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Review written by: Tom From the Hallowen thing (
Review posted on: 11/16/02 00:46:04 ET

This was this reviewer's ? Tool show

Yes I know this is not going to be a concert review, and yes I know this is not a message board; I just need to know something, and it's kind of a hobby to piss people off from time to time (That didn't make sense). I was just wondering about the stage setup for these shows, with the exclusion of the Halloween "bash"/concert/whatever the fuck. Just out of curiosity and shit like that. I was just wondering because the stage setup seemed a little like pictures of the Radio City show I saw, and pictures of other shows were kinda different; two big screens in the back of the stage, etc. Were the projection screens behind the stage, or to the sides? Did "anatomy" images roll down from above the stages during the last few songs, like before or right after intermission? Did Maynard stand on the platform that was infront of a video screen? Did the heptagram come down towards the midpoint of the show? et cetera, et cetera (spelling questioned by myself...) Just e-mail me, if you'd like, and tell me 'bout it. You can find my screen name where you would find it after people submit their reviews that include the "Your email" request thingy filled in. Uhhhh, Think For Yourself, Dude! Radical man \m/ TOOL Yeahhhh! Mosh, Drink, Smoke, and fuck! Also include in your email: Do you consider TOOL to be death-metal? Because I read in a newspaper article about TOOL (NY Times I think), and they called TOOL Death-Metal Progressive rock, or some shit like that. Thanks all for the information, if you provide some.

Review written by: dustin ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 00:47:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 000 Tool show

Please submit your show reviews at, we promise salvation, unlike JESUS... =)

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 01:16:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Holy sweet fucking Jesus.......that was quite possibly one of the most awe-striking performances ever. The concert was incredible, Maynard did the best version of H. that anyone's ever heard, and i damn near pissed my pants when they finished stinkfist. It was everything all my friend (dRowsk, and Cdoobie) said it would be. The visual effects were stunning, and i didnt know where the hell i was suppose to look..... heh. I have only one question....WHEN WILL THEY EVER PLAY EULOGY??!!??

Review written by: Dick Squirtz ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 01:56:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Okay, finally broke down and brought the notepad to the show.... Setlist: Sober Grudge StinkFist H Schism Parabol Parabola Third Eye (hellllllz yeah) Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad w/ Meshugah Lateralus Stage Setup: Same layout for this tour except Maynard has a projection screen setup vertically behind him. I guess he got bored just staring at the backdrop for hours. Accoustics weren't all that great but it had been better than the Biloxi show. Vocals still need to be turned up just a tad. Reviewers notepad vomit: Venue was pretty small, which was great. My only fear at this concert was that the oil refinery sitting right next door (less than 40 feet from the venue) didn't explode. Them Texans love them some MF oil. Anyways, the best show I have been to so far. Meshugah played a good set. Lead singer of Shugah got flashed by some girl (looked illegally young), and rebuttled with "yeah I can do that to, except i have hair". That was the peak of humor for the night. Third Eye absolutely ruled elephant nutz. Carey variated the drumming ever so slightly. I wish i had been stoned or shroomin for Third Eye, but all i had was a sucrose buzz from the Nestea I had three hours prior. Third eye had some intense visuals on the projectors. Listen for the heart beat... Shugah's drummer (at least i think it was, i didn't wear my glasses) help out with Triad via Roto toms set center stage. He made a little booboo however, evicting a drum stick from his right hand, but damn, he was kicking some roto tom ass end. Adam was mixing it up here and there throughout the night. Danny was his usual "every limb has it's own brain" self. Maynard wasn't to talkative tonight, but nevertheless prerformed great. And Justin, defined himself during Disposition. Lots of shiny confetti too. The crowd was also pretty tame. This came as a surprise to me since this was in southern Texas (SoTex, there's also Texas as a whole, Collective Texas....okay har har). It never ceases to amaze me either, when the crowd goes wild over each and every false alarm: a door opening, a roadie doing a soundcheck, 3 house lights dimming, a toilet being flushed. Anyways, I will be on the way to Oklahoma for the next show and I will give a more detailed review. Feel free to correct any wrong info given here, flame me or possibly send me large amounts of U.S. currency with a picture of your naked sister stapled to every other Benjamin. Thank you, and Tool forever.

Review written by: Kirk ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 01:59:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Out of all the shows Ive seen, this one tops it off. First I was lucky enough to lock my keys in my car but that did not stop me from seeing the band. I got them out with a nickle and the antenna from my car (Promice). Then I got is what I think the best seats in the house since I didnt want floor seets (too many people mosh to reflection, kills it all) And all the people around were very respectfull and not real annoying. The show in itself was fantastic, im not posting a setlist because I dont want to but someone will. Third eye was a very welcome suprise. Oh just to note, the person with the lazer pointer should have his arms cut off, just not cool or funny. Anywho, besides all the great songs the only thing I have to as is howcome at the end maynard didnt stay to have the group hug I look forward to so much? All in all show was the best I have seen so far but the end hug thingy is kinda lingering in my head a bit but it will pass. To all Take Care and have a nice night. Drive safely and so on. Oh and the opening band was good to all who say they werent, give them some respect. -Kirk- AFX@SWBELL.NET

Review written by: Woop! ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 02:51:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Absolutely the most ass kicking show I've been too. The crowd sucked(like that dude said above)- the people around me were sitting down for the massive Triad explosions (which was the most unbelievable thing I have ever witnessed or heard with Carey and the Mushuggah drummer going at it). They sat through most of the second half of the concert. They finally managed to stand up for Lateralus but just to get a early exit. Boo them! Besides crowd atmosphere it was totally badass and at least I was dancing in the crowd. Tool is the best band live no doubt.

Review written by: Spiralhoss (why? Review posted on: 11/16/02 03:11:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

SETLIST: Sober The Grudge H. Stinkfist Schism Parabol\Parabola Third Eye INTERMISSION R|D|T Lateralus Bad Ass SHOW! An incredible experience. The crowd kind of sucked amnd Maynard was less friendly than usual but as a whole it was awesome. Meshuggah became quite monotonous after a couple of songs. They don't belong in the same building as Tool. I was kinda hoping for Aeinima, Eulogy, or 46 & 2. Also, nothing from Opiate. Not the best setlist I have ever seen but still quite good. Spiral Out....

