A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: October 24

From: Jacki Huber Subject: Review from 10/24/96 - Tacoma Just thought I'd add a little of my own input here...saw the show in Tacoma at the UPS Fieldhouse on 10/24..it simply rocked! The Cows opened and kicked ass, but unfortunately, the rest of the crowd just didn't appreciate that there was an opening band and booed almost the entire time they were on stage. I must say that the Cows handled it quite well..at one point, people were throwing gum and clothing on stage, and the lead singer (forgive me for not remembering his name!) picked up a wad of chewed gum and stuck it in his mouth (and later spit it back into the audience)! Then he put the hat down his pants, danced a little dance, stripped off his shirt, and started pulling the hat back out through his fly...pretty clever, kind of like saying "Fuck you, too" to the dumb-asses in the audience. Then, an intermission for close to an entire hour... (oh, yeah, there was a sculpture of the contortionist on stage, too) ...finally, Tool did make it out, with an explanation that they were playing Monopoly backstage and forgot they had a show to do! Personally, I think it was punishment for the rude welcoming of the opening band..entirely deserved by most of the crowd. Everyone wore a pair of polka-dotted boxer shorts and sandals, nothing else. Maynard was painted blue, with wierd silvery paint around his eyes...with some of the lighting he looked downright evil...he did his funky little dances around stage, played the standard songs (same order as the rest of the tour so far) and finished with Opiate. I don't know if there was an encore, 'cuz I left right as they were finishing up.. I know it's sacreligious, but I didn't figure they'd do one, from what I'd heard about previous shows, and really wanted to beat the crowd to my car. What really ammazed me was how much better they sounded live...some bands just don't sound as good when you actually hear them live, but I guess with the type of music they play, Tool really facilitates an all-around listening experience.... Overall, I'd have to say they totally kicked ass...best concert I've ever been to, aside from the crowd "etiquette"...people were extremely impatient and unable to just appreciate good music, and there were some serious injuries from the pit...however, I'd do it all over again without hestiation! Damn, I wish I lived in LA! ---Just my humble opinion, Jacki Huber