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Review written by: j.m.w. (not needed)
Review posted on: 11/21/02 23:51:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

i would just like to actually be the first person to review this concert. i am at san diego state right now in the internet lounge. the show is going on as i write this and i don't have a ticket but i would just like to mention that i listened for a few songs as one of the dumbasses outside the gates of heaven and you know what, it is wonderful.

Review written by: hubbell ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 02:17:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

no third eye. disappointing show.

Review written by: Kyle ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 02:29:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

correct set list is as follows, different than what i had expected, the surprise was welcome Cold and Ugly (o god yes) Ions The Grudge 46 and 2 StinkFist (extended, dop as fuck) Eon Blue Apocolypse (or close to it little guitar thingy by adam) Schism Parabol Bparabola (extended ending, dope as fuck) Timothy Leary thing, question authority stuff OPIATE!!! maynard mensions something about show being recorded AENIMA!!!!(this is not a lie, i was sooo expecting third eye) intermision d/r/t (mayanrd on guitar for disposition and triad he was on a bass. i think.) LAteralus. awesome show, i was pissed when they didn't play H (not that 46 and 2 isn't good i just wanted to see H) then i was sorta mad when they were playing opiate and not third eye, but oh my god aenima made up for it. they've played aenima at every show i've seen and its always amazing. maynard started out in a black leather and wierd shit on his head, then took leather off after the grudge or so and was black with orange/red dots. great new vids. San Diego people FUCKING SUCK. the people were cheering at the end of the songs (which sometimes seemed like they didn't even know) but weren't into the songs, i was going nuts in the isles dancing but i was alone. fucking shit heads.

Review written by: kyle ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 02:48:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

sorry my set list is a litte fucked up, switch stinkfist and 46 and 2 around. also, more on the show, some people around me seem to not like how maynard was so dark and withdrawn, someimtes leaving the stage during parts without vocals. fuck you i say, its not about him you stupid pricks, its about the music and thought. this is thought prevoking music, not stupid crap where you can check out your glorious heroes you don't even know. maynard said a rather humerous speach after the grudge, talking about the concert isn't going to be "like limp biz-shit" i laughed and screamed. hell yeah. o the opening band, meshuggah, licked balls. i was looking forward to themm, too bad they were shit. i tried to like them but they were brainless head banging crap hole music with talentless guitarists. such boring music. though the crowd liked them after a few songs. i'm going to see tool this sunday, i hope its got a better crowd in long beach because popele in San Diego were low on energy, and i think most of them didn't know what most the songs were. i remember going nuts during the little static type opening to stinkfist because i knew what was coming and screamed "hell yeah sitnkfsit!!!" and poeple looked at me so confused, but right when the song busted out they finally knew. idiots.

Review written by: Tom ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 03:15:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

omg omg omg, it was just awesome, not to mention them playing 46 and 2 ...nothing i can remember from undertow ... ???? still the best!!

Review written by: thankful (gesr@rltk) Review posted on: 11/22/02 04:32:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

well whomever thought that the crowd was low on energy was probably not where i was standing. the front half of the floor was plenty charged. sometimes to the point of potential danger. i have seen tool from seats and the floor before and i have to say that tonight's GA crowd in san diego was one of the most exiting and involved to date. hyper when the music rocked, and mesmorized when it , well, when it was mesmorizing. i felt a little teased when tim leary's words led into opiate, but can i really complain? meshuggah, well, not my thing at all. but then again neither was tomahawk or tricky. talented though. i thoroughly enjoyed tonight's take on triad with the swede on aux. percussion. actually the disposition/reflection/triad trilogy was better than i have ever heard before. tool, you just keep on amazing me. thank you again.

Review written by: davey ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 04:54:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

tool show #3 is in the books. it was simply amazing, the best one i have ever seen, the best concert i have ever seen. where to start? i think cox arena is a great venue, good atmosphere and not too crowded. Meshugga was not too good, but it makes tool seem that much better. cold&ugly is a great opening song. then they went right into grudge, that song live is fucking amazing, 30 second scream seemed effortless for god.... i mean maynard. highlightes have to be 46&2... surprise opiate... surprise aenima, holy shit it was perfect. maynard also had a crazy speech which included him talking about how lame wwf on mtv is, how they are surely not limp dick or some funny name for kid rock, i cant remember right now, im fucking so tired. i dont want to forget though that triad into lateralis is simply amazing. ok enoght out of me. spiral out.... keep going

Review written by: Steve Beecham ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 05:00:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Fucking awesome show; didn't get to hear The Patient or Sober, but I saw that last year so I ain't bitching. The band seems really tired, I think they need some time off the road. There were some errors and such during 46&2, but all in all it really rocked my ass off. Setlist: Cold And Ugly The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist (extended) Eon Blue Apocalypse (not quite, though - more like a jam) Schism Parabol Parabola Opiate Aenema ---Short Intermission--- Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Opiate was a major surprise. They started with the 2 minute "Think for yourelf, question authority" video, and I figured they were going to do 'Third Eye', ala the other sets, but then played Opiate. Really awesome version of the song. Also, Right before Aenema, Maynard said "By the way... we're recording tonight." Then 10 seconds later he started the breathing into to 'aenema'. Based on their other set lists, I didn't think I'd get to hear that, and I was quite happy. I still wish I could get to hear Eulogy live. That or Hooker With A Penis. Hell, maybe even Pushit. Eh. There's plenty more shows to see, I suppose. Best thing about any Tool show, though? The Visuals. They should make a DVD of JUST the visuals and the music. TOTAL mindfuck. I'd pay for it. I'm not even a drug head and I thought I was trippin' half of the time. GO SEE TOOL LIVE.

