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Review posted on: 11/20/02 00:13:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 3.14 Tool show

setlist sweat hush part of me cold and ugly jerk-off opiate the gaping lotus experience intolerance prison sex sober bottom crawl away swamp song undertow 4 degrees flood disgustipated stinkfist eulogy h. useful idiot forty six & 2 message to harry manback hooker with a penis intermission jimmy die eier von satan pushit cesaro summability ænema (-) ions third eye third eye (live) part of me (live) pushit (live) message to harry manback II you lied (live) merkaba (live) no quarter l.a. municipal court maynard's dick the grudge eon blue apocalypse the patient mantra schism parabol parabola ticks & leeches lateralus disposition reflection triad faaip de oiad -encore- the hollow magdalena rose judith orestes 3 libras sleeping beauty thomas renholdër thinking of you breña over -second encore- spasm naked catfood velvet dougal burn signpost in the sea you lied don't make me your god peach -third encore- somewhat damaged the day the world went away the frail the wretched we're in this together the fragile just like you imagined even deeper pilgrimage no, you don't la mer the great below the way out is through into the void where is everybody? the mark has been made 10 miles high please starfuckers, inc. complication the new flesh i'm looking forward to joining you, finally the big come down underneath it all ripe (with decay) -fourth encore- beautiful day stuck in a moment you can't get out of elevation walk on kite in a little while wild honey peace on earth when i look at the world new york grace GREAT SHOW.

Review written by: Justin ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 01:20:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

....and yes another great performance by TOOL. can't wait for san diego in 2 days. :)

Review written by: FAN OF LEGITAMACIES ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 01:43:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

To the writer of the first "review" , It's a shame that even with your knowledge of greats bands like Tool, A Perfect Circle, Peach, and Nine Inch Nails, YOU ARE STILL A FREAKIN' MORON!

Review written by: Josh Homme ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 01:48:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Setlist: Hush (!!!) (-) Ions The Grudge Stinkfist (extended) 46 and 2 Parabol Parabola Eulogy (long, extended version, about the same length as Third Eye!) --Intermission-- Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus What a great fucking show. Same setlist as usual, except they played Hush and Eulogy. Hush was a total stunner, and a great way to start the show. The new version of Eulogy is AMAZING, it was about 15 minutes long with weird feedback and a spoken word monologue in the middle. Go and see these titans live, you fool!

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 02:11:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

There are some very, VERY inaccurate setlists here. Excellent show, Thirdeye was great.

Review written by: Goonbery ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 02:18:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

This show, of course, kicked ass! Here's the set list: Intro Sober The Grudge Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Stinkfist Mantra Schism Parabol Parabola Think for yourself video Third Eye Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus I had not seen Third Eye live before and it was awesome just as every other review has said. Contrary to other reviews and shows, Maynard was out in front of the crowd the entire show really performing like I have never seen. He did tell us that this show was being recorded so be on the look out for that. I was not too thrilled with Meshuggah. I guess if you like screaming to where you can't understand anything and long hair 80's headbangin metal, then they would be for you. I was happy they only played for 30 minutes. I was impressed with the drummer who joined TOOL on Triad. That was an incredible part of the show, much more than I remember from the last two I was at. Maynard began the show in the full leather outfit then came out painted either dark blue or black with reflective dots. The sound wasn't as good as the other shows, but I think that has to do with America West Arena. I took my wife for the first time and she was truly amazed and inspired. Chalk up another truly incredible show from TOOL!!!

Review written by: michelle erard ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 02:21:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

just got home from america west arena, from one hell of a show! this was super cool, because they played all the songs I didn't expect them to play. The aura was strange kinda subdued probably because of all the security. Ha haha! The words of wisdom and encouragement from maynard added hope for new things to come, then I get to the parking garage and nothing changes because those fools throwing beer bottles against the concrete walls brought me back to reality. Back to the show that makes me want to be a groupie. makes me want to quit my job and follow then around the country. Awesome!

Review written by: Grayswandir ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 02:28:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Er. The set list, I'm pretty sure, was as follows: Sober Grudge Stinkfist The Patient Schism (Intermission) Parabol and Parabola Aenima Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus This may not be all the songs they played, but they did play all of these. They did not play Eulogy or Sweat. It was an amazing show -- Maynard's voice is unbelievable, and of course the band was fantastic. I believe Maynard said the show was being recorded. Great show.

