A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: October 21

From: Mike Tornincasa Subject: Tool: fresno!!! Wow what a show!@! They played at the wilson theatre, This was the last show ever performed there because the building was bought by the church!!! If that isn't the basis for a great tool show I don't know what is... They played Hush, opiate, sober, prison sex, stinkfist, h, eulogy, 46&2, jimmy, hooker, aenima, and 3rd eye. What a show...If your interested in an audio copy (quality: C-) inqire within: miket@etsi.com for those of you who were in agreeance with me about "jimmy" being a sequal to prison sex, mjk said : "this song is a sequal to prison sex, and its called jimmy" see ya'll at the warfield tonight!