A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 1

From: "Michael T. McLaughlin" (cjmac@infomagic.com) Subject: I'm E-mailing a reveiw fo the Nov. 1 show in Mesa, AZ. The first thing I have to say is that I hurt. That pit was so fucking rowdy. The Cows??!! What in the hell was TOOL thinking when they picked these untalented bunch of fucks to go on tour with them? The singer was either walking in circles, acting like a robot?!, standing on his head, screaming or trying to play what was left of his trumpet. I have to admit the music wasn't all that bad, but these guys belonged playing in a High school auditorium, not with Tool. The one good thing about them was that they only played like four songs. Tool was just awsome. It was the first time I ever saw them, but they were amazing. Maynard came out with his whole body covered in blue body paint except for the boxers. They opened up with Third Eye, which was really impressing. Then they played Eulogy, Forty Six & 2, and then they went on to a couple of old songs. They played Swamp Song which was awsome then Danny soloed for about 2-3 minutes while they started Sober. I couldn't say how that was because I was suffocated in between the fence near the stage and the thousands of pounds of pushing weight. Unfortunately I passed out due to lack of oxygen and missed the whole song. After that they played Opiate which they did really well. Then they pretended like they were done and left, just to come back and play AEnima. It was definetely the best concert I have ever seen and they guy I went with agreed. If Tool would have just had a better opening band it would have been perfect.