Review written by: Grayswandir ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 02:34:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Oops, I see I missed some importants stuff, such as Third Eye which was outstanding live. So ignore my previous post... See Goonbery's post above for the accurate setlist.

Review written by: N/A (none) Review posted on: 11/20/02 02:34:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Wow. Terrible setlists posted so far. I doubt mine will be any better..either way, surreal show. And a very happy birthday to Justin. Intro Sober The Grudge Ions Stinkfist Forty Six & 2 The Patient Mantra Schism Parabol Parabola Aenima Third Eye Intermission Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus ..maybe? heh. We should all feel ashamed. Lots of die-hard Tool fans right here. Third Eye was beautiful. And the guest drummer was amazing. Loved the glitter. Great show, as always.

Review written by: Dr. Bonzo ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 02:38:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 7 Tool show

Again I have been reminded of just how fortunate I am to be alive at the same time as these guys...Never less than extraordinary... The last guy has the right set list...opening with Sober and finishing with Lateralus...Third Eye was a nice treat and the overall production value of the show was outstanding...Maynard was wearing black body paint with a leather Speedo...also adorned with blotches of orange fuzzies on his head... Meshugah (Sp) was an interesting selection for an opener...not too impresive...King Crimson is my standing favorite...oh yeah...many thanks to the ladies up front who shared their bossoms with us...always appreciated... Thanks guys...spiral out...

Review written by: G.H. ((n/a)) Review posted on: 11/20/02 02:46:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

That last setlist looks pretty close, but I'm really sure I didn't hear Forty-Six & 2. I would have remembered that. Anyway, excellent show, of course.

Review written by: Dr. Bonzo ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 02:49:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 7 Tool show

Missed one key point...some of the others did say that this show was being professionaly recorded tonite...this is true...also, due to my use of nice binocualrs I spied a digital cameraman behind the drum set semicircling about the back of the keep your third eyes out for some sort of media release in the near future...maybe some sort of DVD the very least you should see a CD... Maynard has always liked recording here...not surprising...

Review written by: Cris ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 02:53:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

It has been eight years since I have seen these guys, and I was amazed, more then ever and when the first not hit I felt possessed, sounds weird there was an odd feeling in the building. I even saw my old friends that I havent seen in 2 years and I was just thinking about them a few days ago. Its time like this where I realize that some of your friends our connected to you in some way and won't let go. One of my friends even got me better seats so she is my savior. I didn't get in the pit this time because I wanted to fully experience everything I could. I watched meshuggah for about ten minutes and decided to go downstairs, hang out and wait for tool to play. They are talented but I didn't find their writing to be attached in anyway. I guess it's just an acquired taste. Well for those that plan on seeing an upcoming show, enjoy, I know you will. Peace

Review written by: Rich Corle ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 03:13:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Was everyone high or something? Can ANYONE post a setlist that they actually played? Jesus. I'll take a try at it: Sober The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist (Extended) Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Schism (Long Intro) Parabol Parabola Third Eye (With Timothy leary vid and Bill Hicks audio) - Intermission - Disposition Relflection Triad (Drum Solo) Lateralus OK, now that is the actual setlist. Tool was great as always. Third Eye was amazing as I've never heard it before. Danny was perfect, Maynard was perfect, Justin was perfect, Adam messed up a couple times but who really cares. The visuals were just as they were on the last leg. NOW FOR THE BIG NEWS: THIS SHOW WAS RECORDED!!!! AS SAID BY MAYNARD AFTER STINKFIST! I guess the rumors about a new tool release have been put to rest. Maynard was his normal funny, sarcastic self. Meshuggah was pretty decent. I'm just not into death metal but I like one of their albums (Destroy Erase Improve). Justin came out dressed up as sort of a clown honking horns and such during Meshuggah's set which was very amusing to those of us who knew who it was (I knew it was his birthday). It's obvious that most everyone doesn't even know who Justin is, even though Meshuggah said "Thank you Justin." At the end of the show Tool and it's roadies and the crew showered Justin with silly string. He was absolutely covered in it. Justin didn't seem to mind of course. Thanks Tool for giving another great performance and inspiring me to pursue my interests further. You guys kick ass!

