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Review written by: adrock (
Review posted on: 11/19/02 01:08:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th? Tool show

First half was great, second half was slow. Seemed like the sound kept getting louder. Took a person that had never seen or really heard tool, she said the songs in the second half didn't move her that much, very twangy. adrock

Review written by: Keith Baca ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 02:54:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. Wow. This is definitely the pinnacle of all shows. Maynard was in a great mood. The band seemed to be on point. If Tool reads I want them to know how special they are to me. You have opened my third eye to see how truly amazing music can be. Manard said " Were going to have fun . . . Intelligent Fun." He also said something about this show being recorded. If anyone has any details on this please let me know. Setlist:possible order Sober Ions Grudge Stinkfist(extended) H Parabol Parabola Schism Third Eye(Timothy Leary and Bill Hicks samples) Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Tool Keep Going!!!

Review written by: Common Massman ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 02:58:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

The set list (I believe): Sober The Grudge Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola Third Eye Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus By God and all the things I don't believe in, for the first time in my life I think I was having a religious experience and Tingley Colloseum was my church. Some people had the gall to leave church before the final blessing, Lateralus. But seriously, it was truly an inspiring experience. Not too much different to report than what the other tours have said (regarding Maynards comments and so forth). I thought the videos were generally very good although some of the computer animations were too repetitive. Despite that, there is no question I was left with some fascinating images to contemplate during the performance. This is truly music for the thinking person and has the intelligence and understanding to communicate what it means to be alive and thinking for yourself.

Review written by: leroy holmes ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 03:08:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

damned good show... thought i'd post an actually accurate setlist. 1.intro 2.sober 3.the grudge 4.stinkfist 5.h 6.mantra-esque intro 7.schism 8.parabol 9.parabola 10."think for yourself/high on drugs" intro 11.third eye 12.intermission13.disposition 14.reflection 15.triad 16.lateralis

Review written by: Leila ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 03:10:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I believe the setlist went as so: Sober The Grudge Stinkfist H. Schism Third Eye Parabol Parabola -Intermission- Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Please correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe you saw me, I was the chick in the very front middle with a black V-neck shirt and spiraly cornrows.So anyways, despite the shitty ass sound quality of Tingley, my boys sounded perfect like always. I was about to flip when Maynard said they were recording that night!! So we got the best performance of the entire fucking tour!!!!! Naturally it was the most amazing experience of my life, although I can't decide if it was better this time or when I saw them in El Paso this summer. The crowd was really pissing me off though, with unnecessarily large amounts of groping to say the least. The worst is when fuckers started moshing during Reflection. What the fuck are you thinking? Ugh, you know who you are. Well, anyways, they used the same Alex Grey artwork, and pretty much the same visuals. Well if you were there then I don't have much else to say. Greatest show ever. Spiral out.

Review written by: SoLo (defblindDumb@borntofollow.?) Review posted on: 11/19/02 03:35:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Amen ... I could plaster this whole review with assloads of meaningless adjectives describing what 99% of you already know but instead I'll just fill you in on what "apparently" HASN'T been going on in the last few shows. Meshuga is good, they will be big in a METAL kind of way but they wont sell to the TOOL masses for sure and I'm sure someone other than myself can give a better explanation as to exactly why they are opening other than "he know's and likes them" or whatever so I'll just leave it at that. I can't give a correct Set-List for TOOL because I was on the floor being constantly thrashed by about 5,000 pot-heads who must have made a wrong turn at Albuquerque on their way to a SLAYER concert and decided this was as good a place as any to mosh. Granted there were'nt all that many pits but CMON !!! How the hell do you mosh to Disposition ??? The over abundance of weed also made for blurd memory and as of right now I'm not sure what was played but I'll give it my best. Hopefully someone in AlbuCracky will post a correct Set- List... Started with the Intro and then Sober, after that Marry J pretty much takes over... and the guy/girl that had their knee up my ass through most of Sober,(thanks for the intimate moment friend) made for an uncomfortable evening. Bare with me : H. Stinkfist Schism Parabol/a Third eye( I almost spirald out around this time) Calm down session(thank you TOOL) Disposition Reflection Triad( with Meshuga mates on drums and synth) Lateralis Damn I know I'm forgeting shit ... Contrary to many past reviews, Maynard was VERY croud friendly !! Faced us quiet often, stripped down from the leather suit and striped face to an all black body paint with orange(glowing) dots on the head and down the sides, bikini thing with what might have been a toob-top-like deal over over those to hold all necessities together. I TRIED to hear the speeches but had some dickwhole next to me yelling "Eulogy" and "Fuck TOOL" everytime MJK would speak. One thing I did here, and so did all the other floor freaks unfortunately, Maynard letting us know that "Oh by the way.... this is being recorded." Which in Beer-drenched, weed-filled terms seems to imply HOLY DISSORDER !! (hence the moshing during Disposition-Reflection) I'd like to think the band was warming up to a city and crowd that hadn't visited for 6+ yrs. But the obvious cameras amok kinda thwarted that idea. Can't complain. Even though it was my first show, I feel like I've been to many with all the quality reviews and shit. But now I know what it means when you all say "You haven't lived until you've seen a TOOL show !! " My life is now complete. I have payed taxes. Been to TOOL, and now I can die. Amen to that...

