A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 2

From: M Smallwood (bigfish@ipass.net) Subject: Las Vegas Show Nov 2, 1996 After a long three years I finally have the chance to see my fav band again. Nov 1, 1996 7p> My two friends and I board our flight from Raleigh, NC headed for Las Vegas. We arrive fucked-up due to a great Flight Attendent that hooked us up with free booze! We hit the strip and prepare for tomorrow nights concert. Nov 2, 1996 4p> Acid is dropped and booze being guzzled, we head for the Huntridge hoping for a chance to see the boys early, possibly to hang for awhile. We get to the Huntridge and the parking lot is empty, the sign says "TOOL postponed until Dec 17, 1996!!! We fucking flew across country, rented a car/hotel only to be cancelled!!! What's up with that? The mgr of the place said TOOL came into the room and said it sucked and they weren't going to play!! What's up with that? Well needless to say I have three tix for the new show I will sell them for face value if anyone needs them. email me at bigfish@dolphin-travel.com I will try to catch the Kansas City show if they don't canx that one!