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Review written by: misc. (misc.)
Review posted on: 11/13/02 00:40:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

can anyone tell me what maynard said before they played "third eye?" was it something about the song being dedicated to a tool fan?

Review written by: Ion ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 00:46:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I really despise fake setlists so here's the real one: Cold & Ugly The Grudge (-)Ions Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola Third Eye!!!!! -----Intermission----- Dispostion Reflection Triad Lateralus I would post what I thought of the show but you need to experience this for yourselves. There are no words to explain TOOL Live.

Review written by: Jesus Duran ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 00:53:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 5st? Tool show

First of all, Tool just gave us an amazing show. This is one of the few bands that I can see over and over again and never get tired of it. There is so much good influence from bands like Pink Floyd and all those progresive rock bands from the 70s and 80s into Tool. The setlist somebody else can list it. I don't know why everybody else gets so excited about Third Eye in concert, I mean it is a good song and everything but I still think that any song from the Lateralus album is a lot way better than that one. And of course the Lateralus album is a lot better than the Aenima album. I also think that all that noise, disposition/reflection shit can be replaced by any other song from the previuos albums. I just hope that Tool doesn't take that much time to come up with another album and of course I hope that they can top the Lateralus album which is for me one of the greatest albums of all time.

Review written by: stephen ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 01:17:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

it is amazing how many people show up and look like they are having no fun at all. jesus, if you're not going to have a good time, then don't buy a fucking ticket! or at least give it to someone who wants it and will make good use of it. there's plenty of others who would love to be in your spot. great show all around...the first setlist posted is correct. my 108 (or so) day wait to see them again was totally worth it. hearing cold & ugly, h, and third eye alone were worth it since they didn't play those at the other shows i have attended on the lateralus tour. meshuggah was alright. i actually thought they were well- received by the crowd unlike tricky and tomahawk at the others shows i was at. of course tool's the best live act out there right now. no comparison. everything is tight, moves smoothly and their live rearrangement of stinkfist is so great. everytime i see them i am more amazed than the last time. h was the big highlight for me, but again i totally dug triad. at first i thought the crowd was very dead during triad, but maybe they were just mesmerized. i hope it's the latter. everything tonight rocked. hopefully they'll be back somewhere down here soon. as always...emails, opinions, stories welcome.

Review written by: anthony ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 01:19:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd? Tool show

heres the setlist cold and ugly the grudge stinkfist h schism parabol parabola thirdeye intermission reflection dispostion triad lateralus this was probably the best show of them that ive seen...danny kicked ass, adam and justin were on point and maynard was great...kinda sucked he left right after the show and left the band on stage to throw stuff in the crowd and give goodbyes and all...third eye...fucking great! was played perfectly..this is probably the last time they'll be around for awhile so i soaked in all in nice and of the drums broke for the meshuggah drummer during triad, kinda funny, just threw the drumhead in the crowd, maynard didnt talk much, just the usual, hello and follow your dreams and shared this moment speech at the end...i dont think he's very fond of San Antonio even though the crowds here are the shit,...way better than the austin crowd back in july....either way...the show was awesome, they played third eye im going to bed...spiral out

Review written by: GrinAid ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 01:25:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This was the second TooL show I've been to. Here in the Freeman Coliseum there was a better view. The Artwork all around was very bright and colorful especially the backdrop, multi tree face piece, which kept changing spectacular colors. What I did not like much was how the vocals seemed to echo and distort in the enclosed coliseum. But the drums of Tool and Mashugga (sp?), combined, were awesome. I wish the show dragged on for longer like the one at Verizon last year seemed to. A BIG NO NO: TooL did NOT play Aenema, AHHHH@!)(*%& DAM DAM DAM. But they did play Cold and Ugly, although I would have prefered Sweat or Jerk Off to that. Allright now that TooL prolly won't come back here for a while they better get a new album out now. OH YEA Hearing Bill Hicks in 3rd Eye was fuckin cool!

Review written by: tom with the weather ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 01:28:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Great show. Maynard seemed quite pissed that someone threw something at him at the very end of Lateralus, and he stormed off (or maybe he was just dizzy from all the spinning.). I'd like to know what he said before Third Eye, if anybody could hear. Anybody know?

Review written by: Rory ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 01:48:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Tool...beautiful, Maynard is by far the best singer in the world accompanied by the best drummer in the world (Danny Carey). I have no complaints what so ever with the concert, i think it was a spectacular show, Maynard could have faced the crowed...but im sure that he did not for a reason, of course they could have played something from undertow as well...but like i said the concert stands perfect. The set list is as follows: Cold & Ugly The Grudge (-)Ions Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola Third Eye (salival version) Intermission Dispostion Reflection Triad Lateralus It made me very happy that they started out with an older song, i could never question Maynards judgement, whatever he wishes for the crowed is perfect, and that is what we will receive. Everyone who was at the concert tonight is a very lucky person, they are lucky to experiance what they did tonight, a night of true beauty, a night of true life, and i hope everyone remembers that for as long as they shall live. I love Tool, and everyone should have something like Tool in their life, something that soothes them no matter what the cost, something that they can just sing along to and be happy about, best thoughts to you Maynard, Danny, Adam, and Justin, and we cant forget about Devo can we? Thank you Tool for the best night of my life. Think for yourself. Question authority.

Review written by: David ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 02:14:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Im sorry to say this, but the show was not what i expected. The first half of the setlist was great but the third eye/disposition/reflection/triad part was too much. I love these songs, but i just think its too much to have them all together and omit songs like 46 &2, sober, prision sex, aenema, eulogy, crawl away, bottom, hooker with a penis, etc etc etc etc... It was a good show, but it was not the kind of show where you scream your lungs out singing every song. It was more of a sit down relax and listen kind of show (at least for the whole second half) Setlist apart, tool is, performance wise, probably the best band i've seen. Danny is one of the most powerful drummers out there, maynard is without a doubt among the best singers in modern music and justin and adam put up a gread melodic section. I love experimental music, but this was probably too experimental for me.

Review written by: mjk's wife ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 02:26:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

setlist correct. what the fuck can i say, this was the best show i have been to yet. i was right on the edge of the mosh pit and it was so fucking cool. cold & ugly was awesome. i am so glad i got to hear third eye, i was praying for it. danny went the fuck off on triad. the whole show was so fucking great. i love this band more and more, especially after seeing them live. trust me they most likely won't be back for a while, so pls if you have the chance to go see them. go!!!! maynard- you are so beautiful!

Review written by: brent ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 02:46:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

J E S U S F U C K I N G C H R I S T!!!, man, that show was fucking incredible!! i left my house thinking i would have plenty of time to make the drive from Austin to San Antonio, however, traffic in Austin is whore, so i missed some of Messuggahs set. as soon as i got in the veue i could hear them i went to the mens room and swallowed a tab. it turns out i might not have gotten "PIT," but i had a better view anyway. Right after Messuggahs set i went to the mens room again to swallow the other tab. this way the serotonin would hit me at different times on different levels creating a "peak" that lasted me through my ride home to Austin. i started feelig queezy once the lights when out.........the food i had eaten earlier wasnt mixing with the narcotics. after the teasers of background noises they took the stage. this is my best attempt at the set-list, not in any order: cold and ugly the grudge Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola third eye reflection disposition triad lateralus i cant think of anything "informative" to review. maybe ill write a better one tommorrow after i get some fucking sleep. " s p i r a l - o u t - k e e p - g o i n g"

Review written by: morire ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 02:49:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 2 Tool show

Show was great... though in comparison of my previous experience, i think from now on i will go alone. the crowd was hated by me. hoping to be sucked from the crowd into my own thoughts as last year. show kicked ass. with the vibrating skin as such in astral projection. all the while mask peeling from skull.

Review written by: Filmer ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 04:04:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

I filmed this San Antonio show! I don't know where it will end up. Archived or released-I have yet to decide. Awesome show! Glad to see Third Eye and Cold and Ugly and H!!!

Review written by: Markus "MoMo" Hay ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 04:17:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Wow. :: Setlist :: Cold and Ugly! (-)Ions The Grudge Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola Third Eye! (neeener neeeeener neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeener!) Disposition Reflection Triad (w/Messhuggah) Lateralus Are you kidding me? What more could I have asked for, a hand job from the band members? What a great show. Messhuggah was not quite in my range of taste, so I won't really cover them. They screamed alot and seemed very angry. Tool, on the other hand, put on one hell of a show. I was caught totally by surprise when they opened with Cold and Ugly instead of their usual, Sober. H. and Stinkfist I figured they would play, but still a treat. I went into the show hoping I would hear Third Eye and Tool didn't disappoint. They started Third Eye with the "Think for yourself, question authority" speech (from Salival), then went right into the Bill Hicks version, then came the song. I went nuts. After Third Eye the show went into intermission, which gave me a chance to recuperate. Next up, they went into Disposition and Reflection, which was quite spectacular. I loved the stage setup. Then comes, Triad ... oh man ... they tore it up. The intro featured a couple of guys from Messhuggah. The drums were amazing and Triad set the stage for an emotional ending, Lateralus. What a great ride. I also noticed that they were changing the colors on stage for each song. I can't remember which song had which color, with the exception of The Grudge (red) and Stinkfist (green). I think they used purple during Third Eye, but i'm not sure. The fans weren't too bad either. I opted out on the GA tickets and went with 1st row, lower balcony seats instead, figuring I would avoid all the mosh head weiners. I couldn't really tell if they were moshing the whole show or not (down in GA), but everyone seemed to be civil and enjoyed the show. The one other highlight of the night came when some drunk chick (Blonde, of course ) in front of me started spilling her guts and telling me how big of a Tool fan she was and how she had gone to all their shows. I was like, "cool, I just hope they play Third Eye" and she says, "3rd Eye Blind??? They are going to play some of their songs?" I was speechless.

