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Review written by: jared (jbfrage)
Review posted on: 11/07/02 23:00:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

well, ill have to get all the fans of Tool, who have been excited about this tour and the fact that they've been playing third eye, to contribute some money together so we can buy you a shiny medal since youve been a fan for soooo long. We owe you man. to the humble jackass who mocks those who just saw third eye

Review written by: mirn ( Review posted on: 11/07/02 23:56:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

best tool show EVER. i went to the ft meyers show last august and was quite dissapointed but THIS made up for everything. i had wonderful seats and maynard was turned towards me the whole time, looking oh-so-sexy in those little briefs of his. the energy between the band and crowd was out of this world...and maynard was so TALKATIVE...and they played fucking third eye!!! it was just the best experience ever. thank you so much, T00L for giving me the best experience of my life. and i will see you on the other side....

Review written by: Al Bladez, Melvin Depo ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 00:24:29 ET

The show was.....oh, you already know it was.......good.

Review written by: faust ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 00:32:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

this is what i remember of the setlist. i think this is mostly in the right order cold and ugly the grudge (-) ions stinkfist schism forty six & 2 parabol parabola third eye - intermission - disposition eon blue apocalypse reflection triad lateralus this was the first tool concert that i attended (and the first concert in a long while for me). the opening act was okay but reminded me too much of anthrax or pantera. their set lasted about 45 minutes. after this, the soundcheck and setup was done for tool. danny's drumset was revealed and man it made the drumset for messuggah look like a toy! soon as the house lights went down, cold and ugly started playing with the two projection screens playing. maynard was in a black leather outfit with a black striped painted down the center of his face starting from the back. The other guys were dressed pretty typically. those backdrops on the stage and the lighting were awesome. the leon county civic center is not very good acoustically, but the sound techs did a good job. danny's drum and justin's bass sounded really deep and tight. the vocals were drowned out at times though. after the first few songs, maynard stripped down to a pair of briefs and did the rest of the show like this. everyone was playing like they really wanted to be there -- lots of energy. great setlist although i would have liked to hear something off undertow -- maybe next time. during triad, the guy from mesuggah was going nuts on the drums! at the end, the guys all threw out water bottles, hugged, and then left the stage. the concert didn't last nearly as long as i thought it would, but very good show! can't wait to do this again.

Review written by: FREAK GQ ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 00:51:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

The show was great!!!! I'm a long-time TOOL fan, first-time TOOL CONCERT goer. The show was SPECTACULAR and could have only been better if they had played TICKS AND LEACHES or SOBER. All and all, I was BLOWN AWAY!!! Talk about a spiritual experience!!! Good LORD!!! Loved the sneeky little comments Maynard kept making. . . "I'd like to sarcastically and regretfully extend my hand to Jeb (Bush). (lots of BOOS from the crowd, obviously agreeing with Mr. Keenan). . . " I couldn't hear what else he said, but did here something about Jeb receiving contributions from the KKK, yadda yadda yadda. The whole "Think for yourself . . . Question authority" was great. I really loved MAYNARD'S closing statements . . . "I hope this concert has, in some way, inspired you to realize your dream. Think for yourself, Question Authority. And above all else, go out there and create something positive. Think for yourself . . . Question Authority" VERY entertaining show. The drumming was spectacular, the guitars magnificent, and Maynard nothing short of spiritually moving. The sound seemed a little muffled and could have been a bit crisper. BUT, it was a fantastic show. Great Job, guys. TOOL RULES!!!! AWESOME SHOW!!!!!

Review written by: eraserhead ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 01:11:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

AMAZING! No Sober, but THEY PLAYED THIRD EYE!! This was my first TOOL show, and it was definitely an amazing experience.

Review written by: Lucidmindfaze ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 01:20:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Cold and Ugly open,Third Eye into intermission show. Top notch energy with alot more crowd interaction than the previouse tour. Thanks for inspiring me once again. This has been a "Lucidmindfaze" production.

