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Review written by: TD (
Review posted on: 10/24/02 23:34:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Just got home 15 mins.ago and here it is: Cold & Ugly !!!! Grudge Stinkfist H. !!!!!!!! Schism Parabol/a Third Eye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Intermission Disp/Ref/Triad Lateralus In Wilkes Barre I heard Eulogy,Patient,46&2, and in Syracuse I heard Sober,Aenema, so it was awesome to get Cold,H. and Third Eye! Triad was fucking incredible! Third Eye was definitely the highlight. Great visuals along with it too. H. is great live!! Great sound tonight in our little arena. It only seats 4600 for hockey, not sure how much was jammed in here tonight, but it was nearly full. If you don't get Third Eye live, I would get a refund. It was played to perfection tonight, and it has so much more power live than you can imagine. The crowd was fairly laid back, but they definitely got into that song.

Review written by: dave\ ( Review posted on: 10/24/02 23:36:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Just barely got back to the hotel room. Good Concert. The setlist: Cold & Ugly The Grudge (-) ions stinkfist H. schism (with intro) parabol parabola third eye intermission disposition reflection triad lateralus Setlist was great. I was glad to hear H. and Third Eye. I'm still waiting to hear 4°. The atmosphere there wasn't that great... seemed as though many of the people around me on the floor where there just to be at a concert, not because they like (or have even heard of) Tool. I only saw one person around me that was as excited as I was, and knew all the words to all the songs played as I did. Acoustics weren't that great... lots of feedback on the bass. (read: constant feedback) Maynard's end speech was to the effect of "you're going to go away with good feelings, some of you h h h h Horny. Go home, put on HBO and jack off until you pass out"

Review written by: Leviathan ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 00:14:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Great show. Setlist has already been posted. BTW, Because people aren't flipping out doesn't mean they aren't tool fans. Some of us old folks (29) like to sit a nd listen. I've been a fan since Opiate, just moved back to Binghamton from NYC, and was thrilled and actually surprised to find they were playing here. Lot of kids there. Most were respectful and very into the music. I did see plenty of girls forcing their girlfriends to leave early. This was not a setlist for the meek or casual fan. Had one bratty kid yammering through most of the set though, then he tried to bum smokes from me. Then he proceeded to ask every one in the section repeatedly. Ten seconds later I saw him pull a full pack from his pocket. Fucking parasite. I sat in the back in the last row. Loved the show. Maynard's end comments were to the effect of: "Tonight you may have been inspired. I want you to go home. Turn on HBO. Light a fire. Write some poetry. Then jerk off until you pass out..." I may do at least two of those things. But I don't have a fire-place and I don't have HBO. Triad was absolutely phenomenal. The bass did have some serious wasn't quite able to handle the range... Meshuggah was a joke. If their intent is to produce the loudest, most incomprehensible and irritating music possible, they are a smashing success....Otherwise I noticed a total lack of any kind of musical skill. And what the fuck has become of subtlety? But Tool was yummy.

Review written by: Scott ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 00:19:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 50th Tool show

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Review written by: jared ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 00:51:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Hello I am totally emotionally drained from tonights performance. Tool truly has changed since the last time i saw them, for the better. In fact, Tool has gotten better each show ive been to. It was a good set, with the nicest birthday present a guy could get, 3rd Eye. It was marvelous. Lateralis was by far the best rendition ive seen yet, a great closer. Set Cold and Ugly Grudge Stinkfist H Schism Parabol/a 3rd Eye Intermission Dis/Ref/Triad Lateralis Thank you Tool, for making me feel better. Jared

