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Review posted on: 11/10/02 00:17:24 ET


Review written by: Sean G. ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 00:35:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

this was a great show tonight. i came to the show with hope that Meshuggah would at least be bearable. i was wrong. in my opinion, they were awful. no sense of rhythm or rhyme or anything. so i just gonna sat through that hoping after every song that it would be the end of their set. after about an hour, they left and the soundcrew came out. they left, tool came in. Setlist: Sober The Grudge (-)Ions H. Schism Parabol Parabola Opiate -Intermission- Dispostion Reflection Triad Lateralus I was really hoping i'd get to hear Cold & Ugly or Third Eye, but i still heard songs i hadn't heard before so it's all good. Maynard was decked out in the black leather suit. his head was half blue, half red-orange. he never stripped down to the speedo and had his back to the crowd all the concert, save Lateralus. Kind of bothered me, but we are the last show of three in a row. I liked when Adam and Justin kept looping the middle of Opiate then the Timothy Leary speech with a visual of him talking(i think its from the "How To Operate Your Brain" video) with static covering him. Maynard's voice cracked once during The Grudge, and Adam's guitar seemed to pop at times from bad connections. but all in all, a great show. i hope they come within 3 hours of here again.

Review written by: Rick Dobbs ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 01:33:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

I just want to begin by saying that tonight was probably the greatest live performance that I have ever seen. Being my 8th TOOL show...tonight really put the rest into perspective. Although I really did not take to Meshugah at first when I sampled some of there mp3's off of their site...they fucking rocked tonight. I think that their music is done justice when performed live. Fantastic show Meshugah! As far as Maynard and the boys...I do not know where to start. Phenomenal performance! I had the pleasure of seeing three TOOL virgins be deflowered tonight. I tried to explain before the show what they were about to experience, but they really had no idea. I looked over after the aboriginal hyms began and their jaws were dropped. The lights, the audio/visual and the ambiance just totally swept the virgins, myself and everyone else around off of our feet. I really can not think of anything else as far as music, art or literature, that affects me or my close friends like the primal and spiritual performance that TOOL displays to its fans. It really is an uplifting and energetic voyage into the inner depths of the human species. I want to thank everyone involved in bringing TOOL to the eyes and ears of the Gulf Coast...It was really a treat and a breath of fresh air to our relatively quiet neck of the woods. Thank you so much TOOL and please continue creating beautiful and invigorating music. OPIATE was THE highlight! Spiral out - R Dobbs

Review written by: Master Reviewer odyssey ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 01:52:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

We finally made it to a Tool show......after reading some earlier reviews, I was anxious....heh, no worries, It was great! The energy in the room was awesome. I started out on the floor ....nice but not for me, Watching the band was meserizing....the visuals wild. Thanks for coming to the gulf coast Tool. I will always remember....

Review written by: Big Pat Punisher ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 01:53:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Correct Setlist - Sober The Grudge (-)Ions H. Stinkfist (Extended) Schism (Long Into) Parabol Parabola Opiate Intermission (Bass/Static Feedback) Dispostion Reflection Triad Lateralus First time ever for Tool to come to Biloxi. I really think the band appreciated the large response, since the area doesn't get much in terms of concerts. Being my first show, it was a wonderful experience for me. Meshuggah also received a pretty good ovation/reaction...which I'm glad to see since it seems like they wern't getting it from other places. I personally enjoyed their performance. Lead singer was wearing a Punisher shirt, which is a definate plus for me! :) Stayed around near the tour buses after the show, and Maynard came out to talk to a couple dozen of us! Threw me a water bottle, and passed around a bag full of popcorn for the people there......he told us it was good for the colon :) I hope the band members enjoed it here as much as it seemed like they did.....we would love for them to come back.

Review written by: Kabash ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 02:26:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

What else can be said? TOOL was fucking awesome, Hoss!!! This show was better than the one in New Orleans a few months ago. The crowd really seemed to appreciate getting to hear Opiate. I know I did. I really went apeshit when they busted out H. This group never ceases to amaze. Hands down, Bar None, greatest band going today and yesterday and everyday in the future. Meshuggah actually were tolerable. Unlike Tomahawk in N.O. who flatout blew cow testicles. Later Tool Fans.

Review written by: Nathan ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 09:47:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I met Justin and Danny at the Beau Rivage Casino before the show, and thats what made this trip! Because the setlist was disapointing. It was Pensacola all over again, except minus The Patient AND Ænema, and only plus Opiate. REALLY only bought tickets when Third Eye and Cold and Ugly showed up in the setlists, because pensacola was almost just like the Orlando show I saw in October last year. Even got H all three times, damn Id like to hear 46&2. Anyways, Justin was really nice. While standing around inside the lobby a guy walked by that I thought looked like him but I told my friend, na its not. Then some blonde chick came up and asked are you guys with the band? Band I thought??? THAT WAS JUSTIN!!! I had him sign my ragged old TOOL shirt. When I told him what a fan I was he asked if I was comming tonight and I said of course, I got a handshake and little punch in the chest. I had the Valet's bring the car up to put the shirt in the trunk and change, while out there I saw Maynard in a van, when I approached the van the security gaurd in front of the door shook his head NO. I showed him a pen, he shook NO again. I went back inside dissapointed, and there was Danny at the same counter I just met Justin at and Justin was gone. Asked Danny for an auto and he said it has to be with a purple pen. Like a goof I asked the lady behind the counter if she had one, she said no and Danny said he had one. It was awesome. Gotta buy a frame now. The sound was awesome, and the band was tight. Maynard wasnt into the show and for good reason. There were THREE pits and people crowd surfing all night long, no matter what the tune. DUMB SHIT. Maynard had his back to us all night and never stripped out of the leather. Oh well, the autos made the 2hr drive worthwhile.