Review written by: chronicTOOLgasmr ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 03:48:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

awesome show yet again, things happening in 3rd TOOL show they play 3rd eye! maybe i'll hear 4 degrees next time! anyways..i had a good time even though the ticketmaster nazi's took away my money and stuck me in the back, i guess best seats available means random seats available to make it look sold out, and the security were assholes, but the sound was much better than the tuscon show...Maynard's voice was fucking ears are still ringing...third eye still echoing...the crowd didn't do anything stupid from what i saw, despite some girls leaving some much needed fabric at home: A) no one wants to see your thong sticking out all the way up to your lower back B) the boys wont think youre attractive once you develope pneumonia wearing that outfit in the cold.... i have a question, what did that kid do that got chased in the mosh pit then hauled away? and thanks for the contact high, my resin faded with meshuggah's suckiness..

Review written by: Christina ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 07:20:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show


Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 07:37:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

You people have made this section of the website a joke. Why do you people find it necessary to make up fake setlists??? I still have no clue what the hell songs were played. Patient? Aenema? Eulogy? 46&2? Oh well, the shows I were at had great setlists. Fuck you if you can't keep this site viable.

Review written by: kihlig ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 08:48:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

setlist... intro sober the grudge (-) ions stinkfist eon blue apocolypse the patient schism parabol parabola leary/hicks ramblings and video third eye (intermission)everything turned blue disposition reflection triad lateralus maynard had glowing paint all over his face, arms and legs. Danny had his jersey on. Adam wore black as did Justin. Maynard made fun of Kid Rock and Limp Dickshit. Great show and I hope they come back soon. They played some new material in between songs that was real cool. Mass Sugar was a good opener. Though there is something wrong with the singer, he kept looking up with his hand outstretched... All the songs were perfect and the art in the background was amazing. Alex Grey (Gray??) is a true creator. Maynard, Danny, Justin and Adam thanks for coming to Phoenix and enjoy the rest of the tour. spiral out... kihlig

Review written by: kihlig ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 08:49:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

so so so sorry. A very very happy birthday to Justin.

Review written by: hlfbkd420 ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 10:20:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 19th Tool show

What a great show.. Very surprised that AWA could sound so good. Was also surprised that I got to see Tool play Third Eye for the 3rd night in a row.. I filmed from the upper level and the results are fantastic. DVD's will be available soon.

Review written by: Juan ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 10:52:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

NO 46&2 I sware they didn't play it!!! ..I wanted to thank the person who threw his size 12 gym shoe that came sailing out of no whare and pelted me in my sholder,..thanks!. (internal dialoge) Too many stupid people breeding. I'm allways amazied at the number of stupid uninteligent people that come out for a band like Tool, and to and yell, "Play Sober Man..." (which they did) and just want to here the "heavy" songs:( I keep telling any of my friends that don't appreciate TOOL, they trancend the style that is heavy metal, they are undefinable. The show was frickin amazing though, you have to let go of the bad and embrace the good. That drum off during Triad was frickin mind blowing!!! Danny may very well be the best drummer out their PERIOD! and the crew running up at the end to silly string Justin, for his B-day, was funny. I am conviced these guys define what it means to be a true artist. Their experiences are all unique and special. Their "Art" trancends the gonre of Music and becomes a part of a greater body of work entitled "Life". Others can only dream of being half as talented as these 4 gentlemen are. They are trully blesed with a rare insite into what it meens to live and think. BTW I have seen them 3 times since Lateralus came out and every time they close w/ none other than Lateralus. I'm conviced that that song was created for one reason, and that was to close a show. B/C it doesn't belong anyware else in the setlist except at the end PERIOD!. LETS END IT ON A HIGH and that is exactly what that song is about. -spiral out!!

Review written by: usefulid ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 11:28:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 2 Tool show

what a show! i haven't seen these guys since '97 lollapalooza. it was nice to not see maynard in drag this time. he sure is one hell of a limber son of a gun. he must be into yogacara and some other eastern meditative practices to move that way. danny is fucking amazing. his years and years of practice are obvious in seeing any one of their songs live. happy birthday justin. i'm glad i was able to be a part of it! meshugah... hm. very interesting to say the least. it was very... weird to see some of my old friends again. i guess when you don't move out of the state you went to high school in you are bound to see familiar faces. it was a pleasant surprise though, tool brought us all together again, if not for just a little while. tool played every song from lateralus besides ticks and leaches and only two from aenema and one from undertow. i wonder if they still jam to that stuff when the warm up or if they have thrown it all to the curb? thank you tool. you guys are the best.