Review written by: Tool Rocks My World ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 00:59:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I guess we'll post the setlist. Cold and Ugly Grudge Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola Third Eye -- no fucking kidding Intermission Reflection/Disposition/Triad Lateralus So, right now I am listening to the best fucking bootleg ever! (and it's tonight's show) Many thank's to Frappster... Well, this review is going to be short, comparisively speaking to the last review. Partially because my migraine decided to bloom after 3 days of steeping during the drive to the show! I suppose the highlight of the show was Third Eye! It was awesome! When they started the intro with the TImothy Leary intro, I was sure that they were going to go into Opiate like they did in Erie, but they just kept going! Fantastic! I somehow got my way to the very front row, on the GATE, wich allowed me to be able to see some of the very intricate details of the experience, but made it impossible to see any of the films. This is what I've learned: 1) the black stripe down Maynard's face was actually not a solid black stripe, but three separate stripes, almost like racing stripes on a car. but in the front, it reaches out to Maynard's cheekbones, like a mask. 2) Danny (god what an amazing drummer!!), wears a jersey with his name on the back 3) Adam is not likely to make eye contact with the audience and seemed almost transelike, and Justin is completely into his bass-playing I left the gate as soon as we realized that Third Eye was not a tease because I had never seen it live (have you??) and wanted to be able to see the film screens. Fantastic, but what else could you expect from Tool? Anyway, that's about all. Binghamton wil never be the same. See you in Amherst and Augusta! --Kette

Review written by: Benjamin Redder ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 01:24:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The setlist was: Cold and Ugly The Grudge Stinkfist h. Schism Parabol Parabola Third Eye ---------------- Intermission ---------------- Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Tremendous show.

Review written by: J ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 01:33:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

It was a very good show, better than I expected, and I had high expectations. It was great to not have to travel to see a decent band. Tool's visuals are freakin' amazing, really brings the music to life. Meshuggah did well, I thought, getting everyone moving and awake. The crowd was very laid back and stiff, probably because there is never any good shows here, and people aren't used to performances of this caliber. There was a 10 min intermission during tool with a bass feedback noise that got a little old, thats my only complaint. I will definetly see Tool again, Rock on!

Review written by: Josh ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 01:47:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Set list has already been posted...but I have plenty to say... -Cold and Ugly was a great opener..not as good as Sober..but saying that one tool song is better than another tool song still makes the second song awesome...Tool material is on a higher level than most other bands -Third Eye was my number one concert experience of al must see it live -H was a great surprise to hear....saw them in Syracuse last yeas and saw 46 & 2 and Aenema..the tweaks to the set list were nice -I hate to be this guy, but I honestly think a few more songs off of Undertow and Aenema would be nice...People got into Tool for different reasons and at different times, and may not have been able to get to hear the stuff that made them what they are...takin Schism out and putting in Intolerance of Prison Sex would have been great..Schism is way over played and is kinda boring anyways.,.I love the Lateralus album, but Tool has so much material that maybe reaching back in the arsenal would be a little nod to the people who pay $40 a ticket to this band -Tool is still the best live band around and visual genuises..everyone needs to experience them -Maynards little spinning platform for Lateralis was sweet...

Review written by: Brendon ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 02:41:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Wow......I can't even describe what i just expierinced. I have never been so moved physically, emotionally, or spiritually. The setlist was perfect...cold and ugly!?!....Third Eye (with Timothy Leary AND Bill Hicks samples!!!!)...AMAZING drumming on triad...ALL OF IT! This is my third show in less than a year and a half and it keeps getting better and better...I cant even imagine what its gonna be like next week on Halloween...

Review written by: Pookie ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 03:35:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

fucking amazing! Meshuggah fucking rocked, they got at least 1 new fan tonight. And then Tool came on, and blew me away.....again. incredible performance, I loved the additions to the songs they did, made it a completely unique experience. I was very happy with the accoustics of the arena. and I finally got to see Third Eye live! so, in short, rock the fuck on.

Review written by: Master Reviewer (na) Review posted on: 10/25/02 04:49:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

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Review written by: nkdbrlnceothvluptuusnteskie ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 06:35:41 ET

This was this reviewer's *l Tool show

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Review written by: Pissed MoFo (Pissedmofo@butlick.ho) Review posted on: 10/25/02 09:10:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

Fukin tool. I've seen 7 shows on this tour and less than a week after the last one that I get to see they start playing third eye and cold and ugly. You goddam fuckers why did you all wait so fukin long to change it up. the last 3 shows I saw were basically the same. Fuck tool you bastards couldn't have changed it a week earlier. Fuckers

Review written by: ShakeNBake ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 10:05:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

