A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 1

From: VaNDaL (jeffmc1@ix.netcom.com) Subject: Review of Nov. 1st Mesa, Arizona show Fucking Maynard was blue man, what else can I say? Lots! This show was nothing less than incredible. Now I've read all the previous reviews listed here and I have to say that the Cows weren't that bad. The singers horn playing was for shit, but they rocked pretty hard. Oh and he wasn't wearing a sailor suit for this show. Compared to the Woodpussies who I saw open up for TooL in 94, the Cows were awesome. Anyway after the lights went out for TooL they played some trippy music and projected the Aenima cover on the screens for what seemed like forever. They really built the anticipation. They walked out in the shadows and took there places. The crowd went crazy. They opened with Third Eye and rocked the fuck out of everybody. I loved em live back in 94 but this was like THE SHIT. They were so fucking clean sounding. Man what show. I think the playlist went, Third Eye, Stinkfist, 46 and 2, Quicksand, jimmy, Eulogy, Sober, H., Hooker with a Penis, A cool jam session, Opiate and Aenema. Early on in the show Maynard said, "You know one of us just moved to Arizona, but not Pheonix, you guys are too crazy." Then after Opiate they did there little huddle and Maynard says, "OK, we've decided to do another one." He goes, "You know there is a reason why one of us moved to Arizona. Cause none of us can swim!" The crowd was going insane. They played Aenema and it was over. An hour and a half of pure fucking xstacy. Hope they get back around soon. Cya there!!!