Review written by: DS ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 12:06:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

Phoenix March 1998 Vegas August 1998 Manchester June 2001 Denver August 2001 LA August 2001 Virginia Beach September 2001 Phoenix October 2001 Tucson August 2002 Vegas August 2002 Phoenix November 2002 Those are the 10 shows I've seen. Setlist: Sober Grudge -Ions Stinkfist -Eon Blue The Patient -Schism-intro (Beautiful) Schism Parabol/a -Timothy Leary vid THIRD EYE!!!! --Intermission DRTL Incredible energy last night. We were about 12 feet from the stage near Adam. They were filming for a DVD so you could tell they were all hamming it up for the camera. Even Adam! I've never seen him so animated. Justin was really into it, and Maynard was Maynard of old. The sound and visuals were so fantastic. The band was tight. Maynard made some speach about the fun were were going to have tonight. Not the WWF wrestling fun. Not the Limp Bixquick/Kid Rock Pool party fun, but a more intelligent, think for yourself/question authority kind of fun. Sober was the best/ hardest rocking version of that song I've heard. Maynard sings "Alieeeeeeeve" in Stinkfist in a way I've never heard. The intro to Schism is so beautiful, it makes you a little teary-eyed. Parabol was beautiful. The crowd up front got out of contro during Parabola. Just a bunch of guys blowing off some steam. Then they played the most erotic/beautiful/inspirational version of Third-Eye I've ever heard. It made me think of the friends I've lost that I miss so much. I must admit it made me cry. After that I decided to join my sister, bro-in-law and other friends back near the sound-board for DRTL. I slow-danced with my sister through Disposition. That's a truly beautiful song. Reflection was amazing, and Maynard sings "Awaeeeeeee" totally different, than the record. Triad had about 13 people on stage, rocking their balls off. I've noticed that Maynard is playing more power chords on the guitar than he has in past shows on this tour. Lateralus was a great closer, as usual, but I still say they should throw in Jerk-off at the end for good measure, to send everybody on there way. The intro to Schism is amazing. Hopefully I can get some time off to go to San Diego or LA. Can't wait for the live DVD!!!

Review written by: you ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 12:30:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

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Review written by: russell chlebenski ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 12:39:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Like good wine, things get better w/time...and this wonderful artform is no different, you can read the reviews, but if your not there, using both sides of the brain...YOU DO NOT KNOW. Yes, Sober was very haunting, I was a little disapointed that they did not play 4 degrees, opiate or push it (my favorite) but...I've got the disks so...I can not wait for the DVD...they said they were recording for...i hope it's a dvd, Every time I've seen these guys I was standing up front...or there abouts, but lastnight I sat....everything around was blocked out, except the stage...It was truly a sureal setting light's sound...ahhhhh. Rock bands come and go... there are a few who live forever in our hearts, minds....( pink floyd, led zepplin, TOOL no other band in the past 10 years as had such an impact on me .all these flash in the pan groups that come out...can't hold a candle to TOOL I feel sorry for some of them..knowing there time in the spotlight is short....I will listed to this music for the rest of my life.....I'll be 80-90 years old, I will have my head phones on ...set back close my eyes and they will take me there.....

Review written by: Brian ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 12:57:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The show was fun. Not "WWF monster truck rally fun," or "Kid Rock Limp Bizkit pool party fun," but "intelligent," "dangerous" fun that would likely upset the warmongering Republicans due to the encouragement to "think for [one]self", "question authority," and "be inspired" to take something away from this "create something positive (as in something that isn't another war with Iraq, or an agency that robs US citizens of the rights to privacy)." Or, perhaps, I read too much into things. I hope Justin had a happy birthday (seeing him covered head to toe in silly string was quite a spectacle). This is really the best band out there. I mean, the music is experimentally unique and inspiring, with intricacies listeners can get lost in. The lyrics are intelligent, inspiring as well, and can be interpreted in many ways most bands' (by which I mean the bands whose songs are rotated every hour on radio) lyrics cannot (i.e. I'm an angry kid, angry at this, and angry at that). And then, they aren't the fanboy's band that has to reassure the fans every hundredth interview that it's really all about the music, because they live it and show it. Thanks to the band for a musically and visually exciting show.

