A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: October 26

From: jeremy johnson (graphite@teleport.com) Subject: Tool: Salem, OR, 10/26/96 review . - - - -.-- --- ----=--=-=-==-===xooxmmxoxx===-==-=-=--=---- --- -. . | | -brightshadow- Review of TOOL @ Salem Armory, Salem, OR | | . `-- --- ----=--=-=-==-===xooxmmxoxx===-==-=-=--=---- --- -- - - First thing I gotta say -- If you see Tool on this tour, and the band "Cows" is opening...go back outside and wait an hour. Ugh. It was HORRIBLE. Nasty no-talent screechy garbage, with a singer that kind of resembled Axl Rose with no volume, and a bugle. The best thing about this band was definitely the fact that Maynard introduced them, and maybe the fact that the music(?) drowned out the singer's voice totally. ...or the part where someone lobbed a wad of paper at the singer, which tagged him in the shoulder, and the crowd cheered. :) Second thing I gotta say -- Salem Armory is a crappy venue. Too big for a little venue (it's hardly a coliseum type place, but it's not exactly a tiny club either), and they confiscate cigarettes at the door. Lame. Once "Cows" finally left (eleven or twelve excruciating songs later...aieeee!), and a modest thirty minute wait, out comes the band. Maynard was in a ...white loincloth, i think. Maybe they were just weird looking shorts, (see? i talked about his clothes!) and white body paint, with black stuff around his eyes, so he sorta looked like the o-fficial depiction of an alien. Gotta say he looked cool, though. The rest of the band was done up with white body paint too... although I didn't get a good look at Danny, so maybe he wasn't. Hearing something about that tattoo he's got on his back, I looked, but it was apparently painted over. (Maynard's back, that is..woops) They promptly burst into a beautiful rendition of "Third Eye", during which a sold-out (and somewhat overzealous) crowd managed to shatter the concrete barrier at the front of the floor. They finished up the song, and then Maynard says: "Now, now, step back. Somebody's gonna get hurt. That's right, just take fooour granny steps back." The crowd, full of obnoxious teenagers (who woulda thought?), didn't budge, and the security guards were forced to crouch onstage. Five minutes passed, the guards trying to move the crowd back a few feet to repair the barrier, and then they told the band to leave the stage (grumble), and some security guy screamed at the crowd for twenty minutes while the crowd grudgingly inched backwards. Makes me wish everyone hung back and just let the music move them, instead of spending the whole concert throwing punches and spitting out teeth... So, thirty minutes after they left, the band came back. Maynard comes on, and says, "You babies! We haven't been here for three years, and you guys can't wait five minutes.... Okay, this is our encore." The next track was _Forty Six & 2_, if I remember right, Maynard was in great voice, and the band seemed pretty tight..Maynard DID transpose a couple verses in a few songs, but hey, he wrote 'em, he's entitled.. right? ;) After _Forty Six & 2_, he says, "Thank you, goodnight. Alright, I'm gonna make that the running joke of the evening, and I'm gonna say it so many times that it's gonna get annoying, and then get funny again." Then, they went into _Swamp Song_, then _Eulogy_, and Maynard introduced _Jimmy_ by saying "This song is ..sort of the sequel to _Prison Sex_. It's called Jimmy." Anyway, the night went on, the set was brilliant -- the screens in the background were showing some really whacked stuff, but hey.. (Elephants screwing, fractals, some tied up hooker.. During _Sober_ they showed bits of the video..) The only thing he said during the middle of the concert was his introduction to _Hooker_, where he simple said, "This song is about unity...and about how we're all in this together. It's also about a hooker with a penis." The last few songs were _Opiate_, followed by another "Thank you, goodnight," then they didn't even bother to leave the stage before going ahead with the quasi-encore (Aenema, of course) ..that song was *great*. Greatgreatgreat. [Of course, it's currently my favorite song off the new album, so I'm biased, but isn't everyone??] After that, the band conversed for a few minutes, and played odd background-noise-ish stuff through the amps. Maynard came back up front and said: "Hmm.. Should we...yeah. Reason we took so long is, Adam just got back from working on the new video...MTV hasn't seen this yet. But...(he points at the crowd)..." And then the two enormous projection screens lit up with the new video for _Stinkfist_ as the band started in, and for once, the crowd's attention left Maynard for a few minutes..cool cool cool video. All in all, very worth the ticket price. Tool didn't sell out as fast here as it seems to have in other places, (mainly because salem isn't the center of activity here..far from it) but it should have. Great show. Very glad they're back on tour!! -brightshadow- Attempt at remembering the setlist follows (mostly in order, but I may have screwed up somewhere) Third Eye Forty Six & 2 Swamp Song Eulogy Jimmy \ Hooker With A Penis >-- not sure about the order here.. H. / Sober Opiate Aenema (quasi-encore) Stinkfist (quasi-encore 2 + video) I think I might've missed a song...but going over it, I can't for the life of me remember if I did or not...they played a 75 minute set, give or take, not including the half hour of crowd control bullshit.