All I can say is ummmmm.... The Show was amazing, It's my 3rd Tool show and they just keep getting better and better. It was nice to see some songs that havnt been being played often such as thirdeye and Cold and Ugly. Lateralus of course was amazing to see the band close with, after the song we see the ban in a huddle hugging embracing the crowd. Its hard to describe Tool shows because there is so much detail in everything, If you want to know what one is like I suggest you go and see one they are the greatest band ever. So with that said Spiral Out OOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Review written by: Kinger ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 14:08:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This is my first review. I'm gonna try to give it more then the OMGTOOLISFUCKINGAWESOMEILOVETOOWOOHOOO type of crap comments. Setlist: see above. Meshuggah. Meshuggah is fantastic if your into that kind of metal. For those of you which like the technical cruchy stuff like Fear factories "obsolete" or somewhat like Pantera's "Vulgar Display of Power" you should enjoy Meshuggah. I'm just talking about the music here, not the vocals. Vocally I wasn't too impressed, anyone can yell. They are very heavy, stick to the low tones, and use complex riffs. Stuff that is not simple 4/4 timing. So I can understand why people might not be able to get into it live. Arena shows have crappy sound, and if your not used to that kind of music, its really difficult to make out the riffs. That said, I personally love that style, and was blown away by meshuggah. Kicks the living crap out of tomahawk, thats for sure. :) The Binghamton crowd and arena. The crowd was young, much younger than the syracuse crowd. That said, they were pretty laid back. Thank god it was GA. The seating in syracuse was lame. Aucoustically that place is crap. Lots of echoes, leaves your ears a ringing. I was able to make out all of the instruments though. Tool. very tight show. Everything was timed perfectly. Better so then the summer tour. The mixing was good. Bass had some technical problems, and the guitars where as loud as they could be in that place without getting feedback. Which by the way, all bands get there. Metallica was excruciating, Korn too. Leave it to tool to get it right :) That said, it did leave the guitar a little on the quite side. It was most noticible when during triad, you really had to listen to hear the riffs. Drumming was perfect. As usual, Danny was the man. Triad was better this time around with the meshuggah drummer. Maynard. The biggest thing I have to say is he is nearing/ just passing his prime. You can hear it in his vioce that all this touring has taken a bit of a toll on his vocal chords. He chooses his high notes carefully. For example, during the "pine away....." parts of reflection, he doesnt; hold them, or sing at that pitch. Don't get me wrong, he can still do it, and does for most of the concert. But if you have any experience with vocal trianing and singing, you'll hear it right off the bat. All that said, he was still awesome. The songs. Live, they all hit alot harder. The beats are more pronounced, and the added emphasis on the heavier parts of the songs is awesome. Tool puts alot time into making thier songs better and better, and it shows. It was amazing to see third eye and H live. Unfortunatly the laers around me didnt know third eye, it was a drag. THey were wathing me and my wife thrash about more then the show, and it was pissing me off, kind ruined it. Another reviewe mentioned the crowd being not into it, and he was right. I know are alot of tools fan who sit back and take it all in, I'm not talking about them. This is just waht you have to expect now that they are huge. happens to everyband to some extent. Simply put, you got see their songs live to get a real feel for the band. It's hard to put it into words, just damn beautiful. Shit draws a tear from your eye. I'm still smiling from the show. :) Overall it was a better show then the syracuse stop on the previous leg of the tour. Better produced, tighter. Long live Tool.

Review written by: Ron ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 14:20:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

The Tool show at the Broome Center was without a doubt the best concert I've ever seen. The place was smaller than I expected, I last saw Tool at MSG, but it still kicked ass. The band was so tight and there was never a dull moment...even when the band took a break and the stage got changed around. I cant remember if this is the right order but the setlist was : Cold and Hungry The Grudge Stinkfist h. Schism Parabol Parabola Third Eye Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus There may have been more, but I just can't remember. The show was incredible and I cannot wait to see them again.

Review written by: nic ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 14:47:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

awesome show. it was 3.5 hours long. tour tees were 30. meshuggah sucked- it all sounds the same, i dont know if u can call that music, its noise to me. meshuggah played for 45 min then tool came on. tool was really good the drum solo with danny carrey and the meshuggah drummer was awesome. the closed with lateralus which was awesome.