Review written by: Blue Dude, Helena, Diluted, Preg Chick ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 03:38:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th? Tool show

Well this show was not the horse-fucking that we got at Compaq cenrt. The setlist With Sober and Third Eye is correct. Crowd was a bit tame up front, except for the drunks that obviously have never been in a real mosh pit, but decided to make fools of themselves anyway. That shy little 5'6" faggot would not look at the crown, and stayed dressed the entire show and was sporting a cunt- shaved mohawk. Helena says she saw face paint, but my eyes were too dialated or something to see for myself. I blew a half nut because I thought they's open with Cold and Ugly. They did Sober the last time they were here, so that was not a full nut-blower, just a half. Hey Sunking, if you read this, shoot me an email. -Blue Dude ================== Diluted= baptized my kid and blew a nut all at once!

Review written by: Brent Moore ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 04:20:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Ok, I have never written a review here before but seeing as this will be the last time I see Tool for quite some time I figured I would give you guys my opinions on the show. My opinion differs from the other reviewers so far in that I am not as happy with the show as they were, I will explain. I went to see Tool in San Antonio as well and that was a much better show. Ok, enough pre-script, here is the review. First off, the venue sucked and it sucked bad. It was on a college campus and therefore attracted a crowd that did not lend themselves very well to an ideal Tool experience. I am not bashing college students as I am one myself (SWT, San Marcos) but holding a major show on a college campus is bad news from the get go. Also, the venue was tiny and Tools stage barely fit and looked very funny in the little setting. The worst thing about the venue though was that it had seats but was still general admission all around. Anyone who wanted on the floor just needed to get a wrist band and they were all set. The sound was also not too great but enough bitching about the setting (for now at least). So, me and a friend took our places on the floor and waited for the show to start and laughed at all the people who were dressed like they were going clubbing or conversely like they had just finished a shopping spree at Hot Topic. It was also quite funny that they would go insane every time a roadie was onstage or their was a slight change in lighting. The first band as you all know was Meshugga, who I have seen three times now (once at ozzfest and twice with Tool) and no matter how many times I see them, I hate them. I really try to get into them but I just cant. There is really nothing more to say about them except that it was during their show that I realized that the crowd was going to suck. This was my first time on the floor at a Tool show and it will be my last. For any other band I am all for floor seats but I couldnt take all the assholes moshing at inappropiate times and trying toi be macho and kick peoples ass. That is NOT what a Tool show is about. After Meshuggah finished their set the crowd started pushing harder instead of settling down and so I was crushed (and I am a fairly big guy) during the whole set change. Tool finally came on and graced us with their presence. They opened with sober and seemed to be in high spirits but I couldnt hear maynard at all up close, he was drowned out by the crowd and the speakers were behind me. Next was the grudge. Maynard was still drowned out and the crowd wasnt settling down at all so I backed up (I was a few people back from the stage). Once I backed up things were a lot better. I could hear and I wasnt getting my ass beat but, alas, the crowd didnt stop being assholes. After the Grudge Maynard said something but the only thing I caught was "fuck". I'm sure what he said wasnt something nice but the crowd cheered anyway. Maynard then got a confused look on his striped face, looked at Adam and shrugged before beginning Stinkfist. I'm not sure when the laser pointer first came into play but it was sometime around here. Someone shined a laser pointer right into Maynards eyes at which point he turned his back to the audience and stayed that way until after the intermission. To all the people moshing during H.....FUCK YOU. Maynard said "And now a word from our sponsor" before the Timothy Leary clip was played. I was sure that they would play Opiate instead of Third Eye tonight. This crowd definately deserved Opiate. Its funny because if they would have played it the crowd would be all happy and singing along without realizeing that the song is about people like them. Anywho, Opiate was not played and we got Third Eye. Third Eye was better in San Antonio but it was still awesome here. This was the most animated Maynard was all night. Intermission, Trippy head, confused crowd. This second part of the show was definately the highlight for me. I like it more and more everytime I see Tool and am now completely enthralled by the disposition/reflection/triad/lateralus closing. I thought that the crowd was going to behave during this but between disposition and reflection some asshole next to me yelled "Pushit" at the top of his longs like 20 times in a row. I'm suprised Maynard didnt jump off stage and whomp that guys ass right there. Between Reflection and Triad Maynard was halfway facing the audience but then the laser pointer was out again at which point he turned back around and put his hands on his hips and made a very big point that he was not happy. Triad OWNED. Danny is God. Moving on. Before Lateralus Maynard thanked Meshuggah but did not give his inspiration speech which proved to me that he was very unhappy with the crowd. Then the group gathered around the drums and maynard started talking to the guys and making funny hand movements. At first I thought he was angry but then Danny started laughing really hard and Maynard kept egging him on. Very funny, wish I could here what he was saying. Lateralus was solid as always. Maynard stayed lond enough to throw water bottles and wave goodbye while the rest of the stayed longer and interacted with the crowd as usual. Once again Tool proved themselves to be the best band around and they never cease to amaze me. I am just sorry that they have to play for the kind of people that were there tonight. Sorry this is so long. I'll quit now. P.S. - To the short chick with the double mohawk and slayer tattoo. You fucking rock, (and its not because you showed your boobs, which was fun but not really needed). I was going to introduce myself but you dissappeared into the crowd before I could. Damned missed oppurtunities.

Review written by: Filmer ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 04:26:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

Well, I struck again and filmed this show. That makes me 6 for 6 this year of Tool. I did not attend the El Paso show in July. If you email me using the above email and get a bounceback then use I will reply to all the emails I receive regarding my 3 Tool July shows and my 3 shows from this week. Definitely worth the 600+ mile round trip drive.

