A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 3

From: Deity (deity@alinc.com). Salt Lake City Sunday Nov. 3 The concerts was really cool. The cows opened up, they started off pretty good, but after a while they were kind of lame. Last time they had a concert Failure opened for them, and they were much better then the Cows. They played a good mixture of new and old songs. Some of the ones I can remember, are Opiate, Stinkfist, Prison Sex, Sober, Undertow, Eulogy, Forty-six &2, Pushit, Hooker with a Penis, H., and Jimmy (not necessarily in that order). They also played Die Eier Von Satan before they came out (some recording that was part German, part English). Notable things Maynard said: Jimmy is the second part of Prison Sex. He mentioned it to being what happends after the realization. Also he said that his songs reflect love, and compasion, and went on to say that even though there were a lot of police officers, that they were there, showing a different kind of love and that we should thank them for keeping us safe. It was really interesting. Reaction from the crowd was kind of mixed on that one. They also mentioned their video coming out on MTV and told us to go watch it. I think they said that right after they sang hooker with a penis. hahaha. Overall I really enjoyed the concert, and I fucking wish I was still there. God bless tool, may they know they're loved. DAT deity@alinc.com PS Some of my friends drove out to the Tool Show in Las Vegas the night before, but the show was canceled. They said that they were doing some construction on the building it was supposed to be in, but that they still could've had the concert even w/the construction. That's all I know. Bis dann.