A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: October 28

From: "David Gonzalez" (bondelero@hotmail.com) Subject: OCT 28 SF WARFIELD I feel sorry for any one in SF who missed this show. The cows sucked dick, But of course TOOL kicked ass. Maynard came out painted all blue wearing only Boxer shorts. Somehow they got his eyes to glow because at the very begining he was staring off into the crowd and all i could see (because of his blue skin) was his eyes. They played mostly new shit (off AEnima) but the classics off opiate and undertow were played as well. The Pits were mighty fun, But I feel, as an experienced Mosher,that this show should have been at at the fillmore or somewhere with a bigger floor. The warfields floor is way too small to get a good clean pit. Anyway The songs I remember (I was stoned so forgive me if I forget) were : AEnima, 46 and 2, Prison sex, Opiate, Sweat, Intolerance, Euology, I forget the rest. A side note to all you kids who eat acid and go to crazy fun shows like Tool, I saw a kid (13 or 14) walking straight up to me with that look on his face.You know the look that says "Im trippin balls, please help!" I told him not to ask me for help because Tool was about to come on. Right after that the kid passed out in front of me. A classic senerio which I have seen at many shows. It even happened to me before on the same floor at the warfield. Oh Yeah,no free posters:(