Review written by: George ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 04:30:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 3 Tool show

It was a great show. Very nice, and well performed. I don't wanna get into bullcrap like "oh this concert has changed my life and let me enter a new level of thinking." You know what I have to say about people who say that? I have to say, "Fuck You and everyone else like you." I have seen that "thinking" phrase many times on concert reviews in the past two years. I get more and more pissed off every time I see it. I'll have to admit that I love TOOL. Probably love them much more than having sex, drinking Vanilla Coke, and sleeping. Their music drew me into some cool shit that changed the way I think, but I fuckin' live performance isn't gonna do that, people. "oh my god, I actually saw maynard. wow. he's see cool" 'Oh yeah? I saw other shit too? And fuck you.' A fuckin' concert is not gonna change your fucking life. And another group of people that should have a nice, thick, steel bar introduced to their cranium, are these people that bitch, piss and moan, complain, or suggest what the artists who made the music should play. "Oh I wished they played Eulogy. Ohhh, Nothing from Opiate. Ohhh. What happened to my enema? Ohhhh they shoulda played Jerk-off after Cold and Ugly." ' Oh? Should they have? Well fuck you. Many many people who read and post on this board know the difference between living organisms and the music playing device known as the stereo, or the CD player, or as 'they' call it, the Jukebox. Jesus Christ, you guys must have bitched about everything that didn't go your way. I mean....they're just songs, not fuckin' decisions that are essential to your "life" ' I could go on, but like I said, this is a board for reviews...with the exception of me, because I make the fuckin' rules when writing, typing, speaking, etc., and if you get in my way, I'll make you eat infected cat shit. CONCERT REVIEWS. Say how you liked the show, how did the people act, setlists, etc. Adios, Fuckbrain. (is that how you spell that Spanish word, or whatever language it is? Ahh who the fuck cares, right? But you all do, cuz I know how TOOL fans try to be as articulate as possible, just like SOMEBODY you are a fan of...)

Review written by: Master ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 05:59:46 ET

Hey you! add some LSD and see what could change your life :-)

Review written by: SunKing ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 08:42:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Even after reading all the reviews here, and knowing exactly what to expect - TOOL still blew me away. It was an AWESOME show! When they opened with Sober rather than Cold & Ugly, I was a little disapointed because I thought that meant we wouldn't be getting 3rd Eye or H - but I was wrong. Here's the setlist intro Sober The Grudge (ions) Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola 3rd Eye -intermission- Disposition Reflection Triad (ft. meshuggah) (long intro) Lateralus I managed to sneak in a camera - and when I get the pictures developed/scanned - I'll post then here: I'm sitting here trying to find words to describe the show - and I'm speachless. I was SO PUMPED during 3rd Eye - dancing and moving with the music. They also did an extended intro to Lateralus that I've never heard before - too cool. It was a long drive from Houston to Beaumont - but DAMN - I'd drive twice that far to see that show again. Awesome!

Review written by: Tony G ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 08:44:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Wow! That show was simply amazing. I am only 15 and I have been to quite a few shows, but this one was the best (the one in compaq center wasn't that bad, it just needed improvement). When Tool came on, I would not be still. I was very excited to hear "H" and I like "Third Eye" enough to know that they aren't playing that much of anywhere else, so I deeply appreciated them playing it here in Beaumont. Setlist is correct. My favorite song is "Stinkfist" and of course, the extended version is bad ass. That was the least weed I've smelled in a while, which was a plus. I just kept thinking to myself that 'hey, Tool's in Beaumont' and the thought of that is awesome. Meshuggah was okay. Get some haircuts, man. Tool's effects were the same as the one at Compaq, but they are still a real treat to the eye. I really hope that by the time that new pavilion is built, they will want to play here a second time. Tool, keep doing what you're doing, and stay healthy. Spiral out Chase, if you, Ryan, or Adam read this, tell me.

Review written by: presario ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 11:31:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

the crowd last night was by far the most disappointing of any tool show that i have been to. general admission seating was also a nightmare, and i couldn't believe that people were actually sitting down when tool hit the stage. i suppose this is what happens when you get that many passive tool fans in one spot. i am waiting for the day when tool won't be the cool thing to listen to any more so that the rest of us won't have to contend with all the dumbfounded dipshits when we want to go see the band in concert. with that said, all the things that the band could actually control at the concert, ie their performance, was great. i had anticipated the same setlist as i heard in san antonio on tuesday and instead got to hear them open up with sober. all in all, it was another inspiring night watching great performers do their thing. thank you time, just skip the beaumont crowd.

Review written by: Scott ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 11:42:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Here's the set list: Sober The grudge Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola THIRD EYE Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus The show was for the most part really good. Meshuggah was really good. I don't even listen to the whole death metal thing that much, but I would buy their cd. The singer was really good. It sounded like he was singing at the same time he was screaming. It was like death metal you could understand. He played the crowd really, really well. He would get these crazy ass expressions on his face, and just mug everyone. He wasn't scared of shit. I would have enjoyed them a whole lot more if I didn't have to fight for my life from the masses squezzing together. It was really bad. There were points that a could barely breathe and heard girls like screaming and crying in the back. All of the moshing and sardining was tolerable during Meshuggah, but it sucked ass during tool. Tool was incredible! And tight as always. I would have enjoyed it more if all of the drunken, pill taking college kids who just came to start trouble and didn't even care about Tool would have just stayed home. I swear there were people moshing during Disposition. WHat the hell is that? and another thing to all of the Dumbasses in the pit who were screaming the lyrics into my ear so loud that I couldn't even hear Maynard, shut the hell up, YOU CANT SING. I know things get emotional at concerts, but man, just let the singer sing! I never knew until tonight that just a few people could drown out a multi thousand dollar PA system. But other than the jackasses, tool was really really really good tonight. I saw them last time in HOuston at the COmpaq center, and they were a whole lot better this time. The set was longer, and they played THIRD EYE. That is definately the coolest live song. It was fabulous!!! The whole band sounded really good tonight, especially Danny Carrey. He is definately the best drummer ever. He was going off! He went into like a drum solo after Lateralus, which was really badass!! Maynard is still like the best singer ever, I just wish he would face the crowd more and come out of his corner. He had his back to us the whole night! I don't know about you, but when I pay 40 bucks to see a band play, I wanna see the singers face, not his ass. I don't know, maybe he's trying to make some kind of a statement or something. He should take some advice from the singer of Meshuggah in being crowd friendly, and give him some vocal lessons in return. Oh well, he sounded good. I think he probably needed to be turned up a little more, but that was probably because of all of the back up "singers" in the crowd. But anyways. I just think it would have been a lot better if they didn't play at a college, because I think a bunch of these kids didn't even like TOol, they were just there to party. Tool is the best and always will be. They are the only band I've ever heard sound better live than on the CD. Heck yea bucky!!!!