Review written by: Steve Beecham ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 05:03:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

SHIT, I completely forgot about 46 & 2. THE REAL SETLIST: (sorry) --------------------- Cold And Ugly The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist (extended) 46 & 2 Eon Blue Apocalypse (not quite, though - more like a jam) Schism Parabol Parabola Opiate Aenema ---Short Intermission--- Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus

Review written by: MJKTool (Cox Arena@San Review posted on: 11/22/02 05:29:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 6 Tool show

Fucking awesome concert, it truely is a treat to see TOOL on the floor!! Cold & Ugly The Grudge Stinkfist (extended version) 46&2 Schism (extended version) Parabol Parabola Opiate Aenema ------------------ Disposition Reflection Triad (FUCKING AWESOME) Lateralus

Review written by: AP lover ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 05:37:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 4 Tool show

It was prety cool.. saw some pretty nice AP's in the crowd. Tool were magnificently powerful as always and it was really cool to see them from the 1st. row; you can really see the communication during the concert. I hope people in the first few rows would stop screaming stupid shit like "STINKFIST !!!!!" After they had already played it... or maybe "TOOL FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!" In the middle of a real emotional part of Disposition... they should all be dragged out to the streets and shot. Too bad they didn't play third eye.. I guess many people are not going to be able to SEE THEM PLAY IT IN L.A. LIKE I AM ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! I hear the AP is pretty good over there......

Review written by: Vern ( This is not fake) Review posted on: 11/22/02 05:53:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

OK. I was dissapointed that I didn't hear Third Eye. When the Leary shit came on, I thought I was set, but no. Maynard's "We both want to RAPE YOU!" scream in Opiate made up for it though. Just like Tool to say, "Fuck you, we'll play what we want but it's going to kick ass anyway, you fuckers." There was a nice AP that let me and my friend APlover and another friend "the Red Baronness" further toward the front (1st row). They get to see them in LA, fuckers!! I want to kill them!

Review written by: Jonathan Ergueta ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 08:48:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 3 Tool show

L.A baby!!!!!!!!!!! TooL is coming to Long Beach, and I just can't wait, the hear Third eye, cause I know for a fact that they will play it. p.s ORANGE COUNTY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (except TUSTIN) (o)(o)

Review written by: David Mannion ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 08:53:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Great show!!! B+ sound there was some dumb fucks whipping out there joints cause they cant just enjoy the fucking music. also the reason why maynards said "bye the way we are recording" is because they recorded that show for there live cd thats supposed to be released. I found that info out before the concert. you can also tell that maynard was trying harder than normal on the vocals o make it sound good for the recordings. anways it was awsome as normal and they should come again soon thats for damn sure.

Review written by: shutupyouwhinybitches ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 09:19:51 ET

This was this reviewer's n/a Tool show


Review written by: elation ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 09:46:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 16 Tool show

all I have to say is TOOL... there aren't many bands or musicians than can touch the beauty and purity of a live TOOL show... emotions run high and your mind peaked to think, way beyond the fact your standing in a room with thousands of people, but more that you've opened yourself fully to the four entities on stage to take you on a journey within your mind... interpretations through sounds and visuals that almost leap from the speakers and screens forcing food through your ears into your consciousness... you can walk away from a tool show and carry that feeling with you for days... you can always remember how a particular show made you feel... and the days following when you put one of the disks in your cd player and listen again, the feeling creeps back... it's almost like a good movie that has you thinking about it for days after... touches something inside and you can't help to embrace that... almost makes you wonder how bands like "godsmack" and "limpdick" can actually play venues bigger than a hole in the wall bar... I know there are many avid tool fans in these crowds going way back to the first album, but I also know that some of the crowd walk into these shows apathetic to the power of it... being a part of it only because they know the "radio" songs... which is fine, there's nothing wrong with that... having seen the band myself 16 times over the years somehow I always end up next to a first time fan, and the same words "this is the best show I have ever seen" spills from their lips... sometimes I have to stop and ask myself "how are they this good?"... truly a fascinating experience... but also, a big part of the show is the opening band... whether it be fantomas, tomahawk, the melvins, and yes even meshuggah... for the ones yelling "get off the stage, you suck"... ever stop to think, hhmmm wonder why this band is opening??... let's see, oh that's right, it would be tool who invited this band along on the tour not because they suck, but because they obviously admire and appreciated this bands music and artistry... watching mike patton up there playing with fantomas and tomahawk, and then hearing some asshole say he sucks... first of all, mr patton has more talent and creative energy in his fingernail than most people have in their entire body... why not check into all the projects that man has created... than come back and say that he sucks... if your at a tool show, then you obviously has some sort of recognition of what good music is... don't be a dick and hate something just because you don't know it... that's just narrow minded... same goes for the mevlins... buy a cd, listen to the cd... then talk... and finally meshuggah... before jumping to conclusions because of a band with long head banging hair and the pure metal you hear blazing from the speakers... your a music fan, listen to it... isn't that what music is supposed to provoke, listening... meshuggah is quite a talented band... the timing and the off, somewhat awkward beats this band supports are extremely hard, and song structures that take talent to play live... don't you realize with all these opening bands, tool is trying to introduce you to something better than the shit that's played repeatedly on the radio... there's so much crap out there for music, although each of us is entitled to choose what we fill our ears with... it's the ones who close their ears to music they have never heard before, music that's not "catchy", or not played 100 times a day on the radio... some people are okay with that shit... and buy those records when these bands will be gone in the next couple of years... again that's of your own volition... there is so much good music out there that doesn't need the radio, or magazine covers to be amazing... music can do great things for you... open your mind to something you haven't heard before, something your not familiar with... see where it takes you... and if that's a little too much for yourself to handle... than all I ask is, don't be a dick at the show screaming "you suck, get off the stage"... when they are other fans in the audience, one probably standing next to you trying to enjoy the show... but has to listen to your narrow minded opinion... just relax, no they're not going to walk off the stage on account of your insults, and yes tool will be out soon... have a little respect for the fellow fans around you to make the show the amazing journey it's meant to be...