Review written by: Skunk ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 01:31:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Someone has the setlist pretty much right but anyway, I think it went like this: Cold And Ugly (!!!) The Grudge Stinkfist (extd) Forty Six And Two Merkaba (shortened to about 2 minutes) Schism Parabol Parabola Tim Leary "word from our sponsor" Third Eye (Holy fuck.) Intermission Eon Blue Apocalypse Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Meshugga must not have played a very long set as I was about 30-45 minutes late and completely missed them. Anyhow. The show started with Cold and Ugly to my surprise... I was pretty much jamming out to it and everybody else was standing around going, "What the fuck is this?". Heh. It was great. Before Schism started they were playing something I didn't recognize at first. I thought it might have been the Salival Pushit, but I quickly recogzined it as part of Merkaba. Odd that they used it to intro to Schism. I knew earlier this tour they'd been doing the Tim Leary tease and not playing Third Eye. I was pretty sure we weren't gonna get it as Maynard had his clothes on and back turned pretty much until Schism. When he asked if this was Tallahassee, the response wasn't that great. I was sure he was pretty bored and we were gonna get fucked off with the tease. Nope. It was amazing. Truly a ridiculously powerful song, and probably my favorite. Most everyone apparently hadn't heard this one either; they kept starting to applouse during the slow intermission parts of Third Eye, before it cut in again. Fuck. It was an amazing show, probably the best I've ever been to. Oh, and DRT was amazing. They've obviously worked a lot on these songs since the album came out. There are a few neat changes and the songs flow together much better live. Particularly Reflection into Triad, I think it was awesome the way this was done. They finished with Lateralus which was awesome as well. Un-fucking- believable. We got Third Eye. Fuck you and goodnight.

Review written by: Justin ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 01:33:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

The posted setlist was accurate. Amazing show. Cold and Ugly kind of set the mood on the floor for the evening and people were moshing. Quite annoying at times, I must say. Either way, the band was wonderful as usual. I caught THE drumstick that Danny threw out in the middle of stinkfist. Bliss. I was hoping for Eulogy(five times and I still haven't seen it performed), but third eye was great. I think I just got spoiled at that Tabernacle show in Atlanta last year. If you were there, you know what i'm talking about. Triad was spectacular... big suprise, haha. Meshugga's drummer was intense. The sound quality wasn't great up front, but that's the price you pay when you get that close. I also managed to snag a setlist, but I ended up giving it to some girl who looked like she was on something. It seemed to make her happy, though. They did play the extended stinkfist with the elvis lyrics. Good stuff. My ears are ringing, and I'm going to bed now.