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 08:44:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show was awesome. I went to the Verizon Wireless last October and although TOOL put on a good show, I was in some sucky seats. But this time I was down on the floor and got to get a little pit action. I've been in many pits and believe me this one was brutal. But everyone was for the most part cool. The visuals were great once again, but my only complaint in that TOOL didn't play anything from Undertow. Third eye was awesome as well. TOOL doesn't give a show, they give you an experience. And one that I'll always remember.

Review written by: Dugan ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 09:13:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Meshugah was alright, a lot screaming and banging around on the guitars, which i didnt care for, but i liked their guitar solos way up high in the trebble, dig it. Holy shit that was amazing. I was in the pit area, the moshing was brutal and i got knocked around a few times even when i didnt want to mosh, they just threw me in there... jerks. Cold and Ugly was unbelievable, followed by The Grudge, everybody went nuts on the floor. I love the way they extended stinkfist and H, but Third Eye was where i went bezerk =). The moshing died down for D/R/T and i finally had a chance to take in the music, and then of coure Lateralus, oh hell yes! Thank you Tool for such a memrable experience.

Review written by: badonkadonk ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 09:41:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

What was Maynard wearing? Did he take off the suit?

Review written by: Mr. Common Sense ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 09:54:26 ET

This was this reviewer's nth Tool show

In response to the following post by: Review written by: brent ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 02:46:33 ET Are you a fucking moron, or are you just braindead?? Who the hell takes E at a Tool concert, especially when you have tickets to the pit. It's retards like you that abuse E. E should never be taken in cases where you will be sweating a lot or crowded around a bunch of people (i.e. clubs/raves, concerts, places above room temperature).. E causes your body to dehydrate at a very quick rate, thus most deaths with E are due to the fact that people either forget to drink water, or drink something else (alcohol, which also dehydrates you) to keep themselves hydrated. E should be taken in a relaxed environment with as minimal amount of moment as possible (you get the idea..) And lastly, E is stupid.. you'll see in the long run you'll fuck up your seratonin levels and end up being depressed in your coming years.. Please, for the future.. don't be stupid and use drugs responsibly.. it's people like you who abuse it, end up ODing and fucking over other people tks

Review written by: eddie ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 10:07:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

the show was good. i was hoping for sober. i think the cool part was that i took in a video camera and i had pit tickets and i recorded the show from the barrier. the security guys saw me and did not even care. they just told me to hide my camera when tool guys came walking around. after the show i waited by the buses until 12:30am. the security guy told me that the band would be out if im willing to wait an hour or more. i decided to go home. i will see you guys next time. take care

Review written by: Mike ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 10:15:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Someone already posted the set-list so that won't need to be reposted... Since they played Third Eye, I have no complaints. Meshuggah was only good for one thing, Triad. It was another life experience for me. Also, why would someone start throwing crap on stage. I believe that during the end of Lateralus, someone threw something at Maynard, and when the song was over, he stormed off stage. Well, to whoever did that and or was throwing crap at people or the stage, let much just say that it is people like you who don't deserve to go to concerts. All you do is ruin the damned experience. Also, to the Chick who was sitting in section 30, who got really sick and had to leave I believe, I hope you get better.

Review written by: Dumbfounded Dipshit ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 10:32:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

My wife and I lost our Tool virginity together last night. Though I have been aware of Tool since Undertow, it took Lateralus to make me a full-blown Tool fan. When I found out they were going to play San Antonio I immediately scored a pair of tickets...several weeks ago. At that point, my wife had only heard a couple of Tool's songs on the radio, and knowing she could not attend the concert totally unprepared, I gave her an indoctrination, heavy on Lateralus with some Aenima sprinkled in. I'm sorry to say I purposely skipped Meshuggah. Having heard a couple of their CDs, I knew my wife could not take them, and I knew that I'd just be wishing each song they played would be the last. So, we arrived late, bought beer and by the time we entered the arena the lights were on and Meshuggah was finished. One of the first people I saw was a woman my age...she looked stunned. She had taken two 13-year-old boys to the concert, her son and his best friend. Wow, what a COOL mom. I asked her how she liked the first band, and she rolled her eyes and got a pained look on her face. It was funny. :-) Tool finally came seemed like about 10 minutes between the time the lights went out and they finally hit the first note of "Cold and Ugly." Adam, upon first picking up his guitar, played the opening riff of "Passage to Bangkok" by Rush. There was a rear-projection video screen on each side of the stage, with constant visuals being projected. During Cold and Ugly it was just artistic, moving ink blots, mostly black and white. The sound in Freeman was poor...and though we had what should have been good seats (low row in the upper balcony, to the right of the stage but far enough back to look generally straight at the stage) the band seemed VERY far away. Took a long time to find Maynard...I could see Danny seated at his drum kit, but could not really see his face at all. Justin and Adam were visible but in the dark. I realize that Tool shows are about the music, but concertgoers go to shows to see the band members...we can listen to the CDs if we just want to hear the music. The Grudge was next, and this song in concert did sound markedly different from listening to the CD. The structure of the song was the same...Maynard hit a perfect, prolonged 30-second scream...but the song wasn't just a recreation of the studio recording. Great song, and the crowd loved it...the video showed a scalpel slicing a human forehead, revealing a third eye. At this point I'll mention that the SA crowd ROCKED...there was not a lot of moshing in GA (too crowded)...and those in reserved seats stood throughout the entire show, at least in my section. There was one extremely stoned young lady, about 4 rows behind us...she screamed her head off during the entire show...I don't know how she kept it up..."Make some fuckin' noise San Antonio!" Kept waiting for her to run out of gas, but she didn't...actually drowned out some of "Parabol." I was too impressed by her staying power to really be angry. There was a brief edit of (-)Ions that led into Stinkfist...awesome song...the crowd was fooled, they shouted "I'll keep digging" at what should have been the appropriate place, BUT it was the extended bridge so they got snookered. The video was the traditional MTV video. After Stinkfist, they hit the first notes of H. I was mildly disappointed, as I was hoping for what I consider the best song ever recorded by Tool, 46 and 2...and I knew when they launched into H. that we weren't going to be "picking our scabs again." But I had no idea what was yet to come, and there is no lingering disappointment. The sound actually was good during H., as it was during the less hard/heavy songs. The video was the snake swallowing itself...mind-blowing. At this point, the band kicked everything into a higher gear. I have actually become tired of Schism, from the constant radio isn't uncommon for me to skip past Schism when I listen to the Lateralus CD. Hearing this song performed live was one of the surprise highlights of the night for me. There was a beautiful extended intro into Schism...some parts of Eon Blue Apocalypse, along with a gorgeous sort of percussive bell...perhaps a xylophone...I could not see who was doing the effect (assume it was Danny) or how it was being done. But it was awesome...and then Justin launched into the fancy signature bass riff. At the climactic part of the song, the video screens were all engulfed in flames. Wow. Parabol came next, and was beautifully done...very slow and relaxing...impressive guitar playing by Adam. When they kicked into Parabola, the "cancer balls" dropped from the ceiling. The video showed parts of the MTV video, but it was different in several parts. As the song ended, it did show the flaming eyes going into Anatomy Man's toes, and setting his entire body alight, right up to his Third Eye. Suddenly Timothy Leary was on the screen, giving his "think for yourself, question authority" speech...I prayed for the Bill Hicks clip, as I knew it would mean we were going to get Third Eye. Then, I heard the heartbeats...knowing that Opiate had been played in Biloxi, I was sure we'd get Third Eye...and then, "You know I think drugs have done some good things for us..." I went nuts. Yes, indeed, San Antonio got Third Eye. Third Eye...oh man. I'll just simply say that I have never seen a better performance of a song in concert by any band, at any time. Thank you so much, Tool, for playing Third Eye. I really don't remember what was on the video screens...I was watching Mr. Carey the whole time. Who gives a damn what was on the video screens? After this was about a 10-minute break...the house lights didn't come up...there was continual feedback/noise coming from the speakers, as if the last note the band hit at the end of Third Eye was still lingering. The video screens showed a human head, with the skin flying away, revealing the skull underneath...over and over. At this point my wife and I took a bathroom break...when we returned, the young lady I mentioned previously was still yelling her lungs out....the guy sitting behind me leaned down and said, "She hasn't let up the whole time you were gone!" I said, "Bitch has some staying power, huh." The band launched into Disposition...they took a slow, leisurely urgency, no hurry (one of the things I like most about Tool). Disposition and Reflection were beautiful...the sound was good, and Maynard's singing on Reflection was his best moment of the show. Great job guys! Almost forgot...during Reflection, the Alex Grey banners unfurled from the ceiling...4 of them that I could see, with backlighting. Very nice touch. As Reflection came to an end, Adam continued to play about a 5-6 note guitar bridge, over and over...slowly, no urgency...and you could see crew members setting up an additional drum kit, and a synthesizer...Adam still playing, alone...then the Meshuggah drummer and keyboardist came out, and took their places. The Meshuggah drummer stood at his makeshift drum seat. Gradually, with more and more building urgency, the two drummers began to play Triad. For about 5 minutes, I think it was only the drums (or mostly the drums, anyway). The Meshuggah drummer pounded through a drumhead, removed it and flung it into the crowd. But the song continued to build...more urgency, until finally it was a controlled fury. When Adam finally came in, it got downright intense...even Maynard was playing some sort of headless guitar on his platform. And then, the climax...and just like on the CD, the abrupt end. It seemed like I was the only person in the crowd who EXPECTED the abrupt ending, and I'm certain I was the first one to let out a war whoop. The rest of the crowd joined me about 2-3 seconds later. What a fantastic, rocking jam it was. I felt drained. At this point Maynard gave his farewell speech...about the only time he had spoken to the crowd during the entire concert. I can't remember everything he said exactly the way he said it, but he thanked us for sharing the moment with the band. He said he hoped that the experience had been inspirational in some way. He said to realize your dreams, and to open your hearts. And oh yeah, once again to THINK FOR YOURSELF and to QUESTION AUTHORITY. The band then played an extended intro into Lateralus, once again it seemed I heard some notes from Eon Blue Apocalypse. Finally you could recognize the measured, machine-like lead-in riff of Lateralus. When Maynard sang "black, then white are all I see" there was a mirror ball above the sound boards that gave off white flecks...when he sang "red and yellow then came to be" the lights flashed red, then yellow on the mirror ball. Lateralus was a great ending song...but again, the sound mix and quality was poor, it was hard to hear the vocals and the instruments sounded muddy and indistinct. As soon as the song was over, Maynard disappeared immediately...but Danny, Justin and Adam threw water bottles, picks and drumsticks into the crowd. Danny came out from behind his drum kit with at least 4 drumheads...he was dressed in a gold basketball uniform with blue stripes (matching shirt and shorts). Man, that dude is TALL. I thought it was great that Danny tried very hard to fling one each of the drumheads into the reserved seats on each side of the stage, not throwing them all to the GA folks on the floor. Thanks Tool. Terrific show, and thanks again most especially for playing Third Eye. "I spent so many years in question, to find I've known this all along."