Review written by: eddie ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 09:49:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

well i was suppose to attend this show, but i could nto make it. san antonio will be my last ever rock concert. im getting too old for concert and i have a wife and a kid coming soon. its time for me to be a more responsible parent. i have enjoyed all that tool has given me. i hope they will play Sober, H, and Aenema one last time at the san antonio show. its been great and i miss Biloxi so much. I never got to meet tool. i guess some things will never happen. hey guys enjoy the show. i will see you in san antonio. eddie

Review written by: Gwen ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 12:07:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Thanks TooL for another opportunity to be in your presence. The show was ,what else, unbelievable!! You guys enlighten so many lives!!! To TRUE TooL fans. Thanks Again!!! Hoping to see you again SOON!!!!

Review written by: jared ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 12:17:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Setlist: -Intro- Sober The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola (Dare to be different speech) Opiate -Intermission- Disposition Reflection Triad (No help from Meshuggah) Lateralus My experience began when I won tickets from the local rock station in New Orleans. I was asked if I wanted to see Tool in Baton Rouge or Biloxi. I don't know why I picked Biloxi but I did and I'm happy. Sitting in our hotel room, my friend and I were watching the LSU football game and the most unbelieveable play happened as time expired and LSU wound up winning. I know that none of you care but this is something everyone can appreciate. Kentucky students on the field celebrating like morons trying to tear down the goal post only to realize they lost the game. AHHH, PRICELESS! Anyways, this put us in a great mood for Tool. Maybe because I've never been to the coast coliseum, but the energy seemed a little down. The New Orleans show during the summer was more anticipated. Maynard had more enthusiasm during the New Orleans show with his neon body paint. The highlight of the show for me was THE GRUDGE. i just can't get enough of that song. Hopefully Tool will be back soon. SPIRAL OUT- KEEP GOING

Review written by: sean g ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 12:45:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

whoops, i left out Stinkfist between H. and Schism. sorry about that, i was half asleep.

Review written by: duste ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 13:44:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

this was my first time to see tool in concert . after seven years of trying i finaly made it. meshuggah the special guest were amazing they had me head banging which doe not happen often.but although meshuggah were awesome i was still waiting for TOOL to come on. as i was waiting i hit(420) and then as i was still occupied it got dark and feedback and artfull noise filled the air then heard the very familiar bass riff to sober. im not too sure of the setlist but that doesnt make my experience any less the time they played "H" i hadmade my way to the front. i was right in front of Adam for nearly the whole show. the extremely artfull backdrop provided a perfect atmosphere for the show and the lights and the videos(which i couldnt see) were mindblowing. i loved when they played "parabol" and they had two bubble spheres (like in the video0 gravitating behind them. but still the music is what made the night so special to me because that is what its all about.i liked the way they added very long (i am in no way complaining) to the songs.the last song of the evening was "lateralus". i have listend to tool for many years but never this loudly and it was breathtaking. i myself am a guitarist\vocalist and artist, and last night has inspired me beyond my expectatations. i now know that music is my destiny. and lets all remember that its not about thefour guys onstage or the light or the videos or anything all about the music. music is the star. i hope to someday see tool in concert again.

Review written by: duste ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 13:55:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

i had but one just one complaint there were too many mainstream hipsters there people who only went because it was something to do on a saturday night. and they also wanted bright light so they could roll on extacy. i know i lot of people who tried very hard and still couldnt mke it to the show. and then these hipsters come because there is nothing better to do. There is no justice.

Review written by: Meshugaher007 ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 14:03:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show


Review written by: DoUbLe HeLiX ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 15:49:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

this show was FUCKING awesome... i had already listened to some meshuggah songs on my computer, and i did not like them. so i was going into the show thinking that mushuggah was going to suck really bad... but they really amazed me... i fucking loved mushuggah, but i do have to admit i wanted them to stop playing so i could see TOOL... and fucking tool was awesome i loved every single second when tool was on the stage... i didnt really enjoy the trick that maynard played on us though when he acted like they were going to play third eye but really played opiate. i wanted to hear third eye but opiate was bad ass anyways... well thats about all i have to say about the concert because im kind of speechless... SETLIST: Sober The Grudge(MAYNARDS VOICE CRACKED!!!) Ions (-) H. Stinkfist Schism(Extended Intro) Parabol//a Opiate!!! ---Intermission--- Diposition/Reflection/Triad Lateralus

Review written by: ben ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 17:12:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 17th Tool show

great show, as always, but there are a ton of jackasses in biloxi. i thought baton rouge was bad, but this was horrible. i was in absolute disbelief when almost the entire crowd followed maynard's orders and started repeating phrases ("think for yourself," "be an individual," "be creative," "question authority) that he was saying. don't you people get it? you were doing the exact opposite of what TOOL stands for and acting like the little sheep that you all are. absolute worst TOOL crowd i've ever seen. if maynard had done anything but sing with his back to the crowd i would have been shocked. and all the moshing was just dissapointing. biloxi doesn't doesn't deserve to have TOOL make a repeat visit.

Review written by: Michael ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 17:29:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Meshuggah was great. Setlist: Elastic Sickening Nebulous Closed Eye Visuals New Milleneum Cyanide Christ Soul Burn Rational Gaze Future Breed Machine The popcorn Maynard James Keenan gave out was tasty.

