A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: October 26

From: Sound Byte Baby Subject: Stinkfist shown in Salem, OR hey man. i love your page. Thought i'd send in a concert review. (later) just saw tool at the armory in salem. GREAT show. after the first song they stopped the show to fix the barricade. that was scary. everyone seemed pissed, for a while seemed like tool would just split. (cringe) but no they returned. great show. like i say maybe i'll write a review later if you care. BUT the big news was that after their proclaimed last song of the evening (aenima), the band huddled and decided to give us one more. they said something about somebody or everybody just finishing something. i assume their artistic member finishing the vid.(can't remember his name damnit, and all my friend have my tool cd's. grr) then jimmy said "so no one has seen this yet. cept us, ... and now you." (or something like that) and they went into stinkfist! and sure enough, stinkfist played on both screens. what a video! fantastic!. of course. i suppose that would be a given. :} lots of blue. powder. real people. like sober done with real people. tv showing the aenema cover art. mainly a collection of great images. my faves would be. man eats rusty nail. it sticks out his arm. a peice of flesh falls off his back where wings would grow. so he puts it in a jar. then a younger bald blue man. a fat bald blue man. all somehow similiar. :} also recall a long arm stretching through a window or mirror. a man peeling the skin back on his arm to reveal red flesh beneath. then screaming. a man shaving his blue head with a straight razor. then a lot of shots of a femme type blue and a old man blue. both had airbrushing which left them looking somewhere between giger's work and the Prophet in Lords Of Illusion. and a worm type growth on a back. and TONS more. (wires... the neck brace?...doors. hmmm.blue) i loved it. had to fend off/kill hordes of people in the pit, so i wan't able to veg out on it. but it was amazing. wow. and what an end to a cool concert. anyway. hope you've seen it already being so close to the band and all. hope eMTyV accepts and plays it twenty four hours. wish more people would make videos like that. wish i could just work on such videos myself. anyway. thought i'd share good vibes. i guess i'll put a concert review page up and send you the url. hope things are good for you kabir, just wanted to share some of the good vibe. amazing. :} naughty night.