Review written by: pillz ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 10:01:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

this was the single greatest night of my entire life. nothing compares to watching this band live. too bad half the fucking people there didnt know what was going on. there was also this really annoying drunken jackass sitting near my and my friend who would not shut the fuck up. finally he got shut up by security. overall, the band played excellent, and the crowd totally fucked up. thanks san diego.. what up jeremy.. wish you coulda been there with me

Review written by: you (you Review posted on: 11/22/02 10:08:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

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Review written by: mike ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 11:52:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

First show in about 3-4 years, excellent transformation. Set list rocked, music quality was great, ambiance (minus dope smokers) was great (hehe) "f*ck all you junkies and f*ck your short memories" - Timeless. That new vid (I'd never seen it before), when they threw up the balloon props, was unbelievable - that NEEDS to be on DVD - holy shit! Favorite song I have to say was Lateralus - that was just friggin intense. Oh yeah, also appreciated the kick back to Opiate days, found it interesting 1/2 the crowd fully shut up for that song (they'd never heard it before). OGT, right? lol If I can score tix to LB, I'm there.

Review written by: Mildew Jones ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 12:25:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Damn..just fuckingincredible. I'll take this stuff in order. Meshuggah: crazyheavy, incredibly tight band. Singing is not my flavor, but the music was quite intense. Did I mention that they were tight?Yup, like a cat's butt . "On the Soapbox": kids, back in the day, a gent named Bill Graham basically invented the modern day rock concert (SF Bay area). Bill made it a point to book diverse bands:THIS IS FOR YOUR BENEFIT. Hendrix with Albert King (blues), Steve Miller Band with Miles Davis (jazz), Jethro Tull with Rahsaan Roland Kirk (jazz), Ten Years After with Buddy Rich (big band jazz). Again...THIS IS FOR YOUR BENEFIT. Do you eat the same thing for your meals every day? I thought not...growth involves exposure to new things. Knowledge, music, food, art, etc. Exposure to new sounds, tastes, information, experiences, enrich your life and increase your palette of options to apply to your day to day existence. Give something different a chance...listen with a child-like innocence. You may take away something important... Meshuggah may not be equal to the diversity that I listed above, but Tool does pretty much EVERYTHING for a reason, IMHO, and really people, it's heavy rock Tool. "Off the Soapbox". Tool Set, hopefully in correct order: Cold & Ugly- cool, saw them do this @ the Palladium show a coupla years ago. They have made it even more dynamic & stylized than that time. The subtle changes to arrangements is one of the many beautiful things about Tool. I'm a musician (bass), and appreciate their efforts greatly in this aspect. The Grudge Stinkfist- no Suspicious Minds/White Lines... 46&2- Cool intro segueing into Justins riff... Danny's solo section...whew! adding licks, augmenting the arranged fills. Danny, you are a beautiful thing, baby! Schism- GREAT INTRO! Adam using a pattern similar to Justins intro riff to the tune...they trade patterns, harmonizing, playing off each other. Middle section: again, extended and setting mood like no others. Parabol/a- Geez...the transition to Parabola, just CRUSHING! The outro was extended for quite some time, as the flaming eye infiltrated the body...Danny rolling about his kit. Just fucking CRUSHING!!! Opiate- I wanted 3rd Eye so bad...the Leary vid, w/ Adam & Justin soundscaping like the Salival intro to 3rd Eye...where are they going?!?! Harmonics to Opiate...ok, I'll take that;) Did Maynard say" we both want to waste you", at the end? Aenema-Crowd sounded FUCKING loud during the "circus sideshow of freaks" lines...sounded like a damn choir. Good job, people! Intermission- love the headvid! Low frequency vibration just PUMMELING our bodies! Again, Tool does things for a reason...more on that later. D/R/T-Stunning trio of music...Triad was transcendent...a stage full of people grooving, rocking...the spiral of eyes mesmerizing me... Lateralus- Maynard thanks us, the "positivity" speech. Cool intro to this as, these boys have been doing their homework! Come to a dead stop after Adams power chords following the build up section in the middle. YEAH...!! The disco ball light effects most cool. Hey guys, try it with lasers: Blue Oyster Cult did that to great effect. Hundreds of little shafts bouncing off the crowd, probably searing retinas by the hundreds. Gee, maybe THAT'S why I haven't seen that in 2.5 decades...Maynard practically bent over backwards during the beginning of his spinning part. What a bad-ass... The hug, the dispensing of used product, the bathing in the adolation & love and respect of their fans... I walk out with my friend (Toolvirgin), he's just flabbergasted by what he just experienced. I feel drained/ecstatic/pleasured in the deepest way. OBSERVATIONS/OPINION: I think Tool is attempting to communicate something to us here. Many displays of eyes...we are being watched. Numerous alien-esque faces/heads/bodies...who is watching us? The intermission face...peel away the flesh, the head bobs up & down, alternating from a human-type skull to an elongated alien- type head..."reminding me that I am not alone"... Meteors showering down..."Time to bring it down again". If you follow any of the paths that Tool lay down for us in your reading, you will be taken to controversial subjects that reflect very much what our friends are telling us...change is afoot. Cacye predictions, non-natural formations discovered off the coast of Cuba under water, magnetic pole shifts, 2012 Mayan calendar you believe? Hendrix told us 1983...I think he was just a little off, but on the right track. On a lighter note, guys, just an incredible SHOW. Yes, it's a produced SHOW. A myriad of visual options, carefully synched with the music. Intermission low end vibrations: I think this is there to stimulate and ROCK your body...a big reason why you feel so drained and satisfied after the show. The fans upset with the lack of variation to the SHOW...this is a very structured production that they are giving us. It just isn't a bunch of guys jamming on I-IV-V blues progressions, it's a message that's being presented to you. Take it or leave it, but DON'T bite the hand that gives to you in spades... Thought there was a screen behind Maynard...not tonight. The images were projected onto his platform...and I swear he dances around the shifting, moving images, amusing & entertaining himself. Tool...thank you from the very depths of my heart & soul for doing what you do. You enrich my life to such depths, bringing joy within this ocean of chaos. Looking forward to your live DVD. Now go finish your tour and take a break! You certainly deserve it. Peace,Love, Bobby Sherman... PS...who came out and played that skronky solo during Meshuggah's set?

