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Review written by: bobby (
Review posted on: 10/28/02 23:21:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Incredible, like always. Set list: cold & ugly the grudge stinkfist H. schism parabol/parabola third eye intermission disposition/reflection/triad lateralus Very awesome. triad is still my fav. song to watch them play. The crowd kinda sucked at the end cuz everyone was sitting down, but i guess if they want to, they can, but jeeze, Tool won't come around for another 4 years.

Review written by: FRANK (45@36.COM) Review posted on: 10/28/02 23:39:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 2 Tool show

great show the highlights would definatley have to be when henry rollins came out when they played the bottom. and also they played the extremley rare 'maynerds dick' wich theve only played once the whole tour. maynerd was dressed like an indian,and danny died his hair green. here is the correct setlist: 1.sweat 2.eulogy 3.intorlarance 4.ticks and leeches 6.bottom (wiith henry rollins) 5 minute drum solo 7.pushit 8.hush -----------intermission------- 9.maynerds dick 10.crawl away 11.the grudge 12.jimmy 13.h 14.lateralus GREAT SHOW!!!!!!

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/28/02 23:46:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

FRANK, i dunno know what show YOU went to, but your setlist isnt even close.. cold & ugly the grudge stinkfist H. schism parabol/parabola third eye intermission disposition/reflection/triad lateralus this is the correct setlist, and in order it was played. Insane show as always... Thanks Tool.

Review written by: jill tammaro (marlowkitty) Review posted on: 10/28/02 23:49:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

i just returned from the tool show. i was thoroughly disappointed. the sound quality was terrible. far too much bass. i could not hear the vocals at all. this is a small venue and i can understand why it might not have the best sound, but this was rediculas. it was also very short i think they only played 8 songs, and not 1 of them was from undertow. anyway tool is still the one of the only good rock bands out right now. rock on.

Review written by: PaulC ( Review posted on: 10/28/02 23:59:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

Great Show. First time I've seen Third Eye, I think. It was the version from the Boxset. Great setlist, opening up with Cold and Ugly. All together a phenominal show. Not much else to say.

Review written by: Bill ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 00:08:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Good show, they sounded very tight. It was nice to see them up close, they look so damn professional when they play. Most definitely schooled musicians. Cold and Ugly is a great opening song. The opening riff is such a rush, it was excellent. The crowd, on the other hand, was terrible. Everybody on the floor got drunk, moshed, and shoved for no reason while everybody in the seats sat there like they were watching Barry Manilow. The crowd at the Fleetcenter in August was far better. If you wanna mosh, go see Slayer and In Flames. (although I like both bands, im just trying to make a point) If you want a good show, go see Tool. And leave your fucking beer at home, by the way. Anyway, back to whats important, Tool. They were tight, sounded great (even in a venue that can make bands sound lousy), and seemed rather cheerful. Good show. -To the random bitch that was shoving me into the pit the whole show-fuck you. With that being said, goodnight.

Review written by: Fuckin Liar ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 00:10:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 69th Tool show

Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maynard came on stage with a fuckin pumpkin on his head!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweat Intolerance Prison Sex Pushit H Third Eye Aenima Swamp Song -Intermission- No Quarter Eulogy Cold & Ugly Jerk-Off Opiate Ticks & Leeches Disposition-Reflection-Triad Lateralus And Then He Actually Encored!!!!!!!!! Maynard's Dick!!!! He wasnt a trick and we gots our treat!!!!

Review written by: Concerned (poopikins@poopies.doo) Review posted on: 10/29/02 00:16:19 ET

What's w/ the wrong setlists? Everyone knows its wrong w/ the fuck u gotta post that shit?

Review written by: me ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 00:17:24 ET

Setlist: Cold and Ugly (hell yeah) The Gruge Stinkfist (extended ver.) H Shcism Parabol/a THRID EYE (nothing i can say will describe it) ---------------------------- --------------------------- D/R/T Lateralus Best Tool show is have ever seen. I have been to 5 shows and nothing compares. All i can say is Cold and Ugly and Thrid Eye .

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 00:18:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

Why do people insist on posting fake set lists? Does it make you feel important or something? Jeez people get a grip. No, I wasn't at this show, but will be at some Cali shows and if I do post a set-list it won't be made up bullshit like I keep seeing!!

Review written by: X ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 00:19:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Setlist has already been posted. Maynard was dressed differently than when I saw him in Augusta. He had the leather speedo, and was painted black with neon orange lines and dots going up his legs, arms, and face. Very alien- like, but very cool. The crowd was good and bad: good in that I wasn't pushed around at all, and had a good view from the front-left side of the floor. But they didnt have much enthusiasm for the band. Maybe it was because the music was VERY loud, but they didnt cheer very heartily when Maynard egged them on. As a result, he kept his bantering at the end of the show short and rather straight-forward (as opposed to the penis pumps and masturbations schtik I heard in Maine). Cold and Ugly and Third Eye were great treats, though I wish they had squeezed a song in right before the intermission (Opiate, Aenema?). All in all yet another amazing Tool experience. Spiral out.

Review written by: thirdeyejunky ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 00:20:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 12th Tool show


Review written by: thirdeyejunky ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 00:20:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 12th Tool show


Review written by: thirdeyejunky ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 00:21:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 12th Tool show


Review written by: Needles ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 00:21:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

third eye. one of the most incredible musical experiences i have witnessed (although it wasn't the first time, yay lollapalooza 97). anyway, i think the band was simply fantasitic tonight, rivaling the times i saw them in 2001 and much much better than the show i saw in providence last august. to the idiot who thinks the show was only 8 songs, try sticking around during the intermission. to the idiots posting fake setlists, stop sniffing so much glue. the first setlist posted is correct. the band seemed very happy tonight, maynard was somewhat talkative and faced the crowd for awhile and did some great spasmolytic dancing. triad was another highlight, simply stunning. great visuals, great songs, great band. i will miss them when they stop touring. its a shame most tool fans are dolts. i met 2 beautiful people tonight, so that was encouraging, but other than that i was surrounded by fools who wanted to hear "sober." how such an intelligent band attracts such foolish people is one of life's little mysteries. anyway, we'll see you on the other side.