Review written by: John Spiers ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 02:26:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Aah! Euphoric. This was my first time ever seeing Tool, and I was forced into going to Tallahassee because for the second leg in a row, the band totally neglected Georgia. However, that is a rant I will save for another day... Here is the setlist, in correct order (!) Intro Cold & Ugly The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist 46 & 2 Long jam (Merkaba? It was neat whatever it was) Schism Short jam (sounded like Eon Blue, I thought they were going to do the Patient but didn't, those Patient-teasing Mother Fuckers) Parabol Parabola Third Eye -----(Very strange intermission)----- Disposition Reflection Triad (w. Tomas & Fredrik from Meshuggah) Positivity speech Lateralus I had an absolutely marvelous time at this show. Meshuggah was great and personally I prefer them to Tool (not so much after seeing this show) but the arena, despite its intimite size, was just not for them. Seemed too big. Perhaps I would have felt better if I was on the floor instead of in seats (and by the way, anyone know why Ticketmaster listed the floor as sold out even though it was about 40% filled? Something to do with protecting the audio/video setup?) Plus, the new songs didn't quite translate well live, but again I think this had a lot to do with the size of the venue and the fact that it was a Tool show. All in all I thought they were pretty well received, though, and I got my headbang on, which rocked balls. Meshuggah Set: Elastic (!) Sickening Nebulous (very much anticipated but muddy sound ruined it) Closed Eye Visuals New Millennium Cyanide Christ Soul Burn Rational Gaze Future Breed Machine A few notes on Tool: -Seemed to take very little time for the band to get onstage after Meshuggah! Felt like less than a half hour, even, but I didn't have a watch, so I'm not sure. -The Grudge was flat out awesome, I'm not familiar with Cold & Ugly though I did recognize it, so this was the true opener for me & it was extremely powerful. -Before Stinkfist, Maynard said "Tallahassee?" and then followed up the crowd's cheer with "I'm not convinced...", of course leading into a bigger cheer. Maynard also said "We would like to...sarcastically...and reluctantly...extend congratulations to Jeb." (Boos) According to my friend he followed this up with a crack about donations from NAMBLA and the KKK but I didn't hear it, it was too loud. -Danny's solo in 46 & 2 was ass-rippingly, mind-numblingly good. He was very much on it tonight. -The Parabol(a) video...eeh...I thought it was pretty lame. All the rest of the videos were cool though, they captured the mood of the music and (I thought) directed the mood of the crowd quite well. -Tomas...during Triad...damn, I've never seen anyone hit drums that hard. At one point he broke a stick in half, tossed it into the crowd, and kept going. He was absolutely 100% into it; it was great. -Speaking of Triad, it was probably the peak of the show and a great follow-up to Disp. and Reflection. What I really loved was how instead of Adam just playing the last five notes of Reflection and then having Danny start up Triad, the band faded one song out and began the next, very much like on the album. -Some people may find it hackneyed but I really enjoyed the positivity speech before Lateralus, I thought it capped the show perfectly. And of course they shouldn't close with anything but Lateralus, unless in the future they write a song more fitting (imagine!) -I had heard that the band was pretty dull onstage, especially Maynard, but this was totally not the case...again another misconception proved wrong. Maynard was jumping around and writhing like a latter-day Ozzy and everyone else (well, including Maynard) was totally into it, very happy to be there and to be playing. I have a few Tool bootlegs courtesy of Deadohiosky and they all to me sounded kind of...dead...ish. There is a lot of dead air in between songs and not a lot of interaction between the band and the crowd. Tonight was the total opposite of that. Songs flowed from one into the next with very little space in between and overall the word I would use to describe the show was "exquisite". The crowd was good, the opener was good, Tool was great, and the 3 1/2 drive back wasn't hellish as I had anticipated. TOOL M

Review written by: Greg Harvey ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 05:01:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