Review written by: topside ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 17:38:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

WOW - Tool was awsome last night. The crowd was pretty bad. Moshers everywhere, and oh my god, what was up with all the fuckin ravers in Biloxi? Whats wrong with you people. I sware I saw at least 10 people raving the WHOLE time. Anyway. The acoustics in the MS Coast colliseum is awsome. Tool rocked. Maynard kept his back faced to the crowd, and never took his leather shit off, and for good reason. During his test for the followers in the crowd, EVERYONE was repeating after him. Sheep. It was funny when he started saying 'Repeat after me' I yelled out 'THINK FOR YOURSELF' and said that after almost every line he said - people around me didn't really get it. Anyway - I was suprised that the drummer for Mushugah didnt come out for Triaad, there was a Mushuggah fan behind me who was really looking forward to it. I went see Tool in Baton Rouge last night, but I must say tonight was awsome. I decided to sit on the balcony this concert, so I got in the very center and on the top. Perfect acoustics and a GREAT view of everything. The screens, the back drops, the band, everything. Sitting back jammin to tool, smokin amazing kind bud. Pefect. Absolute bliss. Wow. What can I say? Words cant desribe this show. Its pure emotional and spiritual bliss. Amazing. Thank you Tool, for sharing these moments with me. Much love. Ride the spiral to the end, you may just go where no ones been. Spiral out.

Review written by: topside ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 18:45:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I also forgot to mention. Maynard was nice enough to let us know a little about himself. Lots of people were lighting thier lighters, before they came out, and during slower parts of songs. Maynard said "Thank you for your display of lighters, however...I don't smoke" After a laugh I we went back to the pure emotional ecstacy and continued jamming. "With my feet upon the ground I lose myself between the sounds and open wide to suck it in, I feel it move across my skin. I'm reaching up and reaching out, I'm reaching for the random or what ever will bewilder me." Im still in shock. Words do no justice for Tool. Wow.

Review written by: Lizard ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 20:43:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

INCREDIBLE! Never heard of Meshuggah before (save the little plug Jack Osbourne made on MTV) and I must say I am a fan now. Blistering sound, outstanding stage presence, etc. I strongly suggest getting all their albums, if you can find them. And Tool, needless to say, were really in top form. It amazes me every time I see/hear them, how deep their GENIUS actually goes. One might miss the powerful minutiae of the show if one doesn't really pay attention to the higher meaning of Tool's sound, lyrics, etc. For those of us who really understand what Adam's artwork and James' lyrics are projecting, it was a phenomenal evening. I had to laugh when Maynard began his first anti- speech with "Repeat after me...", because I knew he would end his speech with "...and don't repeat after anything anyone has to say." Nevertheless, most of the large crowd did as the Reverend said. It was one of those intricasies that makes Tool good fodder for the intelligent metal fan. The stage setup was outstanding, from the two big-screens projecting Adam's third-eye waxing artwork to the incredible backdrops lit up by gaffers in the shape of a 7-point star, to Keenan's own choice of face makeup - the "reverse anti- mohawk in black". Way beyond God or Satan to me. Of course, heavy double-bass drumming, ear-piercing guitar, Maynard's beautiful and potent voice, and that note so low it makes your spine ache all made for a sonically-charged evening, expected of Tool. Six times now, and each time keeps getting better. My third eye certainly got some quality time last night. Again, INCREDIBLE! Become a fan if you aren't one already.

Review written by: qoncept ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 20:43:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I saw Tool almost a year ago to the day. Almost 2 years after an album comes out, you might expect some older songs to start to appear in the tour. Thats what the "real" fans always want, right" Tough. The show tonight was identical to the one I saw in Cedar Rapids, IA a year ago (minus Pushit). The visuals were different, but other than that, it was the same, right down to the things Maynard had to say to the crowd. I understand that Tool is a much more scripted and definite show than, say Deftones or Guns n Roses (which is why they are so much better), but come on. If this had been my first show, I would have been totally amazed. It turned out to be my first Tool show for a second time. That said, the show was still incredible. It didn't please me as much as an incredible show should have, though. I left disappointed, let down. I don't go to shows for visuals. Some people say the lighting is great, or the on screen visuals are great. Maybe, but I like Tool because of the musical experience, and this was the same old musical experience. My death metal friend from New York said he was insulted because Maynard doesn't face the croud and Adam and Justin have such expressionless faces during the show. I can see that at most shows, but that's just not what Tool is about. What insults me is that I paid $40 for a ticket to see them, and that they are charging $40 for a damn hat and tee shirt. Of course, Maynard did his "non-conformist's oath" -- great, Maynard, except maybe if you are going to try to make fools of your fans by mocking them when they repeat your words, they should actually be your words instead of Bill Hicks' infamous "think for yourself. question authority." The show was great. But Tool is no longer invincible in my mind.

Review written by: Boscoe ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 21:39:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

This was my 3rd TOOL show. Last night was the most influential concert that I have ever experienced. The musical and visual flow was perfect and flawless. Maynard looked better the night before in Baton Rouge, but I respect him just as much as the rest of the guys in the band because of his huge respect for the rest of the guys that perform with him. Maynard seemed like he was really into the music and the experience even though he did face away from the crowd. His vocals were flawless and mindblowing. I could only dream of being as talented as he is as a singer and a songwriter. I wish I could have met him after the show like some of the other fans. Adam's visuals were incredible and slightly varied from the tour last fall, where I saw them in the pouring rain in Birmingham, AL, which was an incredible show by the way. Adam is talented beyond words. Justin was just his usual badass self even if he had no emotion in his face while playing. Danny is one big motherfucker. He is also an exceptional drum player. Those words do him no justice because his playing last night in Biloxi was just amazing. I cant find the words for it. I traveled from Memphis, TN with my roomate to see TOOL in Baton Rouge and Biloxi and I am so thankful that I was able to experience both shows. I know that my life has changed because of the experience and I know that I will never forget the moments and experiences from the concerts. I hope that everyone else that was there was as amazed and purely happy throughout the entire shows. Hearing Third Eye, Opiate, H., Stinkfist, The Grudge, and Lateralus made my weekend complete. It was just purely heaven and I am looking forward to seeing them again, hopefully sooner rather than later. Thank you Maynard, Adam, Danny, and Justin!!!! You are incredible. Never stop doing what you are doing. Think for yourself. Question authority.......