Review written by: Mark ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 00:37:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Excellent show. Not as good as the Fleet Center, but excellent nonetheless. The crowd sucked in my opinion. Some people took it upon themselves to sit up around the edge of the boards, effectively blocking out the view for most of my friends. It was also these same people who would periodically turn around and jump around while staring you in the face, crazily screaming lyrics that were better sung by Maynard. The girls behind us were commenting on how they'd much rather be fucked up for the show because it wasn't good enough for them while sober. There was a huge man with no shirt on who was wearing elbow pads, knee pads, and what kind of resembleds some kind of sparring gloves. I'm sure this guy was there for all the right reasons. All in all, I didn't get a very positive feeling from the crowd, and I doubt Maynard and the gang did either. Maybe it was because a huge portion of the crowd were from UMass Lowell. Anyways, enough complaining. I had an awesome time and was very happy to hear them open up with Cold and Ugly, not to mention Third Eye! On the way home from the concert, we found ourselves in a huge traffic jam in the middle of route 95. I looked over at the car next to us and for no reason began to wave at them. They waved back and appeared friendly, so my girlfriend asked if they had just gone to the Tool concert, and they said yes. We ended up chatting about the experience, and suddenly I found myself running around both sides of the high way and playing hackey-sack with a bunch of cool people I had never met before. I think this event in and of itself made the night much more memorable. If any of you guys are reading this, e-mail me! See you at the next show.

Review written by: pink pants freak ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 00:37:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

what can i say? it was an \amazing\ show. maynard came out painted completely black with this glowy uv sensitive vein-looking design all over his body. i love the way he moves on stage, it's like he isn't even human. i couldn't see him very well until i retreated to the railing up by the seats (i'm way too short to see over the sweaty masses of moshing freaks). the view was definitely worth being sorta far from the action. first time seeing tool in over 4 years, and it was definitely worth it. 50 bucks for a long-sleeve t- shirt.. but it's cool! :o third eye = amazing, i was psyched to hear reflection since it's my fav song from lateralus. woulda loved to hear some undertow stuff, and damnit, i want to hear jerk-off live! can't wait to see them again!

Review written by: pink pants freak ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 00:48:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

oh yeah, who the fuck was making ass-sex gestures behind me while i was bent over yelling at my dad on the phone? 8( anyways.. waaaay too wired to sleep. if anybody's here that was in lowell tonite, drop me an email.. bored as shit now!

Review written by: Timmy C ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 00:57:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Third Eye was UNREAL... an incredible treat. The crowd SUCKED, though... I tried as hard as I could to stay right up front but everyone was crushing eachother during the pause between Meshugga and Tool... really sucked. I figured Tool would be the one band that I could enjoy from up front and not get sucked into the mosh pit or crushed, but I guess not. Nearly passed out from lack of oxygen. I eventually faught my way back and tried to enjoy the experience 100 ft back from the center of the stage and that was much better... word of advice to future Tool concert goers- if you're looking to enjoy the experience and power of music, DON'T GO UP FRONT...that's where the idiots are. I guess I just don't see Tool as a band that you can mosh too... if that's your gig, then fine, but don't ruin it for everyone else... go to a Limp Bizcrap concert. Guess there's no way around it, though. I've heard Tool sound much better before... the sound in lowell is pretty scratchy/muddy and I couldn't make out much of what maynard was saying... an incredible experience nontheless. Thrid Eye made my night... I totally lost myself in the music... Cold and Ugly was an AWESOME opener too from what I could tell. Happy trails.

Review written by: Joey ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 01:16:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Holy shit... First of all, Meshuggah is incredible. I think that unless you've heard their songs before and know them at least a little, you won't like them live. They are such a technical band that the sound system has to be perfect for any of their music to make sense. They were just unbelievable tonight. Tool.... well all I'm gonna say is that they played Third Eye, so now I can die a happy man. Oh for the love of God how is Danny Carey so ridiculously good? Joey

Review written by: Shaun ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 01:24:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Holy shit... Just when I thought Tool could not possibly be a better band than I thought, I FINALLY see them live... It was... It was. It was an experience on all levels- emotional, physical, visual, MUSICAL. Having never seen the band, just hearing a shitload of bootlegs (thanks deadohiosky) and random clips, I thought they were something totally different from what they were. Maynard seemed totally anonymous in the back next to Danny. He almost seemed like a space alien... sort of removed from the rest of the band. His voice was fucking PHENOMENAL. The band was fucking phenomenal... I couldn't even start... well, I will anyways. Highlights: "Third Eye"-They played THIRD EYE!!! I lost my voice during this song. They spliced the Timmothy Leary/ Bill Hicks intros... The coolest thing about the show was how people cheered at Bill Hicks' speech. People were starting to get the point. "H"- You could tell Maynard was really feeling this one.... "Cold and Ugly"- Didn't expect them to open with this... "Stinkfist"- My favourite Tool song, they did it justice. "Lateralus"- Great, great set closer. I told all the friends I went with, "They're my favourite band in the whole fucking world for a reason." Tool do not disapoint, even after a year on tour. I would give a limb to see them perform again, Hopefully, it won't come to that...

Review written by: hed ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 01:26:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

beautiful H. made me cry And what's this I can't bring in a lighter? When did the Nazis take over America?

Review written by: Mike ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 01:30:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Holy nutsack! Cold and Ugly The Grudge (-ions) Stinkfist H Schism Parabol Parabola Third Eye (who ha ha ha) ...intermission Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Um, yeah. Saw them Friday in Amherst, which was good...don't get me wrong...but damn...tonight? Third Eye was fucking insane. I knew they were gonna play it right when Maynard goes, "...and now a word from out sponsors." THINK FOR YOURSELF...QUESTION AUTHORITY. Hot damn. Thus concludes my epic Tool journey. As they say, 4th times the charm! I think I'll sleep now. Thank you guys played frickin tight tonight. Talented guys...SERIOUSLY. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 01:46:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

can anyone post the meshuggah setlist?

Review written by: RJC ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 01:50:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I saw them first on Aug 16th, 2002, unaware of their music style or ablums. Since then I have been feening for it, and tonight Oct 28th, 2002, the night after my 20th birthday, I was fullfilled... These experiences are the best 2 of my life, and tonight's performance... euphoric. I still don't know where I am, but I have faith. The set list was incredible, playing a superb selection of their mainly wonderous hits... or should I call them genius masterpieces. I'd like to thank Maynard, Adam, Justin, and Danny for prying open my third eye.... and remember, we are all eternal, all of this pain is an illusion. I hope you all can extract the same feelings I extract from this... I'm still in shock, good night!