Review written by: Adam ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 13:08:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. Since not one person got the setlist completely correct yet, I'm going to go on and post it. Intro> Sober The Grudge (-) Ions> Stinkfist (Extended) Eon Blue Apocalypse> The Patient Mantra> Schism Parabol> Parabola Third Eye (w/ long video intro) -Intermission- Disposition> Reflection> Drums (w/ Meshuggah's drummer)> Triad Lateralus Beautifully executed show from beginning to end. Every note played had a pupose. Whether it was to lead into a song or to lead out from another. The crowd erupted when Maynard announced that the show was being recorded. I look forward to a possible bootleg of the show or something to that effect. Meshuggah sucked balls...but Tool came out and from the very start of the show made me forget that I just sat through 30-45 minutes of pure shit. The visuals were incredible also. Perfectly in time with the music. I completely blown away by every aspect of the show.

Review written by: Damon ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 13:50:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Well, what is there really to say? Of course it was another well put together show from one of the last intelligent bands around. I came in somwhere in the middle of messhugah's set; around the time someone in the band was constantly squeaking a toy horn-confusing...I cant say that I would go and buy their cd any time soon but they were'nt all that bad at all, I don't see what the fuss is all about, but then again it is a TOOL show and 98 percent of their fans would'nt know what originality is if it hit them in the face. Sorry, it's typical and tacky but my one quick fuck you...FUCK YOU TICKETMASTER for selling tickets a day early online but not posting that in your newspaper ads. For the first time I had to see TOOL from a distance, the sound was terrible! They opened with Sober which I've seen them do recently but it was played incredibly and I was not dissapointed. They even played the patient for us which I know they have'nt been playing much, so that was nice to hear again. Third eye was absolutely incredible, I never thought I would get to see it played live but alas, it happened. You could tell that Maynard was conserving his voice on songs like reflection and the patient; but I am still happy I got to hear them. I kept hearing about how great Triad is with Thomas on the roto toms, but I was still completely stunned by the shere power that was flowing through the arena-absoulutly mesmerising. I probably should'nt have been, but I was a little surprised at the amount of booing when Maynard made fun of Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock-Like I previously stated, most of the people there were idiots. Of course Lataralus ended the expierience and everyone came out and covered Justin in silly string for his birthday. I can only hope the next wave of music isnt as bad as whats on the radio and tv now and we can evolve and continue to be creative and inspirational such as tonight show was.

Review written by: third eye ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 14:10:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This show was pretty amazing, the visuals were stunning and the background was cool. This was only my second time seeing them but i must say it was worth the 40 bucks. I dont remember the set list exactly but it went something like this: sober the grudge stinkfist eon blue apocalypse the patient parabol/parabola disposition reflection triad lateralus I beleive this is correct if anyone has the exact setlist email me, also Maynard said something like they were recording the concert, those werent the exact words or if he even said anything like that I cant remember much about last night, if anyone has any info about if there is a recording or anything like that email me. TOOL ROCKS!

Review written by: third eye ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 14:18:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

oops sorry forgot third eye but i beleive that was it and Happy bday justin, just wondering did you keep that bra that a chick threw on your bass at the end of the show?

Review written by: HR Meathead ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 14:29:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

HEY! that first review is right on the money. the played for over 4 hours, the longest TOOL show ever. Much like another band, Dream Theater, tool decided to do something special for maynard's homecoming show and justin's birthday celebration. They did indeed play four encores worth of almost their entire catalogue minus certain tracks, (mostly segues) and covered some of their favorite albums by U2, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, and Peach. The highlight had to be the Fragile set, both sides of the CD were played in their entirety for the first time ever in one evening. Something those pussies NIN could ever do. High points of that set were special guests Danny Lohner and Charlie Clouser on selected tracks especially "Complication" and "Just Like You Imagined." I can't forget Lohner guesting on "Three Libras" or Paz showing up to add violin for the APC set either. King Buzzo of the Melvins stepped in on extra guitar for most of the Peach set and as you can expect the overall result us ultra-heavy bottom end that had my ears ringing hours after that final Excederin tablet left the bottle. But this was by far the best headache I've ever experienced in my entire life and I'd do it again in a fucking heartbeat! HAIL SATAN! -dirk

Review written by: Ben ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 14:39:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

