A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: October 18

From: gregg (greggk@ix.netcom.com). The suggestion: TOOL Concert Review (from the pit). Soma. San Diego. October 18: First off, TOOL was amazing (esp. Maynard). Onto the juicy details: TOOL did 7 of the 9 new songs (all except H and Third Eye), 4 songs off Undertow, and "Opiate" as the finale. No encore. Maynard wore baggy black sweats, Birkenstocks, no socks, no shirt, no hair, and held a bottle of water. Had glazed look over his eyes. Very intense. Seems to be at peace though. Moves like a guy having a seizure. Ducks and dodges. Seems to lose his balance up there on stage. Then regains. Kept back to crowd a lot. Said "jimmy" was the second part of "prison sex". Didn't say too much. Thanked everyone for coming. Almost smiled once! Opened with Stinkfist, then 46 & 2, then Intolerance, then Eulogy...Took stage after about 15 minutes of keyboard music that built in intensity. Show ended. Maynard threw extra bottles of water into crowd and left.