Review written by: Sparky ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 22:19:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

***Read atleast this part of my post if your just skimming through....... Tool is all about being creative and open minded. They don't just throw any opening act on the bill, so take a real good listen before you think about slamming these AWESOME musicians Tool is trying to introduce you to. Meshuggah was everything I had ever dreamed and so much more. Understanding the difference between them and Tool I slam-danced my ass off for Meshuggah, but when Tool came on, I totally chilled. Being my 3rd Tool show I decided to pay more attention to the visuals. It's so cool how the screens, backdrop, stage setup etc. etc. fit with their live sound. When Maynard said "Repeat after me" I did a quick flashback of everything I know about Tool and thought "Repeat after him? That can't be right...." Sure enough my friend Mike and I were the only people that didn't feel like idiots as far as I could hear/see. Thanks for a great time Maynard, Danny, Justin, and James!!!!!

Review written by: db (...) Review posted on: 11/10/02 23:09:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

so i guess this means ill need to start voting for the g.o.p, keeping my rifle at my side, and supporting senseless wars...or perhaps not. surely i and many failed the republican test miserably. though i shouldve listened more closely to the cringe i felt when i heard 'repeat after me', hindsight is useless unless you can see where you went wrong. this show was amazing. the extensions were a welcome novelty, opiate - truly something id been waiting for from the beginning. however, it really matters not what songs tool plays, but how they play them. though my own, and a good lot of the crowds blindness turned maynard off noticably...our failure thankfully didnt seem to keep them from playing with true purpose. thankyou tool, for gracing us ignorami with your limitless supply of healing power, and all the humble pie for us in tow as well...hopefully next time we wont let an altered state or overly anticipated moment cloud our ability to heed gut instincts. the popcorn and kindly stern words were much appreciated also. be well.

Review written by: BEANO COOK (www.1hangslowerthantheother.youmouth) Review posted on: 11/10/02 23:10:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. Thankyou TOOL!!!!!!! This was a great show. I just came from the Tallahassee show. I can't compare a TOOL show because they are all excellent and the best ones i've seen in their own way. MJK had a lot more to say at this one.He asked the crowd to repeat after him, then began "Be your self", "be an individual", "be creative", and "qustion authority", and "do not repeat anything some says", then came Opiate. He had his back to the crowd the entire show, and never came out of the leather suit. In Tall., MESH's drummer completely fucked TRIAD up, and did not perform up to TOOL's standards. They didn't bring him out for this show, thank you TOOL (they must have put him on TOOL time out). Offical setlist(My brother caught it from Justin at the end of the show) Mississippi Coast Collseum SOBER -no MJK vid ----reveal drop---- GRUDGE-no uv STINKFIST H. ----Pull Nardpet-----(his guitar for the next) SCHISM leary-SCHISM-clusters OPIATE --blackout/smoke/change drop-- DISPOSITION-confetti REFLECTION-banners TRIAD-star LATERALUS-spinard Crowd had a lot of energy, with some pretty good pits if your into that. Got in it at LATERALUS. and about had to beat the shit out of a rolling faggot who bit me on the back and the nipple. It's probably the last show of the tour i'll catch, and we can all pray that they will pull out another tour next year. Highlight of the night was OPIATE, and MJK speaking, a lot more than usual to the crowd. ----------MJK for PRESIDENT------------------------- posted by Beano Cook

Review written by: DazednConfusedhs ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 23:21:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first Tool show it was amazing. I sat at the top bleachers in the back and watched everything that was happening. After each song I would have to remember breathe. I do have to say that Meshuggah sucked. All they did was scream in a mic. they and no rythm or melody at all. I kept praying that they would leave after each song. Maynard was funny as he made fun of the great people of Mississippi. You could tell he didn't want to be in there when he said Hello Biloxi Mississippi, and then trailed off. After the show. We stood out by the buses and Maynard came out and gave people pop-corn. I didn't accept any because i felt like he was feeding us like live stock. But i still i thought it was funny. I hope to see Tool again in the future because this was the geatest show i have ever been too.

Review written by: DazednConfusedhs ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 23:21:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first Tool show it was amazing. I sat at the top bleachers in the back and watched everything that was happening. After each song I would have to remember breathe. I do have to say that Meshuggah sucked. All they did was scream in a mic. they and no rythm or melody at all. I kept praying that they would leave after each song. Maynard was funny as he made fun of the great people of Mississippi. You could tell he didn't want to be in there when he said Hello Biloxi Mississippi, and then trailed off. After the show. We stood out by the buses and Maynard came out and gave people pop-corn. I didn't accept any because i felt like he was feeding us like live stock. But i still i thought it was funny. I hope to see Tool again in the future because this was the geatest show i have ever been too.

Review written by: DazednConfusedhs ( Review posted on: 11/10/02 23:23:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first Tool show it was amazing. I sat at the top bleachers in the back and watched everything that was happening. After each song I would have to remember breathe. I do have to say that Meshuggah sucked. All they did was scream in a mic. they and no rythm or melody at all. I kept praying that they would leave after each song. Maynard was funny as he made fun of the great people of Mississippi. You could tell he didn't want to be in there when he said Hello Biloxi Mississippi, and then trailed off. After the show. We stood out by the buses and Maynard came out and gave people pop-corn. I didn't accept any because i felt like he was feeding us like live stock. But i still i thought it was funny. I hope to see Tool again in the future because this was the geatest show i have ever been too.