Review written by: Master Reviewer (FRANK RIZZO) Review posted on: 11/16/02 12:25:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 22 Tool show

Hey great show the highlights would definatley have to be when henry rollins came out when they played the bottom. and also they played the extremley rare 'maynerds dick' wich theve only played once the whole tour. maynerd was dressed like an indian,and danny died his hair green. here is the correct setlist: 1.sweat 2.eulogy 3.intorlarance 4.ticks and leeches 6.bottom (wiith henry rollins) 5 minute drum solo 7.pushit 8.hush -----------intermission------- 9.maynerds dick 10.crawl away 11.the grudge 12.jimmy 13.h 14.lateralus GREAT SHOW!!!!!!

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 14:59:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Great show because it was DIFFERENT. It was different in the stage set-up and not just the set-list. They sang and played the songs different and changed the banner from the previous show from several months earlier. The stage Maynard was on always showed images behind him but at the previous show it spoon in circles with pictures underneath him. The venue was too small to see the banners and kept the images at a minimum not like the COMPAQ concert in Houston. The only thing disappoint to me is my drug partners went to an early part the night before to bring the TOOL boys party supplies and party on the bus with them to obtain backstage passes and didn't call me when I had half of every thing they wanted. After all, I'm the one that introduced them to the music of TOOL and brought them to the last 3 shows and got them to the stage sometimes paying $200 a ticket. TOOL is still my all time favorite band and never dissappoint me in concert; but your own friends. Only thing made me wonder is why MAYNARD didn't do the group hug with the rest of the guys this night and walked of stage leaving them behind to hear the cheers. And YES, that egg smell was H2S coming from the chemical plant next door.

Review written by: Britt ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 15:01:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

First I have to thank tool for coming to my little hometown of Beaumont. I had a dream once they came to Beaumont, so when i found out from my brother i was smitten. I admit the montagne center isn't the best. I tripped on the level changing stairs all night (& iwas totally clean of any substances). I was 8th in line, but after the arm band situation, a lady of 109 lbs doesn't hold much ground. That also left me in the middle of the copius general admission area (fyi. bout 5 ppl back). It was hell during meshugah. I swear i was with 5 othe girls around me, but after 2 songs i somehow ended up in the middle of a group of gigantic college guys and a guy with very sweaty hair that kept flying in my face. Meshugah was great though. I'm not one to get into that type of music, but I have to say they blew me away. The boobies part added a little needed humor. I lost my boot, but i got it back on after meshugah ended. The crowd was hectic, but everyone was watching out for everyone (for the most part)(and a word to the wise, when people are that compact and can hardly breath, cigarettes are not the best option, be nice to your neighbors). Tool came on, that was awesome. I can't say I minded listening to sober a second time. It's a great song. I was out of the pit after the grudge. I had already went down twice and couldn't see anything anyways. Montagne center is so small though, there wasn't a bad seat in the house. Third Eye was what I had been waiting for all night. As soon as maynard said "& now a word from our sponsors," I knew what was coming. I watched from the direct right of the stage from the audience's view. It was neat seeing the screen so close and the whole crowd watching in amazment. Great visuals to go along with the song. That's my favorite tool song other than 46&2 and I have to hand it to tool for doing such a great job. Oh, and the part with the guy from meshugah was amazing. He could really "break it down" 8-]. The stick went flying & he kept going. I loved it. All in all, it was a great concert. I wish maynard would have joined in the hug, but o well. I hope tool enjoyed playing beaumont as much as everyone else enjoyed the show, and i hope they come back. It was nice to go out and have a little fun after the concert other than driving hours home at the end of the night. Another great show that I'll never forget, but for now i'll stop babbling. Keep up the good work tool. Hasta luego from Beaumont.

Review written by: Andie ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 15:14:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Setlist's been posted several times already, so I'll just skip that. I've been to two other Tool concerts, (one at the Woodlands, and the other at the Compaq Center), and seeing as how they were all in huge venues, I was pretty excited to hear they were going to experiment with a small-town tour. So off to little B-Town we go, equipped only with our love for Tool, and a few grams of shrooms. ;) First reaction as I was walking towards the venue, and saw the crowd, was a grunt. From the looks of it, a lot of these people were there for the "look cute and party" factor. But, I was quite open and hopeful to being proven wrong. So we make our way in, and are happy to find some great seats next to people who seemed to be pretty cool and as pumped about the show as we were. After some amusement at the pit crowd's amazement at every sound check and light test, I was glad to hear the opening act start. Although I can comfortable say that I'm not much of a metal enthusiast, the energy that Meshuggah put forth was great. The lead singer was all over the place - playing with the crowd one second, and jamming with the bassist the next. The entire band seemed fixed in a trance, and one can safely state that it transferred into the crowd, which was going wild. After they were done, I was hoping that the opening would have gotten the "must mosh to every sound" urge out of the crowd's system. I was happy up in my seat, but from previous observations, I have noted that the crowd's behavior plays a large role in Tool's attitude throughout their concerts. Not that they don't play fabulous even when everyone insists on being a dickhead, but the vibe tends to be much more positive when people are just kicking back and feeling the music personally, and without knocking other people over. Just about everyone was on their feet when Sober began, singing to the age-old familiar lyrics, and moving along to the rhythmic beats. The Grudge was superb as always, and then the shrooms really kicked in ... Now, I don't know whether it was the fact that I was tripping really hard, or that the band was flowing together even more than usual. The visuals and every sound were parallel, and everything was filled with SO much emotion. H. began and then crowd went wild. It was a treat quite rare, and extremely welcome. Three of the favorite Lateralus tracks began, and although they played them at the other two concerts as well, it was still a great experience being there to see it again. Third Eye was I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. Thoroughly magnificent. You think the song sounds good blasting out of your speakers? It's a lullaby compared to hearing it live. The visuals were yet again, amazing, and everything went together really well. The intermission gave several of us a good laugh, and everyting after it was just as great as before it. Props to the kid from Meshuggah who did a really great job during Triad. It seemed to me that seeing him so exhausted during the last quarter of it made it that much better. He really gave his all out there, and the crowd certainly appreciated it. Beautiful close, although I was rather disappointed without the group hug. I had a beautiful experience, but from reading the reviews, I'm really disappointed at certain people in the crowd. The laser was totally uncalled for, and should be left in the high school classroom in which the little idiot probably amuses himself with it. Moshing to Disposition/ This isn't Ozzfest, or the fucking Warped Tour. And drunken frat boys who were there to pick up chicks and because schism "is like totally fucking raaad man" need to stick to going to Linkin Park. As for the rest of us, we really appreciate what Tool and Meshuggah shared with us. It was a really great show. Thanks, guys.