Review written by: Spiraled Out ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 01:55:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Set list is already posted so I don't need to worry about that. Tool was definatly on a good night. They blew me away. Did any of you realize that Adam Jones played a Rush riff at the beginning of the show? That was cool.. As far as everyone saying the crowd sucked... from what I could tell when Tool first ame on the crowd loved it. Every time I looked down to the floor the crowd was having fun. Towards the end of the show they were getting tired.. until Lateralus came on and then they moshed again... I can't fucking believe they played 3rd Eye! Definitly was the highlight of the show in my eyes.. Cold and Ugly was awesome... I don't know how much you guys hate security but I fucking can't stand them. I get there and the ticket guy said I had to throw out my cigerettes and lighter... which by the way had a big fat joint.. I'm so sick of going to concerts when I can't even smoke a cigerette or some weed. It's supposed to be a fun time.. I time to relax and let the music take you over. that's how I feel about it.. anyways FUCK SECURITY! AWESOME SHOW TOOL! I will be definatly seeing you again. See you on the other side :)

Review written by: Dave Tardif ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 02:26:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

the setlist was awesome Cold & Ugly The Grudge Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol/parabola Third Eye intermission Disposition Reflection Triad (FUCKING AMAZING w/ messhugah's drummer) Lateralus well i just got back from the show.. and we fell asleep on the ride home.. yes WE, me and my friend ox, the one who was driving.. we almost died, we hit "something" doing 80MPH, and still are not sure what, whatever it was it destroyed the wheels on the drivers side.. anyway, enough about that boring stuff... ON TO THE SHOW..i was so pumped when they opened with cold and ugly.. i knew they were going to play third eye after they opened with that.. it completly made my weekend after seein the Amhearst show. OK this was a GA show so i was about 5 people off from the stage on the floor.. which was awesome.. except for the FUCKING MOSH PITS... yes during meshuggah pits are ok! i was having fun kicking ass and getting mine kicked just like everyone else... but doesnt anyone realize A)tool gets bands like that to open for them because it gives those "moshing" fans music to do their moshing to so that everyone can enjoy the TOOL expierience, and B) TOOL is NOT the type of music that you would mosh to. if everyone can learn these, and respect the people around them , the shows would be alot more enjoyable.... having said that, THIS SHOW WAS AWESOME, some good highlights were maynard having changed his wardrobe into the blue suit with the glow in the dark paint on... "a message from our sponsor.." >>> timothy leary..'think for yourself... question authority..' it was the 5th time i've seen TOOL and the more I see them, the more i want to see them, if you can go to ANY show, DO IT, we dont know how long they will be touring.. trust me.. you dont want to miss out on this..

Review written by: John G. ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 02:33:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

8th show, I think... amazing as usual, for those of you who were also following them around new england, this was a welcome change from amherst and augustas identical set lists. the opener with cold and ugly was just what i needed to get me excited... then third eye... i think this show was by far one of my favorite ones yet... as far as the crowd goes, i was very impressed with my fellow comrads in the stands, all very mature, and seeming to enjoy it as much as i was... the floor did look very rowdy, and i was glad i wasn't there being violated like some of those other poor people... all in all, amazing, 'always a pleasure, never a chore'

Review written by: Master Reviewer (na) Review posted on: 10/29/02 02:57:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist.

Review written by: stupid is as stupid does (blah) Review posted on: 10/29/02 05:25:58 ET

This was this reviewer's inth Tool show

This is to the I love how you bitched at everyone who can't spell, that was great. Actually though, YOU are the dumbass . . . both the album and the song Lateralus are spelled with a U. The first printings of LateralUs came with a typo, this typo is the spelling of LateralUs, on the back of the album cover the song LateralUs is spelled with an I. They have since corrected the spelling and the new printings are spelled LateralUs. Thanks for humoring us with your ignorance. I always find it funny when morons try to correct people who actually know what the fuck they are alking about.

Review written by: emily c ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 07:58:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

a few days ago, a friend called me. he had been working the show as a local in amherst. he got HOOKED UP WITH TICKETS AND AFTERSHOW PASSES and wanted to know if i was interested. no, i didnt pass out at this offer., but i was giddy and couldnt sleep all weekend.....skip to the show: THIS WAS, BY FAR, THE BEST TOOL SHOW I'VE SEEN(albany, boston, and amherst being the others). it never occured to me that they could up their playing intensity to a higher level. but i really shouldnt be surprised - IT'S TOOL!! i'm a dancer - i get grabbed by music and i dance. but at this concerst i was dumbstruck and paralyzed, it was so beautiful. i was too lost in watching maynard move on stage to recall the set list, in order and everything. i know theres no guarantee of meeting the band after the show, but aftershow, exciting experience anyways. i wasnt expecting any of them to come out, and THEN MAYNARD WALKS INTO THE ROOM. not know what to do with myself, just stared in awe and watched him as he talked to i guess it must've been a friend of his for 10 minutes. there were a few other people in the room, some fans, and a whole lot of groupies who were whispering and gigling or playing cool. did anyone else feel like they died and were re-born in that room???!!! ok...MAYNARD: he's had this amazing calmness and tranquility, and so softspoken as he talked, but vibrant with some really good energy at the same time. he was laughing about something with the guy he was talking to, and i kid you not - you could see the laughlines around his eyes from the back of his head. how beautiful. recalling that image makes me smile more than anything. he walked by the table i was sitting at as he left. what could i say to him, except "thank you". and he replied, "thank YOU." so what if i didnt get taken backstage further to hang out with the band more...i got to say thank you to you know how happy i am that i got to say thank you to him? THIS WAS THE EPITOMY OF 6 YEARS OF, WELL, TOOLING. i hope i have the opportunity to merely be in the presence of tool again. "a child's rhym stuck in my head. it said that life is but a dream. i've spent so many years in question to find i've known this all along." love to EVERYONE ~ emily p.s. if someone has any audio from the show, Email me!!

Review written by: Born Naked ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 08:23:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

The Rush riff that Adam started the show with was from A Passage to Bangkok - talk about "a word from our sponsors" hehe So, what's the deal with the boring opening act? I mean - I was stagediving at Slayer shows 18 years ago - it was cool then, but isn't this a bit tired already? I can't believe that people are calling this "progressive" and "technical" - repetitive and monotone is more like it. The best thing about Tool is their dynamics - why can't they pick a band that has a similar vibe? Yeah - thrash metal - that's the ticket - whatever. Just stop yelling at me My guess is that it is some record exec or promoter. I can't imagine that Tool thinks that their music is cool. Think for yourself - question authority indeed... Next time, bring out Laundry (, or Born Naked (

Review written by: cp ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 08:39:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Very good show tonight. I have no complaints concerning the band or venue. Just the waste product that smoked grass and insisted on blowing it all over me. I went through my phase with that stuff, thanks Cheech. I just wanted to post a few of the songs that Meshuggah played. They played 7, but here are the ones I recognized. Soul Burn NMCC Future Breed Machine Nebulous Closed Eye Visuals Sickening. If anyone has audio/video of this show particularly when Tomas Haake from Meshuggah came out with Tool, email me so we can arrange an exchange. Be safe everyone.

Review written by: BEEPER LOW ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 08:50:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

opening with cold & ugly...then following up with 3rd eye later... ummm, i can't believe i am working today...