Review written by: Scott ( Review posted on: 11/11/02 01:21:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

hello, i just wanted to say that the concert was wonderful and i had a question. does anyone know the piano music that plays before the drones that bring TooL out? Thanks.

Review written by: ?? ( Review posted on: 11/11/02 01:32:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

not gonna post a setlist because....well, its already been posted several times. First off, I went into the show already a moderate fan of meshuggah. I have to say they were a little dull live, far from bad, but definitely not my favorite. Highlite of their set definitely New millenium cyanide christ. Also, does anyone know who that guy was that came out for a quick little solo during their set? Anyways, on to tool. Now i know what im going to say isnt the popular opinion, but im gonna say it anyways. I was not impressed tonite in the least. I saw tool a year and 3 days before this show, and i was amazed. I left that show thinking they were by far the best live band i had ever come across. However, the second time around for me was worlds different from my first experience with them. First off, i dont care how bad the crowd was (and godamn, were they terrible) the fact that maynard turns his back to the crowd is ridiculous, and seems very childish to me. I realize that people can be idiots, but to disrespect everyone in the arena like that (not EVERYONE is a complete moron) is, in my opinion, uncalled for. I know all you hardcore tool worshippers think this is a completely justifiable act, but perhaps if you didnt place these people on such a high pedestal then maybe you could see that it is really just disrespectful. I seriously stood there feeling like a fool for spending my hard earned money to watch one of my favorite frontmen turn his back to me because he is somehow better than me. On to some more complaints....take away the lights, take away the clever, but in reality meaningless movies, and what are you left with? Four guys, who stand still and call their fans moronic sheep. Yay!!! what fun is that, really? I understand that the lights and movies are supposed to open your third eye (lame), but to me it just seems that they use those things as a crutch to make up for a rather dull stage presence. By saying that i in no way am implicating that they need to jump around like monkeys, but i want to be able to see that they are really up there enjoying what they do, to me personally that would be a much better experience than seeing the same movies tour after tour. My last complaint for my rant, how predictable have they become? since the arrival of lateralus the setlist, correct me if im wrong, has been pretty much the same save a few songs. Maynards "take this moment and do something positive" speech, to me, has no meaning to it, its just something he recites night after night, but you sheep (yes, thats right, sheep) eat it up as if it was the divine word of god. well, if i had'nt lost you up to that point, then im sure that sealed everyones hatred of my review. I was a huge tool fan before this show, and still am to an extent. However, this show really opened my third eye (again, lame) and i saw right through everything that was presented. if you disagree, im sorry, dont try and tell me that "i dont get it", because i do "get it", i just think its farrrrrrr from the religious experience that 99.999% of the reviews here make a tool show out to be.

Review written by: JIMMY (KRUZ96@NETSCAPE.COM) Review posted on: 11/11/02 01:36:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 4 Tool show


Review written by: Norfleet ( Review posted on: 11/11/02 01:53:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Awesome show, althought I do find it ironic that I was praying all the way from Memphis to Biloxi that they would play Cold and Ugly and Third Eye like they have been doing, then they of course opened with Sober. I also find it hilarious that my two friends who went to the show in Baton Rouge the night before arrived late and missed Cold and Ugly. I thought Meshuggah was the best opening band I've seen for Tool in the three concerts I've been to. I did kind of get tired of all the screaming there towards the end, but still, they received a way better response then Tricky or Tomahawk did. At least that's what I thought. So then the music that always comes on before the lights go out comes on and I get all excited. Me and my group are sitting in the seats right in the center, so we had a great view of the setup with the stage and the videos and everything. Then the lights went out and that drone came on. That's when people started lighting their lighters. It was an amazing site: the lateralus circle of eyes up on the video screens with the flaming eye in the middle, and a sea of little orange and yellow lights. I actually said "Wow, look at that." Someone wrote earlier that you could tell that Maynard wasn't thrilled to be in Biloxi. Actually, I thought he was pretty happy to be there. He didn't make fun of the audience for cheering too softly like he has done in past shows. But he did make a joke about people from Biloxi actually having thumbs. Did anyone else catch that it was a joke about evolution? Ya know, opposible thumbs? anyways... Apparently the floor was pretty bad. There was a fight with lots of blood 'n stuff. And my friend couldn't breathe and tried to get out by the rail, but no one would pick him up, so he had to exit through a couple thousand people, which must not have been fun, and came to sit with us. Something else I've noticed in the messages so far, or maybe I just missed it, I dunno, but during the Non-Conformist Oath, Die Eier Von Satan was playing in the background. I was like "whoa"." So actually, the setlist SHOULD read something like this... ... Parabol Parabola Die Eier Von Satan/Non-Conformist Oath Opiate ... The new visuals, like the praying mantis eye and others, were simply amazing. I wish I could be that creative. I was kind of disappointed in the intermission video though. I was waiting for the stretchy-face guy, and when he FINALLY showed up after like 7 minutes, he was only up there for a couple of seconds. Oh well. Lots of people were either on acid or ecstacy, or maybe both, and it became readily apparent during Reflection when people started doing the whole floaty-waving hands type dancing and hitting the people next to them. The couple in front of me must've been really into it. So that's all I'm really gonna write right now. I'm back in Memphis and waiting for them to come close again so I can go to yet another show...

