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Review written by: Morgan C. ( Review posted on: 12/24/02 14:37:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Well, the show was awesome, needless to say. They played good songs, and the sound was great.

Review written by: DarthPadawan ( Review posted on: 12/24/02 22:16:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

I would like to live where they take me upon each listen!! Third Eye= Aenima. Words express only what can be read!!!! Thank you sir, May I have another?

Review written by: Shamroc29 ( Review posted on: 12/25/02 00:13:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I saw the TooL show in Madison Square garden (NYC). I loved TooL before that. I had general admission, so i was 20 feet from the stage. When they took the stage it was like 500 people bum rushed the stage. I was suddenly held up by the helping shoulders of Tool followers. At some concerts there are mosh pits spread out speradically, not here. no. the entire floor was a mosh pit. As soon as tOOl started preaching to my existence, i began my journey. I started by loving tool. then they showed me that it wasnt tool i loved, it was the moods and waves and subconscious rythms showing me the way to begin. As i felt the vibrations running directly into i realized that it was right. What ever it was telling me was right. I felt jubilant. Now i have dabbled in drugs and let me tell you, there is no drug no supplement that can produce this euphoria. I saw colors and objects and shapes, flowing swirling around me, trying to teach me. Showing me the way home. And i belived them. Next the shapes turned to separate feelings- hate, pain, love, happiness. I saw colors here that i didn't know existed. I have nightmares still, nightmares of those colors returning. I don't remember much after the colors scared me, but i can tell you, i am a believer. Of what the vibrations and shapes and colors taught me. I can't put into words what happened to me in that pit, i really can't. You have to know what it is to feel music, to absorb it, to live it. Then it can teach you, too. I didn't believe. Now i do.

Review written by: Daytripper ( Review posted on: 12/27/02 15:41:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Fresno was great. The Selland Arena was a small one, so despite our nosebleed seats (top section, 4th row from the back), we got to see all the action very clearly. Messhugah was alright; I liked the drummer. However it seemed like all the songs were pretty much the same. It was a nice change of pace from Tomahawk, though. When Tool came out they opened with Cold and Ugly. After that they proceeded to play the Lateralus album (sans Ticks of course :\ ) with Aenima and an extended Stinkfist somewhere in between. I was really pleased with how much Tool jammed at this show. The Oakland show in July was sweet but they didn't mess around nearly as much as Fresno. One of the highlights, as with all Tool shows, were the visuals. They had the same basic setup with the sacred mirror art, two projection screens and the large Alex Grey backdrops behind the band. They switched up the videos a little bit too; this was the first time I had the pleasure of seeing Parabola's computer-generated Alex Grey scene. All in all a badass show. I wish they would have played Forty- Six & 2 or Third Eye, but I was thoroughly satisfied. The only complaint I have with the Fresno concert wasn't with the band, but rather the security. They kept kicking people out during the show and were just overall real bitches.

Review written by: EuphoricBlue ( Review posted on: 12/28/02 13:49:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

1st show - 1996 - Wilson Theatre 2and show - 1998 - Fresno Ampitheatre Night of my life!! Center floor is the only place to be. Before they came on I was like damn we are close, the stage is right there. Nice advantage to have for a recorded show. Hope I can see my friends and I on the DVD. Aenema was awesome and Lateralus had everyone standing on their seats at the end chearing. This crowd did not sit down once. Fucking priceless. I woulda paid $200 for my seat I had. And I'd pay another $200 to see Fresno on that DVD. Parabola video had me stuck (strawberry blunts as well.) Great show from the most inspiring band on the planet......... Blue

Review written by: jordan azevedo ( Review posted on: 12/30/02 15:04:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 1rst Tool show

my first show of tool and it was awsomse no i cant describe it with words everything was perfect. when they opened with cold and ugly that was so bad and maynard sings perfect in every note danny carey played a drum solo with the drummer from meshuggah.. i thought that third eye was comin when the think for your self speach came on . the security was bein jacked though see you guys next tour