Review written by: Carl Champigny ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 09:21:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Well here I go! I am still trying to decide which show I liked more...Lowell or Fleet Center (Aug 02). Comparing both 'viewpoints', I would have to say it is a draw. Fleet gave me an up close encounter, while in Lowell I could see all of the visuals. The video effects had some new additions, which were downright freaking creative! The lighting was pretty insane too, which complimented the video and of course the music itself! Also, Tsongas Arena is much smaller - which is something that I can appreciate more as everyone is closer to the band. The crowd was very chill, with everyone seeming to be overall enjoying the performance (they would be crazy not to!). Here is the setlist, as I was not drunk at this show (see the notes @ the bottom of this post for details re: that :) Note that the items that have an ">" are words to the crowd from Maynard. - Cold & Ugly - The Grudge - (-) Ions > "Lowell...Lowell...sounds a bit like Somerville. Are you sure you are here? Prove It" - Stinkfist - H - Schism - Parabol - Parabola > "Thank You for Your Support..." - Bill Hicks (? Authority Intro) - Third Eye --------INTERMISSION-------- - Disposition - Reflection > "Thank You for Sharing This Moment...Go Home and Create Something Inspiring" or something along those lines. - Traid (with member of Meshuggah playing the drums which kicked ass! and I think another member playing an organ or something?) - Lateralus Maynard played the headless guitar throughout the second set (except Lateralus I believe). What a freakin show. ZERO complaints from me, as this was my 5th show since 97 and I can't think of one thing negative to say about any of them. I hope to see 5x 5 more TOOL shows, as they totally inspire and motivate me everyday. Thank you Danny, Adam, Justin, Maynard! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This in no way relates to TOOL... *A note to the Tsongas Arena - I think you suck! I can understand the 'no smoking' policy, I agree. But to make people toss this cigs and lighters is downright silly. And then, before the show, I figured I would go get my girl and I a frosty one. The sign at the 'Pizza Topper' listed beer on the menu - so after I wait in line the women tells me beer is severed way down to the right!? So I hoofed my way down around the arena, and instead of a beer stand, there was a 'Beer Garden' which is where all alcohol had to be consumed. You have got to be kidding me! So, I walked all the way back to our spot w/ a frown on and all I could say to my girl was "Look around, do you see anyone drinking beer?" The answer was "No" and then I explained what I had gone through. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise, as I had an hour to drive home and a DWI would not look too good on the record. Nevertheless, I thought that the Beer Garden was a silly way to control those who enjoy a beer at a show. What is this all coming too? Enough of my rambling - to anyone who reads this post, I hope you enjoyed this show (or any other for that matter) as much as I did. Til the next tour...Peace! Carl Champigny

Review written by: BlakNo1 ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 09:36:40 ET

This was this reviewer's N/A Tool show

I made the decision from hell and went to Rush instead. I've never seen a show at Tsongas Arena, and thanks to these reviews, i never will. Security confiscating lighters and smokes?Thats bullshit. And, to all the people complaining about beer drinkers and pot smokers, it's the outside world, kids, if you can't deal, stay at home.

Review written by: happy man ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 10:13:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show


Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 10:33:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 59 Tool show

Cold and Ugly The grudge Stinkfist H. schism parabol parabola THIRD EYE intermission Disposistion Reflection Triad Lateralus Killer show..........Saw them the last 5 concerts and LOWELL was the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: Dave ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 10:42:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

First Things First. Tool was excellent. The band was very tight and very animated (for Tool anyway). The setlist was incredible. When they teased the Timothy Leary soundclips, I thought sure they would just play something from Leteralus, but NO...We got Third Eye. That made it all worthwhile for me. Maynard was doing his best to pump up a very mellow crowd. Mellow is good for a "John Tesh" concert...But this is TOOL. The Fleet center crowd was ten times louder and more into the music. Very disappointed in my fellow Lowellites. I was screaming my head off, when I realized that I was one of only a few that seemed to shake off the proszac buzz. Mystery to me how you go to a concert and sit on your hands. Oh well, at least you could hear the band. The sound was pretty sub par, with the bass drowning out much of Maynard's vocals. At one point I thought his mic was off, but it wasn't. Too bad the sound was so muddy, because the Danny, Justin and Adam were all on their game. Overall, a mind-bending experience, despite the technical flaws of the TSongas and the sedated crowd. Tool added some nice new visuals and Maynard was more animated than usual. My fellow Tool fans were much more respectful at this show...But I'm not sure that always translates into the best crowd. A few crazies are necessary. This is rock. Spiral out...Keep going. Tool defines great music and continues to set the standard.

Review written by: nick ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 11:10:42 ET

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe they played Thrid Eye! I had a fuckin chance to go at like 5:15 yesterday, but i said no after realizing i wouldn't be able to pay my good friend Alec. As he walked away later he said he was sorry i didnt get to go, and i said i was probably more sorry-i didnt know how right id be! Now im quite upset- i mean THIRD EYE!!!!. What im getting to is: IF ANYONE HAS AUDIO OF THIS SHOW- PLEEEEEEEEEEASE EMAIL ME at Damn...ah, well theres always next time-thanks for listening

Review written by: blur. ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 11:26:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

i'm just going to put the setlist of last night's show, i wont bore anyone with my rambling of how fucking beyond amazing it was... cold and ugly the grudge ions stinkfist h. schism parabol parabola third eye /intermission/ disposition reflection triad lateralus

Review written by: John ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 12:46:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

I've seen Third Eye live, my life is now complete. amazing show, the best i have ever seen. i still can't believe they played cold and ugly and third eye

Review written by: TooLrOOls ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 12:49:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Increadible show. Third eye was amazing, I can't believe they played it. Triad was also so fucking great! Awesome show as always, keep it up guys, you're the greatest!

Review written by: Bill Hicks ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 13:32:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

I know you all are not going to believe this but some of you had faith in Third Eye, well Maynard says the next few shows will have either trick or treat on rare songs. Well we at Lowell are blessed by Tool to hear Jimmy!!! I expect the next 2 or 3 shows to have rare songs in the gaps they usually switch up. Intro Sober The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola Jimmy (Intro to Aenema, Maynard chanted,"I hate, I hate, I hate." Then they kicked into the riff of Jimmy, the rest was bliss.) Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Give credit to Tool for unleashing Lateralus while admist mirroring their past accomplishes. Thank you Danny, Justin, Adam and Maynard. ---My revelation is that Long Island show on Halloween will get 2 or 3 treats that night. Expect the usual songs (H., Sober, Stinkfist, Aenema, Cold and Ugly, etc.) and expect to be swept up by Tool's treat. I'm expecting them to pull either Hooker, Ticks & Leeches, 4 Degrees, Flood, Prison Sex or Jerk-off.