Review written by: Stu ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 11:04:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Nothing really compares to seeing TooL live.. I took the trek to Austin last time they came through Texas and that show really set high expectations for this one. I wished they had opened with Sober like they did in Austin, but for that matter, I wish they played Aenima, 46&2 (or 42&6, as the guy in the row behind me refferred to it as..) as well as every other song because if you listen, there really ISNT a bad TooL song. But Cold & Ugly was well respected and of course, Third Eye was great. If someone previously said that he/she felt that Maynard isn't particularly a San Antonio fan, I got that same vibe too. Even still, a great performance by a master artist. I missed him though, at the end of the show.. wished he coulda shown up on the stage with the rest of the guys. Anyone reading these reviews is probably awaiting the show nearby them, all I have to say is you are in for every last bit of expectations you have for TooL live. The only sh!tty part is the morning after it's all been said and done. Come back, TooL! You rock! Spiral Out.

Review written by: LärA Weißling ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 11:08:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

ahhh what to say..never can there be any Band (are they even a Band??) that cares enough about their fans (even the bastard posers) to perform such an artistic 'revelation'..was my 2nd show and i could barely peel my watery eyes off the stage and screens however..there were 3 things that bothered me..first, the Fucking fourteen year old goth/punk poser kids next to me "headbanging?" on the rail and dancing so stupidly i wanted to stab them in the face and pin their premature intestines to the stage. not to mention they only knew Stinkfist and pretended to mouth the words to some other songs. Fuckers. Second, was that the main door leading to GA was wide open the ENTIRE time..letting light, bored bastards, and ticketwasters in and out. i didnt feel as "contained" as i did my first show in austin, because of the Ant Farm below me. Very much a distraction. The last thing was the fact that me and my boyfriend were the ONLY ones standing during Triad, Disposition and Reflection, and the beginning of Lateralus. Just because there arent VOCALS or good sounds to "MOSH" or "DANCE" to doesnt mean you have to suddenly get bored or tired and take a breather. (how can you be jumping around in your trendy GOTH PUNK clothes anyway, worrying about what others are thinking of you as you flaunt yourself, during TooL!??) anyway, Best show i have ever seen in my life.. And i thought Stabbing Westward Oct. 28 2001 (College Station TX) was the best show.."I was wrong"..=/ Thankyou *EriC* and of course, TooL.

Review written by: paul ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 11:28:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

the guys put on yet another great show last night. i thought that justin was especially into it tonight--he was more active than i have seen him at past shows. danny of course was flawless. the dissposition-reflection-triad trio had to be the highlight of the night because they were so masterfully executed. i noticed some new visuals from the last time i saw the boys in july. thank you tool for another great night of spiralling out. see you on friday.

Review written by: Chad ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 11:53:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show was great of course, my only complaint being that the intermission is just too damn long. It almost drives the crowd to distraction. I liked the setlist in Austin better which was back in July. Still I thought the crowd was into it and I enjoyed hearing Third Eye live. The sonic onslaught that makes up the last 30 minutes is just awesome (with assistance from Messhugah on percussion). In my opinion no band on the planet can touch Tool in concert. Their music and their presentation is way beyond what anybody else is doing and that's why they're so adored. Please don't make us wait another five years for a new album!

Review written by: Fil (unlisted) Review posted on: 11/13/02 12:47:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

tool shows are a spectacle. this was similar to the show last year at verizon. great visuals. total sensory stimulation. better to relax and absorb the onslaught than try to react to it. unfortunately, idiot macho football player-types pervaded on the floor. they are not real fans of music. they go to shows to act macho, to bully others around, to prove their self worth. they fail miserably. through bullying, they are trying desperately to hide their phallic inadequacies. i hate people who mosh at chill shows. it's ridiculous and juvenile and archaic, and totally out of place. have some fuckin class. to act like these characters is the total opposite of punk. these guys are no different than meat-head jocks, or self absorbed corporate executives. if you want to thrash yourself about, go to a hardcore or metal show. don't get me wrong, release is good and very necessary, but how you do it makes all the difference. to endanger others, especially females and the unsuspecting vulnerable concert goer of either sex, is wrong. for like two hours, i fuckin had to keep up a kung fu guard just so i wouldn't get slammed. nothing ruins my moment, but my patience was tested beyond belief. and I'm not a small dude, so i coulda wrecked a lot of these apes. whatever. other points worth noting: the smoke released during intermission was suffocating, extended versions/jams rule, freeman coliseum sucks, and uh, oh yeah, because of idiot moshing types, it's much better to see a tool show sitting down. relax and enjoy. allow yourself to open up and receive the message. learn to decifer without thinking. open up your third eye. it's truly amazing.

Review written by: Eric Biayobzcki ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 13:09:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

First off i would like to say this blew me away. The sound was the loudest ive ever heard TooL. I had predicted Sober as opener but Cold and Ugly openend, I loved it. After the Austin show over the summer, I thought no show would top it but seeing them in Freeman was the best I had ever seen. Although there was problems with the show, Not TooL of course. But the people, the damn San Antonio people suck ass. I don't see how somone can sit down just because they don't recognize the song. The whole thing is supposed to see how TooL can suprise you in the littlest ways and living the moment. Cold and Ugly sounded really good, the bass was a little high but maynard's voice just tore through the heavy bass. During the Grudge it was great but then there were already people walking back and forth, back and forth. With their damn beer, Blocking my view for a sec or two. Often people would stop to talk to each other and that pissed me off too. Stinkfist was really great as well, but I dont get how people can still sing the part where the extended part ocurrs? H was really beautiful. My best bud Jeff was behind me screaming the lyrics to H. and he patted me on the shoulder to tell me "fucking beautiful" while pointing at the show. Parabola and the video was awsome once again my friend jeff sang to it. when the album first came out it was his favorite song. Adam had some trouble with guitar last night and he messed up during the last notes of parabola, but he always managed to catch back up with the songs through out the whole night. During Third Eye was just crazy. Although the sercurtiy was being a dick and made 2 of my friends go to the top of the section cause they lost their ticket stubs. The Leary speech was creepy but its the truth. Then during disposition and Reflection it was so beautiful almost not real. Very disturbed that practically the whole venue was sitting down. and the idiots next to us who were headbanging while holding on the rail were falling asleep. Me and my girlfriend were the "ONLY" ones standing in our entire section 100. The end of reflection was great and knowing too that Triad was going to start, my heart started pounding. People still sitting down, Triad started and all I can say is how does a band stay on with each other so well enough to just finish with the last note all at once while they all are playing completly different notes. They are so on with each other its not even funny.How does a band memorize such a thing? The LAST note of Triad hit and the bass pounded against me and then all went quiet for about 3 to 4 seconds and the crowd went crazy. Then maynard gave his remember this moment speech and then Lateralus came on and i was crying once again saying to myself don't "dont leave". Me and my girlfriend LärA gripped each other as Lateralus was playing to the last note and they were done. Maynard left the stage first and the remaining TooL gave a group hug and said goodbye. Lights came on, I wiped my eyes and flopped in the chair. Then once again slowly left like the other 2 times. Once again greatest day of my life. They are more then just a band. Thank you TooL forever Spiral out -Eric Cold and Ugly The Grudge Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola Third Eye Disposition Reflection Triad (w/Messhuggah) Lateralus