Review written by: Michael Briggs ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 15:47:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

Wow! THIRD EYE! Ok... here goes. I went with two friends. We were going to take my car and sleep in it and stuff (Toyota 4Runner), but we decided that her Honda Civic had much better gas mileage and could go faster, so we took that. I was so happy! That meant very little driving for me! Yay! We finally got out around 12pm and we were off on the 6 hour MapQuest drive to Beaumont, TX from Dallas. She drove at a pretty constant 110 with her radar dector and all. That was kinda scary, but oh well. So, we get there like 4 hours early! Eh. Way too early. The first 1000 people got wristbands for the floor, though, so we got those and everything. That was cool. Beaumont is such a hick town. Man. They have never, ever had a concert there before. They really didn't know what they were doing. It was kinda funny. The venue was actually pretty small.. It seemed like it anyways... For Meshuggah we were up near the rail. The sound surprisingly sucked up there. At the other Tool shows when I've been on the rail, the sound was good up there, but not for Meshuggah. They rocked, though. I was very impressed. The crowd was actually not too bad this time. After them, I wandered around for a bit, and my friend and I took our spots in front of the soundboard so we could have space to 'dance'. Tool came on. Sober. The Grudge. Stinkfist. H!!!!! Schism Parabol Parabola THIRD EYE!!!!!!!!!! Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Maynard had his screen behing him back, which was interesting. I like it better that way. The sound was spectacular tonight! It really was, from where I was at. MUCH better than up near the rail. H was so awesome. They did the extended part in it. Beautiful. Schism and Stinkfist were both very, very well done as well! And of course.... THIRD EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. Amazing. Quite ineffable. Wow. I'm still smiling about it. Disp / Ref / Triad were very very well done. Awesome! My friend and I danced the entire show. These stupid people thought we were on ectasy and asked us if he could get some! Hah! (We weren't of course!) Lateralus was incredible as always. Nobby gave me another setlist. That's 4 now. I saw the dude take the VHS tape out of the camera and I asked him if I could get a copy (jokingly.. I knew he would say no), and he laughed and said "...ya.......". (sarcastically). Ooh, they had these high quality mics (2 of them) on either side of the sound board taping the show. (Live album???) I asked and they said they're taping the last 3 shows with audio/video. =) Maynard seemed to be in a decent mood until some stupid people who have probably never been to a conert before because they live in Beaumont, TX shined some laser pointers on him. He in turn turned his back, and stayed like that most of the show. Bah.. Stupid kids! He didn't say much, either. He said "Beaumont, Beaumont, Beaumont..." and "Drive safely on your way home. Be good to each other." Amazing show! Afterwards I was at the same Waffle House (\m/) as Jen, and I met her. She's very cool. =) We drove home, and I got in at 6:30am! Hah! Now, I'm leaving in about 30 mins or an hour to go to Oklahoma City to see them again!!!! Yes!!!!! -- michael

Review written by: matt ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 15:53:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

The show in Beaumont was incredible. It was the best tool show that i have seen yet even though the venue was the worst i've ever seen them in. It was my first time to see H and Third Eye live. Couldn't believe it!!!! . Right before Timothy Leary's erie speech, MJK said, "and know a word from our sponsor. Place went comepletly nuts. It was a classic set. sober the grudge stinkfist H Schizm parabol parabola third eye disposition reflection triad lateralus<---new intro rocked

Review written by: Amber ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 17:56:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Awsome, completley triped the fuck out, and fianley after years of waiting, i saw THIRD EYE!! And i loved the visual of Timothey Leary. i drove all the way form Houston to see this and it was well worth the drive. I would like the thank the boys in Tool once again for a bueatiful performance. .......spiral out............keep going - Amber

Review written by: Master Reviewer (ll) Review posted on: 11/16/02 19:58:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

test test

Review written by: senatordrinkalot ( Review posted on: 11/16/02 21:28:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

the show was kick ass from the get go meshugga rocked out but the crowd was not really with them then tool took stage and the house went fucking wild thanks to some dipshits that took pics of maynard he turned his back to the crowd and some dipshit had a laser pointer and that kept pissing me off but over all the show kicked ass meshugga was a pretty cool band

Review written by: Lindsay ( Review posted on: 11/17/02 00:13:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

For the third time, TooL astounded me. Once in the Woodlands, too far away to see anything, once at Compaq with a good view but in a chair, and now, in a pit with 2000 other sweaty in love fans, all moving together. I got there at like 2pm, and was the first person in my line. I was up against the railing on the floor, completely in front and center stage all the way through Meshuggah. It got so crammed that I couldn't even breathe (literally) and they finally had to pull me out at the band change. It was really neat being that in front and up close to the band, but I couldn't even enjoy it because i couldn't move or think. SO I went back and got in the middle of the floor, where they started a mash pit. Now, I have to say, I used to think those things were really dorky and just stupid. But WOW. I had so much fun. I'm a girl, and so the guys didn't really want to push me around, but I guess I pushed them enough to realize they could push me and it wouldn't hurt. It was so great. to JUSTIN, if you read this, this is LINDSAY, the only girl in the pit with like 50 guys. It was so fun! The set list was phenominal, and just moving and dancing to that music that CLOSE to maynard and danny and justin and adam was like nothing else. And damnit, I had one of Danny's sticks, one of you bastards took it from me. You know who you are, and to you... FUCK YOU. Just kidding, the concert was beautiful and I was in love of course. There is nothing in the world like a TooL concert, and all I can do is feel admiration and love for such an awe-inspiring thing. For one night I didn't hate the world quite so much.

Review written by: Toolfan (x) Review posted on: 11/17/02 00:26:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd? Tool show

11/15/02 Beaumont Well Tool's recent visit was a fortunate experience in that i was able to see tool twice in a span of a few months without much travel. As for the Beaumont show, i think it was a great show with an inappropriate crowd, inappropraite in that hardly any people there really appreciate tool, most of them lumping them into the same category as korn and disturbed. anyways as for the show's nice set: Sober The Grudge ions Stinkfist (extended) H. Schism (interesting kickass intro) Parabol/a Third Eye (song of the night) Intermission Disposition (crowd gets disconnected dispostion) Reflection Triad (song of the night second only to Third Eye) Lateralus As anyone can tell the setlist was great. I only wish that 95% of the crowd had not been imbred hicks. Maynard was not very talkative and his parting comments were to drive home safely. Highlights were the afformentioned Triad and awesome Third Eye, as well as a surprisingly entertaining Stinkfist with a nice extension, and of course H., a great song. I figure thats the last time theyll come around the houston area so im glad i got to go.

