A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: October 25

From: Derek Sweet Subject: Vancover, Oct 25 - PNE Forum On Thursday Oct 24, me and a friend, both avid tool fans for at least the past 3 years, jump into a car at 6:00 AM and embark on a 12 hour drive to Vancover B.C. to see the best band in existence.. TOOL As we walk through the door to the PNE Forum an usher taking tickets tells my friend to butt out his smoke because it is a non-smoking building.. he laughs and butts out his smoke, walks 20-30 feet into the crowd and lights up another, simply joining in with the 1000 other people smoking in there.. by the time the opening band has left the stage (the cows) you can barely see the roof because the smoke is so thick.. joints and cigarettes are being fired up left and right in anticipation of TOOL.. Quickly on the cows, they sounded like a good band but the mixing was so bad, or maybe just the sound of the instruments, that you couldn't hear what they were doing, just sounded like noise and screaming.. the crowd responds by hucking things at them, including cigarette butts, which the singer of the band picks one of up, smokes it for a while, then eats it.. crazy shit.. A giant projection screen in the back of the stage looks like it is just turned on, and the crowd begins to scream.. the house lights go off and on the screen is a huge moving picture of what comes on the front of the CD when you buy it (the big white square with graphics) and a loud bass begins to rumble.. each member walks out one at a time, Adam wearing pants and no shirt, thin as a motherfucker, I mean.. you could see his entire rib cage.. Justin looking not particularily special, Danny is fucking HUGE.. and Maynard comes in wearing nothing but his underwear and some wierd make-up all over his body that makes him look black.. like negro.. so much so that a friend of mine that has never seen him before said to me at the end of the gig: "You mean he's not black??" Adam gives a tiny wave, and the shit begins.. They open with stinkfist, and Maynard goes fucking NUTS!!! like I mean flying all over the stage, moving his body every which way and bringing the lyrics to 'h' to life.. the man is a fucking snake.. They continue thru out the gig and play a bunch of songs.. I honestly can't remember the order, your asking too much from someone in my state of mind... they played every song from aenema except for 'h', as well as 'prison sex', 'sober', and 'opiate'.. opiate was kind of slowed down, fitting the style of undertow and aenima more then that of opiate.. in the middle of prison sex they do something wierd and implement lyrics that sounded like 'jimmy'.. but once again.. I was trippin way to hard to remember.. The cool things is.. they retained their style EXACTLY!! all those cool sounds you hear on the record are reproduced acoustically by Maynard using two microphones and getting wierd sounds out of them.. all the while there is graphical displays on the screen in the background, that will be explained later.. Inbetween song banter consisted of a few things.. after the 4th song maynard says "Oh, and you guys win the award for being the rudest fucking audience to an opening band we've ever seen, we happen to like the cows, that's why we brought them".. before 'Hooker with a penis' he says: "This is a song about all those t-shirts and hats for sale out there".. another time early on in the concert he says "Lets try something.. Just.. say.. yes... (Crowd screems 'yes').. Just say yes..(crowd screems 'yes' again).." I took this as "just say yes to drugs" played on the "Just say no to drugs".. but some took it as him testing his power over the crowd.. who knows.. On the giant screen mentioned before, every song has something different.. like in eulogy there were pictures of evolution and shit, like an ape turning into a man and then back into an ape.. and during sober and prison sex the videos were played.. during pushit there was pictures of animals having sex, one disturbing picture of camels having sex and the female camel screaming really loud, camera focusing on her face as she screams.. to top it all of they finish with maynard saying "This is our last song, (crowd gets upset) but if your familiar with how we write songs that could be like an hour right? (crowd cheers) but it probably wont be".. then they break into third eye.. on the screen now is extremely disturbing images of a guy wrapping cord around his face and pulling it so tight that it begins to bleed and drip all over his neck and chest, then a chick does the same thing to her chest.. Maynard starts to wave goodbye saying "bye bye" and everyone yells.. they begin to walk off the stage, then maynard goes "bye bye.. ok.. we'll stay".. then they bust into Aenema.. which kicked ass... All in all.. the concert was amazing.. if there is a gig near you go and fucking check it out