Review written by: M White ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 13:32:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I first saw tool at the Manchester show on Aug 18, which blew my mind, mostly with the visuals (I was sitting so I could see them) ... but this time I got on the floor (thanks general admission!) and really got to see the band up close ... and holy jesus while the crowd was belligerently aggressive, and a lot of people were clearly far too intoxicated for their own good, it really is worth it to get in the pit and get up close to the stage. you get to see the little things the band does that you might not notice before... it'd be nearly impossible to see the neon pattern on maynard from far back ... did anyone catch the huge smile that danny had on all throughout triad? he was so damn pleased ... just the concentration you see on adam and justin's faces ... and comparing that to the paradoxical intensely laidback visage that danny puts on ... (i swear to god i saw him close his eyes during some crazy parts) the song selection was fantastic. i didn't wanna hear sober or aenema or stuff like that... going all the way back for cold and ugly was fantastic. and there isn't anything i can say about third eye that hasn't already been said. i was crying during it. wow. i still think that the highlight of the show was triad. i can't even estimate how long they carried that song out for... it was just amazing. which member of meshuggah was doing the static/analog synthesizer during that song? he was really good ... i guess seeing six guys up there pouring their hearts into this one song was just awesome for me. as a big fan of industrial and experimental music, seeing an analog synth during a tool set made me really happy. maybe after danny works on the new skippy puppy record, cEvin will join as the fifth member of tool?

Review written by: Jef f ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 14:38:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 3d Tool show

Cold & Ugly (very unexpected... kicked ass!) The Grudge ( - ) Ions Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola THIRD EYE (took the show for me. i almost shit myself when i heard "Think for Yourself, Question Authority....") intermission Dispostion Reflectin Triad Lateralus very great show. Out of the 3 iv seen, this one was th best. Thanks to Dany, Adam, Justin, and Maynard

Review written by: Jav ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 15:18:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first Tool Show, but my for my 3 friends it was their 5th. And I have to tell you, I think after this show if the world ended i'd be willing to be the first to go. I'm an avid reader and music listener and no band i have ever seen perform live got to me the way last nite's show got to me. Parabol/Parabola and Third Eye are my 2 fav songs and to have them both played in the same concert in the way they were performed, just can't be beat. Even after seeing the crowd mosh to Tool (i think this takes away a lot of the feel for the music since u dont really LISTEN to it) i was still in awe of the performance of every single song, every single riff and every single note that was played on each instrument. At one point i found myself wishing the night would never end. I hoped the sun and the moon stood still so the wonderful words and music being put forth on that everlasting night would never cease to be; but suddenly i reminded myself "embrace this moment, remember, we are eternal". And So I will remember this nite till never ending existance.

Review written by: Steve Kick ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 15:21:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well what can I say, tool was tool. Astounding, Third Eye...good lord Lost my voice to that song. Crowd was ok, I was at the edge of the human ocean so I was ok. Fights broke out periodically..for reasons I can't figure out? Great set list...Meshuggah...boring..why can't tool have someone good open for them? I mean they were better than Tomahawk but still, who wants to hear death metal at a tool concert? We met some great people who felt the same... And for the absolute highlight of the evening.. Yes, I was the one who walked away with a DANNY CARREY DRUM STICK!!! I'm telling you, sometimes its good to be 6'2 :) If anyone has any contacts with the people who sold the t- shirts or bought extra, Im looking for the longsleeved black one that has the blue guy on the back. It just says "Inside on the Outside" Thanks, Steve

Review written by: CaseyTrunks ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 15:27:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Personally, I don't think the Tsongas Arena did anything for Tool. I agree with what someone said earlier: way to much bass. I couldn't really hear Maynard through alot of the show. The highlights of the show for me were Third Eye and Triad. I thought they performed Triad extremely well this time around. I thought they sounded much better at the Amherst show though...probably not their fault. Maynard talked during this show much more than I've ever heard him talk at a show. He actually tried to get the crowd riled up, which i've never seen him do.

Review written by: Joey ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 16:02:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Last time i saw tool was august 16th at the fleet center, no pit. All i can say is that when stinkfist came on i was goin physco and they played 3rd eye which was complete insanity. No sober aenema or forty six and two, but i saw all of those played the last time and H , 3rd eye, and cold and ugly DEF made up for it. Reflection/triad is the best thing i ever heard in my life awesome both times Meshugga dude played the weird ass drums it was insanity, Tool is best band out there now, and i smoked about 9 bowls in the pit, all around it was fucking incredible Tool never dissapoints. If u wanna email me leave the subject "tool"

Review written by: Master Reviewer (SGDF@ARSD.COM) Review posted on: 10/29/02 16:08:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist!!!

Review written by: Masterbator ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 16:09:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 12th Tool show

great balls of fire

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 16:14:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

THIS TOOL SHOW WAS INCREDIBLE. ONE OF THE BEST CONCERTS IVE EVER BEEN TO! TOOL WAS INCREDIBLE. THEY PLAYED GREAT. ALTHOUGH IM PISSED ABOUT THE WAY TSOGNAS ARENA RUNS THINGS BUT ITS OK. Mesuggah was a pretty good opening band, I saw them at Ozzfest, and they sounded a little better last night. They are hell of alot better than Tomahawk on the summer tour. SET LIST: Cold and Ugly The Grudge Stinkfist H,(i couldnt believe they played it) Schism Parabol/Parabola Third Eye(wicked fucking good song) Dispositon/Reflection/Triad Lateralus OVERALL A FUCKING GREAT PERFORMANCE. THANK YOU SO MUCH TOOL. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. AND I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN NEXT TIME YOUR AROUND NEW ENGLAND. Spiral Out....Keep Going....

Review written by: joey ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 16:37:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Yo fellas, i already made a post, but for reali had my pipe, lighter, weed all in my shoe. Seriously why r u peopel complaining about gettin in a lighter fuckin hide it morons. I cant believe people r that dumb

Review written by: Mariop ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 16:59:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 11th Tool show