Review written by: Eyenovation ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 13:10:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Won't bother on the set list. A fantastic show. Things you will be interested in: Maynardisms: San Diego? *cheer* are you sure? *louder cheer* - do you want to have some fun? The type of 'think for yourself, question authority type fun' ? We won't insult your intelligence by assuming you like the WWF, Limp Dickshit, or Kid Rock... Later - We're recording. We felt it was good to have something on tape..... in case, uh... something weird should happen.. (start Aenema song) Later - Thank you sharing this moment.. Do something positive.. Creative.. good for, etc. - End: Happy Birthday to -- ?? Someone a. They were filming again - but I am not holding out for an entire DVD - at least not from this show. They only seemed to have one camera. Perhaps they were just getting alternate views - or are assembling a highlights DVD ? b. Has anyone ever noticed that the lighting rig FAR above the stage is in the shape of a heptagram (a seven pointed star) ? c. They had different accents on the music, including new intros for Schism, a better ending to Parabola and a few new pauses and tweaks to the notes. d. Tool was on form tonight. It was evident they were playing more so than their usual 10/10ths to really get a good recording. MJK was painted black - with dots down the sides of his face which appeared almost like an open zipper to his brain. Danny in a KANSAS jersey - Adam and Justin in usual garb. Crowd was good. Sound was good, but a little drowned out in the beginning. Overall a great show. Anyone record it? Email me - Let's trade for something.

Review written by: Josh H. ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 13:18:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

I just wanted to add my 2 cents. Fuck all of you that dont like the setlist. I was looking forward to seeing Third Eye played live, but when I heard the first 2 notes of Opiate played after the Timothy Leary video, I went nuts. I have been waiting to hear Opiate live since I started going to Tool shows. and it was more than I could have ever imagined it could be :) Thank you Justin, Danny, Adam, and Maynard for once again taking my breath away and changing my life.

Review written by: exit ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 13:49:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

Here's my setlist... Cold and Ugly That's it... I got kicked out after that... That's alright... I'll be there tonight too... See ya there... Also, a piece of advice to people who have never seen a show at the Cox Arena. Park to the south of the arena. Don't park downhill. It's a goddamn mountain!