Review written by: Rick Shahum ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 15:06:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

The whole experience was fantastic. Only an hour from Scranton. The bar across the street was a blast. Inside the venue, the acoustics were great. The Cold and Ugly, H, and Third Eye were awesome treats! We went with 17 people. I danced like a goof, banged my head, did the Moonwalk, watched little kids push and shove each other. i'm going to Illadell on Tuesday. Have fun. ORDER RULES REGULATIONS

Review written by: Sean Cannon ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 16:56:30 ET

This was this reviewer's na Tool show

hey, I know this is off subject, but I thought you all might find it interesting. Especially those who complain about Tool not coming to 'their' city. I made this by tracing the routes from venue to venue for all Aenima and Lateralus tours. You people up in NYC sure are lucky... Although everyone around North Dakota....sorry. Tool Tour map:

Review written by: THE MAD MAN IN THE PIT ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 17:28:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show


Review written by: The Real Nic (bbb@bbb.bbb) Review posted on: 10/25/02 20:49:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

The concert was awesome. That is all that i have to say. There were more people there than i thought there would be. Meshuga wasn't too good, it all sounded the same, but TOOL was as good as i imagined plus some. The visuals were great too. Arena was pretty damn hot and the smoke was real thick. Once again, all i have to say its that Tool fuckin rocked

Review written by: Ian ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 20:58:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

That was like no other concert I've ever seen. I'm used to the singer and the band trying to build a rapport with the audience, so at first I was like "what the hell is going on here? Why is Keenan hiding in the shadows back there?" But once the distorted face of Timothy Leary appeared on the screens, I figured out "aha! Tool wants you to hear them, not watch them. They want you to look at the mesmerizing visuals all around and incorporate it with the music for one grand perceptive experience. It's all about opening your 'third eye'." While some people seemed restless during the floor-shaking intermission, I stood there, taking in the sights, sounds, and vibrations. It was incredible. That being said.... -"Third Eye" and "Triad" were the highlights. Incredible -I was a little disappointed not to hear anything from "Undertow" or "The Patient" -I really didn't like Meshuggah, but their drummer was great on "Triad". All in all, an incredible experience. I hope Tool releases many more albums and goes on many more tours, because I will be there!

Review written by: radoncphys2 ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 22:09:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I need to see Tool live again, because this show did not inspire me like the first one. Maybe it was the mellow crowd and the friend I was with, I don't know. The band was as tight as ever and they reaffirmed for me my belief that Tool is as good, and really even better live than on CD. I had burned Lateralus for my friend and let him borrow the Salival Box Set a few weeks before the show to get him initiated a bit for what was to come. He's a newb to Tool (his favorite song is "Schism" :) ). We listened to Sober, Forty Six & 2, Jimmy, Aenema, (-)ions, and Third Eye. I told him we most likely will here Sober, (-)ions, The Grudge, Forty Six & 2, Schism, Parabol, Parabola and Aenema. Then I told him about the Tool Intermission and the Disposition/Reflection/Triad "triad" and the closer Lateralus. We arrived at the site of the concert about 6:30 p.m. We parked across the street from the Arena and had a couple of beers and some eats at a local Pub. At about 7:45 p.m. we headed over to the Arena. My fear going in was that we were going to be stuck with the tickets I got. Since I bought tickets late (I had just seen Tool in Syracuse and really wasn't paying attention to any nearby locales cause I just work in Elmira and live in Syracuse) they were behind the stage (at least from the seating chart). To my surprise the behind the stage seats were not even open. The ushers were not directing people to their seats (in fact on old lady usher told me how to gain access to the floor). Being only 5 ft. 4 in. tall, I did not relish the thought of trying to see Tool through the backs of fellow concert goers, so we decided to sit on the side, middle upper level nearer the back of the Arena. The Arena is, like the War Memorial in Syracuse, really a hockey venue. So they are both kinda small, but I thought both had great acoustics! We tolerated Messhuggah (can that lead singer make a more gruesome sound?) and waited for the band we came to see! I was sitting next to a Father type with glasses and what appeared to be his daughter. They never (outwardly) got into the music nor did anybody around me except maybe one or two others. I stood for the entire first part until intermission when, by then, everyone had been sitting for several songs. There was one babe-alicious, tube-top wearing Tool fan. She had a distinct feature (besides here nice figure :). She had this glowing/twinkling 5 pointed star. Well for any of you who saw her, you know where I was sitting. I guess I should close with the fact that Binghamton won the Tool song lottery. For every set of reviews I've read leading up to the Syracuse concert and then to this show, everyone wanted to hear more old stuff and esp. Third Eye. Well I could not have been more surprised to hear Cold and Ugly, H. and Third Eye. (In Syracuse it was, really, only Forty Six and 2 for substitute songs). Boy was I happy about that and felt lucky enough to have seen it and heard it myself. My buddy liked it more than he thought he would and that made me feel good. I got to see them again real soon! Thanks Tool!