Review written by: MaynardManiac12 ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 13:36:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd? Tool show

"We barley remember who or what came before this precious moment, choosing to be here, right now.....hold on stay inside this body this body holding me be my reminder to you that i am not alone in this body makes me feel eternal all this pain is an illusion" TOOL thanks for another great show......perfection at it's finest. Think for yourself...question authority Cheers

Review written by: tool66 ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 14:39:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. This was the best Tool concert that I have been to. They get better and better everytime. I see people bitchin about tool not playing older songs. They can't please everybody. Personally I like the set and I really enjoyed 3rd eye and Dis/Ref/Triad. The visuals seemed to be about the same as the last leg of their tour. Oh, and by the way, I was on E and so was the person I came with, and so were most of the people that I saw in the pit. If you don't want to get dehydrated then just drink alot of this stuff called water before the show like I did. I didn't really see any moshing in the pit from where I was but the crowd did move in it's usual controlled mass. It was mind blowing. Can't wait until they come back.

Review written by: stephanie ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 14:42:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Well, I must say as always the show was mesmerizing! And not to mention VERY appropriate for "the san antonio crowd". Did anyone hear the faint chant of Maynard saying "If you would shut the fuck up, we would start this song"(or something very close to that) before the begining of Parabol?? OH, it was it was fuckin CORE! I had a great view of the entire band from the floor. I was lucky to be right next to the sound board(did ya notice Homer and the pirate flag...yar), and watch almost every amazing drum roll that Danny performed..........MAN HE IS INCREDIBLE!!! I was also fortunate to see Justin in a pure 80'S head whipping, hair flying moment that cannot and will not be forgotten!! As for Maynard I was very inspired by his ability to move with the music, especially the moments when his wasn't using his spellbinding voice. Adam, Adam, Adam, your performance was enthralling as usual...but don't think that at least one person didn't hear the "new editon" to the end of Parabol!!! Don't sweat it (as I'm sure he didn't), it is nice to see that the four of them are not extraterrestrials from the 4th dimension (although I can't speak for Danny), and that they do make very human mistakes. Well it was certain that the stage crew was human,.... did anyone notice that the 4th and 5th Alex Grey panals were transposed? The Spiritual Energy System was transposed with The Psychic Energy System. Ah well, it is breathtaking enough to even be in the same room wit Alex Grey's sublime work. And I must not forget to mention, every vocal and instumental improvisation was executed immaculately!!!! Thank you Danny, Justin, Adam, Maynard (and all others) for the phenomenal performance. I am hoping that TOOL will soon return to the South Texas area. Postscript..... "Heh, heh" (as Nelson would say) to all those fans who didn't get to hear Aenema and were upset at the lack of "moshing material". Maybe it was just time to expand yourself a little bit further and enjoy the ART of a TOOL performance. All the mellow, psychedelic, and melodic music seemed to me especially intentional for all those fans that would rather get beat up than enjoy the true magic of the show. Even still, I hope that the music inspired every one there as it did me. Thank you again TOOL....

Review written by: Rachel the Rabbit ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 15:50:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

well, the show was great as always. tool never seems to disappoint me, well, except for that awful show in houston back in july. anyway, i liked the venue and there were a shit load more people on the floor than at the frank erwin center in austin. not much room to move around and groove. but whoever said that this show was better than austin's, or that san antonio is better than austin, then they better "CHECK IT!!!" san antonio is full of a lot of trashy motherfuckers who love to roll seedy joints and grace everyone around them with that wonderful smell of popping burning seeds. get some fucking class san antonio. another thing there, kiddos, tool doesn't much care for the moshing shit!!!!! when are you people going to take off the diapers and start wearing more grown up pants. save that shit for kid biscuit or korn-y-p.o.d. or whatever other poser music you listen to. i mean really, how are you suppose to share in the moment and make the concert pleasant for those around you when you're busy knocking the shit out of others who are there to actually WATCH the show. as for the band. i have REALLY come to respect and appreciate danny, justin and adam a million times more since fuck-head maynard has evolved into this hypocritical, megalomaniac, egotistical asshole! that shit about facing the back of the stage for most of the show, mainly because he doesn't want to see dumb-fucks moshing to reflection or other mellow songs. and his whole create something positive speech when he immediately walks off the stage like he's not really apart of the band. meanwhile his crew is rounding up "hotties" to line up back stage so he can walk in with his gucci fucking shoes and leather outfits, sifting his cabernet, picking girls out of the line up to go fuck like a kid in a candy store when he supposedly has a kid and a "fiancé". NICE!!! whatever, everyone gets what's coming to them sometime. the show was wonderful, but i would have loved to hear 4 degrees or jimmy. i'm real tired of the bones they have to throw out to the fucking radio fans not to mention i get real sick of reading in these posts how they should play all of the songs that have been beaten down like a dead fucking horse, i.e. sober, prison sex, stinkfist, aenima, etc. so i guess that's why they buckle and play those tired songs. anyway, enough ranting. i did have a really nice time though. i took some clean e and was very chill, it was nice, despite all of the children around us. i'm looking forward to the beaumont show on friday. hopefully the crowd will be more mature and maybe tool could see to it to play some more of my favs. right now i am so in love with the triad/disposition/reflection trio.....reflection is my favorite song right now. adam may be down on himself about not being a great "technical" player, but his guitar "gently weeps" and makes my heart wrench.....bringing me to tears. what a lovely person he is......ahaaaaa.... ok, peace and tori and, "DAMN YOU......LET THE RABBITS WEAR GLASSES!!!!!" rachel the rabbit

Review written by: Nicole ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 16:01:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Look, I love Tool, I sincerely do, Tool is an orgasm and Maynard is comparable to a deity, but I did not drive all the way through rush hour traffic just to be nearly trampled to death by a bunch of fat ass Mexicans. I'm a 130 lb girl, not a 500 lb gorilla. I swear, some of those people did NOT come to see Tool (i.e. the big ugly thug looking guy who pushed everyone and didn't once look at the stage). Other than that I had a great time, while I wasn't being pushed around I had a chance to live in the moment. By the way, I think that was a shoe thrown at Maynard, I know a shoe nearly hit me also...sucky people...Anyway, the artwork was amazing, I love Alex Grey, not as much as HR Giger who I think could have also done justice to Tool, btu that's ok, who asked me? I was thrilled to hear my favorite song, Third Eye. I guess I don't have anything else to ramble about. If any one goes to UT in Austin, email me about the show if you want.

Review written by: Perception ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 16:09:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I think Maynard said something like "Tool will be on in a minute" before Third Eye, if anyone is interested. He also made comments about how he "hoped that we [Tool] have been an inspiration to you" as well as how we should "follow our voice" and "think for ourselves, and, as always, question authority." <== This got a really big cheer from the crowd<== For those of you that missed the Austion show in July, this one was about the same. (well, duh.. its the same tour.. but you know what i mean.) The only difference I could only see was that maynard stripped (down to his undies) and faced the audience in Austin. This time he chose to face the back of the stage, which I guess is typical of him, since he also did that at Verizon. There was no oxygen at Freeman Coliseum (gee... i wonder why?) anyway..Mention this to me... mention something... mention anything....and watch the weather change...

Review written by: klim ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 16:22:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

well, i have to say that there is nothing greater than watching your favorite band on stage. came all the way from el paso, tx just to see these guys again. it was an awesome show...the venue's sound might have not been as great, but anyone who understands Tool's live style and vibe....they just snap you into an emotional loop and it is well worth your money. don't care much for reading setlist....but it was fucking great to finally see "Third Eye" performed. Meshuggah joining them on stage for "Triad" was definately a highlight. one thing that sets this show apart from the other times i've seen Tool was Maynard's direct and quick exit right after the last song. usually all the members have a group hug onstage. but the important thing is the powerful performance that penetrated San Antonio's ass like a used up whore who was pretending she was a virgin.

Review written by: john l ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 22:11:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Tool once again doing what they do best. sad maynard doesnt face the crowd but thats just him. sound in the freeman wasnt all that great but tool rose above that. i saw them in austin in july and i guess maynard felt better over there, he satyed for the group hug and tossed out his water bottles. Danny, well a master at work lighting up his set like fire!!!! glad to hear cold and ugly!!