Review written by: Nicholas Downton ( Review posted on: 11/17/02 02:24:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Seats were so nice after being on the floor in Houston July show. don't suck, but I'm not rushing out to buy any albums. Lead singer was funny. I like his tough guy mean muggin slow head bang thing. As mentioned before I had seats this time, and thats exactly what I did...sit. Until, the middle of "Parabol" because I had to stand up for the transition into, "Parabola" I didn't sit down except for the intermission after that. As far as complaining about people. Yes, it's silly to mosh to "Reflection" but it is to be expected by the masses. I was SO shocked they actually played "Third Eye". I never expected to hear that live ever. I wept during part of that song, that powerfull. All in all I enjoyed myself immensly and had a much better time than in July at Compaq. My girlfriend (a top 40 listener) was deflowered last night and became enlightened as I told her she would. :D Thank you, Adam...Justin...Danny...and Maynard. :* Come back soon!

Review written by: Matt ( Review posted on: 11/17/02 03:16:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I particularly liked Brent Moore's review. if you want a great review of the show, read his. this was my first time on the floor. i think the band performed excellent, but the crowd really sucked ass. for about an hour into the show, there were several people around me who were very respectful. thank you so much. but eventually the assholes took over. i was right at the very front, holding onto that little gate type barrier infront of Justin. the person with the laser pointer should have it shoved up his ass. you fagget, you kept Maynard from facing us practically the entire show. what a fucking dumbass. im very happy to have been able to see the band from so close. it was worth the 2 hour drive from houston suburbia to beaumont. Danny you are a god. you are so incredible, your solo (i guess you can call it a solo even though you werent alone) with Meshuggah's drummer was mind blowing. Third Eye was beautiful. i really dont know what else to say about the band and their performance. they are the best ever and they performed beyond my expectations. it seemes like this will conclude the touring for Lateralus. i'll have to wait for the next album now.

Review written by: Molly ( Review posted on: 11/17/02 22:25:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

FUCK everyone who was moshing to Tool

Review written by: Jessie James ( Review posted on: 11/18/02 01:27:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Tool........There is none higher when it comes to a live show. Even though it was in a small city they didnt hold back shit. Awesome show. The black balloons where fucking awesome. Meshuggah was badass too. The Timothy Leary cut was the shit. THIRD EYE......the absolute best song Tool or anybody else for that matter has ever written.....and Beaumont motha fuckin Texas got it. Thank You to Adam Justin Maynard and Danny. Hope you will grace us with your presence again. Please can anybody tell me HOW THE FUCK you mosh to H. and The noise during intermission and Disposition. What the hell is wrong with you. I really dont see how you can mosh to Tool anyways. Besides the Jerk Off with the laser pointer and the ignorant fucks moshing to slow shit. It was a fucking badass show. Again thank you Tool and Meshuggah.

Review written by: Gus ( Review posted on: 11/18/02 05:40:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

This show was by far one of the best shows i've seen by tool. To me the sound was great and the visuals were awesome. The only problem was the fucking dumbass people. Tool is not about moshing and hurting as many people as fucking possible. Its about finding that other place, finding that inner peace within yourself, not beating the shit out of each other. And for the asshole with the laser i hope you burn in hell and the devil stabs you with his pitchfork every day. I had a great time, except for the fag old man that would not leave alone. But other than that it was great i hope Tool will come back when the new pavilion is built. But i seriously doubt it because the ass with the laser.

Review written by: RP ( Review posted on: 11/18/02 09:44:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Awesome show!! The venue was very small, which I liked. The crowd kinda sucked, but I was happy to see everybody on thier feet as soon as Sober started. Thanks Tool!

Review written by: johnny coxville ( Review posted on: 11/18/02 10:01:36 ET

This was this reviewer's who? Tool show

Setlist: Blue Calx (w/Aphex Twin) Hunter (w/Bork in her swan suit) Cure for Pain (w/Mark Sandman's coffin crowdsurffing) Diary of a Lovesong (w/Ozzy and Robert Smith dressed up like butterflies) South of Heaven (w/an orchestra of headbangers) Interstellar Overdrive (w/Syd Barrett starring at children in the crowd) Steal My Body Home (w/Beck playing his cock) Intermission My Heart Belongs to Me (w/B. Streisand screaming the lyrics at Maynard) Wow! Awsome show! Tool Rools! Danny Carey is the man! Maynard is so sexy! Justin Jams on bass (the fish, not the instrument) Adam likes pigs! The show only could have been better if they played a cover of Mary Had a Little Lamb, Ive been waiting to hear this since 91 (before they were a band). I payed so much attention to the crowd that the songs were really only a backdrop for my insecurities with myself and my judgmental attitude towards others not behaving the way I was, or wanted them to. First there were all these people bumping into each other (on purpose I think). Can you beleive people behaving like that at a rock concert? Gawd, the nerve of some people. Second some people were sitting down during the intermission and some of the slower songs. These people should be dipped in formaldehyde because "I" say so. If only people would just stare mindlessley at the stage like me then I could have a good time.

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 11/18/02 10:01:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. Just wanted to say thanks to TOOL. It was nice to see them in a small venue, I thought the sound was great. It was a joy to get a good seat YES I said seat... (you can still enjoy the Tool experience in the seated position) and see the guys on stage without putting up with the stupid ass mosh pit peeps. I cound not help but stare in awwwwwww ... as they "effortlessly" played some of the hardest music ever written, to a tee. I am a big RUSH fan and I must say you guys are the best. Thanks for the experience hope to see ya'll again real soon

Review written by: Jesus Lucifer ( Review posted on: 11/18/02 11:18:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This show was even better than the first show i went to a couple of years back. I drove 6 hours from around dallas and it was well worth the trip. Maynard seemed a little upset at the guy with the laser pointer...i dont blame him. i wanted to jump down and beat the living crap out of 'em. i wish maynard would have stuck around at the end but i can understand that he was probably pretty pissed off. I was surprised(pleasantly) to hear third eye and sober...great choices. I wanted to hear Eulogy but i didnt figure they would play it. Lateralus was fan-fucking-tastic! Question Authority...