Review written by: Alleged Triggerman ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 06:23:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Great crowd. Security was tight. TooL breathed some life into the old barn. Must be nice to play with a Showco P.A. and a Midas desk. Visuals were a superb compliment per usual. Vance wore a "Fuck you, I'm from Texas" t-shirt thinking he was gonna end up in a fight. Instead, lovelies would walk up and talk to him. Proclaming their Texan roots. Beautiful people all around. Maynard said they were recording the show. I think he meant video. I got booted from backstage per standard backstage protocal. I ended up in the middle of the "meet and greet". Since TooL had already performed with all their might, I decided to call it a night and walked away from a chance meeting. I was tired. Setlist was... SoBeR/Grudge/Stinkfist/H./Schism/Parabol/Parabola/3rd Eye!/triple threat w/ Meshuggah/Lateralus. Of course I am a little groggy and It's all from memory. Motel Hell was docked and ready to roll. I didn't see the inside, but it looked like the rolling party...n-ts-n-ts-n-ts... Have a safe trip folks. Goodnight.

Review written by: Mikes_tool ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 09:15:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 69th Tool show

Just FUCKING awesome! The best Tool show I have seen this tour. I'll let the set list do the talking. Grudge Sober H. Jimmy Schism Prison Sex Parabol Parabola Hooker with a penis Aenima Intermission DRT Lateralus Third eye

Review written by: BaphoMatt ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 10:37:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

First, let me say that TOOL are the best rock band on the planet and have been for some time... but I've seen better shows. They could have played longer, they could have used fewer extended ambient noise interludes, and they could have NOT brought along Meshuggah (didn't we all hear and see that kinda stuff about 10 years ago?). Sorry, kids, but it's just one faithful OTG's opinion. But TOOL rocked the house. They were tight, and the sound was OK for the crappy venue they were in. They played 'Sober,' which I haven't heard them play live in awhile. AND, according to Maynard, THEY WERE TAPING THE SHOW, so looks like a live album is in the works! They were really on, which made it only sadder that they didn't play longer!! The stage was definitely the biggest set-up they've ever had. The light show and the projection screens and all the other stuff looked great. The Mask of God image behind Danny was particularly cool. They didn't do an encore, either. I guess I'm just complaining that they weren't on stage enough. Less opening act and more TOOL next time!!!

Review written by: Iced Earth ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 11:10:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

No one posted a review, doesn't surprise me. Half the people my crappy ass city are complete, TOTAL jackasses. Here's why, Meshuggah came on the damn nu-metal kiddie posers, and the poser goths in C.O.F. shirts were just standing there confused (too brutal for them I suppose) There was maybe 1 mosh pit during the whole time Meshuggah was on. Then TOOL came on and there were probably 30 or more total mosh pits during the whole damn show. You know, I wouldn't blame TOOL if they NEVER cam back here. I've come to the conclusion that Albuquerque has the highest number of Imbeciles per capita in the ENTIRE WORLD. I liked Meshuggah, I thought they were damn good, they played their best songs like New Millenium Cyanide Christ, Soul Burn, and Future Breed Machine. Then TOOL came on. Maynard came on and had orange dots all over his head, then about halfway through he stripped down to just a bikini bottom and had orange dots and triangles all over his body. I dont remember the whole set list but I know they opened with Sober, The Grudge and Stinkfist. They also played Third Eye, which was awesome. Maynard said they were recording the show. I guess that's why it went extra long:over 2 hours. Their visuals were much better then when I saw them in Fort Worth is July, but their Music wasn't quite as good. Still a mindblowing show and Meshuggah made up for crappy ass Tomahawk on the last leg of the tour

Review written by: Clown Penis ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 12:30:33 ET

This was this reviewer's last Tool show

HOLY SHIT!!! AMAZZZZING Setlist: Eulogy Useful Idiot Flood Bottom (w/ Henry Rollins) Intermission (w/ Mantra repeating) Here's where it got interesting.. they had a teletubby theme going on.. Maynard came out as the green one, Adam as the yellow one, Justin as the purple one and Danny as Blue from Blue's Clues.. dunno why Ticks & Leeches March of the Pigs (w/ Trent Reznor) VACANT (YES!! The TAPEWORM track) Intermission 2 (jimmy intro) Maynard told everybody to go to the bathroom and freshen up.. girls go in guys room, and guys go in girls room Pushit Maynard's Dick Concluded with an amazing cover of Baby Hit Me One More Time remixed with Aenema What an amazing show!!