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 23:05:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. My 9th show was indeed kick ass. I saw Third Eye and Cold and Ugly for the first time. I had been dreaming of 3rd Eye so it was great to see it. I met some kick ass people there. Sweet. This was my 7th show this year and Tool is a great band live obviously, so if you have any doubt about going, just go, and then you'll thank me later. Matt

Review written by: geery ( Review posted on: 10/25/02 23:47:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 11th Tool show

Well, i've been posting on this site recently with my belief that the earth would part before tool would every play 3rd Eye in my presence again. But finally, they did. It was a build up to orgasm.. This set list was the best I've seen them play since 96.. I don't believe that most of those local folk understood what they were observing. NO ONE cheared for Danny's set unveiling.. SHOCKING.. The crowd only seemed to get intense when the radio friendly songs were played.. However, there was no matching the intensity of those in the crowd who understood that they were playing third eye. I think this was because we few and proud that have finally seen it happen again were possessed by those immortal words of Tim Leary and Bill Hicks that preceded that wonderful song.. gotta go. see you all in phili and nassau.. Thanks TOOL

Review written by: groupie fag ( Review posted on: 10/26/02 00:33:29 ET

This was this reviewer's dick Tool show

iit wasnt all that good though, i thought they could have played more variety. nonetheless i gave a really good blowjob to marynard and adam. danny carey has to brush up on his drum skills as he was completely mistiming the wholeshow. adam was way off. and justin? as far as im concerned justin should quit the band and die. he sucks. i can play better bass with my big penis. maynard has to raise his voice a little too. but again, his penis is small and i sucked it and swallowed him. tool sucks my fat asshole.

Review written by: xfan ( Review posted on: 10/26/02 02:51:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 17th Tool show

Venture to say it had the best set list and yet the worst I've ever seen them . . . plus I nearly got into a fight with Maynard behind the arena before the show (we had a little stare down)

Review written by: Master Reviewer (toolsucks) Review posted on: 10/26/02 19:22:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

My I begin by saying that this was the worst concert i have ever been to. It is unbelieveable to conceive taht a band of tool"s caliber can be so unenergetic on stage. this was the most unentertaining show i had ever been too. the live performances of tool over the last three years is what willultimately determine that tool is not and will not ever be one of the elite few bands who are actually good. the audience is reactive to the energy of the band that is playing and that remains true for this instance in which the entire crowd was a bunch of mindless drones just standing there doing nothing. the set did sound good however dissapointing due to the lack of energy and due to the amount of songs played off of the toned down P***Y ROCK ALBUM LATERALUS. a band has to show energy...... if people wanted to hear a well put togetherun energetic set they would stay home. that is why people buy cd's. it is impossible to to take a band seriouslywhen they can not even be energetc about their own music. especially when they bore you and 5000 other people to death for 2 hours.