Review written by: j$ ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 22:50:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

ok. good show. no, make that great show. Disappointed I was not on drugs, but I was the other 2 shows i went to so i guess that's ok (austin & san antonio last year). i knew what to expect as far as the setlist after I heard the first song, but it was still a great eXperience... anyways here's a few things i noticed. . . 1) third eye . . . . No WoRDS TO eXplain. . 2 ) half way thru SCHISM maynarD grabbing the mic & put his back towards the crowd (seemingly cuz 2 many fuckers were pointing @ him screaming his name while he was just trying to jam) 3) mid-way thru the show the crowd started chanting TOOL,TOOL,TOOL---maynard's response: "don't worry i'm sure tool will be out here soon" HAHAHAHA!!! 4) why the fuck were the screens in front of the band this show instead of behind the band?!!? Being that i was a few people away from the rails in G/A i could hardly see the tripped out visuals tOOL had in store for me...AAAHHH!! 5) if your reading this & going to a show (especially if your weight is over 300lbs. STACK ON THE DEODERANT!!!) 6) do lot's of drugs :) 7) there is no seven....get off the fucking internet & go do something productive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 23:08:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

To those of you who go on to this review board to bitch about other people (the pit, pot smoking, E (whatever the fuck that is, etc.) quit fucking whining and just enjoy the show. If you don't like these things then don't go to concerts, because these things exist at concerts if you don't know already. As far as the pit goes that one was is a no brainer, stay the fuck out of it (duh!). I'll admit that mosh pits have lost their meaning with todays generations but my generation is the one who proliferated it. It is a way to let out pent up aggression. Most people are cool in the pit, but you always have to have one or two morons who have to ruin it. My point is that when you go to a show enjoy the moment in your own way, fuck what everyone else is doing and experience the moment .

Review written by: the sixth sensi ( Review posted on: 11/13/02 23:20:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

good show. the show in austin was 10 times better though. would any of you happen to know what drum n bass set was being played before meshuggah went on? drop an email if ya know!

Review written by: Glenn Artemov ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 01:22:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 69th Tool show

*spurt* This was an absolutely flawless performance. I had the feeling they were going to open with Cold and Ugly and they did and it was great!! Hearing that opening guitar riff was literally heartstopping. After Cold and Ugly the band barely stopped for applause, they went right into The Grudge, it was a very very very cool transition to have Cold and Ugly just ending then BAM the backdrop falls and The Grudge is blasting through the venue. This show seemed way louder than the last show I saw in Austin and the sound was extremely clear. Someone above said the sound wasn't that good; he must be crazy! The sound was amazing. During Stinkfist it was funny when half of the crowd shouted "I'll keep digging" when they went into the extended part of the song. It happens every time, always good for a laugh. I wonder if the crowd as a whole will ever "learn" so to speak and all do it at the right time because they have been doing the extended version forever. Right after the extended part and right before the actual "I'll keep digging" the stage went dark exept for flashing lights on Danny making that familiar sound you hear at the beginning of the song on the album version which simply produced a REALLY fucking cool visual effect. Right after Stinkfist was H. I have tons of feelings attached to this song and it hit me so hard emotionally when they started to play it. I cried this entire song and felt like I was dizzy when Maynard started screaming "I don't mind." A crushing weight devoured my chest for the rest of this song. After H. was a long pause followed a long intro to Schism. Another long pause followed Schism before Parabol began. There was a group of 3 or 4 kids sitting next to me half asleep during this song. If by some chance in hell the one kid who was wearing glow rings around his neck and arms is reading this: You are a cunt. Right when Parabola started these kids get up in unison and start headbanging like they were at a fuckin Slayer concert. Jesus Christ it was idiotic! Third Eye came next. This was INSANELY GOOD!!! Maynard was really into the vocals, he was screaming his head was SOOOOO loud, I could feel Danny's drumming in my chest and could feel Adam's guitar vibrating through the floor. I don't know if it was because I was actually there watching it or what but I think this was the best performance of Third Eye I have ever heard and I've heard tons of recorded version of it. The intermission was next which was a good cool off period which was followed by D/R/T. The red confetti fell during Disposition this show instead of The Patient like it they did during the summer tour. I wonder why they havent been playing The Patient anymore? Maynard did some extra vocals, not words just sounds similar to Renholder on Mer de Noms, at the beginning of Reflection which were really cool. I heard some guy behind me say "What the fuck??" when the banners came down for Reflection as if they were stupid or something. Just goes to show how stupid people are and how alot of people don't understand the underlying concepts that Tool deals with in their music. It's pretty sad but I guess you can't blame someone for their own ignorance or stupidity. Oh well. The long pause after Reflection built up my excitement for Triad and...I LOVED Triad this show! It was a little longer and a little different than the last time I saw it and was executed perfectly. Lateralus ended the show after Maynard gave his create something positive speech. It had a different minute or so long intro this time before the song began. When the band walked off stage I got kind of choked up because I knew I wouldn't be seeing them again in a very long time. Tool is a very surreal experience. At the end of the night I felt like the whole thing was a dream. Beautiful show to say the very least. Thank you Tool for another great show, and thank you for the healing, knowledge, inspiration, and tears you have brought to me over the years. Comprehensive Set!: 8:20ish Meshuggah set ends -sounded ok at a couple points during some songs but overall Meshuggah wasn't good, singer said something about San Antonio being a beautiful city and finished their set with a simple "Thank you." *people cheer as the crew unveils drums and proceeds to do a mini sound check, some guy speaking in German for a few minutes followed by some heavy bass music during set change 8:45ish *long ringing sound begins *lights dim *Tuvan throat singing sample starts+Lateralus ring appears Cold and Ugly [The Grudge starts immediatly after this song ends] The Grudge [InterBeing backdrop falls on first note] *(-)ions buzzing begins w/flashing wires above stage *Maynard: "San Antonio?.....I'm not convinced....." Stinkfist H. *Maynard sang a few words quietly during the long Schism intro, similar to what he usually does in the beginning of Forty-Six & 2 when they play it, couldn't make it out Schism [very long intro] *Maynard said something but it sounded muffled. "If you all shut the fuck up we'll start the song." (?) Parabol Parabola [floating molecule things appear on stage] *Maynard: "Tool will be on in a minute..." (?) Third Eye [Timothy Leary think for yourself clip played+Bill Hicks sample] *Intermission [Stage smokes+warping face video plays] Disposition [red confetti falls+Collective Vision backdrop revealed midsong] Reflection [added vocals in the beginning - no words just Maynard making sounds similar to that in "Renholder"+banners drop in unison w/opening drums beats] Triad [w/one Meshuggah guy on drums and one doing sounds+seven point star descends] *Maynard gives create something positive speech Lateralus [longer and different intro than summer tour+spinning Maynardo ministage+disco ball] *Danny, Justin, and Adam throw their stuff, Maynard leaves stage fast 11:15ish /end mindfuck Spiral Out :)

Review written by: joshua ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 01:42:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

TOOL IS GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive seen tool three times during the inside the outside tour, in austin during the summer and five days ago in baton rouge and this was the best show yet! the others were GREAT but i fuckin LOVED THIS SHOW!!!!!!!! the sound and everything was perfect!!!!!! THIRD EYE OOOHHHHH SOOOOOO GOOD@!!!!!!!! i kinda miss some of the stuff they played during the 2001 tour but i have NO complaints whatsoever hope to see you again Tool in 2 years or so GREAT SHOW! THANK YOU!!!!! TOOL IS TRULY THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!!!!! TOOL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Josh

Review written by: King Tut (ha!) Review posted on: 11/14/02 09:05:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Totally amazing, save for one major annoyance I'll get to momentarily. MESHUGGA: Obviously, they are very talented technically. They use some unique rhythms and times. The song-writing doesn't really do it for me. And the singer (screamer) needs to take a break. Anger loses it's effectiveness when it is thrown in your face all the time. They have a very niche sound which you can't expect all of Tool's broad audience to appreciate. Hopefully some people really liked em. TOOL: Good God! Thank you soooo much. This was even better than the last 2 times, which I thought was impossible. The sound for the first two songs was quite muddy, but it got cleared up and was very good from there on. Here's to the crew. I really wish they would turn up Justin and Maynard's guitar, but I guess that's just personal preference. We took 2 people who were definitely not huge Tool fans. They left absolutely hooked. The best thing both of them had ever seen. I really appreciate the altered song structures. AUDIENCE: 1)Nobody wants to hear your terrible voices singing along. We payed to hear the band. I love it when they don't play a chorus or something and make you all look like fools. 2)The quite parts are when you are supposed to NOT scream. I missed so much of the little stuff do to the audience's general noise. 3)If we are in the seating section, why don't we sit down? You can appreciate the concert just as well or better in a relaxed position. You don't need to show respect or whatever. You payed to hear them. Finish it up by really listening. You know how Maynard is turned around? Maybe that's a hint that the band members don't matter. What they're playing does, along with the visual art being projected. If everyone would sit down, everyone could see and hear better. SCREAMING BITCH IN SECTION 126: You almost ruined an entire concert for about 50 people. When everyone is yelling at you to shut the fuck up, that's probably a good idea. Luckily Tool over-powered you most of the time. Your face looks like shit and your voice is even worse. I hope you OD on whatever drug you were on. Don't die though. You should have to live with the pain so maybe you will understand the pain you caused us. You seriously ruined several songs. Other than all that, an amazing concert. Long live Tool.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 09:20:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Okay I love TOOL but, they let me down. They put on a better show in Austin. They didn't even play Sober. Which is what they opened up with in Austin. It was still a good show but, they could have been better.

