A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: October 25

From: ldryden@direct.ca Subject: tool show -- fri. oct. 25, 1996 Hey pal. I'm not going to bother really describing the band, because every other review has. Well, I got to the show just after The Cows had started playing, and I have to say that they were really, REALLY shitty. Their singer was dressed in some sailor suit and kept playing this fucking trumpet which put out the most annoying sound I have ever heard. At one point he was trying to sing and play the trumpet at the same time, but he just failed miserably. The rest of the band wasn't too bad, and I actually enjoyed them when there wasn't any singing. After the initial punishment, we didn't have to wait long for tool to come onstage. They had a neat-o video screen behind the band on which they played some interesting video clips. Notable footage included the mating camels and the-guy-wrapping-his-face-with- piano-wire. As usual, the band was just incredible, topping even their previous performance in Vancouver. I only wish that they played more of their old stuff, but I can't complain. Before they played "Hooker with a Penis", MJK said "This song's is a bout all our new merchandise". I don't think that many people there knew what the lyrics really were to that song ( or maybe they like to be put down ) because even as he screamed "Buy my new record" and Send more money" the crowd roared for more. After the song I swear I could see a little grin on his face. I guess that's about it.... Oh yeah. MJK did the show in polka dot boxers and painted blue. And Justin has got some really evil-looking eyes. After the show I rubbed the handle on the tour busjust so I would be able to say that I touched something touched by the band. I got a roll of pictures, but I don't know how they'll turn out as I had to take a camera small enough to crotch, and it took a beating in the mosh pit.