A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: October 19

From: "Michael Kim" Subject: The Wilson Theatre, Fresno CA October 19th: Tool! This isn't really an official review (if you do want one, please respond to this mail- I have to write one for my school newspaper anyway). Simply put, tonight's show by Tool was one of the most intense live shows I have ever been to. Two things that stick out in my mind are the new bassist, Justin Chancellor. Lucky for me, Paul D'Amour's band opened for Tool, and I actually got to see Paul play. He was pretty good, but Justin just blew me away. He has a really wicked style, lots of playing down on the neck, all four strings. In my op, he makes a better bassist for Tool's type of music than Paul did (or would). Another is MJK. He is ... different? He came out on stage in Powder-esque Kabuki make-up. Weird. Had lots of black eye makeup on his eyes so they looked really set in, almost kind of looked like Marilyn Manson, except shaved head and no scars. What struck me is just how good his voice really is. I mean, he has a gift, a truly talented vocalist. There was almost no difference between the album's vocals and him live. He can sing a single note contionously FOREVER. Really excellent. Also, what was weird is that while he writhed across the stage, did all kinds of crazy shit, what he did struck me as being very methodical, as if everything was planned out. I might sound crazy, but just the way he behaved, little things (like how he would set the mic back on the stand, etc.) made me believe that he is a very.. ?precise? person. Methodical, he knows what he wants to do, not the impulsive type. Well, anyways, for your enjoyment, there is my review and somewhat psychological analysis of MJK. : ) Hope ya enjoy, the least I could do since you keep up that excellent page. Later Mike Kim