Review written by: nashi2u ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 13:49:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

ok setlist was already posted... i have to say to thoes who think the crowed fucked the show up..... i was in section C and almost EVERY song i could hear EVERYONE arround me and everyone in the sections surrounding mine singing along.... i mean louder than maynard... it was awesome i dont know how anyone would think otherwise..... as for the no third eye, i was disapointed but we DID get aenema and opiate wich in my opinion was better than third eye..... and one last note... that was the best rendition of triad i have ever seen........ Tool is the best live and the crowed was definatly singing along and enjoying the show... so who ever complained about the show.... im sorry ur ignorance impared ur senses.. maybe the weed made u think that no one was into the show.... thnx and i hope to see tool again sooner than later

Review written by: the grey ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 14:59:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

the show-this was the third show ive seen live, all three being on different tours. I cant figure it out... how do they keep getting better? the showmanship- better than any band of all time in my opinion. look at it this way, there is no other band from anytime time that i would want to see more. the sound- suffice to say, there was a point during lateralus when there was an unexpected pause. it was so well timed i thought for a split second there had been a power outage. the setlist- for me all i wanted to hear was 46 and two, which i have recently decided is my favorite tool song of all time. the energy of this song surpasses all words. i thought it was funny they faked third eye and played opiate. aenima!! i couldnt believe i was hearing this. it seemed like every song was extended in some way, and i like how all the songs seem to morph a little bit from show to show. the summary- on the way home my friends and i decided for certain that it is impossible to make a better show than this given the amount of time. the only way to get better is just to play more. until we meet again... s p i r a l o u t k e e p g o i n g !

Review written by: dustin ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 15:01:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 0000 Tool show

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Review written by: John cortez ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 15:02:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

well, this was my very first concert i'v ever been to. The show was absolutly amazing. Tool is F***en GOD. the best song that they perform was anema!! they got down! when they performed that song. people were really happy when they performed opiate everybody was pretty shock when they started playing it because they hardly dont even play that song anymore.The opening band mushuggah, was pretty good the vocalest rocked!!!!!!!!!! Me and my friends drove 2 hours to get their but OVERALL THE SHOW WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! AND IM LOOKING FOWARD TO THE NEXT TOOL CONCERT. MANYARD IS GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR ANYBODY WHO HASN'T SEEN TOOL PLAY LIVE YET TRUST ME!! YOUR EYES WILL BE AMAZED ON WHAT THEY WILL SEE!!!!!!!!!! THINK FOR YOUR SELF QUESTION ATHORITY

Review written by: royee ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 15:46:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I would like to start out by saying, that never in my life has anything lived up to expectations like this event. For months me and my closest friends have been waiting patiently and preparing for this experiance. And I'm delighted to say that I was not nearly prepared enough. But honostly, how can you be ready for these guys. You can look at setlists for their previous shows all day long, but when you're actually in that arena you don't know what is going to happen. This concert was full of pleasant surprises, with outstanding introductions and a clever turn of events concerning third eye. And the best part about it is that I get to see them again in long beach! So here's the setlist. cold and ugly-so happy about that! grudge stinkfist extended-like LOTR you watch the old one anymore! 46 and 2-what a performance! schism-long intro parobol/a-wow! opiate-pleasantly fooled by think for yourself speech aenima-heavenly disposition reflection triad-unbelievable drum solo w/meshuga lateralus-spiral out

Review written by: onlythereforthemusic ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 16:10:39 ET

This was this reviewer's so? Tool show

Who gives a shit about the fuckin' crowd!!! I'm there to see TOOL, not to see if people around me are rockin' or not!! This is for CONCERT reviews not AUDIENCE reviews!! By the way, Tool was awesome, not matter what song they played. Meshuggah also rocked.

Review written by: Mastermind ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 16:57:19 ET

This was this reviewer's ??? Tool show

It was a sublimely spiritual experience. This show was a baptism of ascending awareness. The art they display is based purely on Symbols of Mathematics and Color vibrations. Objectively these two perspectives on reality are as selfless as we can perceive. In fairness to the authority following, question-less Neanderthal it takes some background in the Ancient schools of thought to really intuit what Tool is trying to reveal. Specifically I loved the ascension of color vibrations and sound vibrations to the set list. Everything seemed to fit perfectly in itās own reason. Three new images stuck out in my mind. The new image during 46&2 that illuminated me was the silver looking human floating in the sky, and his/her stomach area (anxiety zone) bulged out and he looked down at it, then floated up to the sky, stomach first. The other image was of the Astronomical picture of rocks orbiting the sun in space during Aenema. There was a fizzling in and phasing out picture of a human waving its arms melodically while the song was contemplating the end of mankind. "Some say the end is near." Almost conveying that man has about sucked the life dry and overstayed his time here, and the earth will move on "back the way it ought to be." I found it curious how the image of the person was between the third and fourth rock of the solar system. The same as how the silver personās stomach area was between the third and fourth energy points of the Chakra system. The last image that stood out was of the Flower of Life and how it evolved geometrically from birthing creatures like a preying-mantas to more complex organisms. This is definitely not a Kid Rock show. Although I happened to see much of the "MTV Generation" at the show. They were just ecstatic to be surrounded by loud music and groups of impulsive people, which gave them the opportunity to be storm against their inhibitions like people can when they get together in mass. Itās only that some of these people just donāt get it. Oh well. Maynard must be taking some yoga classes to hold the back bridge while the platform spun below him. From MJās moon walk to Maynard Jās

Review written by: L¾cam ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 17:44:58 ET

Groovy stuff, see ya'll in LA.

Review written by: Cheech Marin ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 18:17:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

the show at the coxsuckers arena went off without a hitch. one thing's for sure, I know the setlist for the next 3 nights and they were recording all of the audio & video for a live package due sometime next year. of course knowing tool it could well until 2005 before its actually released. anyway the first night set's unique tracks were: cold & fugly, 46+bread, opiate & aenema in one night! Fresno will get the cold & fugly opener, H, opiate & third eye. Reno: sober, H, the patient & third dye. Finally, Long Beach: sober, commando, the patient & aenema. good night!