Review written by: Lucas ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 12:44:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Meshugga was sucky as to be expected. Me and my friends decided to eat some nachos instead of listen to their hair band. After Meshugga the crowd started to gather. The show was completely sold out. Considering the fact that NM doesnt get to many big bands the crowd was wonderful. The setlist was the same as the other shows with H. and Third Eye. Maynard came out in hid black leather suit and striiped down to his speedo with his body painted black with yellow dots. The energy was awesome and TOOL did not dissapoint at all.

Review written by: Master Reviewer1 (TOOLPHX@YAHOO.COM) Review posted on: 11/19/02 12:47:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show


Review written by: wreck_baby ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 13:26:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

i thought tool rocked, but after having not been in Tingley for a LONG time, i had forgotten how crappy the acoustics are in there. Maynard's vocals were right on, but if you didn't know the songs, you weren't going to learn them last night. not tool's fault, just the arena and the sound, though i thought that at times maynard was a little low in the mix and adam might've been a little too up. maybe if i had been up farther. in short, tingley sucks, but tool did a great job. i'll let someone else post the set list, as i would probably screw up the order, but third eye was certainly a highlight. i couldn't wait for meshuggah to leave the stage. not worth seeing them ever again, IMO.

Review written by: pizzy ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 14:03:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 4rd Tool show

this concert was off the shit. maynard vocally added something it felt great hearing his shit. no aenima but the shit was there. great tool shit tonight.

Review written by: JAMES (BOBO@UNM.EDU) Review posted on: 11/19/02 14:20:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 2ND Tool show

The show was outstanding. One bit of news- James said at the beging of the show that they were taping this one. Hopefully there will be some live releases in the near future?

Review written by: Keith ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 14:51:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Setlist: Sober The Grudge Stinkfist H. Eon Blue Apocalypse (sort of) Parabol Parabola Third Eye -lots of noise Disposition Reflection Triad [w/ drummer & guitarist(?) of Meshugga] Lateralus Show was technically flawless. Adam had a synth or Roland recorded used to cue weird sounds. That's what the other guy in Meshugga used during Triad. Maynard played the tiny Steinberger guitar he posed with on GW with Billy for APC. He constantly had his back to us. I was pissed. The light rig above the band was a continuous heptacle, the seal from chapter 49 of Crowley's "Book of Lies." Maynard said they were taping the show. He did that "different kind of fun" thing. He said we'd have a dangerous kind of fun. I guess he knew that we were on an ice rink and people would rip up the floor. The visuals were stunning and the overall performance was superb. If you love a band, never see them in New Mexico. Unless you want to pay $40 to get crappy sound engineering while you have the shit beat out of you by big drunk guys.

Review written by: Slimy ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 15:27:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

No matter how hard i clap or scream, tool will never know how appreciative I am to witness thier show live. The show was excellect, the band was tight as always, never missing a beat. The setlist was awesome with a great mix of new and old material! There was a camera man on stage taping the concert and at one point Maynard pointed this out to the screaming, enthusiastic crowd. I hope they are making a tour video. That would rule. I was a little suprised though as the band tends to be so secluded, secretive. Maynard began the show wearing a full body leather suit, but at some point in the show stripped down to shorts and black body paint. He spent a majority of the show with his back to the audience. He did however "dance" and contort as is his trademark. Danny wore a Kansas basketball jersey. The other guys were dresses pretty normally which is to say not at all like their fans. I always get a kick out of seeing how far out thier fans dress compared to how down to earth the guys in tool are. All in all a great show. I was suprised at how little moshing took place. Good! I hope this is a dying trend. I hate the mosh pitting.

