A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: October 25

From: D (darylg@iceonline.com) Subject: Vancouver, Oct 25. PNE Forum I just want to add my 2bits to the review of the show to your page if you'll let me, I think some things need to be said. Ok, I showed up late, just in time for the last 3 songs of the Cows they seemed ok, but the crowd just kept booing, throwing gum. Also the morons in the front were doint the "YMCA" dance as the lead singer was in a sailor suit. The crowd was rediculously rude to The Cows, and I must say that they were very cool about the whole thing, finishing their set and keeping their cool. Shortly afterwards Tool took the stage and kicked ass. Hour and 20 min set, very tight and Maynard sounded amazing, which I'm sure he does night after night, but the Forum has crappy sound so it was even more amazing to see his voice conquer that problem. My major problem was with the crowd. What a bunch of stupid fucking, testosterone overdosing drunk frat boy mother fuckers. Fuck, they all should have been at a Green Day concert the way they were acting. Have they no clue what is going on up there? MJK isn't doing early 80's Van Halen stadium antics, and he is not doing sing along material. The crowd a) did not know any of the words b) the only words they did know were the choruses from a couple songs on the new album. Stuff like Opiate was completely over looked by the crowd, who seemed to be waiting for another from the new album. I really like the new album, but it's a part of something bigger. Maynard seemed to realize how stupid the crowd was, maybe from the way they treated the Cows, and even went as far to toy with them a bit, telling us to say "Yes" on the count of three. Of course the whole crowd screamed it back at him, further illustrating his point. No mosh pit etiquette was displayed, with falling people getting tromped on, huge big elbows flying around at head level, and all and all a huge aura of testosterone flowing all about, which in my interpretations has nothing to do with Tool. Another point, is that I saw a disproportionatly high amount of those dumb fuzzy print shirts that say "I think I'll have another beer". darylg@iceonline.com