H O L Y C R A P!!!! What an amazing show! And to think that I almost didnt go! Well my good buddy Ryan hooked me up with a ride. So we leave jax at around 3:00 PM and head off to Tallahassee. About 20 min into our trip Ryan's sister, Jana, is having car troubles. We pull off at a rest stop and what do ya know...someone forgot to put the lid back on the oil!! So oil was spilling out all over the engine. We put some new oil in and put the cap back on and we head off...again. 6:00PM we arrive at the Leon County Civic Center and there aren't as many people there as I thought there would be. We hang out at the car for a bit then head up to grab a spot in line. After what seems like for ever some dude comes out and tells everyone that if you have a floor ticket that you have to get on another, much longer, line. I get in that line and it moves rather quick. The patdown was pathetic. I think i had one or 4 pockets felt...should have smuggled in more then a MD recorder. I get in and get my wrist band and chill with my friends till Mesheugga starts. 7:30 PM. The lights go doen and Mesheugga takes the stage. Now I saw these guys a few months ago at an off Ozzfest date with SOAD and I wasnt really impressed. However, this time I was rather into it. I went down and the floor and watched most of their set from the rail. Mesheugga played for 45 min and left the stage. I head back up to find my people and chill with them for a wile. 9:00. The lights go down and the buzz starts. The crowd...altho small bursts into a screaming frenzy. Justin, then Adam, then Danny and finally Maynard walk out and take their position. Adam starts to play/tune his guitar to his liking. I notice that this isnt the same thing that he was playing at the other 4 shows I went to back in August and the next thing I know they tear into COLD AND UGLY. I couldn't believe my ears! It was So awesome!!! I havn't ever heard Cold and Ugly live and it was quite the treat. The Grudge is up next and I'm a bit sad that they didn't play Sober but Cold and Ugly was by far a great trade. The band is tight as ever and just goes off. Between The Grudge and Stinkfist Maynard says hello and then he goes on to say we reluctantly extend a warm hand to sure all the contrubutions from the KKK, NAMBLA, and hooters helped. If you arent from Florida then that probably isnt very funny, but for those of us who are from Florida it's really funny, I almost laughed out loud. An eletrical buzz starts and that can only mean one thing...that STINKFIST is right around the corner. It was and it was SWEET!! Not only did we get the extended version, but we also got the additional lyrics. Something I've only heard once before. I am standing next to a friend and we look at each other and I'm hoping for H but he says 46 & 2..and turns out he was right. They did 46 & 2 which was quite possibly the best version of 46 & 2 that I've heard. This was also the 1st time that I really watched the screen and noticed that it was different. I remember last time it was the snake eating itself, this time it was different. Don't recall what, but it was different. Adam starts playing another funky tune that turns out to be the new intro for Schism that everyone has been talking about. It was cool to hear something new before the song. Nothing notable happened during the song, but I'm still glad that I got to hear it. Parabol/Parabola are up next and are 2 of the most beautiful songs that Tool has ever written. I was rocking back and forth for the entire 12 min that they lasted. As the song ends Maynard says "And now, a word from our sponsors.", and then the heartbeat kicks and and I thought I was going to die right then and there. They played Third Eye!!! Third Eye was the only reason that I was going to the show and they actually played it. I was a bit skeptical that they would play it two shows in a row, but my good friend apc girl said they played it four nights in a row and that was enough to convince me. They sampled both Tim Leary and Bill Hicks before going into the song. I was digging the videos during Third Eye...they were really cool Intermission for 8 min, and then Disposition/Reflection/Triad. It's always a treat to see those 3 songs together. The drummer from Mesheugga was OK during Triad, I think his mics got turned off cause he was having problems with one of the drums. He even ripped off the drum head the flung it into the crowd. Maynard thanked Mesheugga for joining them for Triad Lateralus was the closer, yet again, and thats they way it should be. Quite possibly the most powerful song of the evening. It had the crowd moving to what seemed to be an endless display of drums/guitar/bass. After the band finished they waved goodbye for several min as the lights came on and the stage hands took down the stage. An awesome show..maybe the best one of the 10 or so that ive seen now. I'll have sound bytes up in a day or two of some of the songs and the rant about Jeb Bush. I can't wait to go again!! To the people that I went with you guys rock! Thanks so much for the ride and I should have your CDs done in a day or tow. To the people that I met at the show, you guys rock too. Msg or e-mail me sometime if youre not busy Finally, to the meathead in the white shirt that was on the left side of the stage right beind me screaming yelling the ENTIRE F'in show....what the hell is the matter with you. I would have turned around the stabbed you in the eye with a dull rusty fork but unfortunatly i didnt have one. You are a utter douche bag and you never should be allowed into another Tool show for as long as you live. ---------- greg aim: dunebug81

Review written by: beano cook (pottsywebber2000@yahoo) Review posted on: 11/08/02 08:34:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. TO the band: a tool show that doesn't sell out is blamed on corporate radio. the singles that are played in this town consist of sober and schism. there is so much more to these four individuals music than two songs. the sations and their limp, nickelback, and distruberd or what ever the fuck they call the selves do not have the balls to play any other TOOL and maybe promote the show and get a sell out. That is the reason we cannot get a rock concert in this town. It was the 4th show ive seen on the LAT tour and the best yet. The set list posted was correct, and unbelieveable. ill see you fucks in bolix. OH yea, to the seriod fuck who took my camera, ill take a picture of your punk ass in bolix too. You fuck

Review written by: Ian ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 08:58:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Best show ever in this sleepy town! I've never been so proud to lose so much hearing in my life. As they say, third times a charm, and it really freakin was! Charmed the nuts off me. Great variation in the set from my other two shows. Just saw them in P-cola a few months ago and was pissed they didn't play 46 & 2 but they dam shure played last night. Thumbs freakin up on opening with cold & ugly!! Lastly, I can't go without plugging my own band! see you on the other side, maybe!

Review written by: Ian ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 08:58:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Best show ever in this sleepy town! I've never been so proud to lose so much hearing in my life. As they say, third times a charm, and it really freakin was! Charmed the nuts off me. Great variation in the set from my other two shows. Just saw them in P-cola a few months ago and was pissed they didn't play 46 & 2 but they dam shure played last night. Thumbs freakin up on opening with cold & ugly!! Lastly, I can't go without plugging my own band! see you on the other side, maybe!