Review written by: Fungus ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 16:05:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 2ndf Tool show

What can I say? TOOL never fails to amaze me. Before my review, here's the setlist: intro Sober The Grudge - (ions) Stinkfist H. Schism Parabol Parabola 3rd Eye -intermission- Disposition Reflection Triad (ft. meshuggah) (long intro) Lateralus Okay, here's how it all started. I live in Las Cruces, NM, which is about 230 miles from Albuquerque. So around 2PM my 3 friends and my friend's coworker and his girlfriend all left. So that makes 6 of us...until about 1 1/2 hours into the trip, when we come across a small group of stranded TOOL fans (their car broke down)...being that I have a van that seats 7, i thought we could squeeze in 3 more in they went. More driving...boring...anyway, we get to the Tingley Coliseum, and the hitch-hikers dissappear, my friends coworker and his girlfriend dissappear, and now it's just the 4 of us. My friend Nick and I munch down on a gram or so each of some mushrooms, not thinking that it would do much, we just wanted to get into a relaxed and vunerable state of mind...the ultimate way to experience TOOL. Well, the mushrooms were a bit more potent than we thought, but that didn't ruin anything, it was still a very comfortable and warming experience. Anyway, we found our seats (general admission, but they weren't letting anymore people on the floor), chilled, and waited for Mesuggah. I love them. Have wanted to see them for a long time...unfortunately, other TOOL fans were not so on much of this tour, Mesuggah did not seem to be welcomed, and between songs people would be screaming "We want TOOL", etc...I can understand, i was anticipating TOOL as much as the next guy, but TOOL was going to play no matter what, why not relax, try and enjoy the band that TOOL has presented to us to listen, and if you absolutely can't stand them, go outside and smoke a cigarrette...but comeone, show the band some respect. Anyway, enough of that....Mesuggah kicked some serious ass, I was not dissappointed. Once they were done, the stage started getting set up for TOOL. When the intro music started playing, the place went nuts...I was having my fingers crossed for "Cold And Ugly", but was not dissappointed when i heard the familiar bass intro of "Sober"...even though they opened with it when i saw them in July. Song after song was better and better...H. was beautiful, it made my friend Sarah's night, she'd never seen TOOL before and H. is her favorite song...Parobol/a were also amazing, when i saw them last, they ommitted Parabol, which was somewhat disapointing to me, i was glad they played it this time. I forgot to mention, right after "Sober", Maynard addressed the crowd and said, "By the way, we are recording this tonight". Of course the place went nuts...I hope they release something sometime from this night, it would be an honor to have my screams as part of the thousands of others on an official TOOL recording. Anyway, during the Tim Leary vid and speach, i was praying for prayers were answered...It was absolutely one of the most memorable moments in my life...that is one of my favorite songs by TOOL period. The rest of the show was brilliant as usual. Maynard seemed very much into the show, he was gyrating and dancing in his weird ways, and seemed very much happy to be in Albuquerque. He wasn't so much into the last show I saw in El Paso, TX as I was good to see he was into it. Disposition/Reflection/Triad were all amazing as well, i love hearing those 3 songs in succession. And of course, Lateralus was amazing as well, i love that song. After Lateralus, Danny through out sticks and heads, Justin through out picks, and they all came in the center of the stage and hugged. It's great to see a band that is so closely knit. If you haven't seen TOOL, do yourself a favor, and go see them AT ALL COSTS! You won't regret it. And remember, "THINK FOR YOURSELF, AND QUESTION AUTHORITY"...that's all for me.

Review written by: The Prognar ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 17:10:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

well, I can't remember the setlist exactly, but the two songs that surprised me most were Third Eye and H. Tool also played some kind of instrumental jam before lateralus which I thought was awesome. Maynard came out and said that they were recording as well, so maybe there will be another salival-like album, or a video coming out soon, One could only hope.

Review written by: Jessica ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 17:33:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Wow, how can I start to explain how amazing last nights show was. The set looked great and the band sounded amazing. I was in aw of Danny the whole night. You sounded EXCELLENT lastnight Danny! All of you did. I loved hearing H last night, that is one of my many favoriteTool songsand hearing last night brought me to tears. Every time I go to a Tool show the band reminds me of why they are my favorite band. I love the glitter towards the end of the showit gives off such a peaceful vibe. The only complaint I have is how fucking rude everybody was this is the first show that I've gone to and wanted to beat the shit out of half the poeple in the crowd. What a bunch of assholes. Especiall y you nasty sweaty motherfuckers in the front you know who you are. The security sucked ass too, maybe Akal should hire some stong guards rather than the FAT BASTARDS they have now. I was smothered many a times by the belly of one of the beasts it was fucking horrible. A big thanks to Tool for coming out to ALbuquerque please don't make this your last time come again very very soon please! I feel like I am going through Tool withdrawl already. Maynard your voice is such a beatiful instrument I wish I could hear you sing live every day for the rest of my life. Adam and Justin you guys sounded amazing I loved being able to see you strum your bass and guitar especially during H. Danny what can I say you are a talented man just like the rest of your band mates. I hope you guys have fun and get some rest after the tour. Please dont stay away for to long. Thank you for an incredible evening! For any one who has not seen a Tool show, get off your asses now you are missing an amazing experience!

