A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: October 28

From: keith kuramoto Subject: 10/28 Warfield Show 10/28/96 The Warfield: Walking into the theatre, I heard the opening band (The Cows) and realized that we were a little late. It didn't bother me, though. (The Cows really sucked). My two friends and I were soon ushered to our seats. We could have quite possibly had the best seats in the house. We were up in the "Balcony" section where teh reserved seating was, but even though we were a little high up, we were so close to the stage that I could spit on Maynard's head. I looked around the stage and saw some grey stuffed mannequin looking guys sort of bent over on top of the PA. After the general shouts of "Fuck You" and "Suck My Dick" to The Cows, they left the stage, and the lights went up. Soon, roadies filled the stage to prepare the theatre for total destruction. Below us was a mass of people on the floor of the theatre ready to mosh and scream. Way down on the floor, I noticed another one of my friends. We all screamed at him and he heard us amazingly enough. After about a 25 minute wait and two rounds of provoking cheers from the crowd, the lights dimmed and the place went ape shit. Slowly, a tall, lanky figure emerged from the darkened stage: Maynard took the mic. The concert lights went up and suddenly I saw only what the people in the very front were screaming about: Maynard was covered head-to-toe in blue body paint! He was clad in only white boxers, and the blue paint made the whites of his eyes even whiter. I didn't notice, but after the show, my friend told me that Justin had painted himself white. They opened up with a long, strange version of "Third - Eye" and the crowd went crazy. After, Maynard greeted everyone with a "Howdy" and Adam gave a small wave. The Set went like this (If I forgot anything or misplaced the order, I'm sorry): Third-eye 46 & 2 Eulogy Swamp Song h. (The Projection Moniters kick in about now) sweat pushit hooker w/a penis opiate sober aenima stinkfist The absolute coolest part of the night was at the end, when their "Encore" was stinkfist. Maynard said "We've got a suprise for you....we just finished up the video for "Stinkfist" and we'll try to play along with it for you." THE VIDEO WAS AMAZING.I must admit, it ain't "Prison Sex", BUT IT IS SOOOO UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Other highlights of the night: Danny's tom fell over and he looked like he was cussing out a roadie who was trying to set it back up...all this in mid-song!! During "Hooker w/a Penis", a 4 1/2 foot inflatable penis was thrown onstage and Maynard nonchalotnly threw it aside. On The Projection screens: Indians jumping, Camel's mating, and elephants fucking. At the end of "aenima", during the last "Hey, Hey, Hey" part, Maynard crept around the stage in big, spidery steps, as the strobe lights went crazy and the crowd went wild...it was a great end to the show. I hope this was clear and consice enough. I can't wait until the next show. toadstool@worldnet.att.net