Review written by: Robert Lepe ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 19:15:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Last night's show in San Diego was a moment of virtue. I had side-stage seats and witnessed Maynard's enigmatic presence, Danny's bad-ass precussion techniques, Justin's bass desires, and Adam's shy-like riffs. This had to be the most "personal" Tool show that I have ever seen. The guys had plenty of energy and positive vibes at the show. Anyhow, Tool started their set with Cold and Ugly, then the Cannibus sativa kicked in and I got lost in a world of harmonic-dissonace. The setlist included stinkfist, fourty six and two, aenima, opiate, the grudge, schism, parabol/parabola, reflection, triad and lateralus. -Caveman

Review written by: Me (no) Review posted on: 11/22/02 19:47:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

First of all, why does Maynard insist on acting like he's playing that headless guitar? Maybe he thinks it's funny. This show was SO amazing. I have been in turmoil over spirituality for a few months and this show, this band has inspired me IMMENSELY!! A BIG, heartfelt thank you to Tool. I was looking forward to Pushit and Third Eye--my favorite live songs. Disappointed when Timothy Leary led to Opiate. Also VERY disappointed in the idiots in the front who started pushing even before they came out!! What the hell is the point of pushing so much?!?! I came to see Tool and enjoy a beautiful experience and instead I get shoved around because I'm a girl and I had to go in the back because I couldn't freaking breathe with all those guys shoving each other and sweating all over everyone. Thanks a lot, guys. I am SO glad I finally got to see them again!! It reminded me how AWESOME Tool is and I will never miss another show!

Review written by: MattatSantee ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 21:34:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd? Tool show

Seems my friend eric was right. If they play 46 and 2 then they are not playing third eye. I really wanted third eye and between songs i heard a few people yell it. I was considering starting a third eye chant(and really hoped someone else would) during the encore, but they turned on the house music and left. Never the less, there are probly 2 things in this world better than a being at a tool show. I cant think of them right now but ill get back to you on that. A third eye chant would have been rad on the dvd their maken, but mabee my next show. Wait a second, theres still a few more shows. You there, reading my post. Start a third eye chant during intermision, everyone wants to hear the song, third eye is easy to chant, talk to the people around you, mabee even in the sections around you, cuz i thought i heard a chant in a section across the arena but could hear it over the crazy vibrations coming off stage. If you can over power the intermision sounds with a chant...oh my that would be so awesome.

Review written by: MattatSantee ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 21:34:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd? Tool show

Seems my friend eric was right. If they play 46 and 2 then they are not playing third eye. I really wanted third eye and between songs i heard a few people yell it. I was considering starting a third eye chant(and really hoped someone else would) during the encore, but they turned on the house music and left. Never the less, there are probly 2 things in this world better than a being at a tool show. I cant think of them right now but ill get back to you on that. A third eye chant would have been rad on the dvd their maken, but mabee my next show. Wait a second, theres still a few more shows. You there, reading my post. Start a third eye chant during intermision, everyone wants to hear the song, third eye is easy to chant, talk to the people around you, mabee even in the sections around you, cuz i thought i heard a chant in a section across the arena but could hear it over the crazy vibrations coming off stage. If you can over power the intermision sounds with a chant...oh my that would be so awesome.

Review written by: sean paul luna ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 21:46:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Cold And Ugly (surprising) The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist (longer that usual) Eon Blue Apocalypse (sort of thing) Schism Parabol Parabola Opiate Aenema ++++Intermission++++ Disposition Reflection Triad Lateralus Opiate (yeah more opiate) this was a very good show and i hope to see them again next time they come around. maynard said somthing about they were recording . i saw cameramen and wemen every where. musuguah...... they were a bunch of no-talent-meat- headed-jocks. videos were great as usual and danny had some awsome solos. see you soon maynard

Review written by: ~K~ ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 22:02:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st! Tool show

Words cannot describe a tool show, you have to see to believe, but Ill attempt to do so...First off Meshuggah was OK. A band from Sweden (they mentioned this) that was not really in the same genre as TOOL but OK . Their last song was pretty good the rest of it kind of sounded the same. San Diego gave some respect so I thought that was cool. Tool on the other hand was a show like I have never seen before. The art and videos complimented the music perfectly. The Tim Leary "Think for yourself, question authority" was repeated by Maynard saying the same thing. He also talked something about the WWF and us being intelligent people.Maynard was dressed in all black (leather?) and appeared to have his face half gold and painted half black. Danny if you read this..You are the man on drums!! Nice set with the drummer from Meshuggah. He seemed as though he couldnt keep up though. I wont attempt to say what the setlist was but I know they played the following (in no particular order): Cold and Ugly Opiate 46&2 Schism Aenima Lateralis Parabol Parabola Ion(s) Incredible show I cant wait until they come back to San Diego. BTW to the prick above ...I can enjoy the music while smoking is possible. Maybe you should try it. "We are eternal all this pain is an illusion". ~k~

Review written by: John ( Review posted on: 11/22/02 23:00:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Fantastic show-- I saw it with a friend who didn't know much about Tool, and certainly had never seen them. It was great to see and hear his reaction. He was completely blown away by the band and the show and they definitely gained a fan. Can't wait to see them again. By the way-- it seemed like Adam played some warm-up riffs before they tore into Cold & Ugly-- did anyone else think it sounded like an old Rush song? They've been known to play some interesting covers in the past.

