A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: October 25

X-Personal_name: Graeme Harnish From: aslocal@nether.net Subject: Vancouver BC Concert! Well I recently attended the show at the PNE forum in vancouver. Allow me to set a mood ... a sold out show, 10000 anxious fans waiting for TOOL to appear on stage and the cows (the opener) emerges on stage. Well safe to say, the crowd was not to pleased with the opener. Well ok, people shouted obscenitties, constantly boo'ed and even started to throw change at the Cows. At one point during the performance the crowd sat down and started chanting TOOL over and over. After being tortured by the Cows for over half an hour (and not to mention having a good time doing it =) ) They finnaly left, later in the show Maynard gave us the prize of being quote "The biggest jerks to an openning band ive ever seen" But thats completly besides the point! First Adam Jones appeared on stage and the Aenima logo flashed upon the screen behind him. Thats when it hit me, actually it was about a thousand people rushing the stage. I could feel myself being pushed back as stinkfist began to ring loud in my ears. It had began ... Maynard painted gold and now sporting a shaved head took us all on a journy which we would never forget. The mosh pit grew larger with each and every song, the crowd seemed most induced when titles from undertow where played. Which seemed to be only minutes was actually over two hours of the enitiy which is TOOL. Maynard then waved goodbye to the crowd and announced that Third eye would be the last song by them that night. We all waved and yelled "please dont go", twenty minutes later he waas still there to our pleasure. Finnaly they left the stage the lights illuminated and Aenima rang in my ears. Overall ofcourse the concert ranked a 10/10, somehow i think TOOL will only grow because more then once I overheard "Well there deffinatly my favourite band now"