Review written by: hellmaker ( Review posted on: 10/26/02 20:07:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

this was the best show i have ever seen...i have been to,ozzy,manson,jackil,Motorhead,Ugly Kid Joe & Metallica..all of them were very good shows but the only band that i play anymore is tool...well and Stone_sour...but tool is the best band in the world....and we here in binghamton dont ever get any good shows here...and now i hear that korns comeing here too... -=hellmaker=-

Review written by: The F*@k Dress Chick ( Review posted on: 10/26/02 22:04:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I don’t even know where to This was my first general admission show, and I swore noone was going to stop me from getting right up front. Needless to say, from beginning to end, I was smashed right up against the front barrier, all the while knowing that suffering through Meshuggah’s tedious set and obnoxious, cock-gobbling fans was well-worth it. Opening with “Cold & Ugly” was a very pleasant surprise, and what can I say about “Third Eye” that hasn’t already been said? During the bone-shaking intermission, I swear every molecule in my body was vibrating at damn near the same speed...if it had gone much longer, I may have just disappeared! I could go on and on about the show, not to mention Tool in general, but I’ve read the other reviews and see my feelings need to be repetitive. If there is someone reading this who hasn’t experienced Tool live, I implore you, for your own sake, PLEASE GET TO A SHOW!!!!!! I’m counting the minutes until Halloween...see everyone at Nassau!!!

Review written by: jay ( Review posted on: 10/27/02 20:49:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show


Review written by: Fuckin Liar ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 00:10:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 69th Tool show

Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maynard came on stage with a fuckin pumpkin on his head!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweat Intolerance Prison Sex Pushit H Third Eye Aenima Swamp Song -Intermission- No Quarter Eulogy Cold & Ugly Jerk-Off Opiate Ticks & Leeches Disposition-Reflection-Triad Lateralus And Then He Actually Encored!!!!!!!!! Maynard's Dick!!!! He wasnt a trick and we gots our treat!!!!

Review written by: Trash master ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 23:27:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I was alittle disappointed with tool in general but I am writing to inform the guy who wrote in to tell everyone about this hot girl who was and I quote dancing. You said you stayed standing the whole first half of the show so I know who you are. You are that annoying person always sits right in front of youat the movies with a big hat. but you had a huge fucking fro thanks. now back to the girl. If any one saw this chick you would realize that are annoying friend must have been blind as well as dumb. Her "dancing" was a cross between shadow boxing, an epileptic fit, and of course you typical bar slut who thinks that everyone their should be paying to see her not tool. This gift to ugly men everywhere was bouncing her ass off the three foot wall that stood in front off her like he was fucking for her first olympic gold. All in All the slut helped bring down the quality of the show by lap dancing with her man who thought he was blessed with the golden pimp dick. RIGHT... do me a favor but a leash on her and teach her to heel. As for my good friend with no taste.. thanks again.

Review written by: dvl ( Review posted on: 10/31/02 18:19:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Doug's Concert Review What a show!! My first at the Breslin Center. My only comparison to the set-up is the Checkerdome but smaller. Don't think there was a bad seat in the house. I got there just as Meshuggah took the stage. I'm not much for the growler type lead vocals but I did like the music. Although I have to say I'm glad the lead singer announced the name of most songs before playing. I don't know that I would have known the difference if he hadn't. And yes Ian, they did indeed have an incredible sense of time. The drummer was amazing. For the most part I just tried to keep up with his appendages - constantly wondering, 'where did that come from?'. Lot's of tom tom (almost sounded like kettle drums). The guitarist sounded good on the few occasions that he actually stepped up and did a lead. They played about 40mins. After a too long intermission, Tool took the stage. All minus Keenan made their way out during the intro. Then, the crowd erupted as his Gollum like self slunk onto the back of the stage. Fortunately not in drag but in full black leathers (which he shed down to black short after the first couple songs). The way this guy moves is freaky. If you were to see his shadow stretched across an alley wall at 2am you'd scream. But, like a train wreck, you couldn't help but watch. He stayed toward the back of the stage on a circular revolving sub-stage for most of the show. The rest of the guys pretty much held their respective ground and just played like mad. It really was a perfect balance - what a concert should be. Great music with mind blowing / thought provoking visuals. Not just make your ears bleed decibels with flashpots and some idiot screaming about how f*king great it is to be here. I'd go into details about each song but this would be much too long (too late). They were just great! Every song was given justice to the original recording with just enough flair to make it personal for the show. The highlight for me was the jam that led into their last song 'Lateralus'. They brought out the drummer from Meshuggah and he played an abbreviated standing kit. They jammed for 20+ mins. I know they rehearse this stuff but to look at them, you could just see that they bled into it. One of those ethereal experiences. Two huge screens suspended above the crowd (where else would they be 'suspended') were used throughout the show with their usual almost disturbing images. Nothing raunchy at all, just stuff that would make you bolt upright in a cold sweat if any of this stuff crept into your dreams. I have to describe one of 'em. Just an animated head with non- descript features. The skin had split marks like you peeled a banana and were looking at it straight on. Then as the music pulsed the skin would peel back to reveal the skull. Further along the skull would contort and hop up and down faster and faster from the peel! Cool.

