A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: October 24

From: NHZG22A@prodigy.com (MR JASON D MATTHIESSEN) Subject: TOOL concert set list and review October 24 UPS Fieldhouse Tacoma, WA Set list-- Stinkfist, H, intolerance, eulogy, whore, prison sex, 46 and 2, pushit, undertow, jimmy, sober, opiate and AEnima. Great show! I saw them in 94 this was a much better show. Tool is the tightest most powerful rock band around right now. This tour is going to turn a hell of a lot of people onto an intense and mystical band. Stinkfist is a perfect song to open with and AEnima is the only song to "end" it all. The whole band performed in TOOL boxer shorts. Maynard was painted completely blue and danced masterfully as if he was exorcising his inner demons. His voice and his eyes followed me throughout the show and they still follow me. He is definetely the most intense person I've ever seen. By the way, the new bassist is damn good. It's nice to see there were no hard feelings between Paul and the band. Later, Jason