Review written by: Joe Green ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 18:44:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

The opening band(Meshuggah) was enjoyable, but I don't think most of the crowd really got into them. There didn't seem to be real energy in the crowd until the lights went down before Tool came on. I was somewhere in the middle of the floor area, not too far from the stage(my favorite place to be to see a band) and when the lights came up there were the guys. Maynard was painted black with bright dots up and down his arms and head on either side, and pretty much stayed on a platform in the middle of the stage. Adam and Justin took either side of the frount of the stage, with Danny's and his drums(highly lighted in orange) in the back right. Behind them all was a huge Alex Grey projection? of a couple faces sort of merging together. On either side of the stage, large screens playing Tool's traditional hallucinogenic array of images(sacred geometry, pieces of their videos, people underwater, odd characters with melting or expanding faces, Timothy Leary "How To Operate Your Brain" clips encouraging you to Think For Yourself and Question Authority, spinning spirals, and psychedelic melting flames). I'm never good at remembering to remember the setlist, but I can tell you that it hardly matters which songs they play because every one of their songs is magnificant(though I always enjoy a song off of Opiate). Tonight was no different, every song was executed perfectly. Throughout the show, Maynard moved very theatrically in frount of the huge Alex Grey background(which after the short intermission switched to another Grey painting of thousands of eyes in a tunnel all looking to higher realms I assume). At one point(and I don't remember which) 6? more of Grey's spiritually anotomical paintings dropped down from the rafters(heavens?), utterly surrounding the band in outerageous art and lighting. Also, somewhere in the middle of the show two huge balls of what looked like black helium balloons floated up behind the band for a while, spinning oddly in different directions(quite possibly more projections). Anyway, theres never much I can say about the music(besides it's always great), but this was the most satisfying Tool show I've seen due to their persistance on actually putting on a SHOW, not merely a concert. Just before the last song Maynard said somethings like "We hope you take something away from us with you tonight. Something like following your dreams. Following your bliss.Thinking for yourself. Questioning authority. And we hope that what you take away, you can take home and use that to do something positive." I know I appreciate that message. And I appreciate Tool not putting on a WWF kind of show. Not putting on a MTV Spring Break kind of show. I appreciate a band that dosn't insult my intelligence. If there is one band that is good for your spiritual evolution it is Tool. Thats why I listen to them. If you get the chance to catch a Tool show, don't give it a second thought. They might just change your consciousness.

Review written by: Vince Rose ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 19:24:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Moses saw a burning bush, a few hundred mexicans see the virgin marie every year....... Well, I saw TOOL god dammit. Setlist Sober The Grudge StinkFist H Schism Parabol Parabola Third Eye Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad (with Messhugga) Lateralis

Review written by: angie ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 19:43:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I'm not going to spew into what the setlist doesn't matter. Anything they play is awesome. Didn't really dig Meshuggah...the lead singer couldn't be understood, but the gutarists and drummer were badass! On their first and long awaited trip to Albuqueruqe, Maynard let us know that they were recording the look for it! The crowd was a little rough and some people really didn't belong the dumbass who kept asking which one was Maynard. All in all, a damn good drugs, sex, or alcohol combined could ever top it! Chao

Review written by: AlbuKIRKee ( Review posted on: 11/19/02 21:16:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This is this reviewers 1st show! I loved the show it was full of energy and great songs! I am not familiar with all of TOOL's songs, but that's gonna change! I felt many things while they played, surreal, sad, happy, mystified, uneasey, tense, energized. The words Mr. Keenan spoke at the end of the show did not fall on deaf ears with me. I truly feel that my life has been enhanced and changed (not positve or negative I don't believe in such things) and I will obviously take a different path than that which was "planned" for me. I can't help but feel that this has truly been a wonderful experience and if it did require a label then this was definitely a positive experience! This was by far the best show I have ever been to and I can't really compare this show it to any other TOOL shows but I know whtat I feel and TOOL, thanks a million! That is not dead which can eternal lie, and after strange eons even death may die... H.P. Lovecraft

Review written by: OLD WARNECk ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 00:52:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

show was so amazing. heard someone say that the recording was for HBO's Reverb, but i don't know.

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 01:03:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. I went into the show knowing it was going to be amazing, but i had no idea. I have loved tool since i first heard them when aenima came out. I was supposed to see them last year on sept. 11 but that got cancelled and never got made up. The wait was well worth it. Leaving the show made me relize that no concert can ever match what i just saw, well let alone anything that i ever see can live up to the show that tool put on. It wasn't a concert it was a work of art. AND THEY PLAYED THIRD EYE.

Review written by: Sumin K'adra ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 02:03:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 2 Tool show

sober, the grudge, stinkfist, H, schism, parabol/a, third eye, intermission, d/r/t, lateralus pretty damn sweet. very pronounced intro to lateralus, no new banter. they fucked up parabola, missed a beat & sounded like either justin or adam was out of tune. standard arrangement of cameras.