Review written by: Heretic!! ( Review posted on: 11/23/02 02:06:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Wuuuuuu Oh my god!! this is the 3rd time i've seen Tool, twice this year..and HOLY SWEET SHIT!! this is has been the BEST!!! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!! DAMN!! MY GOD!! i bet they played this well do to the cameras recording ;), sweet i hope they have a dvd of the whole san diego show although i doubt it...speaking of videos..DID ANYBODY BOOTLEG RECORDED THE CONCERT?!?!! OR KNOWS SOMEBODY WHO DID?? ID LOVE TO HAVE IT REALLY, TO SHOW IT TO MY GRANDKIDS IN THE FUTURE..really, it was that good of a show i would've LOVED to have seen THIRD EYE..but oh well.. Opiate will have to do...FUCK WUUU COLD AND UGLY KICKED ASS!!!!!!..wuu..IT WAS A GREAT SHOW!! TOOL U GUYS KICK ASS!! I RESPECT YOU GREATLY...Good day all..people but really...for the love of humankind, for the sole sake of surviving and evolving...fuck man, THINK FOR YOURSELVES! ...its really getting to the point where it would really wouldn't be that bad if we just flushed it all away..such of a waste is out there..people THINK. Bye...WUU TOOL!

Review written by: Tyler ( Review posted on: 11/23/02 03:58:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I'd seen Tool the last time they were in San Diego (at the Open Air Amphitheater....unless I'm grossly mistaken and they were here inbetween...), and I was completely blown away. Before this concert, I expected nothing more, and was fully aware that my $45 might be to see the same show as last time. Not so. So here's my two cents: Good choice having Meshuggah opening. Not the same style as Tool, and obviously not liked by many in the crowd, judging by the wholly inappropriate "you guys suck" and "fuck you" 's heard between their songs. I, for one, enjoyed the throwback to the days when metal didn't have a "nu-" in front of it. Tool, as before, was completely on-par. The visuals had some leftovers from the last show I'd seen, but that wasn't too big a deal. I especially enjoyed the few "surprises" during some of the songs (those of you in attendence know what I'm talking about, so I won't spoil it). Sound quality left something to be desired, but that was probably due to the arena itself. As far as a setlist, I'm sure everyone else has been "cool" enough to do that for me already. Something I noticed about those in attendance: a disturbing amount of smoking (both tobacco and otherwise). I'm no prude when it comes to personal freedoms, but I mean, come on, go find the statistics on what that stuff does to you. With Tool trying to get the message across that you should think for yourself, it's sad that so many people flock to anything that the "majority" seems to be partaking in. And I think I've said enough. Until next time. -Tyler

Review written by: Kujo ( Review posted on: 11/23/02 10:47:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

All I can say after my first Tool show is, "WOW!!". It was pretty feccan amazing... Tool mixed songs very well and did a nice (long ass) drum solo. While in the middle of "Disposition ", some guy came up on stand up drums, and out of no where strats soloing along with Danny. T`was a good moment (if minutes = hours). I know I`m posting this a little late but i was too tired that night. Pretty buts, this stupid guy was liek moshing with his wife when i went up the stairs to leave. Tom had an exceptional show especially. I was watching how he plays the sonsg and it all occured to me what makes him so "Kick-ass" if you will... Maynard, do I have to say how wonderful he was too? Well if you`ve seen him before I bet it`s no shock, but if you`re new to a tool show then you may be shocked with some sort of erotic glee...ugh... let`s not speek of this.*cough* anyway pertaining to the topic, i just wish Maynard would have showed himself more. The only time i got ot see him well was when he came up for a group hug at the end of the show...(between us, he stands on a little stage on top the stage to appear taller....but that`s cool, I`m no beast either.) Besides not showing himself, Maynard was amazing.On a scale of may seem cleche,but, This Tool concert gets a 11. EXCELLENT SHOW GUYS!!! -kujo

Review written by: orpheus ( Review posted on: 11/23/02 18:23:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first Tool concert, and it was brutally awesome. Meshuggah was really good for what they were, though I'm not a big fan of death metal. Obviously the members were talented, too, because they played with Tool for a few songs. That was sick. Tool was amazing, though they seem to be getting tired. No surprise, they've only been touring for the last three months. Maynard didn't speak too much, but he was great on the vocals. Danny was amazing, and the d/r/t kicked ass with the drummer from Meshuggah coming on. The setlist can be seen above somewhere (once you get past that dumbfuck reciting pi). Unfortunately, they didn't play Eulogy or Third Eye, preferring to tease us with Timothy Leary leading into Opiate. Cold & Ugly was a perfect start and The Grudge kept the vibe going. The crowd was good, too (San Diego kicks ass)--loud when it was appropriate, attentive when the music was hypnotic. A great show, and I can't wait until Tool comes back to town (Tool/King Crimson reunion anyone?) so I can get in the pit.

