A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: October 28

From: eulogy@ix.netcom.com (Daniel Lee Benson) I found myself once again, in San Fransisco amongst the busy streets and tall buildings ready to enter the Warfield for Tool. The anticipation settled in and I soon noticed I had just sucked down my third cigarette in less than a couple minutes. I canít believe it, Iím going to see Tool for the third time. Itís true, every time you see them you never know what kind of show itís going to be. I sat through the Cows wishing I had brought my ear plugs because that damn horn he was blowing was really getting to me. I donít know who the lead singer thought he was with his golden shower cap and all but this dude wasnít cutting it, sorry. After the Cows and the half an hour that followed it was time for Tool. When Maynard came out I noticed something was definitely weird. They started with Third Eye and once the lights came on, he was blue, it was pretty cool. Maynardís movements on stage always get me into the music, itís like heís working his body into getting his vocals out. His voice sounds just like it does on the albums, if not better. I thought it was funny when Maynard asked the crowd if they liked the Cows, mostly all of their reactions were that of disgust. Maynard defended the Cows by saying "hey hey hey", pointing to one person in particular who responded to Maynardís question with a loud response. In one song, a think it was Jimmy I canít remember, he screwed up it seemed like. He started to sing a line a little early then stopped and waited for the right spot then started singing again. Either the guitars were a little slow or he just messed up. Like I care though. One cool thing was during one of their songs this light fixture came down on a cord with another cord hanging from it. Maynard grabbed on to it and swung it around vigorously, it was hella cool. I think that the new songs sound great live and donít mind that they play them more than the old ones. At the end of the concert the band walked off the stage all except Adam, who stayed on the stage. Soon Maynard came back out and had a few words with Adam then stood up to the mic. and said that Adam had just finished the new video for Stinkfist. They played the song while the video ran in the back ground. This was obviously the highlight of the show. The video was awsome. It was in a grayscale picture and featured people covered in what appeared to be ash. Some with their eyes sown shut. To go into great detail about the video would be impossible only because there was a lot going on in it. I canít wait for the next show. (Thanks, Dan)