Review written by: matt ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 16:56:55 ET

my girlfriend, ali, and i travelled quite a distance to see tool in the "land of enchantment" and were not disappointed. we drove from where we live in chattanooga, tn to altanta, ga. then we flew to denver with a connection to albq. stayed with friends and had a great time visiting. saw some sights and met two nice, well-travelled tool fans on the tram down the mountain. more about them later. headed to the show and dealt with the poseurs, potheads, drunks, and idiots. then again, i probably appeared poseur- like in my toronto maple leafs hockey jersey. oh well. walking around the place, ali said it was nice to be totally anonymous being over 1500miles from home. and then we meet randy/wendy again. security were assholes to wendy, who was injured and was in pain. dumb bastards, they have to pat her down hard and cause her more pain, while so many other morons get in their with their weed to smoke the place out. chatted with them for a while and went out to find decent seats for tool - head on from the stage in the seats. setlists posted above in other reviews. the lights above the stage in the hectagonal shape were cool and had some neat effects during (-) ions prior to stinkfist and during disposition and reflection. and they put on an amazing show. enjoyed maynard's good mood of having "intelligent, compassionate, dangerous fun" and was a too far back to see his body paint. danny is superhuman, justin and adam are both highly talented and had ample moments to show their chops. the lighting was great, the backdrops were gorgeous and jaw-dropping (even after seeing them online on alex's website), and the visual screens evoked deep emotions. 3rd eye and h. were higlights of the 1st half and the entire 2nd half was beautiful. d/r/t/l are all amazing. great show. visually arresting, sonically enthralling, and spiritually moving. well worth the trip from tennessee to see tool and visit with friends. 'days away, i still feel you touching me, changing me' -matt and ali

Review written by: a hesher ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 17:24:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

fuck that was a cool show!! I was real dissapointed that no opiate and very little undertow was played. The crowd was pretty dumb to say the least fucking idiots moshing to the drum solo. TOOL IS NOT MOSHING MUSIC YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!!! meshuggah was decent they didn't put on a bad show just the odd time signatures and screaming vocals probably didn't impress most people. they wern't playing to their kind of crowd, cause most people were there to see tool. Maynard you were fucking awesome, and you put on a truly great show man thanks for the memories i will have for years and years. When you came last time with perfect circle you were feeling under the weather.i was kinda pissed because of the stupid crowd and i didn't get to truly enjoy one of my favorite tool songs stinkfist but over all the stage show and maynard more than made up for the idiotic crowd. Ive waited soooo long to see tool, and at last im not dissapointed. THANK YOU Maynard, Adam, Danny, and Justin-and next time pick a better band to tour with.

Review written by: dustin ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 17:29:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 000 Tool show

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Review written by: Brock ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 21:57:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Just a few things... First of all, the CORRECT setlist is as follows. Intro Sober Stinkfist Ions H Schism Parabol Parabola -Intermission- Third Eye Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus That being said, here are a few things. Maynard Quotes- "Tonight, we're going to have fun. And I want to specify what kind of fun we're going to have. Not WWF, moster trucking fun. Not MTV Spring Break featuring Limp Bizkit fun. We want intelligent fun. And so we're going to have intelligent fun." "By the way, this show is being recorded." "Our goal and purpose is that this will inspire you..." Etc. As far as the recording thing goes, I talked to one of the camera men. Tool is recording the next six shows for an upcoming live video/DVD, Albuquerque being the first. I was the guy front and center until Schism, black hair with red highlights, black shirt. Besides all these niceties, ultimately the show was amazing. No complaints.

Review written by: Brandon ( Review posted on: 11/21/02 03:30:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

It already seems like everyone else has got the set list right so i wont go into that. I must say that Meshuggah will definitely will not appeal to tool fans as it did not appeal to me at all. All it was was a bunch of unorganized screaming and power riffs that i did not enjoy. The moshing during reflection and disposition did not please me at all either...i mean how do you mosh to any of those songs???? I had the misfortune of being on the floor with some drunk retard that thought he should mosh to every song. i eventually got sick of the drunken monkey trying to mosh and headed towards the middle of the crowd where i caught the stench of the marijuana being passed around. However with all the crap that went on i must say i also know what all of you guys mean when you say you haven't lived until you have seen a tool show. I must also say that when the next tour is announced im going to denver if they dont come back here because well obviously TOOL IS THE BEST BAND AROUND