Review written by: TB ( Review posted on: 11/18/02 12:27:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

First off, I want to say here and now that the Beuamont show completely rocked! Thank you TOOL! This was the third show within about a year for me (woodlands, houston, beaumont) and this one blew the other two away - BY FAR! We were graced with Third Eye, a new intro to Lateralus, an extended version of H., Stinkfist, and even a few other treats. No holds barred, full on chubby! A completely mind- blowing experience. The setlist was great, and wouldn't ask for a single change, even if somebody did care. I tried to keep an open mind about Meshuggah, but I was finding it hard to really get into them. Don't get me wrong, they rocked in their own right, just not what I was expecting... Since I'm A non-hick living in the "Beau-fucking-mont" area (as Maynard so eloquently put it), I feel that I have to clarify a couple of things... I will agree with most of what has been said about the venue. It is small, and TOOL sounded (and felt) great. Yes, there are some inbred hicks in the area, and no, that doesn't make it alright to mosh to "H", D/R/T, or anything else for that matter. Yes, the person with the laser pointer should burn in hell, and I hope that doesn't deter TOOL from coming back. On the same note... If any of the band members ever reads this, I hope that they will try to understand that Beaumont is fucking STARVED for quality entertainment, and the "fans" at the show were probably frenzied from concert depravation. (Why else would they scream when 3 lights dim?) Yeah, we've had rock concerts in S.E. Texas before, but it's been a long damn time. It was almost surreal when I found out that TOOL was coming. "Not here, no way... " were my words I think. But anyway, Like I said, this show was definitely unreal. TOOL, you and your music are the bomb and thank you for giving the fans in "Boremont" a shot. - Just please don't let a couple of ass-backward idiots spoil it for the rest of us. As for the rest of you tool-igans out there, peace!

Review written by: optimistic-pessimist ( Review posted on: 11/18/02 13:35:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 21st Tool show

For everyone's information, the reason we got to see the small video screen behind Maynard (like last Fall's tour) was because the venue wouldn't accomodate the projectors in their normal position over Maynard's head. In case you didn't know, the only thing lighting Maynard during this tour is a pair of projectors over his head which project down onto his platform the same video images seen on the big screens. The Montagne Center has a large set of speakers suspended from the ceiling in the exact spot where Maynard's projectors would normally hang. As for the show... Unfortunately, some ignorant, unevolved, uneducated, uninformed asshole thought it would be funny to point a laser pointer at Maynard during the show. As a result he stood with his back to us the entire show. He even tried turning back around at some point, only to be "assaulted" he slowly and deliberately turned back around. People like this just don't understand that the guys in TOOL are attempting to connect with the audience when they perform live. They are sharing through their music personal, deep, sometimes painful, sometimes pleasurable moments from their lives with us. I hope the next time that asshole is begging his girlfriend to stay with him, or pouring his heart out to his best friend about his troubles, they pull out a laser pointer and shine it in his fucking eyes. If you believe that it really didn't matter that someone was doing this to Maynard, (or that two people threw their beers onstage at the start of the show), because they still played every song on the setlist, then you are sadly mistaken. Things like this detract from what TOOL is trying to do. Trust me, I've seen anough shows to notice the subtle differences in each performance. I know that if I ever see anyone with a laser pointer at a TOOL show I will shove it down their fucking throat, even if it means being ejected from the show by security, because I know that at least the rest of the people at the show will get a better performance out of it. I hope that anyone reading this will take heart to it and help keep individuals from ruining what could otherwise be an incredible, enlightening. spiritual, uplifting, positive experience for everyone in the venue, including the band.

Review written by: Lyle ( Review posted on: 11/18/02 16:55:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This concert was great!!!! It was my first concert ever and I'm really glad I got to see Tool!!! Of course the bastard with the laser pointer was a dick and probably ruined a bit of the performance for all of us. It was probably because of this person that Maynard didn't stay out with the rest of the band at the end of the concert. Everyone knows that he is a dumbass so I dont need to babble about him. I didnt really enjoy Meshuggah although they gave it their all. They just arent the band that should be touring with Tool. The venue was very small, but it worked. Tool was great and I loved the setlist. The visuals were spectacular and they played like gods. I hope they come to Houston soon so I can see them again and not have to drive to Beaumont although it was well worth it. Hopefully Houston will treat them well and not mosh like a bunch of idiots with nothing else to do with their time. Thanks Tool, you definately have one more dedicated fan!!!!!!!! SPIRAL OUT........

Review written by: Tracey ( Review posted on: 11/18/02 17:16:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I have to make a few statements to some of the reviews I've already read. First, to the review right before mine, I hope, I agree 100% with you. The fucker with the laser pointer needs his ass kicked. I drove all the way from Deer Park to see Maynard, and some asshole has to spoil it for me. I honesty believe that because of the dumb fucks at this show, Maynard did not come back out for the final bow to the crowd. If I ever see anyone disrespect TOOL or a TRUE TOOL FAN, I'm kickin' ass and taking my chances of getting tossed out of the show. Second, YOU CANNOT MOSH TO SOBER, H. or LATERALUS!!!! I went to StoneSour last night in Houston. Take your moshing asses to those kind of shows. Quit stepping on TOOL fans that know the true meaning of being at a TOOL concert. Enough bitching. The show was so AWESOME! Thank you TOOL! The first time I saw TOOL, I was standing on the side of the stage. The show was still great, but not like seeing it straight ahead. I finally got to see all the spectacular visual efffects. It was the best natural high I've ever had. STINKFIST and PARABOL/PARABOLA are my favorites. I was sweating my ass off with all the dancing and singing I did. It takes my breath away to just think about the experience I had at that show. It wasn't life changing, just climaxing. Last thing I want to say is Thanks to RMB! You made me a TOOL fan. I owe you. Just remember the promise you made. All the way to PUSHIT! Spiral Out!! T

Review written by: Filmer ( Review posted on: 11/18/02 22:00:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

I decided not to release this video only after I made my first post. I am apologizing on here because I have had many inquiries. Sorry again!