Review written by: Olivia Marquis ( Review posted on: 11/11/02 03:09:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my very first show, i drove 7 hours to get there and it was no dissapointment. I just want to say that had to be the most life-altering weekend of my life. When the music started I figured it was like every other concert i had ever been to but after Sober i realized just how wrong I was. I was completly sucked into the deep droning of the base (possibly cause i was right next to the speakers) and the words "you must put yourself in a state of vaunerable openmindedness chotic confused vaunerability to inform yourself" looping in my head and i was sucked into what i felt was a journey into the "whole" and it peaked during what would seem to be an intermission. At first i stood there pressed against the railing my body tingling from excitement then it became alltogether different, i closed my eyes and let myself really experience the constant low droning bass feed. The first thing i noticed was how the low vibrations ran thru my body with ease, unapprehended by anything, then it became different again, i felt nothing but the vibrations, nothing was around me, the metal bar that pressed into my ribs was gone and so were the masses that pressed me there, my body had ceased to exist. As the droning went on my mind was the only thing that still felt human, it processed thoughts but on a totaly different level (if you could imagine this it would be putting yourself in a vast space take away all of you physical senses and let yourself be your mind and thats all, weightless, floating, existing only as a stream of thoughts, then you might get the same feeling i had), the first realization i made was that i WAS this vibration and that everything is this vibration but i saw these vibrations were different, like colors, just not so limited, they were endless and constant. The next realization was that in fact they were all the same despite some differences and that EVERYTHING was made of these base vibrations and that if we were all the same then we were in fact all one consciousness contained in these crudely constructed forms, from that thought it went on to how these forms hold us and give us the abilities to percieve these vibrations thru different senses, and slowly one at a time i tested what i though, each sense faded in and out slowly one after the other, like testing circut connections. My next and most benifical realization was that a human body broken down is just that base vibration and i compaired what i felt in my human body to what i felt here and the transition i went thru to get here and i came to the conclusion that that could have possibly been a parallel to death and that it is true we do have "souls" but they are nothing more than our collective conscious joining back into the current and maybe whoever said that life is but a dream is right but my train of thought was interrupted by a shift in the vibrations and i let myself rejoin myself and for the rest of the show i still felt all of it, i felt my eyes were wide open and at the end when maynard was thanking everyone for sharing this moment with him and how he wished us well as we went off into the world seeing it with new eyes. At that moment i felt that all of what i had gone thru were the real intentions and not just to be a show. I guess its all peoples wishes to thank the ones who help them or at least in some cases, thank the one who entertained them for a short time, yes i wanted to thank maynard, i even had the chance when he spoke to me but i felt, and still feel, its not nessecary. To whoever reads this, look for the deeper meaning in life, dont settle with your mindless routines and your stagnating thoughts, go live the life you only dream about because this is all a dream and soon you'll wake up.

Review written by: Benji (grmarshall@peoplepc,com) Review posted on: 11/11/02 12:10:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 4tth Tool show

im sure the setlist is already above me somewere but it was pretty much the same as last time around down here but they TOOL played the best ive heard them they were perfect as always but they did something iwas wishing right before we went in i saaid " I hope they play something from Opiate , in fact i hope they play Opiate, but i seriously doubt it" ........but never doubt TOOL the 4th or 5th song i cant remember was my dream song ....OPIATE........ mmmmmm..........opiate i think ideserve it though i was the second person th get there at 10:00 in the early mourn ps thanx to april david and scott oh yea danielle i got a happy happy way there and back spiral out Benji

Review written by: Annius ( Review posted on: 11/11/02 22:25:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

To start off, I think Stinkfist was played before H. Anyways... So yeah, this is a couple days later. But I felt it important to write this because the event changed my life forever. I saw a little more than half of the set in Baton Rouge (I got there during Parabol, fucking school) I was one of the others in the group hailing from Memphis. Two of my friends have already posted about this show. What can I say, it was an amazing show. and it felt like a new experience even though I had seen them the previous night, and besides the fact that it was the exact same setlist as the Little Rock show (7/30) I went to but they played Opiate instead of Aenima. This means I got to do something I didn't think I would be able to do, relive the Little Rock show from the seats and watch the visuals instead of being all the way up to the front rail. I started off in the pit, but during the Grudge it got so rough that it broke my concentration from the music, so I sat in the seats with my friends. I can't describe the intensity and the rush that I got from the combination of music and visuals. But I can say that for the first time in a long time, after the deaths and girlfriend problems and difficult classwork that I have faced the past three months, I was able to feel utter and total happiness. I saw the passion that these guys have and the relationship among them, it reminded me how much they've meant to me, from a musical aspect and from a philosophical aspect and and how they have forever changed the way I listen to music, the way I perform, the way I write, and the way I believe. At the end of the show, Mr. Keenan said "Thank you for sharing this moment with us. With these political and social times that we live in, it is important for you to think for yourself and question authority, and generate something positive." Well, Mr. Keenan, the show was a very positive experience for me. In fact, the entire road trip was a positive experience. Thank you, Tool, for your music, and for allowing me to share that moment with you. I am eternally thankful.

Review written by: somebody ( Review posted on: 11/11/02 23:58:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

