From: Michael Bolkin Subject: Set list for the first show in Pomona, CA Hey Kabir, I really like your web page. If it wasn't for your tour schedule, I would've been screwed with tickets I bought to the Las Vegas show instead of the San Diego show. Ticketmaster didn't tell me that the Huntridge theatre was in Las Vegas, they told me it was in the San Diego area. So I ended up exchanging them, after I read the real location off your schedule. Thanks! I'm going to the show tonight. I hope they don't play the same set. Wednesday's set was great, but I want some diversity. Here is the set list for Wednesday's show: 1. Stinkfist 2. Fourty-six and two 3. Eulogy 4. Hooker with a penis 5. Prison sex 6. Jimmy 7. Undertow 8. Sober 9. H. 10. AEnema 11. Opiate 12. Third eye That was the whole set, no encore like usual. They played for about an hour and a half. In total, they played 8 of the 9 songs off of AEnima. They sounded great, real fuckin' loud, but crystal clear. Failure was alright. They had a few cool aspects to them, but overall, I wouldn't say that they compare at all to TOOL. Write me back if you have any questions. I just got this email account through school and I haven't received any messages yet. Thanks! Michael Bolkin