Review written by: Sigh... (.) Review posted on: 11/19/02 00:44:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I would like to express my sorrow and appologies to TooL, (not that they will ever see any of these posts) for the world and the people in it. My graditude towards those of you who know what a TooL concert is and know what those poor fellows are trying to do... to the rest... my sadness and anger to you will never end.

Review written by: Greg Lea ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 15:22:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Well its a little late for the review but I just had to post one..It was my second time to see Messhugah..and 3rd to see the almighty Tool. Messhugah was bad ass, I dont know why everyone is so narrowminded about their music..its hard,heavy and fast..Tool blew my mind as usual..Its the best I have seen them yet...The way they had extended some of thesongs..And new instrumental intros to some of them..My personal favs of the night were H.,Third eye,and Reflection..the concert was beautiful and I cant wait to see them again...I was a little pissed that i didnt get to be in the pit..I didnt know they were just handing out a limited number of wrists bands before people got in...oh well I was there thats all that matters...... >

Review written by: Lance Lyon ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 19:17:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Tool as a band was great. The show was awesome and Meshuggah was good as well. I was even in the front row and managed to get A drum stick from Meshuggah. I saw Tool back and 98 and they kicked so much more ass than now. Maynard actually looked at us. Isn't that amazing! Our Lord and Savior Maynard Christ would look at us? Now he is way too God like to make eye contact with such minions as us. What should we expect? For him to show appreciation for us spending money to see him? For him to step down from his thrown for one moment and attempt to entertain us? He is a peice of shit. He has an awesome voice but unless things change I will never want to see Tool again. If anyone was in the front right on the bar I was the guy when people yelled "MAYNARD YOU ARE A GOD" that yelled "NO YOU ARE NOT" or "THINK FOR YOURSELF ASSHOLE". Maynard is not a God. He is an elitist prick. His shit does stink. Fuck him. The rest of Tool was great. They entertained, they where greatful and they made the show worth while. For all you people who blame the guy with the laser pointer for Maynard not turning around try blaming Maynard. I agree the laser pointer was not a cool thing to do but I also know it was Maynard's choice to not turn around and he did not because he is an asshole. He didn't even come out and wave bye to everyone. I hope that he understands this shit won't last. He should stop hiding behind his shrowd of mystery and get back to connecting with his audience. Its kind of hard to do that in front of a screen with your back to the audience. It makes me wonder if he even sings live. I'm not saying he doesnt but it would be easy to lip synch not showing your mouth. Okay, I'm done ranting but I do have a question. Did Maynard at one point piss on Danny's drums? I saw him standing over there and some people I was with said he pissed on the drums. I saw Danny jump back and laugh but I never saw piss. I'm not sure. Anyway to sum it all up, nice opening band, nice band, nice setlist (missed eulogy and pushit but thats ok), but fuck Maynard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: Jewel ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 16:55:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

My friend Grant is the biggest Tool-head I know. He took me to the concert and I will never be the same person. When I saw Tool videos before I thought they were cool but nothing could prepare me for what I saw in the concert. They opened with Sober and thats when I went Tool crazy. The lights were perfect for every song and I backdrops were crazy. I had been to 311 concerts but Tool made them look like first graders. They had the whole auidence into there music. And I was expecting to get high but going sober was so much better I moshed and I even flirted with some guys just to get bracelets for Grant and Joey to get down there. I will never listen to that rap shit again. TOOL IS THE SHIT!

Review written by: GAWD!!! ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 18:52:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 5 Tool show

********IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO THOSE WHO********** WENT TO BEAUMONT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I found someones wallet outside the venue... Marcus Erin Murphree If this is you, I have your wallet and I will send it to you. I live in Dallas so I can't get it to you in Beaumont. Please email me with your correct street address on your license, i do not want to send it to the wrong person/a mean theaf... Also confirm that the address I have on your ID is the correct address. The show was incredible, inspired me to love the my fellow tool fan (even if they are a cristian like our buddy marcus) be a good citizen and help someone out who lost something. The whole show was amazing... third eye was the highest point for me since i had never seen that song live. the new version of H. was nice to see as well... saw it in 97' but they didnt extend it like at this show. Maynard wasnt very talkative, nor did he turn around much. When he did turn I saw his get a laser pointer in the eye... not very nice people... oh and what I heard him say at the begining of the show was "Blow your fucking mind" True that! RIP THE SYSTEM!!!

Review written by: Mandy ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 15:11:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Tool overall did an awesome show, including a great setlist. Meshuggah was sort of ok, the singer was pretty into it which was nice, but I didn't really like the music and I couldn't understand the singer very much (which could have something to do with acoustics). I agree that there were a lot of posers at this show; the people ranged from gothic preteens to preppy girls wearing heels on the floor, which was stupid. Also, I kept getting pushed back by huge, sweaty guys with no shirts carrying lots of beer. Another thing..why would you smoke a pack of ciggarettes when people are standing inches from your face? That sucked, but the performance was excellent, although Maynard chose to basically ignore the crowd. He has done this before, even with no laser pointers. Either way, that's no excuse. Although Maynard's voice is gorgeous and unique, there's more to a performance/show than singing. Thankfully, the show as a whole made my love Tool more and renew more interest in them. Thanks.

Review written by: Master Reviewer (PIXIE_DAWL2002@YAHOO.COM) Review posted on: 11/23/02 16:08:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 3RD Tool show


Review written by: optimistic-pessimist ( Review posted on: 11/25/02 14:57:06 ET

This was this reviewer's n/a Tool show

All I want to say is fuck the guy who posted above about filming the show. If you're planning on selling those DVD's, you make me sick. Anyone who makes money off of TOOL without TOOL's permission should suffer. On top of that you're using this great site as a vehicle for your dirty profits. Now, if you are for the FREE TRADE of bootlegs, that's a different story. Somehow, though, I'm sure your greedy ass is planning on charging $20 or more a pop...and that's simply disgusting. It's people like you that piss the band off and make it that much more difficult for those of us who ARE for the free trade of bootlegs. Anyone who buys his DVD's are just as bad. You're simply perpetuating the market for these people. Help put an end to it. Only deal with people who refuse to take advantage of the best band of our generation. I've been to 22 shows, just like that asshole. Normally, I would say he's quite a fan as there are only a few of us who have seen that many or more...but this jerk-off is no fan...not really. If he was he wouldn't be selling his recording. So again, DON'T BUY FROM THIS PIECE OF SHIT. Sorry for the rant...and thanks for listening.