Review written by: Jared ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 09:54:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Jared, I sure hope Linkin Park goes back on tour soon, so you will have something interesting in your life to do. My favorite quote from MJK: "I'm not a jukebox, I don't take requests." And yes... if you knew anything, one of the all-time best songs they do live is "No Quarter", but you new tOOl fans wouldn't know that. If they played it, you would sit on your hands and look Linkin Parked. On the Aenima tour, they played Third Eye several times and all the new fans then sat on their hands and looked constipated just like they do when they play disposition and reflection, now. Now all of a sudden Third Eye is wonderful, whatever.

Review written by: Nate ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 13:11:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hands down best tool show i've seen. The crowd was really great for a tool show - a little pit kinda started up here and there, but nothing major. The band was the most active I've ever seen em. Maynard was talkative which was a surprise. Highlights were hearing cold and ugly, third eye, and triad. Cold and Ugly and Third eye were great for obvious reasons, but triad really was one of the many great highlights of the show. I've always loved Triad, but this show, Triad was amazing. Danny and (Messhuggah Drummer's Name Here) were unbelievable, and I've never seen Justin get that into a song (he was undulating more than usual). Best tool show i've been to. I really can't explain it all in words (well, i could, but class is starting)...

Review written by: Victor ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 13:48:00 ET

I think this was show Number 11 or 12 for me-- I may've lost a show somewhere-- I'll need to check ticket stubs. Anyway-- Much less crowd-surffing this time around. Less moshing, too. Despite the fact that Floridians somehow always manage to fuck the political scene for the WORLD with their inept voting behavior, the lack of mosh-pit activity was noted. That's one less turd in Hell to smoke for those assholes who cheered when Maynard (sarcastically) congratulated Jeb Bush. The show was GREAT. The energy levels of the band were clearly UP. It was very neat to see. As for the people who are comparing how "OLD SCHOOL ÆNIMA TOUR" they are and blasting people for liking "Third Eye" let me say, I didn't see TOOL until the LATERALUS tour- - I had to work when they came my way on the Ænima tour. And while I may not be all hip and "OLD SCHOOL" like yourself, I've got a leg-up on you... well, maybe not "up" so much as "a leg BACK on you." Yes indeedy, the concerts ARE great-- but the backstage beer is killer! =p For all of you "new tool fans"-- there's something to be said for fresh energy, new life, and new ideas. Don't let the jack- asses get ya' down. I'm rather new, too!

Review written by: maynardo ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 14:30:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

To JOHN SPIERS, its because DeadOhioSky sucks, and hes just a stingy fucker who holds his authority to the site like a grudge, He thinks we abuse TooL's music if we d/l bootlegs off his site and just because some dumbass goes and sells it, it ruins it for all of us just because some asshole wanted to sell it. Thats why his site says... "NOTICE: If these links are abused they will be removed." Its not our fault, I wouldnt mind its just hes a dick about everything. Oh and he claims the tapers just give him pieces of the shows. bullshit. and he did say that Lachyrmology had poor recordings. But honestly I liked Logan's better anyways. spiral out

Review written by: liberphile ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 14:31:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

well the setlist is pretty much accurate except What they played before schism wasn't merkaba but something I had never heard before....they never played eon blue apocylpse either that was something completely different. DUH! but anyways, yes maynard was a bit more talkative and more sincere then any of the shows i've seen thusfar. I find myself analyzing EVERYTHING tool does as I;m sure most people here do, and I don't know how to take Cold and Ugly as an opener. They have been somewhat cold themselves in their demeanor towards the crowd, who knows maybe their fucking with us. about the jeb bush bit, he said he something about how the donations from hooters and the kkk really payed off. meshuggah was too cacophonous more tastes, really wierd timings. I was very overwhelmed to the point of tears during "the grudge, third eye, and Lateralus". As always, Danny nailed everything. The drumming on triad was jus' a lil' different from the august 5th show. My friends and I tried to organize a mass "thank you TOOL" becasue we were down about what they probably thought of the crowd in general. I have no fucking clue how Adam makes all those shrill noises at the beging of third eye....I was sure he couldn't reproduce it perfectly. Enjoyed hearing the Bill hicks and Tim leary intros to third eye. Even enjoyed tim leary's face on the third eye screen.......... the roads must roll.......

