Tool rules. Thank you tool for prying open my third eye !!

Review written by: FruitCake ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 00:22:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

First let me say that i came from far to see this show and it was worth the traveling! I really like the fact that the band really concentrates on their music and that they give their 200% when playing. I was dissapointed at the fact that we arrived very early to be in the very front. We made it thru Meshuggah and even before Tool came on we started getting pushed and shoved around. Tool started playing and we only made it thru a song and a half before my bf who (thanks to god) was protecting me from a bunch of moshing retards, couldn't take it anymore. We had to get pulled out by the security guard! I have to say that i really enjoyed the show once out of the mosh and the effects were very amazing. I have never seen them live and i'm very new to their music but the show brought it to another level. I wanna thank my bf for taking me to an amazing show, and i also wanna tell the band that they are doing spectacular work!

Review written by: Todd Cabinet ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 02:16:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

The show was unbelievable. I still can't believe they covered Flying High Again. That had to be the best part of the show. I heard Maynard hangs with Ozzy.

Review written by: WTF ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 10:28:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

WTF show is he talkin' about? Flying High Again...what were YOU on? Apparently he didn't see the same show the rest of the world saw.

Review written by: Robes ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 10:42:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

It`s been two days and i still can`t speak about this show. My god. Holy shit. Two words guys......THIRD EYE. I heard that they almost never play it. This was my very first Tool show, and i was blessed to hear my favorite song. Adam Jones was absolutely fucking amazing. honestly. The guy is the God of fucking guitar. Triad was incredible. so much energy out of both Danny and Meshugga`s drummer. I also enjoyed Schism. This was never one of my favorite Tool songs, but let me say that i was absolutely tipping out when they played it. I almost cried during the end of Lateralus, just knowing that they always finish with that song. Tits may have been degrading and pretty stupid, but hey...i`m a guy...i can`t complain. Well....maybe i`ll post another review later if the words to describe Tool in concert ever come to me. oh more thing....Monforton is a fag. Rich.

Review written by: D Blaz ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 10:57:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. I am 63 yrs old. Believe it!! Concerts since 1965 have been attended but nothing, ever like this show. My son, a drummer, turned me on to Tool as I turned him on to Eric Clapton at his young age of 11. Thank you Tool, a fan for life.

Review written by: D Blaz ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 10:58:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. I am 63 yrs old. Believe it!! Concerts since 1965 have been attended but nothing, ever like this show. My son, a drummer, turned me on to Tool as I turned him on to Eric Clapton at his young age of 11. Thank you Tool, a fan for life.

Review written by: Justin Vitale ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 12:32:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

This was the first time I have seen Tool in three years. For me, this was a great concert. I got to see all of their new material live. However, for a newer fan that has gotten turned on to Tool through the albums Opiate and Undertow, this show wouldn't have been to good. As I looked around I sensed some flustrations about the Third Eye, Triad, and Disposition. Those songs took up a lot of set time and even I would have liked to see two of those songs axed in favor of some older material. However, I am not in the band, so, I have no say so! It's just that Tool has so many good old songs and it is sad that a new fan won't get to expierience Intolerance, Opiate, Jerk-off, Part of Me, or other classics live. Yes, I love the new material, but, people come to a concert and want to sing along and feel that connection to the old tunes! I feel connected to all the new stuff, but, some people looked like they were dissapointed. These could have been radio or mtv people and if that is the case fuck them anyway. One last thing, I have to admit that the fact that Maynard had his back turned to the crowd the whole time was awesome. He lets the music speak for itself and in this day and age you rarely see that. Tool is truly one of the best bands out there and are still selling out arena's through all the shitty trends! I can't wait to see them 3 years from now. -Justin

Review written by: Kevin Rapine ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 17:18:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey, tool sucks! Why the hell do you people fallow them like some kinds of gods, please IM me at kr987654321 ps. that's my AIM screen name. And Leave poor andrewhyde alone. You people are such losers, get a life stop reading reviews