Review written by: Becky De La Fuente ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 09:28:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Well well well.... the show was hmmm Great but Silly ol me was disappointed haha... i was too eager to hear 3rd eye like as a 4th song..... and when Tool never played it i got sad haha.... i was like I ALREADY SEEN THIS SHOW I NEED MY 3RD EYE NOW!!!!!!!!! and then they surprised me!!!!! TIM LEARY CAME ON!.... I ALMOST PEED MY PANTS!...I think i was the only one that knew what was about to be played cuz the whole place was quiet hahaha.... i said well ok I think these ppl don't own the TOOL BOX SALIVAL SET HAHAHA everyone seemed clueless it was sad but i was happy ... 3RD EYE was a masterpiece played to perfection... so were all the other songs... maynard seemed hmmmm i dunno.... i don't think he likes San Antonio lol..... i've been to 2 shows in SA and both shows she never faced the crowd but at the July 26th Austin show he got down to his speedos and faced the crowd and was really into it... i was also a bit sad about the group hug in san antonio Maynard was already off the stage only Justin, Danny and Adam were there for the praise... and maynard was nowhere to be found .... oh well...they still played 3RD EYE and that was all i cared about haha but overall it was a great show as always... :) Thanks for your time , Becky "Freegirl" De La Fuente P.s. and to my Michael I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH BABY I WISH U WERE THERE AT THE SHOW WITH ME! I AM SORRY FOR BEING A TURD! :( I LOVE YOU LOADS

Review written by: Phil ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 10:39:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I just want to say that TOOL FUCKING ROCKED!!!!!! this was the first(and not the last) TOOL concert for me. The visuals were very interesting and Maynard gave a very good performance. Danny Carey was amazing on the drums. Triads was real awesome but i think instead of all the instrumentals they could've thrown in AEnima or 46 & 2, or Prison sex or something. BUt overall this concert kicked some serious ass. I'de like to know what was thrown at Maynard during Lateralus. I liked how they closed the show with Lateralus. To the person who threw something at suck. And to the young lady who got sick in my section(30...with Mike) get well soon and sorry you missed such an awesome show. O and Meshuggah really sucked....i was dissapointed.

Review written by: Babo ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 12:14:02 ET

This was this reviewer's **** Tool show

i wasn't there.....wish i had been..... the opportunity to experience Tool again, taken from my own fault of course.... i sat in my room and cried listening to various versions of H. live....remembering the feelings i felt when i first heard it live with my love....the feelings we shared.... i'm glad he went and enjoyed it....his happiness brings me minor happiness.... if i had had the opportunity to see tool again without him, i would've declined....he tought me to appreciate tool's music, overanalyze the lyrics to understand the various meanings...he taught me to push the envelope, so to speak, when it came to understanding not be with him to share the encounter would have been blasphemy to me... but all is well for Danny Carey himself came to me in a dream wearing a cut-out mask of Jesus Christ and told me i would see Tool again and that everything between me and breado would work out in the end....the wait will be long, but i must be patient.... now back to high school hell.....OVER will get me throught the day..... ******BeTsY******

Review written by: Dumbfounded Dipshit ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 12:19:04 ET

Probably shouldn't do this, but I gotta respond to a couple of the reviewers. To Becky "Freegirl": If you were half as smart as you think you are, you'd know that just because the Leary video is played on this tour, that doesn't mean Tool is going to play Third Eye. By reading the other reviews on this website, in fact, you'll see that every show gets the Leary video clip...but only about 50% of the time does Third Eye follow. In fact, in the concert before San Antonio (Biloxi) and in the one immediately after (Laredo), the audience got the Leary video clip, then Tool played Opiate. So, the folks in the audience who waited to see just what was going to happen after the Leary video probably DO own the Salival box set (or have heard it), and they are probably SMARTER than you are, and more informed Tool fans, at least about this particular concert tour. To Rachel the Rabbit: My, my, my. Your feelings about Maynard are strong. Could it be that you were not picked out of Maynard's candy store lineup? Could it be that "his crew" didn't even put you in the lineup in the first place? Could it be that you know damn well you aren't hot enough to hook up with Maynard, or to even try? Just a thought.

Review written by: WHOEVER (*******) Review posted on: 11/14/02 13:43:35 ET

This was this reviewer's ALL Tool show


Review written by: Jake ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 13:46:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 3 Tool show

I know we're not supposed to respond to other posters, but I was at the show, and got the same vibe that Rachel got. I could care less about Maynard's sexual appetite, but to leave the stage like a prima donna immediately after Lateralus showed an immense disrespect to his three bandmates and his fans. Tool is a band in which the whole should ideally be greater than the sum of its parts. For the entire show, Danny, Adam, and Justin were absolutely on, and Maynard seemed like he didn't want to be there, which certainly affected his delivery. His performance is Austin was far more enthusiastic. I don't completely want to blame Maynard for facing away from the crowd however, considering the alcohol fueled violence of the pit, I wouldn't want to face it either. But for intelligent Tool fans, it seems unfair to have our enjoyment diminished because a bunch of assholes who can't even appreciate Tool take control of the show. Regardless of circumstance, I was troubled by his immediate exit, I just got the impression that he considered himself too good to reveal himself to the crowd.

Review written by: Jim ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 13:52:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

This show was the best ive seen so far, just wish they would have played a little longer and a few more songs. Setlist (CORRECT/IN ORDER) : >intro--- Cold and Ugly--- (-)Ions--- Stinfist (extended w/ lyrics)--- H.--- >short jam--- Schism (new intro , extended)--- >long jam--- Parabol--- Parabola--- >Timothy Leary speech - "Think for Yourself, Question Authority.."--- Third Eye--- >long intermission (static sounds)--- Disposition--- Reflection (extended outro lead into Triad)--- Triad (w/ Meshuggah's drummer and guitarist)--- >Maynard's "possitivity speech"--- L=a t=e r=a l=u=s--- >final applause/group hug;---------End Each song was a definate highlight of the evening. A very inspiring event that was powerful from beginning to end. I'll have pictures from this concert posted on my webpage soon. Pics from the Austin concert on 7/26/02 are posted already at if anyone recorded this SA show email me. --------------Spiral Out

Review written by: Jeff Martinez ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 13:53:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

After experiencing a TooL show for the second time, I found what a was searching for, an escape from a world of horrible music. From the beginning, the moment they started playing I was no longer nervous. I appreciated how they started out with explosive songs such as Stynkfist, H, etc. and then moved on to Parabol(a) and Disposition. I now understand why Maynard is dissatisfied with alot in life. He goes out of his way, nearly every night to put on a performance for people that want Triad or Disposition to be over. I mean, you can go out and drink and night you want to, but why during one of your favorite songs? Nevermind that, during the show I gained an understanding why listening to other bands no longer feels the same. The artwork was top notch, the band wasn't obsessed with their appearance, and I went home a satisfied individual. I look foward to seeing them again, whenever that may be.

Review written by: inky0462 ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 14:48:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Great Show better than the second show that i saw in Houston. A little disappointed to not hear 46&2 or pushit they could have even thrown in Opiate , but whats done is done. Special Thing about this show was Maynards words of Sharing experiences with others as well as following your dreams. At the beginning of the set the sound settings sounded fucked but that was quickly phased out. Over all another emotional, physically draining experience from just the pure joy of seeing Tool perform.

Review written by: lisa ortiz ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 14:52:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. This was an encounter I'll never forget. We had pit tickets. The concert was what I expected, just bad ass. Maynard faced the audience more then he did at the last concert I saw him at this time last year. Let me get to the best part, a guy came up to my friend and I and ask us if we would like to go to an after party. Of course , we said yes. After the show, we were so exasted, even thinking we should just go because we were hurting from all the dumb asses that were slaming into us. We decided to stay. That guy had all us girls, like 20 of us, to follow him. I was like I know we are not going to meet Maynard so where are we going, I kept asking. They put us in a room with a ice chest full of water and sodas. We were all sitting in chairs in a circle. I started to get really excitied because I was like know way, Maynard is coming in here. This girl told me yeah were gonna meet Maynard. I begin to shake, when all of a sudden he walk in the door with 2 security guys behind him. I put my hand over my mouth and keep saying "OH, MY GOD!!!!" I could not believe it he was right there. This stupid girl said out loud, "Who are you.." I burst out into a laugh. Most of those girls did not know the magnitude of this moment. I could not stop shaking. My girlfriend was like whats his name? We stayed there for about an hour. I was asking questions, he answered some, mostly gave no straight answers. He read my mind though, he clamied to have phsyic phenom. mind power or something. Three of us girls though of someones famous name and he guessed right on. He kept looking at me, I felt he could read my mind. I was thinking I wish he would kiss me. Long story short , my girlfriend and I ( HI, Veronica) were ask to go with them to Laredo. I couldn't go my boyfriend would kill me, ( HI, scott, I love you babe) So, we didn't go this other girl did go. Before I left he was standing in his tour bus he shook my hand pulled me towards him hugged me then kiss me on the lips. I couldn't believe it. I'll never forget this night . I have his autography and gave it to my boyfriend who was standing right there outside the gate who looked upset, but it's Maynard.