Review written by: Darin C. ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 14:58:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. It was a great show as usual. However, on the way into the show I lost a beautiful girl I had just met named Holly. Holly, if your out there please E-mail me. I hope to hear from you soon.

Review written by: YEA (ICP696669@AOL.COM) Review posted on: 11/08/02 15:35:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 4TH Tool show


Review written by: dustin ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 16:00:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Please submit your show refviews and send your pictures/audio to ! Thanks! NOTE: This site is not yet completed.

Review written by: Eli Powelson ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 17:12:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

All I can say is, wow. Tool was so fucking amazing. Here is the setlist, if you didn't already know: Cold & Ugly The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist Forty Six & 2 Merkaba [shortened version, into to schism] Schism Eon Blue Apocalypse [shortened] Parabol Parabola Third Eye Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Maynard was incredibly into it. He had a long black jumpsuit type thing, but right before Stinkfist he stripped down to only a pair of black shorts. He said "Tallahassee?" to cheers. "I'm not convinced" which lead to bigger cheers. Danny had an incredible solo in 46 & 2. I put down Merkaba in the set list, but I'm not sure if that's what it really was. Same with EBA. The videos were out of this world, I enjoyed the Schism video the most. Some of the videos were kind of "eh" and got old quickly, but most set the music very well. During Third Eye, there was a very strange 15 minute intermission. The video ccontinued to play and the music kept repeating for 15 minutes straight. Alot of people weren't aware this was an intermission and stood there the entire time. Disposition, Reflection, and Triad flowed very well together. During Triad, Meshuggah drummer Tomas Hakem and guitarist Fredrik Thordendal came out to jam. Tomas went INSANE on the drums, he was incredible and was playing so fast and loud it was just amazing. He broke a stick halfway through it, but just through the stick into the crowd and kept on playing. After Triad, Maynard spoke these great words: "I hope this concert has, in some way, inspired you to realize your dream. Think for yourself, Question Authority. And above all else, go out there and create something positive. Think for yourself . . . Question Authority." Then the band jammed straight into Lateralus, a very fitting ending. The band hugged and left. Meshuggah, in my opinion, sucked. I couldn't understand a word the guy was saying and all the guitars sounded the same. There was some nice drumming though. During the set, singer Jens Kidman thanked Tool for taking them with them. The floor crowd didn't move much in their set, to my surprise. Kidman took note of this and told them to "Get on up" or something to that extent. Between songs he would say the name of the song and tell us it's off their new album. There was not much of a waiting period between Meshuggah and Tool's sets. I was surprised how long Meshuggah went on, it must have been at least 35 minutes. A big thank you to all of Tool, Mr. Keenan, Mr. Jones, Mr. Chancellor, and Mr. Carey. And Meshuggah as well. I love you guys, you really gave me a great show.

Review written by: Charles Ramsey Knight Jr. ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 17:54:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I didn't see it stated above but before the band busted out into cold&ugly, Adam was playing "Passage to Bangcock" opening riff by the band Rush from canada. why are you still reading all these reveiws? awesome show, rolled my balls off! thank you tool

Review written by: Kevin ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 19:06:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

To the elitest bastard Jared, "die." Whether it's my first or 50th time seeing the song Third Eye live I think I'll always love it. Sorry that some of us weren't about to travel to venues to see them on the aenima tour, we have jobs. In any case, I did manage to get floor tickets to this one and I guess I'll repost what I sent to toolarmy: I arrived at about 4pm to the civic center expecting there to already be a line near the north entrance where one of the lines was. My friend and I sat for about 2 hours before anyone really started showing up. We got in at about 6:30pm and went down to the floor to check things out. We noticed red glitter on the ground. Since I hadn't been to a Tool show since Pensacola, FL(Aug01), I was excited because I figure they would play the patient. Well, we stood for Meshuggah, who put on a good show. We were really surprised when Tool started with Cold & Ugly. I had figured we would get Sober or something else. The next surprise was Third Eye. Holy shit, it was simply amazing. Maynard was writhing to the music as was the rest of the crowd. Disposition, Reflection, Triad, & Lateralus were flawless as usual. This is by FAR the best Tool show I have ever been to. The crowd was great to both bands, and to each other. I don't think I witnessed a single fight before, during, or after the show. Thank you fans & tool. (PS - If you're reading this, HI VENESSA :)) -kevin