ok this wuz my third tool show in the past week and it wuz amazing as usual. messhugaah wuz alot better this time than the previous times. and tools set wuz amazing they were perfect as alwayz SOBER: a wonderful opener they alwayz do this good everytime ive seen sober live i gain more respect for the song. THE GRUDGE: wonderful as usual maynards scream wuz perfect absoultyly perfect. maynard thanked the crowd for holding up there lighters but then said i dont know why i dont smoke. and then had them show him there hands to prove they had thumbs. very funny. STINKFIST: i think this wuz the best ive seen them do on this song it wuz absoulty amazing and the good thing about seein them more than once in a week i didnt get fooled by the extended version of the song. H.: well this wuz probably my fav song of the evening only because it has sentimintal value and it is my fav tool song if i had to pick one. SCHISM: wuz great i left the floor area during this song it is really hard to enjoy the tool experiance when ur biggest concern iz trying to stay on ur feet but thats ok i found a good seat to rest. and relized sumthin that i never relized before at the other showsthat maynards platform iz a screen also. PAROBAL/PARABOLA: i went back down to the floor at the intro to parabol and like alwayz they did this perfect this has alwayz been one of tools best live songs. maynard then led the crowd in the republican detector(nonconformist oath) i heard this in winston-salem so i knew the catch. OPIATE: had to be my highlight of the evening ive alwayz wanted to see this songlive and i wuz thinkin i wouldnt get to see it and then bam i wuz like god damnit god damnit god damnit. i knew by reading reviews that opiate third eye or aenema and the last 2 times this week and my first 2 tool shows i saw aenema. so i wuz hopin for opiate and well im just gonna end the opiate review by saying god damn. INTERMISSION: okay im tired of everyone sayin (-)ions is played before the grudge or stinkfist uz it iz not it is played during the intermission and it is extended i just wanted to clear that up. DISPOSITION: alwayz one of my fav live songs they alwayz do this one wonderful. REFLECTION: great thats all i have to say. TRIAD:??????????? i am just wondering why messhugaah did not play with them during this song. that really confused me. LATERALUS: enough said. and remember kids: TURN OFF YOUR T.V.S

Review written by: silent0ne ( Review posted on: 11/12/02 10:01:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

The greatest show ive ever seen! the visuals, sound, and everything else it takes to put on a great show were in place. Maynard put on a great show and got every note on key. Drums were great, guitar sounded perfect and bass was as if in the studio. great opening with sober (my fav song). I just have to say it was the greatest show ive ever seen period!

Review written by: snapperhead ( Review posted on: 11/12/02 11:57:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Not only was it my first Tool concert, but my first concert in general. I loved it. When they opened with Sober, I felt the wind knocked out of me. Some of the songs I didn't know but they rocked and I loved the whole show. When Opiate was played, I felt like teh whole place was beaming. Everyone was like"HELL YEAH!!" I know I was. Maynard speaking was the shit though. Be an individual Question authority The whole show rocked.

Review written by: Beastie_TooL (beastie_Too) Review posted on: 11/12/02 14:47:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist.

Review written by: grimLoK (iwishtheyedplayedthirdeye@d'oh.doesalot) Review posted on: 11/12/02 14:59:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

where to begin......i'll start by saying that i was TERRIBLY disappointed that i made a 1,200 mile round trip to hear third eye and got the same show i saw in pensacola minus the pateint and aenima, but add opiate. it was cool hearing opiate, but DAMN!!!!! i was really really looking foward to third eye. besides the severe disappointment i felt from not getting to hear my favorite band play my favorite song after driving 600 miles from birmingham, it was a real tight show. over all i think this show rocked a little harder than the pensacola show. i'll try to sum it up real quick like........ maynard didn't strip down the entire show. he remained fully clothed. he didnt turn to face the audience at all. before tool came on everyone was holding their lighters up. when tool came on maynard said, " thank you for the display of lighters, but i dont smoke." before opiate maynard gave his little think for yourself speech. then said something along the lines of us (the audience) participating in a test they were giving. he said they called it a "republican detector." then they played opiate (i think i was the only audience member who said, "fuck!" in a disapproving manner). i said this because i knew they would play opiate or third eye. oh well it was a very good performance. who am i to bitch anyway?the two best parts of the show in my humble opinion were the grudge and the trinity that is disposition, reflection, and triad. i was very suprised to see that the drummer from meshuggah didnt show up for a guest spot during triad. but that made it all better. i really got a chance to hear and see danny play the HELL out of the drums on this song. out of the three times ive seen tool, this version of triad was the most rockin'. i went last october to see tool in my hometown of birmingham. they did not disappoint at all. i got to see 46&2 , pushit, and aenima all while it was POURING down rain. it was the most beautiful thing ive ever seen and heard. so even though i didnt get to hear third eye this time, i can always say thank goodness for the birmingham show. the birmingham show was so good it will be able to redeem any bad or disappointing show i might see in the future. at least i can say that ive seen tool three times. anyway, it was over all a wonderful, tight show. tool doesnt disappoint unless you expect too much (like me). the next time tool comes within 600 miles of me i will not read these reviews until AFTER the show. they have a tendancy to spoil things for me. oh yeah. the ppl in biloxi are very friendly. the crowd at the show was very considerate and fun. tool please come back to birmingham one know you want to. maybe it will rain again.-

Review written by: grimLoK (iforgotacoupleofthings@sorrykabir) Review posted on: 11/12/02 15:12:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

oh yeah i thought meshuggah freakin rocked. those guys really got the place jumping. they played in some weird time signatures in some of their songs but man they were hardcore. anyway also i thought it was kind of funny that maynard said ( at one point during the show, i cant remember when), "the matrix has you. turn off your t.v.'s" he is a very amusing character. anyways, thanks for a good show. maybe next time i'll hear third eye, jimmy, or eulogy. but, beggers cant be choosers. until next time..........

Review written by: Beastie_TooL ( Review posted on: 11/12/02 15:12:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Setlist: Sober The Gurdge Stinkfist (extended) Schism (long intro) Parabol Parabola *Conformity Oath* Opiate ~Intermission~ Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Mushuagah rocked, that's all they did. They came out, rocked the crowd and left. The guy didn't come out and play with them, but it was still awesome!!! My friends went to the Tallahassee show and they opened with Cold & Ugly, which I was hoping for this time,and also played Third-Eye . Maynard had a all black leather suit, with a black strip from the back of his head to the front. He faced the wall the whole time, except when he played the guitar. The whole audience showed thier appreciation by lighting their lighters, and Maynard thanked the crowd, and added, "But we don't smoke." They changed a lot of their visual stuff. We had to take the conformity oath which was, "Think for yourself, question authority. Dare to be and individual. And never repeat anything anyone else says." I went against it by telling you, but i thought you'd like to hear the experience of TooL. At the end of the show they had a long bass/drum solo. They all got together for Lateralus, and then hugged at the same time. Maynard threw bottles of water to the crowd. Danny broke something on his drums and threw it out at the end. Of course he said he hoped that the experience made us want to create something positive. It was awesome and I hope that, if you haven't seen TooL yet, I hope you get your day soon....Becka Soriano

Review written by: Hmm? ( Review posted on: 11/12/02 16:18:29 ET

This was this reviewer's ? Tool show

LSD and MDMA do not make you attack other people. Those are called assholes.