Review written by: scooter clark ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 14:52:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Well, Third Eye was obviously the highlight song of the night. My friend got us backstage passes for the after party but Tools Security said only chicks were allowed to go so we were fucking screwed! So THEY went. And check this shit out......My chick and her friend met Maynard and he fucking asked them to come with him down to Laredo! No lie I swear! My chick kissed him and her friend who doesn't even know a damn thing about Tool got to hang out with them and get offered to get on there tour bus, well calm down, they didn't go this other chick went though all by herself. The kicker is that it kinda dissapointed me that Maynard would do that.(Shut up, I'm being honest now!) I had a different view of the type of person he was, I guess I kinda put him on a pedastool and in reality he is just like anybody else. Like me. Shit, if I was an enormously talented musician I guess I'd be tempted to bang a few chicks here and there. I guess he's got a kickass arrangement with his wife ya know? Tool will always be the center of my music world and they will always be held high on my alltime list of the best of the best. Oh, my girlfriend wrote a review, it should be below mine. Don't you guys just love giddy chicks? (They are amongst the carmic debt that should be erased) So lets recap.....Third time to see them on Lateralus Tour. All three shows I posted reviews (see how the relationship has changed). Nov. 25 01(Verizon), July 27th 02(Frank Irwin center), and this one. The July show was the best, they played the most songs that night and if you don't believe check out the set lists and compare, plus my dad went to that show, he fuckin loves em too. Last year they played PUSHIT, then in July I got to hear 4 degrees, and at this one they played Third Eye. Wow, all I have to hear before I die is "Undertow, Eulogy and Opiate....then I could die a semi-erect man... Hahaha....I'm guessing it will be a good 2 years before they stroll back around and grace us with their presence. A Perfect Circle by late summer, I am guessing. My chick met Maynard, DAMNIT!. But I couldn't. Dude, all I wanna do is shake their hands and give em some props thats all. I don't want to know what color toe nail polish Maynard puts on, or if he likes "Dharma and Greg" He's just a guy making a living. Yes, I was bitter and jealous, wouldn't you be? Those chicks aren't the same HARD CORE FANS than me and you guys are, ya know? So, it just hurt....You can relate. So, do me a favor a read Lisa's review below, trust me its a good laugh. Think of this as the title: "Punky Brewster and Cherry go to there first concert" JK! Calm down.... Alright Tool Heads, I've wasted enough of your time. Drop me a quick one if you have/ had similar experience/ taste. Later all! See you in the PIT. Thanks again Kabir

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 16:37:24 ET

Scooter...Dude, you must have one HOT thankful for that...and be thankful she didn't go to Laredo with Maynard!! You are really connected with Tool now...even have the same taste in women. :-)

Review written by: A Thunderbird (Thunderbirds don't have computers) Review posted on: 11/14/02 17:10:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

"...and you don't think at this point, that a song cannot be a mountain range, or that a bird is only a bird?" "Its a crooked game. But its the only game in town" Tool are the only ones in this universe performing as they do. So in the end, it does not matter who said what, what strings were struck wrong, what drunken half species screamed what during whatever song. It is the point that only a few times does an all consuming musical wave smash into the sandy beaches of our ears. So relish the memories, on the floor, to the right(or left) of the projections screens, as your nervous system reflexes were flushed clean. It might not happen again. Especially in these parts. Especially with the ones you love. So "Take something from this experience, and do something positive with it." I think someone said that once.

Review written by: What are names really ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 18:01:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

First off, I would like to appologize to Maynard, Danny, Justin, and Adam for the asshole in the crowd who threw a bottle(or whatever he threw)on stage. I watched as it passed over Maynard( I think it may have hit him) and I want to take the time to say I am sorry that we have such inconsiderate bastards here in San Antonio. With that said and done, I will know proceed with my review. Here it is, 7:15pm Nov. 12 2002. I am standing on the floor of the Freeman Collisium. My eyes are open wide, my heart is pacing rather rapidly, I feel the exictment that a child feels on Christmas morning. My friends are among the crowd, eagerly anticpating the show to begin. I sit down against the wall, a little ring that seperates the floor from the seats, and close my eyes to take in the moment. I can hear the roaring crowd and the aimbiant music on the P.A. I open my eyes take a look around, stand up and go to my friends. The lights go out and the night begins. An eary sound takes the stage and moves the crowd closer. Messugah, from what I gather is a band based off mathmatical timing. I fnd them rather interesting, though the singer doesn't have a lot of stage presence. The musicans behind the voice are amazing. There was a lot of chaos in the music, making it hard to groove. When they did break it down...needless to say it was great. I waited until they got off stage, then me and a friend went to go and take care of some things. As I was walking out of the ring a beautiful girl was right beside me. Niether one of us truned our heads. We simply walked next to each other. It was unique becuase we slowed down to match each other's pace. As though we had become a unit for that moment. I let her pass in front of me when we reached the door. Then we go our seperate ways. Off to the bathroom I go. A line, of course a line. Look to my right and a guy motions to his friend to go in the back way, he hesitates...I don't. I find a stall, reach into my pocket and pull out a cigarette box containg a magic fruit and two clouds. I quickly do my ritual and exit the space. As I am walking back into the ring, the same girl is walking in front of me. She takes notice and slows down. We still don't look at each other, but we walk togeather. Then we dissapear into the crowd. We saw each other later on and locked eyes for enough time to smile. Something magical in our smiles. The lights go out and the show begins. I am anxious, I am excited, I am screaming at the top of my lungs and I am lost in the moment. The members enter the stage and the music begins. Cold and Ugly to start us off. Sober. I was very happy. Maynard starts singing and I start sinking. Danny carry's me through the night and I am moving. Adam and Justin balance me and I feel alive. I am open to what I am witnessing. Taking the moment once again. As I lost myself in the music I looked upon the stage and saw the back-drop fall and reveal a gigantic piece of art( Alex Grey I believe). I begin to move closer to the stage. As the night continues I can hear Maynards voice warm up. He starts changing things up. He starts moving and I can feel that he has lost himself as well as all the rest of the guys. Somewhere during the intermission, I flew into the fog and smiled. The artists return to the stage and we all go wild. I remember screaming out "Ronnie Dobbs, Ronnie Dobbs!" Just a little hint that I am a fan. I hear Timothy Leary, look up and I fucking lost it. I had to be hallucinating, they begin to play Third Eye. I really began to swim at that point. My body was pulled and I felt like I was outside my body... floating. Then I witnessed a moment a clariety, of beauty. I watched the weather change. Triad was absolutly amazing. One of the members of Messugah played the drums with Danny. He got down so much that he broke a drum and repeatedly broke his sticks, the energy was intense. Lateralus came to be, I started singing with four perfect strangers. I had made it five people from the stage. I reached out and heard the others singing with me. I looked around and felt harmony. Then it was over. Three of the artists hugged each other and then tossed out some presents to the ocean. I left with a new insperation and desire. For all of you who could not make this show, you missed something magical.

Review written by: E (---) Review posted on: 11/14/02 18:46:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Okay kids, let's settle this. Maynard left the stage early because he was almost hit by a shoe. He's up there baring his soul and some jackass in the crowd is throwing a shoe - "sorry, show's over." This isn't an assumption, I heard it straight from his mouth. Yeah yeah, I was one of the unbelievably lucky "candy store line up" girls. GUESS WHAT - nothing went on in that little room aside from some sodas and conversation. Maynard's first words when he walked in directly clarified that if we were looking to "get more out of it" than that, we could leave without hurting his feelings. For the next hour he was nothing but a REAL person who was eager to talk about anything but himself and his music. He had an incredibly quick wit and lighthearted nature - and in fact put every girl making sexual innuendos in her place. I have even MORE respect for this man after Tuesday. There's no need to spread rumors or talk shit unless you have facts, so for the love of God, keep your mouth shut. And PLEASE do not assume that no one backstage was a "die hard Tool fan" - you don't know how wrong you are.

Review written by: Boat Load of Funk ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 19:50:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I was nothing but impressed by the performance. I was expecting a heavier setlist, but I got to sit back and enjoy the wonderful vibe. My only complaint was that the collisium has terrible acoustics, and the couple having this "Toolgasim" in front of me. I have no beef if you want REALLY dig the show, but do it out of my way. Please don't deprive me of my experience. I can't wait to see Tool live again. Just when I got tired of the CDs, I have to whole new light to listen to them in.