Review written by: John Spiers ( Review posted on: 11/08/02 23:08:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hmmmm... To "Maynardo", I wasn't bashing DeadOhioSky, I enjoy the site greatly and have no problems with it, I was just commenting on the fact that Tool bootlegs I've heard in the past were filled with a lot of dead air in between songs, but that wasn't the case on Thursday. Cheers (?)

Review written by: firecracker ( Review posted on: 11/09/02 01:32:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

i'm so glad we finally got a good show in tallahassee, but i do think that we should have a venue that can support such a show. tool was awesome, however the accoustics were AWFUL!!!! being my first show, i was so excited....of course leon county civic center had to ruin it. hopefully i can see another show where the band can actually be heard. kudos to tool and meshuga because they rock, but a big thumbs down to tallahassee.

Review written by: F. (machinehead20@aolcom) Review posted on: 11/09/02 11:26:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Amazing!! It blew me away just like the Orlando show did last year. I couldn't tell what kind of suit Maynard was wearing, though. It was some kind of black suit with high- water boots or something. I couldn't believe they opened up with Cold & Ugly. They even played Third Eye, two songs I thought I'd never hear live. KICK-ASS!! The entire band was bad-ass, Danny beating the hell out of those drums, Adam knocking those riffs out on his guitar, Justin knocking it down with the bass lines, and of course ... Maynard. After they played Grudge, Maynard thanked some guy named Jeff, the KKK, and Hooters. I can't explain the show in any other way except . . . BAD ASS SHOW!!!! Here's the set list if anyone wants to know. Sorry if I missed a song. Intro Cold & Ugly The Grudge (-) ions Stinkfist (extended version) 46 & 2 *solo* Schism *solo* Parabol Parabola *a message from Tool's "sponsors"* Third Eye *intermission* Disposition Reflection Triad (with the members of Meshuggah) Lateralus

Review written by: symf ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 17:32:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

This being my 10th Tool show (5th on the Lateralus tour circuit), I have grown rather accustomed to a great show from my favorite band. I am sorry to say that the show did not live up to my expectations. Maynard was on stage and just sang every song, nothing too special. Danny was playing the drums, but come on man... he's been doing the same tired drum act going on 10 years now! To make matters worse, Adam played all the guitar parts on stage just standing around and not high fiving Justin halfway through each song. The setlist was pretty boring, as the band only played boring, repetitive songs like The Grudge, Stinkfist (with an extended bridge, how dare they ruin the original like that!), and the epic yawn-fest, Third Eye. During the song Triad (whats that... a tool song with no lyrics?), the drummer and lead guitarist from the band Meshuggah came out and played roto-toms and virus indigo, and it was totally disorganized, with the roto-tommer running circles around the drums and breaking sticks! I am appalled that this band did not practice these songs more BEFORE the night of the show! Finally, Maynard took the microphone and said something to the effect of "thank you for sharing this experience with us, take the risk, make the art, think for yourself, question authority, and go out and make something positive". After the cheers died down and Lateralus was starting, he continued "drive safely, and we'll see you on the other side". Well... I drove safely and I did not see a thing! If there is one band you should NOT see this fall, then it would be TOOL. .just.kidding.