Review written by: tetsuosmesseduparm ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 18:28:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The Tool show was a uniquely good experience. I never listened to them very much. Sorry, but I think that I got a really interesdting perspective on the whole event as a result. It was worth it. I wish that I could explain what it is like to become a fan of a band by going to a show like that one. It was like being born. The crowd was fantastic, in spite of the boob parade (They are experiencing mixed feelings of guilt and pride right now...Isn't that wierd?) and the apparent ass kicking that was going on down on the floor. I have never been so struck by the personality of a band before. The music was amazingly intense, especially the jammed-out parts. I laughed. I cried. I thought about the nature of the universe. I heard the drummer drum a language. Try to get somebody to see them who doesn't know their stuff too well. It's like charity.

Review written by: Barone ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 20:13:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

What an increadible expierence! The tits were great, the light show was amazing, and (although it got out of control, I had to leave after about an hour, and short a shirt) the pit was alright. Now for the music...Sober was an excellent choice to open with, THIRD EYE was phenominal, and closing with Lateralus just about made me cry out of happiness. This was without doubt the greatest show I have ever seen, and I try to go to shows where the singer is all heart-ie.Pearl Jam, SoundGarden, NIN, e.t.c. It is amazing to see a band that can go out night after night and give it their all time and time again. My buddy-Jeremy-was afraid to go...What a mistake. Only complaint...moshing to Reflection? Are you fucking kidding me? All in all I will try to get to other shows anytime they are within 2 to 3 hours of Toledo. TO TOOL: You guys are Fantastic! Keep doing what you do...please. In a world that is as fucked up as ours is and will continue to become you guys are a real bright spot, and at more than one point your music has saved my life. I love you guys. Keep Rockin!

Review written by: im a fag ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 23:06:11 ET

This was this reviewer's gay Tool show

tool is the shit, tool is god, i love tool, i am not gay and i will have sex with them. i would let them anally rape me several times, and toss me out of their house. tool sucks ass. i hate tool, korn rules.!!!!!

Review written by: Eric Brumfield ( Review posted on: 10/26/02 03:32:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Well worth the long drive from Huntington, WV, mainly because I know that I won't get the chance to see Tool in concert for a long time. Had planned on seeing tool again at Toledo for over a month. Hiighlight of my night was Third Eye, it was an absolutely amazing experience. I swear it felt like I was not hearing the song through my ears but almost like it was playing inside of my head, I'll never forget it. Visual show was awesome as usual, especially during Third Eye, it was a very tasty visual treat. Crowd was also very cool and pleasant to be around, much better than the rednecks in WV. Where my friends and I were standing a guy near us handed us half a j, my hat to you sir as you made our night that much better, its very dry here. I also remember this girl standing in front of us screaming out to Adam saying she loved him and to take it off, good stuff. See you guys on your next tour.

Review written by: Samadhi ( Review posted on: 10/26/02 10:15:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Ohio Tool fans rule! I am from Nashville, and both the Toledo show and the Cinci show were fed by the crowd's intensity. Thought that the energy of Meshugga playing WITH Tool was amazing. What do y'all think?

Review written by: Speedo, the spunky sidekick ( Review posted on: 10/26/02 14:45:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Wow. I got up front. I wasn't aware Adam Jones had a face. I drove three hours to get there and three back when I had to be at work about two hours after I got home. It was all fucking worth it. Well, I didn't particularly care for Meshuggah. It just seemed that they wanted to be Pantera, but didn't want to practice. I really thought it was amusing when the singer talked to the crowd. "Toledo." (pause) "Ohio." (pause) "USA." I mean, they weren't the worst band I've ever seen by far (anyone whose seen 18 Visions can easily say that) but christ, they were average at best, and the biggest reaction they got was when the singer proved he know not only what city and state he was in, but the country as well. A shout out to the girl with the ring pop. Everyone up front knows who I'm talking about. She went above and beyond the call of duty for that. Third eye was awesome, visually and just the song itself. It's one of those songs that's grown on me, and hearing it live just made it for me. Hearing it while being a security pit away from the band was amazing. And I think I finally figured out the septagram thing.