Has 2-B a DVD!!! (please,please!) Last nights show was the best I've seen. Cold & Ugly with that old-school intro riff rocked! Very raw - nice work Tool. The Grudge was powerful as usual, so tight, so very, very tight - like a machine. I have to say though, Stinkfist was one of the highlights of the show - the solo to Stinkfist was new, the part when Danny is going off and Adam comes in with some blistering chords then hits a few notes - changed up the notes and added some new positive-sounding notes, almost sounded like it came from some other song - spectacular! Then came h - I was excited to hear it, great sound, you could hear Maynard fucking perfect! I sang - "I dont mind" As loud as I could, I was trying to rally the troops, ya know? Next was Schism - I love this song, especially when accompanied by an all-new 2.5 min. intro! A new intro that sounded like nothing I have heard them play. It was all slow and quiet, with Maynard handling some vocal whispers and angelic voicings! (It was funny because I told my buddy it would be fat to hear a brand new song - I did the job just fine). Parabol(a) came next with a Pushit/Salival-like intro, I thought they were going to play Pushit! So did a lot of people - But Parabol(a)s never lets us down! Now came the monster rearing it's head when Maynard said "And now a message from our sponsor" Timothy Leary came on the screens for what was one of the best versions of Third Eye that I have seen. All sorts of new embelishments on the parts of Adam and Justin - Justin by the way sounded perfect! The visuals for Third Eye were fucking great! Nrew, colorful, vivid! I wished I was on Acid or Mesculine! After Third Eye was the intermission. I love that "Stretch your Face" intermission visual! Then our hero's came out with a new backdrop, the pentagram in the middle and Alex Greys' art rolled down. They proceeded to do the Disposition/Reflection/Triad medley, which was astounding, the quiet parts were quiet, the loud parts were clear and strong! Fucking Triad!!! I thought it was the best I had ever heard it at the fleet center, but this topped it! The guys from Messhugah are very technical so it made for a very powerful, perfectly-timed jam! Maynard was on bass for this one. Before Lateralis Maynard said some stuff like the positivity/catalyst for art/creativity speech and asked if we were sure it was Lowell again. Then they played Lateralis, Fucking sweet!/dude!/sweet!/dude! All in all I think they are in the process of recording or making a DVD or something. I say this because thay were absolutely perfect! I have actually never heard anything like it from Tool, they are always great and powerful, but I felt like I was witnessing a special show! Maynard played his bassoon during Schism and Reflection. I saw video cameras and mic's so maybe they were filming (hope-hope). Tool, you are a truly beautiful experience, I feel like I have gone through a certain amount of healing. I feel better. Cant wait to see you again! This was my 11th Tool show.

Review written by: blah (blah@blah.blah) Review posted on: 10/29/02 17:34:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 5 Tool show


Review written by: Andrew Childs ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 22:07:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Wow, despite some technical problems, this was an amazing show. It was great that we could pick any seats. We got second row seats! But then, all seats are good in the Tsongas... Meshuggah went on at about 7:30 and played for about an hour. A lot of people thought they sucked, but they really are a good band, especially if you like the genre. They definately would have been a lot better had the equipment been better, maybe everything wouldn't have sounded quite so repetitive. But that lead guitar was awful. They brought a ton of energy to their performance, and got soem decent pits going. But they are not the type of band to coincide well with tool... After Meshuggah, we had to wait about a half hour for tool, not bad at all. The intro they use with the lights out is incredible. Our first glimpse of maynard showed that he was painted black, with the black underwear, and glow-in-the- dark white neon paint, making him look like the lateralus man. Whoever would have thought their first song would have been Cold and Ugly? That set the tone for the rest of the show, leaving some amazing surprises such as Cold and Ugly, H, and best of all, THIRD EYE! Third Eye was by far the highlight of the show. The intro was hilarious, with the "word from our sponsor" and Bush on the display screens. This was also the emotional high of the show, the whole experience was just amazing. As a whole, the rest of the show was very solid. The bass swas waaay to high, drowning out Maynard's vocals. Other than that, everything sounded great, better than at the FleetCenter show, especially the Lateralus Triad (R/D/T). Meshuggah's drummer was a great addition, but it was disappointing seeing everybody sit down. Which brings me to my next point... THE CROWD ABSOLUTELY SUCKED! It was incredibly disheartening seeing everyone stay absolutely calm, especially during the Triad. All but a few fans sat down, and then people were actually complaining about my friends and I standing up! We enjoy seeing the band play those emotionally driving, challenging songs, and the crowd did a great deal to ruin it. All in all, it was a great show. Definitly will catch them on the next tour (fingers crossed for winter!) PROS-better setlist than Lateralus tours, great seats, nearly flawless band precision and cohesiveness CONS-horrible fans, vox trouble, no songs off Undertow and only 1 off Opiate

Review written by: Tool rocks? ( Review posted on: 10/29/02 22:20:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Could someone do me a favor and tell me when Tool took the stage? I have tickets for an upcomming show and need to know. Do the tickets say 7:30 pm?

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 10/30/02 02:02:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I'm nott gonna give a set list cuz its posted about a hundred times above. All i'm gonna say is that it was an awesome lineup of songs. Cold and Ugly was a great opener and I almost shit myself when they played H and Third Eye. The Timothy Leary/Bill Hicks intro was unexpected and fucking awesome. I don't know how many time throughout the show I screamed "Danny Carey is the fucking man!! From one drummer to another, he is definately someone to look up to. The crowd sucked and the acoustics sucked even more...u couldn't hear what the hell maynard was singing....besides that it was an awesome show. I saw Tool at the Fleet in Boston Aug. 18 which was just as good. The sound in the Fleet is much better though. Tool is probably....nah --IS-- the best, most talented rock band out there right now and i know that no one can top them. Nobody else sounds anything like them. I'm gonna shut up cuz words just cant explain how good they are. So anyway.....Adam, Justin, Maynard and Danny.....You guys are the shit! Thanks for the inspiration and for kicking so much ass!!!

Review written by: Tim ( Review posted on: 10/30/02 08:23:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I really don't know what to say. Amazing, incredible, insane....those words can't even begin to describe the instensity of the show. I've seen Tool 4 times and they never seize to amaze me. The greatest part of this show was I didn't decide on going until 4:00 that afternoon. Myself and 10 other guys then packed into a rented U-Haul van ro head from to Boston to Lowell. I didn't even have a ticket and was taking the risk of not getting in. My philosophy was that "hey, I'm doing this for Tool". Luckily I was able to get myself and I am glad I did. Theres no need for me to write the set list because the other reviewers all have it. But I would like to comment on a few songs: Tool kicked it off immediatly with the unexpected Cold and Ugly, it was so powerful and from there you knew it would a great show. Third Eye was unbelievable. Every show I would always saw to myself "I hope Tool plays Third Eye tonight". This time was wish was granted. I don't know what else to say about that...Third Ete had been an important song in my life and I consider a true musically masterpiece. To hear Tool play it live (at a show I almost missed) was a truly great experience that took me away on a musical journey and brought me back in a state of awe. Triad with Messhugah's drummer and Danny Carey was one of the greatest drum shows I've ever heard and I've seen a lot of big names. Thanks Tool for another great show. Glad I could be there.