Review written by: Michelle ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 19:16:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

ok it was the most amazing night of my life....the music was wonderful. i was in a blissful state. i had to go through so much trouble, but TOOL is well worth any trouble. the show was awesome. the visuals were outstanding. i closed my eyes during lateralus and the light show i got was just superb. i went with my special friend and we had the time of our lives........thnks TOOL

Review written by: Gandalf_is_dead ( Review posted on: 11/11/02 16:12:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Awsome time, awesome show. Maynard was both talkative and faced the audience for most of the show (unlike the previous 2 I saw where he ws either at the back of the stage silhouetted in front of a video screen or simply facing away the whole time, not that I mind but it was nice to see him turned around finally) and the whole band rocked. I only wish the show had been a few songs longer but Third Eye was a treat. Had 2 encounters somewhat amusing: sitting at a bar in talahasse and having the bartender say, "your going to Tool? Maynard was in here yesterday" and after the show and a trip to a local watering hole, riding up in the hotel elevator with a hotel staffer and having her look up and my just-purchased Tool baseball cap and say, "oh, that band is staying here tonight." All we could do was grin like idiots. And no, we didnt go looking for them (although calling the wife from the hospital to tell here we'd managed to get violated by Tool security staff was a tempting thought) Seeya on the other side all!

Review written by: Fool-tan ( Review posted on: 11/12/02 16:23:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This show was absolutely incredible. We drove up from Tampa to see this as it was the only show in Florida this leg. It cost me a fortune to get my license and car legal, but oh my god was it worth it. As I stood in line outside the civic center, I was praying they would open with Cold and Ugly and I was rewarded. I saw the show in Tampa last October and this show was infinately better. Maynard's interaction with the crowd was fabulous. The Jeb Bush jab was great. The glittering confetti and Parabola balls were a great touch, and I loved the transmutation banners. I can not express in our feeble language how great the performance of D/R/T was. Meshuggah f-ing rocked even though those around me did not seem to enjoy them, It was the best concert I have seen in years and one of the greatest experiences of my life (even though I was only on Percs and Darvies). Thank you Tool for your years of life enhancing music.

Review written by: Crack Monkey ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 11:40:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

good show as always played a great version of 3rd eye, everything was changed up and i liked that alot too. i was really high so i dont remember the play list. but it opened with cold and ugly so that was kick ass, maynerd was all flopping around as usual well thats all peace

Review written by: Andrew Parsons ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 01:14:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Wonderful show as always. I love these moments in my life whenI get to experiance something so wonderful with people even if it is only for a few hours. Just having a great time is what we did. I can't imageine the day when Tool stops touring. It will be a sad day indeed. I would love to bring my kids to a Tool concert when and If i ever do have them. Even if they are just baby's, I want them to be able to say I heard to Live. Ok so the night went like this. Tool comes on and Gets everyone's blood moving from the get go, like they always do. And the night pretty much goes off without a hitch. Danny's drumming was the best i've heard it. I love the part of the song Disposition at the end when he let's the drum tap down till it stops If you don't know what I mean, then go listen to the song right now and just imagain it Live. Its great. It makes the fans wild. Ok the vocals really were poor upfront where I was but the view was great. Seeing the emotion on there faces as they play is the best. WE all just become one and feel holy,its great. Adam rocked as he always does. Perfect. The set was fine. Whatever they choose too play I cool with because they obviously have a reason to be playing it, or else they would not. And we feel that while they play. A good quote from Maynard is " I'm not a jootbox, I don't take request." LOL. Justin was also termendious! They all played there hearts out. Thanks Tool for the opertuinity to Listen to great music and meet other people that share the same beliefs as I. Thats the best part, making friends at the concerts. Its an instant bond. If anyone remembers, I was the tall skiny Redhead with the pony tail. If you remember Me, Email me and say Hi. OK guys talk to you later, hopfully at another Concert somtime soon!

Review written by: Shane Hagan ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 12:48:43 ET

I would just like to say that I'm bummed as hell that I didn't get to see this show, you guys were damn lucky! ATTN: VOCALISTS AND DRUMMERS If you would like to join a serious Tool cover-band with a dedicated guitarist and bassist in the Orlando area, e-mail us at ENDURINGSTASIS@YAHOO.COM We are playing an outside gig in Orlando December 14th, and we would prefer to have a better drummer, and a better singer, so if you think you are good enough to fill either position, e-mail ASAP so that we can try you out. AIM: VEXus86 - Shane (guitarist) SPIRALSOUT - Alphonso (bassist)