Review written by: Kumbaya ( Review posted on: 11/23/02 19:08:04 ET

John ( - The opening riff that Adam played was 'A Passage To Bangkok' from the 2112 album.

Review written by: Rose ( Review posted on: 11/23/02 20:12:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 10th Tool show

This was my 10th show, and still, not disappointed!!! Even though, It was the onset day of the flu I contracted from some vicious little germ, which I'm dying from now - but, of course, still manage to have the strength to type this out. I've never been to the Cox arena. It was pretty small compared to the arena at UNLV. My boyfriend and I were right on the left hand side (maynard/adam's side) of the stage - the closest I've been to the band since the Rimac in 98'. I was able to see pretty much everything. Danny kicks some major ass!!!!! I was never really able to notice that before, besides of course, in the music, but to actually SEE him go at it, he's so AWESOME! I was also able to notice how long Justin's hair is. When he moved, which was seldom, as Adam's movement, that hair went right along with it :) Now, Maynard, goddamn. I just can't even express how that man makes me feel. Not as weak as I feel now, anyway. It looked like he was wearing the same leather outfit he's worn for previous shows. After a few songs, he came out in boxers, of course. Painted w/dots. He moved around alot, as I've seen before. They fucken' played OPIATE!!! That did it for me. They psyched everyone out by playing the intro to Third Eye w/the Timothy Leary bit. I loved it !!! The bit w/the Messuggah guys kicked ass!!!! During Lateralus, Maynard started spinning as if he was on rollers, which turned out to be a spinner on his platform. It was so awesome!! I don't remember ever seeing that before. He did announce that we were being taped. When the show was over, they did their group hug and Maynard left the stage in a hurry, while the rest, stayed and waved/bowed. They were there for a while actually, longer than usual, again, they were filming, so I imagine that's why. The show was great. I know I missed so much in between, but I just wanted to point out the moments that really caught my eye. Besides, I don't think I have to try to sell the band, everyone who knows TOOL, knows how great they are. In MY mind and heart, their music will never die, nor will their performances and what they stand for. I just hope that one day, they'll be just like The Stones, you know, some kind of reunion show in their 50's - you better believe I'll be there, with my oxygen tank, walker, i.v., and all. And I agree with the person earlier in regards to some of you complaining about the show, what you didn't get to hear, or how you couldn't really see Maynard all that well. Look, you sell out their shows, buy their cd's, t-shirts, stickers, live this/that, download this/that, etc., you keep these guys in business. YOU do. WE do. They sing and perfom for us (finely at that). You should be happy with what you get from them. They don't HAVE to be out there. Because they could be like so many other bands out there you know, doping up, dying out (literally), or even just splitting up. I'm so happy that they've even come this far. And they are not gods or geniuses, they're people with talent. They provide for us. I appreciate every show, album, paraphernalia, etc. that they offer. Just appreciate what you get. They're human, they need breaks from the monotony. So, they don't play your "favorite" song. So what. They're playing someone elses favorite song. I know I'd get sick of playing the same setlist over and over, wouldn't you?????? Quit complaining and enjoy what you get while it'a available! Peace to you all!!!

Review written by: Jess ( Review posted on: 11/23/02 21:00:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

Once again, another amazing show from TOOL. This is the longest I have ever seen them play--they started at 8:30 and went until 11:00, probably because they were recording. Highlights of the evening were "Aenima" and "Triad," during which it felt like the entire arena was going to explode with the rhythmic, pulsing energy of the music. The only disappointment was, in spite of several teasers, "Third Eye" was not played --I still have Long Beach on Sunday night, where I hope I will be blessed. It never ceases to amaze me how much energy and beauty are in the live TOOL experience. When you can feel the music in your solar plexus, along with seeing and hearing it-- it's the closest that you can come to sublime collective oneness in this miserable world. When the boys are on- stage, time is suspended, and the art unifies us all.

Review written by: Sean ( Review posted on: 11/24/02 14:23:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

This show was utterly amazing. A fucking religious experience to be more accurate. I saw that someone already posted the correct setlist (to my knowledge), so I won't bore you guys with that. (I don't remember the song intro "tricks" and where they were in the set, but if anyone knows, post it plz!) Maynard talked more than usual tonight and seemed like he was reaching-out and trying his best (they were recording). As for Adam, Justin, and Danny also. They all were jamming more than usual and were altering the songs around a bit. The slow section in Stinkfist (which they actually do play quite a bit) was elongated even more, as well as Adam's short solo in Triad. This was THE best D/R/Triad I have ever seen! The boys seemed totally into it. Justin was even bobbing his head to the beat! Danny was just on fire throughout the trilogy (and I think he really did have a lot of he accepted a lot of San Diego's adjulation at the close of the show). The FOUR_ARMED MAN lives!! Other notes: Maynard's crazy, revolving stage was trippy as fuck. As far as San Diego itself goes, I think this (out of four shows) was the best in terms of the boys feeding off of the crowd and having fun due to the appreciation of their fans. The crowd erupted with applause as Lateralus came to a screeching close and the boys basked in the adjulation of their fans. They had taken us all on a trip - a short journey into our soul. For one moment (or precisely, about an hour and 45 mins.) we were lifted from our daily lives and given flight courtesy of the musicianship and artistry of our favorite metaphysical visionaries.