Review written by: John ( Review posted on: 10/30/02 09:42:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Just one complaint. Tool...You don't need an opening act. Setlist was not my favorite but most Toolfans liked it. I rather see Prison Sex ,Eulogy or Aenima live. But cool show at a smaller place. Heavy moshin for mosty of the night. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We sat in the seats.SecA Its better to watch TOOL than to get pushed around. Maynard had this suit like thing on over speedos. Danny wore his Kansas basketball look, Adam and Justin were your well dressed axeman. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I thought the sound was good. Except for the singer of Meshugga or whatever the Frankenstein dude was?... Everyone came for TOOL. They Rocked especially TRIAD.... and ~ Lateralus is awesome Spiral OUT

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 10/30/02 12:01:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show


Review written by: Billy GreenJeans ( Review posted on: 10/30/02 12:03:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

TooL October 28th, 2002 Tsongas Arena, Lowell Ma A few things I noticed this time around that I'd like to share. This was my 5th time seeing TooL this year, I over dosed on them a little bit when they came through here in mid August so this time around I figured I'd play it a little bit more rational. One show only, I got lucky. TooL was on from the get go this evening, they played a snippet of A passage to Bangkok (Rush was at the Fleece center in Boston tonight) a song about a quest for herb, nice. Maynard hit the stage stripped to his briefs, the boyz seemed eager to entertain tonight and were very professional. One of my highlights was attendeing the show with my brother who was there for his first. "Is he in a body suit?" he asked. It was a very alien looking appearance Maynard had going this evening, covered in a light charcoal looking paint, some spots missing with his own flesh showing through, and his arms, head and legs were streaked in day glow neon, astounding to see him like this. Cold and Ugly rocked, they slowed it a bit during the bridge for a pretty cool twist, the song had loads of energy. At one point during the end of Stinkfist or Schism, Maynard had been playing to the backdrop, as is his way, and he turns real quick and comes straight towards the crowd with menace in his eyes, I was 40 yards back fromt the stage and I jumped, awesome. Adam and Justin gathered around Danny while Maynard worked his way through Parabol, it was a very touching rendition this evening and the stage show of Parabola was insane. Maynard was swayed back arms held out in a reverse Jesus Christ pose, the Collective Vision from the Parabola video beaming off of his forehead, it looked like he could have lifted off the stage at any moment. Performance art at its finest, nice ass crack Maynard, thanks for sharing, I think. Third Eye. Best. I missed this one at the Wallace in '97, I showed up late for the show, my mistake. The "Orange Acid" Timothy Leary was fun to watch and if I didn't know any better I would swear the band was trying to inflict damge to peoples hearing with the ending of this one, Danny's drums were SO loud and the feedback from Adam was piercing right through my skull. A price I'm willing to pay to see that middle break down, Blue as our new second sun, surprisingly people just listened and didn't shout out when they took it down to just Danny and Maynard, a true Miracle. One last notable moment was towards the begining of Traid when Messhugahs drummer was going balistic, I think Danny got a little miffed because all of a sudden he started cranking it up, and cranking it up, and then really cranking it up, boom! Talk about a wall of sound, hi-buh, hu-bah, bam! Not too much talking this evening from Maynard but I think that was because they were pretty focused on the music and the show. One last thing before I go, a word from OUR sponsor Kabir: nobody wants to read: your dream setlist. responses to other posts - take it to private email. anything posted just for the sake of posting something. your requests for tickets. So don't post any of that. K eep this worth reading! If you didn't go to the show, don't post. Respect TooL, respect Kabir. Thank you TooL BGJ

Review written by: Nils ( Review posted on: 10/30/02 12:42:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

well the set list is already listed plenty of times so i wont do this. first of all, tsongas arena security sucks. they made my friend get rid of his pyramid studded belt and i had to take off my dog collar choker, which is bs. like someone else said, i guess hiding stuff in your shoe works, so remember that! next meshugga (or however you spell it) was just dumb. the lead singer looked like he was skull fucking someone with his stupid dances. but on to tool. since this is my first show, I WAS BLOWN AWAY! tool was absolutely amazing. i dont know why some people are complaining about the bass i think it was fine. i had ga ticks so i was right in there too. the visuals were awesome, as was the bands presentation. manyard's alien vein blacklight suit thingy was just plain welll..... alien and totally gave the feel to the band that i have imagined. the hilight as many have said before was when they played third eye. absolutely amazing. i dont know hwy people complain about the pits, but some songs (like the grudge and lateralus) are meant to be moshed to with the heavy rifs. for the rest on the show, i just stood still and simply absorbed it all. this show was i think the closest thing i will ever have to a religious experience. i still dont believe it was real. if you ever get the chance to see tool anywhere, do it now!

Review written by: Pat ( Review posted on: 10/30/02 16:54:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. This is me and my girlfriend's second time seeing Tool; we saw them in August in Providence, RI. Here's the setlist: Cold & Ugly The Grudge Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol/Parabola Third Eye ------------------ Disposition/Reflection/Triad Lateralus The opening act, Meshuggah, was absurd. Total lack of melody; just loud and rythymic noise. (Lead singer of Meshuggah): "How are you, are you happy? Or are your bored? I'll make you guys happy." (Me): "Okay, Sven." I think I heard a total of 6 notes their whole set. BUT, totally amazing show by Tool. I was mostly happy because a) They played longer than they did in Providence, and b) they played Third Eye. My only beef was that the sound quality was a little muddy. It sounded too bassy, and Maynard's vocals were not cutting in as well as I hoped. But, that's the Tsongas Arena for ya. Again, Third Eye was especially orgasmic. My girlfriend literally creamed during Third Eye. I was also a little dissapointed that they did not play Sober, or Aenema. But, I got my money's worth. I can't wait to see them again. It's a totally different musical experience to what I am usually used to from rock concerts. Think for yourself, question authority, etc...

Review written by: BAD CO. local 81 (lucyfur@toolband.cum) Review posted on: 10/30/02 18:11:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 12th Tool show

opened up with cold&ugly fukin incredible-(with opening riffs of a passage to bankok)RUSH SONG.they happened to be @ the fleet that night 2 of thegreatesr drummers in the same state,same night, 30 miles away.third eye another amazing treat w/leary& bill hicks intro. 1 of the best performances i ever seen.awsome venue to watch them also.some visulals were different from the summer tour also agusta show. chupa minha pincha puta...... spiral out