I caught a little of the first act, and the seemed pretty cool. But I was to busy sneaking friends down to the pit, with ticket stubs to pay attention. It was finally here, the moment I was waiting for, as soon as my feet touched the pit floor before TOOL even played, I was screaming YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited! It was great. So between making fun of the security guards and high five-ing people who were jumping the little 3 foot wall to get down, I found myself 20 feet from the stage waiting the opening song which I thought was going to be Cold & Ugly. Then TOOL finally came out, and opened with Sober, I’m not a big mosher, but at the end of Sober da-da da-da da-da, I had to get a little CrAzY. Then they went to The Grudge that was un-real. There’s was this guy in the pit that was FREAKING out, I’m mean this guy was shaking and everything. Personally I think the guy was Roiding, but who knows, he got kicked out for fighting during the song. Just another victim. Maynard said some really cool things. I’ve never been a big fan of “The Patient” but during that song, I totally watched Maynard the whole time, it was unreal, how much he gets into that song, he sings it with this “Strong Small Quit Voice” that’s almost hyptmatizing. And during Disposition where Maynard sings the verse “The Moon tells me a secret” everything stoped (drums, lights, bass, guitar), and it was just Maynard quietly singing in the pitch black dark. Just the thought of it puts chills on my back. And yes we got it, THIRD EYE, without a doubt, one of their greatest songs. At the end of Third Eye Maynard Sang “prying open my third eye” 3 times more then the album version. The last solo Adam pulled was sick But the highlight of the show, was Triad, one guy from the opening band came out. And can’t really explain it, he came out and was grooving with Danny, it sounded so awesome. During Lateralus, I got right up front 5 feet from the stage and watched Adam do the last solo in that song right in front of me. Maynard was on a stage that was spinning, while he was singing “Spiral Out” TOOL music, is one of the fruits of nature. The show was unbelieveable, ofcourse since I’ve seen them so many times, I noticed just a few mess ups, but hey noones perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything more then last nights show. It was one of the best, out of the 10 shows I’ve seen. THANK YOU

Review written by: Amy ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 16:06:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Once again, Tool got to me. Hearing Third Eye was GREAT! The whole feeling of the show was incredible; I’m looking forward to future shows in which I will be in attendance. TOOL- Thank you again for the amazing night and encouraging words. Until next time… Keep Well

Review written by: dustin ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 17:31:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 000 Tool show

Hey guys... post some show reviews at! We will lead you tro salvation, unlike that JESUS guy....

Review written by: DannyisGod ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 17:50:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

awesome show..... set list has already posted.. To the moron who posted the 1st fake setlist.. I hate you! Anyways, Tool fucking rocked it hard tonight. They seemed to be enjoying themselves. And.. by the way.. Danny is God :) Maynard ... you didn't insult our intelligence.. Thank YOU!! and thank you to the rest of the band for gracing us with your presence once again.. we appreciate it more than you know! if anyone wants to chat.. feel free to email me! spiral out... p.s. 3rd eye was a very nice treat!

Review written by: JM ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 18:02:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

What is wrong with some people??? You'd think that if you are not 100% positive about the setlist, you wouldn't post one at at. They ABSOLUTELY DID NOT PLAY: Aenima 46 & 2 Eulogy or anything at all from Opiate

Review written by: richard ramirez ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 18:07:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

tool, you play beautiful, beautiful music... everyone talks about third eye, it was badass... but the second song they played when they incorporated 3 seconds of eulogy, it takes true skill to do that. i will be a fan of tool forever. tool, you have truely blessed me and everyone else there. i will be anxiuosly awaiting your next show, and will be first in line to get tickets.

Review written by: MiNaRd ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 18:31:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

whaaaadup! every one who posted the set list before Rich Corle is wrong.... he posted the right one. Anyways the show was great, i cant even put it into words except for FUCKING AMAZING. third eye was sick as hell. And the show was also being recorded so hopefully TOOL will be putting out a home movie. Maynard came out in his black leather outfit with black paint and glowing orange bubbles on his skin. After they played The Grudge he was in his speedo haha. danny came is his blue jersey reading "CAREY" on the back. Justin and Adam wore black on black. Some highlights were stinkfist, third eye, and triad. Danny jamming out with the drummer from Meshugga was sick!!!! also the guitarist from Meshugga came out to work on the Virus snyth. the show was absolutly perfect and i couldnt ask for more. Im not sure if i liked this one or the Tuscon one more but im just glad i saw them both. Tool is my fucking god and are amongst the most creative, down to earth people on the planet. Their truly enlighted. Thanks to Adam Justin Danny and Maynard for inspiring me in ways theyll never know..... (cheesyness....yeaaaa) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN. Spiral IN....

