A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 1

From: "Phil Weinmeister" Subject: this is the correct Nov.1 review!!! Kabir, here is my attempt a review (setlist follows review): The Cows opened and yes, they were terrible. Beside the horrendous singing and bugle playing, I heard a rhythm for maybe twenty seconds out of their whole set. For some reason beyond my knowledge, people were actually cheering for them. I think it was more habit than an actual appreciation for their music. The Cows left and the anticipation of Tool began. After a forty minute wait, they appeared. Maynard was painted blue and wearing Tool boxers again. The music sounded almost perfect--it was maybe TOO similar to the music on the albums. The only thing that was new was a very cool ten minute intro to Sober. All that Maynard said throughout the night was "I guess this is AZ...and we're Tool" and "One of us in the band has moved out to AZ..." (and then something about how it was to watch CA go down like in Aenema). Unfortunately, they did not play the Stinkfist video, instead catering to everyone on acid and putting very strange trippy images on the screens throughout the set. There were pictures of almost everything...even various animals engaging in sexual activities (that was disgusting). It was a great show. Here is the setlist: Third Eye Stinkfist Forty-Six and Two Swamp Song Eulogy H Jimmy Hooker w/a Penis Sober (with new 10 min intro) Opiate Aenema