Review written by: Chris from blackstone MA ( Review posted on: 10/30/02 22:39:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. A very great experience. My third tool show and I will say this one was the best. My brain is still vibrating, (from the immense sound, or the thoughts it inspired) Well my friends wanted to get there early seeing how it the whole stadium was general admission. So we stood their for about 2 hours (we really didnít need to be there that early) Especially with New England Weather which was a calm 60 degrees, and in 10 minutes it changed to 35. So we got padded down for cigarettes and drugs and entered. We went to the lodge seats on the left (which has the best view for a tool show) sat there for about a half hour and Mehsuger arrived. Yes I know I spelt it wrong and I donít know how to spell it right, and they were not that good anyway. His vocal pitch never changed, guitars sounded the same through every song. VERY BORING. The drummer was great. Oh yeah, there were cameras and mics set up in different locations. That caught my attention; maybe they are making a live movie. And then came the techno, and this one chick that kept flashing over and over and over, and getting sprayed with water bottles by the tool roadies. Then Tool came on. And opened with the infamous Cold and Ugly. A very energetic, refreshing song after listening to so much techno and meshing (I think I spelt it right that time) the sober video from the last show was playing with it. Then Maynard said Lowell many times. I think he found it a very fun word. Then came the grudge in all its glory and drapery. One of top 5 screams of all time. Then the -ions intro started with a crowd favorite..........Stink fist. That got the lame crowd really going, I was still thinking about cold and ugly. H.ís emotion melodies followed that. Some where around here some screamed "PLAY FREEBIRD". I found that very amusing. Schism's molestation of my chest then came. (So MUCH BASS) The inspiring Parabol/Parabola came after and just got you more and more ready for THIRD EYE. First the Timothy Leary speech came, and I already knew it was coming but my friends were like.... could it be??? Could it? ::from stage::"I think drugs have done some good" ............ HOLY ****. [face_shocked] What a sight it was to see. Just gave me so many mental pictures......I wish I took drugs. Maynardís movements with the dual mics and just the raw energy you get from hearing him scream "PRYING OPEN MY THRID EYEĒ PRYING OPEN MY THIRD EYE" His dancing was very..... Maynard like.... then he seems to start absorbing energy from the 2 parabola balls hanging in the sky. I didnít love that song nearly half as much as I do now. Then the intermission, where I had to get 2 ice waters to cool me down from my excitement. Went back to my seats and was listening to these frat boys in front of me and one yelled "Play Sober or Iíll kill you" .......I put my head in my hands and sighed...just wanted to punch him. The great return..... The triad songs never ail to amaze me. I started thinking that if there were a documentary of earth we had to send to another planet to see what earth is like, I would use this song as the sound track.... or Beethovenís 9th symphony. But the tribal, earthly vibe it sends you. I just get a raw HUMAN urge. Then Lateralus as usual, which is just a perfect closer to any of their concerts. The picture you get at the end, the band their with their great stage presence. Maynard vibrant movements, Adam's opposite non movements, Justin's movements go many with what he's playing, and when he is playing something he like, he shows it. And Danny, if he makes what he does look so easy, like he is not even trying. I want to hear what he does when he really is trying. Then there is the back drop (the spiral eye one witch has a mouth and chin at the end) with the star in the middle. The 6 other Alex Grey sacred mirrors art work, the flashing lights, and the spiral spine video. What euphoric picture. I could just stare forever and try to capture it all in. I WANT TO GO BACK :(

Review written by: Jess ( Review posted on: 10/31/02 00:40:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 4 Tool show

Well, it took me a while to post this, and I'll probably say things that other people already wrote. This was my fourth show, and even though I saw some of the same older songs on the last tour (like H. in Manchester), the surpises (Cold & Ugly and Third Eye) and the energy on the familar live ones more than made up for the songs I had wished to see. I'm not exactly sure what everyone means by waiting 4 more years to see them live again, and I am dying to find out. For every one who could not make the show, Tool was amazing as always. The people around me where diehard fans, so the entire experience was awesome. Even though I wam still deaf now from standing directely in front of the speakers, I can't wait to see them again next time even if they continue to play newer material . . .

Review written by: Mr. Satan who eats marshmellow Peeps ( Review posted on: 10/31/02 16:30:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

What the fuck is wrong with frank? Were you completely stoned or is this some kind of joke? Anyway, the show was another impressive even orgasmic (pardon me) time. Set: -Cold & Ugly - very surprised to witness this song live. Excitalbe even -The Grudge - Sported a couple new visuals. Amazing backdrop compliments of Alex Grey. Song itself received an A -Stinkfist [(-) Ions sample intro] - great. Maynard did the "chupa minha pica pichu/pinto" whisper instead of the Elvis lyrics. The jam in between the "I'll Keep Digging" was once again indescribable. I love the sample from the beginning of the album -H. - A song that I have seen live before but amazing. The "I don't mind" break was awesome. Maynard sang the lyrics harmoneously along with Adam playing the riff quietly along with him, Then Maynard started screaming "I, I, I, I don't Mind!" Wow I sound retarded. -Schism - Pretty Straight Forward if you've seen it before. I still enjoy watching the little creatures sucking on each other's heads on the screens. I also liked the pauses during the riff after "supposed brothers" -Parabol/Parabola - Crowd was really into it. The floor was moving and I was being crushed by a cushiony fat guy. The music itself was "lovely" This sounds dumb. Oh Well. -Third Eye - "and now a word from our sponser" -MJK This was great. It started with the Timothy Leary sample and went into the album Bill Hicks sample. Of course I exclaimed "Bill Hicks is my god!" I recommend his material if you haven't heard any of it. The song ended with "Prying open ---" 6 X instead of the usual 4 X -Disposition/Reflection/Triad - Crown seemed to settle a little and actually watch the show. These songs were played masterfully. Triad included Meshuggah members and it was very solidly played. -Lateralus - "Thank you for sharing this moment, We'll see you on the other side." Another amazing song to see live. The crowd was moving around with little mosh pits in some areas. You could actually hear the low notes and the high notes on Adam's guitar during the last riff of the song (the low notes are the chewy nugat in the chocolate center of the music). I felt fulfilled. Overall - Meshuggah was a very good opening act. They filled the position nicely. I was angry with the people giving the finger and yelling "you suck". The funny thing is that when Maynard thanked them (meshuggah), Those people cheered only because Maynard thanked them which proves that even certain people who listen to a band that preaches self-thinking can still be easilly led by that band which is kind of frustrating when you think about it. Tool - Awesome. What more can be said. Maynard wore his black "speedo" along with shiny black body paint with white patterns all over his body (if anyone wanted to know). Thanks again Danny, Justin, Maynard, and Adam. Another show well done.

Review written by: Brad Desjardins (The next fool martyr) ( Review posted on: 11/01/02 23:58:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Amazing show. TooL continues to kick my ass psychologically each and every day. Here is the CORRECT setlist...don't know what the fuck is up with some of the others posted: Cold and Ugly The Grudge (-ions) Stinkfist H Schism Parabol Parabola Third Eye ============== intermission ============== Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralis This show really reminded of me the August 18th show in Manchester, only the setlist was much more diverse this time. And I really have to say, I have never come so close to tears during a show before. Seeing Cold & Ugly as the opener really just completely took me back. Adam Jones remains my ultimate idol. Of course, you can't post a review without mentioning the opening act somewhere, so here goes: Meshuggah...heavy as hell, good stage act, but dude what the fuck was up with your head twitching in sync with the music? Ah, its all good I guess. Well, I guess I can't say much about this show that I haven't already posted about the Manchester show, aside from the setlist, which I guess speaks for itself. Closed with Lateralis, which just makes the show...probably the best song to close with. I would like to take this opportunity to thank TooL. Adam, Danny, Justin, Maynard,...and hell, even Paul. Thank you for being a "part of me", no pun intended. Later, Brad Spiral out...Keep going.