Review written by: Heather ( Review posted on: 11/12/02 17:20:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I was very impressed with my frist Tool show in Pensacola a few months earlyer so I was really looking forward to seeing them again in Biloxi. The anticipation of the awaiting fans, if you could call them that, wasn't nearly as great as I thought it would be. I was very annoyed with the crowd, it was made very evadent when they failed the republican test that they truley are not Tool fans. My hatred for the crowd was hightend when I saw all of the ravers too busy fondling their glow sticks to enjoy the music or the beautiful artistic display of the show. Dispite the shitty crowd, Tool was amazing and very much enjoyed by those who truely appreciate them. My favorite performances were H and Opiate. My only regret of this show was moving from the spot where Daney tossed his drum heads at the end of the show, but you can't always win now can you.

Review written by: Victor ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 09:38:23 ET

This was a GREAT show! Yes, they didn't play THIRD EYE but the extended version of OPIATE was awesome! Maynard managed to rehash Steve Martin's "Non- Conformist's Oath" quite nicely. As soon as he said, "Repeat after me..." I began shouting, "Fuck you, Maynard!" I mean, c'mon people! He's Maynard! You think he's going to help you with his ramblings? Even AFTER he's told us that he "[...] is just a worthless liar" and all that? ;-) For the record, it is NOT a 600 mile trip from Birmingham, Alabama to Biloxi. It is approximately 310 miles. Whoever said it was 600 miles-- dude, buy a map-- or go to Pacem Vobiscum Victor

Review written by: grimLoK (iknowsmydistances@donttellmesh* Review posted on: 11/13/02 14:19:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

i know how far it is from b'ham to biloxi. i live here. i know how to read an odometer. its a little under 600 miles. its like 500 some odd miles. so who cares anyway. i drove a long fucking way (5 hours, regardless of how far) to hear a song they didn t play. still a tight show though. maybe next time. sorry for the rant, kabir.

Review written by: TRAVIS (PUNKSK8TER1369@AOL.COM) Review posted on: 11/13/02 18:11:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show


Review written by: Mr. Niel ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 12:09:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I actually went to this show to see Meshuggah...I've kinda fallen outta touch with how good Tool is... Anyway, Meshuggah was fuckin' explosive and Tool's show reminded me of just how crazy great they are! Danny Carey is just ridiculous on the drums... I was surprised to see Maynard with a guitar, I didn't know he played, I couldn't really tell what he was playing though. I guess they kept him real low in the mix, there was one part on Triad where I heard him doing Tom Morello scratches...Besides, Adam Jones' guitar was fucking so loud anyway, the whole band really. That was a loud show. Crazy loud. The visuals were fantastic, especially the end of Parabola (or Parabol, whatever). Meshuggah is fucking ridiculous. It seems alot of people are missing the greatness of these guys, but hey, you can't convince everybody. I wish they would get full use of the PA system, but that's pretty rare when the opening band doesn't get the shaft on that one... All in all, Best show I've been to all year (next to Butthole Surfers in New Orleans....) Now Tool should tour with Opeth.

Review written by: Joey ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 19:58:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

This was the first time I had ever seen Meshuggah. They were alright if you like that kind of music. I have seen Tool three times & every time I see them they are better. I drove all the way from northern AL to see them again. This show kicked ass from the time Tool came out to the time they left. Every song they played was just bad ass. I was as close to the stage as you can get & it was hot as hell but it was worth it. Tool is by far the best band I've ever heard or seen. Danny Carrey is also the best drummer there is. I can't wait to see them again.

Review written by: jamelica ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 21:35:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

not as good of a setlist as last night but equally as awsome SOBER THE GRUDGE!!(still awsome)! H. STINKFIST SCHISM PARABOL/PORABOLA OPIATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(unexpected!) crazy intermission shit REFLECTION DISPOSITION TRIAD LATERALUS wasnt expecting opiate! it was awsome! but as always the grudge and triad stole the show! lateralus was also quite awsome. maybe one day we`ll see prision sex or eulogy. u never know what the next tour will bring>

Review written by: Victor ( Review posted on: 11/15/02 11:26:31 ET

Over 500 miles from Birmingham to Biloxi? Not bloody likely! I made it from Jacksonville, Alabama to Biloxi in 6 hours and it's 1 hour from Jacksonville to Birmingham! Furthermore, I averaged about 65 mph. Now, 65 mph * 6 h = 390 miles which is about right. Dude, I don't care WHERE you live, I have a degree in math and I made the trip myself. If you had to drive over 500 miles ONE WAY to get to Biloxi, you're taking a VERY messed up route and you need to rethink yourself! IT IS NOT A NEAR 600 MILES FROM BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA TO BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI! "I've done the math enough to know the dangers of a second guessing...."

Review written by: Sum Yung A Hole ( Review posted on: 11/15/02 21:29:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Anybody ever read the old reviews. Interesting to contrast "they rocked, so much different from Bush" reviews and the new "oh my god my life has changed for ever" reviews. I wanted to post on the show, but the more i think about the worse an idea it seems. I had fun, but its sad to see so many find the meaning of life in a band, or it least seem to. Thats all folks........