Review written by: exit ( Review posted on: 11/20/02 23:42:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

Had a kick ass time. Got there a little late. But fuck it. I was on the goddamn floor. This is my ninth time seeing TOOL, and everytime they get better. I kid you fucken not. Every show that I've been to has been different. Right now I'm gonna go home and pack my bags for San Diego. I plan on seeing their next shows minus Reno. I'm really excited about seeing them in Long Beach. Fresno should be cool too. If there's anybody out there who hasn't seen TOOL yet, I suggest you see them while you got the chance. damn. damn damn damn damn damn. last night really kicked ass though. love ya Phoenix! Cool Moments: 10.) Sneaking my brother's camcorder in. 9.) Third Eye 8.) Phoenix crowd 7.) toplessness 6.) red confetti 5.) the pleasant sweet aroma of cannabis 4.) Mosh Pits 3.) Budweiser 2.) Knowing I'm gonna be at the next few shows. 1.) Getting backstage

Review written by: jeska carlson (none) Review posted on: 11/21/02 13:29:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show


Review written by: jeska carlson (none) Review posted on: 11/21/02 13:54:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show


Review written by: eddie ( Review posted on: 11/21/02 17:25:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I had to use btoh sides of my brain to take in everything that Maynard and the guy offered.....they definitely did not insult my intelligence. Kick-ass setlist, highlights were Third Eye, Reflection, The Grudge, and of course Lateralus. Maynard brought the house down during that last song....These guys are true musicians...I didn't notice them messing up at any point even though their music is so intricate and rhythmically complex...weird time signatures and shifts....hell ya! Hope to see a DVD soon.

Review written by: mike ( Review posted on: 11/21/02 18:33:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Fuck yes, Tool kicks it once again. They played almost the entire lateralus album minus ticks and leeches (which i wanted to hear). However, it still rocked, they played a different set than the last run through Phoenix last October so that was dope. the sound, the ambience, the weed, the lyrics, and everything made for an experience one can never forget. Hope, they come through again. And if any of you out there have not seen Tool, then get your asses of the couch and go see them; they are the best band in the world right now bar none, and they are only getting better. also, here is the fucking right set list below. set list sober the grudge stinkfist eon blue apocalypse the patient schism parabol parabola third eye intermission disposition reflection triad-drum solos lateralis patient, schism, and lateralis were the best songs i have ever heard live, the expanisive portrait they paint with there music is amazing. Lateralis is already one of my favorite songs, and the justice they did it as the last song in the concert was just the best musical live experience i have ever had.TOOL kicks ass, and they will forever be the best band in my eyes.

Review written by: Imodium ( Review posted on: 11/21/02 23:25:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The setlist was already posted. I won't get into that. Wonderful show. I arrived at AWA around 7:45pm. I just wandered around for a bit, as I had no interest in Messugah after hearing a little of their set. Nothing against them, though. I guess I could see people liking them. I eventually sat down and the wait began. The intro went on, which of course, seems like forever, but eventually went into "Sober". I love that song as an opener and the guitar riffs slowly played into the song until it bursts out. After "The Grudge" Maynard talked to the crowd. Saying "We're all here to have fun. Not the WWE Wrestling fun. Not the Limp Bizkit Kid Rock pool-party fun, but the intelligent, think for yourself-question authority fun. Are you ready?" and then went into "Stinkfist". The show went on with various Lateralus songs, and a very cool "Schism" intro-type jam. I remember thinking to myself, "I'd just cream my pants if I heard 'Third Eye'". Sure enough, after "Parabola", the video and audio intros came on the screen. I never thought I would hear "Third Eye" live. If I could only hear the Salival version of "Pushit" my life would be complete. Amazing live. I stood up the entire time. Intermission came, and than Tool came and played the 4 usual after-Intermission songs. I love just sitting back and letting the music carry me during "Disposition" and "Reflection". And I always love the drums during "Triad". Of course, after this, the band went into "Lateralus". Before the song, Maynard did give his postive speech. Telling us to follow our dreams, and turn this experience into something positive that will benefit everybody. After "Lateralus", the band clapped along with the audience, and threw various water bottles and what not into the crowd. Then, a group of stage crew and the band ran up to Jimmy, sprayed him with a boadload of silly string (His head was compelely covered). Maynard then walked to the mic and said "Happy birthday, Jimmy." The night ended. I definantly liked this better than the Tucson show I went to last time. A couple of things I noticed, there wasn't much moshing going on, which is a good thing. The only time I really noticed it was during "Schism". Which, you know, moshing to "Schism" lacks all logic possible. To the person above who thought the MTV-Radio crowd was booing against Maynard when he mentioned Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock, the crowd was booing for Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock. It was pretty easy to tell, as Maynard didn't even really make fun of them. Plus, amongst the boos, people screamed "Limp Bizkit sucks!". And to everyone who posts fake setlists: You are a waste of time to those who actually want to read reviews of these shows. Bother an Avril Lavigne message board or something, since you obviously have too much free time, not a place for thoughts on a concert. Awesome show,

