A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 1

From: "j. karchmer" (jbk@u.arizona.edu) Subject: Tool: about last night... (not really a review.) hi all. i saw tool play in mesa last night. same blue body paint, same set list. they played very well, to say the least. after the encore, i caught a drumstick thrown by danny. (he was playing vic firth's buddy rich sigs during aenima, for all you drummers) i couldn't believe it. i bought a shirt with the same artwork as amy's boot. (where was that first released?) then i happened to be walking around the venue with a friend of mine when justin came out of the bus to the gate and got my stick signed. justin was very hammered, he had four beers during the time i saw him on stage. then danny came out and talked to us. i got my stick signed again. then maynard came out. he wasn't impressed with the idea of people shoving ticket stubs through the gate at him to be signed, so he came outside. adam didn't come out. my own reasoning suggests that he was firmly attached to one of two girls maynard led back towards the bus. maybe he was embarrassed with his playing... (he screwed up a couple times) quotes of the night, if it interests anyone: maynard onstage asked the crowd to "dig deep, dig deep down into your heart and on the count of 3 say yes. ok? ready? 1..2..3.." (crowd screams) YES! "see? that's all. just say yes." danny backstage responds to the remark made by (who else?) maynard onstage about one of them moving to arizona. "oh yeah. that's maynard. he moved out here. (laughs) he thinks he's got some oceanfront property out here. (laughs and nods) he's crazy. (nods some more, this time seriously) he's fuckin' insane." sorry no reviews here, it would just sound like everyone elses. i got a stick, signed by one of my biggest heroes and influences and shook hands with three members of a phenomenal band. just tooting my own horn. peace, jbk