A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: October 25

From: "R A Duff and Associates Inc." Subject: Tool @ Vancouver Oct.25/96 Kabir , Great web page my friend! I've been checking it out for the last year or so and it gets better every time. I saw my first Tool show in Vancouver this last friday (Oct. 25) and I feel compelled to share the experience with my brothers and sisters. First off, it was without any doubt THE best concert and performance I've ever seen from any band. Maynard was only wearing boxers, shaved head and was completely painted silver/blue from head to toe. This blue spotlight was on him all night, which gave this weird halo effect around him. With his painted skin he sort of looked like that creature in the Prison Sex video, very trippy to say the least! The best way to descride him on stage w/ his dancing and gyrating, is Hypnotic, he holds such a presence. Musically they played very tight, and Justin just wails the bass, solid addition I do believe, mind you I never saw Paul live. Play list was Stinkfist, 46 & 2, Eulogy, Hooker w/a Penis, Prison Sex, Jimmy, Pushit (great live version!!), Sober, Opiate, Third Eye and Aenima, they played for about 2 hours with no encore. In response to how the opening act Cows were treated (lots of shit thrown at them, etc.), MJK said " You guys were worst crowd to an opening act that we've ever seen! We like the Cows, that's why we brought them along" In response the crowd cheered and clapped. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW IF IT COMES TO YOUR TOWN!!!! Cheers, Jason J. S. ___R.A.Duff & Associates Inc._________________________________________