A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: October 16

From: NGRU11B@prodigy.com (MR TONY J COSTANTINO) Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 02:52:07, -0500 To: kabir@down.net Subject: Tool at the glasshouse, 10-16 Hey kabir. Giving you a review of the concert at the Glass House in Pomona on Oct. 16. Failure opened up and was a great band. Their songs were kind of like Nirvana's or Hum's, kind of short, but very complete and cool. They had enough heaviness, lyrics were good, just a very cool overall band. Like my last 3 tool shows, I got the front thankfully. Tool came out, and I have to say that one thing I like about seeing a band live is that they sound just like they do on the album. Tool is like that, they sounded so complete and full it was unbelievable. Maynard doesn't like to interact with the crowd, I guess that means he's in his own world, he doesn't draw off the crowd visibly. He won't admit that he's looking at you, he's here to give you music, but once a concert I make eye contact with him. I was drooling over Danny's set. I met him right when they let us in and saw a huge guy with blond hair walking towards the dressing room, so I ran over and verified that it was Danny and told him that he's my favorite drummer and I worship him, etc. The first song was stinkfist and Maynard started off with his patented left foot stomp while looking out beyond the crowd. He continued his dislocated bone movements throughout the entire concert which had me laughing and going insane. In no particular order the followings songs were prison sex, sober, jimmy, undertow, eulogy, h, 46 and 2, hooker with a penis, aenima, pushit, and ended with opiate and third eye. During the concert the memorable remarks were Maynard:"We're getting too old for this shit", "Since this is the first show for the new stuff, so you can tell someone this 10 years from now, but who fucking cares. That also means we aren't polished on the new stuff" and right before Opiate and Third Eye he said "This is our last song." The crowd groaned."Our songs aren't three minutes long, we're not green day. Of course, one song can be 70 minutes long." They they did that last 2 song set. The quotes are as close as possible to me remebering them. Fuck, kabir, I've never listened to a band that sounds so good live and on album. They just sound so complete. All the musicians are great at their instruments. Danny's a fucking god, Adam has great effects and is hard when he needs to be like on jimmy, justin sounded good on 46 and 2 and maynard was insane. Afterwards I waited patiently and when maynard finally came out I gave him a japanese book on strategy. He seemed like a little kid to me, who was happy that he got to talk to someone who was interested in something besides running up to him and yelling "You fucking rule!!!!Yeaaaaaaah!" I'm sorry, but this band rules beyond fuck. Fuck everyone who doesn't live in CA, we get to see 'em twice. Please post this note on your web page, edit it if necessary. Tool is IT. Love, Tony Costantino