Review written by: Nihilistic ( Review posted on: 11/21/02 09:38:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Another awesome show from Tool. 3rd time I've seen them this tour, and I wish I could see them more. Im glad they decided to mix it up a bit with H, and a beautifully done Third Eye. They also had been leaving out Parabol lateley, but it was good to hear it last night. Some of the video was different then I've seen in the past, and they had some light effects during intermission to make it more interesting. Thank you Tool for rockin out for your fans once again "By the way, we're recording this"

Review written by: sheldon ( Review posted on: 11/21/02 10:59:19 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Aaahhhh! The beauty of a live show. After reading all the reviews beforehand I didn't think I would enjoy the show, but the boys in the band took that idea and set it aside right after The Grudge was played. I don't know what everyone meant, I thought Meshugga kicked ass. It seems their drummer might be getting tutored by Mr. Carey, I thought he was on it. I don't think anyone caught this, but while Meshugga was playing some dude came out and did a little guitar bit with them, I believe it was Mr. Keenan showing off his skills. Did anyone notice? This show was powerful. Took two people that had never seen TOOL before and they loved it. My Son(10), Sister Jen and it was their 3rd TOOL show and can't get enough of them. All in all thought it was a tight show, bummed they didn't play more tunes but what we got was phenomenal. The show didn't sell out so only true fans were there. Triad was killer. Hope the boys enjoyed our little corner of the world. I'm used to traveling to see my favorite band, so this was a real treat having them in our backyard. Of course the lights and the backdrops and wideos were cool. "pursue your dreams" as Maynard says. Take Care everyone, I'm Out. Searching for FMO

Review written by: patrick ( Review posted on: 11/21/02 23:12:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

well since everyone else has posted the setlist and the basic concert progression, i'm going to write my review of my entire day leading up to, during and post-concert. if you're interested in reading it, by all means continue -- if not, skip over or go somewhere else. i'm mainly writing this for those that were with me and for my own nostalic purposes. read on. the day started out like normal mondays do except for the fact that we were a few of the lucky ones with tickets to the greatest show on earth. we skipped out early from work so as to be absolutely sure to catch the opening act, so at about 2:15(ish), me, my brother and my fellow tool concerteer buddy headed out to albuquerque. since the drive is about 4 1/2 hours long, we planned ahead with the hour gain (coming from texas) to arrive in time to get some food before the show. anyhow, a few games of mario brothers and cd's later, we were in new mexico finding our way to tingley coliseum. after locating the place we headed to a ghetto-ass wendy's restaurant on central (i believe?) street. the order-taker, counter worker guy looked amazingly like chino moreno of the deftones with some bad acne. he was an ass on top of his amazing resemblance. after dinner we make our way back to the venue, but not before we put back copious amounts of makers mark whiskey (red heads do it best). wendy's in albuquerque sucks. at the arena security had put up some makeshift concrete barriers (the kind they use during highway construction work) to funnel people into a nice, manageable line. to further ease their "handy work" they were doing some crowd metering to ensure that only a handful of people got through at a time. new mexico cops and security suck. we get inside, we buy beers (albeit expensive beer) and start toward the floor/pit entrance. once there i hand the guy my ticket, he looks at me and says "you don't have access to the floor, you're up in the seats." well, much to my surprise, general admission isn't FLOOR at tingley coliseum like at most other concerts. maybe i'm mistaken but i could've sworn that's what GA meant as far as concerts were concerned. oh well -- we found some decent seats and got more beer to ease our pissed off minds. i was even more pissed because i had left my glasses in the car because i had planned on being dead center on the front rail (eye glasses and tough crowds don't mix). once again -- oh well. meshuggah came on and i immediately got over my pissy mood. to be quite honest, meshuggah was about 70% of the reason i came to the show. i'd seen tool twice before this and had really wanted to hear meshuggah live -- they didn't disappoint. i only wished they'd have played "gods of rapture" or "straws pulled at random" but they totally rocked the damn house! kinda funny but the crowd seemed to be hushed as most probably had no idea what meshuggah was all about. too bad for them. they were however a little more welcoming than i've seen for other opening acts -- including tricky and tomahawk -- both of whom were absolutely amazing openers as well. (people just couldn't get into tomahawk for some reason -- i think they don't understand the genious behind the music -- blegh). new mexico crowds suck. well so anyways, meshuggah finishes up, lights come on, we take piss breaks, we get more beers, we sit back down, we wait. ** side note -- how come it only takes one stagehand or drum tap to make everyone go nuts and think the band is actually taking the stage? ** once the lights go out it's just a huge adrenaline rush and after some cool intro riffs, the chords for sober begin and oh my god is it played totally flawless! i can't begin to explain the feelings that start flowing once maynard sings. something about when it's live he's got more power in his voice, more vulnerability at the same time, and more emotion than any one person should put forth. the subtle inflections and variants that differ from the album cuts make the song so much more personal. one word -- beautiful. every song is played by every member of the band like it's going to be the last show they ever do. danny is by far the most talented drummer on the planet. i stare in awe as he pounds away the complicated rhythms effotlessly. the skill that adam shows as he recreates every single note to a friggin' T. and justin, perfect basslines every time -- just perfect! after every song i just kept hoping that the evening would just keep going. maynard had mentioned that the show was being recorded -- i sure can't wait to see what becomes of the material. i really appreciated the fact that maynard commented on how we were going to have "intelligent fun -- not limp biskit type fun". the music absolutely demands a higher level of thinking and understanding to fully appreciate it for what they intended -- the basic understanding that we're all individuals and must treat each other as such in positive ways. (at least that's what i gather and adhere to). i can't really put into words the amazing energy that kept coming to me during the performance, all i know is that it was calm one second and the next it was running rampant. the band is absolutely the best group of musicians to ever grace a stage. for this gentlemen -- i am grateful that i've shared the moment. after the show we caught our breath, made our way outside of the arena into the cool air with a new understanding of what it means to be an individual, and started for home. with a 5 hour drive ahead of us back to our normal lives, i can honestly say that i am so appreciative of the time the band spent with us that words will never express my gratitude. for all it's worth -- thank you. push the envelope -- watch it bend