Review written by: Norm (norm@icearth.vom) Review posted on: 10/26/02 16:36:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 2 Tool show

Tool live is an event and the goofy little Toledo arena was the perfect shed - very surreal and spectacular...blows doors of a big arena show, even if in bumfuck. I send thanks to the hardest working and most inspirational band in music today - perhaps ever. Looking forward to driving even further to see Tool again, before looking forward to APC.

Review written by: chrisp (n/a) Review posted on: 10/27/02 20:03:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

For somebody who's last time in the toledo sports arena was to see childrens' wonderland i must admit that i wasn't too optimistic about the sound quality but as it turns out the sound in cinci was worse. honestly i never thought i'd see tool here. let me share my experience i had with tool and their crew... i believe danny was playing on a drumset that is made from melted down cymbols. that was fun to see. I was also close enough too see the faces of adam, justin, maynard, and danny which enhanced my experience two fold (i'd also like to thank the intoxicated, middle aged women with razor burn on her TOES who fell on me twice, for adding that little something special) The show enveloped me and i must admit i cried during reflection. third eye dropped my jaw (as i know it did many others). this show also had an incredible feel. adam and justin were making eye contact and smiling, danny was laughing, and the group hug to tie it all together- phenominal. here's some other observations aside from the show itself. for all the impatient, ignorant, ape-like concert goers TOOL WRITES SONGS ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE YOU. I also get a kick out those people who don't realize their beinf made fun: people scrambling for the water bottles, people who didn't know to yell "ohio", the people wearing tool merhandise to the show, most of all people who are too stupid to know that the reason MAYNARD is not in plain view of the audience is because he doesn't want to be an idol. all the members have a voice in the experience. and experience that i will never forget.

Review written by: H. (...) Review posted on: 10/27/02 22:53:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

...Which song "makes fun" of people that wear Tool merchandise? How the fuck is that ignorant?

Review written by: Dan (n/a) Review posted on: 10/28/02 22:40:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

There's not a song to make fun of people with the merchandise, but I'm thinking that maybe, just MAYBE, the band finds it funny to see people everywhere sporting clothes that say "Tool"...Because most of you are, and just can't help it. Toledo is a bad place to see shows, and the techies let you know that in between sets, but you were too busy with boobs. Congrats Toledo, you guys really know how to enjoy a show. Boobs, beer, general admission? They were all bad ideas. Too bad your third eye is in your pants.

Review written by: -UntAppEd_Angel- ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 19:08:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

.This show was awesome. It was cool that I ONLY had to drive fifteen minutes to see it. but also the fact that I crowd surfed TEN times *dances* one of the only few gyrls to crowd surf. I got a cut to my eye. one to my face. I got pulled off the crowd by the same security gaurd THREE times. My clothes got ripped (iN white shirt and Blue skirt) and I met the most awesome Gyrl. Jen you are a gyrl for life. and Nettie. I luve ya gurl! *dances*. I'm glad that half of toledo saw my tits and ass (Not really but it's all in the same) I wanted to get back stage. but it never happend *frown* well I'm gonna go see TooL soon here again I hope *krosses finger*. No molesting this time -UntApped_Angel-

Review written by: dygytylsound ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 22:30:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Flawless, blue and beautiful. Acoustics sucked, tool was awesome. Sorry to those who missed it and hell ya to those that heard it.

Review written by: luap nosaj divad ( Review posted on: 10/31/02 22:27:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 26th Tool show

tits thirdeye tits thirdeye tits thirdeye tits slow again posting this i sweat my balls off evey time isee them at sports arena but lastime it was in the summer of 199? ive seen em allover the map gone broke over em but i will allways see em any chance ican !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! l!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! c!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 111