Review written by: Jared ( Review posted on: 11/01/02 10:02:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 5 Tool show

Third Eye and Cold and Ugly!!!! What a show, crowd was little disappointing, but fuck it. Tool rocked and Maynard was very into the show as usual. See you in LI on Halloween.

Review written by: jon root ( Review posted on: 11/01/02 15:37:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! this was my first tool show that I tripped at holy shit was it an incredible the whole show was a trip loved every second of it. I dont understand some of these naysaying reviews. If tool was up there farting into the microphone i would half eaten it up. Tool was a "sonic visual and audio orgasm." to quote my roomate. Tool bombarded the crowd with visual chaos stripping us of any thought ffrom which our ego would project. the only clarvoyancy were the sacred mirrors which every individual posses.Tool Asked the audience to delve into the unconscious and come out the otherside hopefully knowing oneself a little better. exciteing and spectacular. unseenscene,

Review written by: LeiA ( Review posted on: 11/01/02 21:57:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Setlist alraedy posted. No sense in repeating. As usually, I was blown away by Tool's performance. Front row center most of the time, finally just recovered from some bruised ribs and bruises under my arms. I must say that of all the shows I've been too, the Tool crowd is always the best crowd. Depsite the injuries, the Tool crowd respects, focuses.. almost standard. I know I wouldn't waste my time jumping around like a goof during a Tool show. I talked my brother into getting tixs for the Philadelphia show and he was amazed as well. I must say I was a big aggitated by some of the kiddies there, just to be there. But I also believe that if you're going to be introduced to a band for the first time, might as well make it a fantastic one like Tool. I was impressed by the visuals in the latter half of the show. It was nice to see Danny Carey's facial expressions up close. I was frozen in my spot and my feelings can be matched with my brothers feelings, "i was on a diffrent level, lei, my eyes didnt leave the stage and i felt in a spirtual." I was shocked as all hell when I heard the intro to third eye. I was even more shocked when the girl behind me chimed up with "is this the eye ball song?" Played to perfection and gave me goosebumps. Did anyone else notice the lead singer of Meshuggah's fly was down??? I yelled it multiple times in hope he'd trun around and fix it, with my short attention span that wa sabout all I could focus on. The incessant screaming of course had my attention. Wasn't as impressed with them as I thought I was going to be. Til next time...

Review written by: Gone Fission(get it? heh) ( Review posted on: 11/04/02 17:59:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Okay, the setlist was posted. Funniest thing. I didn't really go to the Tool concert. Honestly, I was in Binghamton (it helps I live 45 minutes away from both Syracuse AND Binghamton), but I was outside of the Broome County Arena, so for all intents and purposes, I attended... or at least in spirit. Oh my GOD! Cold & Ugly... missed that at Syracuse, and also H. I wanted them to play it. And Jimmy. Oy ve, Maynard sounded amazing. I think I want to marry him. Or... just bear his illegitimate offspring. Yeah! That's what my guidance counselor would call a goal. I think that the Broome County Arena is better for shows, only because the OnCentre was cramped. I'm not sure how this one was doing, but I was getting all the air I wanted... unfortunately. I still regret having missed seeing Maynard sing H. live. I heard it damned well. I KNEW I should have taken Nay up on her offer. By the way, I didn't catch the opening act. Were they good? Better than Tomahawk?? Please say yes... please.... onegai?? Oops, some japanese slipped in... meh. -Kalika (Forsaken Kalika on AIM)