Review written by: brent ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 20:03:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

im sure NO-ONE cares.....i just wanted to clear my name: apparently the guy who posted right after me was pretty pissed off that i rolled on tuesday night. i honestly believe in "responsible" drug use......and in my case, i was VERY responsible. i honestly had one of the greatest times of my life. this was my 6th tool show, so i knew what to expect and with my brain flooded with serotonin i got more than i expected. i walked away from this show with more in-sight and personaly "happiness" than anyone can ever understand. the "hang-over" the next day DOES suck ass!!....however, i made sure to take my vitamins and slept alot. i actually felt up to driving......and ended up in Houston seeing Beck and the Flaming Lips. so it ended up being a really good day. im resting today,.....and look forward to tommorrow nights show in Beaumont. thats about it......ill get off my "soap-box" now..... s p i r a l - o u t - k e e p - g o i n g

Review written by: david ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 20:08:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

Thank you SOOOO much for yet another amazing show. There was no better place to be on the planet earth on the night of Nov. 12th. I could not thank you enough for all you have given to me and other fans. The show brought tears to my eyes a couple of times. Thank You for everything Tool. -David

Review written by: john ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 20:19:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was my first Tool show and all I can say is WOW...... I've been to tons of concerts and this was the best by far. I could not believe this performance. It was beyond words. Tool = God..... Tool = God? yes Tool = God! If anyone out there hasnt seen them please do yourself the favor so you can die peacefully. Not only was the show amazing but they seemed to be using tons of symbolism and stuff on the screens that was vaguely familiar to me. I really need to fucking start reading more or something so I can understand this shit. Thanks Tool for the great show. Sorry about the fucker who threw the beer or shoe or whatever at you maynard. JOHN

Review written by: jt ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 20:37:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

First off I am a huge Tool fan but I really stood in line for the special guest Meshuggah because I am a huge fan of them as well. It pains me to see that so many people can not have an open mind enough to fuckin' do anything that shows they can appreciate another form of music other than what they want. Meshuggah fuckin kicked ass and I was one the the assholes in the pit trying to hype everyone up. Fuck you shitheads that want to see Tool and not their special guests. Maynard would be ashamed of you. Now that that is off my chest, and if you feel like reading further I must say that Tool fuckin rocked the house like it hadn't been rocked before. The setlist was awesome, but leaving out atleast Prison Sex should be a crime but what the fuck YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT. Maynard not even taking a bow after the show was pretty asshole of him even though he got hit with probably nothing major, but oh well. Great fucking bad ass experience anyways. It was my first time in the front and it was a whole hell of a lot better than way the fuck in the back. I saw them with King Crimson last year in San Diego and it compared with that show. King Crimson played an awesome set but the stupid tool assholes didn't care. Again it pained me to see that only a few people that I talked to after the show have even heard of the name King Crimson. They were just freaked that the reason the tickets sold out so quickly was because Tool and King Crimson would be the best show ever for a fan of both bands. As i said before i am a fan of all styles of music and to pigeonhole myself to one genre is to throw my brain in the toilet and take a shit on it and then flush! Thanks for reading and I hope you see things as I do but if not oh well.

Review written by: Chaz ( Review posted on: 11/14/02 20:47:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Meshuggah was OK, didn't really care for singer. To the girl who fainted on the floor--hope you are feeling better now.... First time in the pit during a Tool concert. Exciting at first but too constricting after awhile--took away from the experience. Moved further back--was still able to feel the vibe until I watched a guy next to me get his glasses kicked off. Decided it was too risky to close my eyes so I moved further back to enjoy the whole experience. I can't review the concert as well as others have done before me. All I can say is that to hear the live music of one's soul is breathtaking. I've seen Tool three times this year and each time I have returned a changed person. I am engulfed by a sadness when it is over; then a peacefulness envelops me knowing there is someone else in this world who understands "all this pain is an illusion." This light is not my own. Peace on earth...peace in our hearts...Chaz

Review written by: zyguit ( Review posted on: 11/15/02 02:52:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 10 Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. ****** Watch out for a bozo named Filmer, I sent him an email about the video he says he made of the San Antonio show to feel him out, he ended up emailing me saying that he met Maynard and that Maynard is a prick and he wants money for the video because he wants to profit from it and doesn't care about the band. If somebody knows Kabir's email please send it to me so he can ban this guy from posting. Thanks David PS I've allready notified Blair but feel free to do so yourself in case he doesn't get the message. PSS please nobody buy this thing, this guy sounds like a loser.

Review written by: vern ( Review posted on: 11/15/02 08:11:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

i st of all dont hate me because my friend and i got to meet with maynard. he did not put anyone, sort of speck , "In thier place" he was not opened to less or any questions missey! If you were so called there! My friend Lisa was a big fan, I, on the other hand was not. But did respect the fact the singer of Tool was right in front of me. He was weird and not of us, (hard to explain, had to be there) Something was not right and my friend knew that too. You all can not understand the presence we felt. Haters step off. We got stay you did not "chic! "I will never foget that felling, that is why I and Lisa did not go. It was an amazing show, almost relgious, but not enogh to forget our faith. Yes we are lucky, but at the same time , unsure, of this man you all do not surely know, like we got too, for that time.-vern (hi lisa!)

Review written by: BaBo ( Review posted on: 11/15/02 12:16:00 ET

This was this reviewer's **** Tool show

you still love me and you pushit on me... I'm alive when you're touching me.....alive when you're shoving me down.... put me somewhere I don't wanna be.....seeing someplace I don't wanna see......never wanna see that place again.... saw that gap again today as you were begging me to stay.....managed to push myself away and you as well.....if when I say I may fade like a sigh if I stay, you minimize my movement anyway, I must persuade you another way. there's no love in fear.... terrified of what may come.... Just remember I will always love you.....even as I tear your fucking throat away.....but it will end no other way..... words can mean so much....and so little.... :(

Review written by: Nikki ( Review posted on: 11/15/02 16:40:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well, this was my first Tool show and all I can say is -- wow. It was everything I expected and more. Even better, this show was on my birthday, so I was extremely excited to see it. I have been a Tool fan for awhile but always seemed to be just missing the shows due to circumstance. I was estatic to finally have a chance to see them live. Had to skip the opening band because the traffic from Austin was a little thick, but I had pit tickets and still ended up being able to get pretty close to the front. But Christ, when Tool came on and broke into Cold and Ugly people just rushed the stage. I was almost crushed! I came to enjoy the music, and it took a little while to find a place where I wouldn't have been smashed into by all the lumbering moshers. However, there were a lot of polite people engaging in the mosh as well, and thanks to those of you who took it upon yourselves to absorb the brunt of the mosh pit for me, and keep me upright so that I could relax and enjoy the music. Consideration isn't dead. Maynard was amazing, and as several other people metioned it's disappointing that someone had to throw shit at him and piss him off. I would have liked to have been part of an audience that he would have remembered positively, as myself and most people will come away from this concert with good memories. Danny already blew me away with his drumming prowess, but it was incredible live, and Justin and Adam played with so much intensity that it has definately left a mark on me. It was nice to hear old favorites, but really great to hear Lateralus live. I wasn't too big on Lateralus before, but hearing it live has really made me appreciate the dynamics and emotion behind the album. The art work and lighting were amazing... they really brought the music as a concept together for me. I had listened to it before impressed with the strength of the intellect and creativity and meaning behind the music but now... wow. Thanks for adding a whole new level to the experience. I hope it's not too long before Tool comes to town again. I was incredibly absorbed by the show, and doubt I'll see another band do anything like it. I'm hooked.

Review written by: Maynard ( Review posted on: 11/15/02 23:11:41 ET

This was this reviewer's Grrr Tool show

A big fuck you to the guy 2 rows infront of me.....He was in section 105 and row 2 acting like the biggest fucking dumbass ever, acting like he was seeing eminem, not tool, with all his gay ass hand movements.....Fuck you....Die.

Review written by: Filmer ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 11:08:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

zyguit, get a life. If anyone should be banned from posting then it should be you for slamming someone (me) on this REVIEW section. And don't mis-quote me on anything.

Review written by: Becky De La Fuente ( Review posted on: 11/18/02 09:44:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show


Review written by: JOHN (JSC4123@AOL.COM) Review posted on: 11/18/02 10:00:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 5 Tool show

Not the best TOOL show i've been to. It was way to loud and was hard to hear and make out the music and the singing. I was happy though that they did play Third Eye.

Review written by: shitface (dont have one) Review posted on: 11/18/02 11:45:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I will kill the man who hit our reverend with the shoe at the end of lateralus.

Review written by: jimmy4 (toolpower) Review posted on: 11/18/02 12:35:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 4 Tool show

This would have to be one of the best concerts have been too. I had been counting every day until they came. The fans in the GA were cool. Mostly everyone was just their to experience something different. Maynard was fabulous during third eye. The setlist was great it is always away to attract new tool fans, that aren't too familiar with some of the songs. Tool don't change a thing. Thanks for a memorable experience hope to see yall soon!