Review written by: Kwan ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 02:14:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

this was my first tool show. my 13th concert. i was fucking impressed. i was hoping for some 46&2, prison sex, aenema, hooker with a penis, and eulogy.... but other than that,...... it was the best concert i've ever been to. Their stage theatrics were awesome. the whole time i was there, i was mind blown.. Hopefully they'll come to abq. more often now. i hate it when people wear the shirt of the band playing. and i hate it when people buy shirts right before the show and put them on.... seems like they just want to blend in, and look like everyone else in the building. fuck it.

Review written by: lucky witness ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 17:42:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 11th Tool show

after the show, whilst freezing my ass off on a bench, eric asks me, "did you like the show?" they didn't miss one thing. maynard mentioned a few new key phrases during his "thank you for sharing this moment" speech I hadn't heard from him at a show before, including: "take risks", "follow your bliss" and "travel safely." (as opposed to drive home safely.) could he have known on the unconscious level I had hitchhiked from indiana to see this show? risky? perhaps. following my bliss? oh hell yeah. traveling safely? I'm alive and breathing. I thought I'd never see tool live again, yet directionless and ticketless, I witnessed two most amazing shows. thank you duane. thank you guy who let me put my bag and dog in the back of your truck. thank you albuquerque. thank you tool. "bubbles." -claire

Review written by: lucky witness ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 18:46:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 11th Tool show

the previous reviews are tired, so I couldn't bear to read them all, however I didn't see it mentioned that maynard dedicated (I believe it was, sorry if I'm wrong) stinkfist to "heather." it would be too much on my part to assume this heather fellow could be maynard's friend; the extrememly hot, well endowed international porn star that was sauntering around the stage area and tour bus. and third eye was phenomenal. bake me a pie, claire

Review written by: shorty ( Review posted on: 12/03/02 13:27:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Although tickets were expensive, the TOOL show was worth it. Messhuggah wasn't to my liking, I'd rather have heard a local band play. But there must be something special about Messhuggah if they are on Tool's venue, huh? I just don't know what it is to this day. The kids were crazy there. moshing and stuff, but why not? They've been deprived of seeing Tool for some 6+ years!! Security sucked ass as well. I had a pretty good close view of the band, right by the rails!! Some kids decided to come down and invade our space and jump the rails. Some did, and some didn't succeed, like the rude girl who was right behind me and my cousin. Very uncomfortable. Damnit we payed $80 some for that damn space! We yelled at her and threw her out of our space. I should've smacked her. Be smart and buy a floor ticket, honey. Other than that the show went on, images were like the last show, great. I got a few ideas of what to combine and paint on oil in the future. And then of course Maynard strips down to his TIGHT bikini thing to where you can see his ass crack. By the end of the show they all come together about to hug, Maynard hops down from his black box platform, and appears to me....SHORT...well shorter than his bandmates, and then they hug and Maynard motions PEACE! It would be nice if they did a couple more tracks as an ancore.

Review written by: Toni ( Review posted on: 12/03/02 14:22:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This show was all it could've ever been. From the minute they took the stage to the second they left, the crowd was mesmorized. The music was pouring out of them and filling the aditorium. Adam was sureal, danny was centered, justin was flawless, and Maynard was. . . Maynard. Moving like the music moved. when it was all over, the crowd silently exited the building. What an amazing gift they give. I will never be the same.