Review written by: Cheezmonky X (Not telling.) Review posted on: 11/22/02 18:57:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Amazing. Best concert I've ever been to. Every time Tool comes around, I'm going to be there. You people and your fake setlists. The order may be off a bit (mainly during the beginning, I only know they opened with "Sober"), but these are the songs they played. No Hush, no Ænima, no Eulogy. Sober (Which greatly pleased the guy sitting next to me) The Grudge Stinkfist Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Schism Parabol Parabola Third Eye Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus The entire show was amazing, and if I had to pick a favorite part I would have to choose "Lateralus". The intermission between "Third Eye" and "Disposition" was too damn long - that's my only complaint.

Review written by: Christopher H. ( Review posted on: 11/24/02 00:48:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The minds and music of Tool are a privilege. Earn it.

Review written by: Jess ( Review posted on: 11/24/02 00:57:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Tool has just proven once again their the best fucking band in the world! This show blew me away! My mouth just dropped when they came on and I heard those drums and Maynard's vioce!! I was also so excited to hear something different live from them, THIRD EYE! SO AWESOME! If anyone has not seen Tool live yet then GET ON IT; they put on the best show Ive ever seen! And if you missed it, look out, it was recorded! I cannot wait for my fourth show! ~Spiral Out!

Review written by: Bryan Meason ( Review posted on: 11/25/02 01:17:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Wow. Another perfect show from TOOL in the land of Arizona! Last time around (phoenix, not tucson's show) we got the gilbert h.s. drumline, now this time around we got Justin's birthday and some recording for the live DVD. I have seen TOOL four times on their tour(s) following the lateralus release and it just keeps getting better and better. Maynard just does his job perfectly, moving, and binding with the music like no other singer/songwriter has before. TOOL is by far our generation's pink floyd. No focus on the band, just listen to the music and let the scenes and lights take you away! Once again, some very thoughtful snippets of talk from maynard.... "This won't be Korn, this won't be limp bizkit, or a kid rock pool party concert... we wouldn't want to insult your intelligence like that" Amen. Awesome show, best live band around nowadays, a must see for anyone.

Review written by: Preacher ( Review posted on: 11/25/02 13:49:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

This show was the perfect way to end my last 2 year indulgence of TOOL. Seen them 5 times in the last 15 months and every show was its own incredible experience. This band is quite a godly foursom. Nothing quite like it in the world. So gentlemen, enjoy your time off and thank you for existing =) P.S.- Third Eye and Triad were my personal favs at this show. They hit those songs with amazing intensity. -Spiral Out

Review written by: Preacher ( Review posted on: 11/25/02 13:49:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

This show was the perfect way to end my last 2 year indulgence of TOOL. Seen them 5 times in the last 15 months and every show was its own incredible experience. This band is quite a godly foursom. Nothing quite like it in the world. So gentlemen, enjoy your time off and thank you for existing =) P.S.- Third Eye and Triad were my personal favs at this show. They hit those songs with amazing intensity. -Spiral Out

Review written by: optimistic-pessimist ( Review posted on: 11/25/02 14:44:31 ET

This was this reviewer's n/a Tool show

All I want to say is fuck the guy who posted above about filming the show. If you're planning on selling those DVD's, you make me sick. Anyone who makes money off of TOOL without TOOL's permission should suffer. On top of that you're using this great site as a vehicle for your dirty profits. Now, if you are for the FREE TRADE of bootlegs, that's a different story. Somehow, though, I'm sure your greedy ass is planning on charging $20 or more a pop...and that's simply disgusting. It's people like you that piss the band off and make it that much more difficult for those of us who ARE for the free trade of bootlegs. Anyone who buys his DVD's are just as bad. You're simply perpetuating the market for these people. Help put an end to it. Only deal with people who refuse to take advantage of the best band of our generation. I've been to 22 shows, just like that asshole. Normally, I would say he's quite a fan as there are only a few of us who have seen that many or more...but this jerk-off is no fan...not really. If he was he wouldn't be selling his recording. So again, DON'T BUY FROM THIS PIECE OF SHIT. Sorry for the rant...and thanks for listening.