A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 5

From: Bill Arland (billyjoe@holly.colostate.edu) Subject: Concert Review-Denver, Nov.5 First the song list(not necessarily in order): Third Eye Stinkfist Forty Six & Two Prison Sex Eulogy Pushit Sober Cold and Ugly Jimmy Opiate Aenema Tool came on stage about 8:45, and opened with Third Eye. It was amazing. Maynard was wearing only boxer shorts, and his entire body was painted blue. They sounded great. The stage was pretty cool. They had two giant screens at that back of it, and they put some really wierd stuff up there(like two camels having sex for example). But as a band they were very clean and very tight. They were very powerful, especially Danny's drumming. You could feel the force of every base beat. The crowd was really rowdy,also. Pretty wild pits. Overall, awesome show. P.S. The opening band was The Cows---they sucked.